10 Songs You Loved In The 2000s That Show Internalized Misogyny

By Rafaella Gunz  In Music  On Feb 24, 2017

In a 2016 edition of American Psychologist, an article titled “Barriers to Women Engaging in Collective Action” was published by Helena R. M. Radke and Matthew J. Hornsey of The University of Queensland and Fiona Kate Barlow of Griffith University. In the piece, they discuss the concept of internalized sexism: “The fact that some women internalize sexism presents a problem, as it is substantially more difficult to identify and confront prejudice when the perpetrator is themselves a member of the group facing… Read more
Holy Jimmy Junior! The Bob's Burgers Music Album comes out May 12th and it is chock-full of our favorite indie darlings, such as St. Vincent and The National (who appear 3 times!), along with appearances by Aziz Ansari and Paul Rudd. I bet Tina is writing some erotic fan fiction about the line-up already. Of course, these stars are just a fraction of the delectable album which will feature 112 songs of varying lengths, many sung by our animated family; the Belchers. Oh, and remember when albums had secret tracks?… Read more
Princess Nokia performed three songs at a charity fashion show for Cambridge University earlier this week after experiencing an act of sexism. The New York born and raised rapper has been building a career for herself as an artist and as an ambassador for empowering young women of color in New York City. Her recent hit album, 1992, released in 2016 has made her a coveted act for festivals and the like. As Cambridge Universty's forum for women and non-binary people of color reports, the singer "is claimed to have… Read more
Emily Bell channels Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, in her new album. She evokes rising up and taking names in her new video "Can't Talk Back," directed by Bryan Poyser. The video features all-female tackle football team the Austin Raiders taking over a male football game to show these guys a thing or two about talking back (catch Boyhood actor Bill Wise as the coach) as Emily sings, "I'm the tremor of your earthquake/the sugar in you milkshake." Emily was awarded Best New Artist by the Austin Music Awards for… Read more
Time of Nick The Strokes’ Nick Valensi Steps Up to the Mic With His New Band CRX Nick Valensi has been the Strokes’ resident shredder for almost 20 years, but until recently, he’d never fronted a band himself. As all the other members of the Strokes embarked on various side projects and solo albums, Valensi remained silent. But that all changed this fall with the release of New Skin, the Josh Homme–produced debut album by his new band CRX. “Being on stage and going on tour and playing in front of people is pretty much… Read more

13 Important Moments From The Grammys

By Aoife Kelly  In Music  On Feb 13, 2017

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards took place last night in 2017's dystopian America, and while there were plenty of deserving (and less-deserving) winners, there was one clear loser: President Agent Orange — I mean, Trump. 1. James Corden’s not-totally-cringe-inducing opening monologue rap called out Trump and called for unity with the lines "With President Trump we don't know what comes next / We sit here tonight, don't matter our race, where we were born or color of face / using this art, remember forever, we can survive… Read more

18 New Albums To Revamp Your Listening Habits (With Playlist!)

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Feb 10, 2017

Far too often we find ourselves falling back on the same music habits, listening to old favorites instead of discovering new music. So we're bringing you BUST's album reviews from our December/January 2016 issue, featuring new music from Kate Bush, Miranda Lambert, Martha Wainwright and more — plus a playlist you can listen along to as you read! Staff Pick:JOAN AS POLICE WOMANLet It Be You(Reveal Records/BFD/Red Distribution) Joan As Police Woman (aka Joan Wasser) has always taken risks, expanding her creative output… Read more

Grimes And Janelle Monae Team Up For 'Venus Fly' Video

By Olivia Loperfido  In Music  On Feb 09, 2017

Today, multi-media recording artist and producer Grimes released the official video for "Venus Fly," from her acclaimed 2016 album Art Angels, with Janelle Monae. The video comes as the latest in a series of incredible, tonally diverse performances from Monae, including major roles in the Oscar-nominated films Moonlight and Hidden Figures, her latest album The Electric Lady, and an inspiring speech with the mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement at the Women's March on Washington. Along with making the music in the… Read more

From The Archives: Janelle Monáe's BUST Interview

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Feb 03, 2017

Pop star Janelle Monáe is at once retro and futuristic, disarmingly down-to-earth and freakishly abstract. Here, she reveals the strategy behind her trendsetting look, the origins of her “divinely inspired” alter ego, and what it’s like to hang out with the president By Eliza C. ThompsonJanelle Monáe may have been born to sing, dance, and write some of the most creative pop albums ever to hit an iPod, but the world wouldn’t have known about her if it weren’t for the video for “Tightrope.” The 2010 breakout single… Read more
Kesha’s legal battle to free herself from a contract that requires her to work with her alleged rapist, Dr. Luke, has been going on for more than two years — and there’s still no end in sight. To catch up: In October 2014, Kesha sued Dr. Luke, saying that he had drugged and raped her as well as abused her verbally, physically and emotionally. Dr. Luke countersued for defamation and breach of contract. In February 2016, a New York judge denied Kesha’s request for an injunction that would allow her to record music… Read more

Missy Elliott Breaks Her Silence With A New Music Video

By Rafaella Gunz  In Music  On Jan 27, 2017

Since 2015's "WTF (Where They From?)" music video, Missy Elliott hasn't done much... till now! "I'm Better," Missy Elliott's new single featuring Lamb, is a stripped-down sound, different from what we've heard from her in the past. The artsy music video seems Lady Gaga-esque, with elaborate and whimsical costumes. At the beginning of the video, dancers are wearing what seem to be SWAT helmets, which is likely a reference to the police brutality issue the United States continues to face. Here's hoping this single leads… Read more

New Rykarda Parasol Video, 'The Loneliest Girl In The World'

By Michael Levine  In Music  On Jan 27, 2017

San Francisco/Paris France based singer-songwriter, Rykarda Parasol, unveils a new video from her fourth album The Color of Destruction (Interbang Records 2016). “The Loneliest Girl in the World” captures both the longing and defeat of love’s limbo and is performed entirely by Ms. Parasol herself. Keeping with the starkness of the song, Krystal Kenney used a hand-held camera to capture the honesty and sparseness. Top Photo: Credit@popshop60sand70s More from BUST Let BUST and Planned Parenthood Be Your Valentine with… Read more

The Mynabird's Laura Burhenn Takes on Rape Culture

By Samantha Mercado  In Music  On Jan 20, 2017

Rape culture in our society has isn't anything new but with the rising hate speech during the presidential campaign and the election of the obviously sexist Donald Trump, it seems like our nation is complacent about the awful things being said and done to women. One artist in particular is taking on the fight against rape culture through the power of music. Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds has announced her visual art protest titled “I Know Why I Sing” which doubles as a fundraiser for the Rape Abuse and Incest National… Read more
What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than showing some love to Planned Parenthood? On February 14th, Panache and New York Night Train will be co-hosting their fifth annual Valentine’s Day Planned Parenthood of NYC Benefit Concert & Dance with Village of Love. The benefit will be expanding this year to Los Angeles and Memphis as well as its usual Brooklyn location. Local bands and musicians will perform for the benefit and play some of their favorite love songs for you and your sweetheart to sway to. On top of… Read more
With a ’90s pop/rock attitude and a vintage style reminiscent of the ’50s and ’60s, the Regrettes is a teenage band made up of kids who are clearly wise beyond their years. Hailing from L.A., the foursome includes 16-year-old frontwoman Lydia Night, 19-year-old Genessa Gariano on guitar, 19-year-old Sage Nicole on bass, and 18-year-old Maxx Morando on drums. And together, they create a sound that is vulnerable while still giving zero fucks. “I grew up listening to tons of ’50s and ’60s music. Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline,… Read more
Saara Untracht-Oakner, Glenn Van Dyke and Chase Noelle make up BOYTOY — an all-woman band of skater, surfer-chicks who play wavy rock n’ roll. BOYTOY was the brain child of Saara and Glenn who had previously been in bands that broke up. Saara went to BU, where she played with You Can Be A Wesley, and Glenn was in Brooklyn playing with Beast Make Bomb, who enjoyed prominent indie fame in 2011.The two got together back in New York and formed BOYTOY in 2014 with two alternating drummers, Matthew Aidala and Dylan Ramsey.… Read more

Beyoncé Is Going To Be The First Black Woman To Headline Coachella

By Samantha Mercado  In Music  On Jan 04, 2017

Brochella no more--or at least one step closer to an actually co-ed Coachella. Leave it to Queen Bey to kick out the music festivals’ glass ceiling. Beyoncé will be the first female headliner at Coachella in a decade, the last one being Bjork in 2007. What's even more amazing than that? She will also be the first ever black woman to headline Coachella. Coachella’s not-so-subtle history of having an overwhelming number of male centered acts has not slipped past public attention (hence the nickname ‘Bro-chella’).… Read more

BUST's Top 29 Albums Of 2016

By Jen Pitt  In Music  On Dec 21, 2016

It's been an incredible year for music: BUST readers will have seen the magazine's bursting music review sections in each issue throughout the year. Here, we've put together a list of our favorite albums from 2016, from pop to country to heavy metal and everything in between. BEYONCELemonade Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records) Lemonade is a stunning, genre-spanning visual album that, divided into chapters, tells a story of marital infidelity, anger, grief and reconciliation. The visual album incorporates spoken… Read more

Fiona Apple Skewers Trump with Christmas Parody

By Rachel Withers  In Music  On Dec 20, 2016

On Sunday, Fiona Apple performed her hilarious and fitting parody, "Trump’s Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire" at the “We Rock With Standing Rock” benefit concert. Her version of the classic "The Christmas Song" skewers Trump with brilliantly painful twists on the famous lyrics, such as “everybody knows some money and entitlement / can help to make the season white / mothers of color with their kids out of sight / will find it hard to sleep at night”. Lyrics and a (gentler) pre-recorded version first appeared on Apple’s… Read more
Minneapolis-based duo Tiny Deaths are back, and we’re delighted to premiere the video to their new single “Wrong."The duo is made up of vocalist Claire de Lune and producer Grant Cutler. “Wrong” is the first single off their forthcoming album Elegies, which will be released on February 3rd, 2017 (preorder here!). Tiny Deaths' music has been described as “lush with texture but still dreamy enough to feel like the soundtrack to late-night brainstorming” (Bitch) and “a polished, soaring brand of brooding” (Stereogum).… Read more
If you missed this year's Craftacular in Brooklyn, don't fret, you're in luck – our special Holiday Craftacular is in Boston this coming weekend, December 17th and 18th. Not only is the Craftacular a one-stop-shopping experience for all your holiday needs, but there's also some rad live music for you to enjoy while you explore local vendors' booths. Here are this year's awesome performers who will be playing at the Boston Holiday Craftacular. DJ Silly Syl The Recording Co. The Craftacular is at the Cyclorama, at the… Read more
Sick of listening to the same holiday songs, over and over again? Are you craving a holiday tune that you can deck the halls to and get down at the club to? Do you need an excuse to pop bottles and light up a blunt with your home girls after spending 24/7 with the fam? Then you should probably take a listen to “Lit (Like a Christmas Tree)” by Hand Job Academy and Basside. Straight from the ladies who rapped about periods, Tumblr bitches, and Lena Dunham, Hand Job Academy of Brooklyn has collaborated with Miami duo… Read more

3 Amazing DJs You Need To Know About

By Patty Affriol  In Music  On Dec 06, 2016

The BUST Craftacular is returning for the 11th annual weekend of non-stop shopping and partying, featuring the hottest DJ's around. Don't miss the opportunity to see live music while shopping at Brooklyn's best indie vendors. It's going down at the Brooklyn Expo Center, where you'll be able to hear some of the best feminist anthems. Here are the must-see DJ's brought to you by the ladies of BUST. 1. Pussy Power 2. Michelle Willems 3. Ben Robey Find out more about the BUST Craftacular at Brooklyn Expo Center (72 Noble… Read more
Feminist band Rosie & the Riveters are about so much more than flawless, wispy hair rolls, bright red lipstick and vintage 1940s dresses. “It’s also about the music and the humor and positivity and connecting with people. For us, that’s a really big thing. Connecting with the audience,” says Allyson Reigh, the last member to join the uplifting folk band in 2011. Reigh and bandmates Alexis Normand, Melissa Nygren and Farideh Olsen strive to be an example for women. Olsen thinks women who truly love and have fun with one… Read more

The Julie Ruin at Irving Plaza, Two Days After the Election

By Marisa Crawford  In Music  On Dec 01, 2016

Photo by Shervin Lainez On Thursday, November 10th, two days after the election, I went to see former Bikini Kill frontwoman Kathleen Hanna’s newest band, The Julie Ruin, play at Irving Plaza in New York City. I had bought the tickets months in advance and planned to go with two friends who had both grown up listening to riot grrrl; I expected it to be fun and nostalgic. When I realized the show would be happening two days after the election, I thought it would be a sweetly celebratory experience to ring in the… Read more
BUST is excited to premiere LA-based songstress JoLivi’s new single, “Love Who You Wanna Love”! Featuring strong pop vocals and hip-hop inflected drums, the song is perfect for blasting in the car with your girls on a night out — but it also has a message. In an exclusive interview with BUST, JoLivi shares the inspiration behind the single: It's not easy to describe this song, because for me it has so many meanings. It journeys through a lot of different and difficult times in life, my romantic relationships, my varied… Read more
Soul singer Sharon Jones died Friday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 60. Jones, who lead the Brooklyn-based band Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, released her first record at 40 and was nominated for her first Grammy at 57, proving that success can be achieved at any age. Jones and the Dap-Kings were seen as spearheading the soul/funk revival; Prince joined them onstage in Paris in 2014, and Jones has been called “the female James Brown.” Jones underwent a public battle with pancreatic cancer, which… Read more
Princess Nokia is unstoppable. As she continues her tour around the country, the New York City rapper recently surprised fans with two new music videos from her latest album 1992: witchy girl-anthem "Brujas" and gamer girl inspired "Kitana." Nokia co-directed and created the concept behind "Brujas." The video is heavily influenced by Yoruba religion — including clips modeled after Yemaya, the female water spirit who represents the mother of all things. With her gang of witches, they cast spells, Nokia co-directed and… Read more
Photo via Instagram Nicki Minaj fans, get your headphones ready. She's back and better than ever. Hopeful fans were duped last month by Minaj when she tweeted about surprise-dropping a new album (nothing was ever released). The rap superstar hasn't released any new music in a while so we're glad that this new track has broke through Minaj's radio silence. Her latest remix slays to the tune of Rae Sremmurd's viral banger "Black Beatles." Appropriately titled "Black Barbies," Nicki's verses are cool and ruthless. "Island… Read more
The Piano Lesson by Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, 1897 One does not have to be a fan of classical music to be familiar with the works of French composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. The two rivals were part of the Impressionism movement in classical music, a movement inspired by Impressionist painters like Monet, Manet, and Renoir and poets such as Verlaine and Baudelaire. They were also renowned cat lovers who famously allowed their feline muses to prowl at liberty amongst their papers while composing such masterpieces… Read more
While many of us were studying algebra and going out for the school play at fourteen, Willow, Lena, Dea, and Rihana of the band Harsh Crowd have already played alongside Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Mac DeMarco. Not to mention, earlier this year they got a shoutout on Twitter by the one and only Gloria Steinem. That’s right, four 14-year-olds from New York City have already done what many artists work a lifetime to accomplish. The group met in 2013 at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in Brooklyn, NY and since… Read more
Photo Credit: Ken Grand-Pierre With her haunting lyrics and raw, melodic voice, the NYC-based musician Sophie Strauss is a force to be reckoned with and we are so excited to finally debut the official music video for "In The Freezer," one of the tracks off of her debut EP Yeah No Fine. The video, equal parts witchy and wonderful, works perfectly with Strauss's emotional energy. As she sings about her own longing and neuroses, splashes of gold and pink paint and dainty illustrations dance around her. Although this pop… Read more

Beyonce Proves She Can Do Anything, Slays the CMAs

By Kelly Walters  In Music  On Nov 03, 2016

Beyonce performed at the Country Music Awards Wednesday night and, like everything else she does, it was amazing. Bey teamed up with the Dixie Chicks to perform her country-inspired song "Daddy Lessons" from her revolutionary album Lemonade; and although that seems like a dream come true to a lot of music listeners, not all country fans were thrilled. When it was announced on Wednesday that Beyonce would be performing for the 50th anniversary of the CMAs, fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Some of them were… Read more

13 Spooky Songs By Women For Your Halloween Playlist

By Rebecca DeRosa  In Music  On Oct 31, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The awful humidity and insects have gone away (for the most part), the leaves are changing, and pumpkins and pumpkin spice have taken over our lives! The witches have come out to play and to commemorate this, we’ve come up with our 13 favorite spooky songs sung by ghouls, I mean girls, I mean WOMEN. Listen to them all on Spotify here. Concrete Blonde — “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” No Halloween playlist would be complete without this staple of the horror genre. If you’re a… Read more

Shirley Manson On The Feminist Impact Of L7

By Devon Preston  In Music  On Oct 31, 2016

In the upcoming documentary L7: Pretend We’re Dead (directed by Sarah Price and produced by Blue Hats Creative), feminists rockers like Joan Jett and Brody Dalle discussed the iconic grunge band. One highlight is Shirley Manson of Garbage, explaining in this clip her love for L7. “I had never seen a band before L7 that was all female fronted, all the members were female, they wrote their own material, and played their own material — I had never really come across that,” says Manson. Manson explains that L7 was an… Read more

Moby Goes Post-Punk On 'These Systems Are Failing': BUST Review

By Michael Levine  In Music  On Oct 27, 2016

Moby has returned and he’s angry as hell! Feeling this way is very understandable, considering the turbulent world we live in. Moby’s issue is that many of our systems — such as government, business, manufacturing industries, and technology — have failed the people on the planet. Known for his ambient, electro pop sounds since the ‘90s, Moby instead draws from punk, post-punk, new wave, euphoric rave, and yelling on his new album with the Void Pacific Choir, These Systems Are Failing (MUTE Records). Yeah, there’s a lot… Read more
The discussion of women's bodies in politics has been more present today, in the midst of the 2016 election, than ever before. Not only are we seeing political parties bash heads over contraceptive rights and access to abortion, individuals such as Donald Trump— who made national headlines a few weeks back for saying that he’d “grab [a woman] by the pussy”— have made it clear that sexism is alive and well in the political circuit. Many have reacted to Trump’s comments, as well as running mate Mike Pence’s views on… Read more

SHIRA's 'Subtle Creature' Is A Must-Listen: BUST Review

By Gabrielle Diekhoff  In Music  On Oct 26, 2016

“It is 7 A.M. at night.” This, as we know, is an impossible phenomenon. This string of seemingly nonsensical words proposes a concept that is not a product of foolishness but rather of genius; they’re unhesitatingly oxymoronic, clashing willingly, knowingly, and are presented with an attention-grabbing firmness, an unwrinkled staccato, repeatedly. Miraculously, these lyrics manage to put into words how it feels to listen to Brooklyn-based artist SHIRA’s new album, Subtle Creature. Like these lyrics, which are snagged… Read more
Vulnicura (2015) Björk continues to amaze us with the release of the VR trailer for “Family” — one of the ethereal tracks from her 2015 album,Vulnicura. The virtual-reality trailer is just a short teaser, but it’s a fascinating look inside the Icelandic musician’s latest cutting-edge endeavor, composed of digital Icelandic landscape scans, glowing tendrils of color and motion capture images of Björk herself. "Family," directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, will premiere in its entirety as part of a much larger multi-media… Read more
There’s nothing we love more than women who transcend the music binary and Gland, a punk trio from New Orleans, does exactly that and more. Members Kallie, Farra, Switch, and Jean make up the feminist-as-fuck punk band which released the music video for their song “Cram It” this past weekend, off their first album Neurotica. The song is an anthem for riot grrrls everywhere and you won’t be able to get the hypnotic vocals out of your head. The video, which was directed by Sarrah Danziger, begins with three pre-teen… Read more

23 New Albums You Need To Get In Your Earholes This Fall

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Oct 20, 2016

THE BUST GUIDE MUSIC REVIEWS OF OUR FAVORITE NEW ALBUMS! AGAINST ME!Shape Shift With Me (Total Treble/INgrooves)BUST Rating: 3/5 Following up their critically acclaimed album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, punk band Against Me! is back with their seventh studio release, Shape Shift With Me. Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace discusses the death of relationships on tracks like “Boyfriend,” while demanding her authentic self be recognized with screaming vocals on “Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be.” In “Norse Truth,”… Read more

Le Tigre Releases Awesomely Punk Video Supporting Hillary Clinton

By Rosa Schwartzburg  In Music  On Oct 19, 2016

You may have heard the kick-ass news about Le Tigre’s reunion, first revealed during a conversation with Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves on a podcast with Talkhouse. Well, the band has returned, and their first new video in over ten years is a tribute to Hillary Clinton — entitled “I’m with Her.” Directed by Laura Parnes and produced by Tanya Selvaratnam (of Filmmakers for Hillary), and featuring Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, and JD Samson dancing in pantsuits and singing such choice lyrics as “Pass the wicked witch… Read more

Norah Jones Returns With 'Day Breaks': BUST Interview

By Dave Steinfeld  In Music  On Oct 17, 2016

When we last left Norah Jones, she had released her fifth album, Little Broken Hearts. Her chief collaborator on that disc was Danger Mouse, producer extraordinaire and member of the bands Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells. Little Broken Hearts found Jones moving further away from her trademark piano sound and writing mainly about the breakup of a relationship. But that was more than four years ago now. Not that Jones hasn’t stayed busy since then; she has. At the end of 2013, she and Green Day frontman Billie Joe… Read more
Indie-electronic band Survival Guide's song "One To One" is a haunting and emotional study of the dark side of relationships. Today, we're premiering the brand new music video from the band. It's just as foreboding as the song itself.Survival Guide features vocalist and keyboardist Emily Whitehurst, who said this particular song sparks something in her when she performs it live."This song is one of my darker, slower ones, yet somehow I get an energy from it during the live show." Whitehurst said. "It's one of my… Read more
If you look up the word “badass” in the dictionary, chances are you’d find a picture of Björk’s 1997 album, Homogenic. The Icelandic musician and actress has never been one to stay inside the lines — both in terms of her art and her personal life. And in an interview with UK’s, the Evening Standard, the eclectic songbird and Grammy nominated artist shared her thoughts on sex and feminism after 23 years in the business.“I like a lot of erotic books and films but I just don’t find the kind of Las Vegas… Read more
via Facebook/Tomboi, photo by Dennis HoForget everything pop-country told you about Southern identity. Sure, plenty of us love shootin’ whiskey and consider cowboy boots suitable attire for any occasion, but life below the Mason-Dixon Line is more than truck nuts, rebel flags, and backwards legislation like HB2. Countless underground femme and queer musicians from The Bible Belt are on the front lines and redefining the sound of their homeland. Whether it’s creating an intentional space for folks of all identities to… Read more

Why Are There So Few Women In Rock?

By Maggie Devlin  In Music  On Oct 10, 2016

via Facebook/St. Vincent, photo by Joshua MellinIt’s a late July evening in Seoul. On a scale of one to ten of sweaty discomfort, summer in South Korea ranks about eleven. But despite my clinging shirt and the fuzz of hair plastered to my greasy forehead, I am happy. Why? I am standing in a queue to see St. Vincent play on her Digital Witness tour. I’m a guitarist and singer. To say she is an inspiration is something of an understatement.I’m with a small group, all of us musicians. One guy leans forward from his place… Read more
via Facebook/White Stripes, photo by Autumn De Wilde It was a dark day when the White Stripes broke up on February 2, 2011. Since then, Jack and Meg White have apparently kept their distance from each other while Jack White has launched a solo career and Meg White has disappeared from public life. Things seemed tense between the two ex-spouses/fictional siblings/former bandmates, with Jack saying a few not-so-nice things about Meg in interviews and Meg, well, disappearing. But now, the White Stripes have reunited for a… Read more
Photo via L7's Official Website Feminist punk-rockers rejoice! The trailer for L7’s highly anticipated documentary is out and it’s just as wild and grungy as we hoped it would be. Although the trailer, first premiered through Rolling Stone, is just a sneak peek, this new documentary will follow the band throughout their epic 16-year career — from the peak of their fame playing shows like Late Night With David Lettermen to their eventual disbandment in 2001. Director Sarah Price, known for her other anti-establishment… Read more
The New Tarot's song “That Ain't Me” is a dreamy tune that touches on the painful emotions during the initial split of a breakup. We are premiering an exclusive music video from this indie band's self-titled EP which is equally mystical and groovy. The band is lead by sisters Karen (vocals/keyboard) and Monika Walker (vocals/guitar). They are backed by Chas Langston (drums), Dave Kahn (bass), Beth Callen (guitar) and David Banker (trombone). The group's intricate melodies and passionate lyrics give a fresh approach to… Read more