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Michelina, great to hear how you're doing! It feels like just yesterday we were all squeeing over your big announcement, and now you're almost there! Thinking good thoughts for you and the lil bundle.

nickclick, great to hear that you are doing well! I would definitely be interested in a Bustie moms thread - there's one called "The Hip Momma - Oh Ma Ga-Ga-Ga-Gawd!" over in the Let's Talk about Sex area but I don't think anyone's posted there in awhile...partly because it's in the sex thread and people forget it's there (or don't think to look there, ha!).

Henry will be 14 months at the end of this week. It is so much fun and so much work, frequently all in the same day. I just try to remind myself that being really popular with my kid is a GOOD thing and not a conspiracy to keep me from showering and sleeping. I'm supposedly weaning but I kind of thought I'd be doing less nursing by this point. Anyway, just seeing that little face every day makes it all worth it. It's amazing to watch them become little people over the course of weeks and months.

Happy good vibes to all! Catsoup, hope you are feeling better....
I'd definitely be interested in a Mummy thread. Archie hit thirteen months old yesterday and I went back to work last week after 14 months of maternity leave. It's a shock to the system, but Archie's dad is now a full time stay at home father so all that's really changed for the little man is that it's daddy rather than mummy that's at home during the day, which is making it simpler for me to throw myself back into work. I lost my job when the baby was 4mths old - my company went bust - so I'm starting from scratch somewhere new.

I check this thread often, and Michelina I'm so excited for you that you're nearly there. Catsoup you must be 14 weeks plus now, hope the worst of the first trimester symptoms are behind you.
Thanks for asking about me! I'm about 16 weeks now and finally feel the nausea is behind me! I have a wee bit more energy and my appetite is coming back. In fact, today I felt hungry all day and nothing seemed to satisfy me. I ate dinner less than an hour ago and am already planning my next snack.

I'd love to lurk in a Mommy thread and join in a few months. I think it's a great idea!
Yes, mom thread mom thread mom thread!!!!

No time to reply at length right now, gotta steal a moment to actually bathe (yay!), but yes, mom thread!

Preggos, glad to hear you are well! And so good to hear from everyone.

Now to showerland . . . .
Hi, everyone! Oh yes, let's please start a Mommy thread...Michelina the big day is almost here...when I think about how close you are...oh, how very exciting!

So good to hear everyone's good news. Jenny D., I know how hard it is to go back to work. Mr. Z. is a stay at home dad, too, and it is so nice to know the little man is at home with his poppy while I am at work. Good luck to you on your new venture.

Elliott is almost 8 months and SO MUCH FUN. The colicky early months seem like they happened in another lifetime. He is so fun, squeezable, and everyday learning something new. He can sort of crawl....backward! He pulls to standing, babbles, and is enjoying solids. I feed him Earth's Best brand and he really digs is.

He loves people and new places...we love taking him to restaurants and he plays happily in his high chair and flirts with everyone around him while Mr. Z and I eat.

Sleeping continues to be our one (and truly only) battlefield. We waver from crying it out to me just giving up and co-sleeping. Who the Hell knows. He's not a naturally good sleeper and he's still not sleeping through the night (Julie, what about Henry?) I've actually gotten kind of Zen about it...he'll figure it out eventually and the day will come soon enough when I have to drag him out of bed to go to high school, so....

He's mostly on formula now and I've given up any and all pumping, but I'm still making milk and he nurses once or twice a day. Will keep on doing this until I stop making milk, I guess....also trying to half-heartedly wean.

Let's do this Mommy thread thing! Who can start it? Where should we start it?

Wonder if Fookie is still lurking...would love to hear an update from her.
yay mommy thread! i don't intend to flat leave the preggos. i know that the moms here were super helpful when i was preg. and i especially like to hear the good news. i can get that going. i guess - Friends and Family?

it's here !
Yay for starting the Mommy thread but please don't ignore this one! I need all your words of wisdom! smile.gif
A poke in to tell catsoup and michelina I will be lurking/participating over here as well, and definitely want you guys to keep us posted on the buns that are still a bakin' . . . .
Great to hear that everyone and their little Busties are doing well! Catsoup, glad to hear that you are feeling better. I'm excited to join the Mamas over in the new thread and will lurk a little there for now. Glad to hear that the Mamas will still be checking in with us Mamas-to-be!

All is well with me. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying. The countdown to my last workday is really on now with 22 days to go. Crazy! Mr. M. and I got photos maternity photos taken today and I'm so excited to see how they turned out. The photos were doubly significant because tomorrow is our 2-year anniversary. We now have the crib, basinet, dresser, playpen, stroller, swing, and highchair. And not one is yet assembled!
I'm here I'm here!

Catsoup and Michelina, I'm so excited for you both and so happy to read your wonderful updates. Michelina, I can't believe how fast time has flown (it may not seem like it for you) but I sitll feel like itw as yesterday that we were commiserating over our empty wombs! Catsoup before you know it you'll be at 32 weeks too and we'll be counting down the last weeks with you.

Nicklick, your post made me laugh. I constantly catch myself telling BAby F he's the most gorgeous human in the world and gushing over his insane cuteness ... and then I add, "and you're so smart, and funny, and determined, and curious, and and and).

Zelda, my sister's son didn't sleep through the night until he was three! She just told me today and I was floored (we just woke up three nights in a row and I'm despairing!). It sounds to me like you're exactly where you need to be with the sleeping and that he will figure it out and in the meantime you do what works.

Last night as I held Baby F in my arms at 1:30 a.m. I made sure to remind myself just how darn much I wished for this and I had the exact same "in no time I'll be pulling him out of bed in the morning so that he doesn't get to high school late again" ... but of course I also feel silly complaining at all since he is sort of a miracle sleeper.

Baby F is just getting over pneumonia -- something about a very sick baby that deepens attachment when you didn't even realize there was room for it to deepen. I remember our adoption professionals all saying that they secretely wished for babies/kids to get a bad cold early on in an adoption b/c sickness does wonders for bonding.

Baby F is at daycare four days/week now. Mr. F is back at work four days. Found Baby F an amazing stay at home mom who only speaks Spanish. She has a three year old daugther who is home with her. A nine year old son who is home before and after school, as well as two other boys who must be about 7 and 9 who are there before and after school. I am so incredibly happy with this setting ... I'm convinced Baby F's first words will be "I want to live here now" ... the kids and the mom think he's the cat's meow. they wait at the window for him in the mornings and shove each other out of the way (the kids not the mom) to hug/kiss him first (all of this takes place in spanish, which is fantastic) and it's the same thing when I take him home after work. The house is one my way to work so he's not waiting for me to commute back or anything.

Nothing to update on the adoption-limbo. We are still waiting for Baby F's birth dad to sign way his rights (I can't blame him for not wanting to do the actual signing, despite him saying that he has no intention on contesting -- somehow signing, to me anyway, would be the worst possible part of officially saying that I can't parent my child). Oh, actually, I guess there is a super-fantastic update ... we have had BAby F's local birth grandparents and aunt over for brunch and have been to their home several times. I dropped BAby F off with them two weekends ago for a few hours while I shopped. And next month they will be coming to our house to spend most of the night so that Mr. F. and I can attend a fancy do. Zelda I have you to thank for a lot of this. The article you wrote and shared with me about open adoption is the first thing I read that really gave me a clear picture of how incredible such a situation could be and what "open" could really mean in adoption.

BAby F is almost 10 and a half months old. He's been crawling now since late november and pulling himself up since mid december. He has balanced himself standing up quite a few times. He started clapping yesterday (and has a very good sense of timing with it!). He "helps" me dress him by sticking his leg up and pointing his foot for a sock, and by manoeuvering his arms in and out of tops and coats. He's into EVERYTHING and eats EVERYTHING (he takes bites out of anything he can including his blankets and plastic bags!). I'm pureeing all kinds of stuff for him and he's loving it. I steamed and froze a bunch of finger-food-sized veggies and he's been enjoying those defrosted (and cold - even brocoli!). Basically he's perfect and awesome and funny (and gorgeous!).

I'm in on the mommy thread. I always thought it was weird that the only one around was in the sex thread. I hadn't checked in here since the holidays because nothing seemed to be going on. Glad to see the thread is active again. It was a huge comfort to me during my TTC and when BAby F first came home.

So great to hear everyone's updates! I'm headed over to check out the new moms thread but just wanted to say that I intend to continue dropping by here from time to time....I love hearing about how the pregnancies are going and am always happy to put in my $0.02 where it might be helpful. Or just talk pregnancy (I'm one of those weird people who apparently can't get enough of talking about it). Sending good thoughts to all - I'll be back!
my sister-in-law is pregnant! i'm so excited lillian will have a cousin so close in age. baby is due in late July. they will be BFFs for sure. mr.nick and his sis are close, and she's really super.

Michelina, did you see your photos? that sounds like fun. and gets to assemblin' stuff! you're gonna need enough batteries to power the hubble telescope, i swear....
Just dropping in to say 'hello'! I'm off to the new mothers thread for a catch up...
Funnybird, so great to hear from you! I looked at your post on the mama thread. Glad to hear that Babybird is doing well and that AB is getting through the treatments without too much agony. I'm glad that the three of you get to be home together at this time. Thinking of you and hoping that all goes well with the treatments.

Nickclick, that's so exciting! It will be wonderful to have children so close in age! My brother's daughter will be about 5 months when ours is born and it will be fantastic to have them so close in age. Unfortunately, they live in another province, but we'll hopefully continue to see each other few every months. We plan on getting pictures of the three cousins together for my mom for mother's day. It will be adorable - my 4-year-old niece and her two baby cousins (mine and my bro's.) Makes me feel emotional just thinking of it!

Fookie and Julie, great hearing from you too! I've been following the posts in the mama drama section. Can't wait to join over there!

I am 36 weeks on Monday and my back is starting to get quite uncomfortable, but otherwise, I'm doing well. No heartburn, which is amazing. I'm carrying really high and out so it's surprising, but no complaints! Baby has been very active lately and Mr. M has gotten some really good kicks too recently. We set up the crib and dresser yesterday. What a feat! It feels great to have those done. Now I can start washing baby clothes and really get things set up. The basinet will be the next step, and after that, the car seat. I can't wait! And I am now down to 13 more workday: one 5-day workweek and two 4-day weeks. Woo hoo!
Michelina, i love that you're counting down to maternity leave! it's such an exciting time. i returned to work this week dry.gif Lillian has been doing wonderfully at day care. she goes 2 days/week. the other days i'll be home working and Grandma will be helping out too.

good that you have the furniture set up. you will have very little energy for such things when baby arrives.
Is it weird I got a little teary when I read that? 36 weeks . . . . sniffle. When I started here you were just beginning treatments Michelina.

I don't even have pregnancy hormones to blame.
no, aphelendra, it's not weird. Or else I'm weird with you. I remember coming here newly pregnant and crossing my fingers every month for Michelina and zelda, and zelda's a mom and here you are at 36 weeks! Enjoy the last bit as much as you can...the fun is just beginning, but that whole cliche about your life changing forever is true.

Thinking good thoughts for you and baby!
i'm teary over all the love around here! busties are so cool.
Aphelendra, you are so sweet. If it hadn't been for you and all of the wonderful Busties on this thread, I wouldn't have handled my journey emotionally as well as I did. The support here has been incredible and I will always and forever be greatful for all of you beautiful Bustie women!

I am 37 weeks tomorrow - fully baked! I am big, but not huge, and I wonder if baby will be a little on the small side. I've been measuring about a week behind by fundal measurement. It worries me a little, but trying to trust that my doc would send me for an ultrasound if she had a concern. Baby is now engaged (likely has been for at least a week) and my doc thinks I'll go early rather than late. But of course, she can make no guarantees. Baby will come when he / she is ready. Today I am washing the baby clothes we were given. I can't get over the cuteness!
Michelina, I actually "lost" 2 cm and was measuring two weeks behind at my 39 week visit. Engaging of the head makes their teensy feet lower in the belly (and suddenly, not intertwined in your rib cage!). It also created this fantastic new space between the giant boobies and the giant belly . . . . ah, sweet sweet breathing. My midwife also told me that usually, first time moms will deliver within two weeks of the baby dropping, and I ended up going into labor a week and a half after she dropped. Surely, the wee tot is right around the corner! Yay!

Catsoup, are you still out there? How goes it?
I'm here! I'm about 19.5 weeks and feeling good. No movement yet but according to my midwife that's not surprising due to the position of my placenta. That said, I'm second guessing every stomach twinge, gas pain, digestion... I can't wait to feel this baby! We find out the sex on Monday and I'm so excited about that. I'm not so secretly hoping for a girl which probably means we'll get a boy and I'm trying to get over that already. smile.gif

Had to deal with a few annoying comments from a coworker yesterday implying I'm not able to do my job as well because I'm pregnant and will be taking maternity leave. After some deep thinking and chatting with a couple other coworkers who heard this comments, I decided to file a written report today. This guy has been a sexist jerk in the past about other things and I've decided I'm not going to put up with this shit. I'm not sure what will come of it but I'm glad I did it.

Michelina, how exciting that you're getting so close! Yay!
good for you catsoup! let us know how that turns out. and check in after Monday. my fingers are crossed for a girl. i was always hoping for a girl too, but realized if the world could always use another cool, feminist boy too.
Hi Pregnant Lovelies!

I am a Bustie from a couple of years back. I haven't been to the lounge in ages, but have a rock solid group of local (Vancouver & Vancouver Island) Busties that I count among my closest friends.

I've been on a couple other online forums and pregnancy communities lately but my mind is spinning with all the short form/abbreviations and the dramatics. I'd love to join a space where ladies can discuss their pregnancies with respect, support and a healthy sense of humour.

I'm 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant, due on July 5th. We had our 20 week ultrasound on Valentine's Day and it was an incredible, anxiety making experience. My last ultrasound was at week eight and it was crazy on Monday to see an actual baby moving around in there. I've been feeling movements for a couple of weeks now, on an off, but the visual at the ultrasound was incredible. We have decided not to find out the gender yet, but I was very tempted.

Catsoup, I just read your story about your douche coworker. Good for you for filing a report. Even if nothing comes from it right away, I think it's great to get a paper trail going, at least.

Genuiswaitress, welcome and congrats! I completely know what you mean about other pregnancy boards on the net. I'm glad you've joined us!

Catsoup, I definitely agree that a complaint should be made against that man. Those comments are completely unacceptable and he should not be able to get away with that crap. Good for you for taking action! Thinking about you today as you have your ultrasound.

Aphelendra, thanks for your post. It reassures me that the measurements are not an absolute. I spoke with my doctor about my concern, and she said that the fact that I am growing and the baby is moving is a better indicator of health than anything even though I am not measuring exactly on par with my dates. She figures baby will be about 7 lbs. Sounds good to me!

Baby is really active and other than some BH contractions on occasion, no other sign that he / she is coming soon. I am 38 weeks now and am officially ready for this baby to come. But I also know that I should expect another few weeks of pregnancy ahead of me and that's okay. I'm just so excited to meet this little one!
Thanks for the support everyone about be filing a report at work. I felt a bit like it was an over-reaction but it needed to be done. He had a meeting with the boss of our boss, as did I, and I believe that's all that will come of it for now, which I'm happy with. There's now an official paper trail and I have a lot of support if I ever need to file another complaint, which I hopefully won't have to do.

In other news....

We're having a girl! Yippee! She wasn't being very cooperative during the ultrasound (legs together for most of it) but very near the end she flipped and the technician was able to identify the three little lines that mean labia! Woohoo!

Everything else looks normal and healthy, which was also a relief. I didn't realize how much they'd be looking for today so it was great to have a technician who really explained everything for us.

Michelina, good luck with the next couple weeks! How exciting that you're so close!

Geniuswaitress, welcome! I'm due 7/11!
Catsoup, a girl - that's so exciting! Great to hear that baby looks healthy and well. Ultrasounds are pretty amazing, especially at this point when you can see so much! Also glad to hear that your workplace took the complaint seriously. Hopefully he will think before he speaks next time.

All is well with me. I woke up pretty crampy last night and almost wondered if labour could be starting, but it went away and I felt totally normal all day. Two more days of work to go for me now!
Thanks for the welcome, ladies!

catsoup - congrats on the little girl!!! That is so exciting, and double great that everything looked good on the ultrasound. I was shocked at how stressful it was to lie there while they took all those measurements and checked down the huge list of items. Wasn't it incredible to see a fully formed baby on the monitor? Between that, and feeling all these movements lately, this pregnancy is becoming so real to me. I feel like I am connecting to my babe already.

Michelina - that's great about almost being done work, and so nice to know that working until the 38th week is totally possible. It must be strange to be having cramping and wondering if the time has arrived.

I feel like I am getting huge. I look more than six months pregnant, though I'm only at 21 weeks. It's almost embarrassing to tell people I am due in July. I am always saying "early July." It's strange feeling defensive about my size. I have always been a curvy girl, and being a food lover has kept a nice amount of junk in my trunk. That has usually been okay for me, but now I need to stop comparing myself to other pregnant ladies in regards to size and weight gain. Such a silly thing to focus on.

I think part of it is this fear I have of gestational diabetes. I was a little overweight (according to the BMI scale) pre-pregnancy, and I'm 34 with a type 2 diabetic father. I know I have a higher risk of gd than most, but I really need to chill about it. My first prenatal class is tonight, Pregnancy Nutrition. I will ask a few questions and hopefully I can ease my mind until my gd test at 28 weeks.
catsoup, a girl! yay! get ready for the pink explosion.... it's like a tsunami - you can't fight it.

welcome geniuswaitress! i hear ya about comparing your belly to others. it's not so much about your size but the baby's. we've had conversations around here about the inevitability of worry about your baby. so now it starts.... good luck at your class tonite and with your gd test.
Congrats Catsoup!!!!!!! And yes, the tsunami is just off the coast . . . . Buy nothing pink, everyone will take care of that for you.

And welcome geniuswaitress, I hope you enjoy it here! As for your GD worries, I struggled with that as well. My mom is also type 2 and I gained an EXTREME amount of weight while preggo. But I never developed diabetes, thank bejesus. Hope it is the same for you. Also, I will say this - I worried excessively and ate the same way. Looking back, I really wish I would have had better control over my diet, although 8+ weeks of 'moderate activity' (read: couch rest as opposed to bed) didn't help. But more than I wish I had gained less, I wish I hadn't worried about it so very much and so very often. It really created this dark cloud that hangs over the whole experience.

Anyhoodle, that's my two cents for the day, ha!

Michelina, waiting on your news any day now . . . .
nickclick - thanks! It's totally true isn't it, this is just the beginning of worry about baby. Totally normal, and so important to balance these natural anxieties with lots of enjoyment and celebration of the process.

aphelendra - it's great to hear that despite the risks, gd is not inevitable. I think I need the reminder not to let it become that cloud you described. I appreciate your candor and am sorry that the worry became so overwhelming for you:(

I ate pretty terribly in my first trimester, so many aversions to anything healthy. I could have done much, much worse, but there were definitely a lot of milkshakes and pasta dinners happening. I have turned a huge corner in the past month though, adding a super healthy smoothie regime to my mornings and a ton of fiber into my diet in general. Now I just have to tackle vegetables.

The prenatal nutrition class was great. Lots of good, basic info about nutrition as well as strategies to deal with pregnancy discomforts (leg cramps etc). The best part was being in the same room as all these huge gorgeous bellies!!

A pink tsunami sounds really fun. I am not too into the pepto pink thing but I've seen tons of gorgeous stuff on Etsy lately.
Just popping in to let you know that I'm still pregnant. I'm due on Monday and there has been no action at all. No cramping this week, no spotting, no mucous plug loss, nothing! Did other mama Busties have any signs that it was coming? I'm getting frustrated and I know I shouldn't because I haven't even hit my due date yet! (It's on Monday.) I just feel like I should feel different now somehow. Come on uterus, let's get the show on the road!!! I want to meet this baby!
Hang in there, Michelina. I went before my due date (by 4 days) but that's pretty uncommon for first-timers, from what I gather. I remember being excited at 36 weeks when I was told I was "a small" 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, and then slightly less excited when at my appointment two weeks later I was pretty much almost the same (except slightly more effaced, like 60% or 70%). But y'know, some ladies go gradually and some ladies get the show on the road fairly quickly. My water broke at about 9 a.m. - and the mucus plug came out then too - and I hadn't even had any noticeable contractions at that point. Less than 12 hours later, I was newly responsible for another human being.

But I remember how tough it was to wait! I remembered worrying that I was going to be bored on maternity leave while waiting for kiddo to show up. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And as a mom who hasn't seen a movie in the theater since I was pregnant, I strongly advise you to do all the going-out and movie-watching and whatever else you can handle in the next few days. The night before I had Henry, mr. julie had suggested going out for dinner (I had just finished at the office before going on maternity leave) and I begged off, saying I was too tired. That's my one regret, that I didn't take him up on one last date night before we were three. smile.gif

Thinking good thoughts for you and baby! I know it's killer to wait; know that you've got a cheering section who can't wait to hear the good news!
Delurking... I've just had two positive home pregnancy tests (We've been trying for about 5 months). The internet calculators estimate that I'm about 4 weeks. This feels so surreal (and exciting).
Congratulations meadowlark! How are you feeling? Any symptoms yet?

Michelina, I can't believe you're ready to roll! Where did the time go? (Says the woman who's baby boy is already 4 months old...). I had one day of bad backache (obviously the little bean getting into position for the back labour) and braxton hicks before things kicked off for me. No other warnings.

So exciting! Keep us posted...
Thank you funnybird. So far my symptoms are super sore breasts, some fatigue-mostly later in the day (but I have a puppy that gets me up early too) and a little bit of intestinal trouble. Oh and cramping-that's a little concerning but I've read it can be normal.

I've been a lurker here since my bio-clock started ticking so I'm excited to finally join as a contributing member.
congrats meadowlark! when we first started trying for pregnancy, i remember being sad the first month because i had symptoms so similar to PMS that i thought my period was coming. hang in there - lots more crazy stuff to come!

can't wait to hear the good news from Michelina !!!!!
Congrats, meadowlark!

Waiting to hear news from Michelina! I went 3 days overdue. No signs of anything and then all of a sudden I went to the bathroom and there was my mucus plug. Three days later Elliott arrived. (I had a verrrrry slow labor.)

Meadowlark, congratulations! Welcome - this is truly an exciting ride!

I am 40 weeks today and no sign at all of labour. I thought I might have been leaking fluid on Saturday so I went to the hospital. Turned out I was not leaking fluid. A medical student examined me and it took him forever to find my cervix. He told me there was no sign of dilation at all. I went to my doctor today and she couldn't locate my cervix at all! She said the baby's head is pushing it in a direction that she cannot access. Go figure! She said that she doubts I am dilated much because she would feel it otherwise. She also said she'll book an induction if I haven't delivered by March 14. The induction would likely take place on March 15 or 16, but it will depend on how busy the delivery unit is. I just so hope that I go into labour naturally as I know that there are risks of induction.

Thanks for all of the excitement for me! I cannot wait to share my news!
Welcome Meadowlark! Excited for the flurry of new busties, woohoo (alright, for the two of you)! And for the record, I had awful cramps during the first few weeks of my pregnancy. It can actually be a good sign . . . . hopefully, what you're feeling is the uterus stretching to make room for baby/sac/placenta and all that fine stuff.

Michelina, I'm afraid I don't have much to offer you, other than condolences on the exam by the med student. When I had preterm contractions I had a resident assault me with a speculum. I think my inner labia actually became part of my internal anatomy. Yeow.

Genius, how are you?

And funny, did I just read that your son is four months old!?!?!? Ah the time . . . where does it go?

Thanks for the congratulations and the reassurance. I get some blood work (yuck) this week and then the doc wants to see me at 7 weeks. Since I have a history of endometriosis the fertility doc I saw will follow me earlier than the midwife practice. I'm feeling grateful that we got pregnant on our own but it's nice to know there are options just in case.

Looking forward to reading Michelina's good news too!
Michelina, thinking of you, cannot wait to hear your news. I went 10 days over and remember the waiting being painful! I had a sweep at 8 days overdue, was told I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced at the time and had an induction booked for 4 days later. My labour kicked off on its own about 36 hours later and I delivered the day before I was due to be induced. I credit the sweep and spending a whole lot of time with my ass in the air as advised on various websites. GOOD LUCK.

Welcome to the new mamas-to-be, it's great to see you here and I look forward to following your journeys to birth and beyond.
Meadowlark, hello and congratulations!! So exciting:)

I had pretty bad period-like cramping in the first three or so weeks after my positive test (I am guessing between weeks six and nine). As I am sure you know, it's apparently totally normal.

Michelina I am excited to hear your happy news soon! Hope you are getting lots of lovely rest in the meanwhile, and taking great care of yourself.

Things are hopping along for me. I am HUGE. A new colleague told me this morning: "wow, only six months? I was not showing at all when I was at six months....but I am just so petite." Boo on her. I'm pretty thrilled about the looks of my big belly anyway.

I'm getting super uncomfortable at night though. I have a big body pillow and have added three or four more pillows for between my legs, behind my back etc. That's helping a lot, but my gorgeous belly is still in the way and it's hurting my back. Getting enough sleep is my challenge, just too much going on in mind and body.

Baby is rocking and rolling, moving like mad. I have a pretty brutal habit of playing the local pop/top 40 radio station loudly on my morning commute, so I have been trying to balance out baby's musical education with old country ballads and new stuff by Neko Case and Tom Waits on my belly. I get a ton of movement every-time. Babe either hates or really loves it.

One week until viability. Is that a morbid thing to celebrate?
Welcome and congrats meadowlark and genius!
I'm an adoptive mama who spent a lot of time on these forums while attempting to duel with nature. I keep reading because as at peace as I am about not having the opportunity to be pregnant, I still love to hear about everyone else's stories and journey. So glad you've delurked and joined the conversation.

Michelina, I've been checking this thread daily for the past week. I can hardly wait to read your birth story.

BabyFookie turns one on Friday! Can you believe it! It's surreal in so many ways, but mostly because although he's turning one, we've been parenting him for only 10 of those 12 months. He's almost walking. And he's so incredibly proud of that fact. He's saying "ba" for ball and "bottle" and pointing at each to make sure we know which is which and he says Mama and Dada. He also says the "name" of the little girl he spends his days with at daycare: "ta" for "patricia". It's his only "t" sound so far and it's always when we say her name or when he points at her.

Thinking of you all.

Welcome, meadowlark!

Thinking of you, Michelina! Good labor vibes to you.

Fookie, I can't believe BabyFookie will be one soon! It's incredible to me how all these babies that I've been reading about for so long are growing up. Ah, the power of the internet. smile.gif

I'm doing well pregnancy-wise. I broke down and started wearing a pair of maternity jeans Friday night and now I'm wondering what I was waiting for - they're so comfy! Yes they're the kind with the big stretchy band that comes up to my boobs but they don't pinch or leave marks on my belly and it feels like wearing pajamas all day long. My partner was very amused by my excitement and repeated "I'm so comfortable!" comments all night long. I'm not sleeping extremely well but I'm also not very tired so it's working out okay so far.

Mentally I'm getting a little nervous about a variety of things. We're house-hunting and it's not going very well - we can't afford a decent sized house in neighborhoods we like and are both very wishy-washy about suburbs. I don't feel like we can look for daycare until we know where we'll be living (we both work in different areas so it doesn't make sense to have daycare near where only one of us works since I'll likely be doing drop-off and he'll do pick-up) but maybe I'm being ridiculous about waiting. Yesterday I started researching baby products - cribs, strollers, carseats - and just got overwhelmed. It's just a bit too much for me right now. I'm taking a couple mental health days off from work this week and that's helping immensely.

Anyone have strong opinions about baby registries? People have already started asking (and talking about baby showers) and I'm only 22 weeks! Part of me doesn't want to register because 1)feels like a chore, 2)I don't want people to feel like they must buy off the registry, 3)other people might have really good ideas of what we will need. But there are things we'll definitely need and would love to receive as gifts. Plus, registering might help slow The Pink Tsunami (whoever coined that term, I greatly appreciate it and use it all the time - thanks!). Thoughts?

Speaking of The Pink Tsunami, I'm reading an awesome book --- Cinderella Ate My Daughter. It's all about the pink princess culture that is taking over little girls. I'm only a couple chapters in but it's really making me think AND it's entertaining.
catsoup, I know the baby gear thing can get rather overwhelming. Since you asked, here's my $0.02 about registering:
- I say, go ahead and register. It helps people who really want to get you something off the registry (especially friends who don't have the slightest idea what a baby needs) and helps to ensure that you don't get a jillion of the same thing. Some people won't use the registry anyway, which is fine. And you're right - it helps enormously with some of the big things.
-When you register, I highly recommend bringing a friend with small children who knows what you really need and what's just hooey. Babies R Us tries to "help" you by giving you a ginormous list of everything you "should" have, 90% of which is totally unnecessary. I found the other Bustie moms to be a great resource too.
-We registered at Babies R Us and Amazon. Amazon is great because you can register for a lot of stuff that isn't necessarily available at the big box stores (like for us, cloth diapers - because the ones at BRU are really only useful as burp cloths - and a diaper sprayer for cleaning the poo off the cloth diapers) and it's easy for folks who live out of state to send you something. Plus, they carry a lot of the super-cute clothes you won't find at BRU or Target, like Zutano, Baby Nay, etc...I had a boy but those brands were my go-tos when trying to avoid the pink tsunami for my niece.
-Keep in mind that for most registries, you can add or delete things from your registry online, so don't feel compelled to register for everything in one trip. It's less overwhelming that way.
-Babies R Us has a deal where just before your due date, they'll send you a one-time coupon you can use to get 10% (I think...might even be more) off anything you have on your registry. That's what we used, along with some gift cards we got as gifts, to buy our car seat. So even if you think you won't get it as a gift, it may be worth registering for so you can get it for a discounted price.

For baby gear, I found the book Baby Bargains to be a great resource. Also, we got a ton of stuff used at local baby consignment stores, garage sales (I was a garage sale FIEND while pregnant!), and from friends who were done having kiddos.

If you get too overwhelmed, just don't worry about it. There is very little they need in the beginning, and family and friends have a way of providing. I will say that my breast pump was a lifesaver and that swaddling blankets are the bomb.
Fookie, I can't believe baby F is nearly a year already! Where has the time gone? What a fun age he is at now!

Catsoup, I registered at Babies R Us and Sears, but it was mainly to get free stuff. Sears (in Canada anyway) has this waiting game. You guess the baby's birth date (not necessarily the due date) and if it's correct, they'll give you all of the money back that has been spent on your registry in gift cards. I agree with Julie about Babies R Us adding a large number of things to the registry that are not necessary. I just registered, grabbed the free "treat bag" and haven't looked back again because that irritated me quite a bit. Stores give you a number of product samples, which will likely come in handy.

I'd love to start using some of those free samples but no luck yet. I am starting to get frustrated. I am 40 + 3 today and no sign of baby showing up. Sure, I get BH contractions, but I have for the last few months so that means little. I am drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking Evening Primrose, exercising, having "relations" with Mr M (although not as often as I wish as he isn't home very much), and am now considering acupuncture. The thought of an induction is really scaring me. On the other hand, the thought of baby going past 10 days post due date also scares me. I just really really hope that I go into labour naturally. I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't stew about it, but it's hard. I am worrying a lot about the baby now.
Michelina, I know it's got to be worrisome, but you will be okay. They are carefully monitoring you and the baby. I didn't want an induction either...if it comes to it, it will be all right.

I'm sure you're sick of all the suggestions, but have you tried walking or cleaning the floor on your hands and knees? I also got a pregnancy induction massage and I think that helped.

Try to visualize two weeks from now when you will be holding your little one in your arms. All will be well. All will be well!
PS Castoup...I echo everything the other ladies have said about registering.

Frankly, if I could do it over again, I would have asked for a bunch of gift cards to I love that site. They ship everything to you in two days and ordering is so easy...I sound like a commercial, but it's true. I just ordered baby food, wipes, diapers, and bottle liners tonight.

We got so many clothes....WAAAAAY too many clothes. All you really need are some diapers, wipes, onesies and sleep sacks, a first aid kid (with snot sucker, thermometer), and a baby bathtub with some soap, towels, and washcloths. Bottles if you need to bottle feed (but don't spend money on a bottle warmer...we did and it was not broke and we just heated it up the old-fashioned way which took the exact same amount of time). The hospital will give you formula if you need it. (I breastfed but had to supplement with formula, and we were happy for the extra!)

You need SO MUCH LESS than you think you do...when in doubt, ask for a gift card. You can always use it for diapers or wipes later on...
Michelina, hang on in there! Did you know that the French consider full term to be 42 weeks? The notion that it's a problem if the baby isn't out by 40+1 isn't by any means universal. This is an interesting article on the subject:

I'm thinking of you....
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