Mary Grace Garis
Mary Grace Garis
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07/29/2013 11:30:00Introducing the Burka Avenger, Pakistan's Newest Superheroine (Seriously, tho)
07/25/2013 14:51:28Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling Wear Lisa Frank, Make Us Feel Twinkly Inside
07/25/2013 10:45:35Aubrey Plaza Stars as Daria Morgendorffer, THIS IS NOT A DRILL
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07/22/2013 14:30:42BUST Magazine is Banned From Prison, We Kid You Not
07/22/2013 11:45:1211-year-old Flees Arranged Marriage, Would Rather Die Than Be a Wife
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07/18/2013 12:10:54Babes Behaving Badly: 10 Women Prison Movies You Need to See
07/17/2013 13:10:19Kim Shattuck Takes Over the Pixies, The Muffs, and the World
07/16/2013 16:15:00There’s an App That Tracks Your Period, This Changes Everything
07/16/2013 10:15:00Texas Bans Tampons In Abortion Hearing Because They Could Be "Thrown At Senators"
07/15/2013 16:05:00Guess How Many Women Find Street Harassment Flattering? This Tumblr is Great
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07/15/2013 11:15:00Race, Sexuality, and Tampon Sandwiches: Orange is the New Black is Outrageous
07/12/2013 18:00:00Women Fined During Childbirth, Charged $5 Per Scream
07/12/2013 15:00:55Tiny, Hurt Kitten Wears a Mushroom Costume to Recover
07/10/2013 14:30:18MRAs Urge You to Not 'Be That Girl,' I Urge Them to STFU
07/09/2013 14:15:00Men and Women Switch Clothes and Make Us Confused and Happy
07/09/2013 11:15:00Justin Timberlake's New Video is 7 minutes in Hell
07/08/2013 16:45:00London Mayor Jokes: Women Go to College to Find Husbands #notlaughing
07/08/2013 12:45:00New Roxy Ad Relegates Women’s Sports to Rolling Around in Bed, Topless
07/08/2013 10:30:00Meanwhile in California, Female Prisoners Are Sterilized Without Consent
07/04/2013 12:00:52Pack Your Bags, We're Going to Feminist Camp
07/03/2013 13:35:50Mom Has Baby Taken Away For Eating a Bagel, Gets Mad Retribution
07/01/2013 18:00:00Kraft’s Tasty “Zesty Italian Dressing Guy” Stirs Controversy with One Million Moms and Lust with Me
07/01/2013 17:30:00Courtney Love is Queen, Inspires a Civil War on the Jersey Shore
07/01/2013 10:15:00Little Girl Scares Off Armed Pedophile, “OMFG” Says Everyone
06/28/2013 16:15:52Creep-Shaming: Is a Guy 'Creepy' Because He's Unattractive? Or is He Just, You Know, Creepy?
06/26/2013 16:42:58Cure for Bitchy Resting Face Revealed!
06/26/2013 15:30:10Two Swedish Girls Found Guilty of Slut-Shaming 38 People on Instagram
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06/24/2013 11:30:00Miranda Kerr Suggests Traditional Gender Roles for a Healthy Marriage, Insert Eyeroll Here
06/21/2013 16:49:22Feminist Make-Up Tutorial: Look Cute While You’re Covered In the Blood of a Thousand Men
06/21/2013 14:08:16The History of the Bikini and Why Not to Wear Them Anymore
06/19/2013 13:00:00Smug Girl, Ditzy Girl, and Muffin Girl: 3 Dieting Clichés Prance Around in Genius Ad
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06/07/2013 14:01:27Totally Bent: Lady Contortionists of the '40s
06/03/2013 10:15:00Beyoncé and Friends Ring in a Sound for Change
05/31/2013 17:46:59Stevie Ryan Battles Twerking Addiction on Stevie TV
05/31/2013 15:29:52Woman Sells Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist
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05/31/2013 10:49:36All-male panel thinks more female breadwinners = end of world
05/27/2013 12:30:12Arrested Development Has Exploded the Interweb, Everyone Has Different Feels
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05/20/2013 11:15:00Sharkmuffin Are Femmebots Looking for Musical Takeover
05/17/2013 14:56:26Barbie’s Dreamhouse is Under Attack
05/17/2013 11:55:05Pat Robertson Blames You for Your Husband’s Infidelity, Sounds Legit
05/17/2013 10:46:35Buffy Writers Reunite, Are Predictably Awesome
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05/10/2013 17:01:48Betsey Johnson Proves to be Unsmotable With New Show
05/10/2013 15:52:14Don't Bother Getting Earth a Mother's Day Card
05/10/2013 01:11:55Amy Poehler Interviews Real-life Superhero Dr. Jane Aronson