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pink, i need self-control and planning too. between being sick and then easter ... gah. i completely fear the scale. it always feels so hopeless when i fall off the wagon. how do you guys get past those initial psychological hurdles when it's time to buckle down again?

on a good note, i did get on the bike again thurs and today. so that's something.

and to spur me on, i'm regorganizing my closet today. hoping i get encouraged rather than discouraged by revisiting my cute skinny clothes.
my boobs look deflated, and my waist looks like a tire.

ha, sorry about that.. it seems like since i've lost the weight its come from everywhere BUT where i want it too. i suppose i could do a battery of situps, but.. would that really do much in the way of weightloss?
I lost 1 pound this week! I just made myself be smart, and I went shopping and bought healthy stuff. I've also realized something that I think has been a problem. I usually eat as little as possible for breakfast and lunch, like 3-4 points for breakfast and 5-6 for lunch and then maybe a 2 point snack, reserving half my points for dinner. Well, what happens is that I am *starving* by the time I get home, and I have a snack, then I make a big dinner and I overreat. So while I like having dinner be my biggest meal, I can do that without turning it into an 18-point extravaganza. So I've been having 4-5 points at breakfast, 6-8 at dinner, one 2-3 pt snack, and then for dinner, I'll use whatever I have left, my APs and any bonus points I want to use. It's a lot easier to say "no" to seconds or dessert if I'm not starving.

Laurennoel, you can't spot-correct, but if you start working your core, for example, your posture will improve, and you'll stand up straighter, thus looking better.
yay, sidecar! i tend to stick with eating less for breakfast and lunch, simply because i have more willpower earlier in the day rather than later. but your way definitely makes more sense.

laurennoel, i've never had deflated boobs eva, so i can't really empathize. but i'd say change up your exercise routine. maybe start something new?

i'm still off plan and pillaging the kidlet's easter candy. but at least i'm holding steady and not gaining 4 lbs a day. i'm happy.
Down 3.8...woot!
yeah, i have no idea what to do about the boobs. i went from a large D to a very small C if not a B. sigh.. i'm ok with having small boobs, just please no gut.. but! i still have that too. so i'm going to start pilates or something.. see if that works.

i got my 25 lb magnet yesterday!!!!!!!!

jemisoutrageous- Good Job!!! thats a big chunk of weight to get off
bump bump
Nothing to report from me - I'm on week 3 of a plateau where I've weighed in at the exact same weight. Frustrating as hell, but not surprising since I haven't, you know, actually been following the program. I'm vowing to myself that I'll start tracking my points again on Thursday, since my next meeting is on Wednesday.

Weight loss is really boring when you aren't actually losing weight, isn't it?
Yes it is, starbeat. you'll break through ,though. Usually when I kick the exercise up I do.

Question. Do you guys use all your flex points?
I wasn't using them when I started but I am now, and I'm only losing .5 a week, if any. Is the idea that you can eat all of them and still lose? Cause that doesn't work for me.
Jem, I only lose when I eat all of mine. Weeks when I don't, I have minor gains or stay the same.

So I used my home scale this week (and I checked my weight last week on it too, as I was thinking about doing it online rather than meetings so I thought it was worth tracking it at home too) and I lost four pounds. Go me.

I decided to switch to Core as well. So far, so good. I figured it was worth a try.
Down 2....woot pt. 2!!!
I said "Woot", dammit! (Flounce.)
I said "Woot", dammit! (Flounce.)
i went up .2, which is annoying. but now i have a cold and its taking a lot of effort to not eat the whole damn house.

sidecar- how's the core working??????
i lost .8 last week and 1 pound this week. i started walking for at least 30 minutes 5 or 6 times a week, to which i attribute my success.
i, too, am interested in hearing about how core is working out for sidecar.
Uh, Core is not working so well for me. There are things I like about it, how tracker adds your activity points to your weekly points when you earn them, so you can use them throughout the week. But you know, if you eat bread and drink alcohol, it's kinda tough. I'm glad I gave it a shot, but I think I'm back to Flex next week.
so once again i'm toying with the idea of trying weight watchers, since i don't seem to be able to make myself eat better on my own.

how do you start? do you just go to a meeting or what?
I just went to a meeting. If you join now, registration is free.
I think I'm going to quit WW now. It really hasn't been good for me and I realized recently that I was way happier before I had to make weight loss deadlines and count points every single day (which I think contributed to a borderline eating disorder and huge bouts of depression). And I feel like I have to feel guilty if I want to eat a satisfying meal instead of little bits of chicken. Kudos to all of you who can do it, but I've reached my breaking point.

Good luck to everyone!
hey there. . . i am thinking about doing this, i've tried OA and the no-sugar thing made me crazy.
i have a friend on WW and she recommended it, but i'm cynical. it sounds like most people here have had good experiences tho.
(any good meetings in NYC? i'm in williamsburg)
to those thinking about starting.
the best way to find a meeting is to go to the weightwatchers website ( and type in your zip code. they will give you all the meeting sites in your area, and you just pick one thats convenient for you.. i recommend showing up about 15 minutes before the posted time, just so you can register and weigh in for the first time. after that meeting the leader will go over the program with you and you can ask any questions you might have.

i honestly love it. i've lost 26 lbs now, and i feel great. at first the whole point thing is frustrating, but after awhile you start to notice when your body gets hungry, and also what can satisfy you within your alloted range.

i sometimes have difficulty eating all my points in one day!

anyway. goodluck!
ok, so now i recommend it.
i went to my second meeting and i somehow lost 8 pounds. granted, i really had to pee at my first meeting, but still.

and i ate ice cream every day!
beheretoloveme- woah! congrats! thats a huge weightloss!

where is everyone?????
I'm still here...I just haven't posted anything in a while cause I haven't really lost anything. I always seem to lose some, gain some, lose and gain...this horrible cycle!

I just had some teeth removed though, and ate nothing but pudding and mashed potatoes for almost a week so I'm sure I lost something. But I'm also trying to cut down on smoking, so I think that might cause a gain...<sigh>
Diva, didn't you lose a shit ton of weight on WW? If you're done, you're done. You don't need to be married to it, especially if it is depressing. How are things going since you've quit?

LaurenNoel, 26 pounds is amazing ((,although people that write "I have such a hard time finishing my points!" make me want to bitch slap them ;).)) How much weight do you have left to lose?

Congrats ,Behere! 8 lbs!

And finally, I have lost 11.6 lbs. since starting WW (again) last month.

Where are my congrats? Where?!?

Right here, Jem - Congrats! *clap clap clap*

You're over the ten pound mark, and that's awesome. Have you noticed some differences in your body already?

I'm still here too, but in the same boat as cstars - gaining and losing. The same 3 pounds, actually. Pretty ridiculous, I know. But then again, I haven't been journalling my points, and I know I really need to if I want to hop off of this plateau. I'm going to bust out the quick dinner WW cookbook and make a bunch of dinners, I think, so that I'll already know how many points are in them.

Way to go, all you losers!
i've maintained for the past two weeks. i was hoping to hit 178 by my birthday tommorrow, but alas, still at 179.4. i've been making exercise a point, though, and have been consistent. i think i'm not losing because i'm not strict enough with my points or water. so maybe i'm not losing, but i'm building better habits, which is good. still, i wish the numbers would move!!!
How much have you lost altogether, pink? I ask this becasue you may just have hit a plateu,
Jem, I only lost 19 pounds in the year plus that I was on WW. Since I've quit, I haven't gained it all back, just a few pounds. But I'm in a way better headspace now. The emotional rollercoaster WW put me on was not at all pretty, just ask my boyfriend. I'd rather take those few pounds and be happy than be obsessed and an emotional wreck. I think the trade-off is very much worth it. I'd still like to lose another 20 by the end of the summer on my own terms, but if I don't, I'm not going to fret.

Congrats to all the losers, and ((((((encouraging hugs)))))) to all the plateau reachers and everyone else.

Don't give me that 'only' shit, Diva! 19 lbs. is SO great, but I can see how it would be discouraging after a year and a half. I just lost another 2.4 (clap for me dammit or I'll sit on you) which is good, but it brought my point amount down 2 points and I really miss them, so I can totally see how WW would have driven you fucking bug shit. I prefer the slow and gentle aproach myself, but I still have 70 lbs. to lose and this seems to be working for me so If you want a gay-ass "weight-loss buddy" let me know. xoxoxo

Now clap damn you!
*clap clap clap* -2.4 pounds is really amazing in one week. I couldn't deal with the loss of 2 more points, either. I was having problems staying within my 26, so 24 just wasn't going to happen. And then you throw in those flex points and I lost track.

I've got about the same amount to lose as you do (and that's to my personal goal, which is 10-20 above what WW says my goal should be, but it's what I'd be happy at), so sure, I could use a gay-ass buddy. I do a lot of kvetching, though, so you've been warned.
So, someone at work today said that it looked like I was losing weight. And I haven't been really losing anything, more just maintaining than anything else. But I was excited and thought I should, I don't want this thread to die!
Yay Cstars! Gotta love the compliments. I should start fishing for them, since I haven't been getting any. ;)

I'm still here, still losing very, very slowly. My past 3 weeks have been -1.8 (thanks to a stomach flu), -.5, and -.2

I'm thinking of switching to Core for a while, since I hate counting my points and I don't usually do it. Has anyone successfully switched, or is it better to stick with whichever one you started with?
jem- sorry to leave you hanging for so long. i joined ww in september and have lost around 13 pounds (this school year), however, before that, i lost 20 pounds (last school year) doing ww "unnofficially," as in, no meetings. technically, though, from my heaviest, i've lost a total of 50 pounds. i know that is nothing to feel bad about. nobody says, geez, you only lost 50 pounds?? i get what you are saying about hitting a plateau, too.

right now i'm just tired of dieting. for example, its the end of school, so the teachers are having all kinds of celebrations, and i just want to have beers or cookies or special lunches without feeling guilty, or obsessing over how many points was in it. this weekend we are going to a lakehouse with a bunch of other people our age, so there will be tons of drinking and partying and chips and whatnot. and i want to partake!! it has occured to me just to take a break from ww- but i'm terrified of gaining. two weeks ago i went to my dad's for a weekend of river parties and (combined with my birthday weekend) gained THREE POUNDS. i felt terrible at my weigh in.
really i should keep going, though, because i only have 30 more to lose, at most. i think i'd be satisified with 20, but at 160 i still wouldn't pass the bmi regulations. plus i have tons of important occasions coming up where i want to feel my best, pretty on the outside and confident/healthy on the inside, like my friend's wedding (where i shall don a strapless bridesmaids dress) and my own wedding next year.
i'm trying to exercise daily (walking/running intervals around my neighborhood) but sometimes i just can't make myself do it. i looked into group exercise at the Y, but the times conflict with my summer school schedule. this week i've just felt like i am never going to lose the last of this weight. i'm sure a lot of you have felt the same way. i think i'm going to keep working hard, but will try not to obsess. also i'm going to start going to a different meeting, so maybe that will be inspirational. last week was my three pound gain, i'll let you all know how i do this week.
I am the heaviest I've ever been and I've been going to the gym for 5 days a week for the last 2 weeks. But I haven't lost a pound. I haven't been strictly dieting but with that much exercise I should be losing!

I feel sad and fat.
And too poor to go back on WW.
Hey, Y'all!

I'm new to this thread, but kinda regular in some others.

I'm fat as hell, and I hate it. OMFG---I HATE it! I'm not officially on any kind of diet yet, (with "yet" being the operative word there, I know...) but I'm SO aware. Painfully aware.

The food "fixes" something in me, though. It's almost like a drug--shit--it IS my drug, who am I talking to here?

I've never been able to understand HOW I can be so absolutely DISGUSTED with the fat, yet continue to ENJOY the FOOD so MUCH?!? I mean--what IS that?!

I'm thinkin' of joinin' WW. Maybe the accountability will help...

I guess if I knew, I wouldn't be so damned fat.
Hi, quietmadness. It makes me sad to hear how down on yourself you are, how you're disgusted with your body. I just want to put my perspective out there about how to approach the issues of weight loss, food, and self-acceptance:

I feel like it's true that the accountability that WW provides might help you to lose weight. (Or it might just make you feel guilty and dread meetings...) But even if it does help you to lose some weight, it won't have solved the underlying problems at all. To figure out how to make food lose its power over you, and how to accept yourself, it'll take a lot of soul-searching, maybe some counseling, maybe a lot of talking to people you relate with... I don't know what exactly works for you.

I think sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in things and assume that if we just lost the weight, everything would be better: we'd be happier, like ourselves more, other people would like us more, and so on. But really, you could go on WW and lose 100 lbs and still feel terrible. I'm not trying to discourage you from losing weight if that's something that you need to do for your health (both physical and mental). But please, take care of yourself and make sure you're not neglecting the emotional aspect of these body issues.
Aquagirl, try not to overdo it. If there is one thing that will definitely impede your wieght loss, its an injury that will keep you from exercising. A healthy goal for weight loss, and keeping it off, is about a pound a week. So give yourself time to adjust, and don't rush it. Do you feel like you have more energy now than before? That's one of the things I like the most about healthy diet and exercise.
We eat Egg Beaters a lot. They are great! Here is what my husband makes us:

per person:
1/2 cup Egg Beaters
2 tbsp salsa
2 tbsp shredded cheese (we used Asiago)
salt and pepper

This whole thing is only 120 calories, 5g fat (depending on the cheese), 1 g fiber. 12 g protein. You could put in bell peppers or something to up the fiber.

I'm not in WW anymore so I don't know how many points it is but it's probably like 2.

I heart Egg Beaters
i decided to core it up this week for the first time. is anyone else doing core?
Sooo, I just finally bit the bullet and joined tonight, after weeks of lurking here and the lj WW community. I was actually just gonna go for the supplies and then do it on my own.

but i ran into this kickass older lady who works in my field and is a bit of an idol of mine and we started chatting, and then at the end of the meeting she was like "see you next week!" so then i was like, well, i HAVE to come back. So, we'll see. I wound up buying 5 week's worth of meeting coupons. I think it's quite clever how they weight you, then give you the whole empowering pitch. it's like "here, look how fat you are, but WE can help you change!" or maybe i'm just cynical.

anyway, i liked the leader and i need to do something, so i guess this is worth a shot.
there's trouble, girls, because my bridesmaid dress came in and it takes an act of nature to zip. i have two months, what can i do? i think five to ten pounds and a good foundation garment would do the trick. so this is my plan...
i'm going to try core,
and *grumble*
join a gym so i can go to group exercise four times a week.
what do you think?
Hey everybody. I've never done WW officially, but I've done it unofficially, just keeping a food journal and counting points and the like, and when I was able to stick to it for more than a week, it worked really well for me. So I'm going to be checking in here so that I feel like I have some kind of accountability.
My problem is that I have the world's most sedentary lifestyle. I used to excercise an hour in the morning, run around campus all day, and then run around work all night. Subtract the stationary bike, the school, and the job and you get a whole hell of a lot of sitting, lying down, and more sitting. Oh, and an extra 30 lbs. So here's the plan:
* Follow the Points
* Take at least a half hour walk every day when it's nice out
* Do some yoga when it's crappy out
* Try to kick my soda habit and get back on water
* If I ever have expendable income again, get a membership to the rec center
I'd like to lose 30 lbs. in, oh, let's say five months. Wish me luck, folks.
After thinking about it for a while, I think I'm going to go to my first meeting next week. I've read a lot of this thread but was still wondering if anyone here is a vegetarian and how they feel that affects following points, if at all?

Also, when you sign up do they help you set your target weight? I never knew how much I actually weighed in numbers until yesterday and am still kind of stunned by the number. but along with never having known how much I weigh I have no idea what a goal number should be. I feel a bit confused by it.
After taking about six weeks off and getting a nice four pounds back as my reward, I'm jumping back in too. It turns out I can't really live without WW.
starpiste, when you first register they will set your 10% target. that is like your first goal- ten percent of your body weight. after you meet that goal, your leader will talk with you about the right goal weight. when you sign up, you should be able to find out where your goal should be by asking one of the receptionists or your leader- they have a chart.
i'm 5'6" and 28 years old- my "healthy weight" range, at HIGHEST, should be 155. right now i weigh 178.
we were out of town all week but i stayed on track. tommorrow morning is my weigh in, and next week i am starting core.
but i still haven't joined a gym.
I went to my first meeting on Monday and really really liked it. We didn't set any target goals or anything and just following the points and getting in activity was emphasised. I liked that because I can just focus on following the program instead of a goal that's weeks away.

So far I'm not really having many problems following the points but I'm eating out a lot less than normal because I'm not sure how to work out points when I'm eating out and what I'm eating's not in the book.
bumped for lunasol
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