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I hear you amilita. I ate loads of fruit this week, had veggies for dinner a few times... and then a combo of PMS, really cold weather calling out the carb-monster in me and a looming deadline requiring me to drink fizzy stuff to keep alert so I can work; let's just say it all went out the window today. Ah well. More fruit and green tea for breakfast tomorrow.
Congrats to amilita, coela and zelda!

I've stayed exactly the same, but I didn't journal during my 11-day East Coast road trip and haven't gotten back onto the journalling since I got back. Sigh. I have been working out, though, and when I haven't been working out, I've been making a point to walk to the train or bus (15-20 mins. each way) as much as possible, but that's tougher to do when it's 0 degrees (yesterday) or a blizzard (tonight).

Anyway. I've been trying to eat better: two vegetables with dinner, salads for lunch every day, string cheese and dates to snack on at work. If nothing else, it's starting good habits.

I do have a couple things I've been enjoying lately. First, I've been buying a rotisserie chicken once a week, removing the skin and bones, and using that in salads and sandwiches throughout the week. It's pretty tasty and without the skin, I doubt it's that bad for you.

Also, i bought a cookbook called Quick Fix Meals. Apparently it's from some Food TV chick (Robin Miller). I've never watched her show, but all of the dishes I've made are really tasty, easy to make, and fairly healthy. Tonight, I made chicken rolled in (homemade) breadcrumbs and spices, then baked, with an avocado dip, broccoli rabe with raisins and garlic, and parmesan cauliflower. A couple weeks ago I made salmon cakes and they were really delish.

I think I need to start only eating half of what I order at restaurants. I do great during the week and when I'm cooking at home (we basically keep no junk food or much processed stuff in the house) and then I think I fuck it all up at dinner Saturday night.
I started Weight Watchers a couple weeks ago (I don't go to meetings, I just count points) and just did a workout today for the first time in a loooong time. I am very out of shape and got out of breath easily, but i hope it will get easier as i do it more often. Like a total dummy i chose the 45-minute workout rather than the beginners 25-minute version, like i should have. I'm using the FIRM workout tapes, which i have always loved because they combine free weights with cardio, and one of my gaols is to become more toned. Also, my classes are on the 3rd and 4th floors, so i am climbing the stairs up and down now. I think if i choose the 25 minute workout i'll be more likely to do it 3-4 times a week, because it will seem less overwhelming, thus increasing my chances of success. Then i can work up to the 45-minute one.

Diet-wise i am keeping it low-sugar, lots of oatmeal, and trying to add protein wherever I can because i don't get near enough protein. The rotisserie chicken was a great idea, and I'm trying to eat more yogurt and fruit as well. Lots of water and green tea. I'm taking multi-vitmains and omega 3's also. The only scale i have is a 20-year old old-fashioned one that is behind by 5 lbs., and i don't want to buy one because then i'll become obsessed. I would like to lose about 8 lbs. a month. i can weigh when i'm at my mom's, who has a digital scale.

For BUSTees who have chocolate cravings, i suggest eating chocolate pudding or hot chocolate. They aren't too bad in calories and will usually give you the chocolate flavor you want. My mom's birthday dinner is at a Mexican rstaurant this Thursday and i'm a little nervous because my weakness is enchiladas. I only let my self "cheat" once a month, so i'm debating whether to let myself totally eat a whole dinner, or get a half-order. I really don't want to delay my progress. It feels like I'm climbing a mountain as it is, like i'll never reach my goal. But for motivation.....I just watch "Flashdance" ha ha.
Oliv, starting slow and working up with exercise is definitely the way to go in my opinion. When getting back to the elliptical, I started with 15 minutes, and now I'm up to 40! I had planned on going to the gym today, but we walked all the way across town to my friend's house last night (along the Endymion parade route!) so I think I'm OK not to...I don't want to deal with the crowds near the Quarter. Plus, I did some cleaning and will do some free weight stuff, so I'm not just sitting on my arse. I'm gonna try to get up on the early side and go tomorrow instead.

I really need to get more yoga in my life...I can feel my flexibility diminishing. Plus, I think it really helps me with stress.

Sidecar, I think staying the same with all that traveling is nothing to sneeze at! I've started planning our trip for the beginning of March, and that is my goal. The Mr. has an art show in Orlando, and I figured I need to go the Walt Disney World Land and Sea World. So there will be lots of walking, even if there's a lot of food, too.

Restaurants are really hard...I tend to stick to the same ones and I have things I always order...chicken ceasar at the neighborhood place, veggie burrito at the Flying Burrito, pho or bun at Vietnamese places, veggie delight at the Five Happiness, sushi is easy...kinda boring, but it works. Sometimes I have to eat pretty light the rest of the day, but that's not too difficult usually.

I've been thinking about getting a rotisserie chicken. We were on a kick for awhile, but I haven't bought one in a long time. Yummy.

How's it going, Syb and Mando and p176 and everyone else?

After all my b*tching, I my weight is kind of staying the same these days before my was looking like it was going to creep I'm crossing my fingers for a big loss once it's over. I need to really keep the Mardi Gras indulgence just to Mardi Gras!!! I'm starting the red beans and rice today, and I've decided I need some chocolate chip bread pudding to come home to that day, too. *swoon*
sybarite, i love your avatar!!!

sounds like everyone is trying to focus on positive changes within reason, and that's good...

after losing 9 pounds over four weeks, i decide to take a break from journaling for the weekend. it was the superbowl (not that i'm that into sports) but i wanted a little break. i didn't overdo it, but i definitely went over my points limit. today i went back on the wagon and also went swimming for 40 minutes. i wasn't even necessarily trying to lift my heartrate so much as i was tryring to just move my body.

it is critical for me to journal for longterm the pasts when i've stopped, even for a day or two, i lose all momentum...i'm hoping that won't happen this time.

i was down to 170.5 on friday and i'm hoping to get to 165 eventually. just one day at a time...

good vibes to everyone....
has anyone found how much slower their weight drops compared to when they were younger? i'm 31 and it's definitely slowed down...makes me even more determined to try to stay in a healthy weight range...
I've definitely noticed the slow weight loss phenomenon lately (I'm 33). Recently had a baby and thought breastfeeding would solve all my weight problems! Um, no.
I haven't really noticed a slow down of my weight loss as I get was never easy for me, though.

I had 3 days of maintenance-level calories and then two days of not journaling (free days) but today I'm back on the wagon!! I had been walking so much, I haven't been to the gym for about a week, but I went today and did the full 40 minutes on the elliptical machine! I'm proud of that, because my legs still ache from Mardi Gras.

Now I need to buckle down because we will be traveling at the end of the month...oh and I've already decided Valentine's Day (which is also the Mr.'s birthday) will be a free day. Geez, I shouldn't set my sights too high for expected weight loss this month with all the leeway I'm giving myself!

I'm going to drink tons of water and green tea tonight. Maybe do some stretches.

How's everyone else doing?
i'm weighing myself tomorrow...i think taking a break from WW this past weekend will probably mean i either gained or held steady...i doubt i lost anything. i was 170.5 last week and would really like to get down to 165. however, i feel a lot better than i did at 179.5...i am fitting into my pants again...finally!

part of me doesn't know if i care about getting to 165 as long as i can hold steady where i am...that's the tricky part!

i can't believe i once got down to 157. WAY too low for me...and i was starving all the time.

still, i'd like to get into the 160s...i was 167 when i graduated from high school, and i was a full grown woman by then. i've heard if you've finished your growth spurt and all that, the weight you were when you graduated from high school is your ideal weight for the rest of your life...i look pretty good around 167, so that's where i'd like to be. we'll see...
Thanks zelda!

My weight became much more difficult to manage once I hit 32 or so. I was always reasonably thin before, as was my mom, but in the last 15 years she's gotten quite plump so clearly it's a tendency that runs in the family. I never really watched what I ate until my weight started creeping up.

I don't count calories as such but I do a lot of portion control and try and eat smallish dinners early in the evening during the week. It seems to work well when I stick to it. I also don't keep a scale in the house but will weigh myself at the gym.

I'm not going for a certain weight, but I want my pot belly to go away and I'd like to be generally fitter. I'm going to do some tae bo today: I have an empty house so it's a good time to use it!
Boy, I've been so tired lately. It could be the weather fluctuations or it could be that I've only been going to the gym 2x a week instead of 3 these last couple ones. I did make myself continue to do 40 min. on the elliptical despite my low energy.

And I'm glad to say that I've broken the 185 line- today's weigh-in was 183.4. So that means I'm 1/4 of the way to my goal of losing 60#. And although I have that in mind, I could be flexible about it. It's more about the way I look and feel...and the effort it takes to lose and maintain. I'm willing to work hard, but not willing to have my entire life revolve around getting to a certain number.

I made some yummy pasta with tuna, tomatoes and capers to take to work!
Way to go Amilita...I'm sure you feel great!

I'm hoping to break into the 160s this Friday...I'm also having a hard time staying motivated...but I've still been eating 25 points a day, so I guess I can't beat myself up too much...I don't know...I have this weird combo of not caring as much as I once did when I did WW years ago but also this weird almost lazy sticking to the plan. I realized I've eaten the same 5 meals for the past month because I know their point values so it's easy/lazy. I need to learn how to cook more.

I guess the good thing is it's keeping me from drinking too much...tonight I had a cocktail, and I had enough points for another one, but I was hungry, so I had some pita bread instead. Probably better in the long run.

But damn, I wanted that cocktail.


I was a little lazy with my food journal when I got the flu, didn't feel like cooking, eating or writing about food.
I've been so extremely pale and light-headed lately (flu + period) that I actually ate some meat - I generally
don't eat other meat than fish, but I just got a weird craving for it and thought what the heck. It was the only
thing I wanted to eat except for dark chocolate & red wine. So I had me some meat, 60% chocolate with
cacao nibs & wine, and felt a lot better. Now it's back to my beans, lentils, fatty fish, spinach & quinoa routine.

I've lost 13.5 lbs now during these 2 months, so things are moving slow but steady. I don't exercise all that much.
I take long walks and do some yoga, and that's it. I'd like to be more interested in cooking, but I'm afraid I never will be.
I eat very simple meals and lots of raw vegetables - it's ok, not delicious but I never much cared for food anyway.
Ironic, since I'm overweight, but it's mostly from snacking, eating late in the evening and too much bread & pasta.
Giving up certain dishes wasn't really the problem for me, I just have to learn to eat more for breakfast and not skip lunch.

just signed up with ww again. i need the structure.

inspiration ... motivation ... meal ideas ... recipes ... great new snack ideas ... please?

tried a new ww Turtle Sundae Cup last night. well worth the 3 pts.
altho, with my itty bitty spoon, i can make the giant sundaes (2 pts) last a bit longer.
Funny, I just started again last night, too (hey, Mando)! I'm glad I'm back, but the leader of the meeting I went to was sort of annoying, so I might try a different meeting. Anyway, the bad news is that I definitely weigh more than I did the last time I *started* WW (meaning, I gained back what I lost and then some), but the good news is that this means I get more points! Yay, more points.

I had a smoothie and some oatmeal for breakfast, chicken soup and bread for lunch and an apple a few minutes ago, and I'm feelin' good. It's really nice out, so I may walk home - it's two miles, which is a good length. The only problem is my girly work flats that I'm wearing - cute for the office but not so great for walking two miles.
must be the re-start WW week. i weighed in again last night and am DETERMINED to get myself back on track. i am off to PHX the end of this month, so this is REQUIRED! I may have to put on a swimsuit while i'm there and currently all i can say is YUCK!!! tongue.gif let's see...mando - i swear by the 0 point veggie soup in the main intro book. i add more garlic, but LOVE LOVE LOVE it - add a 1/3 cup of nonfat cottage cheese for interesting texture and the added protein.

also, mando - have you tried the Curves bars? the strawberries&cream one you can find at the grocery store. they are 1 point and fix my sweet tooth issue. i also always have the Carmel Corn Quaker Rice Cakes (the teeny ones) - 7 make 1 point and they are crunchy and a couple servings doesn't hurt! smile.gif

Have you tried the Laughing Cow cheese? In the deli section at my grocery, they have a little round box with 8 cheese wedges. look for LIGHT. I like the Garlic/Herb kind. 35 calories for 1 wedge - LOW POINT! quick easy filling snack.

Anyway, glad to see this board active again. Share any ideas or thoughts back - would love to read them! GOOD LUCK
hi, lunasol & snarky ... my Restarting Buds!

lunasol, i like your attitude ... yay, more points! ... hee!

snarky, great suggestions - thanks! not sure if i can deal with the curves bars/rice cakes, as i'm still having residual outta-control trigger issues. i know i'll feel stronger as soon as my clothes get a smidge looser. last night, the trail mix did me in. (right before bedtime, too. i was so close ...!) but hey, at least i was finally able to ignore the jelly bellies!

i really should try the zero pts soup again. i do love soup, tho i head more toward escarole & beans, mushroom barley or lentil. (or panera's potato soup, which is, what, a thousand points?)

toying with going to my first meeting today. i bought the monthly pass (which includes meetings & online tools) specifically so it would force me to officially weigh in. but i know That Nasty Number On The Scale is going to kill me this time. sniffle.

today's new find: special k pecan & cinnamon cereal: 2 pts for 3/4 cu. i parcel it into snack bags - it makes a good grab-n-go, filling sweet-tooth snack.
I ALSO just restarted, although two weeks ago. I have lost 5.5lbs thus far but am afraid I was very misbehaved this week. I just handed in a 33 page paper so I don't have much energy to write a long post but I will weigh in on issues later:P good luck to everyone who is restarting! we can do it!
Eek! Weighing in tonight. I'm sort of nervous, which I realize is absurd, but oh well. I had a really good week - stayed within my points, was hardly ever really hungry, ate a lot of fruits and veggies. However, my period started yesterday, so I might not even post a loss on the scale. I know period weight isn't "real" but it would be annoying to not have a loss at my first WI back.

BTW, I went to Trader Joe's this weekend - such a great place if you're trying to eat better but don't want to spend hours every day cooking. Among other things, I got a box of single-serving oatmeal, a few bags of frozen edamame, and many bags of frozen fruits (for smoothies) and veggies (for stir fries).

I also got the "17 bean and barley soup mix." It's basically a bag with, yup, 17 different kinds of beans. Yowza. They're currently soaking on my countertop, so I can make some soup when I get home. Anybody got any good ideas for what I should throw in with them? I was thinking some chicken stock, a few carrots, an onion and this spice mix I also got at TJs (21 spice salute).
luna - you probably already made your soup. zucchini is a good add to soup i think, especially with beans. you add it in super last minute tho. doesn't take long to soften.

how did everyone do after the re-start? i was (amazingly) down 3 pounds - hooray for me! i can barely believe it, even after a whole bag of cherry nibs at the movie yesterday. tongue.gif

send your updates! I hope all went well for the WW busties!
I was only down .4 lbs, which was frustrating. However, it was the first day of my period, so it may have just been period bloat. We'll see when I WI next Monday!

BTW, has anyone watched "I Can Make You Thin"? I stumbled upon it yesterday. Totally cheesy and ridiculous, but he's saying good stuff, like eat slowly and don't deny yourself things. Just wish it weren't in such an infomercial format.
Snarky: thanks for the zucchini suggestion. Zucchini is great in everything! The soup came out kinda "meh" - too mushy, and at the same time, lots of the beans were undercooked, even though I soaked them for 24 hours. Still tasty though.
luna - i always just see the commercials for that show- never actually watched. will have to see it!

i don't know how this week is going yet, but we'll find out - Monday's the day - tongue.gif
did great my first week: -7.5 lbs! but it was Auntie Flo week, so i'm thinking i really just lost about 5 lbs. but still. i'm stoked!!!

and i'm wearing a suit that was way tight last year at this time. and it's not tight. i can even button the jacket. woot!

fave little black dress, here i come!

joyous new snack: 3 tbsp trail mix (store-bought, peanuts, raisins, yogurt chips, & a shitload of seeds) + 1/2 cup fiber one honey clusters. very satisfying and filling, for all of 3 pts.

also lovin' the cederlane FF burritos. i could live on 'em.
DAMN, Mando, that is awesome. I was down 1.7...not Mando numbers, lol, but I was happy. I need to get back into a workout routine - that's how I lose.
thanks, but i didn't lose anything this week. i sorta figgered that would happen, even tho i had nearly all my weeklies left. and since i'm going on a 4-day vackay to visit my sister, i'll be happy to stay the same next week, too.

i need to workout more too. too bad i'm coming down with something and have zero energy. bah.
can i just say - it sucks to be down 3, up 3, down 3, up 3 or whatever all the time! UGH.

i'm off for short vaca this next weekend, anyone know a magician to take off 10 lbs in 5 days?
hope no one minds a bump for a brag ...
down 16 lbs since 4/1. one lb left til my 10%.

not sure why it's clicked this time, but it did. i heart ww.
FAB MANDO! Way to go! (bowing)
I have just joined WW for the first time, having become increasingly frustrated with my overly slack attitude to eating whatever the hell I like! I joined yesterday and am only just getting my head around the points and measurement!

I have quite a lot to lose if I'm to get to my healthy BMI. Many pounds! Zoinks. I'm not really planning to lose that much; at the moment I'm focussing on my 10% goal which would be brilliant, I weight the heaviest I've ever weighed at the moment.

Mandolyn, your success is fantastic, and a real motivator! 16 lbs!!! Congratulations.
Anyone else out there still on the w.w? I have been on an off for the last few months...and I am hoping to get back on the wagon in the next few days. My daily points allowance just dropped by two and I feel like I will be starving all the time!! I know if I stick to it, it will work, but sometimes I don't know how I will do it..
I just started last week, for the third time in 2 years. The points thing has always been a challenge for me. I find myself eating the exact the meals at the exact same times every day because of convenience, rather than yummyness. I need some new meal plans on how to eat my points and not be hungry through out the day.

Right now I'm:

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: pasta w/sauce and ground round
Supper: tomato/lettuce/cotage cheese on ww bread with eggs
Snack: ww peanut butter snack

I would love some vegetarian soups smile.gif That'll be for next week!
I did WW for a while last year, but counting points for everything drove me crazy after a while. I'm still glad I did it, though, because it taught me how to eat a balanced diet. It got me to eat more fruit & veg. Also, I liked that there are extra points built in that I could use if, say, I went out to a nice dinner with friends over the weekend.

Here are a few other things that helped me a ton.
1. the WW line of Progresso soups. Most of them are 1 or 0 points per serving.
2. Kashi multi-grain crackers. 14 crackers for 2 points.
3. Nature Made Double Fiber bread. I think 2 slices are just 1 point.
4. WW ice cream bars. There are large chocolate and latte ones that are just one point each.

So basically, you could have soup, 2 slices of toast, and ice cream for lunch and it might total just 3 points! Woot!

If you want to eat at chain restaurants, check out Dottie's Weight Loss Zone. (scroll down).
There you will find the point values for various menu items for more than 500 restaurants. I used to check this site before I ate out so that I'd know exactly what I was going to order before I even got to the restaurant. Unfortunately, it won't help if you want to eat at a locally owned restaurant.

In the end, I stopped WW because I found it too difficult to shop for groceries. I kept in mind most of the basic tenants of WW, but decided to just track calories instead.
I've been on it for 9 days. Lost 2.2 lbs. at the first meeting, but I know that's not going to be typical. I had a baby in June. I am on a medication to keep breastmilk supply going that causes weight gain (or at least not weight loss) post partum.

Some days are easier than others to keep track of the points, but if I have an off day I try not to have two in a row like that because then it's a trend.

I'll be thrilled if I can just lose 1lb a week, at least while still on this medication and breastfeeding. Don't really have any WW buddies to give moral support so I'd be thrilled if this thread were to get more active.

Could really use a few easy recipes for foods I can make ahead and heat up.
i have a one year old, am breastfeeding, and have been on WW since february. so far i have lost 17 lbs. i have 5 more lbs to go til i meet my 10% target. i missed my meeting last week because my brother was in town, and am worried about lacking motivation for the upcoming week.
another site that i find really supportive for ww is called blog to lose... its a web community started by a woman named roni whose blog i follow. i totally recommend it. here is my little part of it.
pinkmartyr, thanks for that site. I find my habit is to try to wait as long as I can in the day to use the majority of my points because I love snacking in the evening and I hate going to bed hungry. But if I slack off one day then the temptation is so strong to just be like "oh i'll start again next week"
The first time I tried WW I would try to hold off as much as I could in case I was hungry in the evening and needed the points then. This time I'm finding it easier to have my biggest meal at lunch time, and I haven't been feeling hungry after supper. The whole Filling Foods list is very helpful though, I think its an improvement from the Core plan they had a few years ago.
I've decided this year I want to reach my optimum weight. I'm actually ok with my curves right now, but I don't really trust myself to maintain this weight indefinitely and I feel that if I don't get down to my optimum weight while I'm still young, I could be in for a very frustrating experience when I get older and my metabolism starts to slow down. I turn 25 this year. Seems like a good time to get my shit together, no? I think 20 pounds would do it. If I lose a pound a week, I could be at my goal weight by summer. Not that I really expect that to happen for me over here in China, but I think if I'm really conscientious about what I eat I could probably get out of this country a few pounds lighter, at least. If I can't do it over here, I'll just set a goal for myself once I get home.

Anyway, I got a good look at the WW system when I lived with my chronic yo-yo dieting aunts for a few months. One of them was the model WW dieter, eating tons of veggies and whole foods and counting her points carefully, while the other was the absolute worst WW dieter ever, surviving on a diet of aspartame and low-fat junk food and only counting points when she felt like it. I've always been wary of anything involved with the dieting industry, but I was impressed with Weight Watchers. I like that, done right, it puts the focus on nutrition first, and it's all customized to your needs. I'm pretty aware of nutrition already, and I've always preferred healthy food to junk food anyway, so I think WW would really suit me. How the hell I'll follow it in China, I have no idea. At least I know I can get a great price for a food scale, though.

I've started keeping a food journal, and I think I'll just do that for a couple weeks to get a sense of what my diet's really like before I start counting points/calories or following any sort of meal plan. I have made a couple of changes right off the bat, though. One thing I've found I really, really need is structure. My body needs routine. Sometimes, when I have a particularly big breakfast or a mid-morning snack, I don't feel hungry at lunch, and end up skipping it. I've come to realize that skipping lunch completely effs up my day - I get hungry at 2 or 3 o'clock, and whether I eat a late lunch, supplement with a snack, or just go hungry till dinner, I just don't feel right after. So now I know I need to eliminate the factors that make me skip lunch. I don't eat any morning snacks and I try to eat the same thing for breakfast every day: a bowl of congee and two hard-boiled eggs - nutritious and filling enough to fill me up when I eat it all at once, but light enough that I actually start to feel hungry come 12 o'clock. Then I go eat a full lunch. I may have an afternoon snack of fruit or fresh bean milk (I say bean because they use black, red and green beans, as well as soybeans, to make fresh soymilk-style drinks here), or the occasional steamed bun or something a little more filling. For dinner I try to keep it as light as possible - veggies and tofu in a very light stock. I try to eat dinner before 8pm so it's nearly all digested when I go to sleep. If I feel hungry before bed I have a piece of fruit or a cup of soymilk.

I go back to the gym this week after nearly 2 months away - at least I did a ton of walking while I was away.
I've been counting calories instead of points since I started my diet last week, so I'm not really on WW (yet), but thought I should give you Asian-cuisine-loving WW ladies a heads up: I was just tallying up my lunch and discovered that the serving of cloud ear fungus in my veggies had a whopping 20 grams of fiber in it! Turns out, alongside its medicinal properties, the stuff is super duper nutritious. A serving has less than a gram of fat, only 20 grams of carbs, and nearly 3 grams of protein. No wonder I was so full after lunch today. I'll have to make that a daily staple.
I made another accidental WW-friendly discovery tallying up my calories after eating out with friends the other day: Konjak and Shirataki noodles. I used to eat these all the time, especially in hotpot, but I had no idea they were made with fibre instead of starch! There's almost nothing to them. A portion has like 10 calories or something ridiculous like that. They're perfect if you're craving noodles and you need to stretch out your calorie/points allowance.
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