While I usually cringe at the thought of a Broadway adaptation of a favorite movie-- I'm still recovering from "Bring it On: the Musical"--  I'm surprisingly excited to hear that 1980s cult-classic "Heathers" is receiving the razzle dazzle treatment with it's very own musical.  

While the show already premiered in Los Angeles, those of us on the east side can hope to catch it when it premieres at Off-Broadway's New World Stages, with previews starting on March 17 and its grand opening night March 31.

This sardonic teen flick starring Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer, a quiet introspective teen who gets involved with the most popular group in school, has the biting wit and absurd comedy that will translate really well on the Broadway stage, as "Reefer Madness" successfully did.  On the heels of "Book of Mormon" and "Spamalot," I think it's about time Broadway opens the boy's club that is comedic musical theater to a show with a strong female cast.  Here's hoping "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is next to get its own musical revival!


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly

Image Via Infinite Crescendo