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Life, love and the pursuit of a fun party...


A blog about life, love and the pursuit of a fun party...

Lime Project


A group of women have banded together to help a friend with Hodgkin's disease. They've produced a sexy calendar starring all sorts of bodies. And all the proceeds go to Heather, with the surplus being used to create a cancer fund for people in her situati ...

Looking for Adventure? How to Hit the Road


Preparation is key when planning a road trip. This summer, get adventurous, grab a friend and hit the road! Here are some sound advice and tips that'll help you.



Lots of stuff on the coolest rockings & rollings... some fun stuff on beauty, sometimes crafty... all things pop cultcha.

Make These Funny Women Famous: Now!


Hollywood seems to be giving out careers to male comedic actors like lollipops lately. So we're calling for an equal-opportunity act: Pony up some stardom for our favorite funny women, please!

Mamacita: Humor, News & Entertainment for Women Who Can...


MAD meets Ms. in this fully developed 'zine...news satires, true mail from Internet dating hell, political humor, a wicked Michael Jackson piece (take a look at him photoshopped as "Mikepoleon."



Memory-Jar.com was created with the intent to share stories and visual ideas that may seem silly or not worth mentioning in our everyday lives. Yet so much of our time is spent remembering these stories and visions, which we play out in our heads quite of ...

Men and Cats


A website dedicated to men and the cats they love!

Minnesota RollerGirls


The Minnesota RollerGirls is an all-girl Roller Derby league based out of the Twin Cities who's always looking for more ladies to come & roll with them.

Moms and Bombs


Jewish Daughter of Lesbians blogging about her quadrants of interest : Queers, Jews, Babies and Acting, as well as other absurdities.

Mushroom Maven


Handmade pendants, groovy chic office sets, handfolded envelopes, and much more!

my gothic daydream


This is a page dedicated to my art and the gothic subculture. I hop you will lieke it.

My Short Skirt Anime Web Clique


My Short Skirt is web clique for anime fans (and non fans) that want to express their commitment to fight for women's rights. To take a stand against violence, harassment, and unfair treatment committed against those that keep and preserve mankind. The t ...

my twenty something cents


A blog of miscellaneous fun by a twenty- something girl that's even miscellanear.

Natural and Sustainable Living


Anything and everything great for the environment. Green living at its best.



Necrotica.Net is an alternative community that caters to open minded adults from all walks of life who share a common interest in exploring their darker side.

Neo2 Blog


here you can download many incredible free fonts for your designs (all copy left, but done for professionals) and also very good fashion information and pictures about new designers and trends. texts are in spanish, so its a god exercise for you.



OOAK Handmade Creepy Dolls :: Gothic Horror Art

oops! I forgot to have a baby!


They call it "Childfree" We call it "A good time!" Art, articles, links and shopping, all for those of you who are sans sprog!



OrganicNation.tv is an exploration of the American sustainable food landscape focusing on the people, places and products that are shaping a new green economy and lifestyle. From farmers to urban gardeners, teachers to restaurant owners, we're traveling t ...