Is Azealia Banks Losing Her Swag?


Azealia Banks is back with another video that’s bound to catch the attention of all those (like me) who had a stint of obsession with her video “212”, which went viral after its YouTube release a year ago.  Her latest single “Luxury,” off her mixtape Fantasea, however, is a bit different than the others.   Unlike her other previously released tracks like “212” and“L8R” this newest single lacks that fast, dirty rap that Banks has already mastered at her ripe age of 21.

“Luxury” sounds like Banks is mimicking Rihanna’s sound, which is a disappointing sign that she may be selling out before her record even drops (Broke With Expensive Taste will be released February 12).  The video shows Banks repping New York as she dances through the city streets and on a rooftop with the skyline behind her.  But instead of her usual Harlem street style, she’s dressed like a chic SoHo fashionista with a couple of choreographed dancers behind her at times.

I know that huge pop star Rihanna is all the rage right now, but with her switch to all ballads and her progressively more overproduced music videos, Banks may lose many of her original indie rap fans.  And I might be one of them.

So, I guess what I’m saying, Azealia, is…if it ain’t about a dolla, Imma holla atcha lata.



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