Miss Eaves Kills in the New Video for 'Wicked Lie'

Last time we checked in on Miss Eaves (AKA Shanthony Exum) she was rapping about everything from kitties to NPR. Now she’s teaming up with Surfing Leons in a brand new video, looking fiercer than ever. No, there's no Nyan Cats flying around behind her this time, but it's still pretty awesome.

With a backdrop that recalls a 40’s thriller and a backbeat that sounds like it was ripped out of an early 90’s arcade game, Miss Eaves raps hardcore about betrayal and revenge. And not only does she deliver rapid-fire lines with killer precision, but she looks totally glam and bad-ass. A chunk of the video is her pacing back and force with an axe, as blood seeps towards her stilettos in the most Hitchcockian way. Yikes. 

To sum it up, I wouldn’t ever lie to this lady. She does not even fuck around.

Watch the video for "Wicked Lie" below.

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