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good luck, shiny!!! i know you and your little one will do remarkably well!! YAY for all the new babies!!!!

i haven't been here since my little guy was born on july 8th, save a couple short visits to the okay thread so i figure i should update you with my birth story:

i started having contractions early in the of 7/7 and thought for sure that my predictions were going to come true. by 4am or so, i was having a couple per hour and then by 8am, they were about every ten minutes. i couldn't believe how fast it was happening. my sister, an l&d nurse by trade, was visiting me and was scheduled to leave that morning to go back to north carolina but decided to stick around. contractions seemed to stall between 5-7 minutes but around 1pm, sis said we should go to the hospital just to see where i was. it was obvious that i was in labor, but we just didn't know how far. i thought for sure they'd send me home but when the nurse (who happened to be my sister's best friend from high school!) checked me, i was already at a 5. she told mrfj she thought i would have the baby in the next few hours.

so they moved me to a labor room and we made all the appropriate calls, etc. they offered me pain relief and were shocked when i told them that i didn't think i needed it. i truly thought i would be fine since i'd already been dealing with the pain for that morning. but then, when she checked me again and i was a 7, my water broke and the "real" contractions started so i called the anesthesiologist back to the room and he gave me some demerol, which made me not care about the pain as much. i had taken my xrays and he told me that he wasn't sure if the epi would work because of the scar tissue in my back but that there was no way really to tell except to try. at first i thought i would be fine with just the demerol, but then i started having terrible pain in my back. now, i'm not a wimp - i broke my back four years ago, so i know what pain is. i needed relief so we tried it. and it seemed to work for a little while. i didn't feel anything in my nether-regions at least!

i guess i started pushing around 3 or 4pm. my mom and sister were there with me (and mrfj too, of course). i pushed for hours with just the nurses in the room with me and he was coming down. but he was sideways and was getting caught on my pubic bone. finally the doc came in (not my doc as he had a family event going on that day, but i didn't care at that point) and she said we should try the vacuum to see if that could help me. they maneuvered me into several positions and had me sitting up at one point even, but i couldn't get him out. the doc would say, "ok, fj! one more contraction and give us three good pushes." and i would give her six. i REALLY didn't want a c-section! but because of my spinal fusion, his position and the blocked epidural, i could only push to a certain point and when the pain intensified, my natural reaction was to let off a little bit - just when i should have been pushing my hardest. so at 11:45p, the doc said she was sorry but i needed to go to the operating room and that i just wasn't going to be capable of doing it. the baby was fine, but she just didn't think my body was going to allow it.

i knew i had tried with everything i had, but i still cried and cried when they took me. but at the same time, i was relieved that the pain was going to come to an end. they gave me a spinal in the OR because that was the only way to help me. and then, about 45 minutes later, the most beautiful little boy was put in my arms and it was all worth it!

i have spent the past four weeks in sleepy bliss and i am loving every minute of mommyhood!
damn! girlie, that is a great story! Every birth is great, but little jackaroo really pushed you! And, to look SO DAMN GOOD in the OR wonder mrfj knows he's a lucky man. I can't wait to see more pics? how is recovery progressing?
Shiny had her baby!!!! Healthy little boy. Everyone is doing well. Yip-eeeeeeeee!
YAY for shinyNEWboy!
Congratulations Shiney!Great story FJ! I'll post my birth story soon. I wrote it out once for another wenbsite so I'll copy it over. Tristan was really jaundiced for a while. We had to do phototherapy for 2 days. Then he got thrush! Now that he's 2 weeks old we are finally starting to get over everything. His eyes are really gunky right now, but it's the same color as the meds and I think once we are done with the meds that will go away too.
Congratulations, Shiny! Can't wait to see this new little one. Such an exciting time!

So, I posted on the hip mama thread and wanted to ask the same quesiton here. Basically, baby shower time is coming up and I wondered if anyone registered or knows of any eco-friendly sites for gifts. Any suggestions?
hi ladies,
i'm wondering... did any of you take dizzy spells during your pregnancy? i get them every few weeks and sometimes theyre quite bad.

archegonia, i didn't get dizzy spells, but my mom did. She said it was low blood pressure. Have you discussed it with your medical team?

well i mentioned it to my doula today and she asked how my blood pressure was - dr. lady says its fine. she also asked about my blood sugar - dr. lady says thats fine too. so doula suggests that perhaps its stress. 'll have to ask dr. lady when i see her next... its just that i dont really trust her. i'm afraid she'll just pass me a prescription and usher me out of the office.

the reason i havent asked until now is that altho i've been getting dizzy spells every couple of weeks since about week 4 they dont feel like i should worry. they just feel like the baby and my body are saying lie down and relax for a few. NOW.

your moms dizziness was blood pressure? hmmm... did she ever faint? and how frequent were they?

(thank you)
anemia is another possible cause. i had some trouble with that early on and had to adjust my diet to help. i had dizzy spells but never passed out.
Here's our birth story:

Tuesday, I woke up feeling really bad. Dh told me I ought to stay home from work, but I didn't want to burn through my time off right before I go on maternity leave so I went in anyway. I called Dh a couple of times because I was really not feeling good and I was running a temp of 100. So I finally decided to call the doctors office.
My doctor wasn't available, but the one I talked to said it didn't sound like I was in labor, but she wanted me to go to the hospital anyway to get a NST and to rule out infections because the hospital would get their labs back much sooner.
DH was having a very bad hectic day and was more than a little freaked out when I told him to pack his pag and grab everything just in case. So we got to L & D and it was really obvious on the monitors that I was having a lot of contractions. Nothing regular and the weren't progressing, but I also had a really bad kidney infection so they put me on IV fluids and wanted to keep me overnight to do 24 hour IV antibiotics.
Wednsday I spent the whole day on IV's. The baby's heartrate kept acting funny and the nurses were kind of down playing it, but not really telling us much other than they didn't like the way it looked, and my doctor still wasn't releasing me even though my contractions had stopped after the infection was treated. They sent me for an ultrasound to measure the baby so they could try to determine how developed he was since it was still 3 weeks from the due date. He scored an 8 out of 8, but the U/S tech seemed to think I was going home in the morning.
Wednsday night was really rough. I just laid in bed and cried because I knew something was wrong or they would be sending me home and no one would commit one way or the other as to if the doctor was considering induction or even c section.
Thursday morning my doctor came into my room at 8 am...he said I was close enough to term and they couldn't figure out what was going on with the heartrate so they had decided it was time to induce! It all moved very quickly! I had time to call just a few family members and my ex husband so he could bring Kimmie home. They started pitocin at 8:30, and at 9 my doctor broke my water before heading to his office. I don't remember time and cm's, but I know I progressed pretty quickly. I finally asked for an epidural around noon. That was an experience! The guy did it differently than the last time and had to repoke me 4 times before he got it in right! I was seriously freaking out that I was going to have one of those epidural gone wrong stories, but once he got it in, it was great! I never felt anything else. I went to a 10 within the hour.
When the doctor showed up, I pushed for less than half an hour before he was out! I didn't even tear other than the small episiotomy, so my recovery has been pretty easy.
Tristan is healthy and happy! They still don't know why the heart rate looked so bad on the monitors, but my doctor and the pediatrician both agreed that it was just time for him to come out. He's 6lb, 11 oz and 19 inches long. He was born at 3:13 on 7/26 and already breastfeeding like a champ!
Beautiful story, Pixie! I'm glad everyone is healthy and happy!
You didn't happen to have your baby at OUMED did you?

Meanwhile, one of my best friends wouldn't listen to me telling her that she NEEDS to go to the hospital. She's 2 1/2 weeks overdue, and HUGE, but her midwife kept telling her that she could stay home. I told her she needed to go to the hospital to get induced because her baby was going to be huge so she may not be able to have it naturally. I also tried warning her about meconium. She wouldn't listen. She's now in the hospital trying to deliver an estimated 11 lb. baby who has indeed swallowed meconium.

Here's to hoping everything turns out okay.
thats wonderful pixie, congratulations!!
pixiedust I had him at St. Francis. I hope your friend has a safe delivery.
hi ladies,
i saw dr. lady and told her about the dizzy spells and seeing spots and she says not to worry about it...?

i dropped this week and it really feels like everythings different! did you ladies experience a dramatic drop? they tell me it drops again and again. i'd love to hear your stories.
What is this "dropping"? I am 8ish months and have only heard of the dropping, or lightening, very close to labor.

So this little one has become really active and kept my man up all night kicking! So much for snuggling and bonding with the baby--my partner's exhausted today--and the little one's not even born yet.

Has anyone had luck getting posterior babies to turn? I feel like I stay pretty active, but I guess I have to do more pelvic rocks and hang out on the hands and knees for a good portion of each day, and am trying to come up with little projects, like picking up things off the floor and excuses to go up the stairs, to keep me in the right kind of position.
lapis, don't worry too much about delivering a posterior baby, as it's definitely possible and if your baby is moving a lot, he or she might well flip around for delivery, even after labor starts. you might want to discuss external cephalic version with your caregivers and see who has experience in it, as that can help too...

i've heard that lightening or dropping often occurs several weeks before a first baby arrives. i didn't notice anything myself. i'm now 36+ weeks with my second and also haven't noticed anything except that i feel huge and can't wait to no longer feel that way (i didn't have this feeling with the first, fwiw).

anyway, hi to all the new and prospective mamas, and happy trails!

wheee, blanche!! happy knocked up vibes to YOU!!! ~*fingers and toes all crossed like*~

dropping, when the baby's head (usually) engages the birth canal, ei drops down in birthing readiness position. you know you don't have long to go after that happens!!

not to worry about the head up position either, just trust. worrying never moved a baby anyhow.

with this baby i had little talk to my lowest belly in a quiet voice. apparently babes-to-be will turn towards a childs voice. isn't that nice? she came out head first anyhow!
hi hi,

morning sickness started in a few weeks for me. first time was about 2 weeks. didnt really kick my ass till about 3-4 weeks tho.

the droppedness feels crazy. its like everything all of a sudden take so much more energy than it did! why after 9 months of discomfort, sobriety, hormones, pain...etc do we have to give labour? i'm getting really nervous. and i know nerves are only gonna make it worse but i cant help it!

and how come he donates a single haploid cell and we have to bake the whole rest of it from scratch?? please forgive me my 3 am panic attack. i'm 9 months cooked... we can get away with a lot, non?

[Soon-to-be] mamas,
Thanks for the encouragement. I only worry because my midwife intimated that she would not do a home birth with a first-time mom having a posterior baby--I would be bummed if I wind up in the hospital because of that! But there is still time.

I also wonder if any of you have had weird pains from your skin stretching from the formation of the 'shelf'--mine are under my boobs--maybe some nerves are exposed? Any suggestions?
lapis, mt baby is 4wks old and yes, i had such a sore spot. i don't thin it was from mt skin stretching though. i think it was where lil was close to the skin because of the widening of the abdominal muscles to accommodate for baby. i found that gentle pressure against the sore spot helped a little. really the best help is to have your baby though. good luck!
blanche, i had cramps and even a day of brown bleeding (how my period usually starts) when i was first pregnant. i was so sure i was just getting my period and was shocked when i took the test several days later when the real blood never came. the cramping actually lasted a few weeks. i hope that helps!

~*~*~good luck girl!~*~*~

Thanks Shiny. Turns out I have a little diastasis recti (torn abs) and a hernia. Ah well. I guess I pushed it too hard lifting stuff and trying to act like I didn't need to take it easy. In terms of baby stuff, it has moved in the right position so it looks we will be able to do this at home! Hooray! Every night I feel this weird pounding pain in my cervix--is this just training for labor or the bb playing around? Hope everybody's doing wonderfully!
blanche is knocked up?

yay for trying eh?

ok, YES to the period like cramps. don't, DO NOT panic about anything, it's all normal unless it really isn't normal and believe me, you'll know if it really isn't. seriously, any and everything can and does happen so relax. ~~relax relax relax~~

you're body is gonna get all crazy and weird, get ready!
Hi, I've been lurking on this thread for a while but not yet posted...I've now popped over to the Newbies section to introduce myself properly.

I'm 27 and have been trying for a baby for the last few months and this thread has been a really great source of advice, so thanks everyone. Anyway, I have just yesterday tested positive (I did 3 tests!!) and I'm really excited. Not told anyone other than my bf yet.

At the moment, just got sore boobs and metal mouth, no other symptoms - I guess it's the calm before the storm.

Look forward to getting to know you guys (because of lurking I feel like I know some of you already, although not in a stalker-ish way, I promise)!
blanche- while i'm NOT knocked up again, nor plan to be for a while yet, my pregnancy with moxette started exactly that way. I thought I was starting my period, then, when the weird food aversions hit a couple days later (and no more blood), i took a test. I spotted the whole first trimester, actually.
Blanche, the same thing happened to me last month - I'm normally like clockwork (to the hour!) and I was a week late and convinced I was pregnant - the first 3 months of trying I couldn't stop thinking about it, and it was sort of stressful and I think it messed up my cycle.

And then, I don't know what changed exactly but I managed to calm down a bit and bingo! Early days yet though, and I am trying not to get too excited until the 12 week fact I'm pretty nervous, I guess when the puking starts it will seem more real.

Have lots of fun trying, and hope to see you in here soon! Any tips from mums on how to hold out for another 7 weeks till I know if there's a real live human bean in there would be very welcome. I don't even have a doc's appointment until 10th October.

hang out here. Tell 1 person. Read alot of online stuff.


We had the first "when should we try for #2" serious talk last night. We aren't ready yet, but I think soon. Hmmm...I'm ready for another child, but not to be pregnant again. Then again, that's mostly how I felt until I was pregnant with moxette. So, at least I'm steady!

Blanche...that blows. beck is right, tho. Took us 6 "tries", and I was late every time...except the month i got pregnant, when i had spotting the day my period was supposed to start. Just have lots of nookie, enjoy the freedom, and it will happen.
thanks moxie!
Beck, by the time you are 8 -10 weeks they can usually pick up a heart beat with a doppler. Or if you are lucky and your Dr. does ultrasounds at every appt you can hear it even earlier....After you have heard the heartbeat the risk of miscarriage goes down significantly.
Thanks! Unfortunately the earliest doctor's appointment I can get is at 8 weeks - and that is just the initial one that will start the ball rolling. I will just be seeing the GP at my local surgery where I suspect the drill will be 'OK, you had a positive test, when was your last period, I'll refer you to the hospital for your scan, don't smoke', and not much more.

My first proper antenatal appt I think will be at 12 weeks when I have the scan. Not sure how it works in the US - I get the impression you get to see doctors and stuff at an earlier stage?

Could be worse though, where my sis-in-law lives they just do a heartbeat at 12 weeks and a scan at 20 weeks - I think the waiting would drive me nuts.
me again...anyone had any experience of acupuncture during pregnancy? Am feeling fine so far, 6 weeks gone and just the boobs at the moment, but interested in looking into it for morning sickness and possibly the birth, assuming all goes well.
Beck, there's no easy way. You just have to wait. There's no advantage to doing it any differently if you aren't having problems. (My early pregnancy was in the UK, so I know the routine there.) You will most likely be referred to the midwife at that visit and be reminded to take a folic acid supplement. There's no reason to go earlier unless you are having medical problems.

I understand how hard it is to wait--I think everyone feels that way--but you are going to be doing a lot of waiting so might as well get used to it!

(We tried for our baby for 2 1/2 years, so I know about waiting!)

Moxie has good advice. It is NOT a good idea to get "recreational" ultrasounds. You can't "fix" everything, like we try to with technology, etc. Ultrasounds are a wonderful things, used properly, but we still don't know if there is some long term risk, especially with repeated exposure. People tend to think of it as a "fun," harmless thing, but while it is very low risk, like with every medical intervention, there is always possibility of risk.

Also, don't assume you will get morning sickness or start puking. I had very bad, constant nausea but never puked. I know people who threw up once or twice but otherwise felt fine, and every variation you can think of.

I'd be wary of acupuncture during pregnancy, and I cannot see it at all during labor. You want want to keep still like they tell you to with acupuncture. That's my gut feeling; other people might have different experiences or knowledge.
Beck, one more thing. In the UK water birth is MUCH more accessible than here. I don't know what your thoughts are, but I would have loved to have that option. I'd think it would help a lot with labor pain, etc.
wow - that was super fast - thank you anoushh! I know my local hospital (Kings College in South London) are good for waterbirth as a few of my friends have given birth there recently - just curious really as I read some stuff about acupuncture in the early stages of labour that sounded interesting, and also something on clinical trials with severe morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms.

Obviously hoping for the best with morning sickness, just wondered if others had tried - from the things I have looked at online it seems more widely used in Europe (one article said 50% of births in Germany use acupuncture, although it wasn't an academic article so may have been slightly spurious stats...) bit of an old link but intriguing...

Moxie's advice helped actually, I'm more relaxed and trying to keep busy and think about other stuff. I think I was just a little preoccupied when I first found out!
i second the water birth option. my first was in the tub, no pain and no tearing. it really relaxes you and i think it helps your skin stretch too.

beck i never had any morning sickness the first round and the second time it was really not that bad, i didn't need anything more than ginger tea and to relax now and then. don't fret about that stuff unless and until you have to i say, it may not even happen at all! one less thing to think about.
Oh cool. Fingers crossed!
I've used acupuncture during pregnancy for stress and focus, not so much pain or morning sickness. I would recommend getting someone with experience dealing with pregnant folks, and that they keep the needles away from your growing belly. I saw one a couple of weeks ago (I'm 34 weeks) and have to say that the possibility of putting needles in me becomes less viable every day. It seems like I've become adverse to any kind of risk or pain. I've read up on using a tens unit during labor (which seems crazy to me, but if you are thinking acupuncture it might work for you) and my midwives encourage using water to "wash away whatever is not working about the labor" but have not really encouraged water births because they say it doesn't make that much of a difference if you are in a relaxed environment with supportive people and taking your time. Who knows. Good luck! Also, I found breathing helped with any kind of sicky felings I had. I would really try to relax and keep my body from shutting down and purging by taking slow steady breaths. Good luck.
whoops x2
I joke that my mistake was saying "I'm not even sick!" The next day I was. And I also said to someone "I'm not giving up a cup of tea in the mornings." Next morning I couldn't face tea until after the birth. That was at about 7 weeks. Tea didn't make me sick--I just didn't want it. Not at all. That was very hard for my English partner. Can you imagine an Englishman not being able to make you a cup of tea to cheer you up/calm you down/make you feel better/etc, etc, etc?

If you do get it and you don't fancy ginger or it doesn't help (it helps a lot of people) what worked for me more than anything was lemon. I got organic lemon squash at the health food store (which will be MUCH easier to find in London than in the food wastelands of Birmingham) and drank it a bit extra dilute. I also got a bottle of lemon essential oil and took a sniff when I felt really horrible. It kept me from throwing up on the tube, which was good! The effect only lasted a few seconds, but it was still good.

Ginger was something I couldn't stomach. I drank ginger tea thinking it might help. I don't usually mind it, but it really was unappealing then. I kept trying though, and one day had the brainstorm that Waitrose would probably have some organic ginger ale--I'd try that. I stopped on my way to work. I was between offices, and so I arrived at the office at lunchtime, and so proceeded to have my lunch (which at that point was bread with a bit of cheese) and to take a drink of the nice, expensive, organic ginger ale with real ginger.

Before I knew what had happened I did a spit take worthy of the most cliched physically based comedian. It was like my body said--very forcefully--NO THANK YOU--NONE OF THAT FOR ME!" It just happened by itself, it seemed. I was as, if not more, startled than my two nearby coworkers. I said "well, I guess I won't be having that."

That was my last try at ginger.

I also found that reminding myself that others do have it worse--I didn't have to be hospitalized for IV fluids, for example--helped, as well as reminding myself that it was the sign of a healthy pregancy and meant I was at less risk for miscarriage. (If you are lucky enough to feel well it doesn't mean it's not a healthy pregnancy. It's only a slight difference in risk, but it made me feel better to say it to myself when I was nearly in tears I was so sick of feeling bad.)

Interesting stuff about acupuncture. I may be the wrong person to give an opinion about it anyway as I had a precipitous labor. If you had a longer labor it might be really helpful. When I got to the birth center the midwife said "I don't think I"m going to do the antibiotics" (I had strep B, which meant that the protocol is for IV antibiotics every four hours during labor and no laboring more than 18 hours after your water breaks.) It was a good thing because there's no way I would have let her if she'd wanted to at that point (I was in hard labor by that time, with contractions about every minute.) And in fact my water broke about 1/2 an hour--or maybe less--before he was actually born, so no problems there.

I'd bet you are in a very good place to have access to more information on acupuncture as an option, and the service itself if you want it.
I know there are problems with midwives' staffing levels, etc, in the UK but I think the dialog about what women deserve in terms of birth options and healthy, non-traumatic births is so much better in the UK--not to mention you don't have to worry about being able to afford medical care!

I hear a lot of people saying things like"I just HAVE to know--I CAN'T wait"--usually in regard to knowing the sex of the baby. (my bias is that while of course I was curious, I definitely did not want to know the sex until the baby was born.) But what strikes me about that is the self-talk. You don't HAVE to know--you want to know. You CAN stand waiting--it's just hard.

But the absolutist self talk makes it seems so much more intolerable and so much harder. I think it's a good idea to try to monitor your self talk and think about how it might make things harder. This will come in very useful with the actual baby, too!

Good luck.
Hi ladies! I'm not pregnant, just looking for information. I just found out that my cousin, about six months in, has gallstones, and the doctors are just not at all sure what to do. She's lost about half the weight she gained, and can't eat any solid food. One doctor said they can keep her on a liquid diet until she's due (yikes!), but the nutritionist said NO WAY (thank goodness) -- the baby wouldn't be able to gain enough weight that way to thrive. Now they are thinking they might need to do surgery to remove the gall bladder, but I was under the impression that general anesthetic is extremely dangerous for pregnant women and unborn babies (they can't do it laproscopically becuase she's pregnant I guess). I can't find any info on WebMD speifically about the risks of general anesthesia while pregnant, but I thought maybe the super-smart Busties would know where to look. Also, I was kind of hoping for some comforting words. I'm very worried about her, it seems like there's not really a good way to go about dealing with this, and she was already a skinny girl, so losing half the weight she gained could be very dangerous for both mom and baby. ANY help or words of wisdom would really be appreciated and would help me stay focused. In times of stress I am one of those people who gets as much info as possible (not that it always helps!!!). Thanks so much.
Yikes! That does not sound like fun at all! I wonder if they could give her a spinal block instead of general anethesia. I am pretty sure that is what they do when they do prenatal surgery. It runs it's own risks, of course, but I would think it would be a little safer since vitals don't drop as much.
Thanks Pixie smile.gif Well, she went home yesterday, on this no-fat, low-fiber, ultra-bland diet. She's already gained back 3 lbs tho!!! We'll just have to wait and see if she can make it to December...according to my mum, the docs REALLY want to wait till the baby is born to take out the gallbladder. Sigh. Cross your fingers for me sad.gif
Good luck Phobia!

Not been around here much lately. Had a scare last week, everything checked out, heartbeat and stuff but I knew something wasn't right as the scan showed the baby about 2 weeks small for dates (only 1.7mm at 8 weeks), and I knew my dates couldn't be that far out as I tested positive at 4 weeks. The few pg symptoms I had had stopped as well. Anyway, Sunday I started to miscarry. It's a disappointment of course but it could be so much worse - it's early and it's not an ectopic, and the dr is fine for me not to have a D&C unless any complications - so I am staying positive. Thanks for all the help and advice everyone. Might be lurking in the TTC area for a while - hope to be back here soon!
I had my bb. 7.4 lbs and too many hours of labor--but she rocks in her own snuffly grunty way...good luck gals!!
Congrats! I'm glad you're enjoying her.

congrats lapis!
I have a question for some of the girls in here. I'm 6 mos and I've had a few people ask me if I was married. When I reply "no", they assume the pregnancy was an idiotic mistake on my part. Do alot of you girls get this? I think it's very rude to assume that it was a mistake just because I'm not attached to a male. I've actually pointed this out to a few of the people and they still say it was a dumb mistake that I should have used protection. Don't get me wrong, the pregnancy was not exactly planned, but I was wanting to get pregnant again. I think some people forget that guys tend to walk away from you. But just because they did doesn't mean I didn't want the baby. Just wondering on others thoughts of this. Oh by the way, is anybody having odd pelvic pain? It hits suddenly sometimes. It doubles me over and generally I have a high pain tolerance.
when people ask me if i'm married i tell them "No, I don't believe in marriage." gotta say, that generally shuts them right up. sometimes i throw in the fact that i don't think men and women are meant to live together at all. i don't mind being a bit of a shocker though, heh.

lapis, yay!!!
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