Call me a fire because I'm gettin' stoked! The BUST 20th Anniversary Extravaganza is going down real soon and we at BUST HQ couldn't be more excited. We've got a heaping helping of amazing performers and guests, plus a booty-shaking dance party afterwards! One artist that I'm especially pumped to see is Awkwafina, the hilarious and talented Queens-based rapper. Also known as Nora Lum, Awkwafina's "My Vag" was a BUST fave from the get-go. She spits super LOL-worthy lines bragging about her vag being the bomb ("My vag: effortless/ Your vag post ads on Craigslist!") and, more importantly, explaining that her vag is "fifty times better than a penis." If that wasn't enough reason to listen, another goodie was "NYC Bitche$," which takes jabs at all the rich, out-of-town kids who moved to New York on their parents' dime. ("New York City, bitch, that's how I'm rollin'/ You out-of-state fakes get ya iPads stolen.") I can't wait to see her IRL on the 25th, but until then, these tracks will have to hold me over. Peep the videos below!

Wondering about the rest of the line-up for our Extravaganza that's going down July 25th? Check out the full list of featured guests over here and take a gander at the event page for more info on the party itself. If you don't have tickets yet, snag 'em over here!

Photo via PolicyMic