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Beauty & her Bass
I fell off the wagon...again...this weekend. I really need help with this. I visit Mr. B&HB often on weekends (we don't live together right now) and every time I do, I seem to eat crap. He's working on his degrees so he hangs out with college kids and they don't always eat the best (I should know, that was me a year ago...hence the weight). It's not always easy to eat healthy either if your only option is pizza or cheesy bread. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I just pack my own food for my weekends with him? HELP! I can't take this anymore, WW costs too much for me to be gaining.
Urgh, I need to vent.

So, I ate really well today. I'm back on plan, and I'm trying to do what I did this summer, which worked really well: eat GOOD foods, including full-fat things, in reasonable portions. So this is what I ate today:

Breakfast (9 points):
Oatmeal with coconut oil (thanks chacha!), milk and a banana
A hard-boiled egg

Lunch (7 points)
Leftovers: chicken breast and kale with pine nuts, raisins and goat cheese

Afternoon snack (2-3 points):
Half a brownie (I know, fruit and cheese or something like that woulda been better)

Dinner (5 points)
Leftover noodle-shrimp-veggie stirfry

I am STARVING. Like, South-Beach-Diet starving. I have a headache, and I just want to go to the diner down the street and inhale a burger and fries. I just had a string cheese stick and an orange, no absolutely no avail.

I know this is just my body readjusting, but sheesh, it's not like I've deprived it today! I gave it fat! And chocolate! Hell, I had a brownie!

I was trying the big breakfast/smaller lunch/smaller dinner thing, but that doesn't seem to have worked out so well. I also had dinner really early (5:00) but that was because I was so damn hungry! I remember this happened when I first started WW this summer, I guess I just need to readjust...
I hear you, lunasol. If you're cutting down on intake in general, and cutting out things like caffeinated drinks (I did not see coffee or tea on your menu) then the withdrawal symptoms, such as the headaches and feelings of being really, really starving are just compounded. Those would make me feel like vomiting whenever I'd try to do the food restriction thing. The only thing that helped me was drinking coffee and then drinking lots of water.
And just doing without anything sugary or starchy for a couple of days after that.

Doesn't WW have a bunch of things on their points breakdown that you can eat in unlimited quantities, such as raw carrots? It's been a long while for me, but there has to be something high fibre/low sugar/high water content that allows you to feel like you have options when you feel like you're starving. Or even just room for you to eat something like another hard boiled egg--lots of protein in that, which at least gets you to feel like you've eaten something...

Hope this phase passes very soon lunasol--it sounds so brutal!

Beauty, if you're eating at what sounds like fast food places with your boyfriend, and he lives in a town with a college and hangs out with a college crowd, you've got to find restaurants that at least aren't serving that defrosted fast food chain restaurant stuff. There are usually some smaller restaurants around that aren't part of a big chain owned by Pilsbury or General Mills--small Indian food restaurants, or independently owned little places that make decent breakfast foods, or offer real soups, good salads, falafel or shawarma with pickled or cooked veggies....foods that aren't made in a factory and then shipped via container to warehouses servicing the chains. These places never cost more than the chains, the food is fresher and it's easier to opt out of all the extremely unnutritious additives the chains use (like the "cheese" bread, or the "pizza"). Bringing your own food is fine for snacks and such--but it sucks eating "on your own". It might take a little bit of research to find these independently owned and varied eateries, but they've got to be close to the school somewhere.

Another option--could you convince your beau to go grocery shopping with you so you could prepare something really great for yourselves at home? It's such a "couple" thing to do--buy the ingredients for a fab dinner, some great wine to go with it, a little treat for dessert that you'd be okay with too...then you come home and prepare it together (and you can even invite friends if you want!). IT doesn't have to cost a lot, and you can really be indulgent in ways that don't "cost" you in terms of food quantity. You can even pick up stuff for breaky and really spoil yourselves--things like fresh little bagels with really good cream cheese, fresh fruit, and some excellent coffee or tea? You can make each other breakfast in bed? No?
Thanks chacha. I'm kind of baffled as to why my body reacted the way it did, since I think I had plenty of calories, and I didn't deprive myself of starches, which is usually what makes me feel that way. I did have two cups of coffee (just forgot to add it in). I wound up having some popcorn, which really helped a lot.

I think that since I can't actually go to a meeting till next week, this week I'm going to focus on just two things:
- writing down everything I eat.
- eating only real foods.

Not trying to restrict myself as far as points/calories but just making sure I eat good things and keep track of how much/what I'm eating.

BTW, have folks seen this article that was in the NYT magazine this weekend? All about the history of "healthy food" and food marketing. I'm only halfway through, but I thought I'd share:

nice to see new peeps in here again.

lunasol, maybe you could also try eating smaller meals/snacks more often? maybe a mid-morning and/or after-dinner snack might help take the edge off. but some days i think we're just hungrier than others, for either no good reason, or reasons we don't realize. it is what it is. you can also try alternating a few pts over one day and a few pts under the next, etc.

i'm watching portions. not counting points, fats, anything. keeping a lid on snacks. trying to eat balanced meals, but also focusing on eating what i really want. (dinner one night was brie and crackers, and it was delish and oh so satisfying.) and i'm not losing lbs (dammit). but i'm fitting into my clothes better. today i'm wearing pants that i haven't even tried on since i don't know when, and then don't even hurt.

it can't just be due to the two weeks of yoga i'm doing, can it? i'm not even doing power yoga. it's just gentle beginner stuff, 3-4x a week, an hour each session. and nevermind that my knees aren't hurting for the first time in years.

i could become a devotee, i swear!
Mando, that's great! And that's the really cool thing about any kind of exercise, even just a few weeks yields results. If yoga's working for you then definitely keep it up!

Thanks for the snacking tips, too.
Lunasol, are you taking any B vitamins, specifically B12? That kind of pain when you go without starches really does indicate a need for the Bs. If you're taking it, do you mind if I ask how much?
Chacha, I don't take B vitamins. Isn't there some sort of health risk involved with them?
No, there isn't; but there are all kinds of health risks involved with not having enough of the B vitamins. Serious ones.

B vitamin sources in our food include things like rice, wheat, grains of all kinds, yeasts of all kinds (naturally, since grains are involved) and red meat. These are all things you are eating in restriction right now, so you need to supplement with them precisely because you're not getting the vitamins from the food.
In fact, they're so integral to most "diet" plans (WW is not really "up" on nutrition--they leave that all up to you to figure out) that the ones run by doctors to treat morbid obesity all use weekly B vitamin injections on their patients to help them stay healthy during the process of weight loss and afterwards.

You don't have to take B shots (though they are highly absorbable forms of the vitamins) but you do need to make sure you get your B vitamins steadily. They are not stored in the body, and you need to keep providing yourself with them in your food (which you can't do right now) so you can take a daily supplement of the highest quality Bs. Signs of deficiency include the headaches you describe, anemia (ever been diagnosed with this?), hypoglycemic tendency, craving for grain foods (starchy foods, sugary foods, alcohol, cigarettes).

At the very least:

B12, in the methylcobalamin form (most easily utilized by your body); if you can't get that form the next best kind is cyanocobalamin, which your body can then change into the methylc. form. You need a 1000mcg dose per day, and you can usually find these supplements in an easily dissolvable sublingual tablet form, or in drops. Sometimes these tabs or drops also include Folic Acid--if you can get the combo, that's the preferred way to take these.

You should also take a multi-B vitamin that includes lipotrophic factors, inositol, and choline. Try to get a really good quality supplement brand that doesn't encase the nutrients in things like magnesium stearate (you'll never get any benefit from those as you just can't "melt" the stearate coating off the pills to then utilize the vitamins). Again, if you can get a liquid drop version, go for it.

These should make the whole starvation/headache/why-am-I-putting-weight-on-my-abdomen-even-though- I'm-eating-next-to-nothing? problems go away. And the bonus is you'll be healthier too.

FYI: for those of you doing ww online, if you do a search for "nutrition", there are many informative articles in the science section. ww magazine often has helpful articles too.

lunasol, thanks for the kind words. *smooch*

all you "losers" (heh) have inspired me to start journalling again. i'm aghast at how many pts i'm consuming! mindfulness is a good thing.

this week's goal: psych myself into eating more fruits and veggies. i might just start making daily stops at the grocery store's salad bar. fuck the cost. i'm all about the low-maintenance.
Mandolyn, you'll love fruits once you get into the habbit. I can't get enough of grapes and apples. Hubby just bought 2 dozen apples and pears yesterday becuase we can't get eough of them!

I swear, my hubby and I are the fattest health freaks I know. I guess it's because we also love greasy foods once in a while. biggrin.gif
Beauty & her Bass
mandolyn: you make me chuckle. i love the grocery store salad bar, especially in the winter. My local grocery uses all the veggies that are just about ready to be taken off the shelf (i.e. RIPE VEGGIES! YAY!) for their salad bar. When we buy the salad stuff in bulk and bring it home, we have to wait a couple of days for the veggies to become edible so the grocery store salad bar may cost more but it tastes better.

Sidenote: Screw Ohio. As if having crappy winter produce wasn't bad enough, it is now about 16 degrees without the wind chill. I can kiss any outside activities goodbye unless I want to kiss my toes goodbye. is weigh in day. I'm nervous but feeling confident. Wish me luck!
Just to clarify:

When I wrote that WW basically leaves the nutrition aspect up to you, I meant they let you choose what you'll have, when you have it, and how much you want of it. You can go out and figure out a healthy way to make sure you get what you need, or you can just count points. No one supervises you for deficiencies or suggests ways to address them so that you don't sabotage your weight loss goals.

The kind of medical weight loss places run by physicians, however, (called Bariatric medicine) don't leave the nutrition up to you. You get a limited number of calories (usually about 500 to 800 a day) and each meal is allotted a specific number of "calories" so that you get the necessary macronutrients which will allow you to lose fat but not muscle mass. No substitutions are allowed: they detail exactly what you can and can't have to get those, and exactly how much, per meal, per day. You get weighed in every day, must take specific supplements to make up for what you're not getting via your food (which is quite a lot), and B vitamin shots weekly or bi-weekly, based on need (because you usually eat no grain foods whatsoever on the diet, and foods rich in B vitamins are severely limited--mostly the red meats).

Not a putdown of WW, just a factual statement to show that there's a difference in method.
Chacha, thanks for all the info on B-vitamins. I did a little research on my own, and I think it may be a good idea for me.

So, it's time for me to re-join a gym. I moved away from the neighborhood near my old gym, which I ADORED. And sadly, the school gym near me is closed this semester for renovations.

So I'm trying to decide between places, and I was hoping you ladies could offer some thoughts:

#1 is your typical small-yet-$$$ urban gym. It's a bit dinky, but it's got everything I'd need: cardio machines, pool (& hot tub!), weight machines. However, it doesn't have many classes (I love classes, especially yoga) and it's definitely got a yuppie vibe. Also, many of my classmates go there which is a blessing (workout buddies) and a curse (do I really want my classmates to see me in a bathing suit?!). It is RIGHT NEXT to school, so I would have no excuse not to go.

#2 is actually a yoga studio, not a gym. But I can get a monthly student membership for slightly less than #1. I've been there once, and loved it - it's been rated the best yoga studio in Boston. And I do love yoga - for mental and emotional reasons as much as physical. And I've been wanting to get into a regular practice lately, so this would be a good way to do that. It's right around the corner from my house. The drawback is that, unllike a gym, I can only take advantage of it when there is a class I want to go to. They do have classes morning, afternoon, and night, but still.

The other thing is that, unless I did Vinyasa all the time, yoga's not really a cardio workout, so I'm concerned that it won't contribute much to weight loss. I could supplement it with walking, but that's hard to get motivated to do when it's so damn cold out!

In an ideal world, I would have a place where I could get both the cardio and weight-lifting workouts of a gym, and the mind-body/flexibility/toning of yoga, but it sort of seems like I have to make a choice here. Thoughts?
I don't eat enough fruits or veggies either. Fruits I do OK on if I just try, but with veggies, I really have to plan meals to make myself eat 'em.

Luna, if I were you, I'd do that yoga studio...mostly 'cuz it's a monthly membership. That way, you can try it and see how it goes...are the classes at good times? you miss cardio machines too much?...that kind of thing. But, if you could do a monthly thing at the yuppie gym, maybe you could do that until the weather is better and then switch to the yoga place and supplement that with walking. Be sure to use all the free guest and trial passes at both places while you decide!

So, yeah, I already posted this, but because today is February, it's official that I lost 8# in January! Yay! Uh, just 60 more to steps. I've been feeling better, that's for sure.

Tonight, I'm gonna make the Mr. go out so we can get giant bowls of hot and sour soup. Yum. Then dark chocolate with crystalized ginger. Yum.
lunasol, what gym? and what yoga studio?

i joined beacon hill athletic club in december, but i also go to blissful monkey yoga studio in jamaica plain once a week (i get free classes in exchange for cleaning).

i love, love, love fruit, but not so much vegetables.
laurenann, the gym is Wellbridge, and the yoga studio is Karma Yoga Studio.

amalita, that's a good point, tho the yoga studio actually requires a two month initial registration. but still.

and i too really have to work to get my veggies. i like veggies, but if i'm not conscientious, i just won't get them.
lunasol, i vote for the yoga studio. but then again, i've lovin' my dvd's so much - and considering trying out a studio myself - that i'm a bit biased. but i'm feeling so much better, overall, and it's slowly translating into everyday emotional and physical plus's for me (ie: taking stairs two at a time, with no hurty knees, just because i can). if you do the yoga, you might find yourself going for walks even when it's still cold out, just because you're body's feeling so good. and you said you loved the studio. so i bet you'll be more prone to make the effort to get there. and you're young enough that you just might lose lbs, even just doing gentle yoga. when i took a beginner's class in college, i lost not just inches, but something like 15 lbs also.

that said, i tried the strengthening and conditioning dvd the other night. ouch! i don't think i'm ready for that one yet. huh.gif

so i did load up at the salad bar the other night. and made a gigundo delish salad for dinner. looking forward to having the rest of it tonite. we've discovered that those "disposable" gladware containers keep veggies superfresh for days on end.

completely went over pts last night at the asian-fusion restaurant, i don't even want to try to tally. but soooooo incredibly worth it!
Lunasol, I also vote for the yoga studio, since that seems like what you'd like more. That being said, a gym with pool sounds awesome to me! You said the gym doesn't offer many classes -- I wonder if you and a few of your classmates went to the management and asked if they could investigate offering yoga, it might be something they would consider, as if there's enough interest, it would justify the investment on the gym's part.

I've had the flu for a week, so I haven't worked out since Sunday or watched what I'm eating at all. I think that's one of my problems with weight loss -- I get sick all the time, about every six to eight weeks or so. Usually, it's a cold (I'm going to start using a neti pot every day and see if that helps; I've also started taking a multivitamin) and I find that I can't really work out when I have a cold, no matter what all the experts say about it helping. It just makes me tired and dizzy and feel even worse. But I get a cold and everything goes out the window for a week, and then I have a hard time getting back in the habit. Oh, and I'm having a period for the first time in months (long story; let's just say that estrogen has a strong effect on my system) That being said, I stayed the same this week, thank goodness, and hopefully can get back on the weight loss train this week.
I just found out that the yoga studio offers unlimited free classes to volunteers! If I volunteer 4 hours a week at the reception desk, I don't have to pay to join, which is pretty freaking awesome, no? I could probably even study for most of that time, if I got a time slot that was pretty slow....
Oh, NICE! Looks like your decision has been sealed, Luna. I've been thinking of asking my dance studio if they have a similar kind of arrangement in exchange for working at the front desk.

I've been a fat lump this week due to the wretched crimson tide. I ate four corn muffins (made by moi) for "dinner" last night. WHOO! Way to go with the balanced meals. laugh.gif I'm pretty sure I'm on the upswing now and look forward to taking a class tomorrow morning just to get my body moving again.

If any of you are looking for inspiration, I highly recommend Martina Navratilova's book Shape Your Self. I love her so, so much.
luna, sounds like a great plan! let us know how it goes.

this week's goal: not letting last night's superbowl pig-out bring me down. it was fun. it was worth it. and we didn't have a party-party - it was only the three of us - so it could've been a lot worse, leftoverwise.

this week's other goal: hitting up the salad-bar again. and trying to have a piece of fruit each day.

katiebelle, if you're lurking, how's the nutrisystem going?
Beauty & her Bass
Is anyone having the "I feel full" feeling more often now too? It seems like lately I can't eat as much as I used to. I'm not complaining at all about it either. It's fantastic! Good luck with weigh-ins this week ladies!
Beauty, I do! And I'm excited about it. I'm still not good at doing the whole "pause in the middle of your meal and evaluate your fullness" thing, so I start with a small meal or snack and think about it when I'm done with that.

Mando, I'm with you on the fruit wagon. I always serve it to the kid I nanny for, so it shouldn't be tough to serve it to myself at the same time, right?

I'm excited this week because I lost 3.2 pounds, after a looooooooong gaining streak. Even the rather dour receptionist/weigher at my WW location looked pleased for me! I swear, when I'm thinking about eating ice cream or whatever, I picture that woman and think twice. Might be kind of messed up, but it works for me.

My other goal this week is to actually attend a meeting, not just go weigh in and leave.

Good luck everyone!
I just went into the yoga studio yesterday and signed up for volunteering. I got the Saturday 12-4 shift. At first I wanted a weekday shift, but I think this will be good cause it'll get me out of the house on Saturdays. The OTHER cool thing I didn't even know is that I can also have a half-price membership to the little gym upstairs by volunteering! The gym is postage-stamp small but has a nice vibe and, my favorite thing, TVs on all the machines. So I may do that as well. If I can do yoga twice a week and cardio twice a week, that'll be awesome.

So, this week my rough draft of my thesis is due (TOMORROW -eek!) and I've been feeling pretty stressed about it and having trouble getting enough to eat. Rare for me - usually if I have a lot of work, I eat more, snacking at the computer. I must be really stressed, cause I'm not hungry at all. Hopefully this will pass after the thing is handed in...

ETA: and argh, I still haven't made it back to meetings. It turns out there are no meetings near me (even though I live 5 minutes from a huge academic and commercial center, boo). To get to a meeting, I'll have to take the bus which I hate in this city, when it's subzero out. Next week.
Oh gosh, I can vouch for the bus system sucking.

Victory: I bought a bathing suit! And it fits! It's not half bad, either! How many more exclamation points can I use!
*bump to brag*

Went back to meetings tonight. Turns out I'd only gained back 4 lbs of the weight I lost this summer. Which is pretty cool when you think about it...6 weeks to lose 15 lbs, and then I only gained back 4 in 6 months. So clearly I've changed my behavior in some ways. I think this'll help in going back.

I want to lose about 50 lbs. That would still have me in the "overweight" category, but I think that's crap, because the last time I weighed that, I was super-healthy, having just spent 6 months traveling in Asia, trekking in the Himalayas, etc. Hmmm, maybe I should just go back to Asia and travel for another 6 months...
Hi ladies -- just popping by to say CONGRATULATIONS! It looks like there are a lot of successes and also funny, perspective-ed attitudes, which is what I love best about WW via Bust.

I may have mentioned that I have been losing a lot of weight fairly quickly due to a particular medication, which I realize seems like a good thing, (and I am sharing this here because I know a lot of you all, and it relates to WW, so I hope it's not off-topic or appears to not take seriously the task of losing weight, which many of you know I have struggled wtih all my life and I still am about thirty-five pounds over my recommended weight) but I am having some real psychological problems with it. However, WW has kind of become my saving grace.

First and foremost, I am really scared that I will gain it all back as soon as I acclimate to the medicine or go off of it. My whole life, I eat emotionally, I use unhealthy things (and a lot of them -- a big burger with fries, two meals in a row, not the occasional healthy indulgence) to reward myself, express anger at myself, etc. And as my hunger fell off, I was just having, like, a piece of chocolate for dinner, and telling myself, well maybe it's four points, but I didn't eat all day. Which was just a recipe for not being able to "maintain."

So to train myself to make actual changes in my lifestyle rather than losing weight, and gaining it all back the minute this one circumstance changes, I am using the the WW system to make sure I am mindful of what I am eating (even if I am not eating much). I think about portions, and whether my body will be healthy on a piece of chocolate or fruit. Also, I pick high-point but healthy things -- almonds, lean meat, etc. so if I am not hungry I still am nourished. I lose weight -- because I need to -- but I have stopped dropping pounds in a scary way.

Anyway, I relate this not only to vent and share but also because I think it points to the merits of WW over most other programs I have seen. You are supposed to find balance, aim for healthiness while you still aren't deprived, and most importantly for me and my ability to permanently change, be mindful of what you eat, whatever you decide to choose to eat.

Anyway, I am psyched for you all and support you much much much.
Faith, I think that sounds very smart of you...I need to learn to focus on the keeping healthy part more. I have some days where I stay within calories, but my food for the day will have been a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Frozen Yogurt and sushi. Which isn't awful, but lots of sugar and not much produce in there...and not to say I don't wanna ever do that, but overall, I'd like to be eating better then that.

At least spring is on it's way, and I always do better with salads and veggies from farmer's markets and all that stuff.

Congrats, Luna! How's the yoga going?

I got a bit derailed with the trip to visit family and then Mardi Gras, but I'm refocusing...again. Going to the gym Sunday.

amalita, i must remember your good attitude about the days when i'm less healthy about how i spread my points around. right now, i'm all fresh again in the program, and feeling super-pleased myself for having, say, a big salad and a tuna sandwich on whole wheat for lunch. But in a few weeks, it'll get old!

i have to say, though, that big salad i had with lunch today was sooo yummy: radichio (sp?) and romaine with a sprinkling of walnut pieces, tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, and italian dressing. Mmm. I made twice what I thought I would want, so I could have leftovers, and then ate the whole thing! smile.gif

and the yoga's going well - i just got back from a class. the really cool thing about yoga is learning what my body is capable of. instead of just thinking of myself as "not athletic" or "not flexible" i'm learning that there are actually certain areas (namely my pelvic area, wooo-eee) where i am super-flexible and certain areas (my shoulders, thanks peasant ancestors!) where i am really strong. yay!
after doing the free trial in january, i signed up for three months yesterday because my best friend swears by it.

i hate not eating enough food. today i had:

breakfast - cheerios, banana, honey, coffee, non fat milk
snack - 100 calorie oreos, non fat yogurt
lunch - progresso veggie soup (whole can), clementine, snack bag of sun chips, orange juice
dinner - some sort of diabetic friendly creamy pasta with brocolli thing, salad with light dressing, seltzer

i think those are great, healthy meals. and that is 24 points (maybe more, i wasn't sure how many the pasta had)...and i am hungry and want to eat another small meal. but i need my flex points for a bridal shower i am going to this weekend.

wahh. i want to be thinner, but i need more food! what can i do differently??
Hey laurenann, welcome! Congrats on taking this step.

Looking at your meals, they do seem healthy, but definitely not enough to thrive on! The thing that jumps out at me is that you're not really eating filling things. For me, the key to success is eating stuff with a high "satiety factor." This means eating things that are higher in fiber and, yes, healthy fats. Chachaheels really got me thinking about this stuff this summer, and it really works for me. And if you're diabetic, this seems like it would be even more effective for you.

The other thing is trying to eat at many "whole foods" as possible. These will make you more satisfied and have less additives, etc and definitely make weight loss easier. Also, after an initial adjustment period, I find smaller portions of these foods more satisfying than large portions of junk food. Last night, I had 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt (made from whole milk!) with blueberries for dessert, which would not have done it for me before, but which was awesome. And it was 2 points!

So as a for instance, here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with coconut oil, a banana, a teeny bit of cream and half a banana (6 points)

Lunch: stirfry from the school cafe with chicken, veggies, rice, etc. (6 points)

Snack: high-fiber cereal with milk (4 points)

Dinner: salad and chicken sandwhich (10 points)

Dessert: 2 squares of dark chocolate (2 points)

I hope this is helpful and not too preachy. I like weight watchers, but I think all the emphasis on low-cal junk food is unhelpful. The fats that I eat (like coconut oil in my oatmeal) really go a long way towards keeping my blood sugar level and helping me avoid cravings.

Also, if you don't mind me asking -where do you go to meetings? There are so few convenient places in Boston - I go downtown.
thanks for advice smile.gif yay

two things: i joined online, so no meetings, and i'm not diabetic, but i work at a group home where a few people are so we cooked from this diabetic cookbook last night (whoops, though i guess one would only assume that i'm diabetic, and i will be if i don't stop eating so much sugar)...

that's true, i didn't have any meat or protein yesterday, and very little fiber. i usually eat kashi go lean crunch for breakfast but i ran out. guess i have a lot to learn! i'll keep lurking in here and the becoming healthy thread biggrin.gif
oh, well, let me know if you want to start going to meetings and want a buddy! smile.gif
...oy. I haven't been around as I've been eating crappy. Just letting the negative parts of my life (hating work, family issues, etc) rule my life basically. Which means my poor eating habits make me feel even worse mentally and physically.

Sometimes, I just can't find the motivation to eat well, ya know? Like most things, it has a snowball effect, but it's hard when I just can't start it. I was just saying this week that I wish I felt motivated to enact some changes...then last night, I went to a movie and then saw myself in the bathroom mirror and was shocked!! I was not happy at all with my here we go again, which I say in a good way. I'm glad I feel like caring again.

Luna, I love salads, too! My favorite is romaine with a hardboiled egg, tomatos, can of tuna, hot green beans, boiled new potato...and I dress it with olive oil and lemon juice. It's a sort of modified Nicoise salad.
Hey gals! I haven't been around forever, because I don't have a computer at home right now, and work's been busy, but I've been doing great!

On January 3rd, I started a diet with the goal of losing 100 pounds. And, since then I've really started on this journey of completely changing my body, my relationship to food, cooking, etc. It's been amazing so far. I now eat mostly vegetarian/vegan/raw with the occasional fish. No refined sugars, no processed foods. As much local and organic food I can get my hands on. I've kicked my cooking up, like, a billion notches, and started exercising regularly. And....I've lost 30 pounds so far!

But, it's more than the weight, it's really about feeling good again, and taking back control of my life. I honestly feel better than I've ever felt before--even when I was younger and thinner.

So, still have about 70 pounds to go, but I'm well on my way!
hey busties. I've been thinking of checking out the Weight Watcher's program 'cause my bff has had some real success on it. unfortunately when her mom passed away she fell off the wagon hard. she is ready to recommit and I thought I should give it a go as well. I have a few questions though. Have any of you tried the basically on your own/online/at home plan? do you feel you have to attend meetings to be sucessful? my friend says it's the only way it works for her, but I am not so sure it will for me. when I was younger I did a plan that required weekly weigh in's and what I found is that I got so discouraged at the what I percieved as painfully slow weight loss that I abandoned it all together. I've been most sucessful when I gauge my loss through how my clothes fit and how I feel, not what the scale reads. not that I wont ever weigh myself, I do just not every week. though we live 2 hours apart, she and I talk every day and have been supporting and encouraging eachother. I feel like I can do this with that support and of course returning to my regular workout routine I ditched a few months back when I hurt my arm. anyway, I am just curious to hear about your individual experiences with WW.
thanks polly.

i just started WW a week ago (lost 2.2lbs) - my goal is around 60lbs.
anyone else still doing WW? any useful tips learned from the meetings?
hey p - here's wishing you well! i'm still on WW (mostly) after just about 18 months. took me a bit, but i lost 50 lbs and have kept most of it off for over a year! BEST OF LUCK - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

my tip for you: stock up on low-point snacks - rice cakes, yogurt drinks, fruit, veggies, and skinny cow mini fudge pops.... those are all my faves and regularly stocked in my house still! smile.gif
hey all -
weight loss of 3.2lbs in 2 weeks, not too bad. looking forward to losing 50lbs myself :-)
***applause*** keep it up!
thanks:-) i've been walking back and forth to work instead of driving or taking the bus, so that's 2 miles almost every day (some days it's too hot, so i only walk one way then take the bus the other way). my achilles heel is alcohol - i'm a wine geek, having used to work in a wine store, and i'm accustomed to having wine with dinner almost every night of the week - which really adds on calories. i'm not an alcoholic (like, if i don't have wine with dinner, i don't miss it), but i seem to be having a hard time breaking this habit.
Also thinking about joining WW. Probably doing the online program. Yet I checked out the website and I'm still confused about the Core plan. Yet, I know that I need to lose some weight. Also, just feeling better about myself, and having more energy.

Congrats to all of you!! smile.gif
Hi anyone here from Houston? i need a ww buddy.

I'm back on after the birth of my 163 and want to lose 30. I just started this week. He's 6 weeks old. Hard to exercise and all when I get no sleep, and just constantly nurse. Can't type well right now because he's attached. aa! he jsut choked, threw up and started crying. got to go. Houston?
gained back all the 3lbs i had lost. i'm so f*cking fat (5feet tall, 163lbs....i should be around 100-110lbs). i don't even look in the mirror anymore, i hate the way i look, and it looks like nothing is going change. <resigned sigh>
i told the boy to break it off, because he wants me to lose weight, and it's not happening. :-(
p176 - don't lose hope... are you on Core or Points? If Points, are you journaling? Does it look like you SHOULD have lost? Was this your "week" (that time of the month)? I'm always waterlogged during that time, or if I've eaten too much salt in the couple days before... can you go back and look again at your journal and find where things went awry?

you are only in the beginning, and for me, it took a bit for the weight to start to come off, then i could really take it off easily in that "between" stage, then not-so-much now where I only have to take off about 10 pounds (of which I've gained back - ugh!). Don't give up hope so easily!!! You can do it!

Something to try - if you aren't diabetic or have blood sugar problems, try a day where you really don't eat much - eat about 2/3rds of your points. Then go back to your full points the next day. I find that sometimes just that would jumpstart me back on a loss. Also, are you giving yourself points to eat if you exercise? I never let myself actually EAT my extra points earned for exercise....also try hard to not use any of your flex points if you can do it. Stick to your daily allottment of points and don't go over...

thanks snarky. i've obviously calmed down since i last posted :-p the boy is still ok with me - he's helping me get back into working out - like, we played tennis last weekend together, and even when we ate fast food, tried to get healthier portions. i've gone over my food log and not only was i retaining water for my period, i went over my points with alcohol. combine that with not sleeping well and not really exercising much, i'm glad that i did not gain more. for the last few days, have been trying to eat lots of protein full foods, even though i'm craving salt like there's no tomorrow (apparently if you drink "a lot" of alcohol (for me, even in small amounts), it can cause salt cravings. so, lots of water drinking for me. my energy is coming back finally, after 3 nights of not sleeping well, and so i'm looking forward to planning healthy meals and snacks for next week and getting back to my workouts. my goal right now is to lose close to 8lbs by my birthday - 2lbs per week for 4 weeks.
you can do it, p176!!! keep us posted.
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