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Since this is my first and only, I think I'll be into the froofy stuff. I'm generally pretty practical too - just ask Shiny. I think I'll want everything baby though. I've wanted this so badly for so long that I can't help it. I have to sit back and laugh at myself. I want all new shiny baby things - everything just right and perfect. Then I take a look at myself and I have to pull my head out of my ass *makes popping sound with finger in the side of cheek* and realize that I'm rediculous. Really, why spend thousands of dollars on things baby will use for a few weeks or months or maybe not even at all. Good grief! I make me laugh. My practical self welcomes hand-me-downs with glee. It feels like Christmas when I get boxes of stuff from Shiny.

Beck I am glad to hear that everything is going well for you. I have a feeling everything will keep going well for ya.

Blanch a baby boy! He will be so much fun! My sis just had a boy and omg i didn't know that there were so many cute boy things!

Hope everyone keeps doing well. Happy and healthy pregnancies!
ooh exciting blanche! and great that mini is excited too!

good eating fiddler! i'm sure it will even out with veggies and stuff over the next little while - all i want is carbs and more carbs - baked potatoes, wholewheat toast, crackers...i figure it could be worse, and so far am alright in the evenings so my strategy is to eat whatever sticks during the day and try and fit in veggies at night.
Hey guys...I'm not pregnant but I have a pregnancy related question. I found out today that a pregnant co-worker went in for an ultrasound on Friday and they found out her baby had died. She had to get surgery today to remove the baby. My boss said she is coming back tomorrow, which I thought was quite fast...I just wondered how long it takes for people to recover (she was about 4-months or so...I'm guessing) and what I should say to her, if anything?
QUOTE(sassy @ Feb 5 2008, 04:57 PM) *
Hey guys...I'm not pregnant but I have a pregnancy related question. I found out today that a pregnant co-worker went in for an ultrasound on Friday and they found out her baby had died. She had to get surgery today to remove the baby. My boss said she is coming back tomorrow, which I thought was quite fast...I just wondered how long it takes for people to recover (she was about 4-months or so...I'm guessing) and what I should say to her, if anything?

Oh, gees. That's a hard one. I think it's fast for her to be coming back to work already. Everybody does thing at their own pace though. And, everybody copes with loss in their own way. There's no right way for her to react or respond to what has happened. It's hard to guess what she'll want, need, or what will be helpful to her. Let her know that you're there for her if she needs to talk, needs a break, or whatever. She might just want to work and pretend like nothing has happened. Let her. She might want to talk. Let her. She might need to cry. Let her. She might NOT want to talk. Don't push her. Encourage her to voice her needs. If you know her well enough, you might help her figure out what it is she needs - she might not be able to. Follow her lead. Does that help? Keep in mind that everybody grieves in his or her own way. Don't judge her for how she grieves if it's different than you'd expect.

Just after some reassurance here - it's normal for pg symptoms to come and go, right? I'm 8 weeks 2 days. I've been mildly nauseous for a week or so and threw up at the weekend. u/s on Mon was fine, strong heartbeat and exactly the right size for dates.

Yesterday I had a long trip for a work meeting (3 hours each way on the train), slept most of the way there, felt queasy but ate lunch (and lots of crackers all day) came home exhausted but then had a nice bath (not too hot) and a snack, after which i felt a lot better, and managed to cook and eat dinner and stay up till 11:30 (super-late for me right now). Woke up 3 times in the night to pee but the exhaustion seems to have lifted, and not feeling as sick either, just ravenous. My breakfast actually tasted good this morning too - I managed 2 whole pieces of toast. My boobs are not hurting so much either. Now I've typed all that out I think I am over-analysing it, but would still be nice to get some words of wisdom. In fact, maybe it's because I ate better yesterday, and that kept my blood sugar stable?

I made the fatal mistake of Googling it after having promised myself to keep off the internet scariness. I know I should be grateful and it's just baby giving me a break, probably tomorrow I'll puke on the tube or something.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have the internet - but I guess then I couldn't come on here either! I am going to stick to my no-internet searches rule from now on though. I remember someone on here talking about becoming a paranoid freak-out of a pregnant lady - that lady is me!! Aaargh!
Yup, it's normal for pg sxs to come and go. In fact, until I started showing, I doubted that I was even pregnant sometimes. My doc does an ultrasound at every visit so I have reassurance once in awhile that it is, indeed real. Hope that helps.
thanks fiddler, it's really good to hear that from you as i know your symptoms have been really full-on. i threw up a little last night while i was brushing my teeth, which helped to reassure me... mellow.gif
thanks Blanche, it helps so much to get reassurance here. I know I probably sound really paranoid but as well as the m/c recently I had one when I was younger so it's really hard to believe it's OK this time and not be scared by statistics. I wish I didn't know about the bad stuff that can happen and could just embrace this whole thing...once I am out of the first trimester I know I will feel better.

Names I like that are not on my own list - Caleb, Felix, Joseph, Finn

PS Moxie's name generator posted a few pages back was lots of fun
names...we're screwed when it comes to agreeing on boys names, if we ever were to have a son. SO, I'll throw out the ones I like!


Beck, when I was preggo with moxette, I was only very mildly nauseaus for about a week, and the boobs stopped hurting about week 8-9. My biggest "symptom" was food the sense of a food was gross or great, depending. Oh, and I was a freaking narcoleptic...everyday, 2pm, snoozing! Everyone is different. If your bean is growing, great! Enjoy not being sick!!
QUOTE(blanchedeveraux @ Feb 7 2008, 08:11 AM) *
i still throw up in the morning from brushing my teeth. I don't know what it is, I'm not even that bad as far as a gag reflex, but it seems to be some kind of preggo thing that brushing teeth = barfing!

Blnche, it was the toothpaste for me. I switched from colgate to crest--have you tried different ones?
beck, i have a no-searching rule for the internet, too. too much scary info out there that is likely unnecessary. and i try not to be ultra paranoid. i'm a great worrier by nature, so it can be difficult.

i haven't had great morning sickness (yet) - but brushing my teeth causes me to gag and almost throw up every time. i recently went to the dentist, who said i have very mild plaque on my tongue (probably from mouth breathing). well, i try to brush it as much as i can, but since the pregnancy, it's increasingly difficult.

blanche, i still love the name rufus for a boy...but not sure if i would go for it. i also really like finn and would choose it, but it's not a go with my husband.

good pregnancy vibes to everyone!
hey loverufus, i was wondering how you were getting on. good to see you.

no way in a million years could i brush my tongue right now ohmy.gif
oh, noah is my other one - that was one of my main contenders but then a friend used it so that's up for grabs too. i really love finn but my bf isn't so keen.
if the girl had been a boy he would have been named Phinnaeus. i do so love the name Phin. Felix is so sweet too.
ah, yes, i like the name Felix, too.

my friend named her boy Reed - but i also like it spelled Reid. for a while we really liked the name Lucas. still do, but it's getting lower on the list.

i love the name Oliver...but everytime i say it, i think "all of her". so, that's a no go for me. which is crappy, because i do like the name.

and i love alexander, shortened to sasha. and mikhail (sp?) shortened to misha (though not sure how that would be spelled for a boy).
Hi blanch,
I'm beginning to show a bit and yes, I think I look more pregnant in the evening than I do in the morning. I think it's because I've accumulated an entire day's worth of gas by evening. I don't know. That was just my guess.

Weight gain? Hmmm. . . At 17 weeks, I think I'm still about a pound under where I started although I'm sure I'll begin catching up any day now as I'm eating more these days. I'm trying not to obsess over weight as that is a huge trap for me. At 5'7", I used to be one of those 100 pound geniuses walking around 'in control'. I'm not willing to fall into that mindset again, ever. At the beg of my pregnancy, I was 178. I'm not wasting away by any means.

i gained i think around 30lbs with little but closer to 60 with this babe. meh, who cares. both pregnancies and births and after were just fine. you gain what you need and i don't think it's a concern unless there are already issues at hand. and so long as it's not all ice cream and garbage food! 60 lbs of mostly fruits and veggies didn't worry me much.
Hey Ladies!
Sounds like everyone is doing well in here. I just found out one of my really close friends is pregnant. It was exactly planned, but her and her hubbie are still excited. However, she is still a little nervous. She is leaving Nursing school and living with her mom, while hubbie finishes his engineering degree. I was hoping to get her (them) a couple if good pregnancy books. my first inclination was "What to Expect When Your Expecting", but I remember a discussion in here at some point about it being not the greatest and somewhat scary? I would love some recommendations for better books, maybe something fun but in touch with reality and very readable. Thanks!
Yup, 'what to expect' sucks. I thought the 'girlfriends' book was funny though.
I gained 48 lbs. with my pregnancy - within the first 6 days home I had lost 20 lbs. and was kicking myself for having gained the extra weight since if I had only gained the recommended 25-35 I'd be almost back to normal by then. But what can you do? I was starving all the time when I was pregnant, and still am since I'm breastfeeding.

As far as good books go, the Jenny McCarthy ones were pretty amusing - Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs.
i really like ina may gasken's spiritual midwifery. she gets into some technical stuff in a very understandable way and the birth stories (though a little bit trippy hippy 60's with the lingo) are so incredible, very warm and positive and loving and terrific. even the ones where they had problems everyone is super calm and accepting and just goe with the flow and see it through. no crisis panic mode, no freaking out, just totally beautiful births every time even if there was a snag. i think it's so great for a pregnant woman to read at least one book that focusses on everything that can go right instead of everything that can go wrong.

here's an interesting article about acupuncture increasing the chances of conception for couples going with invitro.
i laughed so much i ended up crying (hormones!) at some parts of jenny mccarthy's belly laughs. it's not hugely informative, but it is a good read.

i actually don't mind what to expect when you're expecting. from what i've read of other books, it doesn't scare me that much. i stood in chapters early early in my pregnancy looking at all the books and couldn't pick a single one because they all caused me to panic in some way. what to expect was a hand me down from a friend, and though i haven't it read it thoroughly...i don't really mind it. can i ask what it is about it that most of you don't like about it?

i definately look a lot more pregnant at the end of the day - and i agree with fiddler - i think it's all the gas and bloat i've accumulated.

hope all of you are well!!
blanche, i see your point and totally agree. it's funny, because i had edited my post a few times before actually posting it - and i was complaining about their best odds diet - that's the biggest dislike i have about what to expect. i'm still in my first trimester and food is a big issue for me right now. i have a huge aversion to vegetables and all i want is fried food and stuff that isn't "good" for me. so, when i skim through that book (it's my toilet reading book, hee!) i try not to focus on all the importance they put on that diet. for a while, i had started to worry because i wasn't following that diet - but my husband's been great at telling me not to worry, and friends of mine (who have had healthy babies) just laughed when i asked them if they followed it.

i can't remember the name of this book (it's one i skimmed through at chapters), but it was like a diary of sorts - had all this information about the weeks of pregnancy and what you'd likely be feeling and how baby was developing. it was interesting enough and it had little spaces where you could fill in what you were feeling and craving, etc. kind of a keepsake for you and baby. however, on almost every page it had "make sure you're getting enough this this and that!" and "make sure you're not doing this this and that!"...almost to what i felt was the extreme. totally turned me off buying it.

i'm already nervous and worried/anxious about everything i do (sometimes to the extent that i think living in a bubble would be great!) - i don't want to read about whatever else i should be and shouldn't be doing on a daily basis.

i'm going to have to check out some of the other books you all have recommended. smile.gif
Hi there...I used three resources when i was preggo with moxette...What to Expect (aka WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING), "the stress free pregnancy" (aka WORRY ABOUT NOTHING) and

So, we're kinda, sorta ttc for #2, and I'd forgotten how much this "waiting period" stinks. I'm curious dammit! It took us 6 "tries" with moxette, so we aren't crossing parts just yet, cause, well, trying is fun! smile.gif
Hi, I think I should've got the stress-free one. I have come to the conclusion that I should've just not bothered to read anything at all until the second trimester. I already knew the basics of what foods to avoid and not to smoke crack, the rest is pointless scariness as there's not much you can do one way or the other and obsessing over different statistics and studies just turned me into a stress monkey.

I got 'A Child Is Born' by Lennart Nilsson and The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger. The Lennart Nilsson book has cool pictures but the text isn't great. The Sheila K book I liked for its coverage of natural birth but overall the layout and content felt a bit disjointed. I'm going to look out instead for the week-by-week book my SIL has, but I don't think it's available in the US.

Sorry this doesn't have any positive recommendations but it might help to narrow things down.

Chill-out vibes to my fellow nervous preggos! I have decided to spend some time each day reminding myself that I am pregnant and everything is fine, it's helping me to stay happy and get on top of the occasional freak-out.

And I have to say some of the wisest advice I have had has been from this board, not from any books.
Blanch and Loverufus,

I have that journal. At the beginning of my pg, I read it every day. Now I read it once a week or so. I like it because it tells me what my baby is doing. I don't like that it tells me each day what I need to be eating, the supplements I need to be taking, etc. At the beginning, and for a coupla months, I was so sick that I felt nothing but guilty because I was unable to fulfill those 'requirements'. Now I just read the baby part and skip the nutrition part of the entries.

if you're looking for how the fetus is developing, i'd suggest:

Visembryo. We just found it super cool. Also,
i should have bought that journal just for the baby development stuff.

seriously - every day i worry about something new! each morning i wake up and tell myself i am not going to worry about anything...but that never happens. mind you, most of my little worries are more like curious wonderings about things and hoping that whatever it is i'm thinking about doesn't have a negative effect on the baby. (like today for example, i had forgot to put on deodorant/anti-perspirant, and had an old stick (expired in 2005!) in my bag. well, then i started wondering if old anti-perspirant would harm the baby).

here's a question for some of you (and i feel slightly silly asking this) - i think some of you have a good knowledge of naturopathic stuff, etc. i have read (before my decision to stop searching the internet for info) that elderberry juice is not recommended during pregnancy. but if it's in things - like fruit juices and fruit bars (like regular dole and sunrype products - of which i've been scarfing down many) - that should be okay right? i'm assuming that it might be like the herbs that we should stay away from in potent doses but in food they're okay? just curious (this is the type of stuff i worry about!).

beck - i need to do what you do - just think that i am pregnant and everything is okay. i read (i think it was on another message board i frequent) someone saying that they have a mantra they repeat when they start stressing about something - "love and health to my baby" or something like that. i try that, too.

okay, sorry for the lengthy post. and all my worried ramblings!

good luck trying for #2 moxiegirl!

In the UK you shouldn't have a hard time finding Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Lesley Regan. (I got a copy from the Worcestershire County Library when I was living there for the first half of the pregnancy and the only reason I didn't buy a copy was that I was worried about transporting one more thing when we moved to the states. In the end I wished I'd bought one!)

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

DO NOT, under any circumstances get the book of a similar name by
Glade Curtis. It was HORRIBLE.

Full of scare mongering crap that said things like "you are a horrible person if you even THINK about a home birth" but never backed any of those claims up by facts. The worst kind of conventional medical book, in my opinion--one that claims to be based on "science" but which is instead based mostly on current medical culture, which often is only belief and tradition, not necessarily what's medically proven (and often wrong.)

The one I first mentioned had cooll pictures of the mom week by week as her pregnancy progressed, and the author was a doctor and mother of twins. Lots of pictures and very reassuring.

Sheila Kitzinger's book was good too, I thought. I also liked Ina May Gaskin's books, and the Sears books.

I thought the Girlfriend's Guide was annoying. I wanted to liked it, but I didn't.

I still say the worst part of the entire pregnancy was the constant nausea for weeks and weeks. I had a kind of scar y labor (just because it was so fast and overwhelming) and as much as it hurt I'd do that again before I'd want to do the nausea again.

Great news that the accupuncture is making a difference for you, Fiddler! I'd never thought of trying that--wish I had.

I'm going to refer you to chachaheels. she can be found in the naturally healthy thread, the general health questions thread, and in the becoming healthy thread here at our bodies, our hells. she's a great source of pretty sound info and is well trained.

cheers anoussh, i think that is the one my SIL had, i'm going to go ahead and order it.

i'm 9 weeks and 2 days, and my waistline is starting to disappear. my usual work clothes are a pencil skirt and fine knit, tight jumper combo with high boots (every single day - i am not very imaginative or interested in my clothes). this kind of relies on a vaguely hourglass figure to pull it off and i think this may not be the case for much longer.

I think i can stretch it out a little longer by wearing a tailored shirt and a tank top to smooth over the belly, but I will need new stuff soon.

Any tips for office-bound preggos? I don't have to wear a suit but i work in government and a lot with cops so i need to look presentable (no jeans).
thanks fiddler! i'll post part of that post in one of those threads.

when does everyone here consider the beginning of the 2nd trimester? i always thought it was 12 weeks, but then i read somewhere that it is 14 weeks. is it the beginning or end of those weeks?
i'm not sure either, but i think it is at 12 weeks (not 14) that the m/c risk drops (i hope so anyway). that's all i really care about!
i wanted to like that girlfriend's guide too but i didn't. it was written in that wanna be hip "your husband is a clueless jerk, all women are shallow bitches who are obsessed with their fat asses and only care about fashion" kind of attitude that's popularized by bad tv these days. i'm just not into it. it was trite and low brow and uptight and lame.
can you tell i hated it?

beck, i had a skirt that was basically a long tube of stretch fabric that i wore with the waistband high up (practically under my boobs by the end!) so i could wear any kind of top with it and no belly hung out. it was dressy or casual depending on what i paired it with and it clung to the belly instead of just hanging straight down from the widest spot and making me look like a house. it's good to have legs, it keeps you looking human.
if you can't find one it is super easy to sew. the front waist band goes up in a bit of a curve instead of just straight across so it all hangs right when it's pulled over the bump.
also if you sew you can grab some dress pants from a thrift store and replace the front with a half circle of stretych fabric and wear a long tunic style shirt with those. pregnancy pants are usually so ugly but if you pick out pairs that you like and convert them you can still look like yourself.

I got some terrific "work pants" and a couple of great "work dresses" from the local 2nd hand store. I lived in Chinos, grey pants and 2 dresses for 6 months.

So, i am feeling this weird cramping...being my first month off the pill, i have zero accurate preditors of any, i could be implanting or PMSing. Awesome. I, the former girl scout, am prepared with both tampons and a pregnancy test. At this pointm either outcome is fine by me.
fun fun fun! hope you'll be joining the preggo ranks soon moxie, and that #2 will be a nice easy one.
Beck, by 8 weeks your odds of not having miscarriage are pretty darn good (I felt better after 8 weeks) and then by 12 you are pretty much in the clear (as much as you can ever be.)

I remember thinking "when I get to eight weeks I'll stop worrying" and then it hit me--I'll never, ever stop worrying again. Which is true, but I worried a lot less about miscarriage after that.
I'd never had a miscarriage, but we'd tried for 2 1/2 years to get pregnant and at my age (then 39/40) I was very conscious of not having much time.

The Miscarriage Association says:
A heartbeat at 8 weeks increases the chance of a continuing pregnancy to 98% and at 10 weeks to 99.4%. So things could still go wrong, but as long as there is a heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage decreases as the weeks go by.

Best wishes, Moxie!
My period was 6 days late this month. Although, we are not "trying" to have a baby right now we aren't exactly safe either. I think we'd be okay if I got pregnant. So like I said, I was late this month. I've never been that late. I was nervous out of my mind and excited. Went out Monday and bought two pregnancy tests. Took one and I guess I didn't pee on it enough. Took the second one later that night and it said negative. I was a little dissapointed. The next day my period started. Mr. Pug was relieved but also a little dissapointed he said. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I would have liked to be able to come in here and start posting. Oh well, another time. Good luck to all pregnant busties. smile.gif
Hello Ladies. Don't know if you remember me, but I was posting back in Oct/Nov of last year, but dropped out when I mc'd. I've been reading the board every week, keeping many good things!! Funny though I feel like a bit of a stalker.

Any whos, we starting trying again, after a month break imposed by the doc, followed by a <ahem> dancing injury on New Years Eve which left me with a torn MCL. I had to wait until the end of Jan to see if I needed surgery. Well I'm 39, don't you know, and don't have time to waste, so I was in the gym everyday working to rehab the knee. Things look and feel good so like I said, we are working on making a baby.

Check this out, like a big dork I forgot to note the first day of my last period (i don't know all the short hand sorry). So there was lots of "trying" over a two week period, boyfriend was very happy and recommends forgetting more often.

Will test in the next week!
hey kelly, welcome back! I'd been wondering how you were getting on. and pugs, maybe see you in here soon...

anoussh, i (foolishly) did some Googling a while back which suggested that hearing a heartbeat was the thing - but mine was seen with vaginal ultrasound. But there seem to be various studies out there and i'll go with the one you posted because i like that better! thanks for the reassurance smile.gif .

i think i am turning a corner on the worrying, just starting to let myself get excited. although i've been lucky not to be too sick, i've been just sick and tired enough to feel definitely pregnant, which has been good. did have a wobble on sat with some uncomfortable cramping, but i was able to rationalise that it was more likely due to the enormous chinese new year feast i had put away that evening rather than the misbehaving of a little bean.

love to all pg and almost-pg busties!
I think that's well within normal range.

You are lucky, in a way. It never, ever happened to me and though I had a nagging feeling something was wrong I kept being told not to worry. As it turned out I never made any milk, which was quite traumatic to discover in the process of recovering from a tear, being sleep deprived, etc.

On the plus side, I had very, very good care and support at that point. And of course the little man is doing great.
i'm 9 weeks 5 days and feeling F.A.T.

i have been eating pretty well - normal healthy meals and snacking on crackers (i think the kind you call saltines - the kind that aren't all greasy/cheesy). i have been starving hungry although not able to eat large meals.

i'm cool with it except we are about to go to my really nosy friend's house for dinner and i would love to wear a big smock and let it all hang out, but am sick of her intrusiveness. she totally doesn't seem to get why someone doesn't tell the whole world and her dog the second they get a line on the peestick. in fact, right now, she doesn't seem to get much at all... sounds like she has been being pretty obnoxious to my friend whose baby died last year - basically taking out her new-mum stress on a girl who would love to have that kind of stress in her life - so not cool. i so can't be arsed to deal with her right now...
i'd say go ahead and wear your smock and if she asks, tell her you're bloated or that you've been lazy with working out. no need to say you're with child. people with her lack of tack and understanding piss me off. they don't deserve to know.

beck, I agree with fiddler, wear what is comfortable and use the bloated excuse if she asks...people like that make me crazy. I have a close friend that knows I'm trying and every time we get together with a group of friends she announces that fact. It makes me really uncomfortable especially since the MC. I need to talk to her about it, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Which brings me to a positive pregnancy test. Yay!? I can't get too excited yet. I've been obsessively peeing on sticks the last four days, a total waste of money, but I can't help it. I work in the sciences, so I like the tests with the two lines so I can compare the intensity of my response to the control. It has been steadily getting darker...more and more hormones!

It feels different this time, all mental I'm sure, but I'm feeling positive...HA! Sooo, you all say heart beat at eight weeks is a good sign eh? I wish I could fast forward two months and be done with the worry.
Woo-hoo! Two lines is a positive test, no matter how dark the test line is. I was able to see a heart beat at 6 weeks via ultrasound. It was just about the coolest thing ever! I wish you the best!

I have never been pregnant (and really aren't trying to any time soon) but for some reason lately, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding fascinates me to no end. Like I'm constantly trying to learn more about it and I really think its a beautiful process. Does that mean my biological clock is a blaring alarm instead of just ticking LOL Just thought I'd come through this thread and say congrats to all the bustie moms-to-be. Im sure you all will be glad when the little angels finally come into the world. Best wishes and good luck!
well, mrg showed up, precisely on the morning of the 30th day of my cycle. Seems like the old clock is ticking as it should. That is good news henceforth. smile.gif Can't wait to really join you all again!
Today is my last chance to wager my bet as to the gender of our baby. Our big ultrasound is in 2 hours. For the record - about a dozen people, mostly family, some random folks, think we're having a girl. I'm the only person who thinks we're having a boy.

I'd better start in on the water so I can be good and miserable by the time they finally call my name.

fiddler: I'll go with boy! Have Fun! and Tell us as soon as you get back.

go moxie, go moxie, go moxie (am doing cabbage patch while chanting)

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