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Nashville singer-songwriter Tristen has released her new music video, "Partyin’ Is Such Sweet Sorrow," and her luminous libretto won’t be the only thing imprinted on your mind. While making the video, Tristen explored a question that has tormented many women: why our lives, characters, and overall beings are so often created by, for, and through the male perspective. Tristen soaked in the man-makes-woman perspective, turned the tables by casting a "lover boy" to lip sync her satisfyingly melancholic vocals in the music… Read more
London-based punk band Dream Nails has joined forces with Irish-Italian director Guen Murroni to create a spectacularly political video with a not-so-wee bit of mockery. The band’s 2018 single "Vagina Police" won’t only have you jamming out, but will also get you pumped up to continue the fight for you and your friends’ reproductive rights. Dream Nails wants to not only change the conversation about abortion, but to bring attention to the madness of the anti-abortion lobby ahead of the Irish abortion referendum. “It's… Read more

12 New Albums To Listen To This February: Playlist

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Feb 09, 2018

Every issue of BUST, we review new albums — here's the first half of our February/March 2018 review section, with a playlist to go with it. ANNA BURCHQuit the Curse(Polyvinyl) Does recognizing self-sabotaging patterns render us powerful enough to break them? Anna Burch explores this question on her solo debut, Quit the Curse—nine self-aware indie pop songs that lift the sounds of ’60s girl groups, but offer a more cynical take on their romanticism. In the warm reverb of “2 Cool 2 Care,” Burch investigates contradicting… Read more

Party With BUST And Planned Parenthood This Valentine's Day

By Emalani Artiss  In Music  On Feb 02, 2018

Are you in need of a V-Day date or do you just want a backup in case the red roses aren’t delivered on time? Not to fret, Planned Parenthood already hired Cupid to send a little arrow your way! Flutter on over to the Music Hall of Williamsburg on the eve of February 14th for NY Night Train, Panache, and BUST’s fifth annual Valentine’s Day Village of Love Rock Show and Dance Benefit! An array of babes, dames, and fast-paced fellas will be performing for the benefit, their jaw-dropping pipes and chords so breathtaking… Read more
Amanda Palmer is back with a tribute that’s heartfelt and unabashedly feminist. On January 26th, Palmer released the EP Quartet for Dolores, a two-song homage to the Cranberries’ lead singer Dolores O’Riordan, who passed away this January. “Quartet” covers two of the Cranberries’ songs: the cult classic “Zombie” and the lesser-known “No Need to Argue,” swapping “Zombie’s” grungy guitar-drum beat for a haunting string melody. “These two songs were the perfect pieces of music to cry goodbye to this incredible woman,”… Read more
Hollywood isn’t the only industry changing its tune on sexual harassment. In solidarity with the TIME’S UP movement to end sexual misconduct, Kesha belted out her Grammy-nominated, empowering survivor anthem —"Praying"— on stage at the Grammy’s last night. Her powerful performance reached a cathartic pitch with vocal backing from other pop artists, including Camila Cabello, Cyndi Lauper, Julia Michaels, Bebe Rexha and Andra Day, and the musical activist group, the Resistance Revival Chorus. While many members of the… Read more

9 Songs To Help You Get Through The Midwinter Slump: Playlist

By Samantha Mann  In Music  On Jan 26, 2018

January is the worst month of the year. It’s dark and cold and wet. Everyone is questioning why he or she even lives in New York City to begin with. Threats to move out of the state are made daily, even though everyone knows they said the exact same thing this time last year. There is literally nothing to look forward to until March 20th . The only silver lining of this month is that people have finally stopped attempting to make bundling up look good. It’s the one time of year that physically everyone is on a similar… Read more
Brooklyn-based Domino Kirke isn’t new to music — the folk-pop star has toured with musical acts including Lily Allen and Gang of Four, and her first solo EP, The Guard, received national acclaim. Her 2017 debut album, though, is something entirely new and impressive in its own right, and we’re psyched to premiere the dreamy, emotional music video for title track “Beyond Waves.” “[The track] was brought to me by Michael Bloch (Here We Go Magic) as we were finishing my debut record, Beyond Waves. At the time, it was a… Read more

SheROO Is Bonnaroo's Mini Feminist Festival And It Looks So Fun

By Cricket Epstein  In Music  On Jan 23, 2018

Have you ever been to a music festival and thought, “Jeez, I wonder if these drunk dudes in the tent nextdoor will stop repeating their terrible rendition of 'Wonderwall' anytime soon?" Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that. Enter: SheROO, the women-only brainchild of the Bonnaroo music festival. Just one of a number of community campsite at Bonnaroo, SheROO isn’t its own event, per se, but it is basically Bonnaroo's version of a mini feminist festival. Costing $50 on top of general admission, through… Read more

4 New Albums To Listen To In January 2018

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Jan 22, 2018

The second part of our December/January 2018 print magazine's music reviews are right here, and this batch of reviews includes Belle and Sebastian and Hollie Cook. For the first 17 of our December/January 2018 reviews, just click over here, and don't forget to subscribe to BUST magazine for more. BELLE AND SEBASTIANHow to Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1 – 3)(Matador) In lieu of a traditional album, Belle and Sebastian are releasing their next work—How to Solve Our Human Problems—as a trio of five-song EPs (Part 1,… Read more

PRIMA's "Diva" Is A Fun, Feminist Anthem: BUST Premiere

By Rachel Angel  In Music  On Jan 19, 2018

What happens when gaudy excess and punk rock recklessness merge? You get PRIMA's newest video, “Diva.” PRIMA is a Brooklyn post-punk powerhouse headed by charismatic frontwoman Rose Blanshei. The music is lightning-charged, with inventive guitar hooks, dark fuzzy riffs, and foreboding breaks buzzing with overdrive and amp noise, all driven by the sheer energy of Blanshei’s declarative vocals. Blanshei sings, “Get in control like a diva / I’m in control / I’m in control.” According to Blanshei, the song itself resembles… Read more
LPX, aka Lizzy Plaplinger, is a rising musician who's not only taking the pop scene by storm, but also working as co-founder of her music label Neon Gold Records, which she started with her longtime friend Derek Davies when she was in college. With her debut EP Bolt in the Blue out now, 2018 is looking to be LPX's breakout year. We wanted to find out more about this rising star who says, "I'm here to assert myself — harder, louder and stronger — as a woman and an artist!" LPX with her band backstage at Brooklyn Steel,… Read more
Last summer, Brooklyn-based rapper Miss Eaves gave us the gift of Feminasty, an album full of wit, humor, and fresh feminist mantras with songs like “Fuccboi Salute” and “Hump Day.” We fell in love with her after she dropped the body-positive summer anthem “Thunder Thighs,” and now, Miss Eaves is back with “Paper Mache (Single AF),” all about the joys of — you guessed it — being single. “So what? I can’t get a date / Single as fuck, I’m not getting laid,” she raps on the track, which will be released digitally February… Read more

One-Sentence Reviews Of Every One Direction Song

By Megan Kirby  In Music  On Jan 12, 2018

On January 13, 2016, US Weekly reported One Direction had broken up. The band’s reps claimed hiatus, but the truth stands: In two years, each of our sweet boys has released solo material, and there has been no whisper of a reunion. What do we do with this boy band-shaped hole in the universe? How do we commemorate 730 Directionless days? To process my own grief at the passage of time, I wrote a one-sentence review for every single One Direction song — a tribute, a memorial, a true labor of love. Up All Night"What Makes… Read more
“I’m not saying it’s your fault. This year has been harsh," Lemuria sings on their new album Recreational Hate (Turbo Worldwide). And they’re not wrong. It’s been a tumultuous year for so many of us and somehow — in between the global madness of firearms and saying farewell to some huge heavyweights — we’ve clung on like weather-beaten barnacles. It’s not surprising then that the Buffalo bunch latest record is steeped in reflection. There’s a strong focus on improving, whether rightly or wrongly. Vocalist Sheena… Read more
The name Patty Schemel might not be at the top of your list of musicians made famous by the Pacific Northwest’s music eruption of the 1990s, but as far as the “story of grunge” goes, Schemel’s life as the drummer of Courtney Love’s band Hole is crucial. First described in the 2011 documentary Hit So Hard: The Life & Near Death Story of Patty Schemel, her trajectory of fame, addiction, rehab (and rehab, and rehab), and recovery is now the subject of a new memoir, Hit So Hard (Da Capo Press). The book allows for a more… Read more
This Thursday, rock stars and aficionados alike will meet at Zebulon Café Concert in Los Angeles for a night of music, history, and empowerment. The Women of Rock Oral History Project, a collection of digital and written interviews documenting the careers of women in rock n’ roll, is primarily located at the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College, but the women highlighted by the project will be in L.A. for the initiative’s launch event. Tanya Pearson, an archivist and curator, founded the Oral History Project,… Read more
A teenage girl shouts into a microphone in a shaky YouTube video viewed over 160,000 times. She’s backed by two other girls, all three dressed in skinny jeans, sneakers, white tops, and white hijabs. This is Voice of Baceprot , an all-girl metal band formed in the Indonesian town of Garut in 2014, with Firdda Kurnia on vocals and guitar, Euis Siti Aisyah on drums, and Widi Rahmawati on bass. (Baceprot means “noisy” in Sudanese.) Along with original songs, the girls’ repertoire includes Metallica, Muse, and Slipknot… Read more

Cardi B Just Made Music History Again

By Lydia Wang  In Music  On Jan 05, 2018

Cardi B isn’t new to breaking records and making headlines. Over the summer, she dropped “Bodak Yellow,” her debut single with Atlantic Records; shortly after, the Bronx-born artist became the first solo female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 in almost 20 years. And now, Cardi B became the third artist ever—and first rapper—whose first three singles placed in the Hot 100's top ten all in one week. The only other artists to accomplish this so early in their musical careers were Ashanti in 2002 and the Beatles in… Read more
Cardi B. performed on the The Tonight Show Wednesday night and also sat down for a quick interview, an early holiday gift to us all. The “Bodak Yellow” singer joined Jimmy Fallon dressed in a festive Rubin Singer green fur-and-satin top and teased-up hair, sporting some decked-out nails that easily upstaged the late-night host, and probably anyone else who happened to be around her. Cardi shared the background on her name (a spinoff of the liquor brand “Bacardi"), talked about her home borough, the Bronx, and showed… Read more

BUST's Top 23 Albums of 2017: Playlist

By Anna Wesche  In Music  On Dec 22, 2017

2017 brought us some terrible politics, but some great music, thanks to new albums from Lana Del Rey, Princess Nokia, Kehlani, and many more. We've rounded up BUST cofounder and art director Laurie Henzel's and BUST music editor Emily Nokes' picks for the top 23 albums of 2017 — and, btw, we have to mention that if Cardi B. had put out an album, it would absolutely be on here and we can't wait to listen to her debut album in 2018. And now, here are our picks — scroll down to listen to an accompanying playlist. 1.… Read more
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its 2018 inductees, and the one we are most excited about is, hands down, Nina Simone. An accomplished singer, songwriter, and pianist known as "the High Priestess of Soul,” Simone was also an important activist in the Civil Rights Movement and beyond, calling out injustice through her songs like “Mississippi Goddam,” “To Be Young, Gifted, And Black,” “Four Women,” and her version of “Strange Fruit” (originally written by Billie Holiday). Simone has been eligible since 1986,… Read more

17 New Albums To Get Obsessed With Before 2017 Ends: Playlist

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Dec 08, 2017

From our December/January print issue, take a look at our reviews of 17 albums from late 2017 that you don't want to miss, featuring artists like St. Vincent, Princess Nokia, Mavis Staples, and Tegan And Sara. Scroll down to listen to a playlist below. Subscribe to BUST to see all our music reviews in print, or buy BUST on newsstands. ST. VINCENT Masseduction (Loma Vista Recordings) Following her eponymous 2014 breakout album, St. Vincent—aka Annie Clark—is back with Masseducation, a rumination on fame, lost love, and… Read more
Rock n’ roll fans, listen up! Today, Blondie (and Joan Jett!) released their new music video for “Doom or Destiny” on i-D. The song, featuring Jett's background vocals, is the opening track and fourth single off of their eleventh studio album, Pollinator. “We wanted to comment on the bizarre state of media and news in the current political ‘idiocracy’ we are watching play out in real time,” Debbie Harry, Blondie’s frontwoman, said in a press release. She described the video to i-D as “the most openly political video… Read more

5 New Christmas Albums That Don't Suck

By Lydia Wang  In Music  On Dec 06, 2017

Happy holidays from BUST! Our gift to you: a brief round-up of the best new Christmas albums, and a playlist full of wintery anthems both new and old (but mostly new). No matter what kind of holiday season you're having, we've got you covered. Various Artists – 13 Days of Xmas This year, indie-country label Bloodshot Records gave us the gift of this glorious compilation filled with all kinds of jangly, jazzy, and folky goodness. A highlight is “I Slept Through Christmas,” a wistful but upbeat tune by Australian… Read more
On December 9th and 10th, BUST will be a hosting an indie craft fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble St., Brooklyn NY. NYC's longest running indie craft fair, The BUST Craftacular celebrates DIY culture by featuring an array of eclectic handmade and vintage vendors from all over the United States. There will also be music, food, delicious cocktails, and DIY activities for all ages. The music we have planned for you is all female-led and happens to be some of NYC's most beloved acts: 1.Haybaby Haybaby are a power… Read more

I Found My Strength Through Kesha’s Music

By Emily Simons  In Music  On Nov 30, 2017

I was driving home from Las Vegas the first time I heard Kesha’s new single, “Praying.” I felt so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to pull my car over to avoid an accident. In all honesty, I was not the biggest fan of her music prior to Rainbow, her newly released album. Her past songs set the perfect environment for dance clubs and house parties, but I was certain her career would fade into the distance once a new wave of pop stars emerged on the scene. So, when her new song was released over the summer, I was… Read more
In case you didn’t already know, Cardi B is underrated and freakin’ fantastic. She held back no punches while on Instagram Live Monday night, where she took her newfound fame to discuss an international crisis: as Al Jazeera reported, there seems to be evidence of a literal slave trade happening in Libya. The coverage of what is happening in Libya is sparse and horrific – Al Jazeera reported, “hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern-day slave markets in Libya for as little as $400.” Cardi B, who recently… Read more
Music heals – and musicians do, too. In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastation and damage this fall, Puerto Rican artists in New York are sending grants to their independent counterparts based on the island. Puerto Rico Independent Musicians and Artists (PRIMA) was founded by musicians Ani Cordero and singer Raquel Berrios of the indie-electronic duo Buscabulla. In a press release, Berrios described the destruction Maria caused Puerto Rico’s vibrant music scene and her fear of “a whole generation of musical… Read more
Björk Utopia (Out November 24) Björk has always tested the boundaries of pop music, and Utopia is no exception. While the artist’s eighteenth release has moments that are reminiscent of earlier work, like the classic Vespertine and the ambitious Medulla, Björk experiments in new ways in this latest album. Utopia is built on a surprising foundation of baroque-style flutes—more than a dozen flutists are listed in the credits—and sound collages of Venezuelan bird calls. Even stranger, these pastoral elements are… Read more
Last month, all-female music collective The City & The Heart released Volume Four of its regular compilation, a stunning, diverse showcase of female-identifying unsigned artists in New York. The City & The Heart (TC&TH) was born in the winter of 2012 with the intention of cultivating a supportive community for independent women in music in New York, and evolved into a philanthropic organization as well. 23 artists contributed to the record, including TC&TH founder and singer-songwriter Meghann Wright, Queens-based… Read more
The dawn of the 1990s was truly a beautiful time. Teenagers started dressing like walking thrift stores. MTV started showing videos by bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, who had previously been regarded as underground/hyper local favorites exclusively. And magazines like Rolling Stone and Spin started putting bands that still had day jobs at diners and hotels on their glossy covers. It felt like the dirt was getting kicked up in a widely exciting way, and bands that had spent long and hard years fighting for a bit of… Read more
The 2016 election results still feel shocking to many of us, but today it’s been exactly one year since since our country voted Donald Trump into office. There are many ways one might choose to celebrate this historic anniversary (cry? emigrate?), but Brooklyn singer-songwriter Rebecca Pronksy is doing it with the release of a new concept album imagining the mindstate of a defeated Hillary Clinton in the election aftermath. Volatile political climates have inspired some of history’s most exciting, innovative art, but… Read more
Pussy Riot has never backed down from a fight, and their latest music video for "Police State" is a challenge to do even more to resist oppression in the current political climate. In the new video, released on the anniversary of both the Russian Revolution and the Trump election, the Russian feminist art collective create a haunting dystopia where any form of joy or dissent is ruthessly suffocated. Actress Chloe Sevigny, who plays a law-enforcement officer in the video, carries a baton for riot control. The portrait… Read more
If the sweeping landscapes and the sun drenched meadows displayed in girl-trio Candace's new music video for the song "Horizons," premiering exclusively today on BUST, won't be enough to bring you out of your November-grey gloom, the romantic and dreamy vocals (with the suitably, yet contrasting, darkly cool lyrics) definitely will. Or, if not completely bring you out of it, it will at least help to bring you into a well-deserved, temporary summer haze: something we all are in deep need of right now. "Horizons" is the… Read more

21 Joni Mitchell Quotes And Photos To Celebrate Her 74th Birthday

By Erika W. Smith  In Music  On Nov 07, 2017

Happy birthday, Joni Mitchell! The iconic singer/songwriter turns 74 today (November 7, 2017), and we’re taking a moment to celebrate at her incredible career. I recently reread Zadie Smith’s 2012 essay on becoming a Joni Mitchell fan, “Some Notes On Attunement,” and her description of listening to Mitchell seems pretty perfect: This is the effect that listening to Joni Mitchell has on me these days: uncontrollable tears. An emotional overcoming, disconcertingly distant from happiness, more like joy—if joy is the… Read more
Last night, Patti Smith, Joan Baez, Cat Power, Flea, Michael Stipe and more took to the stage at Carnegie Hall in New York to call for everyone to help fight climate change. The event was put on by Pathway to Paris, a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness of establishing a legally binding global climate agreement — the Paris Agreement. Pathway To Paris was founded in September 2014 by Patti Smith’s daughter, composer and instrumentalist Jesse Paris Smith, and cellist and composer Rebecca Foon. "Climate… Read more

Bikini Kill Reunited For One Night And It Felt So Good

By Bri Kane  In Music  On Nov 06, 2017

For three nights only, a feminist wet dream came true: Bikini Kill reunited, performed “For Tammy Rae,” and we all died happy. You remember the first time you heard Bikini Kill? Your soul lifted out of your body and you became a Feminist, capital F. For many, Bikini Kill is reminiscent of discovering your own feminism, punk, and “counter-culture” scene. Pitchfork reports that on November 4, 2017, at The Kitchen in NYC, Bikini Kill reunited temporarily to help promote the 33 1/3 book focusing on the Raincoats’… Read more
The last person I expected to give me relationship advice was the Lolita-glamorizing, cultural-appropriating Lana Del Rey. But as I sobbed while sitting on a bench outside Borough Hall in Brooklyn, she sang into my ears and explained exactly why I would never have a future with the person I loved, whose clinical depression had escalated to the point where he could hardly acknowledge my presence: “It hurts to love you, but I still love you/ It's just the way I feel/ And I'd be lying if I kept hiding the fact that I… Read more

11 Side Chick Anthems That Even A Main Chick Can Jam To

By Bry'onna Mention  In Music  On Nov 01, 2017

Infidelity has existed for as long as relationships have. However, the open practicing of #thotlife or embracing hoe culture are fairly new phenomenons that are helped along by our society’s warped relationship with social media. These songs are great when you're not on the receiving end of the infedelity. Certainly not the most girl empowerment playlist, but hey, we're all bad feminists sometimes. 1. Destiny’s Child — “With Me (Part I)" (1998) "Do you ever wonder when he, don't come homeWho he goes to seeOr why in the… Read more

Fever Ray Takes The "Plunge" With New Album: BUST Review

By Michael Levine  In Music  On Nov 01, 2017

Karin Dreijer, half of the musical duo The Knife, released a solo project under the moniker Fever Ray in 2009. Finally, after 8 years, she has returned with a follow-up, Plunge, on Mute Records. It's as intense and innovative as its scathingly cool predecessor was. Dreijer has the ability to elevate electronica by creating sounds that are not necessarily recognizable as the usual programed synths, sequencers and drum machines. Her vocals have a gymnastic quality that leap and stretch to fit the song against drum… Read more

Lupa J Searches For The Perfect Woman In New Music Video For "Moth"

By Molly McLaughlin  In Music  On Oct 30, 2017

Lupa J is a producer, singer-songwriter and violinist from Sydney, Australia who has cultivated a dedicated following for her sophisticated electronic music since she burst onto the scene at age 15 in 2014. In her short career so far, she has turned heads internationally and played support for some of the biggest names in the game, like Grimes and Tegan and Sara. Her latest track, "Moth," explores the way young women are drawn to damaging images of perfection in the media. "Moth" is a haunting song that describes the… Read more
Brazilian-Dominican artist Jarina De Marco is a cult goddess with attitude in the lilac-tinged video for her latest song "STFU." This pop-culture paradise is a follow up to her her singles “Release the Hounds,” made in support of the people of Standing Rock’s movement, and “Tigre,” from the Broad City soundtrack. In the video, directed by Madelyn Deutch and produced by Tiziano Tucci, De Marco presides over the "Church of No Fucks Given" as she liberates her followers and turns prayer into party. The video channels '90s… Read more
Patti Smith, Cat Power, Joan Baez, Michael Stipe, and more will team up for Pathway to Paris, a concert for climate action, in New York later this month. Pathway to Paris will take place at Carnegie Hall on November 5th in partnership with the UN. Speakers include environmentalists Bill McKibben, Dr. Vandana Shiva, and additional musicians performing include Flea, Talib Kweli, Tanya Tagaq, and Tenzin Cheogyal. Throughout the night, performers will call for action to combat climate change, with the goal of turning the… Read more

OMFG - Is a Beyoncé and Cardi B Collab on the Way?

By Kat Kothen-Hill  In Music  On Oct 25, 2017

When Cardi B and Beyoncé first met, Cardi B memorialized the event with an Instagram post of the two artists and the caption “BITCH I met Beyoncé Bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!” I think I can speak for all of us when I say that, number one, Cardi is all of us in the prescence of Queen B, and number two, please collaborate you beautiful angels. And now it looks like our dreams might be coming true. Cardi B’s engineer, Michael Ashby, posted a photo to his Instagram story that sparked hope in the hearts of badass women everywhere.… Read more

Femmelody Wants To Make Classical Music Feminist: BUST Interview

By Jasmine P. Ting  In Music  On Oct 20, 2017

Mozart had a sister. She was just as good—if not better—than her legend of a brother. But not a lot of people know this. I didn’t know this until I spoke with feminist flautist Leanne Friedman. We met at Sundaes and Cones, a small ice cream shop in the East Village—not too far from the NYU campus, where she’s finishing up her double degree (BA in Flute Performance, MA in Music Education). She got a double-scoop cup with Lavender and Green Tea ice cream. The 21 year-old classically-trained musician has a long and… Read more

7 New Albums To Get In Your Earholes Today: Playlist

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Oct 19, 2017

We're excited to share round two of our October/November 2017 music reviews — these 7 albums all come out this October and November, so get ready to rock out (or...Country out? Pop out?). We've put together a playlist of singles to help you out (at bottom). Check out part one of our reviews (for albums released in August and September 2017) here, and subscribe to BUST magazine so you never miss a review! COURTNEY BARNETT AND KURT VILELotta Sea Lice(Matador) Lotta Sea Lice is the result of indie-rock mainstays Courtney… Read more
Helen McCookerybook isn’t exactly a name you’re going to forget in an instant, is it? Especially if it's been bandied about on the UK’s punk scene since the 1970s. Growing up in the North East of England, a young Helen Reddington headed south to study at Brighton Polytechnic where she joined motley bunch The Chefs on bass and vocal duties. And this shift from the river to the sea feels very poignant for an artist who released a record of the very same name — the Sea — earlier this year. This evening, however, she is… Read more
Sophie Strauss is a singer-songwriter on the rise, characterized by her lush sound and witty, poetic lyrics. BUST is premiering her newest music video, “Quiz in a Magazine,” a short, incisive song about sexism and the murky, confusing nature of girlhood. "I wrote 'Quiz In A Magazine' as a way to capture the internal dialogue that girls and women have as we try to rationalize away the experiences of quotidian sexism and abuse," Sophie tells BUST. "I wanted to get at the little things that we shrug off—or are told we… Read more
"Mad as hell" is an apt way to describe being a woman in today’s world. Meg Remy, as U.S. Girls, channels those frustrations and disappointments with current politics into a disco-pop number that is both critical and inspiring at the same time. “We can never know the hands we're in, until we feel them grip / Choking off our air supply but I don't cry / Every day I look, every day I see / That good war music still getting written for me,” she sings. With Trump and Co. working to take women’s rights away (amongst other… Read more