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Big time lurker here. I remember posting in this thread when I found out. I am now 38w2d and having fantasies about castor oil, jogging, cayenne pepper, sex... just about anything to get this party started.
The best thing is just to walk...I think we all have those thoughts when we get down past 38 weeks and it could happen "anytime".

Sorry to "interrupt" but I just got two lines on the pee stick!!! I've had two miscarriages - one before a healthy baby, one after - so I'm afraid to tell my family and friends yet, but after nine months of trying, I would've BURST if I hadn't announced it somewhere!!!

Any no-more-miscarriages-for-Noof vibes would be deeply appreciated.

*~*~*~*~healthy noofling vibes~*~*~*
I am waiting on my 2 lines....hopefully we can journey together!
YEAH NOOF!!! One, for being able to read the line-style pee tests! and two, for Noofling V. 2.0!!! ~~~~~healthy preggo vibes~~~~

back to relurking again.
Less then three weeks to go! And I'm still procrastinating on washing the baby's clothes and getting them ready.

I think it's nerves. I'm starting to get nervous about having this little person to take care of. Plus I'm spazzing about how the hell I'm going to take care of her and my 9 yr old, who I absolutely adore so splitting my attention is going to be really tough.

NOOF! that is soooo awesome!!! i'm so happy for you. maybe this will bring me some babydust too!

~~~~~healthy, happy, full term lovey dovey baby vibes for noof family~~~~~
Thanks for the vibes, ladies.

Well, the last time I carried a pregnancy to term, Car got pregnant with Cooper, so maybe I can spread some baby luck! :-)

I am now five weeks, and alternating between wanting to puke, eat, or sleep, so I'm guessing this is "for real." I also did another pee stick (because I'm anal) and got a positive within 10 seconds!

I've been away a while... busy with schtuff.. but just wanted to update... after 6 months of trying,(more sex than I have ever had in this 5 1/2 year relationship) the ups and downs and a final decision that we ARE not having kids, I made an appointment to get Birth control yesterday to end the MADNESS of it all.
By Sunday night, I told Mr. Cran, I still didn't have my period.. and we decided knowing once again where this was going suggested I take the last prego test (that he had to hide from me) just to get it out of our systems so we would know and shut up. I peed and it took forever. I just stared at the stick instead of my tricky, flip it over and not look at it for the 3 minutes. It took longer than ever. I got 2 lines. blink.gif

I still had my appointment and I said I think I could be prego. They asked when my last period was and whatever and said it was really too soon to tell. I said "well just thought you all should know." (afterall I'm coming in for Birth control. They made me pee again, my doctor came in after a half hour- saying the nurse didn't know whether to run the test. (meanwhile my fingers are bloody stumps from chewing at them) She also said it was really too early to tell. But she said she'd be right back. Suddenly, after 6.2 minutes later she pushes open the door and says in the loudest voice "CONGRATULATIONS!"


She said she hasn't seen it change this fast before and that my hormones must be bubbling. And to go home and celebrate.

As I left the doctors office 3 nurses congratulated me on my way out. The same thing with the ob/gyn office.
All I can say is it's a good thing I want this baby, cuz I can't imagine going through all the people cheering for me.

anyhoo wanted to share cuz we are keeping this tight lipped until about november. I'm due March 18, 2007.
I'll take a little of that babydust if you're handing it out! Mr. Pixie and I are officially trying now that he got his new job and we know what are financial/insurance situation is! Today is my cycle day 1. I just found out my SIL is pg too. It would be soo fun to be pg togther!
cran- that is the cutest story! i never look in this thread but i'm so glad i did. congrats! it's like fate or something smile.gif

[gotta love though, how everyone assumed you'd be happy AND want the news announced]
thanks Maddy. No kidding though, when I found the 2 lines with Mr. Cran- we were like.."oh great. Now what?!" (only because you all know the range of emotions you go through, Mr. Cran was like.. welp, instead we'll buy an RV and live on the open road like land pirates. )

But the mood of the doc office put an end to that. The little nurse lady was all smiley when I told her of the possibility but then quickly whispered is this a good thing? (probably because of the look on my face..)But otherthan that.. you would think I was about to give birth to the Christ child. I told Mr. Cran I feel like I just joined a club. Im wondering where my toaster is.
Yay noof and cran!!! smile.gif

And rosie, what is an abx? (Thanks for your post, btw!)
They told me I could still deliver at the birth center, and like you said, I don't need the IV the whole time. I'm a bit better about it now, but still freaked out a bit, too.

Anyone else have the chronic yeast infection problem (I'm sure someone else did recently.) I was losing my mind. Still not too far off that. I paid a shitload for some cream not covered by my insurance b/c nothing else was working, and you guessed it--it came back right after the cream ran out. I tried yogurt out of desperation (hadn't before only figuring that it wouldn't be strong enough for this level of infection) and if i use it every day it keeps the worst of the symptoms at bay. But honestly, this is a huge pain in the hoo-hoo.

Baby is moving all over the place these days, though, and the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (at about 23.5 weeks) was all good.
Congrats everyone!!!

Quick question for all the experienced moms.

I'm almost 18 weeks along and I'm waiting to feel the baby move. Not sure what to expect. I've heard fluttering, twitching and gas-type feelings but nothing really seems like it's happening. I've felt some weird crampy, sharp feelings with a tiny flutter after but I'm not sure if that's the baby or me needing to pee. Just wanted to know your experiences on this.

BTW, anoushh, I think abx stands for antibiotics. Correct me if I'm way off, rosie! smile.gif
Doh! I think you've got it, Jasmine!

You know, re: the baby moving, I spent a lot of time--too much--worring about this. I kept thinking "was that it?" and "shouldn't it have happened by now?" I think I was 22 weeks before I was sure--I know it was at least 21 weeks before I felt anything that I knew was the baby moving. People saying things like "Well, I felt it move at 14 weeks" and such didn't help me at all--just got me freaked out.

"Fluttering" is the best description I can think of, but that's not really right, either. I don't remember the first time I knew, but once it started, I've felt it every day since, and now I'm sure. It feels a bit like that feeling you in your stomach when you go down a hill really fast.

I had crampy feelings too, right before I started to notice movement that I was sure about. Don't know if it had anything to do with the baby moving or not, but the feelings I have now are different than those were.
5 minutes ago I got 2 lines on the pee stick! I'm a little embarrassed - I work in obstetrics and all my colleagues know we weren't planning to get pregnant any time soon. What can I say - whoops!
Last time around we needed fertility drugs so my dismay at being pregnant again so soon (Chanibaby is 12 months) is reduced somewhat by relief that I don't have the same risk of a twin pregnancy with a natural conception.
MrChani will be home soon. He's going to be very excited. Oh well! I guess I have 9 months to get used to the idea!
Thanks anoushh!

I think what I'm feeling is the baby moving. It feels a lot like going down a hill really fast... Kinda that fluttery, tickling feeling low down in the belly. It's gotten more noticable and distinct in the past couple days, so I think that's it. yay!! The Mr. and I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Weds and we'll get to find out if it's a boy or girl then (if the mini-Jas is agreeable and shows us the goods, that is)! I can't wait! I can finally stop calling it "IT" and maybe use a semi-proper pronoun. biggrin.gif

And congrats Chani... I think.
Thanks jasmine, congrats are definitely in order - we want a bigger family, the timing is just a little off. If it had been 3 months from now I would have been ecstatic! It's just taken me a few hours to get used to the idea. Have fun at your ultrasound, they're pretty incredible.
Congrats Chani! Oh I can't wait till I can join you guys! This weekend we do teh deed and hopefully in 2 weeks or so I will be coming in here with my own good news!
Congrats everyone.. good baby vibes to everybody.

So there must be something in the water where I am, because a ton of people are preggers. I have been keeping a tight lip (superstitious reasons and I don't want to talk baby talk for the next several months.)But one of my supervisors is pregnant with her third, and a guy at Mr. Crans job is (are you sitting down?) having triplets.

I'm kind of caught in this world of baby explosion and baby repulsion though. I sort of want to be all giddy and think only baby goo, but at the same time I want to create a clothing line of tees that say..."not just a breeder. Well-thought out, planned for, coming to a good home of rational parents that thought about this, thought what this will do to the environment, the future, the public -baby inside."

On a brighter note I'm feeling fine. I'm coming into my 7th week. I'm running out at some point to get a book on this whole thing, since I'm not talking to anyone about it yet. My doc recommended "what to expect when you are expecting.. " any suggestions?
That's a really great resource. It's not much of a read, but it has a lot of common questions and answers in it. I'm also fond of "pregancy week by week" calendars online. Just google it and several should come up. I kind of like to know what happening in there every week.
I picked up Great Expectations, and the week by weeks were good in that one, also it has a really good section on baby stuff (and all of the safety standards). Another one I got was The Mayo Clinic's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, and that one is ok, too. I prefer the other one, though. you can sign up for a thirty day free trial at, and there are lots of resources on that site. hope that helps! Congrats!
See, everyone I know HATED "What to Expect When You're Expecting." I think they said it was dated and condescending, but I can't be sure that was all. I avoided it, however. And as there are some books in the UK libraries I liked called "Your Preganncy Week by Week" (a couple different with the same title) I looked for one here. The library had one--a different one--and I got it. It's by some guy called Glade Curtis. Can I just suggest that you AVOID THIS BOOK AT ALL COSTS. It was awful. Scaremongering and full of prejudice against home births, midwives, etc, and portrayed all doctors as wonderful and medical intervention as always necessary and good. It acted like there was nothing you could do to avoid epsiotomy ever, home birth would kill you (with no evidence and just WRONG "facts" and such like.

It was total crap.

So what did I like? So far Sheila Kitzinger (well known in the UK, not so much here) was good. And Ina May Gaskin is a goddess. Yes, her books have lots of hippie language, and the pictures are of back to the land hippies with flowing hair and beards, but The Farm has an impeccable record of birthing with almost no ceseareans, no maternal deaths, very very little pre-eclampsia, almost 70% of women with no tears, and almost no one needing an episiotomy, etc.

So those were both really good.

The book of the same name by Lesley Regan was not bad, though. (It may also be called "I'm Pregnant!" in this country--gah, what an awful title.)

The BBC has a week by week calender that's ok, too.

Chani! Whoohoo!
Chani!! Mazel Tov!

I have been computerless for the past 2 weeks (no LJ, how have I survived) so this is the first I'm reading of this! While I know you said the timing isn't ideal, congrats on having an easy time of conception this time around. I am loving have two little ones close in age, fwiw
I just remembered the one that I enjoied the most was "the girlfriends guide" I can't remember if it was guide to pregnancy, or motherhood, or maybe even one of each. The writer has several books in The girlfriend's guide collection.
Anyone have experience with a doula for birth or postpartum? We are seriously thinking about it.
I persoanlly don't, but a lady I used to work with had doulas at all of her births. She swore by them.
Thanks everyone! It definitely took me a few days to get used to the idea... last time we were trying so hard to get pregnant and had been expecting it to happen for so long that there was no mental preparation required. It's all good though - I think it's going to work out perfectly, as long as I survive the next 8 weeks.
Cranberri: I'm a medical person, so I do have an allopathic bias, but I found that What to expect was a pretty good book during my first pregnancy. The medical stuff was complete and correct and there was lots of great "is this normal" stuff that your doctor won't cover (and might not even know the answer too!)
Anoushh: Doulas in Canada need very little experience to get the certification. I don't know if it's the same in the states. Make sure you check their references and experience, and consider someone who is familiar with the medical system so that they can explain things correctly and thoroughly. I know a massage therapist and a retired nurse who work as doulas and I'm sure they'd both be incredible! Imho if you're paying big bucks for a support person, you shouldn't be paying someone who knows less than you do! Oh, and ask how they're going to support your partner as well. They need to feel involved and useful during this time too. Good luck!
Thanks Chani,
I have appointments set up for interviews with two doulas in the next just over a week. Both sounded good on the phone.

Another question--are there any decent web boards, etc, for pregnant women? I'm thinking Bust-like, not the usual crap.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I ended up getting "what to expect," and Hot Mama How to have a babe and be a hot babe. Its just a funny-feel good book that I like.

So this past week has been the worst. I'm going into week 7 and I've been peeing all night, waking up feeling vomity, and friday I had a killer headache and lost my breakfast.

I went to work, and luckily ended up telling a co-worker who's been prego before and she said to eat "and you're going to think I'm crazy" she said, "Chips, salty chips." I grabbed some tortilla chips that I had packed for lunch and I just chomped on them. like all day. It's the only think I could manage. Last night for dinner I finally had an appetite and I thought okay, I had a thin slice of pep pizza, a large salad and AN ENTIRE box of fries. with salt. now I love salt, but people these were white with salt. It's like the only thing that doesn't make me vomity. Potatos and salt.

I'm going to be a brick house.

My mom, (who doesn't know yet) told me not to touch salt, but I can't get enough of it.
Cran, right now eat what you can. And the advice to eat a very low salt diet is outdated for normal pregnancies. It used to be thought it could help prevent pre-eclampsia, but that hasn't held up. (Good nutrition is thought to play a role, though, especially getting enough protein.) So don't worry about the salt.

I'm glad you've found something as it is so miserable to be sick all the time.

I'm a big person, and I was afraid I'd end up gaining a ton of weight with a pregnancy, but I havn't. In fact, I've had a hard time eating enough, overall. (First it was the nausea, then the increasing pressure of the growing uterus in my abdomen meant I just couldn't eat that much!) So for the first time I feel pretty free to eat what I want with impunity. It's been pretty good. I was totally off chocolate for the first few months, though--amazing. Now I like it, but I don't get cravings. I do get cravings for protein foods, like tofu, and even eggs sound good, which I don't usually care much for.
cranberri...I don't know exactly why, and I don't remember which trimester, but I know me and at least one other person i knew could only eat mexican food during our preganancies. I don't rememeber if it was just craving, ot that was teh only that didn't make us want to puke, but Taco Bell became my best friend. Saltine crackers work really well if you don't want all the fat from chips. And pretzels.
We met with a birth doula yesterday and both really liked her. We are also interviewing another one next Monday and we'll make our final decision then. I feel better just having decided to have a doula.
Blech. It is 38 degrees and HUMID today! The OR aircon can't keep up with the heat and we're decked out in heavy gowns and masks and goggles under the hot surgical lights. I haven't passed out yet, but the palpitations and numbness tell me it's only a matter of time, and my compression stockings won't arrive until Tuesday! It better cool down soon!
I went to bed last night before Chanibaby did! I'm just exhausted by the end of the day. I hate the first trimester. I know it's your body's way of making you slow down until you get big enough to be physically hindered. It still sucks.
Hope you ladies are having a better day!
We got great news today and I just have to share!!

The Mr. and I had our ultrasound today and the little smidge is healthy as can be! All limbs and digits are present and accounted for, the heart and brain look strong and healthy and we even got a peek at the little package. Yup, we're having a boy!! I'm really happy 'cuz I was kinda hoping for a boy for my first one!

I've been feeling pretty good too. I'm 19 1/2 weeks along and haven't had too many problems other than some hip pains when I try to sleep at night.

My only major complaint is that my boobs are HUGE!!! Maybe I should post in the large-breasted lady thread but I'm getting very uncomfortable and worried. I started out on the large side at a large 34D/ small 34DD and I'm already busting (heehee) out of my 36 DDD bras. Does anyone have any idea how many cup sizes the average woman's breasts grow during pregnancy? I'm just wondering becuz I already have to special order my bras online and I'd hate to be stuck waiting for bras to come in the mail when I have this baby and my milk comes in. ouch!
I don't think there is a "typical" amount of growth (Of course, I could be wrong.) I do sympathise, though as i've gone from a C to DD and I just can't find a comfortable bra (even worse than usual), especially looking in the no-underwire section!

Glad your ultrasound went well. I was seriously thinking of not getting the last one, but I'm glad I did and it was very reassuring. (What actually changed my mind was finding an letter from a few years ago from a friend in Japan who'd just had a baby who'd needed surgery to repair a kidney problem very shortly after birth. It had been found on an ultrasound, and I figured it would be a good idea to know if that kind of problem was looming, so as to be prepared.)

Anyway, glad yours went well.

Chani, hope things cool down for you. My heat tolerance is even less than before, if such a thing is possible!
Ok, so we hired a doula. I'm pretty exited about it and a lot less anxious now.

Jasmine, I should have said that a lot of people I know find that the majority of increase in breast size in pregnancy is early on, so maybe that's true with you, too? I'd suspect so. Maybe that will make it a bit less scary?
sigh. threw up at work today. it's going to be a long first trimester. Sometime next week I'm going to sneak away with the ultrasound machine and scan myself to make sure there's a little fetal heart there!
Anoushh, I'm learning to just live with my Dolly Parton-esque bustline. Got fitted at a bra store the other day and I'm now in a 38 FF. The lady who was fitting me said she'd guess I'll be in a 34 H by the time my milk comes in. Scares the bejebus out of me since I'm all of 5'3" and usually a size 10 (prepreggers that is). I feel like I'm gonna need a wheelbarrow soon! smile.gif I'm just gonna deal with it and hope that the girls shrink back down (and don't sag all the way to the floor) after breastfeeding.

Oh, one more thing...

Has anyone here been on a cruise when they were preggers? My hubby and I decided to take one last trip before the little man comes (to hell with the cost!) and we're supposed to go to the caribbean in 4 weeks. I usually don't get motion sickness and I didn't have a lot of morning sickness so I'm hoping I'll be fine. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice. I've never been on a cruise before and I don't really know what to expect. I'm hoping that being 24 weeks will mean that all will be a-okay. Any advice?
So last week during one of my puke-on-the-run moments at work, I passed one of the (most annoying) directors. She asked me if I was alright, if she could call someone in for me... I panicked. I can't miss more work because I'm puking.. but I feel like crap. (all day long except from 5pm-8pm) then at 9 when I go to bed it starts all over again. I was near tears when I blurted out no.. I'm just 8 weeks pregnant.

suddenly, I'm looked at as not really sick anymore.

She immediatly shrieked.. because oh.. did I mention she's also prego?
I said, "please, please please.. do not tell anyone because I don't want the whole building to know.. " she just hugged me and shrieked. Then told me that the pretzels I was eatting are not good and to eat Saltines.
(thanks but I'm no longer in the Saltine chapter, I'm past the potato stage and now into crunchy pretezels.)

I get outside with my class, and hide in the shade when ohmygod here she comes. She goes on about who my doctor is, when I'm due, what am I having, when, where how, her fears, being cut, c-sections, emergencies.. I cut in and say.. "I really don't want to talk about this at work. " as nicely as I can. She as sweet as she is just keeps going, as I watch in horror as another director comes out toward us.

I immediatly change the subject, and she calls out- "Okay Cran well if you ever want to talk.. just come find me."

Lunch happens and I get a phone call. "Yes this is Cran."
"Hi, it's me Twinkie." she says.
"Uh... hi."
"Hey listen, am I the only one that knows?"
"no. my co-teacher knows too."
"oh. Cuz I can't really keep a secret. I'm really terrible at it. SO when are WE going to tell everyone?" She GIGGLES.
"okay, Twinkie.. seriously I am super superstitious and I would like to wait until I have my next appointment."
"okay, well I'll try,"she says.

I want to throw up. I mean this is her job, confidentality(sp.) keep a secret. for the love.
I walk into a staff meeting that night and she's patting the chair next to her. "How you feeling?" she announces. "great." I say.
"Yeah, my morning sickness has started to act up at lunch." she says.


everyday. I'm dealing with her. I'm dealing with this ickiness, my insane hormones.. and her. Mother.
Today she told me she is due the day after me. Help me.

Oh yikes. People like that should be killed. Or at least have their mouths taped shut.
As I said earlier, I work in Ob so trying to keep a pregnancy secret at work is a joke. I'm probably asked 4 times each day if I'm pregnant and I'm only 8 weeks and definitely not showing! I have a wide variety of vague responses: "I don't know if we're ready for that yet!" "We've planned to wait a few more months" and "It would really suck to be pregnant and working 80 hours a week" (I really don't know if we're ready, we DID plan to wait - the plan failed, and it DOES suck to be a pregnant chief resident smile.gif
That being said, people who actually know I'm pregnant are POLITE enough to give me knowing looks but not blab about it. Your boss sounds like a nightmare cran. As awful as it must be, at least it won't be as big a deal in a few weeks once you're passed the magic 3 month mark.

did you see that! it made an amazing little smilie for me! cool!
I feel for you guys, chani and cran.

I had literally found out I was preggers less than 24 hours when my brother-in-law blurts out in front of the whole family "gee, you've been peeing an awful lot today, are you pregnant?!" I tried my best not to flat out lie and instead joked about it and said "how do you know I don't have a raging UTI?"

I swear I had about a jillion people at work making comments like 'you're the next one to get preggers' and 'maybe you're preggers' anytime I had the tiniest bit of nausea even before i got knocked up but it's harder when you actually are and don't want to lie. I think just being vague and changing to subject works the best until you finally can say "yeah, I'm pregnant, back off!" smile.gif
hi everybody. How's everyone doin?

I'm on my 3rd week of sickness. I am so sick of being sick. It's nearly 9pm and I want to throw up. This baby better be cute. dry.gif

I had my real first appointment Monday and met the first of the handful of possible docs. I love him. He had a great, friendly personality. He told a Monty Python joke.. he wore a bow tie. I love him.
I left feeling really excited about the whole thing.

Today I got to work, and I've got kids with hand/foot/mouth in my class, and my NUTZO boss runs in, telling me not to touch the child and demanded I call my obgyn. I told her I would later, but apparently that wasn't good enough, cuz two seconds later she told me she called the obgyn and asked for the doctor (who I told her I liked, she perfers a female doc) to call her back and told me we (don't forget she's prego too.) would have to schedule blood work by some random nurse.

My coolass doctor called her back and told her, there was no such test, but just to not touch kids with symptoms. Easier said than done. But I'm going to have to tell her to bugger off. It sucks cuz her son is in my class.

Anyway, I just needed to come in and rant. Mr. Cran is in NY and i'm at home with the cat. So yeah.. fun times. I think I'm going to look into a sea-bracelette. I can't take much more of the sick.
Cran, I remember nearly bursting into tears after being sick for three weeks every damn minute of the day and night (I was about 9 weeks then) and reading something to the effect of "morning sickness usually starts to go away by about 12 weeks." I thought "I just cannot stand 3 more weeks of this."

I say this not to freak you out (I swear), but to say I know how you are feeling and it will pass even though it probably seems like it never will now. (Incidentally, for me it started to gradually lift from that point, very slowly, but it did improve. Everyone's different, of course, but I swear to you, there's hope in sight.)

Anything in particular help you? I found ginger, which is constantly recommended, was making me worse, but lemon was good. I carried around a bottle of lemon essential oil and took a whiff whenever I felt particularly bad. It only helped for a second, but it did help. And lemon drinks, especially lemon squash, helped. ("Squash" in this context is the UK condensed fruit drink you dilute with water to taste--a pretty cool thing. I got organic lemon squash, in part b/c I wanted it to have real lemon in it not just lemon flavor, but when out and about I would drink any lemon flavored drink and it seemed to help a bit.)

The boss does sound nutso--gah.

Doctor sounds cool, though. smile.gif

We have our first meeting on Friday with the doula since actually hiring her (we did an introductory meeting before). I'm feeling very good about this decision.

Oh, meant to say that a co-worker's sister, who had severe nausea during pregnancy, found the bracelet thingie helped her. I never tried it, but can't hurt, can it?
Can I just say that Bones is not even 3 1/2 months and I already miss being pregnant and am pining for another? Even w/all of the ups and downs of this last pregnancy and the endless bedrest, I am hoping that we'll have another down the road...I mean, not NOW of course, but in another year or two.

for now, I'll live vicariously through you all....
anoushh- when I was pregnant I really liked the pregnancy forum on (you may have to register to view it) and at (crunchy earth mama stuff, boards are located under the 'discuss' link).

Stella is 6 weeks old today!
aahh Anoushh thanks so much. I am hopeful. happy.gif
Scanned myself at work last night and saw a lovely little heartbeat!!! Yay! Nausea this time hasn't been as bad as last time, thank goddess, but the physical fatigue is greater.
Cran, ask your doctor about Doxylamine succinate. In Canada we have an antinauseant specifically for pregnancy called Diclectin that works pretty well. There was a big lawsuit in the states about possible ill effects on the fetus, so they stopped selling it there, despite the fact that for the case, huge amount of data was collected that unequivocally showed it was safe! Anyways, Diclectin = Doxylamine and Vit B6 so your docs may prescribe those 2 meds together to accomplish the same thing.
Anoushh, you've made your move to Amerika? Have things gone smoothly with your insurance and everything?
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