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A community for independent artists, writers musicians, dreamers, and thinkers.

Fair Trade - New Consumer Magazine


New Consumer is an international fair trade magazine and organisation covering all aspects of fairtrade as a winning solution to poverty.

Famous Dreams Celebrity Dream Resource


FamousDreams.com is where you can submit that weird dream you had about Nicole Kidman or Charels Bukowski last night. Also: comics, fiction and the home of badly drawn barbarian!



A cranky look at the vicissitudes of fan culture



A fracas is an uproar and fracas the blog is about creating an uproar. Whether it's through images, articles; friends or shoes and bras or naughty jokes, fracas will create uproar.

Fresh Cut Media


Features original and hand-picked videos, interactive art and news from around the web. Things that excite us: Nonprofits, Online Activism, Green Design, Documentary Film, DIY Culture, Recycled Art, Citizen Journalism, Guerilla Gardening, Women in Film

FunkyChic Boutique


creative~independent~exclusive~individual ....................................... Why buy something that everyone else has? The mall is over-rated and overwrought with mind numbing sameness. You crave something that expresses your innate uniqueness. You ...

Funny Debutante - Join the Chic Clique


Weekly e-newsletter delivering off-the-beaten path ways to make life more fabulous.

Futurescopes horoscope directory


Links to hundreds of web sites offering free daily, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes, also free readings for love and finance.



The funniest stuff online (videos, pics, celebs, animals, polls & products) ...distilled for HER pleasure. Get your giggle on!



GINCHY! is a virtual version of a perzine by an eccentric chick named Buffy with a crazy, cock-eyed sock monkey sidekick. Content includes original poetry/prose & other various, unique forms of artwork; photo galleries galore (ranging from the simple ...

Girl A Microworld


Visual Research Laboratory focusing on pop culture.

Glossed Over


Snark and occasional serious commentary on fashion magazines. Updated every weekday.

Good Prattle


Good Prattle is an interview website far more awesome than other interview websites. We conduct intelligent interviews with truly intriguing people, seeking to provide a fresh new take on 'mainstream' culture.

Guilty Pleasures


A bazaar of human pleasures and things one enjoys in life.



pop culture, politics, poetry, parenting... anything with a P.

handmade cavalcade


The York Etsy Street Team—a group of sellers from Etsy.com, the online marketplace for handmade goods—is leaving the city for a day and heading up to Dutchess County to set up shop in Beacon, New York. The craft fair will take place from 1:00 ...