Miraculous Two-Legged Dog Has A Magical Day At The Beach

Meet Duncan Lou: a beautiful and playful boxer whose gorgeous spirit will stay with you long after you finish reading this post. At 8 weeks old, the miraculous canine lost his two rear legs to amputations after it was discovered that surgery could not repair some damage he’d had since birth. As reported by the amazing Panda Paws Rescue shelter for special needs dogs, Duncan Lou insists on running without his wheelchair, bounding about faster than you can say “Jiminy Cricket." 


Duncan recently had a wild, joyous time at the beach with his close friend, another dog named Man. Life may be tough sometimes, but as Duncan learned on his first Spring getaway, it’s also filled with miracles. Take a look at Duncan Lou and lovely Mane at the beach below. To help dogs like Duncan Lou and Mane, please visit Panda Paws Rescue

Thanks to Lost at E Minor

Video via YouTube

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