The first doc I’ve seen here at the SXSW festival is VESSEL, a powerful, knock-your-Socks-off documentary directed by Diana Whitten, centering on the Dutch abortion rights activist Dr. Rebecca Gomperts. Gomperts’s idea was to sail a ship flying the Dutch flag to countries where abortion is illegal and take women out 11 miles out into international waters to perform legal abortions. Talk about fearless in the face of adversity; WOW!  The film spans 20 years documenting the courageous work her organization Women on Waves has carried out in the face of tremendous governmental, religious, and military obstacles. Her main goal is to teach women to use the abortion pill. For all you budding political activists, Rebecca’s fearless strategy is nothing short of inspirational.  With the possibility of the right to a legal abortion slipping away here in the US, this film will strike fear in your hearts and hopefully will remind you to get out and fight for what’s right! –Michael Lavine

via Vessel