The Staunch Ladies Of Grey Gardens Hit The Big Screen In New 2K Restoration

It’s true! Little and Big Edie Beale will grace the big screen once again when this cult classic documentary opens in select theaters (starting at Film Forum in New York) this March, thanks to Janus Films.

The East Hampton socialites-turned-recluses created a most unusual following when this doc, directed by Albert and David Maysles, first came out in 1976. The film takes place in the once lavish and stunning 28-room mansion lovingly named Grey Gardens after the color of its dunes, cement garden, and grey sea mist.

The staunch characters who occupy Grey Gardens live in a world all their own, and while Little Edie may complain that all she wants is a day at the beach or that her “days at Grey Gardens are limited,” there is a deep connection between mother and daughter—one that lasts until Big Edie’s death in 1977, a year after the documentary premiered.

Living among raccoons (of which Little Edie fed white bread regularly) and general disrepair, the direct relatives of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis never left their home at Grey Gardens—creating a ethereal yet beautiful world that many did not understand.

We are so excited to see this film reclaim its former glory in a 2k restoration and will definitely be sitting front row wearing our best costumes while tossing a couple roses in Little Edie’s honor. In the meantime, check out the trailer:


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Fifty Shades Is Basic, But Seeing It With Girlfriends Is A Great Time

Yesterday, we got to see a preview screening of Fifty Shades of Grey in a room full of screaming fans. We heartily recommend this experience.

The storyline is undoubtedly problematic in many of the ways the book is. But just as when the book became a bestselling women’s erotic novel, we can't help but find it overall positive that a blockbuster movie was made specifically for women’s pleasure. It doesn’t mean it’s perfect, and it doesn’t mean it succeeds in eliminating the male gaze, but Hollywood's attention to female sexual desire is such a rarity that Fifty Shades is undoubtedly a victory of sorts.  

Fifty Shades does improve upon the book, but don’t expect the movie to completely exceed your expectations. The awkward dialogue, lack of plot, and clunky ending are totally there. But it’s funnier and a bit cleverer than the novel, too—Dakota Johnson does a nice job bringing humor to what could have been a dull role. And though Christian is creepily paternal, buckling Anastasia in and lecturing her on drinking, his dreamy appeal is understandable (especially during his shirtless shots). 

Okay, let’s get to the meat of it: the sex scenes. We won’t lie—these were the best parts of the movie. Remember when the Internet was freaking out last week because a whole twenty minutes of the movie is dedicated to sex scenes, making it easily the raunchiest R-rating in recent years? We're here to tell you that there could have been more. Mostly because when Ana is supposed to be enjoying herself, you believe her. It’s not an issue that she’s naked so often in the film, considering what the film is about (and she even has pubic hair—good move, Hollywood!). It is, however, disappointing that Christian is buttoned up so much more often. He’ll have Ana hands tied and completely naked while he tickles her with a peacock feather or smacks her with a flogger, but he’ll still be wearing jeans. The subject matter almost requires objectification, so why not make it go both ways?

Also, this is not BDSM. The film could definitely lead audiences to believe that those who enjoy sexual dominance or submissiveness are in some way damaged and have to be fixed before enjoying a “normal” romantic relationship, which is very problematic (especially considering how tame these scenes truly are, and how fixated the film is on consent). Make note: the real issues in Christian and Ana's relationship come from the controlling elements outside of the bedroom. 

Despite the movies missteps, if you go with a bunch of friends who’ve read the book—or, like us, you find yourself in a theater filled with others who have—and you all collectively giggle when Christian says, “I exercise control in all things, Ms. Steele,” you will have a good time. You will all eyeroll at lines like "I'm fifty shades of fucked up,"and everyone in the theater will simultaneously shout “What?!?” when the ending comes out of nowhere. And you know what? It will be a fun place to be.

Not to mention, the soundtrack is killer, and the Pacific Northwest unsurprisingly serves as a lovely backdrop for the film. Basically, if you think you’re going to like Fifty Shades of Grey, you probably will, and if you think you won’t, you probably won’t. Let’s just let those of us who like it have the opportunity to do so, and appreciate the conversation it generates regardless. Laters, baby.

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Kristen Wiig & Melissa McCarthy To Star In The All-Female Ghostbusters Movie

Be still our beating BUSTie hearts: Could it finally be happening?! A Ghostbusters remake that puts ladies at its goo-fighting center? We are sincerely tickled—especially since now the potential lineup has been released and it includes none other than Wiig, McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. You know we will be Fandango'ing this as soon as humanly possibly.

The film is set to release in July of 2016 (nope, not sure we can wait that long either, but patience is a virtue and also sometimes a necessity). One thing we're pretty curious about though ... Who is going to pick up the Sigourney Weaver role? ZUL SEEKS KEYMASTER, and we are seeking Zul: We'd like to *officially* cast a vote for Sarah Silverman, who would be awesome.

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Netflix Has New Releases Out For February And These Are Our Lady-Friendly Faves

Ahh, doesn’t the promise of another six weeks of winter just warm your heart?

Yeah, it doesn’t for us, either. With the weather outlook remaining bleak for the upcoming holiday weekend, it might be time to settle in next to a laptop and queue up some of the latest flicks arriving on Netflix.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985)

Of course we had to start off our list with this classic '80s standard. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Biff Yeager, and Helen Hunt, this flick follows Janey’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) dream to become Miss Dance TV, albeit against her father’s wishes.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

Another classic. This Lifetime picture stars former BUST cover girl Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, and Sally Field as they go about the life and times of their close-knit friend group in Louisiana. This one will tug at some major heartstrings.

The Object of Beauty (1991)

Romantic and funny, this film follows an American couple struggling to finance their London stay. When their lives are further disrupted by a theft, they struggle to find the romance they once shared. 

Next Stop Wonderland (1998)

This late '90s indie dramedy has a familiar feel as it tells the story of recently-dumped nurse Erin (Hope Davis) and plumber Alan (Alan Gelfant) as their lives take a turn when they finally cross paths.

My First Mister (2001)

Leelee Sobieski and Albert Brooks star in this picture about what makes people connect and trust each other. When a troubled teen seeks a job at a clothing store, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the store’s lonely 49-year-old owner.

Proof (2005)

This gripping drama, based on the David Auburn play of the same name, follows a 27-year-old woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) dealing with a possible genetic penchant for mental illness while falling for a handsome graduate student (Jake Gyllenhaal) of her late father’s, a brilliant mathmetician. 

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

This American-Canadian dramedy stars Ryan Gosling as an eccentric and lonely young man living in his brother’s garage. When he falls for a life-sized female doll, Lars’ (Gosling) friends and family are concerned and try to get to the root of his behavior. It’s an endearing and original tale that is sure to keep you company on a bracing winter’s eve.

In Secret (2013)

In Secret is a spooky and erotic tale based on the 1867 novel Thérèse Raquin.  It stars Elizabeth Olsen as sexually repressed Camille and Jessica Lange as her cold, domineering aunt who has forced her into a loveless marriage to her cousin. If you’re a fan of thrillers and/or Lange’s amazing character skill, you’ll definitely be into this one. 


Plus, an awesome bonus for those who "have no patience for useless things": Season 3 of House of Cards is coming to Netflix on February 27th. 

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Emma Watson Will Play Belle In Disney's Live Action Beauty & The Beast

It's been a pretty excellent week on the Emma Watson front, first at Davos on behalf of HeForShe (killer speech, right?) and now in Tinseltown. It makes perfect sense to us that one of the world's best-known young feminists is set to play Disney's famed nose-buried-in-a-book leading lady. We're sure she'll totally nail it.

After all, she's got a lot to work with: Belle—unlike other Disney dames scheming to get hitched (coughcoughCinderellacough)—wanted to be known for more than her looks, and turned down Gaston's surface level proposal because he didn't respect her big gorgeous brain. We can't imagine Emma standing for that kind of nonsense either. You go, girls.

So... Yeah, yeah, we know it's a kid's movie, technically, but we're definitely going to go see this one. Will you?!

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