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Michelina, the waiting is so hard, i know! also - so worth it. sleep as much as you can right now......

catsoup, i second the Baby Bargains suggestion. good resource, even after baby is here. but get your own copy. i gave ours to my preggo sis-in-law and have been calling her to look stuff up. for example - Lily's pediatrician said to start her on rice cereal. which brand is best?
I'm wondering if no recent update from Michelina means we'll be hearing news soon??? :-)
PS By the way, moms, I posted a feeding question in the moms thread...would love your feedback if you get a chance.

I'm still pregnant. 40 + 5 today. The only difference I feel today is a reprieve from being constipated. I'm hoping that's a good sign!!!

Thanks for the link, Funnybird. That is interesting... I know someone who is currently 16 days past her due date. She will be induced on Monday, if need be. I personally don't think I could wait that long, but I do think I'll wait it out until about 9 or 10 days post due date. Looks like I might end up with a St. Patty's Day babe! A lucky day!
Thinking about Michelina.... :-)
Oh...this will make y'all laugh. I took a pregnancy test tonight. Negative! (Don't want to keep y'all in suspense.)

But I am taking the minipill and I am no longer breastfeeding. Without the double protection of nursing, I just don't trust the minipill as well as I trusted my old combination pills. Plus, I STILL haven't gotten a period. I had one 6 weeks after Elliott was born (my OB is pretty sure I didn't ovulate though), and no bleeding since then!

On the minipill many women never bleed, even if they aren't BFing, but I really like and need that reassurance.

I'm going to call my OB tomorrow and ask for a scrip for my original, combination pills. I was going to wait until July when I have my annual exam and just keep taking the minipill - it's supposed to work just fine, I know - but I'm just superstitious, and sex won't be any good if I am so worried about pregnancy all the time.

We're pretty sure we are only having one's all we can really afford without really going into debt, and Mr. Z is in his mid 40s and really doesn't want to be an old dad. Truth be told if he came to me in another year or so and said he would do it again, I would, but I think I'll be happy with just one, too.

Still, if we did have another one, I certainly wouldn't want it to be now!!!!!

So hilarious how two years ago the result of that test would have devastated me, and now I'm like....bring on the wine!!! ;-)
Ha ha ha. i've had a few mini heart attacks myself since last may. We are also set on one child, also mostly for financial reasons. Oh the IRONY of where our minds are now compared to less than two years ago!!
What a change from a couple of years ago! You two are worried about pregnancy, and I cannot wait to get a baby out of me rather than in me! :-)

Just a quick note. I'm 41 + 2 today and off to get a cervadil insertion this morning. It's like a tampon of prostoglandins. My cervix is not at all dilated so this is the way I need to be induced, rather than by pitocin. Hoping that labour will start with one, but if not, it's back tomorrow to do it all over again. If that doesn't take, I think it will be a c-sec for me. Please send positive labour vibes to me!
Michelina, I can't believe you're already due... well, overdue! I just stopped by to see where you're at, glad I did! smile.gif

My husband and I stopped waiting for it to happen naturally, but we're easing into our options. We are on our first cycle of Clomid, unmonitored. IUI would be the only option for us if Clomid alone doesn't work, IVF is just too much money.

I don't even know if you know what you're having, it's been so long! If anyone knows, please post!
Wow, Cristine, how great to hear from you!

Just a very quick post to say that we saw Architect Boy's oncologist this morning. The chemo has worked and the tumour is gone! He's in the kitchen right now opening a celebratory bottle of wine...
Funny, that's fantastic news about AB!
Cristine, welcome back!
There was something almost liberating for us when we finally decided to ease into our options three odd years ago. It felt good to take some control over something that so far we'd had no luck/control over. I felt the same thing when we eventually decided to stop with the IUIs and adopt. Each step felt good in its own way. I hope find success very soon.

Michelina, here's to hoping that the cervadil works right away!

Funny, so thrillllllllled about AB's results! I think I just may join in with a glass of celebratory wine tonight!
Michelina - hoping that cervadil is doing the trick as we speak!

Cristine - I'm so happy to hear from you! And glad you guys are feeling comfortable about taking this next step. Did you ever get an answer to you fertility issues, or is it still "unexplained"? Hoping IUI does the trick for you guys, I've got a tiny little lady sleeping right next to me, proof that IUI can and does work!

Funny - Congrats on AB's remission! Woohoo!

That's all for now unfortunately, I'm almost through with midterms and then I can have a little bit of a life again . . . . Little Miss Sarah just came down with her first UTI, poor girl. As Mr. A put it "Her tiny pee is hurting her tiny heiny, oh no!". So not so much on the free time, but I'll be checking back periodically to see how Michelina is doing! Dilate lady, dilate . . . .
Fookie, we certainly have not ruled out adoption... it would probably be our next step after IUI.

Aphelendra, husband's sperm was "fantastic" which is very relieving but also scary. The doctor did a scan, found no cysts and said everything looked great, except that one of my ovaries is on the small side... he didn't seem too concerned since my other one is fine. So no, I don't know yet what's wrong.

It's nice to get back in touch with you ladies again! wink.gif
I reread my post and I don't think I was implying that IUIs or other fertility treatments weren't a good option etc. Also re-reading Cristine and Aphelendra's posts and wondering if that's how my post was interpreted.

Anyway, just jumping back in to clear it up in case it needs to be: When we chose to go on to IUI we were TRHILLED that we had taken matters into our own hands. When it didn't work (for us) we were THRILLED when we decided to go forward with adoption. I hope the chlomid works for you Cristine and Aphelandra, I'm so happy the IUI worked for you.

Wasn't at all implying that anyone should skip fertility treatments for adoption. Adoption was the most perfect solution for us and part of me wishes we'd skipped fertility treatments but another part of me knows that if we had, Baby F would likely not be with us due to timing. So am very happy with our situation and how it worked out for us.

Fookie, I did not get that from your message at all! Don't worry, even if that thought had occurred to me I would have gotten rid of it, cuz I think I know you better than that! wink.gif

Thanks for the kind wishes!!
Cristine, so nice to have you back, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your next steps! Glad Mr. C's sperm looked fantastic and you looked good, too...while I am sure it would be nice to have a clear reason why you haven't conceived naturally, it sounds like all the parts are in working order (pardon my crudeness), and all it might take is a little helping hand. Keep us updated!

Fookie, I totally understood what you meant and am sure everyone else did, too!

Aphelendra, hope your little one is better soon, and Michelina, we cannot wait to hear your news!!!
Thanks Zelda, I'm quite anxious too to say the least! I hope all is well with Elliott!

And Michelina surely must at least be in labor, if she hasn't already given birth! Do you know what she's having?
Fookie, didn't get that from your post at all, sorry if I sounded - er -defensive or something? I think I was myself, very surprised when IUI worked for us, as it has really poor success rates for people with endometriosis.

Michelina has got to be getting close, if not there!
Just a quick note to say that the induction was successful and baby Makenna was born the evening of St. Patty's Day! She was 7lbs 6.5oz and is just perfect. We are enjoying her so much. We just got home today and I am exhausted. Birth story to follow.

Cristine, I am SO happy you're back! I am glad that you are taking the next step. Whatever that step may be for a couple, it's comforting once the decision is made.
Congratulations Michelina and welcome baby Makenna! So happy for you!

Michelina, I am so happy for you! Love the name, love the birthdate! I can't wait to hear your story! smile.gif

Rest, eat well, and take good care of you! Can't wait to hear how it all went!
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!! Oh, seems like we started this journey at the same time, and now it is complete with the birth of your little girl. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you and Mr. M. I love the name, too.

Congratulations, Michelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all of the congrats! It really is amazing when I think about how different my life was just one short year ago.

Makenna is amused in her swing chair so now for the birth story. I got induced with Cervadil on 41 + 2. It is like a string with medication used to ripen the cervix and cause contractions. The doctor told me I'd likely need to come back for a second insertion the following day because most women don't get results after only one. I really was expecting no action. However, as soon as we got home at 7pm, I was in pain, and it was constant. I had a bath and the pain got more severe. According to my information sheet, I was to call the hospital if I had pain lasting longer than 90 seconds, which I definitely did! I called and they told me to come back. They hooked me up to the monitor. Sure enough, I was having contractions and they were so close together that I only had 20 seconds in between! I didn't even feel relief in those 20 seconds! It was very intense to say the least. I was prepared for back to back contractions as this often happens in inductions, but the intensity shocked me. I threw up several times and we decided to call the doula.

Once our doula arrived, Mr M went home to catch some Z's as we knew it would be a long long night. The contractions remained back to back and I could not get any rest. I decided on morphine in hopes of catching some sleep. However, it didn't even take the edge off. I lost my water around 2am and the contractions got even worse at that point. I took a bath, and did start getting some reprieve between contractions, but they were still very close together and even more intense. After 9 hours of this, I was checked and was ONLY 1 cm! It was very discouraging.

I continued to have back to back contractions with increased intensity for the next 7 hours. Finally after 16 hours of this, I got to the magic number: 4cm. I was in so much pain that I started thinking things like, I'm never doing this again and why did I get pregnant? I was really out of it and in a zone where I didn't care or notice anything around me. I decided to get an epidural. It really wasn't in my plan and that is why I had a doula. However, after 16 hours of that, I decided to give myself permission to get it, and I have no regrets.

I took to the epidural BEAUTIFULLY. The staff could not believe how quickly I responded. I didn't feel a thing. I slept, I visited, and was so relaxed. My dilation really took off, but then my contractions slowed and my doctor ordered Pitocin through the IV. The Pitocin started to make baby's heart drop, which was really scary. They turned off the Pitocin for a while, but turned it back on once I hit about 9cm. Again, her heart rate was dropping. I was thinking I'd need a c-sec at this point. At 9.5cm my doctor said we need this baby out, and I started pushing. At one point, she got the vacuum ready. But I didn't need it, thankfully. I pushed baby out in less than an hour and it was the most intense and beautiful experience of my life when she exited my body. I had only a slight tear, which shocked my doctor given that this was my first. Makenna had the cord wrapped around her neck twice, which explains the decreased heart rate.

My placenta decided to stay attached to my uterus so they had to call an OB in to remove it. That was a little uncomfortable, but I was so absorbed in Makenna that I didn't care. The OB caused further tearing by removing the placenta, but I still tore minimally. I was given some antibiotics to hopefully prevent an infection based on the placenta removal.

So although it didn't go according to the plan I had, it went wonderfully in the end and the fact that I have a healthy baby girl is all that matters! I know the induction caused further interventions, and I was well aware that it likely would, but I don't regret the induction. However, in a future pregnancy, I think I would worry less about going post due date. Makenna really didn't have any signs of being overdue. In fact some staff wondered if she was a little early. And in my case (IVF) there is no doubt in my dates!!!

Makenna is really easy going so far. She loves to look around and can occupy herself quite nicely. She loves to fall asleep while feeding so I give her a long time at my breast. I am still waiting on my milk and am really hoping I won't need to supplement with formula.

She is fussing a little so that's my cue.
Congratulations Michelina! It sounds like you had an amazing experience, despite it being not quite straightforward. Well done girl!

I don't want to steal any of your thunder, but I just wanted to report that Architect Boy is all finished with his chemo; we saw his oncologist last week and the cancer has GONE! He's back at work and we're trying to redefine what 'normal' life is for the 3 of us now. So happy and relieved.
Funnybird, that is wonderful news! I am so happy for all three of you.
so many congrats! and welcome Makenna!
and great news, funnybird!
Michelina, that is a wonderful story (despite the scary and painful moments)... I am so happy that your experience wasn't affected by the circumstances. smile.gif Thanks for sharing!
Wow Michelina, congratulations!! I can only imagine how incredible it feels to have your beautiful little girl out in the world with you.

Since feeling almost constant movement for the last week or two, I have been dreaming of this baby and waking up craving him or her in the mornings. It has thrown me a little, I thought I was doing such a great job of being in the moment, but all this movement, as well as starting to gather up the baby necessities, is making it all very real.

FB, great news about Mr. FB! :-)

Michelina, what a birth story! We had some similarities...the long, intense labor with little progress and insane pain. I, too, responded beautifully to the epidural and am so so so glad I got it. I hope you are, too. We don't plan on having another baby, but if we did, I would have another epidural in a heartbeat. It helped me remain present and positive during the pushing phase. And after having been awake for almost 3 days, I needed all the help I could get!

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!! Let us know if you need any help or have questions. BFing was a little rough for me at first and we had to supplement because Elliott was jaundiced, but he took to nursing just great. I have weaned him now. Can't say I miss BFing, but I am glad that I did it because I know it was good for him.....and it saved us a TON OF MONEY!

Keep us updated!
Funnybird-what wonderful news! Michelina-thanks for sharing your birth story.

I had my 7 week u/s last week. Saw the little peanut's heartbeat-that was amazing! And everything is how it should be at this point. I'm queasy much of the day and trying all sorts of things to quell it.

Question- I can't find any information on use/safety of hair styling products during pregnancy. Anyone know anything about that? Thanks.
Meadowlark, that's so exciting! Glad to hear the ultrasound went well. Makes it feel that much more real, doesn't it?

The kicks and movement definitely make it more real too, Genuiswaitress. I can relate to that strong craving to have the baby in my arms. I actually really miss the kicks. Every now and then I get this worried feeling because I haven't felt any movement. Then I realize that it's because my baby is three feet away from me! I sometimes even feel some "phantom" movement.

Zelda, it's interesting that we had similar birth stories. I don't regret the epidural at all. My intention was to go drug-free, but circumstances were much different than I had anticipated and it was definitely the right choice for me. I am not sure what I would do in a future pregnancy (if there is one), but I would likely not get induced until 42 weeks in future considering that Makenna had no signs at all of being overdue. She just seemed to need a little extra baking! :-) I have no regrets about the timing of the induction in this pregnancy, though.
Elliott is almost 10 months, and I still feel phantom movement!!!
Just wanted to drop in to say congrats to Funny on AB's wonderful news, and to congratulate Michelina and welcome baby Makenna! Love the name, so glad to hear you had a good birth experience when all was said and done. Enjoy the ride and take care of yourself...that's the best way to take care of baby, too.

As a good friend of mine said after having her baby, "This is the hardest thing I"ve ever done, and it's the best thing I've ever done."

Happy, happy!
Meadowlark, the queasiness really tough and I feel for you.

Just in case it helps, the best things that I did for myself during that time were to just eat and drink whatever I felt like at the time without restricting myself. I was totally off lettuce for two months, but I just allowed myself total freedom and permission to do anything to help the nausea (lots of plain carbs and milkshakes). I also drank a ton of ginger tea, made with fresh ginger, and didn't let myself get hungry at all (I found that being hungry made the nausea so much worse).

re: hair products. I didn't come across much info about that. The only mention of cosmetics I ever found were to avoid Retinol A products. Personally, I am not a big fan of sulphates in my hair products.

Phantom movement sounds crazy, since I am just getting used to feeling movement all the time now. I ate a delicious doughnut today and my little babe went wild. I love it.

Hope all the new mommas and mommas-to-be have lovely Spring weekends!

Hey ladies... a little update, the unmonitored Clomid cycle wasn't successful so we plan on starting IUI this month.

Michelina, I hope you're having a wonderful time with Makenna!

Regarding hair care, I've always heard that hair dye is moderately unsafe during pregnancy. For someone like me that pregnancy doesn't come easy for, I personally wouldn't risk it. But I'm sure plenty of women dye their hair during pregnancy and probably experience no issues at all. And for those of you who try to avoid Sulfates in hair products, the Loreal Everpure line is Sulfate-free and I love it!
Cristine, sorry to hear that this cycle didn't work. When you do IUI, will you use Clomid or FSH? My gynecologist was against using Clomid for IUI. She felt that it only makes sense to use FSH as the success rate is much higher. Of course, that was just her opinion. I know that other specialists in my clinic recommended IUI with Clomid. I never bothered doing medicated IUI because once we realized that Mr M's count was low, we knew it only made sense to go straight to IVF. You have a much better chance with IUI than we did. Thinking of you and crossing all digits that the IUI works for you.

Thanks for feedback on hair care products and eating. I had a strong aversion to scents in the products I have (not surprising, I am sensitive to scents when not preg). Got a new hairstyle and new products so that's better.

The queasiness seems to be improving but it's still hard to find foods that sound good so when I do, that's what I eat.

Lately it seems like I'm easily overwhelmed. It's hard to keep up with housework and make plans when it seems like the slightest thing wears me out. Work was extra busy last week and I'm not sleeping all that well so maybe that's part of it. Had my prenatal blood work done the other day-makes me a little anxious because I intermittently have an irrational fear of finding out something terrible is wrong with me.

Oh and I'm at 10.5 weeks.
Michelina, they have me on a double dosage of Clomid this month... which resulted in incredible mood swings for a few days, actually my husband recognized it as a side effect before I did.

I went in for a scan today, they said I have 3 large eggs ready to go so I'm doing an injection tomorrow to speed up ovulation and Monday is the IUI. I'm excited and cautiously optimistic.
That's great, Cristine! I am crossing all digits that this is your month. Hope that the two-week wait won't be too difficult and that you have some good distractors!
Thanks Michelina! The IUI was on Monday, 1 egg was already there and my doctor anticipated the other 2 would follow shortly. All conditions were optimal but I just don't want to get my hopes up. And actually the wait doesn't seem so bad (so far) only because I feel like this month is the most likely month we've ever had. I'll keep you posted...
Still checking in here every once in a while...sending every good thought, Cristine!
Hi grrls!
I am wondering if there are any helpful tips on getting prego soon with kiddo no. 2. What methods if any worked best for you? I'm new to the planning thing since my first one was not planned but surely a pleasant surprise. smile.gif Any and all suggestions welcome. biggrin.gif Thanks!

I'm still checking in too ... fingers/toes/legs/arms etc. crossed for you, Cristine.

Cristine, thinking of you tons. How is your 2-week waiting going so far?

KinkyJen, welcome! I'm maybe not the best person to respond considering I went through IVF to get pregnant, but two ideas that help many people are the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and using ovulation test strips. The cheapest tests by far are found by ordering online at You can get really cheap pregnancy tests there too. Get to know your body, have sex before and during ovulation (the egg only lives about 24 hours so you don't want to have sex too much afterwards), and most of all, have fun! Good luck!
Thanks Michelina, Fookie & Zelda!

I just got a call from my doctor confirming my progesterone levels are good, which basically just confirms that Clomid is working for me and not causing any damage to my lining. They want me to wait until 16 dpiui to test, but since my LP typically lasts 14 day I'm tempted to test sooner... we'll see. I'm feeling relatively patient at 9 dpiui, so the wait hasn't been that bad so far.

kinkyjen, TCOYF is a must-have book!
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