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.....running off to find a cardboard tube and my hubby.....

my mom and my best cousin threw me the wonderfulest shower this weekend! i was kind of bummed it was girls only but then again i love an all-girls party. and what a haul!

so i want to wash the new clothes, sheets, etc. i have my dreft. but what can i use instead of fabric softener sheets? i don't want to deal with static this winter.
Oh how I wish I could hear my baby's heartbeat with a simple cardboard tube!!! I don't think my baby is big enough for that yet... but good to know!

Glad to hear you enjoyed your shower, Nickclick.

I am almost 15 weeks now and am loving being in the second trimester. I am showing now and can tell the difference between looking pregnant and just looking bloated now. My tummy has a little "peak" to it so it's definitely a pregnant belly now. I don't think people can tell I'm pregnant yet if they are unaware, but those who know can see my little bump. I am so proud of it! :-) I feel great and am really enjoying pregnancy save for the constant worry about my bean.

Speaking of worry, I got some stressful news last week. I got my first tri screen results back. The good news is that my risk of Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 is very low. The bad news is that one protein is borderline low. There is an increased risk for scary stuff: premature labour, hypertension, growth retardation, and stillbirth. I talked to the OB and she said that in her experience, women with my "borderline" level have not had those problems, but that the risk is still slightly increased. She will scan me again in the early 3rd tri to see how things are progressing. Obviously, my biggest fear is stillbirth, and there is nothing in the world I can do about that but hope for the best.

This is the problem with the screen tests. I wanted to know about the risks of those conditions, but you sometimes find out things you cannot do anything about. Only time will tell... I was well aware that this could happen because I work in health care with prenatal patients, but not everyone realizes that these tests can give more info than some people may want to know.
Michelina, i am hoping for the best for your bean too. and for all bustie beans. i know we've had this conversation before here, and we will all worry from the moment we find out we're pregnant 'til..... forever. but worry sort of helps us mentally prepare i guess. and appreciate the happy outcomes. but BUT..... positive thinking does work. it's a balance i guess. sounds like that's exactly what your OB is suggesting.
Thanks, Nickclick. Yes, positive thinking is very important. I have done so well right up to now and need to continue to trust that all will be okay. A mantra I found and really like is "Trust your body, trust your baby." I repeat this to myself often and it definitely helps. So far they both know what they're doing so I just have to believe that all will continue to be well.

I thought I may have felt some flutters today. I am just over 15 weeks so it may be too early, but I suppose it's possible. When did other Busties first feel movement?
Michelina, I first felt Babybird at about 20 weeks. I thought it was a weird muscle spasm in my abdomen, and it wasn't until I reported this to my midwife at my 21 week check-up and she looked at me as if I was a total idiot that I realised it was the baby!

12 weeks later the novelty still hasn't worn off. I love every wriggle, hiccup and kick, even when they're at 3am and keeping me awake.

I'm sorry about the slightly scary blood results. BUT - if your OB doesn't think it's a big problem then it most likely isn't. And it's good if it means you get extra scans and monitering too.

~~~positive vibes from one chronic worrier to another~~~
When little was in there I couldn't figure out why or how he was rhythmically punching me through his back (?) until I clued into it being hiccups, ha ha. A good laugh at self moment, that.

I think I stopped checking to see if little was breathing in the night when he was about 5 and I don't do it (often) with the girl at 3. But I watch him get on and off the school bus and have panicky moments during the day when I FREAK out about where he is or how he's doing. Seriously, the worry is forever. And it just gets bigger as they get bigger too. Best to learn some mental coping mechanism as soon as possible is my advice. I know that's hard but imagine your baby as a teen and you'll be looking into heart attack country for reals.
The hiccups are funny aren't they? Babybird gets them all the time - usually after a bout of frantic wriggling.

One thing I will NOT miss about being pregnant is the hormones. I bawled at an episode of 'House' last night, for pity's sake! (Okay, it was the season 4 finale, and very sad, but still!).

Hope everyone is doing well.
Michelina, all will be well, I promise.

I first felt movement at 19 weeks, and I still miss it even though feeling the real, actual Elliott wriggle in my arms is even better than feeling movement in utero!!!

Pepper, I allow myself to check on Elliott's breathing once a night right before I go to bed...glad to know I'm not the only one!!!
Those hiccups are cute until you're gigantic, almost at the end, exhausted, and it's two o'clock in the morning!

I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well . . . . Michelina, I am so very sure everything will turn out fine. 'Borderline low' doesn't sound so scary. Enjoy this pregnancy, you worked very hard for it.

Just to chime in, I felt movement as early as 18 weeks, but only if I was very still. It's funny how we all doubt ourselves at first, but really what else could that brand new sensation be? Just wait till you see the little critter, it's so surreal to look at my little girl and realize that that's the person who was swimming around in me for nine months.

We're doing better around these parts, gettin' the hang of feeding, but I still have thrush and it is excruciating. I understand it may take up to a few months to really quash it. Bleeecccccchhh. I also had a plugged duct, but it seems to be getting better after I hopped in a steaming shower and literally milked myself for half an hour. Serious, streaming arcs of milk shooting from right boob. Good grief.

So, whilst I am still dealing with some issues, I thought that I might share some advice/encouragement for the new mamss to be and future breastfeeders. . . .

- avoid thrush at all costs!!!!! (ha ha). No, seriously. Take probiotics, and get plenty of rest. I didn't sleep for three days after Sarah was born, aside from the occasional hour long nap (it;s amazing what the adrenaline of birth will do to ya), and I ate like absolute crap, and it no doubt contributed to this awful infection. Take care of yourselves!!!

- If you're having trouble, get as much help as you can, wherever you can get it from. Be tireless and unstoppable! In addition to seeing the hospital LC, I also hired a private LC to come out to the house (whom I called literally every day for weeks). When that didn't work, I called the CPM who taught my birth class and saw her for help. I'm still attending a weekly support group for nursing moms, run by a CNM and an LC. I read everything I could find.

- Google Dr. Newman, a Canadian physician who runs a breastfeeding clinic. The clinic's website has some amazing videos and great step by step instructions on how to latch baby in several different positions. He also makes a mean prescription only ointment for injured boobies . . . .

- Don't get lazy about baby's latch. There were times I knew she wasnt on right, but I let her eat anyways. you'll regret it later, and you'll have to fix it eventually.

Interrupted by crying baby . . . . will be back for more.

good vibes to all!
Aphelendra, I commend you for sticking with BFing through all of this. I wouldn't have been able to do it. I really hope your thrush improves!!!

I second what you said about correcting the latch. Many times I knew he wasn't on all the way, and I gave in anyway, and yes, you will regret it later.

It really, really helps when their mouths get bigger. I could basically breastfeed Elliott hanging upside down now. I BF in my sleep (literally)...but man, in the beginning NO way. It just sucks in the beginning.

And you know what? Four months in and I still don't have that mythical bond of BFing. I mean, I am totally in love and bonded with E, but I don't think BFing had a thing to do with it. I chose to BF because I figured I should try. It saves a ton of money. And I do believe it's good for them (although I doubt formula is the devil's milk it's made out to be by lactivists).

Now that I've gone back to work, E gets breast milk when I can give it and when I can pump, and formula when I can't. When I think about stopping BFing (when I will, I don't know...trying to get to 6 months), all I can think is wow, I will be able to wear one piece outfits again and I won't have to worry about leakage. I don't think I will miss it one bit.

So don't feel bad if you feel ambivalent about BFing...I don't doubt that some women experience maternal nirvana through BFing, but I sure as Hell was never one of them.
thanks zelda and aphelendra, and good to hear from you. i'm gonna give breastfeeding that ol' college try. i'm telling myself if it works, it works, and that will be great. it's amazing how Baby 411 and other sources tell you how it's so natural and then list all the terrible things that could go wrong if you don't do it perfectly.......

i haven't watched yet, but i plan to before the end of the month. it's this video by the proprietor of a local store where i bought some nursing bras. let me know what you think, especially those with bf experience.
Aphelendra, if you haven't already, get rid of all sugar from your diet - including from fruit - my thrush cleared up quite quickly when I did that. Butt beware (hee hee) it has negative effects on ...pooping, so make sure you have lots of fiber in your diet as well.

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to come in here to mention something that NO PREGNANCY BOOK tells you but I think every new mom should know. After all the pushing of labour, your bum is going to be quite sore, if not a bit...hemorrhoidy...and the first poop after labour can be a bit frightening and often painful "Like shitting a bag of glass" I recall describing it. If you have been prone to constipation during pregnancy, and even if not (after labour you may not poop for several days as your body tries to save your bum from the trauma, resulting unfortunately in a big, compact, stool which just makes things worse, frankly) then please pack in your hospital stay bag some metamucil or other stool softener and USE IT.

I don't know why no-one, midwife, doctor, nurse, or book ever mentions this incredibly common and painful after-effect. So there, I've mentioned it. Something else to think on.

Two weeks to go for me!
Oh yes, add that to the list of pregnancy secrets for sure! That and the stinging pee. My midwife friend gave me a squeeze bottle to use while peeing (flush warm water over bits at the same time as pee so as to avoid hot burning sting). I didn't tear but had some pulled skin that was quite sensitive.
And no one told me I could be bleeding for 60 days like a stuck pig either. Buy the BIGGEST pads they make, you'll practically need a diaper for yourself for a while if you're anything like I was. Maude, how much blood can one girl lose? Take some iron.
Oh, and you can take those maternal vitamins while you're nursing too, you need extra that whole time and that's a goodly amount of all the stuff in those mama-to-be supplements.
I got hemmorhoids (sp?) but I am one of those rare, few women that had a painless postpartum first BM. I had it in the hospital. I told the nurse, and she was like, "What?! You pooped already and it didn't hurt?!?"

I have no idea what my secret was...but like I said, I got `roids later on. My bum never hurt all that bad BUT yes, I had to flush water while I peed. Make sure you take your squeeze bottle home from the hospital to clean yourself and squeeze water on yourself while you pee and clean yourself in the shower. Even better if you have a detachable shower head.

If you have an epidural like me be warned that you may need a catheter after labor. I had a FULL bladder and was too numb to go. Oh, what a nightmare...that sucked. The catheter didn't hurt at all and it was SWEET RELIEF.

Yeah, read up as much as you can about postpartum care...was not prepared for how gross and icky it was. But it ends, thank goodness...your body will feel like yours again, I promise you.

OH! And one more thing...I was exclusively breastfeeding and got a period 6 weeks after labor. My OB says sometimes it just happens...haven't gotten another one since then though.
thanks for the postpartum poo advice. i'm already up to my ears in fiber over here.

i can't believe baby is due in 5 weeks! i'm excited! and scared! and a little cranky. my husband's friend tours with the National and gave us free tix to see them tonite, but it's probably not a good idea to expose baby to a loud concert, stand for 4 hours, inhale maryjane, or be elbowed to the belly and boobs. and who knows, Matt Berninger baritone may cause early labor. so i'm making this face all day mad.gif

I'm post so infrequently that maybe I should return to the Newbies thread and reintroduce myself.

But anyway, I have been lurking since I've been thinking about a baby for a while now. Now I'm de-lurking because my husband and I just started TTC. I'm excited (and scared) but happy to be able to join you all in this thread.
Meadowlark. According to my profile, I've been a member since 2006 and have posted only 26 times. Actually, I've been around since...maybe 2004? Since before you had to introduce yourself, or ask permission to start a thread. I visit BUST daily, but I just do not have the time to get drawn into becoming a more active member. Anyway, welcome and Good Luck with trying to conceive!

I was thinking about you guys because of all our talk in the past about worry. Just back from my midwife and I always get the impression that they are more concerned about my lack of concern than I am. This time it was about movement. "Is the baby moving a lot?" "Um, yeah, well...less now that there's not much room in there, but, sure." "Well is it at least 6 times an hour?" "Well, I don't really notice or count, but, you know, at night and whenever I eat and, oh look...there's one now." "Are you worried at all about this?" "Not really" and then we have a talk about steps I COULD take if I WAS worried that goes on for so long that I finally say "Well, should I be worried that I'm not worried?"

It was the same when I refused the glucose test because my family has no history of diabetes, I haven't gained a great deal of weight, and all my "pee-sticks" have been negative. The student mid-wife was sort of flummoxed. I guess she doesn't often meet someone who says "Nah, It's okay." when presented with the Glucose screening.

I guess I wonder whether they're eyeing my lack of concern as a possible precursor to Post Partum Depression? Their attentions are just making me a little paranoid.

Due in a week! Who's up next? How's everyone else doing?
deli, one week????!!!! whoo hoo! how are you feeling? 4 more weeks here.

i don't do the counts either and just notice the movement as it comes. ew have you noticed baby not only kicking out but kicking in too? like baby's all pushing on my spleen - what does this do?

maybe your midwives are just not used to laid back preggys like you. i go in to visits with a huge list of questions and they give me the same info that i just read in my Mayo Clinic book. but i need that reassurance. you should tell them how you feel about not wanting over-paranoia.

and welcome meadowlark! best of luck!
Bump for the preggo BUSTies...get it? Bump?! ;-)

I am sending good vibes to all but really hoping for an update from Michelina! Thinking about you, girl!

Elliott is four months...had a great four month check up. He's a total cutie...colic totally gone and just a dreamboat and so much fun to be around!
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been around recently - the last few weeks haven't been exactly easy. No problems with Babybird (who appears to be doing just great) but lots of other stuff going on.

Firstly Architect Boy was ill with some pretty severe stomach pains. Pre-last summer we wouldn't have thought much of it, but these days every little health niggle he has makes me think "Oh God, the cancer is back!". Fortunately his GP sent him for blood tests straight away, and after an anxious couple of days he got the all clear. It was most likely a virus, but he's feeling much better now. Then last week my lovely Uncle died, and later that same day my Mum had a transient ischaemic attack - a sort of 'mini-stroke' brought on by stress and grief and untreated hypertension. She is also fine now, but it was a horrible and scary 24-hours while she was in hospital.

Oh, and to add to all this our landlord decided to replace our kitchen for us - which we're very grateful for - but means the flat has been in chaos with builders, boxes and dust for the past few weeks. So much for being able to relax during my third trimester....

In good news, I had a growth scan at 34 weeks and Babybird is right on target. He's still kicking and wriggling constantly. Also we've been given so much great baby stuff by family members and friends! So far the only thing we've had to buy new is a pushchair.

How is everyone else? Deli must have given birth by now!
Zelda, thanks for your thoughts and positive vibes! Glad to hear that Elliott is doing so well. I am doing well. Last Saturday I started to feel definite fetal movement. I was reading a novel and drinking hot chocolate, and I felt twinges in my uterus. Eventually it occured to me that I was being jabbed! I felt less over the weekdays as I was busy with work, but when I lie on the couch and relax, I can typically feel something after a while. It is amazing and wonderful. My anatomy scan is on Oct 14. I am excited and nervous! I'll update for sure after that.

Funnybird, I am so glad to hear that AB is fine. I can see why you'd worry. What a relief! And it won't be long before babybird will be in your arms! Sounds like a little chaos in your home, but better now than after babybird comes.

Nickclick, how are you doing? Really in the home stretch now!

Deli, how are you?

Meadowlark, glad you have joined. Best of luck to you! We represent all sides of TTC - from very fast to IVF pregnancy (that's me.) Lots of support and advice here whenever you need it.
Zelda-glad to hear that the colic is over. I've heard it often magically resolves itself after 3 months. Have you heard of the "4th trimester" theory?

Sorry to hear about the stress this last little while Funnybird. So hard to deal with all this stuff when you should be allowed to just concentrate on your pregnancy. Re: Being given stuff. You know that outrageous number they put on how expensive it is to raise a child per year? It's always supposed to be a billionty dollars or something - well, 5 years into my son's life and we RARELY buy anything. We get so many hand-me-downs, and new stuff always seems to come at Christmas and birthdays and from Grandparents. Anyhow. I've got 22 outfits for babydeli already and I haven't bought a single thing.

As for babydeli. Still nothing. I have a long boring story about a false labour on Thursday, but I won't go into it. Now we are talking induction with the midwife, but I'm asking them to wait for the last possible moment, which would be next Wednesday. I've decided if I have to have pitocin I might as well just go whole hog and get the epideral as well. Meanwhile, this morning the midwife had a good poke about my nethers to try to irritate the baby into doing things naturally (called a stretch and sweep), have another stretch and sweep set for next friday, and a ultrasound tomorrow to make sure baby doesn't have any medical reasons she's staying put.

Much luck on your scan Michelina. And Nickclick - if you go before me, I'ma be soooooo jealous.
zelda, i just skimmed through Happiest Baby on the Block. did you read that? curious if you did and his theory and techniques worked at all. glad to hear Elliott is the happiest baby now! and you're a happier mommy!

michelina, how was your scan today??????

the peanut is still kicking around my belly. at my checkup on tuesday, doc said i'm about about 50% effaced and sort of still on schedule for Halloween-ish delivery. and i most certainly have not dropped yet. seriously.... ow. my ribs.

so i think you're going to go first, deli! keep us posted and best of luck!
Funny and Michelina, so excited to hear your seems like so long ago that all three of us started on this thread wanting to become mamas, and now it is happening for you both. So exciting!!! Funny, I'm sorry it has been stressful as of late, but I do hope that all calms down soon. And Michelina, how exciting that you are feeling movement! That is when it all became real to me. :-)

Deli and Nickclick, getting down to the wire...very exciting, too. Can't wait to hear your birth stories!

Yes, I have read Happiest Baby on the Block and watched the DVD and am pretty familiar with the fourth trimester theory. Very valuable stuff, esp. when dealing with a colicky baby as we did. We found the white noise and swaddling to be absolute MUSTS and we wouldn't have survived the colic without them. But I think it would be helpful to read HB on the Block or watch the DVD even if you didn't have a colicky baby...because all babies under 3 months do fuss for reasons difficult to distinguish...mostly because they are just not fully "cooked" yet and need that extra care and love.

Now, at 4 and a half months, Elliott's cries are much much easier to figure out and to solve. He hardly cries at all now...aaaaaahhhhh....he's like a different baby. I do pray none of you have to deal with colic, but if you do, I've got loads of advice, and the best part is it ends almost overnight. Elliott was a different baby at around 12/13 weeks. I can almost pinpoint the day it all changed. He can be so mellow now, playing and amusing himself...we are really in the golden age of babyhood - that great time when he is interactive and responsive but not yet crawling, so he can't get into everything just yet! ;-)

Sending positive vibes to all!
My scan yesterday went really well! Baby measured exactly 19 +3, which is what I was based on my dates so that was perfect. Anatomy looked good too. What a relief! I had my doctor's appointment today and all is well with me too. I hope the second half of the pregnancy goes as smoothly as the first half has! I cannot believe I'm almost 20 weeks already.

Zelda, I read through some of our posts from about a year ago and it was very interesting to compare where we all were then with where we are now. Speaking of Busties during that time, Cristine, how are you? I think of you often. Not sure if you still check this thread, but I want you to know that I really hope you are doing well.

Nickclick and Delibelly, thinking of you both as you near your big day!
that's great news, Michelina!!! wasn't the scan a lot of fun?

no baby yet. as excited as i am to meet baby, and as tired i am of being pregnant, i would be OK if baby stays put for a couple more weeks. this is my last week of work and i could use a few days after for relaxing and getting some stuff done.
Hooray Michelina! What wonderful news smile.gif
Did you find out the baby's sex? Or are you saving the surprise?

I had yet another drama last week when the midwife at my 36 week check-up decided that Babybird was a transverse lie (a Very Bad Thing at this stage). She referred me for another scan, which I had this afternoon, and it turned out to be a false alarm. He's still safely head-down, and - at an estimated 6lbs 15oz already - probably too big to be turning any more somersaults.

We also visited the birth centre of our choice last week and we loved it! It's attached to the big teaching hospital where I've been having my antenatal care, but is midwife-led and has a natural childbirth ethos. I particularly liked the birthing pools and the fact that Architect Boy would be able to stay overnight with me and Babybird after the birth in our own room, but I could transfer downstairs to the main hospital immediately if there were any problems.

Nickclick, is your hospital bag all packed yet?
funny, we had the same "turn" of events a couple of weeks ago where the peanut was suspected to be transverse but seen to be head first on the scan. phew is right! glad to hear.

i go for a checkup today... i'm totally going to ask what the estimated weight is! besides, my coworkers are running a pool so i can see who's closest so far.

the bag is packed! clothes for baby and me of course, pic of my dog, cameras, loaded iPod and dock.... mommies - what music to you suggest for delivery time? usually before i go to a job interview or something i psyche myself up with some 90s PJ Harvey and riot grrrl. or do i need Nick Drake to calm me the eff down?
So great, Michelina! I'm curious to know the gender, too! Let us know if you know or if it's going to be a surprise.

Elliott was sideways until about 37 weeks. I had a friend whose baby flipped the night before she delivered. She felt it. You never know. Glad all is well funny and you like your birthing center!

Nickclick, I wouldn't rely too much on estimated weight. They told me E could be anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds and he was 7 pounds! They don't really know...

As for music...well...I don't want to scare you but in the middle of contractions my head space was not in a musical place. At all!!! Some women may enjoy it, but I wasn't even aware of what was around me when the contractions were really intense. I was just drifting off on waves of pain and breathing. At many times it was like an out of body experience (except I could still sense the pain).

Now after I had the (blessed) epidural, I slept. And when it came time to push, well again, it was like I left my body for a while even as I "knew" I was pushing. It was like I was watching myself push.

Again, I don't mean to scare you, but for me at least giving birth was The. Most. Insane. Experience. Ever. Not bad. Just....other worldly. Amazingly so. And you bring all this shit with you to the hospital like music and tennis balls and snacks and whatnot and truly, I never used any of it. I just was so focused on my body and pushing that baby out!
Great to hear how well all the pregnancies are coming, time is flying!

Nickclick, I would agree with zelda about birth being sort of otherworldly, but I actually found music helpful during labor. mr julie had thoroughly researched all the a/v setups (the other people in our birthing class laughed a little at him, because while everyone else on the tour was checking out the bed and the whirlpool tub he was looking at what kind of audio inputs were in the TV so we could hook up the iPod). He hooked up my iPod early on and just had it running in the background on shuffle, so it was a totally random mix of songs playing. I have lots of 80s music and Ani DiFranco and various random things on there, but somehow it worked. Sometimes concentrating on the Erasure song made it a lot easier to move through the contractions.

That said, I came equipped with all kinds of crapola that we never used. mr julie grabbed some DVDs as we were leaving the house and well, let's just say he didn't make the best choices. I informed him that I had no interest in watching Spiderman or Firefly. A friend of ours who was caring for our cats ended up dropping by the house and she brought me my beloved 30 Rock DVDs, but frankly those didn't get broken out until we were in the postpartum room, because the last thing you want to do while in labor is pay attention to a TV show or movie of any kind. Personally I found conversation to be a good distraction in the early stages, and then just music and lots of encouragement (and that tub with the jets, that thing was the bomb) in the later stages. Then during pushing, just lots of encouragement and sips of water. And oxygen. Visualization also worked for me. But the most important thing I learned was that you really don't know what you need until you're in it, so I don't regret bringing all the crap to the hospital that we did.

I've been thinking a lot about that time lately, because this time last year I was getting pretty close - can't believe Henry is already 11 months old! It's amazing stuff, enjoy every minute you can of the pregnancy and the birth (not that every minute is going to be enjoyable, but you get the idea!).
We brought everything and the kitchen sink to the delivery room. smile.gif Lots of clothes, snacks, a birth ball . . . . In the end it just ended up cluttering up the very small recovery room and generally driving me nuts. I wore the hospital gowns, undies, and socks, for fear of getting blood all over my stuff. There is a LOT of pp bleeding in the first 12-24 hours, no one prepared me for this. Also, I really do just love those gauze undies! wink.gif and it turns out lots of hospitals supply birth balls, so no need to have dragged this ridiculous blue rubber monstrosity around . . . . Seriously, we should have packed the car up before I went into labor. By the time Mr. got my bag, his bag, the baby's bag, the car seat, and the birth ball into the vehicle, a good 30 minutes had elapsed since we actually decided to leave.

Nick, I also was not in a 'musicy' kind of place. But I imagine if I had I would not have wanted to be pumped up. Most women have a need for dark and quiet in the last stages of labor. My vote is for Nick Drake.

Nick, Deli, funny, I can't wait to hear about your births! I still remember each of you announcing your pregnancies like it was yesterday! ::sniffle::

Michelina, woo hoo for halfway baked baby!

Hope all are well . . . . will be pokin' about here and there, waiting for the next round of bustie babes. . . .
Aphelendra...just had a gauze underwear flashback!!! Mwah ha ha....very funny. How are you feeling? How's everything going?
Deli - thinking of you. Think your induction was planned for this Wednesday just gone, so hope you're cosied up at home now with your brand new little one.

Nick - thinking of you too! Looking forward to reading your good news and wishing you a swift and smooth delivery.

Michelina - fab news that all is well and that your scan was so positive.

Funny - you must be 37 weeks now, hope the last few weeks are going well for you. Glad to read how happy you are with your hospital. I had Archie in the Home from Home unit at St Thomas's which sounds like a similar set up to where you're delivering. My experience there was fab.

I felt kind of under water during labour, I don't think I would've especially noticed music if it had been playing (which it wasn't). What I found most useful was Mr D coaching me through the contractions, we used the Contraction Master app on the iPhone, and he was able to tell me I was 40 secs through a 1 minute contraction which I knew meant that I was on the downswing at least momentarily. Nothing much else really got through to me (although I did bump into a work colleague when I made it out onto the main road to hail a cab while going through transition, that was quite clear to me. Memo to self, next time go to hospital earlier.)

Keeping everything crossed for brand new October babies!
thanks everyone! iPod is stacked with many options... we'll see!

yes waiting for delibelly!

still hanging in there over here. my last day of work was friday. phew! so weird that there will be this whole other person in our house any day now.
Julie and Jenny, how lovely to hear from you!

I'm 38 weeks and 1 day today!

We'll be going to the hospital by cab (we don't have a car and the hospital is in central London, so no parking) and like Jenny, I'm worried about mistiming things! I've heard so many horror stories about folks arriving at the hospital, being told to go home for a few hours and then giving birth in the back of the car / cab. Hearing that there's a 'contraction master' app on the iphone really made me laugh! They think of everything, don't they?

Jenny, we'll (hopefully) be at the Bloomsbury Birth Centre at UCH. Everyone in our NCT group is due to give birth there, and a few people are due before me so I'm interested to hear about their experiences.

I finished work last Friday, and the flat is rapidly filling up with baby gear. The pushchair was delivered yesterday, and Architect Boy's sister keeps showing up with things we didn't know we needed - nipple cream, a white noise CD and various swaddling devices. Despite all this it STILL all feels a little unreal.

Michelina, how's it going?

I'd love to hear from deli too.
QUOTE(funnybird @ Oct 26 2010, 03:03 AM) *
we'll (hopefully) be at the Bloomsbury Birth Centre at UCH. Everyone in our NCT group is due to give birth there, and a few people are due before me so I'm interested to hear about their experiences.

I finished work last Friday, and the flat is rapidly filling up with baby gear. The pushchair was delivered yesterday, and Architect Boy's sister keeps showing up with things we didn't know we needed - nipple cream, a white noise CD and various swaddling devices. Despite all this it STILL all feels a little unreal.

i know! we received sooo many gifts and then yesterday i spend nearly $250 (in gift card dough, thankfully) at Babies R Us. i'm sure we don't need all this stuff but what if we do???? well, i do need that doggie rattle that plays guitar. that is too damn cute. 

funny, how are you feeling? and yes, Michelina?
Really, no sarcasm about the gauze undies. They're breezy, soft, and oh-so-stretchy. And, as I discovered, they can go through the wash a few times before they turn into complete lint balls.

I am well Zelda! Despite still having thrush. Every time I think it's gone, it pops right back up. Arg. Ack. Ew. Anyway, glad to hear your little one is past his colic, poor thing (and poor you!). Our little one is finally napping a little (little little little) bit on her own, and its amazing to finally get some time to myself. We've even got some wedding plans in place and I'm definitely going to head back to school this January.

Nick, ( and all other showered mamas to be). Hold on to this gift cards, though the temptation may be great to splurge. I thought I had researched everything I could have, but still there were some things I didn't anticipate until Sarah had arrived. Like when we decided to switch to cloth diapers last month, I was able to defray quite a bit of the start-up cost with my Target gift cards, something I wouldn't necessarily have known I wanted before she arrived. Also, if you plan on using wraps/carriers, it can be tough to figure out what works best for you, and those things

Funny, it's going to be unreal for quite some time, even after the new babe comes home. When I was recovering in the hospital I kept going to the bathroom and coming out and thinking "Hey! Someone left their baby in here!".

Jenny, your description of your hubby made me laugh (and just a little jealous). Mr. A could not, for the life of him, manage to time my contractions appropriately. It would start, and there I would be, grunting and writhing and moaning on all fours, and there he is, going "Babe? Is this it? Should I start? Are you having one? Babe?" The midwife kept calling to check on us and ask how far apart the contractions were and there was just no way to tell . . . .

Hope all are well . . . . I am off to do some laundry, whilst my little babe sleeps soundly in the other room . . . . by herself!!!!! Attachment parenting is awesome and holy and wonderful, but really, some chores just require that a sleeping human not be strapped to your chest.

Be prepared for it all to feel unreal for a while...for me that feeling of "Who is this baby?" lasted for about a month or so. I kept thinking, "When is his real mom going to come get him?" Not that I didn't care for him, but the bonding was a slow burn. That freaked me out at first...I thought it would be instantaneous. It is for some women, but do not worry if it's not for you! Now the bond I have with little E is so intense it's scary. But it takes time to get there for some of us.

Aphelendra, sorry about the thrush! But good for you for sticking with it. I am still pumping going on 4 and a half months. Elliott gets breast milk and formula and it's working out really well this way. Remember moms, breastfeeding doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing when you go back to work. Knowing I could use formula sort of relaxed me a little...and better that E gets some breast milk still. thing I would say (and would say to all expecting mamas) thing I wish is that the second time I went to the hospital (and they sent me back home), I really wish I had demanded they admit me. It wasn't until the third try that they admitted me and that was because I started passing out at home in the bathtub between contractions.

They kept sending me home because I was only 1 cm dilated (because E was in the wrong position and even though I was contracting I wasn't dilating). But the pain was so intense by the second trip I really think they should have admitted me then. The insanity of driving home (in major pain) and then going back for a third trip was crazy and I wish I had forced them to take me even though I was only 1 cm dilated.

So speak up for yourself if you really think it is time to be admitted!
Hello all,

Are Funnybird and Nickclick in the race to be next?

I want to second the advice to hold onto some of your gift cards for after the birth. Even though I 've been through it all before I didn't remember how many onsies I would need and I'm glad I'm still sitting on $80 from Children's place.

Baby is now 10 days old. We had the same baby naming drama that we had with my son. Finally we settled on Lena Amelia, but only last night my husband remarked "I think she looks more like a Cerys". I hate naming babies.

Birth story: went into labour the night of the second "stretch and sweep". Got to hospital 11:30 at 1cm dilated - nearly was sent home. Convinced midwife to let me walk around for an hour to see if I would progress. Water broke. Hour later I was in big pain. BEGGED for epidural at 2:30. Too late. Baby born at 3:10.

The birth experience was fast and in many ways better than with O, but very different. With O, I could hardly feel the pushing contractions and could ignore them if I wanted. With this one the pushing contractions were undeniable and took over my whole body. Better because it was so fast that student midwives couldn't get there in time, and I got to have a very private birth with husband and mdwife only. Also, with fewer midwives my husband played a much more active part in helping than he had with O. So I'm happy about that and, best of all, I NEVER intend to do it again, so yay me.

Breastfeeding is going easier than with O. Started taking acidopholis (sp?) at the first burning fire-ant feeling of thrush, and milk production leveling out already, so latch issues with the wonky nip are healing fast now that baby can get a proper hold on the softer nipple.

I have to give a little chuckle at the music idea. I was so out of it in both labours I wouldn't have noticed a polka band in the room.

Sorry if my post is rushed. That is my whole life right now. Forgive any spelling errors and gaps in logic. I'll be back! Lurking, if not posting, to see how everyone else is doing.

P.S. I never had the "This is someone else's baby" feeling, but I didn't feel confident with O until about 4 months. I remember thinking "I can't even keep plants alive..." reacting to the responsibility. It wasn't until O got really sturdy that I started to feel like a proper mom.
Congratulations, Deli! That's wonderful news. And I love her name. It's funny because Mr. M and I are strongly considering the name Elina, which is very similar to Lena. And one of our nieces is Amelia. Beautiful. Glad to hear you and baby are doing well.

Nice hearing from all the new Bustie moms. Glad to see you are still popping in.

Nickclick and Funnybird, excited to hear your news shortly!

I am doing well. I'm 21.5 weeks now and baby is kicking lots. I love the feeling, and am just amazed every time that those feelings are coming from a little human inside of me. Of course whenever Mr. M tries to feel, baby completely stops moving!

We did not find out the sex at our ultrasound. We have decided to have a very neutral jungle theme for the nursery and pick out a couple of names per sex. We are enjoying picking out names, but it's a tough job.

yay Deli! glad to hear she is here and everyone is happy and healthy. Lena is such a pretty name. Amelia was on our list but since mr.nick's last name starts with A, we didn't want that alliteration. and thanks for sharing your birth story. i am getting a bit nervous and like to hear all the reassurance that all goes well......

Michelina, good to hear from ya. picking names (well, agreeing on names) is hard! and yes, harder when you have to choose boy or girl. we have narrowed down to 2 each. hoping when we see the peanut, we'll just know.

at my checkup yesterday, doctor said i wasn't any more effaced than last week's visit (which was 'almost'). so i'm scheduled for induction on Wed. Monday we go for a biophysical profile. i'm hoping baby comes before then. i'll go heavy on the spicy foods and, more importanly, nookie this weekend. it's been like 3 months (for the nookie, not the spicy).

was anyone else induced?
Nick, very quick drive-by to say I wasn't induced, but my induction was booked. I was lucky enough to go into labour the day before I was due to be induced (and was still 10 days overdue). I am convinced that spending about 48 hours either walking (and going up some hills) or leaning over my birthball really helped to get things going. I was advised that UFO (Upright / Forward / Over) positions are good for getting labour going, and it certainly seemed to do the trick for me. My midwife told me to go home and scrub the floor to get things moving, but I thought leaning over the birthball would be a less tiring option. I didn't sit on the sofa or armchair for those 48 hours, always on the floor leaning. Good luck! (also, raspberry leaf tea, don't know if it helped but I drank a tonne of it).

Congrats Deli! Great news.
Hooray Deli! What wonderful news (and what a beautiful name)!

Nickclick, I'm sort of envious that you have a date for induction, even if it's a 'last resort'. At my 38 week check-up this week the midwife thought Babybird wasn't even engaged yet! Arrgghhh! I was so despondent when I got home that I called that Maternal & Fetal Assesment Unit at the hospital and made an appointment for 41 weeks to discuss induction. Even that seems a lifetime away!

Every time he kicks I seem to get a new stretch mark, which are so livid and sore, and my bump just feels so huge and tight like it's going to burst. And my back aches. Is it normal to feel so whiny this stage??

Michelina, Babybird wouldn't kick for Architect Boy for weeks. I'll never forget the moment he did though - the look on AB's face was magical. Worth the wait!
Congratulations deli on your little girl! I love the name as well....

Michelina, great to hear about the scan. On naming....obviously you have twice as many names to consider since you're finding out the sex at delivery, but we didn't settle on Henry's name until the morning after his birth. We had narrowed it down to three possibilities and then picked once we met him, which worked for us. Oh, and it took FOREVER until mr julie got to feel him kick...the little stinker would kick up a storm, then stop as soon as mr. julie put his hand on my belly.

funny, it is completely natural to be a little cranky and over it at 38 weeks. I figure that's how nature gets us over any fears of labor and some point we're just like, "I don't care what I have to do, let's get this show on the road!"

Very quick..I, too, had an induction booked for one week post due date because I hadn't progressed or effaced or anything. I took a ton of walks and had a pregnancy induction massage from my doula and started losing my mucous plug the day after my due date. Elliott was born two days later.

So consider a massage!!!!
ooh massage... not a bad idea at all, thanks! i've been walking walking walking, doing laundry, shiz like that. this kid is definitely like mr.nick.... late and likes to stay in bed.

speaking of ... what's new in Elliott land?
I'm a long-time lurker in this thread...

Yesterday brought me two positive pregnancy tests. So I guess I'm pregnant! We've been TTC since June but my period has been wonky for the last couple months so I was beginning to lose hope. In fact, I only took a test yesterday because I planned to call my doctor and knew they'd want a recent negative test (I took a test last week and it was negative). So I'm stunned, excited, nervous, etc, etc. smile.gif I'm 7 weeks and the midwives group I might use won't see me until 10 weeks so I've got an appointment for the Monday before Thanksgiving. That sounds so far away...

My only symptom so far is unbelievably sore breasts. No nausea, no exhaustion, nothing else (yet). Somewhere along the lines I got it in my head that nausea = pregnancy sticking (which a good friend of mine who just had a miscarriage at 6 weeks last month can tell you isn't true), but the lack of symptoms besides the tender boobs is a little disconcerting. Not unwelcome, mind you, just not what I expected. It's early though so who knows what will happen next.
Congrats Catsoup! I hope your stay here will be as comforting and helpful as mine was . . . . (you can tell because I'm still here, heh).

Nick's induction is tomorrow, n'est pas? Thinking of her . . . .

Hope all are well, lurking til I hear some news.
Welcome and congrats, catsoup! Similar to aphelendra, here's how comforting this space is...I'm still coming back to lurk/occasionally check in even though my little guy is almost a year old. Hope it is similarly comforting for you!

Re: lack of symptoms, I remember being surprised at how not pregnant at all I felt in the beginning. I was extremely lucky and never had the nausea...but like you said, you just never know. And yes, that wait until the first appointment is the longest few weeks ever. (This is why even though I felt silly for doing it sometimes, I was glad I took a picture of my positive test before throwing it helped to convince myself that indeed that positive really did happen!)

nick, thinking of you and baby!

zelda, I second the call for an Elliot update....

Michelina, how's it going?

funny, hang in there! Almost there....
Thanks, julie124 and aphelendra! I look forward to being a part of this thread and not just a lurker!

I may have spoke too soon about the lack of nausea (or jinxed myself). This morning my stomach is not very happy... And I don't think I can blame it all on the election results.
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