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cleaned my sisters kitchen today. organized cupboards an all. was a pretty good day.

Congratulation to Gren!

I have bought a few desses but htey are not maternity, just loose and strechy. I am a huge sale shopper and second hand shopper. I did buy a pair of maternity capri pants (clearance for 7.99) that should be pretty versitile. i live in a small town and there is one maternity boutique (omg, only if you are ok with spending $200+ for one outfit, I am not ok with this) and a motherhood store in the mall (not head over heals for the fashion there). i think i have enough things that are loose and comfy enough to get me through. I also am working on some alterations to a few second hand things i got to make them accomodate a belly. i got several large and x-large shirts that I can alter to fit in a cute way. i even found a swim suit that is totaly cute! i have to take it in a little in under the arms but it is so cute and it covers my tummy. it almost looks like a vry short sun dress.

I am finally feeling human an have been for the last several days. I have even stopped taking the phenagen and still feel fine. (knock on wood) Along with feeling better, I am having dreams lately. Very vivid and very X rated dreams. Rather a nice way to wake up though. wink.gif
you know, shiny, i've been dreams about tv stars (too embarrassing to mention which ones). and corporate power relationships (???). i can only surmise that it's the sex drive i'm too tired to deal with IRL...

i have a friend who got HUGE during her pregnancy and she had no maternity stuff except lycra shelf bra maternity tanks (which i think she got from target online). her uniform was a black one of those, a cute long-sleeved woven shirt knotted under the breasts, and a skirt worn below the belly. not my style, but it worked for her, and it was definitely one of the most creative/economical/low-rent routes i've seen.

oh, anoushh. transparent white hippie skirts, ugh! probably worn, often as not, with hot pink thongs underneath. (i have to admit here that at eighteen i doubt i knew how to wear proper underwear or dress like a woman instead of a bratz doll.)
some how some where the whole thong idea went wrong. the purpose of a thong was to not have a visible panty line (VPL) so some one please explain to the hoi polloi that feel the need to show said thong that the point is for there to be no undergarment or line from one in sight at all thus creating a smooth line.

sorry, i am done ranting. carry on.
So... three months after my miscarriage at 8 1/2 weeks, and I'm back smile.gif

I'm now 9 weeks pregnant, my boobs are huge, I feel sick all day long, and I'm exhausted. We went in at 6 weeks and saw the heartbeat on the sonogram, so I'm feeling really good about this pregnancy "sticking." I'm due mid-November.

So when they say you are super-fertile after a miscarriage, they're not kidding... I only got my period once before getting pregnant, exactly 4 weeks after my D&E (just like my cycle). Even weirder was that 14 days post-surgery I got the sharpest, longest-lasting mittelschmerz I've ever had in my life.

Anyway, so psyched to be back here!
yeah cinegirl! so glad you are back!

well, all, i know i am having a boy. no doubt on the US. we are all pretty thrilled. starting the process of remodelong to make room for one more!

i was telling my frien over the phone and we were trying to think of names because we had not decided on a boy name yet and she was happily suggesting mortimer, and beuford and such when she suggested bobo and it was so much better then the other names that we were laughing about that we decided bobo was a great name for the bump. it was only in jet but now my friends and family all refer to the bump as bobo.

i have been feeling much better and am really starting to pop out. i can't wear any of my regular clothes, even the ones that were in bigger sizes. i bought some maternity capri pants on clearence and a few loose dreses so i think i have enough with that ans the few item people have given me to get by.

how are all you others lovely pregnant women doing?
Grenadine, I refuse to let that rest. You must reveal what TV stars you had sex dreams about, because I had one in which Sawyer from Lost and I were making out furiously in a giant plastic tube filled with mushed-up cranberries, while rolling down a hill in a cranberry field.

30 weeks...I'm getting really cranky about my constant discomfort. it's hard to believe it's only going to get worse for 2 more MONTHS. ugh.

I am considering switching doctors. But it seems so late to do so! I just feel like he has one foot out the door all the time. He never asks me any questions, and he always mixes me up with his other patients. And from what I gather his episiotomy and C section rates are high although he won't admit it. I don't want an episiotomy! I am worried to switch though. It seems like a pain in the ass and it seems so much easier to stick with what I know at this point even if I don't like it much..I mean, I'm almost there..what do you think?
hey aqua, what about having a doola attend your birth? they can advocate for you re your birth plan and such and it might be a help with the scalpel happy physician. what about a midwife instead of a doctor? it wouldn't hurt to meet with one or both of those options and at least see how it makes you feel. one foot out the door and confusing you with other patients doesn't sound so tremendously encouraging to me. geez, i mean he may do it every day but You don't! shouldn't it be treated like an extra special occasion for you? i think so.

i had my first new baby dream last night. of course i was reading spiritual midwifery before bed and looking at such lovely baby pictures!
in the dream little pepper was dark haired and blue eyed which will be HIGHLY unlikely as both mom and pop have brown eyes. i felt oddly emotionally disconnected but i remember feeling that way with little too so... though i am very immersed in the experience i don't think i connect personally until we separate and meet. until then it's like another limb or something, one that flails uncontrollably laugh.gif

my boobs are HUGE, like 36D from 34b, whoa! my booty is a bit larger-ish too and the beach ball on the front, well... is it ever CUTE! ha ha.

ooh, i'm hungry now, must go all of a sudden...
Cinegirl..same thing happened to me...I got pregnant 6 weeks after my miscarriage!

Aqua, I don't blame you on not wanting the episiotomy. I was against having one when I had minipixie...unfortunately when I was actually having her the doctor told me I had no choice...and he was right...even with an episiotomy, I still had 4th degree tears. I would rather have a bigger episiotomoy this time( he kept it small since I was against it) and not tear than to go through that again! But it sounds like this doctor has more issues than that. Is he in a practice bny himself or is there maybe an associate that you could transfer to?

Shiney, I can't believ how many people I know who are due in August and having boys! On another board I belong to everyone who has been able to confirm sex has been a boy. Two are unsure so we think those were some very stubborn little girls!
I'm getting nicely fat rigth now too. This week I feel like I actually look pregnant! I just can't believe I am 22 weeks already! It is really going fast so far!

pepper, my boobs are rediculously huge. they are in my way they are so big. (husband is thrillled, me, not so much)

pixie, people now notice that i am preggers ans comment on it. before you could tell they were wondering but not wanting to ask in case i had just gotten a beer gut.

we are hiring a contractor to finish our basement to make room for bobo. i am so exited about the whole process of gettting to design and chose colors and such. my son will move down stairs and the nursary will be in his old room. we also are putting in a bathroom, family room, storage room, ans pantry/wine celler. so so so excited!
aqua, the dream has flown out of my mind due to the dream of - wait for it - spanish-language interracial anti-semitic death-metal porn i had last night.
gah. i have really weird dreams when i'm pregnant, but that one takes the cake. i never, never, want to hear anti-semitic death-metal in spanish again, much less to visuals of porn.

and i'd change doctors if i were you. besides the rest, the "one foot out the door" thing is a BIG red flag. if you're not comfortable with him now, how is it going to be when you're in labour?

okay, got to run. ((p.g. busties))

vivid and so often x-rated dreams but not always nice. some are like . . . huh? what was that about? but last night (i should post this in the dream thread) i dreamed i was at a martial arts school learning to sword fight and i was hugely preggers. my pug was there with me, i remember this specificly because he pooped on the floor of my room. (not sure what that has to do with anything though.) here is the funny part. branon fraser was there learning to sword fight too and we hooked up and were getting all hot and heavy but we never actually had sex. when we got right own to it, we didn't because he ha a really small penis. and in my dream i remeber trying to convince myself not to say anything as he was a really nice guy and i didn't want to hurt his feelings. then when i woke up i felt like laughing. you know how when something i funny and you have to hold your lafter till later. thats how i felt. i am laughing now writing this.

anyway, i am really feeling pretty good lately. it is so nice after feeling like shit for so long. i am countng the days till viablility. it is a big deal to me. 24wks is my happy day. there is no indication or anything that i mmay have any issues but i quess after working with so many micro preemies it is a big deal to make it to 24wks.

*happy round preggie vibes to all in this thread*
I'm counting the days too Shiney...9 more ! Whoo Hooo!
baby shower?

we're going to the big city next week and my gf is planning one for me. of course, I have the list of ppl i know who'd like to come so i made the invites and mailed them out myself (control freak anyone?). the rsvp is to her though so i might still be kinda surprised with the final role call.
i used a picture of me and little with his grubby mitts on my round nakie belly, ha! it's only going out to good friends who will appreciate the look of pure joy on his face and the big line under my belly button, hee hee hee.
i said no presents too, do you think that's ok? i mean, i didn't insist, just suggested that they aren't necessary. some of these peeps i haven't seen in 3.5 years and i don't want them to skip it because of the gift factor. that and we have so much stuff already, i don't need that much more and storage is kind of an issue right now too. not that i won't be totally thrilled with presents that people do bring, i mean hey, i love presents as much as the next mom-to-be! wink.gif

anyone else already had theirs or have one coming up? i'm kinda excited!

my dreams are getting weird. i don't usually remember them at all but i have been lately and they are bizarro. i've seen the baby's face twice though (not that i remember much) and that was nice. i remember eye contact, dark brown eyes last time.
and my boobs don't seem that huge to my until i see that bra. dang, cups the size of HATS! but i'm no polly darton, at least not yet!
and kicky mckickster in there is having a party rolling around and jabbing me at every turn. it must be getting seriously tight in there, poor bugger still has up to 10 weeks to go.
OMG ONLY TEN WEEKS TO GO! Yipe, better start that work out program i've been thinking about for the last seven or so months!
My showers aren't for a while yet..probably June or July. I'm really anxious to start getting stuff! I've already bought him some clothes, but not much. I figure I will get a lot at my shower at work. I am still amzed though that the third trimest is comign up so fast! When i was pregnant with minipixie it seemed to last forever...this pg is flying by!

At least I am in the feel food stage right now...not too fat and uncomfortable..I still look cute, I have more energy. I'm just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I know the summer is going to be hot and miserable.
i have only purchased a baby blanket. i see stuff everyday that i want to buy but i am resisting till i know what i need to buy. very difficult indeed as i truely love to shop. i probably will not have a shower. i have not lived here too long and if i did it would only be me ans my sis any way. we might do a spa day or something like that instead. come to think if it, i didn't have a shower for the first one either. i was pretty young ans so were my friends so nobody took thi initiative. oh, now i am pouting. i want a shower damnit.
Hi, I am joining your ranks--11 weeks. I have all kinds of questions. for now, I stopped working out during the first couple of months and am finding it really hard to get my strength back. Any suggestions? I tried to go to the gym and felt all my joints under extreme duress, so will maybe stick to yoga. Can weights be safe? Are the machines safe to use? I really want more stamina and some muscle tone but don't want to harm me or the bb. Also, since people are talking about baby showers, would it be interesting to start a shower thread or a baby idea thread in the fad forum?

I have 2 ideas: 1. collecting beads or crystals (yes, I am a neohippy of sorts) from friends and putting them into a dreamcatcher/shrine in a very fairy godmother kind of way, with a key so it can know who provided these things and their significance.

2. Buying some kind of ipod thingy and collecting lullabies or cool songs for bb to jam to from friends, so the kid could have a diverse playlist from folks.

Are these too weird?
hey there mommas!

welcome back cinegirl!!! wub.gif

sheesh, glad to know i'm not the only one with over-active hormone dreams. seriously. i could compete with a 12yo boy lately! no deathmetal though, lol.

i'm feeling good still although i have this really weird pain/burning sensation right below my boobs. i had it for a while a couple of months ago (about the same time that i had to buy new bras) and it's been low-level ever since. but the past few days have been pretty painful. i called the midwife and she doesn't think it's anything to be alarmed over, either my muscles stretching or the relaxin softening my bones, which can burn sometimes she said. it could also be my ribcage stretching or my sternum being pressed against. i broke my sternum at the same time as my back, so she thinks that could be part of it as well. she told me to take some tylenol and put some heat on it if it persists. at first she thought i was describing heartburn, but then i told her that it's more superficial than that. my skin even feels tender to touch. whatever is causing it, i'm OVER IT! blergh!

but the tylenol did help me take a nice nap on the couch today, so i guess that's a good thing.

aqua, i agree. i don't think it's too late to switch docs, especially if you feel so uncomfortable and he's not answering your questions. my doc's practice includes several midwives (one being his wife) and while he is pretty much all-business most of the time, i can schedule my visits with the midwife and she gives me all the time i need. i like the setup. if i had to deal with the doc all the time, i'd have considered switching as well. he's been my gyn since i was 15 and the old "in and out" routine was usually welcomed when dealing with routine paps and all, but pregnancy requires some time and tenderness!!!

i'm worried about episiotomies and tearing as well. i've requested no epi's unless absolutely necessary. i've read that the tears actually heal better than the cuts because they're more natural. but then i've heard some doozy horror stories about tearing. eek!

glad to hear that most of us are feeling pretty good now. i started my iron pills last week and that's helped with my fatigue.

lapis, welcome and congrats!!! i don't know about the working out. i've heard that weights are ok, but only if you are used to it. you just have to really pay attention to your body. if you feel tired, stop - even if you'd normally be able to do much more.

as far as the question about the new threads, i think we should just keep all our ideas here. we're all pretty much interested in those things so i think this thread is appropriate. that's just my opinion of course.

i have my shower scheduled finally for june 9th. i'll be 37 weeks then, which might be cutting it a little close, but it's the only time i could get all my family/friends to be able to come. the important ones, anyway. i had it for the 2nd, but my SIL and her wife begged me to change it so they could go to gay days in disney that weekend. it actually looks like it'll work better that weekend because my mom thinks she's going to be able to come now that i've changed it. i haven't registered yet, but i need to get crackin on that since EVERYONE has been asking me about it lately!!! i did crack and buy him two new onesies last friday at target, and i walked around the baby area for about an hour, just looking at all the stuff. it was a little overwhelming, but i think i can manage this. hehe.

((((((((((((((((((((lovely pregnant mamas!))))))))))))))))))

my vote is to stick with this thread for baby stuff. it's an all around good spot for everything so far.

lapis, nothing is too weird. do what you think will be cool, and i think the more different and unique the better.
11 weeks can still be a very exhausted time, take it easy. gentle stretches aren't too taxing and will do until you feel more energetic. you can do nearly everything now that you could do before pregnancy including weights, just go slow and don't push yourself too hard. there are some GR8 books out there and tons of stuff online. you don't need a manual only some simple guidelines for ideas and your own preferences.

shiny have a shower, it's so fun!

ok, do we have target in canada? dang i hope not 'cause my mom dragged me to one today and two hours and 80 garments later... i only spent $60 though and i got some super fantastic stuff! i can wear it all now and after the baby comes too. really cute yoga/work out set in brown and blue, a sweet green and white patterned sun dress, comfy fuzzy pink pants and a blue t-shirt with a psychedelic pink giraffe on it (!), a really nice simple black dress for going out, and a pretty reddish orange long scoop neck top that can dress up or down. total score. i'm so completely happy. along with the two pairs of comfy pants and an awesome short-sleeved really long hoody i got last week and 4 pairs of pants i'm altering i have an entire new wardrobe! yay shopping!!!
I had a phone consultation with the midwives today and I am definitely switching! All their answers to the questions sounded really really good..and the hospital I would be switching to has better policies and a lower c-section rate. She seemed really nice and said I could still get an epidural if I went with them. Now I will get more TLC and more advice about avoiding induction, episiotomy, c-section etc. I have an appointment next week. biggrin.gif
yay! good for you, aqua!!!

my midwife is all about my comfort. she knows about my spinal injury and how that might affect my ability to deliver vaginally. she was so supportive though when i first went in and really made me feel good about the possibility of being able to do it, but said she would be there to help me make the right decision when the time comes, according to what "I" want. i really appreciated that. i hope you have a much better experience than with the old doc!!
yay aqua! good for you. i'll bet you feel way more reassured already.

i thought i found the beginnings of a patch of stretch marks last night and spent about an hour massaging belly oil into my skin but it turned out to just be lines from the seam of my clothes pressing into me. it made me think about my body image though and i had to do some self love affirmations for a while. i told my skin that i love it however it looks and thanked my belly and my body for taking such great care of me and the baby. it was either that or cry about it! the lower boobs are enough of a change for me, i have my fingers and toes crossed that everything bounces back just the same afterwards.
so vain but so true.
Glad you feel better about the change Auqa! It is really important to be comfortable with your Dr or nothing is going to be pleasant! I love my doc, he is really cool..and good looking to about pregnancy dreams!

As far as episiotomies vs. took me a really long time to heal doen there after minipixie. It was probably close to 6 months before everything was back to normal. I know episiotomies carry more risk of incontience problems an such down the road...but I defintiely think the area that as cut healed faster than the part that tore.
off to my monthly poke and prod and listen to the thu- thump. i like these dr visits. just not the scale part. i don't want to know that.
AAAHHH!! i Hate America!! or at least this bit of michigan... why do there have to be so many places to shop here? we went to the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner and i blew another $60 on clothes, gggrrrrr!! who knew Meyer's would carry cute tanks, tees and sundresses? and all for around 10 bucks each which makes them nearly impossible to resist.
i'm gonna freeze my cards into blocks of ice and let them frost over in the freezer, dang it!
thank goddess i can only wear certain kinds of shoes or i'd be in financial RUIN!

but Do i Ever look GR8! ha ha, best dressed fatso around... i'm gonna have to find a way to post some pics of my finds. i have seriously scored on the wearable treasures lately.

hey, my boobehs are leaking colostrum already. not a lot or anything, just when i give them a scrub to toughen up the nipplage or when i massage in some cream or oil. i seem to remember this from before too... and i definitely remember my teeth freaking out last time but i've been brushing (with extra special enamel building desensitizing paste), flossing, rinsing (with extra special mineral rinse), tongue scraping and taking cal/mag etc religiously this time round and while they seem sensitive it's not as bad as i remember it. i ended up needing root canal after little was born and my whole mouth felt like a wreck.

i still don't know where that list of cool preggo secrets is but i'm remembering this and that as i go along. anyone else found out or remember anything strange or kooky to share?
delurking...Pep...where ARE you? I'm NOT pregnant! but, I'm IN Michigan!
falljackets, you're hot.
is any one else eating wierd stuff? i have been eating lots of chocolate cake whick doesn't seem wired but i love peperincini's and garlic stuffed green olives. i eat it when my son and husband are not home cos they are soooo grossed out by it. today my girlfriend came over and we made saurkraut rolls and i ate so many. yummy. not overly healthy though huh. at least i am eatng tons of fruit. i ate half a watermelon last week.
I hate food right now. I feel like I have to force myself to eat. The things that taste good give me heartburn & indigestion, and everything else just tastes weird and unpalatable, even things I normally love. I also love to cook but cooking makes it worse--I'm at the point where I don't want to eat food just because I've cooked it! It's driving me crazy. I'd kill for a craving... I feel hungry all the time but never want to eat. Fortunately I don't have morning sickness (only one bout of puking). I'm 10 1/2 weeks along--will this change?
hopefully you will feel better with the second tri. it took me a while into it to beel goo though. now i am gaining weight like i am on a fat race.
I'm not pregnant, but my husband and I have decided that we are going to start trying to get pregnant in September, and I feel like I can't wait that long!! We're not telling our families that we are trying, because we want it to be a HUGE surprise.
Anyways, I love reading everyone's experiences!
You'll be hearing more from me later! Until then, keep posting!
j'ai un vagin
i get to join this thread!!!! =) I've only JUST found out I am preg though...I'm about 5 weeks along if I calculated right.
I got the crazy mood swings and the sore boobs that tipped me off...then only being able to eat soup for a few days. The test is positive. Hmmm.
I got myself on a good multivitamin ( for now) and have my first appointment scheduled in a week. I am really reluctant to tell anyone until I'm out of the first trimester, so only me and my fiance know, well and now YOU do...but my daughter would LOVE to have a baby sibling. I'm thinking I might let my parents know so it's not such a shock but....anyway
OOOOHHHH! I'm so excited, I might puke! tongue.gif
QUOTE(j @ Apr 25 2007, 03:27 AM) *
i get to join this thread!!!! =) I've only JUST found out I am preg though...I'm about 5 weeks along if I calculated right.
I got the crazy mood swings and the sore boobs that tipped me off...then only being able to eat soup for a few days. The test is positive. Hmmm.
I got myself on a good multivitamin ( for now) and have my first appointment scheduled in a week. I am really reluctant to tell anyone until I'm out of the first trimester, so only me and my fiance know, well and now YOU do...but my daughter would LOVE to have a baby sibling. I'm thinking I might let my parents know so it's not such a shock but....anyway
OOOOHHHH! I'm so excited, I might puke! tongue.gif

Congratulations, vagin! Love the name smile.gif
j'ai un vagin
cinegirl, thank you for the welcome and gratz. I look forward to finding good info I need from everyone here, and possibly contributing every once in a while.
I hope all are well today...
Just thought I'd share with everyone, for no other reason than I'm drinking one right now & it's delish.

So this is the easiest recipe in the world, but it's totally helping me get double servings of milk + fruit as my extra calorie allotment. I hate drinking milk plain, but this way I can sneak it in. I've been blending Stonyfield Fat Free French Vanilla Yogurt with 1% milk (a little more milk than yogurt) + a handful of frozen fruit. It's like extra creamy strawberry milk. Yum.

In other news, I officially look fat. We've started to tell people but not everybody knows. Another week and I'll be singing it from the hilltops: "I'M NOT FAT I'M PREGNANT!"
heya pregnant ladies! tongue.gif

welcome, vagin and congratulations!! we look forward to hearing all about you!

cinegirl, that sounds YUMMY! i'm with you, i don't drink milk normally (although i've definitely craved it a few times in the past few months). i have been eating a ton of ice cream lately, but also a lot of fruit smoothies with regular yogurt. i'll have to try it with the vanilla, that sounds yum!!

oh, and good on you for being able to keep the secret for so long! i caved within the first three weeks after finding out. i couldn't help myself. thought i would burst!!!

shiny, i'm fat-racing you! heheh! actually, i'm just under 30 weeks and i've gained 26lbs so far, so the doc said i'm pretty much right on target. i was on the low end of the bmi scale before i got knocked up. so i'm trying to just enjoy the belly and not make a big deal out of it. if i want ice cream, i eat it. but i'm also eating a lot of protien and trying to stay well-rounded with my nutrition. (hehe, well-rouned, that's not hard). oh, and i went through an olive kick a couple weeks ago. i sat and ate pickles and marinated olives with cheddar cheese three nights in a row for "dessert".

pepper, i love your new wardrobe description! i have a nice little set of things that i can wear. i don't think i'll need to buy anything else in fact, unless it's a top here or there. i might actually have to get some shorts too, since it's already pushing 85 here and i still have another couple months.

haha, aqua, you make me blush! smile.gif
Hi all. I have a question about this weight thing. I have gained about 12 pounds in the 12 weeks of this pregnancy. I was small to begin with (97-100 lbs) and am surprised that it's happened so fast. Does that seem normal? At 6-8 weeks or so I was so hungry I was afraid to leave the house for fear of the monster appetite, but it seems to have leveled out now. I eat good stuff and am trying to stay away from the carbs/sugar cause apparently PCOS+carbs=HUGE babies.

If we are sharing foods, I want to admit that I am drinking raw cow's milk and it tastes lovely. It's certified and tested weekly where I live and seems to hit some kind of spot. Weston Price, who studied pregnancies and kids all voer the world, recommends it for prego ladies.

Anyway, the other question is: are you getting genetic testing done? I am a bit concerned about cystic fibrosis but don't necessarily want to go through the stress and subsequent uncertainty about testing.

Yay bellies!
Lapis, if you were underweight before, then I think your gain is probably not that big of a deal...I was the opposite...I was overweight and lost about 15 lb the first 20 weeks. I think I've gained about 2 lbs now since my last appointment. My doctor checks the size of the baby at each visit and my weight loss was ok because the baby was still growing right on target.
Just make sure you are eating a good healthy diet. You don't want to use pregnancy as an excuse to pig out on bad stuff and really put on a lot of pounds. I drink raw milk occasionally too. My uncle own a dairy and it tastes so much better than what you buy in the store. Just make sure you don't give the little one raw milk until I think it's 2 y/o.

Nothing much is happening here...we are at 24 weeks today! So now he is viable!
yeah for 24 weeks! i am with you!
j'ai un vagin
pixie, the same thing happened with me in my first pregnancy 7 yrs ago. I lost weight, about the same as you. we just kept on top of it and i slowly started gaining a few weeks later.
lapis, a friend of mine might be in the same boat as you seeming to gain a lot of weight, she's a tiny girl =). I just think that being a person of less weight, you will seem to gain more than an average weight person. I was average weight in my first pregnancy, and lost a bit, but it's because I couldn't eat well (sick) and I wasn't eating the right foods. But then, WOW! I gained! All was ok through to the end and I actually returned to my pre-pregnancy weight. This pregnancy will be a different story I'm sure as I started off a little overweight and I have lost a bit of weight but I am having the salt cravings that bloat me SO bad! I just know the doctor will have something to say about it. and now I want some green olives falljackets! =)
seeing all this talk of raw milk makes me want to try it now...hmmm, guess I know what I'm looking for next. after i try that recipe of cinegirls!

hugs ladies!
i'm 31 weeks now (i think. is it 30? i forget...) anyhoo, i gained 25lbs by 27 or 28 weeks and then i didn't gain another lb until this week. i was visiting then and eating all sorts of fattening junk and i literally SAW my ass get bigger (weird for me, the perpetually skinny girl!). over the last few weeks i've been back to my regular healthy diet and i think i've been gaining weight in the baby (i can certainly See that area growing!) and losing weight off the booty so it's balanced out over all. this past few days i'm visiting again and eating all that stuff and i've put on 5lbs in 3 days! proves my theory anyhow. i only gained 25-30 last time so i really don't expect to get that big.

i bought some more clothes, i just can't turn down a bargain! i got a few more tshirts and tank tops with the built in bra thingy that fit now and will fit later on too. everything seems to be made with a pregnancy accomodating style line which i think is so strange. do skinny girls Want to look poofy round the middle these days? this is fashionable? huh.gif
i got a bikini too, really Really cute, hot pink and turquoise paisley-ish with silver sparkles and an optional solid blue halter neck tank top for just after the baby when i'm all flabby in the middle.
***baby secret!*** for a bit after birth the belly area is TOTALLY like loose jelly. you can actually slap it and watch the fleshy waves roll across. Do Not Panic (like i did!) because it will vanish like magic in a short while, especially if you breast feed.
and i finally did a little sewing. i put some stretchy panels into some pants but i really don't like the feeling of a waist band in the middle of my tummy so i made them go way, Way up like apu on the simpsons. don't worry, i wear long shirts. i'm not THAT clothing desperate yet! i need to whip up some stretchy skirts that i can wear just under the belly for now and fit in later on, i have a ton of tops but not so many bottoms!

hey, what if we take pics of our outfits (and bellies!) and post them so we can see the baby fashion? i'll start taking shots and get them into a computer somehow so you can SEE my fabu bargain treasures. really, i have been so totally scoring. can't wait to ruin it all by soaking my front with milk. le sigh.
OH!***baby secret!*** when (if, i hope you at least give it a try, it's lovely!) you start to breastfeed it is very common to have soaked your shirt front before you are even aware that your milk is coming down. after a bit you'll probably recognize the "tingle" that signifies a let-down before you get all wet. a really cool trick this other mom taught me is to quite firmly press a thumb right onto your nipple to keep from leaking. it really does work and is especially handy when you're nursing on one side and the other side wants to let go in tandem. i found that i got less and less leaky over time, it was mostly in the begining that i trucked around with great wet circles on all my shirts (carry a spare or two everywhere, really!). even nursing pads didn't quite do it for me, i had a LOT of milk!

see, i'm remembering handy stuff. post your secrets here girls! betcha each one of us has something that will come in handy for someone else!

moxie minxie, see you at the zoo!
pixiedust got me thinking of my first breastfeeding freak out...They warn you that the sound of another baby crying might cause you to leak...but what they don't tell you is that the sound of running water will do the same thing! The first time I went to take a shower after having minipixie I was standing naked in the bathroom while the water was getting the right temp...I bent over the toilet and realized it looked like it was raining into the toilet...I thought the curtain wasn't working and it was the shower until I stood up and milk ran all down the front of me!
Oh yeah...before I had minipixie I read all this nonsense that if you were breas feeding you shouldn't offer a binkie because the baby would learn to prefer that type of nipple instead of the breast. So about 4 days after I had minipixie, she was crying up a storm in the middle of the night and nothing I did made her quiet down and I was intears I finally broke down and opened a package of binkies my sister in law had given me.....immediately minipixie stopped crying and I never had any trouble getting her to go to sleep after that. She also gave the binkie up willingly when she was about 18 mos old...she just spit it out one day and didn't ever want it again.
the reason for the no binky thing is nipple confusion. i can say that after working on the NICU (you really get to knoe the babies in there becease they often stay for long periods of time) and nursery in the hospital that although i did see this a few times (finicky baby who will only eat with certain niupple or will only breast feed) that is was extreemly rare. i can only think ok two babies that had this issue. so altough i will not discount it as valid i do not in any way think it is common.

having said that, anything that helps baby sleep and is totally safe will help baby and mommy stay healthy and happy.

pepper, i would love to see the preggy fashions you have. post pics pleeeeaaase!

(((preggie busties)))
hee hee pixie, i've been telling your story round, it's funny! for me it was the squeal of the streetcar. a soaker every freaking time.

little had no nipple confusion whatsoever. i swore no binky but that kid CRIED all the time. the binky saved his life and mine. but he knew where the milk came from alright and my gf breast fed him too AND he had bottles of expressed milk when i went to the dentist. never a problem with him.

i'm working on the pics, it's hard to get good ones 'cause i have to stand totally sideways for the bump to show and that doesn't always highlight the actual outfit all that well. i'm just going to post pics of all poses after a couple of sideways ones. then you'll Know how the bump looks but can see the clothes best.

any of you gots pics yet?? i think of it everyday but i don't always look lovely, heh. there may be a few from the neck down only...

i'm getting bigger visibly but still haven't gained any weight. it's been about a month since i heavied up any and it's weird. i eat a lot, i feel fine, the baby moves tons and is strong, my pants get tighter but... no weight gain. peculiar.
it has begun. the belly touching. today my sons martial arts teacher toched my belly and proceded to chat with me and the mom next to me while his hand was on my belly. i was sitting down so i couln't step back and didn't really know what to do. it is such a wierd thing to me to have someone other than my family touch my belly. i would never do that to anyone with out asking. anyway, i really like said teacher and didn't want to afend particularly i from of the class. how to tactfull deal with this . . . any comments, hints, etc.
I HATE that! It gets worse after they are born..I remember people being pushy about wanting to see minipixie when she was asleep in her stroller covered up. I remember wanting to tell some guy once that my child was not an exhibit at the zoo. How to deal with it....I guess it depends on the situation. If you really don't want to offend maybe suck it up...but if it was like a complete stranger at the grocery store...I'd definitely say, "excuse me" in a tone that would let them know they are not excused!
No one but Dh and minipixie have messed with my belly so far.

I had an appt yesterday. Nothign big happened at the actual appointment, but I got all my paperwork for preadmitting into the hospital and my epidural, and the worksheet for the birth certificate! I can't belive I have just over 3 months left!
Yay! I just had a visit from a home birth midwife who delivered 2 of my friend's children, and I really, really liked her. I'm already motivated to go for natural childbirth, and from everything I've read staying at home makes it that much more possible. Plus, I really like my apartment and can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. I feel really good that she's going to give me the homeopathic support I want--she already recommended massage & acupuncture for the back pain I'm experiencing, and talked a little bit about nutrition and herbs. And she didn't look at me like I had three heads when I said that I'd been doing some reading, unlike the doctor who was like, "who needs books? Just do what I say."

A natural birth at home is the experience I want, and I hope it happens. I've seen it work out so well for my friends who've made that choice, and I think it's the right one for me. Though I support all my epidural Busties, of course smile.gif

Lapis asked about testing--I am not having any testing. For me, no test result would alter my desire to have the baby, so I'd rather not know. I am a very anxious person, and I think having a test would make me crazy waiting for the results. Also, I have concerns about false positives that would lead to more invasive tests. Deciding to refuse testing was the final step that my husband and I took to decide to choose a midwife over a doctor, and one that's not affiliated with a doctor so we're not even in that environment. We don't want to find out the gender, so no more sonograms. I've had 2 already and it was fun to see the baby, but now that I've chosen this course of action, no more messing with the baby at all.

Any of you other mamas experienced natural birth or home birth?
cinegirl, i planned to have a natural home birth but ended up transferring to the hospital after 20+ hours of labour because i was dehydrated and in shock (medical, not emotional) and my midwives couldn't get an IV in. although my experience was less than ideal, i still think it's a good option for some people, especially people who a)have negative images of doctors and/or b)find location/comfort in location very important (i was lucky that i didn't care that we had to go to the hospital as i have never minded hospitals, hotel rooms, or any other generic environment like that).

a couple of things:
1) home birth is NOT the only way to have a natural childbirth, and it's a disservice to the medical community and particular the vast community of hospital midwives to think so; the hospital where i went had midwives, is one of the only certified baby-friendly in the country (encourages breastfeeding and does not give out formula samples/coupons), and has many, many unmedicated childbirths. they also had labouring pools, etc. my husband's mother was a home birth midwife and many of her former colleagues work there.

2) on that note, prepare for a possible last-minute transfer, just in case, by packing a small bag with stuff you want and by visiting the hospital you might end up at so you can know if it's a decent one. (there is another hospital nearby us known as "st. c-section" because their c-section rate is so high, and it was one of my choices per insurance. no way was i going there.) that way you'll be sure to have the experience you want no matter what happens.

3)all doctors are not dismissive, disrespectful asshats. if yours is, get a new doctor. personally, i saw one (female) doc and 2 (hospital) midwives in the hosp (in addition to my home birth midwives, who came with) and they were all great. i also saw a doc during the pregnancy in conjunction with the midwives and he was good too. it's just not fair to dismiss all doctors as asshats any more than it is fair to dismiss all midwives as incompetent, which many people do!

i hope you have a wonderful home birth.

shiny, in that situation i would be tempted to gently, humourously place MY hand on HIS belly, look him in the eye, and grin. i'm sure he'd get it. then change the subject so he can stop feeling like the total bozo anyone who touches your body without permission is.

i am almost 20 weeks now. still not showing. not feeling like i'm allowed to because i don't want to deal with people at work knowing! but i think my organs are starting to get compressed...
Thanks for sharing your experience, grenadine. Fortunately, there is a really natural childbirth-friendly hospital that takes our insurance and is close by, so that will be a good option in case we need to transfer. And I will prepare to be fine with that if it needs to happen. What you mentioned about location definitely describes me, though--I hate hospitals (& public places in general), and don't tolerate strangers well, so being at home feels like the best option for me.

I'm glad you had a good doctors. Personally, I have been doctor shopping for the last three years and am just plain fed up with the medical establishment, insurance headaches, office bureaucracies, and just plain not being listened to. I am sure that the doctors themselves can be nice people (my friends who are doctors certainly are, as is my GP and the neurologist I used to go to). But there is something dehumanizing about the whole system that I'm really, really down on. I had a horrible experience with my miscarriage because I was treated like a patient, not a person--for no other reason than that's the way the system works best. So I'm done with doctors unless it becomes medically necessary.
pixiedust sister had all 4 of her children at home. My sister in law also had 3 at home and 1 in a birthing center. I'm odd man out in my family since I prefer to be in a hospital and have epidurals and such. It can be a really great experience for some people. Although I must admit it was hard to look at the couch my SIL gave birth on the same way anymore. tongue.gif
let me preface this with saying i am such better and my stress level is pretty good.

yesterday around 6 i started to feel like i was getting a uti. (i am very prone to them but had manages to not get one thus far in the pregnacy) i called my cnm and she sent me in to the hospital to pee in a cup and for fetal monitoring. aside from that being a mild ordeal, the fetal stip looked good, no visible contractions. they sent me home around 11 with a rx for keflex (i am allergic to many drugs and my drug of choice is not preg friendly) 4x a day for a week. i stop at walgreens to pick up the rx (the only 24hr pharm) and my insurance won't go through so i have to pay full price. it was late and i was tired by the time i got home so i fell into bed after asuring my husband i am not going to have a 25weeker. (he stayed home from the hosp with our son) then at 2-ish in th e am i woke with cramps, bad cramps. so i got up and started counting how many in am hour as my instructions were to come in if 5 or more an hour. i was around 3 to 4. here is the thing though. i have full knowledge of just what a micropreemie is like. i also have full knowledge that in a situation like this it is extreemly important to keep my stress level as low as possible. i was really having a hard time maintaining the stess at what i think is a healthy for baby level. i literaly had to keep telling myself not to think about it whilt still being very conscious of my body. very hard to do. anyway, by about 530 i was feeling much better and went back to bed and this am other than being energy low and generally tired, i feel ok.

i guess the reason for this post is that i now realize that i need to focus on and find a way to keep myself relaxe when i am stressed. it can be much harder than expected.

by the way, two days ago i was eating icecream with my son out side because it was 81 degrees out and today i am looking out my window at the trees heavy with snow. about 6 in on the trees and 3 on the ground. crazy crazy weather!
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