May Is National Masturbation Month

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Seriously, Let’s talk about sex, right out in the open. According to a recent obvious article, sexual squeamishness does women no favors. No Shit.

May is National Masturbation Month. That’s right, dear chums. Happy Monday.

(I am just putting this out there...Best money I've spent. The Lelo Liv Rechargeable vibrator. Lovely.)

So for a mid-month celebration, let’s talk about masturbation. Let’s abandon the euphemisms (I had a friend once call it “sending Muffin morse code”) and just talk. I saw a woman on the train this morning, unabashedly reading an erotica-anthology. No "Fifty Shades"  here! This lady looked positively blissful. Let’s aspire to be like that lady on the train, not give a damn, and give ourselves a little treat. I’m not saying go on Tumblr at work and search the James Dean tag, but you can treat yourself to some alone time later.  Browse through some saucy literature of your choosing, head over to the Good Vibrations site for some shopping and how-tos, and make sure to have some sex with someone you really love. Yourself!

Images via Goodvibes.com, newstatesman.com

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