Men Don Girlfriends’ Clothes For Awesome Photo Shoot

Here's another thought-provoking, complex series of photos that challenge gender roles in relationships. Remember that kickass "Made Up" project where couples switched makeup routines? Well, this photographer took that idea to another level. Spanish artist Jon Uriarte wanted to do the shoot after talking with some dude friends about how different relationships between men and women today are from the way they were during his parents' generation. This sparked his decision to create The Men Under the Influence, an art piece with a mission to display "the equality of balance" in heterosexual relationships and the confusing feelings men might experience due to this shift. (I don't really get what's confusing about equality, but whatever.) Originally Uriarte planned to photograph couples together, but then thought it would be even more fascinating to show men wearing their girlfriend's clothing in the couple's apartment or house. He completed The Men Under the Influence over the course of three years in Spain and the U.S.

Some men look fairly confident in the woman's clothing, while others appear pretty uncomfortable. Either way, the portraits are both captivating and provocative. Peep 'em below!

Jose & Ainara

Steve & Fonlin

Santi & Sabela

Matias & Sarah

Marcos & Lucia

Javi & Gabi

Victor & Ana

Carlos & Naia

Source: Feature Shoot

Photos via Feature Shoot, by Jon Uriarte

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