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Purple Sparkle Crafts

Delicious, Cute & Unique Cupcake Candles, Wax Melts, Jewellery, Greetings Cards and more! Custom orders welcome, worldwide delivery.

RadMegan's Garden Crafts


Garden crafts are perfect gifts for the green thumbs out there, and the black thumbs who could kill a plastic fern...

Random handmade items!

Jewelry, photography & sock monkeys!

Raw Dog Leather Gear

Fine, handcrafted leashes, collars, and toys for your companion or working dogs. Handcrafted with premium quality leather and lined in butter-rich deer suede, these are the finest collars you'll ever find. Custom orders welcome! People-gear custom work ...

Reading glasses

Reading glasses are a trendy fashion statement, no longer just a necessity for close-up vision.


Yarn store in Lexington, KY specializing in alternative and sustainable fibers. We also carry a large selection of handmade and recycled items.

Recycled Paper Notepads featuring Original Photography ...

I hand-bind these notepads with 75 recycled pages (mostly TV scripts from my day-job) and cover them with original 4x6 photographs.

Red Jewel Distribution

Red Jewel is a distribution project which works towards a melding of art and activism to further revolutionary social change within online and offline communities. Red Jewel accepts submissions and distributes/sells crafts/zines/diy goodies from self-iden ...


Written reviews from an amused rural perspective for the sassy and not-so-sassy consumer in all of us.


Eco-friendly boutique - clothing,housewares, gifts and more. Recycle repurpose rethink.

Retro Sales


Affordable, adorable, handmade items!



Welcome to my site for all the 20s-50s kitsch collectibles I buy and sell on eBay! My specialties are red and white kitchenware, enamelware, California pottery, and shabby chic!

RMD Designs

Fabulous and Scrumptious Handspun and Hand Dyed Yarn!

rocha, ink.

our throw away culture provides inspiration for rocha,ink. (ro-ka,ink)to create aesthetically pleasing handmade cards, 2-dimensional artwork,and other unique functional goods with recycled images, objects, and materials.

Rock Scissors Paper


It's no coincidence that Rock Scissor Paper's stationery evokes a certain sense of vintage cool. A peek around the our Los Angeles studio will clue you into where our passions and influences come from. We've been collecting vintage furniture, pottery, bar ...

Rosy Posy


Unique Hand-made baby blanket/hat and hand-painted ceramics that can be personalized.

Rusted Designs

A complete hodgepodge of anything my little heart desires to make - crafty chick and total weirdo, at your service!

S.A.F.S Gallery Shop


SAFS Gallery is a Los Angeles based art collective. Day of the Dead, Chican@, beer paintings,t-shirts and girly arts. Also see: for fine art serigraphs and more!

Sacred Kitsch Studio


traditional tattoo-themed unmounted rubber stamps, vintage ephemera, and all kinds of other cool stuff for your art!