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By Nicole Finkbiner in TV


Last Wednesday, the hilarious and equally unpredictable, Tracy Morgan appeared on The Tonight Show and proved exactly why we made him our April/May cover dude.   

After telling Jay about how experiencing Colin Powell’s warm embrace moved him to tears, Tracy weighed in on the now infamous Gibson tapes.  

“They’re selling like hot cakes in Compton,” he says.  

[Actually, it turns out an album of 15 Mel-inspired ringtones and text alerts will be available later this month on iTunes. Yep, for $3.99 you can have some random dude yelling “you can just smile and blow me!” every time your phone rings] 

But Tracy doesn’t see what all the hype is about.   

“Calling women bitches and using the n-word--that ain’t nothing but hip hop,” he joked. 

“He stole that concept from Lil’ Wayne.” 

As for Gibson’s uncertain future, Tracy predicts he’ll “probably go to jail...and get a tear drop.” 


If, like me, you’ve taken a vow not to watch Leno since he sat back and allowed NBC to give Conan the boot, here’s Parts 1 and 2 of Tracy's interview...

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