Aubrey Plaza Stars as Daria Morgendorffer, THIS IS NOT A DRILL
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The stars have aligned, our prayers have been answered. It’s like the universe knew I just finished marathoning Daria for the…third time, and instead of watching “Is it College, Yet?” and feeling empty, I can watch what Daria’s high school reunion would be like and feel empty. YES!


Okay, so it’s KIND of a drill. This is served up by the good people of CollegeHumor, so no, it’s not a real movie. Yet it totally could and should be. Plus, Aubrey Plaza (BUST cover girl, deadpan queen, and bitchy resting face poster girl) plays the titular character, as only she could. As you can tell, she really worked hard on that sarcastic monotone voice.


Till we come to bad ends we're freakin' friends.


I personally didn’t catch Daria in her prime, but was able to watch it when it syndicated on the N. It real helped to fuel the misanthropic phase I developed when I was 12, which I plan to grow out of any day now.

And of COURSE I had a thing for Trent Lane, who pretty much served as the prototype for every deadbeat non-boyfriend I’ve had over the past 7 years. 


Mystik Spiral is back, but they're thinking of changing their name.

Oh my grosh, why are you still reading this? YOU GUYS! JUST WATCH THE VIDEO. And then sound off about what you would want from a Daria movie. What do you think your favorite Lawndale High residents would be doing after 10 years? What would the ideal cast list look like? Who did you ship back in the day? Daria and Tom? Daria and Trent? Daria and Jane? Discuss! 



Images via CollegeHumor.

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