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Woof Woof Doggie Accessories

Woof Woof Doggie Accessories offers wide selections of dog accessories including crystal rhinestone dog collars,dog harnesses and leads,pet necklaces,pet collar bells,pet tags and charms,dog clothes and shoes,pet bowls and dog toys.


Dog and pet tags that resemble your states driver's license. Most unique pet I.D out there.

You are a unique, irreplacable, beautiful woman...........


girlgypsy's original jewelry, a plethora of unique retro items, handpicked by yours truly......and much, much more to come......original clothing, a work in constant evolution......

~ HooperPower Hoopdance™ ~

HooperPower Hoopdance™ is a Chicago-based company that offers professional dance hoops, HoopStar Workout DVDs and expert hoopdance instruction for women and men of all ages and ALL shapes and sizes. This isn’t your mama's hula hoop. Hoopdance or “hooping” ...