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Dr. Ruthless


Practical, no-nonsense self defense for women and teens. Survival factoids, prevention tactics and down-n-dirty rape defense strategies every woman MUST know, plus FIERCE AND FEMALE videos,articles and more. A highly practical yet spirited site, dr-ruthle ...

Kickboxing and Martial Arts by Kat


With a number of black belts, Kat is the first woman to own a certified Hicks& Gracie martial arts school.

Kunoichi Kick Butt!

To-Shin Do self defense for modern women! From the ninja lineage, our self defense curriculum teaches scalable responses for the touchy boss, aggressive date, or the classic stranger in the bushes. Learn kunoichi (female ninja) defenses at the Boulder Que ...

Seven Star Women's Kung Fu

"Through this fist way one gains long life and happiness." We practice the Gaylord Method of chu'an fa kung fu in the Kajukenbo system. Kajukenbo was developed in Hawaii in the late 1940s. Seven Star Women's Kung Fu was founded as a not-for-profit femin ...

Sherman Oaks Karate | Los Angeles Karate | Children's K...

Sensei John's Karate offers karate classes for various ages as well as private lessons in the Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles area. We specialize in childrens's karate training and can help train children with special needs or disabilities.