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Congrats to you jasmine...

with my first pregnancy, I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks too, just to see "viability". I think given my fertility issues, they wanted to be that point all you can see is the sack and a fluttering heartbeat, but it is amazing!

This pregnancy I didn't have an u/s until my nuchael translucency test at about 12 weeks. Anoush, good luck w/yours on Wednesday! I loved having mine because again, with Coop I had an u/s at 6 weeks but then not another one until about 18-20 weeks, so the one at 12 weeks was fascinating to see how much was already developed by then! Are you also having the blood work part done? Here they do a round of blood screens along w/the nuchael translucency, then a few weeks later do more blood work. I did all of that to alleviate the need for an amnio which I really did not want.

I feel like the watched pot....every phone call and email I get starts with "So, still pregnant?!?!?!?"...its kind of driving me batty, considering my due date isn't until May 10! But now after all my fears of having another preemie, I'm feeling like I may just be making it to term after all. I've been trying to do a fair share of walking (1 hr at a time, 2 times a day) and squatting just trying to get my muscles moving again after so long on bedrest. The contractions are still coming and going - I'll get them every 4 minutes for 2 or 3 hours, then they go away, but they continue to be "non-progressive". I have another appt tomorrow, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, as much as I am fretting financially about how much this bedrest/off work situation is affecting us (it is an additional 6 weeks, and we don't know how much, if any, will be covered by disability) I am loving how much extra time it is giving me with Coop.
I am really wondering what is happening with car.

((((car & family))))
she posted on lj today - still pregnant and chillaxin.
hee, thanks for the wonderment!

Indeed, I am still here, still pregnant and chillaxin (great word, Chani). I have an OB appt this afternoon, and we'll see what is brewing.

At my appt last week I was 3 cm and 100% effaced. My BP was elevated (140/90), and I am very puffy, so they are monitoring me to make sure this doesn't turn into preeclampsia....I have an induction scheduled for May 7, but would like to do whatever possible to prevent having to be medically induced. Hopefully, my BP will be better at today's appointment, if not they may send me to the hospital straight from her office.

Otherwise, I just continue to have major, painful, regular contractions for an hour or two, and then they go away. Last night they woke me up out of a deep sleep! So I am constantly in this "should we get to the hospital....nope, false alarm" start.

In the meantime, I am doing a LOT of walking, trying to get my body ready for the long haul of labor!

Question: has anyone ever tried Black Cohosh or Chastberry-Tree extraxt to improve their fertility? These herbs are normally used to manage PMS or menopause symptoms, but I've read in several books that they can improve fertility. I'm taking Black Cohosh right now.

The pee sticks were a bust. I'm going in for my annual check-up in a couple of weeks and I'm going to discuss using Clomid with my doctor. In the meantime I'm going to start checking my mucous, and try to find my thermometer so I can start taking my BBT.

I have to say, I find it a bit frustrating that all the literature on infertility seems geared to people who have never had a successful pregnancy ... it's almost like my problem is "less important" because I already have a child!
Noof,that is so frustrating...though from what I have read, secondary infertility is a HUGE problem for a lot of women. I would think there would be more literature around for that.

In the meantime, I would start temping so you have more info for your will help give you a good baseline for your "normal" cycle, etc. Good luck!

All was well at the doctors. I am still a "solid 3cm" and 100% effaced, and the baby is low, low, low (lower than last week). The contractions come and go, some really awful others just mild and erratic. And I'm trying to do some natural things to get going so I don't have to be medically induced this weekend. My BP is a bit lower now (130/90) so I'm happy about that...
noof - call me a hater, but I'd ditch the cohosh. It has estrogenic properties so taking it every day could interfere with your own verrry sensitive hormonal signals, kind of like the birth control pill.... not really helpful if you're trying to conceive. Let alone the fact that its safety in pregnancy is totally unknown. Make sure you mention it to your doctor.
yeah, i've seen black cohosh on lists of herbal abortifacients before -- i'd steer clear if you're actively trying to get pregnant.

*closes the door of the dumbwaiter and goes back to lurking*
After I read your posts, I did further research on Black Cohosh, became alarmed and decided to stop taking it. Thank God and Busties that I only took it for two days.

Chasteberry is supposed to be a better option, but I think I will discuss it with my doctor before popping any more pills. I just have to get over this "I want to be pregnant nownownowNOW" mentality.

I should probably also stop hating every woman (except my precious Busties, natch) who has a bun in the oven
hey, wanted to get my convoluted/sleep-deprioved thoughts on mommyhood out there and thought the best way would be a blog:

seeking others with similar kinds of momcentric thoughts... please share blogs as i'm ravenous!
meant to say deprived, not deprioved though it sets as good example as to where my mind is these days (mainly, in Elmo's magical drawer). sorry.
just to let you know, car's water broke this morning, and she headed in for probable delivery. will update as soon as i hear.
just got the news from mando - a baby boy for car! Yay!!!
Congratulations Car!!!!

Cooper will be the bestest big brother evah!
YAY CAR!!! Congratulations!!!! Woo hoo!!!
Congratulations Car! Hope everything went smoothly for you...
Fantastic!! :-) :-)
**Driveby love & congrats to the car family**

(Despite being on hiatus, I've been checking in every few days specifically to see if car had birthed... :-) )
hey ladies...

apologies for crashing your party, but as a recently discovered-to-be-knocked-up gal, I have been looking around the past few days for a site/forum that will put me in contact with others who are of both a similar mindset and state of physicality.

We found out on Friday that I am pregnant - apparently somewhere between 6 and 7 weeks - and are thrilled, albeit nervous as hell. Okay, oddly, the other half doesn't seem too nervous, but I am a bit jumpy, or perhaps that is just the constant crying jags from the hormones. We weren't particularly planning this, but then we weren't against it either. We were originally thinking that we would start trying sometime this summer, but basically, we went on vacation to California in April and apparently came back with an extra souvenir. It means that we might have a quite a little New Year's party of our own.

Like others I have seen posted here, I am pretty horrified with the idiocy on other sites and forums - I am hoping to be able to be in touch with other ladies who are also (fairly) well informed of what is going on with them and, at the same time, not all consumed by every ounce of this experience for the next 8 months or so - although I am sure that as it gets further along, it will be harder and harder to forget for a moment what is going on in the inside.

One other reason that I am hoping to connect with all y'all is that, at 6+ weeks, we aren't ready to tell anyone in the family-friends circle and the ability to connect with the lovely ladies of Bust seems like an extension of that circle, albeit an anonymous one.

Enough about me and the bean.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for websites or resources that are out there and are NOT comprised of the top 10 baby names or the like?

I'd love to get your tips and recommendations for resources. I have a great mid-wife to whom I have gone to for general womancare for years now, so I get to call her whenever I like, but I haven't been able to tap my mothering and pregnant friends (of who I currently have 7 due within 4 months of me! dang...) for their suggestions without raising suspicions!

many thanks in advance and I hope to get to know you better in the coming months.

Hi Kluski!

Congrats! I'm also 7 weeks along. My hubby and I just told his bro and sis-in-law whom we're very close to. It's amazing how much different I feel now that someone knows. I've known I was knocked up since day 27 of my cycle and I've just been keeping it between Mr. Jas and myself. It wasn't until I told them that it feels real to me. I'm not showing, don't really have much morning sickness and in general feel okay except for some fatigue and moodiness. Being able to post on here and talk with someone who's been through it before is helping.

As for sites to check out, I've been to BabyCenter but honestly, most sites out there need to be viewed with a giant sized grain of salt. I'm a medical professional and it just plain amazes me how much misinformation is out there. Another thing that I found kinda helpful for some info and a guideline is a pregnancy week by week book. My sis-in-law let me borrow hers and it's good to have an idea of what's going on in there with the smidgen.

Anyways, hope that helps a little.

Just want to vent a bit, may be something more for the big breated thread but..., I just was measured at a bra shop since I've noticed none of my bras fitting the past few weeks. I'm now officially a 36DDD :-( I'm only 7 weeks along!!! I'm actually quite alarmed by this and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the fact that my boobs are now freak-show material. Any advice? Encouragement? I'm really scared I'm going to turn into a giant walking breast by the time this baby comes and I try breastfeeding.

thanks all, and congrats to car!!!! :-)

Jasmine, a lot of breast size increase happens very early on, so try not to worry.
I have been posting at thebabycorner since I got pg with my first 5 years ago. It does have the top 10 baby name threads, but it goes way beyond that to due date boards, playgroups, even fun things like reading/trivia/ lesiure activity types of threads. There is also a lot of information on there for people TTC. A little bit of everything. Some of teh people on there are not as cool as Busties, but you can always find someone going through the same things you are.
The website, which is of the same magazine, is actually pretty cool. The boards are nice. There are a lot of women on there that remind me of those of us on here. Smart.

I mean there's basic preg info and stuff but the boards are extensive and you don't get the feeling you're talking to a 30 yr old who doesn't know about her vagina as you do on other boards. haha

I pretty much post only there now(vs some issues I had at some other boards, one of which I realized after a while was made up of the most homophobic anti-liberal people I'd ever come across in my life.)

Good luck to both of you!

I'm 30 weeks now and extremely, extremely cranky lately. That and my baby shower looks like it's about to be a bust so I had a meltdown about it to my husband(include a long week, son's communion yesterday, and a nasty fight with my mother this morning) and he had the nerve to tell me to get over it and he wasn't going to jump on this pity party.

I cried even more after that. Sooo unlike him. I haven't talked to him in an hour and half. He doesn't get it.

So anyways hormones have taken over, my back and boobs hurt constantly. It hurts to walk it seems. And I just want to go on maternity leave already cause I hate being at work and actually having to be around people. Ugh.

I'm just miserable tonight. I should snap out of it but just can't. Oh well.
my sacroilliac joint is so far out of alignment that I can barely move. Moving without pain is out of the question. Being still without pain is pretty much out of the question. I'm only 15 weeks!

I have a PT appointment Wednesday, but worry about when I leave the country and go back to the US (may 30th) where treatment is based on ability to pay rather than need. What happens when I'm actually big?!

d'oh! double post!
*delurking yet again*

anoushh, will you have any sort of health insurance when you get here?

my understanding from my own employer's policy, is that virtually all prenatal care is covered, unless either it's extremely egregious or unless it goes into the territory of "elective", i.e. vanity c-sections and such. if you have traditional HMO-type insurance here, you should definitely be covered for a few extra visits to the midwife, etc. the only thing that might not be taken care of is if you are prescribed something to deal with the pain -- a lot of health plans have virtually no prescription coverage.

if you have no health insurance at all, do you know if you'll qualify for medicaid once you arrive? most places waive the poverty requirements for uninsured pregnant women, but i'm not sure about residency requirements -- if you're UK born and won't have a green card right off the bat when you get here, it might be much more complicated than this.

there are also a great many nonprofits and state-run agencies who provide prenatal care to uninsured women (as well as pediatric care for uninsured children) -- if you have no other resources and can't qualify for medicaid due to residency issues, you might want to look for one of these groups.
thanks for taking the time to reassure me.

I won't have any health insurance, but I'm from Oregon (been here in the UK 3.5 years) so I don't think I'll have any trouble getting the Oregon Health Plan.

I'm just worried about what happens in the meantime before it gets sorted, etc, etc, etc.

And it's just fucking scary to leave the NHS to go back to that disgrace of a "system" we have in the US.
my suggestion would be to try to find out which doctors use the Oregon Health Plan and start seeing one of those right off the bat. Maybe knowing your red tape is in the works, and knowing what goes into proper prenatal care, they'll be willing to meet you halfway? A good friend here in new york discovered she was pregnant at something like 12 weeks and with no insurance whatsoever. and she was fine, she got all the coverage she needed (through similar plans to yours) in time and is now the happy mom of a happy and healthy 18 month old little girl. And this was someone who spent the first month she knew she was pregnant (into her 2nd trimester, basically) either totally in denial or convinced that if she did enough coke she would 'lose' the baby...
Ok all you TTCers in here...Mr. Pixie and I are going to start trying in a few months. With my first, my ex and I basically stopped birth control for 9 months and then finally got pg when we DTD every night for a month straight. We really want a little boy and from what i read it is best to time things pretty precisely, especially since we are hoping to make this our only child together. I know almost NOTHING about charting and BBT and ways of upping the odds for a boy. Anyone got any good ideas for me? I really want to get pg pretty quickly after we start trying because Mr. P is a teacher and is we could have a summer baby(may-july) he would be off work and could stay home with me.
pixie, i've been at it for over a year now and the best thing i've found is just to go buy "taking charge of your fertility" by toni weschler.

don't let the fact that i've been unsuccessful for eleven months scare you: by learning how to chart, i learned that i hadn't ovulated but twice since my miscarriage, making it a tad difficult to get knocked up. :-)

seriously, it's very easy to pick up charting. all you really need is a good thermometer and the book. you could also check out a site called fertility friend dot com. it's got a lot of info (pretty much taken right out of the TCOYF book) and even has software that lets you track your charts. i also use babyfit sometimes, but the boards will make you crazy.

good luck!

oh, and yeah. not pregnant. i really thought i was because i had a triphasic chart. but it was a fluke. i guess them's the brakes. another round of clomid, please. yay.
pixie- i agree with FJ- we tried for 6 months with moxette, and low and behold, the first month we really charted, I got knocked knowing when there was an eggie, no bebe. If you PM me your address, I can send you my copy of "Taking Charge".
thanks for the tips on resources!

I second the use of the Toni Weschler book, although for the time that I was using it, I was focused on trying NOT to get knocked up (obviously, I blithely overlooked certain aspects of it in the past 8 weeks that, had I really been focused on not getting pregnant, would have me posting on a different board right now...) It's a fabulous resource for ALL women, whether they are trying to get pregnant or NOT to get pregnant. As falljackets said, the best bit is that it teaches you how to really pay attention to your body, which will then help you when you are dealing with a doctor or midwife with whom you might be trying to work in order to get pregnant. Rather than going in and having them try to figure out if you are ovulating, you can go in with the completed charts for 4 months and say, "look, I think I ovulated here, but then not for three months, what can we do?"

I charted using "Taking Charge" for about 6 - 8 months about 5 or 6 years ago. I stopped charting simply because, by that time, I had figured out how to listen to everything else that my body was telling me that would then tell me that I was about to ovulate or was ovulating. Everyone is different, so you may not find that your body is as obvious as mine is, but I can't recommend the book enough.

Right now, I am (blissfully) suffering practically no symptoms other than crying into my food or at the book store or buying organic chicken... I keep thinking that I should be re-testing myself! Oh, I also seem to have a cleavage for the first time in my life...

My biggest concern right now is that I work in a very small office (5 people) and I really don't want to tell them until I am at least 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I do seem to have to go the bathroom every 10 minutes (sometimes by the time I get back to my desk, I have to turn around and go right back!), and I have been hit by an early afternoon desire to crawl under my desk and sleep deep deep sleep. I figure that I will have to tell one of my bosses sooner rather than later simply so that I can have her cover for me. I just don't want the whole office to be part of this as well at the moment!

Pixie - I had originally had the same plan with Mr. Kluski, as he is also a teacher. The nice part now though is that with a January birth(the due date is somewhere between Dec. 30 - Jan. 3. Sure would help the taxes if the bean were a little on the ealry side, but highly unlikely with my family's track record), I have fantasies of holing up in the house for the winter starting right before the holidays and then "emerging" in the spring in time to hand the bean off to Dad for his 3 months...

good luck to all, pregnant or trying to be!

BH--I hadn't thought of that. I have a very good relationship with my doctor back home, so that should help things. I'm a bit worried about the fact that about the time we leave to go back to the states is when I should have another (final, assuming no problems) ultrasound scan--at least according to protocols here.

THat's another thing--I'm all familiar now with how things are done in the states, but not what to expect when I get pack. I think you are right though--I'll make an appointment with my GP back home pretty quickly and see what she says.

"Taking Charge" is brilliant. I wish I'd had it years ago. Every woman should read it.

Kluski, with luck you won't get sick, though I got sick around 6 something weeks and stayed that way pretty solidly until 12. Still don't feel fantastic, but its SO, SO much better.
If you do get sick, remind yourself it means everything is normal and it will eventually go away. That's what helped me, anyway. And if you don't get sick, consider yourself lucky!!

Pixie, I know you know this, but your body may well have a mind of it's own, so to speak, about getting pregnant. I was determined not to have my last trimester in August as I hate summer. Guess who's due October 31st?
Don't get me wrong, I will take baby whenever it decides to happen. I wouldn't even mind having another girl because Mr. P suggested a name that I adore that is close to the name I wanted to name minipixie. But since fertility has never been an issue in either family, I have a feeling it will happen pretty quick once we start. I think the only reason it took my ex and I so long was that he was working out of town prety regularly. I got knocked up the very first time I went out on the road with him.
I bought a BBT thermomenter last night and tok my temp this morning. I am almost exactly mid cycle rigth now. I figured if I start now then by the time my next cycle starts it will be more of a habit and more beneficial. I am also going to buy some prenatal vitamins this weekend and start that.
I just read, "Spiritual Midwifery," and really enjoyed it.I'm in my last two weeks and so much more relaxed than I was at the start.It's amzing what one can do in the last month.I'm so much less tired.Funny the bursts of energy one can get.I packed up most of my house in 14 hours.

It's so much more comfortable at the end.Any good birth stories? I want to tell mine!!!!!!!not that soon any other busties nearing their due date?

The only complaint I have is the crazy aching legs, calcium deficiency I suppose.I'm really enjoying, "hip mama" these days.
I've enjoyed Sheila Kitzinger's books on birth as well. She's very well known in the UK and has a background as an anthropologist as well as a midwife. Very important in the movement to natural and home births. Very compelling reading.

My breasts keep suddenly changing. FIrst they went from 40C to 40 DD. I went and got new bras and suddenly some of the new bras are too small. DD is too small. I'm trying not to panic. Not to mention I feel like we are having to spend money at a scary rate these days.
anoushh- I feel your pain! I'm currently in a 36 E and I'm only at 9 1/2 weeks!! I'm very frightened.

Speaking of being 9 1/2 weeks, I'm struggling a little bit here because I don't feel pregnant. I'm not really having much nausea, I'm not showing at all and I just feel tired and lazy. We've gotten an US which showed the heartbeat so I know I am knocked-up, but it just doesn't quite seem real I guess. I don't want to complain cuz, goddess knows, I don't want to feel pukey but I guess I'm feeling a little bit impatient.

When does the belly start showing? when did you start feeling movements? Any advice or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for letting me rant, ladies!!
Jasmine...I didn't really show until my second trimester. I think you start feeling movements around 16 weeks. I felt minipixie at 14, but I was on my stomach at a chiropractors office and it was just a funny flutter.
If it's your first you may well not feel any movement till 18-20 weeks, so not to worry. Fatigue is very characteristic of that stage of pregnancy.

DO NOT wish you had symptoms at this stage. (I know you didn't, I'm just saying.) At 9 weeks when I read that I could expect to start feeling better w/ the nausea by 12 weeks I nearly burst into tears because I had no idea how I'd manage feeling THAT BAD for another 3 weeks at least. Except what could I do about it?

Anyway, you've said one of the major signs of being pregnant at that stage already--increase in breast size. As for when you start to show, it really depends on the person and the body shape but by the second trimester you will be showing now matter what, I'd say.

It's not as simple as having physical signs to when it feels "real" anyway. I've felt what I think are probably fetal movements, my breasts are scary huge, I definitely have a belly, and you know what? Most of the time it doesn't feel real at all.

My words of encouragement are thank the universe that you are not sick. I was sick for 6 weeks straight, so much so that I could barely eat. I'm still sort of nauseated a good part of the time, though it's a lot better.

It's amazing how looooooooonnnnngggg 9 months turns out to be, though. I'm not even half-way there yet.
(de-lurking) All I can say is i WISH my boobs grew w/this pg! I went from a 34b to a 34D/E w#1 and i loved having a bodacious bosom! With #2 my bb's are still a 34B and I popped out pretty much at 8 weeks and now at 3 months I look 5-6 months pg!!! so I basically look like a big onion... Or a bowling pin... Hopefully they will fill out when my milk comes in post-birth (yes- they get even bigger - brace yourselves now and invest in supportive nursing bras!! Try the Bravado brand)
Hang in there and try to enjoy every moment. I totally obsessed over Every Little Thing w/#1 but I'm glad I did since now I don't have the time!! So first time preggers: sit on the couch, be lazy, take lots of naps and just enjoy the silence. You will be glad you did once yer kid arrives a-hollerin'!! ;)
In the 'be careful what you wish for' category: The morning after my last post, I woke up to terrible nausea and managed to get to work only to vomit profusely in the bathroom the moment I got there. I've had some mild morning sickness since. I guess I feel a bit more pregnant now :-)

On a brighter, less disgusting note: Went to the doctor today and heard the little smidge's heartbeat on Doppler. yay!
Anyone have any experience of strep B in pregnancy?

I'm terrified that the birth center will find some reason to tell me I can't give birth there and I'll be told I have to go to the hospital, which I really, really don't want to do.

I was Strep B+ with minipixie. The main difference it made in delivery is they gave me a penecillian IV. I think Minipixie got a shot right after birth, and we had to stay in the hospital an extra day for monitoring.
I didn't find otu I had it until about a week before I had here. I had terrible bladder infection the whole preganacy and after researching I figured out eith the bladder infections caused the Strep B, or Strep B caused the infections, but there was a connection.
I really don't want to be routinely hooked up to an IV and I really don't want to give birth in the hospital unless something a hell of a lot more serious is going on.
anoushh: If you need the IV antibiotics, they can probably disconnect it after the antibiotic dose has gone through so that you can be unencumbered. If you really want to avoid it, you could ask your midwife not to swab you but to treat you based on risk factors. That way you many not need an IV if your labour is uncomplicated. Read up on Group B Strep sepsis in the neonate so that you can make an informed decision. Good luck!
Thanks, chani. I did have it turn up in a urine test back in England when I went to the hospital with some very scary symptoms that turned out to be the result of a UTI. I havn't seen the midwife here yet--I have an appointment for the 26th (which seems ages away at this point, but was the earliest they had for an initial appt.)
I really wish it was sooner as I'm having what I imagine are fairly typical but still not very pleasant fears about the fact that I'm now 20 weeks and still not sure if I've felt it move. I'd be much happier if someone listened to the heartbeat and told me everything was fine.
delurking. Actually, I haven't even been lurking around here lately. Too damn busy! But I wanted to let anoushh know that I am a midwife in a birth center and we have people birth there who are GBS+ all the time. We recommend antibiotics but some people decline them and we're cool with that if it's their informed choice. If we give the abx, we disconnect the IV (leave the port in the arm) between doses.

I'm planning a home birth (in october) and will probably refuse testing all together. That's what I did last time. Most midwives are totally fine with that, and if you're in a setting that doesn't favor lots of interventions (lots of internal exams, internal monitors, etc.) your baby's risk is exceedingly low. Good luck!
Thanks, rosiero. It helps to have more information. I"ll see the midwife in just over a week, and I can ask all these questions then, but it's hard not to worry in the meantime.

Anway, I thought I'd share this quote someone shared with me recently. It's from Barbara Holland's "Endangered Pleasures: In Defense of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity, and Other Indulgences" (Being a long time vegetarian, I think the reference to bacon in the title put me off reading it before. I'm rethinking that now, I like this so much.)

Being pregnant is fun because you needn't accomplish anything else today. No matter how many hours you frittered away with nothing concrete to show for them - no novels written, fortunes earned, trees planted, drowning swimmers resuscitated, cathedrals designed, or even missing buttons replaced - or even dishes washed - you were pregnant all day long. you were adding extra cells, maybe frivolous refinements like ears and fingernails, to a human body. That's enough to keep anyone busy and justify the day.
Anoushh, I LOVE that quote.

Let me know how the midwife appt goes. I just reread one of your earlier posts and see that you had a GBS urinary tract infection. In that case, it makes a little more sense to go for the abx (because that's a marker for "high colonization" and/or low immunity to GBS, which are risk factors for the baby picking up the bug on the way out. We have people retest at the end of pregnancy with a vaginal swab and if it comes up negative then skip the abx. And we have plenty of people who just go for the abx for the reason I just stated. Either way, if you get the IV for the meds, there's no reason you need to be attached to the IV tubing the whole time. It takes 5 min to deliver the medicine and it's given every 4 hours. Hopefully that means not more than 1-2 times total.

Good luck!!
I had a regular old OB, and I didn't get tested until week 38. There isn't any need to be overly medicated, unless there's a real need for it. Does that make sense? Granted, i had a super-medicalized labor and delivery, which was actually needed, but still.
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