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QUOTE(chachaheels @ Jan 9 2007, 02:41 PM) *

People, please, relax! Butter IS healthy. Much healthier than margarine or crappy canola oil, or any commercially prepared bleached/deodorized/hexaned veggie oil that's been flavoured with MSG. It's as healthy as extra virgin olive oil, and actually a bit more necessary. You don't eat it as if it were a food group, with a big spoon and a bib and bread to soak up what you missed, you only use a small amount; so a little bit will not kill you and will actually give you some deliciousness.

I'm using that, real cheese, cocoanut oil every day, extra virgin olive oil, and cream every day and I'm losing weight, getting rid of a lot of nagging joint aches and pains that were beginning to really annoy me, and feeling a lot more energetic all together. The tiny amounts of the foods you think are rich and sinful you are all having--enjoy them. You will still lose weight. Promise!

word, chacha. this is what i'm saying. somebody mentioned earlier in this thread about a site that looks for "fake calories" (ie, "faux-cake" whatever) and how gross it was. i'd rather eat something rich yet natural than something "lite" and overprocessed. i think one of the reasons americans are much fatter and less healthy than the entire rest of the world is the amount of processed food we're told is healthy. the further food gets away from its source, the less healthy it is. i'm no raw-food-itarian by any means, but aspartame's a carcinogen and the reason things are "lite" is because everything has been processed out of it; with supplements added back in. gross.

re: making time for the gym--i know. *shame face* but i see my mom about twice a year, and i'm not going to lose an hour or two with her to go to the gym. once she's gone, though, i'm there.
that was me, mouse, and I think that's the great failing of WW and dieting in general--people get so caught up in low points/low calories/low fat, that they don't think about what they're actually eating. Which is basically nothing.

((supersci)) I can't believe I glossed over your post yesterday. I'm sorry about your dad and I think your goals are reasonable and achievable. Also, I checked out Spark People and I love it! I found the interface much better that what I've been using, which is okay, but I have some issues with its fitness section, and WW Online. I'm prolly gonna send Martini to use it too.

One interesting thing I noticed when I plugged in what I've eaten the last two days is that I'm barely meeting my caloric needs. It calls for me to eat a certain amount of calories split among a certain amount of nutrients, and I'm not doing well at all. I wonder if part of my problem is that I don't eat enough, and then I end up overreating at night and throwing everything completely off.

In the "whoops" department, I attempted to take a yoga class tonight at one of my gym's sister locations, and it was a total fiasco. I didn't know the neighborhood well and kinda got lost (well, I knew where I was but I had to deal with some complicated one-way streets) and couldn't find parking, then I almost got hit when someone did an illegal u-turn. I finally got to the gym and couldn't find the classroom, and then I asked an employee and it was on another floor. By the time I finally got to the room, I was 15 minutes late, so I figured I'd cut my losses and go home. I worked out yesterday morning, and I'll take a class tomorrow at my home gym.

*Waves to bunny* I think you'll be amazed by the difference cutting back in alcohol and fizzy drinks makes. Those are big downfalls for me, too. And also remember, it's better to start with small changes and then incorporate bigger ones. That's a tough thing for me, too.
i drink decaf/herbal tea sweetened with splenda pretty much all day at work. any insights about splenda?
Beauty & her Bass
I just joined WW and am starting today. Any advice on the program, ladies?
Sidecar--thanks. And, I know what you mean about seeing the nutrition break-down. That's my favorite part of the site. It really helps to have the ranges, and try to make sure that what I'm eating falls into those. It's more than just low-calorie, it's all-around healthier eating.

I'm still doing well! I'm staying on the low range of my fat and calorie ranges, and just feel better and proud of myself when I make healthy choices and eat stuff that's good for me. I even passed up a banana split last night!
Aw, sidecar, that sucks about trying to find the yoga class. I wanna start going to a yoga class at my gym each week...I'm thinking of doing the restorative one for a little while. Those are so gentle and nice. I think it would be really good for my brain.

The site also does nutrients and all that...I love that aspect, too. Although I tend to go over the fat (even saturated fat!) level because I eat nuts and dark chocolate daily and avocados frequently...and small amounts of cheese and olive oil, too. And butter and half and half...and I'm not vegetarian, either. So I'm OK with surpassing the 9% recommended saturated fat level, because it's more important to me to not eat lots of processed foods. And to enjoy what I'm eating.

Welcome, advice would be to be consistant.
Splenda is pretty much just as nasty as aspartame--it's a slightly different chemical compound from aspartame, formulated so that it can be heated without causing any discernible changes to other ingredients in the food (aspartame cannot be baked--it becomes not only inedible, but the toxicity of the compound is increased as well).

Ever try Stevia? It's an herb that's usually dried and powdered and sometimes mixed with calcium carbonate to create a sweetener type alternative to sugar. It has no calories, it's been used for a long, long time without causing any side effects of any kind, it's completely natural and has no glycemic impact whatsoever (so it is completely safe for diabetics to use, unlike sugar, aspartame, and splenda). It also comes in a liquid form that can be used to mix into herbal teas (that you can then cool and drink as an alternative to overly sweet juices and soft drinks) and things like whipped cream for desserts.

If you're not eating enough points on the WW plan weight simply won't come off. There's a bit of flexibility in the nutrient blocks you choose your points from, simply because some people need to have more protein than others (and, alternately, some need more complex carbohydrates than others, and so forth). But I'm with amilita in the conclusion that everyone could benefit from more of the right saturated fats, especially if it means you avoid the processed, MSG and transfat laden foods created for "dieters" all together. They are vital, they play a huge role in regulating metabolism and certainly help with feeling satisfied.
Drum roll, please...

In the last week I've lost 3 pounds. Rah rah rah! cool.gif

Down down down!

I don't care what next week's weigh-in is, just as long as it's the same or slightly lower than this week. The scale didn't budge for a couple of weeks (thanks, Christmas cookies, you were delicious), but I'm happy to see it's budged a good chunk. I don't feel overexerted or deprived. I feel alive! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
congrats raisin!

I'm going to buy a Yogalates for Weight loss dvd.

I'm doing ok, I suppose; the boy has agreed to sushi this weekend (and dim sum, not so good) and I am going to have one glass of rose wine this evening and a salad. A further incentive? I'm going to save money cutting out lunches out, Starbucks, takeaway and alcohol.
good job raisin, and everybody smile.gif

thanks chacha, i've heard of stevia, but where do i buy? maybe i should just drink more water, unsweetened tea, or use a smidge of honey and scrimp on my calories elsewhere. but i admit, i'm a sugar addict! i want rainbow sprinkles in and around every meal!
Who doesn't want rainbow sprinkles in and around every meal, nickclick?

You can usually find Stevia at a health food store. I personally love using the liquid kind because I can just drop a bit to taste (too much makes it undrinkable, as far as I'm concerned). I find there are all kinds of teas which taste great completely unsweetened too--but for me the black teas need a bit of sugar and milk.

Honey's another great sweetener just because it's got so many healthy properties and wonderful flavours, too. Be sure to buy an unpasteurized kind, and shop around for the flavours you might prefer--orange blossom, wildflower, buckwheat, acacia blossom, whatever grows around your area, if you're not too far from people who grow lots of fruit or flowering trees.

Agave nectar and maple syrup are also good sweeteners, and you can get organic types easily. Both are simple carbs, it's true, but the glycemic impact is not as severe as fructose or sucrose (refined white sugar) and definitely not as severe as the high fructose corn syrup used in so many foods and drinks. The caloric amounts might be the same but the effect on the body's metabolism is often very different depending on which sugar you choose.
So far, since my rude awakening I have lost 15 pounds!!!! I think a lot of it was being on vacation, which made me much more active (hiking, snorkeling, just walking a lot) and part of it was the part of the vacation that was without my family, much as I love them, because they love the restaurants with the multiple courses, and when I was more independent I could just *not eat* when I was *not hungry* or eat only the things my body seemed to want (fresh fruit, larabars, sushi, etc.).

Anyway, now that I have had this "kick start" - which hasn't even gotten me back to where I was fourteen months ago before I started this insane job - I think I am going to turn to the structure of (gasp) actual WW meetings. My friend goes, and says it's fun, so I will report back to you all. She's pretty slim, which makes me a little nervous because she will meet all her goals and then probably need the program less while I am slogging through the zillions of lbs I need to lose, but still, the company will be nice.

Congrats on everyone's progress!
Beauty & her Bass
Faith: WW meetings are fun...if you don't mind a little corny-ness from time to time. Good luck with them!
For the first time in several weeks, I had a couple of slices of pizza yesterday. Even though it was a reasonable portion, I still managed to feel horrible this morning, all bloated and full and not in the mood for breakfast... it was like a FOOD HANGOVER. Burp. blink.gif Or something. It just wasn't worth it.

Faith, I always lose weight while on vacation, too (mmm, Hawaii), definitely because I'm more active.
What the hay? I just had 4 days of nasty eating...I know it's because of all the emotional stuff going on right now, and overeating is my coping mechanism of choice...but dang. I need a kick in the ass.
You can do it, woman. Baby steps.
I always lose weight while I'm on vacation just because I get to do so much more of the things I want to do, rather than tying up a chunk of my day in sedentary work. I always thought that made things seem so much more fulfilling all around, and when you're happier for whatever reason, weight just seems to come right off.

Wish I had some idea about what it's so hard to reproduce that kind of reality in everyday life, even if work is involved--but that must be the reason why it's called "vacation".
I just had my first weigh-in since I started my diet on January 3rd, and I lost three pounds! And, I started my period last night, so I may even have another pound or two hiding in the crampy bloatedness.

But, hooray! Woo hoo! Woot! And, YES!

A tip: If you're using Slim-Fast at all (I'm drinking a shake for breakfast every morning), the Cappucino Delight is fantastic! But, I just tried a new flavor today, Strawberries N' Cream. Gah-ross. Yuck.

yay ss!

yes raisin, when am i going to correlate the minute of satisfaction while eating a couple of slices of pizza (or a mega-bowl of pasta or greasy chinese food or ice cream) with the unhealthy bloat i feel for 2 days following????? der, me!
Thanks, raisin...I needed those nice words. I ate well yesterday, even though I had to is just baby steps, it's true. smile.gif Work again tonight, then tomorrow the gym.

Yay, Superscience! Have you added exercise to your plan yet?

You're welcome, Amilita.

Nick, the sad thing is the pizza wasn't even all that great. Must have been about 48 seconds of satisfaction. The crust was too chewy and it made my jaw ache! WTF.

I'm thisclose to booking a trip to the Caribbean next month, and I swear it has nothing to do with weight loss. Honest!
Beauty & her Bass
rasin: take me with you!

I have my first weigh in tomorrow....wish me luck! (I sort of ate a bunch of combos and drank a wee bit this weekend. Fun, not as many points as i thought)
I lost three pounds this week too! I haven't been to the gym since Friday (big freelance assignment all weekend, and tonight I was feeling sleepy) but I'm determined to keep doing well with my eating.

Congrats to supersci and good luck, Beck!

i fell off the weight loss wagon. hard. i was just soo hungry the two (er, one and a half) weeks i was being really careful with what i ate, then i had an indulgenet weekend (mmm nachos, beer, brunch) and kind of gave up. but hearing that some of you lost 3lbs in two weeks is making me wanna try harder. i've been going to the gym 3 or 4 times per week since december but i haven't lost weight at all.
Beauty & her Bass
laurenann: I feel ya. I had been going to the gym since October with no results except for increased stamina. I realized that I was pigging out on food after I got back without realizing it. I also fell off the diet band-wagon (beer...the fizzy drink of the Gods and Goddesses...or at least Milwaukee) but getting back on isn't that bad at all. If I just write down everything I eat, then I find that I don't want to write that much and it actually makes me second guess if i really want to eat that cookie because I'll have to write it down and stare at it the rest of the day. give it a try!
Congrats losers smile.gif

I had some romantic-drama related eating (4/5s of a california pizza kitchen thai chicken pizza you say? Couldn't be me) so I have been loathe to step on a scale, or get my butt in gear for WW meetings, but I am still trying to eat sensibly the rest of the time. I had a hearty breakfast, because I have been skipping it, and have some fruit to snack on but probably won't have time for lunch.

I also have serious cramps and bloating, so that's another reason I fear the scale.

Realized yesterday afternoon that I'd put down my starting weight incorrectly--should have been 244, and I put 241. Which sucks that I weighed even more than I thought, but is great because that means that I actually LOST SIX POUNDS! That's in two weeks, diet alone (i.e. no exercise yet).

But, I'm adding in exercise today! I've started taking the stairs at work and my friend and I are starting the gym today after work!

Congrats to the other losers, and to the stumblers--it's okay! We all make mistakes; you just have to get right back on your program. Don't wait for another "good time" to start. Right now is the good time to start!
Superscience, that's awesome! And yeah, you're totally right on mistakes. I slipped a bit early this week, but not as bad as I was over the holidays. I'll be taking yoga tonight and I'm still off the wagon for booze (I had two glasses of wine this weekend, but that's it.)

I haven't been keeping my food diary since Sunday, and that's been bad. It makes a bigger difference when I hold myself accountable. I hope I just lose one pound or maintain this week. I have a hard time when I have a big loss because I think, "Yeah, I'm awesome, I lost weight, now I can relax a bit!" And I can't really relax until I've lost a significant amount. I'm not trying to lose just those three puonds. And I have to remember that.
yay for everyone who has lost pounds! supersci, 6 pounds is so good!

raisin, go you! The boy and I are looking at the Carribean for our holiday in August.

I may have mentioned before but I don't have scales but going to buy some soon so I can weigh in.

Over the weekend I was bad but I was away seeing the boy and was kinda expected; I had my sushi though. I've been good since but stumbled today as was feeling low (and cold) so wanted comfort and warm food (goats cheese and chorizo panini and hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream). I'm straight back on the wagon though and have balanced and healthy dinner planned.
Superscience and sidecar -- six and three pounds are still huge achievements, I know it's a cliche but for me I try to remember how slowly (but sneakily) the weight came on, and not hold myself to a lightening fast standard.

I just ate some cashew brittle -- these things happen smile.gif
Beauty & her Bass
I am now 2.8 lbs lighter. I guess my 6-pack slip-up wasn't so bad after all. I have to hoard my weekly points for this weekend though. It's Mr. Bass and my one year anniversary and we plan on having a few nice meals. I would like to actually enjoy a ritzy restaurant and not only be allowed to eat a salad with no dressing.

Something cool I found out tonight...if anyone has a bd's Mongolian Bar-B-Q near them, you can go online and create a bowl recipe to make while you're there and the website calculates the nutrition information for you as you add your ingredients online. It's WONDERFUL!
My class today was so good. It felt so great to be moving and sweating and just having a great time with the music and just feeling alive. I have a feeling already that I'm going to be a touch sore tomorrow, but it's all good.

I have a goal weight set in mind for before the trip. If I don't make it down to that weight before the trip, I'll surely be that weight after the trip.

Giddyup! The wagon is taking off into the beautiful sunset of your future present.
Congrats everyone!

I'm back, again, after yet another hiatus with WW. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they've changed the program since I was last there, and I now get five more points per day to eat! Unpleasantly suprised that I've gained back five pounds though. Well, surprised isn't really the word.

At any rate, I'm loving the monthly pass now that I've figured out how to do the online tracking thing! I hated carrying around my little booklets and scribbling in them, so I'm finding it sooo much easier to do it this way.

For the WW busties: do you find that you do better when you actually stay for the meetings?

I haven't been doing that for ages, because of my work schedule, but I think it may be time for me to put my foot down and say "I'm not coming in early on Wednesdays anymore, so I can go to my meeting." Any thoughts?
Beauty & her Bass
star: I'm new to WW but I'm finding that if I go to the meetings, then I stick to it a little better. Some of the women in there have some great tips that I would never think about doing. It's also motivating to hear some of their stories. On my second week, some of the women actually stopped me and told me "welcome back". It was nice.
I too am trying to make time for the meetings because my friend who goes says they have really really helped her stick with it. It is inconvenient with work.

I really strayed this weekend - getting back online or at the meetings would help me keep track of my points better rather than just my estimation. Does anyone know if you go to meetings are you automatically registered online?
Beauty & her Bass
I'm not sure. I know if you get the new monthly pass, you automatically get the etools on the website. It's worth it too, in my opinion.
So I don't lose weight for a week, two weeks at a time, and then boom, at this week's weigh-in I'm down a whopping 4.4 pounds this week.

HELL YEAH! I'll take it!
go Raisin It's yer birfday!!!! woot woot woot

(frantically pushin up the ceiling)
raisin--That's awesome! Congratulations!

I'm down seven more pounds for a total of 13 pounds!! I'm sure a few pounds of that was really lost before, though, because I had just started my period at my last weigh-in, and felt really bloated. But, WOW! I'm so excited! I know it won't keep coming off like this indefinitely, but it's really a great motivator right now. I just feel really good!
Hi Ladies.
I'm new here and was happy to see a WW thread!
I'm on the core plan... it's my second time doing it. During the summer I lost 18 pounds on it... gained 8 back since then! So, I'm back to get myself going again.
I like core because I want to eat only natural food anyway. But, it helps to be on the plan and count those extra flex points. The meetings help too. I don't participate much and I turn beet red when I do, but it still helps. It's the accountability thing.

hey ttchica, welcome to bust! smile.gif

please stop by the newbies thread to introduce yourself formally and check out our guidelines for posting--you'll find we're a little different than most online communities and it'll help to avoid posting confusion in the future.
(((busties))) it's inspiring to hear the weight-loss success stories of real people!

ttchica, the core plan seemed good to me when i quickly looked on the website about it, but can you really eat ALL the fruit, veggies, and popcorn you want to?

i was sick with a stomach bug monday and tuesday (and i'm still not feeling too hot today) and i lost four pounds. of course i'd rather not puke than lose weight, but it IS the silver lining on my proverbial cloud.
OH MY FREAKING GOD, I just want to sink my teeth into a big hunk of Muenster cheese AT THIS VERY MINUTE.

That is all.
Beauty & her Bass
Rasin: You're killin' me!!!! Now i'm craving some pepper jack....mmmmm...sweet, spicy pepper jack.

Weigh in results: down 3.4 this week for a lovely total of 6 lbs so far. Now if only I could have a normal, drama free week where I can actually hit the gym every day, then that number should be climbing as much as me on a stair-master. (Ok, that was corny...sorry girls!)

Off to drink water and imagine it as cheese. Night!
Yay! I've lost 8# this month since I started this...and that's with about a week of getting pretty off track. Love those quick inital losses. But like Beauty, I've gotta start going to the gym.

I used to try not to weigh myself too much, but I've been weighing once daily and I've found that is working well for me...I log it, and the graph goes up and down a bit, but it's actually making me less neurotic about those normal fluctuations. And I've read some stuff from people who have lost weight successfully, and many report weighing regularly...they give themselves some leeway, but nip gaining trends in the bud. I think I like it this way.

My friend made us dinner last night, and one thing she made was baked brie in phyllo with apricot preserves...I didn't have any becuase I knew it would be all over. I also didn't eat any key lime pie. It's not that I won't ever eat that stuff, it's just that I need to plan my indulgences more than that...pick the days and the dishes I really want.
I'm getting back on board with losing weight again. I'm not going to go hardcore on the points just yet, I'm just going to try not to be excessive with my eating. My clothes are starting to not fit me anymore, and it makes me really depressed, so back on the wagon I go.

Have any of you tried that Dannon Light n' Fit crave control yogurt? If you haven't, don't. Just... don't. I had to throw out the whole 4-pack of them, they're so nasty.
QUOTE(laurenann @ Jan 24 2007, 10:38 PM) *

(((busties))) it's inspiring to hear the weight-loss success stories of real people!

ttchica, the core plan seemed good to me when i quickly looked on the website about it, but can you really eat ALL the fruit, veggies, and popcorn you want to?

I would say yes, you can eat as much of it as you want. If you think about it, it's really filling and no one really gets fat on fruit and popcorn! I had the munchies the other day, so I ate a bag of grapes and later a big bowl of air popped pocorn with Frank's Red hot sauce on it (YUM). I'll let you know how much I lose after my meeting on Thursday. I've done that snacking before and still lost.
Well, I gained back three pounds but lost another two this week. I'm definitely back on track this week so far. I made it to the gym four times last week and was much smarter about what I was eating. I also noticed that once you cut back on certain things, it's easier to leave them out of your diet. I went to a party on Saturday and had three beers, after several weeks of not having more than one glass of wine the whole weekend. I didn't get that drunk, but I felt all bloated on Sunday. And I just didn't enjoy it that much.

Congratulations to everyone -- even with a few setbacks everyone seems to have a good attitude about the process.

I am trying to maintain that attitude despite a serious, serious binge on cheetos and chocolate yesterday. Like 2/3s of big non-snack sized bag of cheetos which I had in the house for guests and should have just tossed. I felt so disgusting afterwards.

I know exactly what triggered it, and I am going to try very hard to avoid such triggers in the future, and I understand that I need to just move on, but I feel a little disheartened. Relatedly (because what triggered it was trying to find a dress for a particular occasion with my mother) I am frustrated because even though my weight has gone down significantly, my clothing size has not, though the clothes are a bit looser. The last time i weight this amount, I was a full size lower (loose clothes at the size below my current size) I figure this means I need to excercise, but I have always thought of myself as in pretty good shape, and working a lot of time on the elliptical trainer does not seem feasible to me.

I never deal with activity points, but I guess that doesn't mean I can afford to avoid activity.

Courage and persistence to everyone!
Yeah, Amilita, I've been doing the same thing as well. The graphing really helps! /nerdiness
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