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three weeks to go, three weeks to go, la la la la la la.

how you feelin' ladies? i'm as big and round as i'd like to be but three weeks to go, three weeks to go....
it is sooo hot here today, yesterday and today are the first days that the heat bothers me. i went to a wedding outside yesterday and was just melting. i have till mid Aug too so it is going to get alot worse and i better learn to deal. got a few more baby things today at a second hand shoppe. i had shinyboy with me and although he does great for a ten year old, there is not alot of shopping that he love. i also bought a truely horrible zebra stiped fake fur polyester coat that will be a fantastic addition to my costume box. (when ever i find a great deal on something awful like that i buy it and toss it in the box for future costumes)

i am craving h2o melon so much lately. i have been eating 1/2 to a whole melon a day for the last week. it is crazy. anybosy else craving anything?
craving mangos. not pregnant but craving mangos is okay with me.
i remembered another pregnancy secret this morning. i have NO idea if this happens to other peeps but if i stretch my legs with my toes pointed instead of flexed i get the Worst charlie horse Ever! i mean, it's terrible. this was the same last time 'round too so maybe it's a common thing.

it's getting down to it now, some Heavy nesting instinct kickin' in. trouble is the projects i get into are so huge and i lose energy for them midway through. i started cleaning up my mom's cottage for us to moving into, got all our clothes and the whole fridge moved over, washed all the dishes and cupboards and counters BUT... the ceiling is filthy. and the bedroom is so not ready either. and there are boxes all over the couch and all the extra dishes and other kitchen stuff that i Don't want all over the table and the floor. so, we'll end up sleeping at her place and having to go over to the other one to eat and get dressed until i catch my second wind. what have i done? i must be crazy.
pepper, we are in the middle of finishing our basement and i hear you about "what have i done". oh my, there is dust eveywhere and i have no idea if this is all even going to be done by the time baby gets here. there is so much i want to get done and i am already feeling nesty and really can't do anything about it. i have gotten quite a few treasure at secondhand stores and yard sales and i have washed and folded the clothes and cleaned the onther tings that needed cleaned but theni packed them all up to save them from the dust and carried them all up to the loft for storage till the nursery is avalable to use. (it is currently shinyboys room, untill he moves to the new one downstairs) lastnight the drywall guys were at my house till almost nine at night and i do not have a way to close off the part of the house they are in. i really just wanted to lay on the sofa in m y robe but feel strange about that with people workin in my house and my husband gone. i should not complain that they were working late because i want this all done! i am just tired of it. they will be working late tonight also.

how much time do you have left pepper? i still have 10 weeks give or take. when i say that i feel like it is a long time and i shouldn'r worry about getting stuff done huh?

oh, my sis is going to take some pics of me in my pregger clothes to post here.
pepper, i've been getting the same charlie horses when i stretch my legs with my toes pointed! thank you for pointing out that that it doesn't happen when you flex yours. i tried it and it works for me too!!! yay!!!

went to the doc today, had the strep test and he checked my cervix. he thinks i have at least two office visits (or two weeks) left, but most likely more. i was just at one centimeter. it was my first cervical check and he warned me that i might bleed. and i did, so i'm glad he warned me!! dang! but now i have to wash my dress, as i'm planning to wear it to my baby shower!

we are in the midst of a bathroom renovation, in our upstairs master bath. which means that now, when i get up to pee several times a night, it requires me to go downstairs to do it. several times. hopefully, the toilet will be reinstalled over the weekend.

i have my baby shower on saturday, and my mother in law is having a "grandmother's shower" on sunday! i'd never heard of such, but her friends are all grandmothers and want to give her things that she can have for when the tyke is at her house. so i have to be at that as well. i think i'll be all showered out after that! but i'm excited.

i have bought the crib and the changing table as well as a rocking chair to put in the room. we don't have a lot of decoration up, but i'm waiting to see what i get in the shower first.

i don't have a lot of pics of me with clothes on. the mr is still obsessed with taking artsy pics of me nekkid, which i'm completely happy to oblige.

hope all of you are well! i think pepper is the farthest along, then i'm at 36 weeks tomorrow! aqua, i can't remember how far you are? and shiny, it will go by fast enough, don't worry!! smile.gif

I'm right there with ya Shiney! I'm guestimating that I have about 8 weeks left. Micropixie has already turned head down, so if he stays in that position, I will probably have him early. I was induced with minipixie and since I am strep positive again amd need a penicillian drip, I probably will be again. I think my doctor will do it after I hit 38 weeks which will be right around August 1st.

I've also been nesting. Not doing any remodels, but I have been giving the house the most though cleaning I have done since i moved in almost 2 years ago. Where the heck does all the dust come from?

Good luck to Pepper and FJ! You guys don't have very long to go!
today i hid from the construcion at my house and went to my sisters instead to sew myself a preggy dress. it should be a three hour project but we mostly laughed and i only got a little bit done on it but it was a really good day.
hello ladies i am new here. congrats to everyone one with their pregnancy. i am almost 12 weeks now and this is my third and last baby. i found out i was pregnant very early and this is probably going to be the longest pregnancy ever. today is the first day in months that i haven't felt ill!! yahh
welcome to the thread katt!
Just a quick fly by to show off my 4D ultrasound pic in my av! Isn't he a cutie?
OMG! He's a doll!
wow pixie, my 4d pic were not even close tho that good. that is great! my was aroung 20 weeks though so maybe that makes a difference. tha is a perfect little portrait.
crap, i missed the pic.

anyone else getting the lovely preggo mask? if i get any sun on my face i get brownish spots, nice. very attractive.

two more weeks to go. i feel totally fine. i can still get to my feet, i mean for putting on shoes and cutting my own toenails and such. but just.

how you is girlies?
Pepper..the pic is in my AV.

I haven't gotten the mask yet. I have noticed that I have been getting a few little broken blood vessles in my cheeks though. I can't belive you only have 2 weeks to go!

I am getting really anxious now. I really want the baby to be here...and then I'll get some braxton hicks or something and freak out about the fact that I am not ready!

We are scheduling my baby shower for either the first or second Saturday of July. I'll feel a lot more prepared after that! It's hard waiting because the inlaws will be buying most of the big items we need the most. I just wanna get it over with so I know for sure what else I am going to need to buy. We've already started going through our registry and decideing what item we could wait to get if we don't get at the baby shower.
Double post
my sis is thowing a shower for me! i am so excited! i had such a fun time registering and all. i know what you mwan about being anxious pixie, i can not do anything with the nursery yet and it is driving me crazy. i have some stuff and i have washed it all and put it all away to keep it out of the remolding dust.

i am feeling big and tired today. guts are not happy. i feel like baby is shifting positions and i wonder if it is putting pressure on my guts making them cramp and such. hopefully the position is changing to head down!. i think is has been transverse because i kept getting kicks way on the side under my rib cage on the left. never on the right. i have an appt next week so maybe i will have a better idea then huh.
oh yay! good for you shiny! that is so awesome!! i know you had said you wanted one!

i had mine over the weekend and made out like a bandit. i still have a few things that we need to get, but i'm feeling a lot more ready than i was last week.

still no major cleaning sprees going on here, although i have been giving mrfj a lot of little jobs to do. i guess i know my limitations even from before the pregnancy.

i'm starting to get very anxious as well. i guess i have somewhere between two and four weeks now. i'm feeling more tired lately, that's for sure. i relly don'thave much to add. just wanted to check in with everyone and say hi!
yay baby showers!

as for the baby arriving sooner, meh, i can wait until it happens. once the baby gets here the real work begins! at least now i can still get some sleep when i want to, long uninterrupted stretches of it too. ahh, the luxury.

i have tons of stuff all washed in unscented baby safe detergent, folded up and neatly stashed in the middle drawer of our communal cottage dresser. can you believe i have all of our stuff in one small unit? me, little and wee. i love summer!

i've been reading more and more about elimination communication too, i got a TERRIFIC book for a few bucks on amazon that i HIGHLY recommend to every pregnant woman everywhere. it's called Diaper Free, Natural Infant Hygiene and it's about so much more than potty training. i won't even bother to describe it to you but to say that the author's wholistic, down to earth, loving, nuturing approach to parent-infant relationships is WONDERFUL! i was just nearly in happy tears reading her intro alone. i can't say enough good things about this book, truly.

hope you are all feeling good. i'm great, still can't quite determine the position of this kid but i'm ready for a head up or head down birth. either way i have faith that it will be wonderful and just as it's meant to be. i can't check in very often right now but i'll let you know as soon as something happens.
went second hand shopping again today and found some more supper cute clothes! I am so in love with secondhand stores right now!
showers are fun hey? i mean the kind with water, ha ha.
i wanted to trim what must be a fluffly muff by now but i can't even See my fluffy muff dang it! ha ha.
have you all been toughening up your nipples? those scrubby gloves from the body shop seem to work great. not too rough but if they can exfoliate knees they sure can work on the delicate bits! and that belly oil is working great. almost there and no stretchy marks. i'm doing good.

this kid keeps flipping around. i'm due in 5 days and every other day is head up or head down. i can tell from all the KICKING and from where the hiccups come from. what is up with that? i read this great thing about getting the baby to turn by having a small child speak quietly to the lower belly. apparently the babe will move it's ears closer to where the voice is coming from. maybe little will tell us a story later on.

i haven't been getting too nesty but i have been getting crafty, isn't that weird? i'm going to make a sling today or tomorrow and maybe start on that baby quilt. the bear is on hold for a bit, it's a big project and i need to feel really energetic for that. i've been having a good couple of weeks. i sewed 20 teeny little flannel prefold diapers since all the ones i have are way too big for a small baby. you still need some when you're doing that elimination communication. it's more about helping the baby retain an awareness of themselves "going" then it is about potty training. it's so nifty!
but i discovered mouse poop in some of the drawers at the cottage and had to set some traps and then I Caught ONE!! aaahhh! i had to get my mom to take care of it, that was Not a happy pregnant moment.

and someone told me the other day that i "shouldn't be walking around" wtf? pregnant, not porcelain, hello! i've been moving boxes from the back room to the shed and occasionally lifting a six year old but i shouldn't go for a walk? ooookkkaaaayyyyyy. people are so weird.

how is everyone feeling? any terrific finds or discoveries or secrets or silliness to share? btw that flexing the foot to stretch thing works to get rid of a charlie horse too. i woke up to a wicked one this morning, yikes!
Hi all,
Pepper, I think we have the same due date! Tuesday the 26th! I went for my 39th and FINAL appointment yesterday (positive thinking) and she said I am 80% effaced, almost 2 cm dilated, and baby is at position -2. I am excited. She said she didn't think I would make it to another appointment set for next Friday. Ooo! Ooo! Scared! My mother is here, everything's packed, husband's Master List of things to do to help me and Not to Forget is sitting expectantly on the table. I'm changing my mind! I want to back out!
aqua and pepper! so exciting!!!! i had my 38 week appt on thursday and i was dilated to 1 and the baby's head has moved down to -1. she said she thought i had at least another week so here's hoping! as much as i think i'm ready for this, it's hard to believe this little dude is almost truly here! i will be finalizing my bag (i have one packed but i know i don't have everything i'll want in it) this weekend and i guess i'll just be on standby for a while. only problem is that mrfj is going to be about two and a half hours away at a trade show from next wednesday through sunday!!!! i really want him to be here for every little part of the birth, even that first contraction, so i'm hoping i don't go in that time period, which would have me early anyway. but, the good thing is that my sister, a labor and delivery nurse, will be here all next weekend and the week following - so hopefully he'll make his arrival during that time! smile.gif

if only we could make it happen the way we want, without interfering with nature, hehe!!

good luck mommas!!!!

oh, and pep - i have the biggest muff ever! i can't see it of course unless i stand tiptoe and look in the mirror. i told mrfj i want him to help me trim it up a bit this weekend. he actually likes it. a lot. haha.
hee hee..We're all getting ready to have babies and talking about our muffs! Mr. Pixie is afraid to trim me down there! He doesn't want to damage his special area! I've tried to keep it semi under control with his beard trimmer....but it's getting too hard now.

I am jealous of all the June babies. I am starting to feel like August will never get here!

My big family baby shower is July 14th so I just keep telling myself not to be too anxious because I won't truely be ready until after that. And I can't help checking my registry like every day to see what people have bought!

When I had my 32 week appt last week the doc said little T is about 4 lbs...and he predicts he'll be right at about 7 lbs at birth. he is also still head down for the third week in a row. I hope he stays that way. I would really love for him to make an early entrance without having to help things along.
pixie, i am also jealous of the june babies. i am right behind you. baby was head down at my last appt but moves so much i don't think he stgays that way.

i am having my shower tomorrow and being that i didn't get to have one with shinyboy, i am soooo excited. i have been trying to be really good and haven'e checked the registry in three days. (self control)

really the only major thing i need is a carseat. i have chosen one but have not picked it up yet. i had to read all the reports and reviews before i was confident in my decision. sometimes i laugh at myself with the things i feel are so important when last go round i was so much less worried.

ok, two nights ago i was sick at dinner time because baby was kicking directly into my stonach and it was making me really nauseated and i went to bed easrly and had just a really fitful night of very little sleep. so the next day i was pretty sore, tired and grumpy. i was lounging on the sofa feeling hot and fussy and thinking to myself . . . "what the hell was i thinking?" so i look up with big emotion filled eyes to my lovely hubby who is being so sweet with my moodiness and voice my thoughts. just then he looks at my belly to catch one of those rediculous undulating wave motions visible through my shirt and totally cracks up. laughing, he says, "i have no idea babe, but we will make it". so really when i think about this baby, i go between thinking i can hardly wait to see him to thinking that i am obviously out of my head and was completely crazy when we made the decision to get pregnant in the first place. although i am far more ready and capable than i was 10 years ago with shinyboy i am no less nervous. it is not that i think i can't do a what needs to be done, i am just totally nervous and i am not really sure what exactly i am nervous about.

i took a mirror in the shower with me the other day to try to tidy up the muff a little. it would have been funny to see . . . trying to hold a mirror that is all foggy and wet from the shower and shave and all. i was not very sucessfull but the whole thing made me laugh. no matter how i try, i can not see anything other then big belly and a foggy mirror.

wow, this was a long and babbbling post.

hope everyone is feeling good and babies being happy in bellies.
I think the hardest thing for me is my due date. It is really at a bad time for us with minipixie starting Kindergarten and Mr. Pixie starting a new teaching position. It would be so much easier on us if he's born between 37-38 weeks. Week 39 would really be awful , so I feel kind of stuck...if he doesn't come before week 39, then he needs to wait until week 40. I am pretty sure my doctor will schedule an early induction though since I had one with Kim. But I also think it would be kind of cool to actually go into labor this time too.

And yes, sometimes I think we are nuts to be doing this again when the other minipixies are 5 and 10. I did find a babysitter last week and she seems really great and is going to be charging us below the going weekly rate.
oh, i am laughing so hard at the abundance of muff related posts, ha! what have i started here? it's a pregnant lady "can't see it myself, dang it!" obsession. funny.

ok, it's so strange that you all know how dilated you are and have predictions on weight and arrival times and all. i am just totally winging it. i don't have a bag packed to go anywhere, but i DO finally have a giant swimming pool that we're going to have to figure out how to fill and unfill in the middle of the cottage living room floor. ha ha, hysterical. my sister's going to video tape this one, should be priceless. grandma told little he could get into the pool with me during the birth and go for a wee swim or help or whatever, i figure why not? all he said was "ya, but i want my goggles." pfft. i'm gonna have a great time. if the baby is late (due on wed, fingers crossed for lateness) i'm aiming for friday. it was my gran's b-day, this is her old cottage, she and i were really close and she would have loved that. her trick when i was late was to get my mom to wash the kitchen floor on hands and knees and i was born the next morning so that's what i'll be doing. hope it all waits until then, please baby please!
pixie, try out the home remedy and see if it works for you! that, sex and spicy food are supposed to do the trick. good luck!!

everybody do me a huge favour and envision me having a perfect birth surrounded by all the girls in my family (both sisters, aunt, mom and young cousin, and little, of course!) in the pool, in the middle of the living room, and on FRIDAY JUNE 29TH!!! if we all see it happen then it will. send it girlies!!!!!

i see it for you on tues aqua, check in as soon as you can!!! ~~~blessed birthing vibes to you sister!~~~
Here a question for you ladies...I have been trying to find information online and so far no luck. When I was TTC I was charting my cervical position. And I know that effacement has to do with teh cervix, but exactly what are they looking for, anyone know? This may be TMI, but I was trying to see for my own understanding of my body and noticed that my cervix is very very soft..In fact, I'm not sure I even found it. It felt just like everything else up in there, but I was feeling where it ought to be.

Maybe I ought to ask Amilita since she's a delivery rom nuirse...she probably knows.
since effacement is the thinning and softening of the cervix (it basicly becomes part of the unterin wall which allows baby to pass through) the higher percent effaced the less likely you are to feel the cervix as it will feel no different then the outside of the uterus. you may not be able to palpate the cervix at all as it gets thin and soft, so pretty much everything feel the same in there.
Everyone always says to have sex to get it going, but that could mean lots of things. At this point, when you are mostly effaced (I am 80%), semen with the prostaglandins aren't needed as much. So, doesn't that mean that what's really needed is oxytocin and orgasms? And if that is the case, can't I just masturbate for orgasms and cuddle for oxytocin? I don't want to have any more sex. I feel like he's far down and I feel twinges of pain down there a lot, and it's just not comfortable at all, and GOD knows I'm not having any orgasms from actual sex so isn't it better to masturbate? I think I'm going to go do it right now. I certainly haven't had one since my mom arrived 4 days ago. For some reason I have had a paucity of sexy thoughts. biggrin.gif
You girls are a scream! Yes, Aqua...You could probably get everything you need right now from masterbation...hubby just might not be too thrilled with that. And yeah, don't tell Mr. Pixie, but I have suddenly gotten a lot more interested in sex lately knowing that it will help move things along. He is alreay dreading the 6 weeks of no sex though...which will probably end up being more like 8 weeks cause he's going to see about going in for the big snip snip at the end of July before he changes insurance companies.
I can honestly say since this morning, I have had plenty of cuddly, several orgasms, actual sex, and some mutual masterbation thrown in.
Well, I'm jealous of you. I just am not up for all that stuff right now. I had an orgasm and it was nice. But husband isn't pushing too hard for sex right now anyway since it's so complicated.
I feel all sorts of stuff happening but basically it's just baby moving around. I am just imagining things are getting started. At night I can't go to sleep, imagining it starting, and actually having a baby...well it's a very scary week! But then I wake up the next morning (not counting 8 times to pee) and I am disappointed because one more night has passed without any action.
I just wish I had a guarantee it would be soon, and then I would relax. I'm just so nervous that he will be 2 weeks late, and I will be completely miserable, and they'll have to induce, and he'll be huge by then, and I'll have horrible long labor and then end up having to get a c-section anyway. That's my nightmare scenario (out of ones that end in healthy him and me, of course).
i am telling you, Get On The Floor and wash it with a scrub brush. the baby will come. all that back and forth action with the bump pointing down will move it right along. try it. surely you've got a dirty floor somewheres!

good luck!!
pepper, i had the cleanest damned floors when i was late with shinyboy and none of it worked. not for lack of trying though. someone else told me to walk up stairs so i spent about two hours walking up the stairs in the bon marche and riding the elevator down. (they probably thought i was crazy) i was finally induced for being late and a shinyboy having deep decels. not to be totally discouraging but it didn't work for me. good luck though and maybe you will have clean floors and a new baby right away aqua! keep us posted.
I don't think I want to scrub floors, but thanks for the advice. I'll just sit here calmly and drink raspberry tea. Happy due date to me...
Hi everyone! Hope you are all having great pregnancies! I haven't posted in forever, since I have moved to a hot, hot place for some research and it takes all my energy to keep cool and hydrated, while I dream of air conditioning. I met a Russian woman here who is only eating fruit because of the heat. I am thinking about freezing some yogurt to snack on or something. Any suggestions for cold, protein-packed treats? Anyway, tranquil and speedy labor wishes for those of your close to your due dates! Pepper, glad you found something good on EC--I haven't been able to find the link I had, so I will buy the book too. My pregnancy's going well. I love feeling the baby move--it's such a powerful feeling--what a way to know something is happening, what amazing proof. I elevate my feet at night on the wall to relieve the poor swollen veins, but it's getting so hard to get down from the wall! It will be hilarious if I have to get help from my elderly neighbors. Here's another question, if people were planning to come for your labor would you just have them come two weeks before the due date? How can you plan for someone traveling when the time is so vague?

good luck, mommas!

Traveling plans are hard to make in advance. I don't know exactly what to tell you. My situation is a little different because I was induced with my first baby and will probably have another planned induction. Some people are against that because it's not "natural" or whatever, but it was a very positive experience for the first time, so I want to repeat it.But even then, I probably won't know until a few days before when they'll actually schedule it since they want to make sure the conditions are right.
For cool protien do you like deviled eggs? Or you could just eat a cold boiled egg with a little salt.
who has a baby on her actual due date eh? only fussy little capricorns like me, that's who!!

it's a girl and she's gorgeous. my labor was SO flipping fast, holy crap. i lost the mucus plug at about 1pm and had REALLY mild contractions until about 10-11 that night. just like last time they were about 1 minute long and 3-4 minutes apart and just got a bit stronger and stronger over time. i laid down at about midnight thinking i had at least 8 hours until the birth. HA! my water broke at 1-ish and by then i was having medium-mild contractions and Still thought i'd have time so i went between lying down in bed and sitting on the toilet (i threw up the half burger i ate at 10pm into the sink, eww!!), passed some more bloody mucus, did some breathing and such and just chilled out almost falling asleep in between the longer spaced contractions. at about 2 things were picking up but i still thought i'd have plenty of time so i didn't call my mom or sister or anything, but little woke up and i felt him get into bed with me and put his sweet little head on my shoulder. he started tapping his fingers along my upper chest and talking about how excited he was to see his baby sister or brother born. he was just so terrific, totally calm and just awesome. what a great six year old. so by 2:30 things were actually pretty intense. i went to the toilet again thinking to pee, threw up some more and then couldn't even move to wipe the sweat off my face for the next half hour. i had contractions straight through, strong and even stronger, it was WILD! little was amazing, just totally calm and observing, talking to me about how the "reactions" (contractions) were really big and the baby must be coming soon. of course I think i'm just having a spate of strong ones and it'll calm down so i can get to the phone, get some water, wipe my face, tie my hair back, get off the toilet, etc. that is until my uterus gave a HUGE push, and then another one, and another. just like last time, i didn't push at all, my body did it for me. i stood up when i felt the perineal pressure and two more pushes and her head was out. little was in total awe, he was shouting "look at the baby's head mom, it's backwards and purple!" she pivotted and then she was out (3am). i sat back down and when i could breathe again i asked little to get the phone and helped him dial my sister. she came over from next door and came into the bathroom saying "what is it honey? did your water break?" i just laughed. same reaction from my mom, she got there and was so surprised to see an actual baby already that she forgot to even ask about the sex!! no one has had any sleep yet and none of us care, it was just such an amazing and magical experience and she's an absolute doll. no crying, no fussing, just eats, sleeps, poops and looks like a princess. i'm so flipping happy i could BURST!! and i feel FINE too. aside from the extra stomach weight, which i know will disappear soon, and being a little bit tired of course i feel totally normal and good. and am i EVER glad i made those two slings. has anything else ever come in more handy?
now for the crunches. i still look pregnant!!

hope you are all doing well. can't wait to hear your stories!
pix, i can't believe you enjoyed being induced! that's the first time i've ever heard that. i'm glad to hear that it isn't always painful, that's a relief! there's a girl in the village here who is 3 weeks late because she doesn't want to be induced but maybe she might have to go for it. i hope it's as good for her as it was for you! can you imagine, THREE WEEKS LATE?!? AAAHHHH! at that point i'd be beyond tempted, AND i'd have immaculate floors! ha!

lapis, i did have people planning to come to the birth but i'm glad we all scheduled it for later on. not even my mom or sister who live right next door ended up at the birth! and everyone is happy to come and see the baby after the fact and just hang out with me so i'm lucky. maybe that would work for you? the birth can be fun but this time i was actually glad not to have an audience the whole time. i just held off calling people for a bit too long though!
OH WOW! PEPPER! congratulations!!!! how awesome!!! i'm SO glad that everything turned out so well and that you had such a wonderful experience! man, oh man!! that is just so awesome. i'm tearing up over here... smile.gif

welcome, tiny little pepperette!

and what a dear sweetheart your little sounds to be. i was thinking of you last night but didn't think you were due until friday!

congratulations again!


i go tomorrow to get checked out again. i'll be 39 weeks on friday, so it's coming close. another internet friend of mine was due the same day as me, but had her baby today!!
pepper! How WONDERFUL! Welcome pepperette! Next week, jackaroo joins the gang!

Pepper, seriously, that is such an amazing story! Sop the polar opposite of mine, and we both ended up with sweet, perfect, wonderful baby girls! My theory holds true...whatever ends up resulting in a healthy momma and healthy baby is a GOOD BIRTH!

Here's wishing a GOOD BIRTH to alls y'all!
Oh my god Pepper, I can't believe that. I don't understand how you did that. You stood up, and delivered your own baby???? That's pretty hard-core. Did you guys hear about the woman who gave herself a c-section with a kitchen knife?

I am one day past my due date. I know, not much past due at all. But I am despondent. The fact that now there is no chance he will be early makes me feel like he's late already. I keep hearing from people who got induced. I didn't want to get induced. And I feel guilty because my mom has already been here a week and I wish she was helping me with the baby instead of having to hang out with just me all huge and crabby. Even though every day it is MORE likely to happen, I feel like every day is less likely to happen! I have been drinking raspberry tea, and walking, and today I started breast pumping. That was an experience. It's not so bad if you use nipple cream. But it certainly couldn't look any more ridiculous.

Want to get it over with SO BADLY...
Congratulations Pepper! That is really amazing, but nothing that I could do.

I agree with Moxie any birth that ends with a happy, healthy momma and baby is a good birth!

I can't believe there will be 2 other little ones any day now!

As for being induced, i think I liked it because I felt somewhat in control. They gave me something to make me sleep the night before so I woke up rested. And I didn't have the anxiety of rushing to the hospital or wondering, is this really labor, how far apart are the contractions ect. And my birth was pretty quick. less than 6 hours. I had also been told ahead of time that because of my BP I wasn't going to be able to have a "natural birth" so that anxiety of having to ask for an epi was taken away too.

I had my 33 week appt yesterday. Micropixie has hair! We could see it on the U/S. He was also already practicing breathing motions. The doctor said that means he's really healthy and his lungs are developing well. Anyway, i go back in 2 weeks and then probably once a week after that. The doctor seemed to think he was going to come early because of how developed he already seems and he's been head down for a month now.
Congratulations pepper! i will have to read through this thread since i last posted later but i say that you have a happy baby girl!
Hooray Pepper and l'l P! That's fantastic. I love knowing that it's possible to have a successful unassisted birth like that. It gives me great hope about doing at home with a midwife. Good for you! What do you have to do about a birth certificate?

Pixie, thanks for the egg idea--you put them back on the food map for me and I had one this morning. I am also eating nuts but they just don't taste as good as they did before I was pregnant. I'll keep trying.

As for the planning, I am having the little bugger at my mother's house and want my partner, who works in a different time zone, to come. It seems like somethig he should be there for and that I should be comfortable for, so it's a bit tricky. I will see what kind of standby flights you can get or if I can just books omething way in advance. And the induction idea was good but goes against my inner hippie who has apparently scripted the birth plan.

I also have another size question. Basically I was really petite (100 lbs) before the preggo and have gained 20 lbs at 23 weeks. The odd thing is, my belly is huge. I am bigger than a friend who is 7 months and almost as big as a friend who is almost 9. There were no twins in the ultrasound (and they changed the due date bay a few days) but I feel kind of anxious. Is this just a situation that you can't compare with anyone else? do big bellies mean big babies? Or is it because i am long-waisted or something? Just wondered.

Good luck!
yeah, its just b/c you're going OUT, not around. don't worry about it!
Lapis...people just carry thier babies differently. A girl I work with is due 4 days after me. She was about a size 6 when she got pg and rigth now it looks like someone strapped a watermelon onto the front of her. She's even had to get a band to support her back and belly. I was considerably bigger when I started out and I really don't look anywhere near as pg as i am because my baby is sitting further back and my bump isn't nearly as big. But we are both track to have average sized babies.
Glad the eggs worked!
crap, i just erased my whole post.

thanks for all the congrats, we're doing terrific!

aqua, i hope pixie's story helped you to feel better about being induced if you need to consider that later. like she said, whatever gets you a healthy baby in the end is a great birth! and changing your perspective about something can have such a huge effect on your actual experience as well. i made friends with the alternatives in my mind so that it would all be acceptable for me, not that i didn't stay positive but i was open to whatever the experience brought.
you know, your guilty feelings might be holding you up. i betcha your mom is just happy to be there sharing the experience with you and hoping that everything will happen perfectly in it's own sweet time. talk to her, she'll probably reassure you and maybe it will help you relax...

and hey, i had to stand up. the idea of giving birth into the toilet was enough to vault me onto my feet!

lapis, i showed right away and looked like i had a watermelon under my shirt. it's because we're skinny, it has no where to go but straight out in front! this little girl was 7.5, not too huge after all!

it's the things after the birth that hurt me more than the actual birth. the cramping, ouch! the jelly belly, ugh. my ribs contracting and everything settling back into place, the messy digestion, alla that jazz. oh, and my huge nipples that are so hard for the baby to get a good latch on with her miniscule little mouth. i laugh and cry over that one all at the same time.

good luck girls!! hope you all have a glorious day!
i had an induction with shinyboy and although it was fast it was not overly difficult and i did not have meds. i am planning on an induction this time also. my midwife says that is just fine and it allows me to plan better.
Hi all,
Today I saw my midwife again (the appointment they didn't think I would make it to last week... sad.gif ) I am still at 80%, 1-2 cm, but the head is a little farther down, -1 instead of -2 station. She swept my cervix too. It wasn't a full "membrane sweeping", she said it was the absolute least aggressive push, more like a "light breeze" to help me along. I feel pretty positive because she did say people go overdue with still a thick, closed-up cervix, and the baby still way far up, so she said I'm doing very well. Any experiences with membrane sweeping? Do you know anyone who did it and how soon they went into labor?
hey aqua! i'm pulling for you! i don't know much about membranes being swept (except i've heard it's painful, eek!) so i'm sorry i can't be more helpful with that. i'm sitting at 39 weeks today, so while i'm not exactly DUE yet, i'm getting very antsy. i can only imagine how i'll feel in a week. my appointment was yesterday and the midwife said i'm still at 1cm and the baby's head is -1. that's the same as last week.

i started having minor contractions a bit last night but very far apart and now that i'm up out of bed today, i'm not feeling them so much. maybe here and there but nothing serious. i'm actually hoping that we have a couple more days still, but i'd love to finally be able to hold this little guy.

hey, maybe the full moon tonight will help us along. i've heard that it happens.

hi to all the other mommies out here! looking so forward to hearing ALL our birth stories! sounds like we're going to have a few per month here for a while!!
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