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BUST Magazine's February/March Issue Featuring Cover Gal Jessica Williams Is On Sale Now!
Here at BUST, the season of love is upon us. And to celebrate, we’ve got a cover girl we absolutely adore—The Daily Show’s hilarious Jessica Williams! Inside, we’ve got an exclusive interview with audacious “bad bitch” Amber Rose, a surprising look at the dangerous “beta uprising” movement, a true story of a woman dealing with a transitioning ex, and a peek at the future of male contraception.

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Table of Contents Feb/Mar 2016



Seriously Funny
Catching up with The Daily Show’s reigning queen of satire, Jessica Williams. 
By Bridgette Miller

My Ex-Boyfriend’s Name Is Chrissy
One woman’s story of reevaluating her romantic past after finding out the truth about a lost love. By Hallie Lieberman

A Week With Woolful
A slice of life from fiber maven Ashley Yousling’s Idaho sheep-farm Shangri-la. 
By Lisa Butterworth

Everything’s Coming Up Rose
In her new memoir, rapper/model/actress Amber Rose reveals a lot more than just How To Be A Bad Bitch. By Erika W. Smith

Mo’ Beta Blues
Are online fantasies about a misogynist “beta uprising” just sick jokes or a legitimate national threat? 
By Robyn Pennacchia

Wild Style
Major metallics modeled by hip-hop glamazon Lizzo and her fierce femme crew. Interview by Maggie Carr, Photographed by Lauren Perlstein, Styled by Caitlyn Leary



  • DIY tech queen Limor Fried; Rad Fatty Merit Badges; sex-selective abortion spies infiltrate India; and more.
  • Pop Quiz: Ready For Hillary. By Emily Rems
  • The Hotness: Watch this, read that, go everywhere. By Emily Rems
  • Pop Tart: The case for reclaiming “hussy.” By Tangerine Jones
  • Boy du Jour: Drinking up Shaun Fleming of Diane Coffee. By Laurie Henzel
  • Bra-ometer: Feminist news at a glance. By Solange Castellar


  • Weave a whimsical wall-hanging; my-oh-my chocolate pie; Sister Spinster’s herbal elixirs; and more.
  • Caking Bad: Pucker up with preserved lemon. By Terry Hope Romero
  • Around the World in 80 Girls: Catch some rays in Phoenix, Arizona. By Teresa Traverse


  • Style advice from creative director Hester Sunshine; buy or DIY harnesses; a subscription box for crazy cat ladies; and more.
  • Good Stuff: Think pink. By Stephanie J.
  • Booty Call: Cosmic things. By Callie Watts


  • Music Reviews; plus the return of Yoko Ono!
  • Movies The Witch was Touched With Fire by Pride and Prejudice
    and Zombies.
  • Books Reviews; plus some ye olde true crime.


  • New developments in male contraception; measure your Kegel power with you smartphone; and more.
  • Questions for the Queen Hysterectomies and sexual pee. By Dr. Carol Queen
  • One-Handed Read Easy Riding to Paradise. By Grainne Proinseas