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Hello- I'm new to Bust as well as the lounge. I've been poking around since last night and was quite happy to find the WWWomen room.

I just rejoined WW. I was in for one session (10 weeks, I think it is), lost about 15 pounds, signed up for but missed most of the next session (we do it at work and I had several huge events that consumed my life), skipped the following session (mad at myself for wasting $100 sign-up fee and not being able to go). I managed to stay within a few pounds of where I was when I quit, so that's good. Still, I'm around 10 pounds heavier than I was last year at this time. And I'm about 50 pounds heavier than I was when I met my husband 6-ish years ago. (Thankfully he's a pudge too, or my self esteem would be far worse than it is.)

ANYWAY... thought a bit of background would be a good thing. Where I'm at now is not being super wild about the leader of my meetings. I found in a previous post someone talking about their good leader who had to leave, but had been very proactive about actually helping people to change their relationships with food - the replacement sounded like my leader. She's sweet enough, but says things like, "Oh, you know how we are about our CHOCOLATE, ladies!"

In addition to WW I am a member of AA (10+ years) so I strongly believe via my own life experiences that one must actually change in order to affect life changes. Using the same "self-talk" isn't going to change a thing. That nonsense about the chocolate... I want to discuss WHY that's even an acceptable statement to leave untouched! The group if pretty docile and has been around waaaaay longer than I've worked at this place, so my stirring things up doesn't seem to really help.

However, I DO appreciate the weekly weigh-ins and seeing how others are doing. Must be that accountability thing. I've been looking for other more supportive folks who want to change more than their dress size and actually change how they use food. And maybe you are right here - wouldn't that be fabulous!

Enough outta me... sorry for the horribly long post.
welcome FW. I know about the accountability thing - that's what's kept me fairly on track. I'd lost 50 pounds and have gained about 15 of that back - admittedly, i was a little UNDERWEIGHT at -50, so -45 or -42 would have been better - essentially I need to take off 10 or more again. I need to get back on track, but i'm lacking the energy and focus to do it. Any thoughts FW on re-engaging yourself, things that have worked for you?
Thanks for the welcome, snarky! Keeping track of points really helps me. It seems that I do well with structure. Adding exercise to my life helps, too, as much as I really hate to admit it. Yet it's necessary, so exercise I shall.

Inspirations, if you will...
* Just this week, two friends I hadn't seen in YEARS came to the states to visit and even though they didn't say anything, I saw a flicker of surprise on their faces when I first greeted them. Compared with the last time they saw me, I am HUGE.
* The other day, as I was hanging up my clothes, I held out a pair of trousers and gasped at the size. I was, at one time, a healthy size 10. Today I am an unhealthy size 16. Ouch.
* My knees hurt sometimes - lack of exercise, my doc says. And I think that those knees are weary from lugging around all this weight.
* Seeing photos of my current self makes me ill. It's very upsetting.
* I don't sleep well.
* I lack energy.
* All those self-esteem things.

That is some of what is getting me moving this time. I did well when I applied myself before - but I let life get in the way. THAT is something I have to really watch out for now, setting aside my goals and work for health when, really, I think it's possible to do both. (Fancy that!)
hi FW - sorry for the silence... I appreciate your inspirations - I've been there! You can do it! I was a size 16 when I first started WW. I'm back to somewhere in the realm of 7/8/9/10 depending on the style and the day. I was a 6 at my smallest.... hmmm...wishing I could lose these 10 pounds. But this time I lack the devotion. I bought Oreos yesterday at the store and i certainly know i don't need them, but....sigh.... I really need to get back on the wagon. I do let life get in the way, however. Too easily...

Well, tomorrow is a weigh-in day at my local WW - I guess that would be the first step, right?

Keep me updated!

Oh, and p_176, how are you doing???
hi ladies - not much to report here. i did not go to my meeting last week 'cause there was a baby shower at work...i tried to be good (skipped the cake, but had mac n cheese instead...) trying hard to keep in portion size, and to cut back on soda and alcohol intake. so far i think i am doing better...don't feel yet like i am actually losing weight (my goal is 34B or C, 105lbs and a size 4-5-6. right now i'm at 38D, 160 and size 12. i'm 5ft even). but i've been exercising so am feeling stronger which is making me want to continue, even when i'm sad and feel fat rolleyes.gif
have my meeting tomorrow, will post about what we talked about - most of the time we talk about how our weeks went and how to make and stick to smaller goals.
Hey gals, I am joining WW next week by the urging of my doctor. I need to lose about 30-50 pounds, and I think I will do the Core plan.
I'm proud that I made this decision. smile.gif I'm a size 16 right now, and I also was once a size 10. I just miss having energy. I think one of the hardest parts will be the exercise.

Congrats to everyone!

Hi, WW's-

First: YAY, sassygrrl for making healthy changes! Woohoo! biggrin.gif

Next: I probably need to find a different thread for part of this but it relates to our topic here, mostly. Here's what I found out today: It is very likely that I'm in perimenopause.

I had my WW weigh-in on Tuesday and it wasn't what I thought it would be (I was up a pound) - but my period is weeks late and I'm miserable, all poochy and crabby and oily with tender bosoms and all that. (NO, not pregnant.) I happened to have a doc appointment today, for my annual pap and such. My weight was up FOUR pounds from Tuesday! FOUR! ohmy.gif

I nearly wept - I've been getting up at 5:30 am and exercising. (No saint here - we reseeded a lot of our lawn, husband is away on biz and I have to water before I go to work - so 5:30 is when I have to start it so I can leave by 7:15.) I have been going on a brisk 60-minute walk in the evenings. Counting points, not going over. Drinking my water. I don't drink booze or regular sodas and don't really even have diet sodas very often.

The point is... I'm doin' all this stuff and I GAINED FIVE POUNDS! Within days! Oh, sure, muscle vs. fat, blah-blah-blah. WhatEVER, talk to the hand, etc. wink.gif

So off I was sent for a hormone blood test and I have an ultrasound on Monday. Fibroids, yeehaw, get out your dancin' shoes 'cause we're gonna have some fun. I already know that I have endometriosis and this strange disease called FHC-syndrome - I had surgery about 4 years ago to remove a bunch of tissue that had my insides all bound up.

I am not in my Happy Place. My first thoughts are, of course, to hell with it, gimme a freakin' gallon of Ben & Jerry's. But I'm not. No, I'm switching to the Core Plan. I think it's similar to South Beach in that the foods are limited to certain groups. A few years ago, we were really successful with So. Beach - it's just that once we were out of the first 2 phases, the weight came rushing back. (It missed us so!) I think, too, that most of the carbs I so dearly love and adore are not allowed. On the point system, I can sneak them in - 2 points at a time. As a recovered alkie, I know that sugar is my next demon to conquer. (Why, God, WHY?!?!) I use sugar like I used booze (sorta) - it's mood altering, anyway.

So Core Plan it is, gonna keep up the exercise and will let you know what happens with all these tests. My doc is absolutely sure that perimenopause is my primary problem with the fibroids and other icky tissue things as the secondary. (And of course with perimenopause, there's that happy weight gain they all talk about.)

I'm too young for this. blink.gif
welcome to the ww thread sassy!
fw - keep your chin up. your deal sucks! it takes a strong one to not quit & you are that person!
p176 - get to thinking 5 pounds at a time - you can have lots of little victories that way!

as a lifetime member, i get to not pay so long as i am under goal+2 lbs when i "count" my weigh-in (have to have 1 per calendar month). i had to pay today - UGH! but as a little victory, i focused this last week, and counted my points and made and ate lots of the 0-pt garden veggie soup....down THREE pounds from last week...i'm only .6 above my no-pay stage. cross your fingers for me!
i can't get past 2 or 3lbs. in 2 weeks!!!!!!

now i have to buy these new clothes for work because nothing in my closet fits, and nothing in the store looks good on fat people.
I'm on Weight Watchers as well... I lost 17 pounds over the summer, but for the last couple of weeks I haven't gone to weigh in and have been eating TERRIBLY. Now I'm scared to go weigh in again, fearing that I will have gained weight (which I obviously will have.) But I've been doing points this week... except for the minor incident when i got stressed about the grad school applications last night and scarfed down three chocolate bars..... eeek... Now the big question is, should I go tomorrow?
lananans - indeed you should go. you have to face it. i know, i know, i did the exact same thing, thus why i was OVER my goal weight these past 2 weeks (that i actually weighed in). just start from wherever you are and get back on track! thinking skinny thoughts for you!
Oh, lananans, I completely feel your pain! I've skipped weigh-ins because I wanted to avoid that feeling of shame, but I have to agree with snarky - it's best to just do it! Look at it the way you do academia - if you felt you did poorly on an exam, you wouldn't stop going to class, you'd go, grimace and find out the grade. And then next time, you'd study better/ harder for that prof's exam.

Here's where I'm feeling challenged: My group leader, while very sweet and encouraging, doesn't focus on the need to change our relationship and thinking about food. Maybe I have the idea that this is important because of my 12-step experience, but I know that if I all the time want chocolate or bread or pasta or [fill in the blank] but am merely denying myself, I will eventually eat tons of whatever it is. I need to develop better, healthier tools for coping than the consumption of food. In my heart, I always know when I'm having just one more bite because something is mouth-watering-delicious and when I'm eating to stuff my feelings - or some other emotional reason. It is said about alcoholism that the booze is merely a symptom. In my case, I think that food (especially sugar and things that break down to sugar) is similar in nature.

I do WW at work and between my work schedule and a long drive to and from, I don't see how I can do a different group, although I am thinking of shopping around during the upcoming session to see if one fits my schedule and goes deeper than "Girls, how we do love our sweets... teehee!"

You can do it, lananans! Instead of beating yourself up for the chocolate bars, ask yourself how you could have coped in that moment in a different, healthier way. "What have I learned from this?" That sort of thing.

Thanks ladies,

I know what you mean feline, about denying yourself. That's how I get with chocolate bars, and then VOILA! I eat three of them. It would have been much healthier for me to go work out at the gym instead of eating those, so I will next time. The fact that you're thinking skinny thoughts for me helps too! thanks snarky:) I will go weigh in on Monday (I can't go today because I'm on my way to Montreal for the weekend and have to get ready.)

One more thing. Do any of you have problems with eating habits around your significant other? I find it extremely difficult. My boyfriend is very thin, and no matter what he eats he won't gain a pound. He was away for the summer, but just came back a few weeks ago, hence the terrible eating on my part. I need to find a good strategy to cope with this. He's supportive, but its still very difficult.
eating habits with significant other - my bf agrees that i need to lose weight and tries to help by playing tennis with me. BUT he keeps buying me chocolate and makes cheesy, fatty casseroles for dinner when he cooks. (when i cook, i use low fat items or even just make a crisp vegetarian meal). we also drink more soda and alcohol when we are together. :-/
Hi iam new here. Trying to lose weight to I have done it all. All of you have very good ideas. Now iam using Alli i was 230 and now iam 223 i would like to be 170. So far i like it. I just need to stop eating junk food and i think i would do better. I have replaced soda with Crystal Light it only has 5 calories NO sugar. i love the taste
Hi Paige! I'm new too. I haven't tried Crystal Light, I may do that. Diet sodas are pretty good, on Weight Watchers they're worth 0 points, so I drink Diet Coke quite frequently. However, frequently means one every other day, mostly I drink water... good luck with the weight loss!

I went to Weight Watchers today to weigh in, after the positive encouraging comments I got on here. I thought I would have gained at least 5 pounds, but I only gained 0.5!! Small victories. Made my day biggrin.gif
Fabulous Lananans! Congrats! Even with the SO not eating so healthy or being supportive you did it...

and lananans and p_176, I can relate to the SO not "helping" in this area - just a week ago, my SO took me out to sushi dinner at a posh restaurant that is known for its FAB desserts. I went for the sushi (you can stuff yourself for low WW points!) and was enjoying my meal, and he wanted the dessert tray. When the gal brought it, he said "we should get 2" - i had to say no several times to get him to listen. UGH. I had two small bites of his and that was plenty for me. When I confronted him later, He says he just loves me as i am - well darnit, that's not good enough for me! I don't think that guys in general understand what looking good really means to us is unavoidable.

Oh and paige, welcome! as an alternative to Crystal light, you can also find some of those water mix-ins that are made with sucralose instead for ZERO calories. I know 5 and 0 are super close, but every little bit counts! I also am not a big plain water fan, so i drink the Dasani Raspberry like it is going out of style - i buy it in bulk. smile.gif also 0 points. The new Dasani fortified ones (the pomegranate blackberry) are also a great thing - you get your vitamins too!

I weigh in again Monday and am hoping to be under goal again...keep your fingers crossed for me!
flavored water - i make lots of caffeine free iced tea from tea bags and drink that all day. crystal light is expensive IMO. i'm still trying to kick my caffeine habit - ironically, since i only drink noncaf tea, but i still love my soda (which is bad for you for lots of reasons). i'm down to one a day, but i'm worried that i'll slip when i change my schedule to work 4 ten-hour days (7am-5:30pm, to have off every friday).
to add to things, i'm blowing up like a tick 'cause it's almost that time of the month - no amount of water helps reduce that :-(
I can't get through the day without some sort of caffeine. I've started taking it with just milk though, no sugar, and it helps. Diet sodas are good too but they make me gassy:S So i try to avoid them.
ugh. i went shopping last night. suffice it to say, my dinner consisted of an apple and a shot of Johnny Walker Black Label. this morning, Slimfast for breakfast (and probably lunch).
So, I still haven't joined. Right now, it's due to money. I'm also not sure if I should do Core or Points. But, I'm trying to eat healthy in the meantime. I've lost two pounds! smile.gif
i'm supposed to track my points for the next week, so the WW girls can check them over and see where i'm going wrong, as i've been a member for 2 months and have not lost any weight. i told her how i've cut portions, don't drink alcohol and soda as much, don't snack at night, am exercising almost every day for at least a half hour - and they were saying maybe i need to eat more.
i don't get it. what else should i be doing to lose weight, if i'm supposedly doing the "right" things?
hey all -
i threw out my back 2 weeks ago, but miraculously have not gained weight since then (as i have not been able to do more than yoga and pilates, and not at full speed or flexibility). here's hoping that in the next few weeks, i can start exercising again (joined another gym, which has a pool), so the weight will start coming off. i feel much more in control because i'm making good food decisions.
how are you all doing?
Is anyone else giving this another shot? I am.

As crazy as counting points can make me, it works better than anything else. Even in my worst weeks, I maintained. I can't deal with meetings though. I bought a points calculator, a three-month journal, and the complete food companion on eBay, all for about $20 total (I got a pedometer/activity points calculator too but I can't get it to change to my weight). I've been doing it for a week. We'll see how I do tomorrow but I suspect I'll have a loss.
i'm in, sidecar. except i can't bring myself to pay for the online tools again, or go to the meetings , so i'm going to try sparkpeople. the only way i food journal is online.

i was doing decent from oct - dec, lost about 5 lbs, ate alot healthier (whole grains, alot less cheese, no cookies, healthier snacks, more fruits & veggies), but sucked at exercise (other than walking the dog & occasionally doing the stationery bike for 20 - 30 minutes). and then december vackay came, and i became possessed by Cookie/Chocolate Demon From Hell. i can't remember ever being so out of control. which led to more depression. which led to lethargy. which led to boredom. which led to binging. sad.gif

i've set my goal for a loss of at least 17 lbs by april 7th (when the club opens for the season). which is less than 2 lbs per week. and *drumroll please* i'm starting a yoga class this coming monday morning at 9 am. unlike a 5, 6 or 7 pm class, when it's too dark, too cold, and just too much of an effort to get there because i just want to go home and relax, i'll have no excuse not to go.

not to mention that my doctor's going to remember at some point soon that she left it up to me to try to lower my insanely high cholesterol via diet and exercise. and there ain't no way in hell i'm going on any of those nastyass statin drugs. my plan is to lose 10% of my body weight, lower my total cholesterol by 50 pts, get the good cholesterol back into the good range ... fuck the ever-lowering 'national standard', i'd be a happy camper.

so yeah. i'm in.

today's goal is a healthy shopping run and getting on the bike tonite.
I've started again as well. I also can't stand the meetings, so I don't go, and I'm trying to do it by myself, the tracking and everything, with the books from when i did it before. I lost 17 pounds over the summer, but gained it all back by the New Year, so this time I'm going to try and make a real go at it. Good luck ladies! We can share advice here, and not have to go to those meetings, or for those who do, that's great, and you can share your wisdom with us? haha.
Count me in Ladies. I also hate the meetings. But I like the humiliation of the weigh ins. Keeps me focused all week. So I run in and out. Okay, in then out to breakfast. LOL
QUOTE(kaylafresh @ Jan 4 2008, 03:32 AM) *
Count me in Ladies. I also hate the meetings. But I like the humiliation of the weigh ins. Keeps me focused all week. So I run in and out. Okay, in then out to breakfast. LOL

I've considered starting. A friend of mine has started and quit about 4 times so she has all the books and stuff. I dont have the nerve to actually join the group. I'd rather do my own personal weight watchers LIFESTYLE CHANGE. My goal is to lose 30-35 lbs by June; hopefully I won't give up. Good luck ladies.
I don't like the meetings because I feel like they're a half-hour sales pitch every week. I think it's hard to find a good leader who knows how to stay on time and keep a balance of useful information and WW Sales Pitching (I found one, who then quit because of illness, and didn't like the others I tried out - one spent all her time talking about all the amazing frozen/low-fat processed foods she enjoys and the other would spend the half-hour "meeting" taking feedback and questions). I don't mind the weigh in part at all, but I'm not paying $10-$12/week to step on a scale.

Anyway, week one was a two pound loss. A fine start. And I'm not minding journaling at all.
I'm giving it a renewed shot as well, although like Mando, I use an online food diary and not WW.

Things that make a huge difference for me are eating out less and exercising. None of that buying veggies and throwing them out 2 weeks later cuz they are rotten!! And the exercising keeps me motivated, besides all the other stuff.

I've found that I really like weighing myself everyday. As opposed to making me pay more attention to the numbers, it has had the opposite effect of making me get used to the little ups and downs that are long as there is an overall downward trend.

Since beginning this at the in Oct., I've lost 7.5#...though much of Nov. and Dec. I was not working at it really. I'm doing this 3 month thing with some work folks where we are supposed to lose 15# by mid-March. I kind of think my bad Dec. will prevent me from that, but I can try.
good work, amilita!

yesterday, for lunch, i had amy's black bean and vegetable soup -- so filling and low pointy, 3pts/less than 300 calories and 10 grams of fiber! And it was tasty, too.

I got a couple things that are helping me -- I subscribed to Cooking Light, which is fantastic, and I bought this cookbook by Robin Miller called Quick Fix Meals. It doesn't have calorie info, but it's all healthy meals that you can either do prep work ahead, make and morph into other meals, or make quickly. Last night, I made salmon with a honey-mustard glaze from it, and it was so delicious. And probably not too bad for you, either.

I'm planning to start exercising again this week. It does make a big difference. I'm also going on a long trip (10 days on the East Coast) and I'll be in hotels the whole time. The plus side: both my hotels have fitness areas and a pool; the down side is 10 days of eating out and traveling. So I'm glad I'm establishing some good habits now and hope I can keep them up while I'm traveling.
Oh, it's so hard for me to travel and stay on a plan, but I'm sure it can be done! I need to work on that, for sure...I think we'll be doing a decent amount of travel in '08, and it's not going to work to go off my plan that much.

I like cooking light, too, Sidecar. I still use many recipes I've torn out of it...Italian meatloaf, white bean enchiladas...those are off the top of my head.

I'm PMSing, and I think the ravenousness is kicking in a bit. Oy.

I also have been noticing lately that I'm losing some of my flexibility. Need to do more stretching/yoga.
am going back to the meetings next week. i skipped this week's meeting to go for a walk outside, since it was 70degrees. i'm not going to weigh in; i'm trying to focus more on eating healthy and exercising. have been eating well and balanced, as well as drinking lots of water during the day, so i'm not hungry at night.
Hello everyone. I'm Zelda.

Ugh. How did I get to this place? I know how,'s just...erg....

Did WW at home 6 years ago for the first time (no meetings)...started at 191 pounds and got down to 157...truly, 165 is a healthier weight for me, and that's where I'd like to be again.

Grad school and being married has led me to 179 this week...the heaviest I've been since starting WW. Still twelve pounds from my heaviest, but...

I started counting points this Monday, and it's going okay, I guess. But I'm somewhat surprised to find I don't really care enough...I guess I do, or I wouldn't be posting or counting...but I actually am kinda feeling okay/whatever with the way I look. I went shopping for clothes over Christmas and was frustrated with how things fit, but school and stress and work and house shit has me feeling totally ambivalent about my looks, for some reason. Weird. But I guess on some level it is bugging me enough to start the program again.

Sorry...I probably shouldn't be posting such hum drum thoughts...I've been reading your posts and some of you have some great attitudes...I plan on checking in here for some much needed motivation and inspiration.

I have a question, how often do you weigh yourselves? I found when I was very successful with the program, I never -- and I mean NEVER -- got on that scale but once a week. I find when I am jumping on and off the scale, that's when I yo I am going to try and stick to weighing myself only on Friday keep me honest for the weekend.

I GAINED 6 pounds over my 3 week holiday. I'm not sure why. Oh, yeah, maybe eatting everything in sight and having the activity level of a bedridden person.

BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP!!! smile.gif

It's weird, I have been eating so healthy for (don't laugh) 2 days and I have headaches. My body is like, 'Where's the sugar, girl?"

Zelda, it's all good. 12 pounds isn't that bad. I know you're frustrated but the great thing about WW is it's not so rigid. Try this - GIVE YOURSELF 3 pound rewards, every time you lose three, treat yourself to something nice - for me, a new nail polish, using a gift cert. I got for Xmas to buy myself a something that will HOPEFULLY fit better, whatever.

Kayla, I gained a ton over the holidays, too, which is why I'm back on the wagon...thanks for the words of encouragement! You're right, we can do it. For reals this time...

I was down to 177 on Friday...12 pounds from my goal of 165. Man, I put on jeans today that normally fit me and they're TIGHT. Ugh. Can't imagine what they would have felt like if I'd put them on at 179.

I've been good about my points all weekend...usually the hardest part for me. Mr. Zelda and I raked a ton of leaves in the backyard today, so I'm using the 2 AP I gained for the soy milk I keep pouring into my tea. I'm on my third cup of Constant Comment! But it keeps me full and is a way to get the water in.

Dude, my pants are TIGHT. Ugh.

Two questions:

How often do you weigh yourselves?
Do you eat your Activity Points? (I'm old school...I eat 25 points a day no ifs and or flex or anything like that...tried flex and it just made me over eat like crazy.)
i have not gained weight but i have not lost any either. i went to my first WW meeting in a month, and i still think it's annoying to listen to folks talk about what they ate all week. i'm back to focusing on the portion control and healthy snacks and working out. i hope to have made some progress by the end of the month.

what do you ladies do when you have a craving for something that is bad for you? how do you substitute?
176, I tend to try and keep foods I crave out of the house. That makes it easier. If possible, I brush my teeth. Also, I try to get an understanding of what I am craving (sweet, salty, carby, etc.) and substitute something that mimics that taste but has fewer points.

Some WW people would say the whole point of WW is you can allow yourself food you crave, but you need to limit the portion size. I think they're right in theory, but sometimes if the craving is so strong, if I allow myself to have one bite I will just devour the rest of it.

I felt pretty proud of myself today. We had a big celebration lunch at work. I had a big portion of salad and some spinach lasagna. Still pretty pointy, but I avoided the cake and garlic bread. And I still felt satisfied!

176, I have never been to a meeting...I don't know if I could handle it! Some people love them, I've heard...I guess it depends on your group.
I've been failing miserably with the diet. Miserably. And my boyfriend just got me a box of chocolates for our anniversary. Boo.
Hi all -

I'm not officially on weight watchers, so I usually don't post in here, but I'm curious about it since I know it's worked for a lot of people. Could some nice person give me the lowdown on the points? I don't know where I picked this up, but I'm under the impression that you get like 20 points a day or something, but you can be flexible with them and go low some days and use them on other days? Is this correct? Thanks in advance.

Also, I agree that keeping crave foods out of the house is the best way to go. I have a major problem with overloading on chocolate. So, sometimes if I'm going crazy I'll just have a square of semi-sweet baker's chocolate. It's like 140 calories or something, which isn't enough to sink a diet, but it's so rich and satisfying to eat a whole solid chunk of chocolate. Plus it's already portioned out, so it's easier to eat just one, as opposed to a box of chocolates, which just begs to sampled (read: devoured), I totally understand your pain (/pleasure) lananans wink.gif , but don't give up!!
um, yeah. sparkpeople lasted exactly 2.5 days. heh.

i'm just working on getting back into yoga & onto the stationery bike daily. trying to eat healthy. making portion control second nature. still bent on losing the weight by april.

groovy new find: kashi TLC cheddar crackers. like cheezits, only better. 'cept i have to portion them into snack bags, or i'll eat the entire box in one sitting.

likeanyother, you can read a general overview of ww here. also check out dottie's website for a quick and easy point guide. how many points you're allotted depends on your beginning weight. at last count, i'm in the 24 pt a day range. you also get several extra points you can use each week, either all in one shot (for a splurge) or sparingly for daily treats.
yay! new healthy alternatives to try!
i personally hate meetings, i think it's like being on a bad date, where your date is telling you everything they ate all week. ick. sometimes there are good recipes shared, but not that often in my meeting, in my opinion. but i'm still trying to go.
have not made any progress really; i had a minor surgical procedure done last week but am doing fine and will start working out again this weekend. i think with exercise, i'll make the most progress, esp since my body fat percentage is high - changing eating habits won't significantly alter weight, in my situation.
I weigh myself tomorrow. I've been doing pretty well now for three weeks. I started at 179.5 and last week after two weeks was down to 175. My goal is 173 for tomorrow. I've cut out so much alcohol, and I think that's really helping in addition to making me feel better. I guess that's why I like WW. Because I have to count points, I don't want to waste two points on a light beer if I'm still hungry...I'd rather eat something worth 2 points and get full.

I've been sort of good about things so far, which makes me think I'm going to crash any moment. I should give myself more credit. The thing I could see tripping me up is the Superbowl next weekend. I'm not even into sports or whatever, but every year Mr. Zelda and I get a shitload of snacks and I just pig out and watch the commercials. I know if I let myself go overboard, I'll slide off and stop counting. I need to plan that day out well in advance.

I just really, really want to fit into all of my pants again. I hate owning clothes I cannot wear!!!
Hey! How's everyone doing?

p_176, I hate when folks want to tell you everything they eat! I don't really talk about dieting much irl...I think it's pretty I come in here to do my babbling! Ha.

I am feeling pretty great, and have almost lost 15#...that's out of the 60# I'd like to lose.

Yesterday, I had a sort of free day and was able to get right back on track today!! That's one of my biggest day turns into two turns into a week and more. So that's a pretty big deal. I had to throw out a bunch of brownies and coffee ice cream, which is wasteful, but otherwise I'd eat it all!!

I'm trying to make a plan for Mardi Gras day, when I will be drinking lots...I think I'm going to only drink whiskey or something instead of the mixed thing my pals will be making (it will be delicious but full of sugar, I'm sure) And I'm going to bring snacks with me during the day and have healthy red beans and rice to have when I get home. I'm not going to worry about logging calories or anything, but I'm going to have a plan and stick to it.

And then there is Valentine's Day, which is also the Mr.'s birthday...I told him I may cook at home...I lurve beef stroganoff, and I have a Cooking Light recipe for that saved. My traditional recipe is a heart attack on a plate! I cook the flour-coated beef in butter and then there's all the sour cream. Ai. I may make an awesome dessert and not worry about calories that day, either.

I've been feeling great going to the gym...doing that 3x a week, and I'm up to 35 minutes on the elliptical. Woo!

yay for amilita's -15 lbs!
yay for zelda's -4.5 lbs!
boohiss for mandi's loss of ... nada!

then again, i haven't exactly been writing down what i eat or exercising every day. le sigh.

i don't feel hopeless, tho. somehow i know this is my year. this is it.
Hi all... I'm not doing WW but I do currently have issues with my weight so thought I'd whine in here, if that's okay. Also I thought all your good work would inspire me, which it has!

I'm usually okay with my weight, but I'm small so when I put on any it shows immediately. What has happened over the last few years (this is embarrassing) is I develop a little pot belly, but because I'm smallish elsewhere people have, um, assumed I'm preggers. Honestly. Complete strangers have said things to me.

This first happened to me about 2 years ago and freaked me out enough that I promptly went about losing weight and have generally kept it off. However, a combination of general stress and january-ness have meant that the pounds have gently crept back on. Also, as I've basically been writing my thesis at home for 18 months I'm out of the habit of getting dressed up a bit for work. Now to my horror, when I catch myself in the bathroom mirror at my new job, depending on what I'm wearing, there's that pot belly. It's not as bad but I'm sure I've caught a couple of glances.

It's extra motivation to lose weight again. (Or maybe to buy different, less fitted clothes... sigh.) I walk to work and concentrate on portion size generally, so the habits are there. I just lapsed some this month. But I found a new gym I want to join, so that's a start.

Good luck everyone: I'm learning a lot from the various eating solutions and alternatives here. And (obviously) I empathise with those of you who have fallen off the wagon too...

i think i might stop going to WW and save the $40 per month. i have the tools to do WW and i have not gone to a meeting in a long time. i'll decide later; i think i paid for this month. i'm all excited to work out tonight while watching The Biggest Loser. it's 2 hours long, and i plan to do Pilates and weight lifting on the balance ball.
Yay, Mandi! I'm starting to feel that "this is it" feeling, too.

It's weird, and I feel more cautious, because I really felt that way before the hurricane; I was steadily losing weight and really felt as if I were changing some of my bad habits. And then everything went haywire and I ended up at my highest weight ever! But it's starting to come back to me...feeling different and feeling good. I just didn't anticipate it getting wrecked before and I'm scared it's gonna get wrecked again. So, I'm just trying to take it day by day...

Welcome, Syb! I'm not doing WW, either. I do an online food journal. And I totally feel you on the way what you wear daily can lead you to allowing weight gain...scrubs are basically pajamas, really...elastic or drawstring waist, shapeless, etc. Ai. Not good.

p176, I have been watching The Biggest Loser, too...though my husband calls it The Fattest's inspiring, though I marvel that more of them don't wind up with injuries due to all that sudden, super-strenuous exercise.

I've been doing 35 min on the treadmill, but today I was rocking out at the 35 min mark, so I kept going to 40 min!!!

My Mardi Gras red beans and rice may not be so healthy, after all...I bought a ham hock and I couldn't find any turkey andouille sausage, so I had to get the traditional pork kind!! Oh well, it's a holiday! The Mr. can eat all the leftovers.

Hello, I keep an online food journal too, not ww really.
I thought I could post in here, since the community connected to the food journals
isn't really what I'm looking for. Too obsessive and "OMG I ate a cookie, I hate myself now".
Not that I'm any less of a control freak than the next person, but I just prefer to do it in a
different way this time. Yoyo dieting and only eating salad & soup didn't work for me, so..

I lost 8 lbs this month, so that's good. :-)

I hope you are all doing well!

Geez, it seems like my period just is over and I start losing weight again and then it rolls back around. It can get discouraging. I tend to just stall out a week before or so, then gain a few pounds of water weight that week. It all comes off - and more! - when it's done...I know I just have to power through. But with cravings and hunger increased and a grouchy mood. Bleh. It's hard.

It's weird how you can feel so motivated one day and so unmotivated the next! I know that I have to get to the point where I can just be going through the motions but have that mean that my actions support weight loss instead of going through the old motions of overeating...if that makes sense. I just know I can't count on being motivated everyday, so it's a matter of new habits and powering through...can you tell I'm giving myself a pep talk? Ha.

All that said, I think I need crab rangoon today...the good thing I do now is share the order with the Mr. And I had chocolate for breakfast. It may not be a good day nutritionally, but I will stay within my calories. So there.
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