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So thrilled for you, funny! I remember the day we had Elliott's scan and learned he was a boy...what a great day that was. I hope you were able to go out for dinner or lunch or something to celebrate. Woo hoo!

Wondering how Michelina is doing... :-)
We have take-out pizza and 'The Wire' on DVD, which is good enough for me :-)

The little chap is kicking up a storm tonight - I think it's payback for being prodded so much by the sonographer this afternoon.
Funnybird, a little boy! So happy for you! Glad to hear babybird is doing well. What a relief that must be. I cannot wait to see our little one's face on ultrasound. Must be a very emotional experience.

I got good news today too! My beta level is over 3600, which means that it is doubling about every 2 days. That's exactly what should be happening. Now the biggest milestone yet is next Thursday - see our little bean or beans on ultrasound! I imagine it will be a powerful experience. I'm just hoping for the best. So far so good! I am feeling well still, and man have my breasts grown! I've already graduated to a C cup from a B. I can handle that side effect!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Michelina! Wow....I am so THRILLED for you. Honestly...just thrilled. :-)
Congrats to Michelina and to funny! Glad to hear things are progressing.

Michelina - the wait between the first HCG and the first ultrasound were the longest two weeks of my life . . . . hope you are hanging in there.

After an entirely sleepless night, I woke up to a bit of blood and cramping . . . we'll see what happens . . . . hmmm.
Aphelendra, that's how it started for it your mucus plug?

Keep in mind that I started to lose my plug on Wednesday night and didn't give birth until Sunday afternoon....hence the epidural!!!
Pretty sure its not the plug . . . . just a bit of plain old blood every now and again.

Midwife says it could be from my cervix starting to dilate, or it could just be a bit of irritation from the baby dropping lower into the pelvis. Either way is progress, I guess.

Lots of cramping, but not really identifiable, regular contractions that come and go. Just really uncomfortable feelings for a while, and then it maybe goes away for an hour or so. And then back again.

Ah, the waiting game.

Since I didn't sleep at all last night and I'm all crampy and jumpy, I've been prescribed warm bath and a half glass of wine this evening. Yes ladies, tonight I will be having WINE!!!!!
yay for little funnybird chap!! and so glad to hear michelina is going strong!

hang in there, apehlendra...and have a sip of wine for ME!! i remember talking to my grandma about when she was pregnant with my dad, and her doctor prescribed her a glass of red wine each night because of the iron. funny stuff!

it's leg cramp city over by me despite my yoga efforts, but other than that and seeming to eat my own body weight, feeling pretty good. bought some non-hideous maternity wear today that didn't break the bank so happy about that too...but should I feel bad I haven't spontaneously bought anything for little Eloise yet? I feel like I don't even know her...even though I can't wait for her to come, it still feels unreal looking at baby stuff. oh well.

now to finish cleaning and then RELAX. hugs to all...
I didn't buy anything for the baby bug until I was over twenty weeks . . . she was a pretty abstract concept for a while ( and still is to some extent, despite the tiny foot currently hooked under my ribs). Eloise is an excellent name . . . . so pretty!

Saw the midwife on Friday, had an NST. NST showed contractions every three-five minutes! Told I might be in prelabor if things continued. Spotting probably the plug, though I still kind of doubt it. Went home, went for a walk, contractions got really intense and then . . . . completely stopped. And then started a bit. And stopped. And never really got stronger, so nothin' goin' in these parts.

Ladies, take my advice. Don't tell anyone when you think you're going into labor. I didn't say anything to anyone, but Mr. told my aunt, uncle, his parents, his sister, and my best friend. So now I am getting near constant phone calls asking if I'm at the hospital yet, if I'm in labor yet, yada yada yada. All because I told Mr. I might be going into prelabor.

I love the name Eloise!

Aohelendra, this is JUST how it started with me. Contractions on and off, stopping and starting for about a day and a half or so and then they got regular (although never into that classic five minute pattern...but they went from coming and going to just...coming and coming!) Good luck!

As for baby stuff...I sat down with a friend who'd JUST had a baby and registered online with her sitting next to me. There's so much crap you DO NOT NEED. For the first few weeks if you're breastfeeding, you really just need diapers and wipes, lots of burp cloths, onesies, a bath tub and some baby soap, and lots of receiving blankets to swaddle the little one.

One other thing I also highly recommend is a white noise machine or, if you don't want to spend the money, run your vacuum cleaner or Dustbuster. Our Dustbuster has ended many of Elliott's crying spells. Hair dryer works, too (just don't point it at the baby!) :-)

thanks!! Eloise is a combo of our grandmothers' names. smile.gif

appreciate the registry advice too. it looks like we will do a combo housewarming/shower so it'll be a big bash but more laid-back. and, a couple of my girls stepped up and asked to help plan which made me feel loads better.

oooohhhh...contractions...and the trying not to tell anyone and then someone telling ONE PERSON and then being annoying. they mean well, but annoying. thinking strong thoughts for you.

we have lots of air filters, vacuums etc. that will do for white noise, luckily! does my toneless singing voice count?? a relative sent me a receiving blanket, but my mother said not to use it until she's like, four or something because it's very loosely knit and supposedly little fingers can get trapped in there.
Luleey, I had to be sure to stretch my legs with my feet flexed often or I'd get bad leg cramps with my first pregnancy. Maude help me if I EVRE pointed my toes, oh hello rock hard charlie horse!

Aphelendra, unplug your damn phone, that's the last thing you need right now. All the well wishing does Nothing but make you uptight. Let them wait, it's not like they won't know soon enough.
Dur, that just bugs me. My sister missed watching my son come out 'cause my mom kept calling us every 5 mins. It really stank.
I can't complain though, that was the most irritating thing that happened and it didn't even happen to me laugh.gif .

I used the radio or tv for noise, and I wasn't quiet when I talked or did stuff around the baby. Nothing short of a loud bang right next to them seemed to wake them up and even then they'd often fall right back to sleep. Well, my daughter did anyhow, the little man was the incredible non-sleeping baby. 12 hours a day my ass tongue.gif .
aphelendra, thinking of's definitely happening soon!

luleey, I think Eloise is a lovely name too. the receiving blanket you got is probably fine for when you're holding her around the house (or when you go out), just don't leave her in the crib/bassinet or whatever wrapped in it. Depending on how the blanket is made and how nice it is, some of those handmade ones make lovely nursing covers for when you're out and about with her, or a little blanket to put her on on the floor. The receiving blankets I found most helpful were the ones that were thin, but nice and big, so you could get a nice baby burrito going.

A couple other ideas on the white noise: mr julie used his iPhone to record the vacuum cleaner and the hair dryer sounds so he could play them whenever he needed them. I think he also downloaded an mp3 of a rain sound too. Also, in the car we found that putting the radio on AM between stations made for some good white noise static.
Aphelendra, how is it going? Thinking of you and hoping for a speedy delivery if you are in labour. I was 10 days overdue with Archie and all the people asking me if I was in labour yet drove me crazy, so I feel for you on the well-wishers front. I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

Luleey- a combined housewarming and baby shower sounds fantastic, glad you've got help planning it, I had a very small shower but was so grateful for the things I received. I agree with Zelda that you need very little, really. I got some great advice from experienced mamas on this board just before I delivered, that all you really need is somewhere for your baby to sleep and something for your baby to wear (including nappies!) which really heartened me as I fretted over the various catalogues of baby stuff. I have already sold some of the unnecessary things I bought in the run up to d-day. My advice is buy any wipes you see on special offer, and buy as many as you can store, you will get through tonnes of them.

Funnybird, congratulations on a great scan and on the news that you're having a son. Wonderful news.

Michelina, so happy your tests look good, you have your ultrasound this week, right? How exciting to see your little one (or ones!) so soon.

Zelda, I'm late on this, but I bled for 10 weeks after birth, or thereabouts, it fades out so much that it's hard to tell when it ends. I got my period back a month after that, but I had stopped breastfeeding by that point.
so glad to read all the recent good news.... Eloise is adorable! and funnyboy! hang in there, aphelendra!

i just came home from an awesome vaca in Buenos Aires (my Dad grew up there and mr.nick and i went with him to see the sights and visit my aunt and uncle.) the plane ride was lonnnnng (11+ hours) and uncomfortable though. i was never comfortable enough to sleep. and i got up to walk around a lot because leg cramps and swelling were a problem. i agree with pepper that pointing my toes means charlie horse soon follows.

on the plane i read most of my Baby Bargains book and we'll soon be ready to register. thanks for all the tips.

we still need to buy nursery furniture. what does everyone suggest? any shorties like me consider the drop-side crib, despite the safety concerns?
It's great to hear that everyone is doing so well! I agree, Eloise is a beautiful name. And Jenny, so nice to hear from you! How is your little one? Aphelendra, thinking of you.

I am one day away from my ultrasound now. I am so very nervous, but also excited. I'm counting down the hours to it. Luckily, I have a busy day. I've been sick with a terrible cold lately and the fatigue has been awful. I don't know if the fatigue is the cold, the pregnancy, or a little of both. I suspect the latter. I stayed home from work on Monday, but since I'll be gone on holidays soon, I feel I should be there the rest of the week. Please think positive thoughts for me and the bean(s) tomorrow. (I won't have to add the bracket by tomorrow!)
Alas, I am still pregnant. At least the extra time is allowing us to attend one more intensive breastfeeding course, which I will be off to shortly . . . . We also have (finally) decided to take the plunge and bank baby bug's cord blood, so hopefully I won't go into labor before the collection kit arrives!

Thanks for all the concern and good vibes fellow busties . . . .

Michelina, I am thinking/hoping the best of things for you tomorrow, and I'll be checking back here all day to hear your update!

Pepper/Jenny, I think I may just turn off my phone at this point. we have at least decided we will not be telling anyone when we go to the hospital. Suddenly, everybody and their uncle thinks they are invited to the birth. Aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, friends . . . . Errrrr, no thanks guys. We'll call ya when we're home!

Nick, as for your furniture queries . . . . We ended up with a 'lifetime' crib, which means it can be converted to a toddler/day bed and then the front and back can even become the head/foot board on a full sized bed. Not sure if she'll actually use it as an adult, but it's definitely going to be used as a toddler bed.

One thing to check as far as durability/sturdiness is to lift one corner of the crib. Both legs on that side should lift at the same time, one leg should never come off the floor on its own.

Also, don't know if you are planning on sharing a bed/room with little nick, but we are really pleased with the Arm's Reach Mini CoSleeper. Kind of a small pack n play type deal, but one side rolls down and then it attaches to the bed so you can co sleep without actually having the babe in your bed.

Ok, I am officially going to be late for class . . . . hope all are well.
Aphelendra, keep on updating us! I am checking in daily... :-)

Nickclick, I have a friend with a drop side and she has had no problems...I think they are getting close to being banned in the US, but frankly, the incidents that have happened in this country have been minimal. I think with supervision they are just fine.

Mr. Z and I got a Jenny Lind Delta Heartland (gag namae!) white crib at Babies R Us because we thought it was cute and retro looking...and it was the cheapest crib converts also. We plan to start putting him in it in a few more weeks but for now he's either in bed with me or in his bassinet. Don't go crazy with a crib...they really only need something simple. You could spend thousands on one...ridiculous!!!!

Michelina, how nervous you must be....but you are one day away from the greatest feeling in the world...seeing that bugaboo live and in person on screen. Oh, I will never forget how I felt when I saw baby E. for the first time...and how Mr. Z cried. I wish I could relive it, it was so special. Try to treasure these moments amidst the nervousness. Let us know how it went!! By the way, I had several colds during my first tri - it's your low immunity. It will improve!
the janet
Michelina: How did it go??

nickclick: How many weeks are you? We're planning a babymoon to Los Cabos right before my 3rd trimester. I've had some weird claustrophobia issues that I'm pretty sure are pregnancy-related. One friend told me she nearly freaked out on a plane when she was pregnant. I am not a very good plane-sleeper and I don't know that I can take anything to knock myself out, so I'm a little concerned about that. ohmy.gif

As for nursery furniture, we live in a smallish NYC apartment so we don't have room for a nursery...which is part of the reason why we'll be co-sleeping to start. I love the idea of snuggling up to the Little Tiger, anyway. I don't think a changing table is essential either as I'll just do it on the bed. But what I do hope to get/make room for is a nice chair to breastfeeding.

Also...has anyone had any luck coping with sciatica? Or what apparently isn't actually sciatica but "pelvic girdle pain"? It popped up about a week or so ago. A really sharp ache starts in my left butt and goes down my thigh. I'm going to start taking prenatal yoga soon so I hope that helps. Sitting on hard surfaces for more than 10 minutes usually gets it going. dry.gif
Thanks for all of the positive thoughts! We got good news today. We have one tiny baby with a heart rate of 120 beats / min. Baby is measuring well. We also have a very tiny twin, but the docs think the baby has passed away due to the small size. That is unforunate, but we are just thrilled that there is a tiny one with a beating heart in me! Listening to the sound of the heart was amazing, although I freaked out thinking it was too slow. (It wasn't - just my paranoia.) My heart was racing the whole time during that scan. What an incredible experience!
YAY!!! Michelina, what wonderful glad you had this experience. I am sorry about the twin, but how reassuring to hear that one strong heartbeat. 120 is totally normal. I bet it's a boy. I know everyone says that theory is an old wives' tale, but all my friends with baby heartbeats of 135 or higher had girls and all the ones with the lower heartbeats had boys (including me)...

How far along are you now? Are you going to find out the gender? Just take this time to really enjoy. What a marvelous day.
Okay, question for moms...

Right now, baby Elliott is sleeping in a co sleeper next to me...sometimes a bassinet. But he doesn't really like the bassinet and seems to prefer the co sleeper.

He will be 6 weeks this weekend.

Mr. Z and I are the scheduling type, and we do want him to sleep in a crib in his own room....I have nothing against co sleeping (obviously, since we're sort of doing it now), but it is not something we feel comfortable with doing long term.

When/How did those of you who use cribs start to transfer to a crib? And how did you "crib train" as they say (the term sounds so clinical!)...this sounds like a dumb question, but what time did you put your baby to sleep? Right now, Mr. Z hangs out with E in the living room from 9 to 12 or so, so I can get some uninterrupted shut eye...during that time, E will sometimes sleep or sometimes be awake...then Mr. Z brings him to me for a feeding and hopefully he'll go down and sleep in his co sleeper until 7 or 8 am, usually waking 2 times for a feeding during the night (at 2 and 6 or about there)....

I'm trying not to let him nap longer than 2 hours during the day, and he is feeding every 2 to 3 hours.

So....he is sort of on a schedule of sorts...I go back to work when he's 3 months and would love to have him in his crib by then, although I have NO idea how to go about doing it...

Any advice?
(sorry, double post)
Michelina!!!! How incredible and wonderful and awesome! How was Mr. M? Was he there with you? I'm sorry about the twin too, but so utterly thrilled and happy to hear about that magnificent heartbeat!

Zelda, we brought Finnley home when he was eight weeks old. He had been sleeping in a crib next to foster-mom's bed. We tried him in our room the first night ... and decided it would be impossible for either of us to ever sleep again because he grunted and groaned so loudly all night smile.gif So after that we put him in his room (with monitor in our room at first, then just open doors and an alert ear b/c boy does that baby like to make noise at night!).

Because we're using formula, I think Finn stays full longer. He just turned four months old and he's been consistently sleeping 8-10 hours per night (without feed) for about four weeks. Before that he'd wake up once for a feed about 5-6 hours in, then sleep another 3-4 hours. (I know we're VERY lucky). The trick that got us from 3-4 hour stretches of sleep to the 6 hours and now the 10 hours was slowly increasing his feeds during the day so that he was getting at least 24 oz of formula by the time he went to be for the night (he naturally just got hungrier as he grew - so that helped). Interestingly enough, an avid "reader" friend of mine told me this 24 oz is exactly what's recommended in the "no-cry" sleep method (mind you there's a bunch of other rules for that one that we don't seem to be following). Fingers crossed this is working for us right now.

In other Finnley news, he rolled over for the first time (and several times since) a few days ago. He also got his first tooth (and it's twin is also on the way)!!! He's either a great baby or we're just inattentive, clueless parents ... but we didn't realize this was happening until the first one was already out! Of course maybe the buckets of drool for 10 days prior should have clued us in. But who would have imagined he'd have his first tooth by his fourth month?

Mr. F is the most incredible stay-at-home parent I've ever known -- though understandably exhausted most of the time. We are really enjoying our sweet Finn and I can't believe that this time last year I was in the depths of despair. When I think that had we succeeded in our final IUI in October of last year we'd be just about to give birth ... and now here we are with a fourl-month-old ... life sure does work in mysterious ways (and things really always do happen for a reason).

Thinking of everyone and looking forward to hearing all about baby Ephelendra! And Luleey, I love the name Eloise!
Michelina!! Woo hoo!!! Seeing the tiny, flickering speck of a beating heart for the first time is just incredible, isn't it? I was sure I would cry, but I just laughed with joy and relief instead. How many weeks are you?

Zelda, the heartrate old-wives tale had me suspecting babybird was a girl as he was measuring 150bpm at 12 weeks! My brother swears by it though, as both his boys were around 130.

Fookie, Finnley sounds like such a little peach. He's obviously very contented and sunny-natured - a reflection on his excellent parents, clearly!

I know just what you mean about the being in the depths of despair just a year ago. It's nearly a year since Architect Boy was diagnosed. I felt so angry and bitter and hopeless back then - if you'd told me that 11 months later I'd have a healthy husband and 5 months-worth of baby boy in my belly I wouldn't have believed you. I sometimes think that the stories on this thread would make an amazingly inspirational book.

The janet - I had a very similar pain at around 18 weeks (along with lower back ache and sore hips). I was convinced I developing SPD / PGD, but they've all disappeared now. I hope your's do too. I think your posture changes quite radically around that time in order to accomodate your bump, which throws a few ligaments and muscles out of whack for a few weeks.

Luleey, just wanted to add to the love for the name Eloise. So pretty!

i'm loving all this good news! yay Michelina! happy tooth, Finnley!

the janet, i'm at about 24 weeks and starting having the butt pains you describe about a month ago, but now it's not so bad. my OB said it was normal and to be sure to get up and move around if i'm sitting too long, which happens quite a bit sitting in my cube at work sad.gif enjoy your babymoon! the long plane ride was another time to be sure to get up often to keep your blood circulating, so unfortunately there will be little time for snoozing. i had to pee like every 10 min anyway.
Oh my, some lovely news on here! Michelina, huge congrats on your scan. Wonderful news, and how fantastic to have heard the heart. That was a truly magical moment for me. Archie also had a twin that didn't make it; at the time of our 12 week scan there was just an empty egg sac where the other conception had been. We felt sad about it, but mainly hugely relieved that there was a baby growing well inside me (I was so excited to see the words "viable intra-uterine pregnancy" in my notes!). I am delighted for you - how many weeks are you measuring?

Fookie! It's fantastic to read about lovely Finnley. I can't believe he has a tooth (and nearly has teeth!), well done Finnley on cutting his first teeth so well. Archie will be 7 months on Monday and there is no sign of a tooth yet, and we have had floods of drool for ages. I keep snapping digital pics of him shouting or babbling to try and look at his gums and see if there's any sign of anything, because as soon as I put a finger anywhere near his mouth he wants to chew on it or stick his tongue out. My Mr is going to be a stay at home Dad when I go back to work in January, it's great to read how well Mr F is getting on.

Zelda, we moved Archie into a cot in his own room when he was 4 months old (15 weeks to be exact). He took to it really well. We had been using the top of our pram as the bedside crib (the Silver Cross Sleepover pram comes with a rocker so you can do this, we live in a fairly small flat so it was great to not have an additional bit of furniture to worry about) and first of all I put this wholesale in the cot so that Archie could get used to being on his own before getting used to the space of the cot. I needn't have been so cautious as he was so swaddled that he could sleep anywhere and have it feel pretty much the same. He slept MUCH better in his own room without the noise of me and the Mr coming and going, and I suspect without me looming over him to check his breathing all the time! He slept through the night pretty much shortly after this. (He typically wakes around 5/6 ish for his first feed of the day).

From the age of 6 weeks we began a bedtime routine, which meant bath, story and bed at 7 o'clock. I would then feed Archie when I went to bed at 11-ish. I would wake him for this, he'd go straight back to sleep and then typically wake for one night feed at about 4AM and then sleep through till 8 or 9AM. After a while I stopped waking him to feed him late night (at my mum's recommendation to "never wake a sleeping baby") and he still wouldn't wake until 4-ish for that middle of the night feed. I've just checked my feeding records and that was at 11 weeks, around the time I stopped breastfeeding him. Once he was in his own room he dropped the middle of the night feed. I think this was because I didn't hear him wake up in the same way - when he slept in our room if he woke, I woke, and would feed him presuming he was hungry. In his own room he seems to wake and settle himself back to sleep. We don't use a monitor, just open doors. Archie has about 3 or 4 hours of naps a day and I let him sleep as much as he likes, the better he naps during the day the more settled he is at bedtime - he gets very grumpy if woken up when not ready (just like mummy!).

Aphelendra, thinking of you, really looking forward to hearing your news when the time is right.

The_Janet, we don't have a changing table, we just have a changing mat that we mostly use on the breakfast bar in the kitchen, it;s just the right height for not getting backache. We don't have a nursery either, Archie has his cot in the room where the Mr makes music and we have our record collection and wardrobes. We rearranged stuff when Archie was about 4 months old and moved into that room.

Weirdly I am still having phantom baby kicks. It's 7 months since I was pregnant but I still sometimes have the feeling of having a baby inside me, it's very strange. I guess being pregnant is something your body remembers as well as your mind.

Nick, we have a dropside cot, we're happy with it but I'm not sure the dropside was really necessary as it's not an especially high cot, we can lift the little man out just fine without lowering the side.

The best thing we bought for Archie play-wise was the Fisher Price Jumperoo - man, he loves it! I could make us bankrupt buying baby stuff, but the jumperoo is worth the money for this baby, he doesn't mind his play gym or his bouncy chair, but the jumperoo fills him with joy.
the janet
funnybird: Yeah, it's one of the few negative pregnancy symptoms I've suffered so far. It's not bad enough to warrant any concern or treatment, really. It's just annoying. I hope it doesn't get worse...

nickclick: I'll be getting an aisle seat, that's for sure!

jenny_dreadful: We might have to do the same thing. My husband uses the extra room/2nd bedroom as his studio and it's basically 30 crates of vinyl and music-making stuff. I think once the Little Tiger shows up, some rearranging might have to be done. But not necessarily for a dedicated nursery. Just for

BTW, Archie is an adorable name!
oh Michelina, so happy for you. Truly amazing and such a wonderful thing to hear.

Thanks for all the sleeping advice...I'm the scheduling type too and as of now have very few options in terms of when I start work again after giving birth so it's imperative that we get a good routine going and are not floundering around making ourselves crazy. Plus I hear it's better for the little ones to have an established routine of sorts, at least with some things.

Feeling officially huge and eating everything in sight...especially since the doula from my pre-natal class talked about how ice cream is a protein. Couldn't have said it better myself, and hey, it's hot outside!!!
Thanks so much for all of the excitement for me! I still sometimes need to pinch myself to find out whether I'm dreaming or not. Wonderful things have happened for many of us on this board in the last year. What a difference from a year ago for Funnybird, Zelda, Fookie, and me. Two new baby boys and two belly babies!

I am going to be 7 weeks on Monday. Still no nausea. I don't even have twinges or cramps anymore. My breasts are mildly sore, but that is really all I feel. Sometimes it concerns me, but then I have to remember that many women don't get nausea and still have healthy babies. I recall that concerned you, Zelda, too.

The one thing that is driving me crazy is my toilet paper checking. I examine it for spotting every time. Sometimes I'll see something red or pink, then realize it's a thread! Am I alone in this obsession? And if not, how do I stop???

The doctor told me I may start spotting or worse if my body expels little baby. I am going to the US today so I'm worried I wouldn't have insurance if I need to go to the ER. He advised me not to go to the ER unless I am in pain, but it would be so hard for me to stay away. I do have some medical insurance through work, but they may consider my pregnancy a "pre-exisiting condition" and not cover anything related to it. I am just crossing my fingers that I don't get spotting so it's a non-issue.

Jenny, that's interesting that you also initially had a twin gestation. My doc told me it happpens in up to about 20% of natural pregnancies and the vast majority of the time, one doesn't make it. He said it's the body's way of saying this is too many babies. Did you have any spotting or bleeding?
the janet
QUOTE(luleey @ Jul 17 2010, 05:14 AM) *
Feeling officially huge and eating everything in sight...especially since the doula from my pre-natal class talked about how ice cream is a protein. Couldn't have said it better myself, and hey, it's hot outside!!!

I treated myself to the most delicious $6 chocolate milkshake yesterday. Protein and calcium! It can only be good, right?? biggrin.gif
Thanks for the tips everyone! Right now we are trying the Baby Whisperer "EASY" method (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You), just to get into some kind of rhythm (not so much a schedule as of course I'm still feeding on demand). I think we'll wait until 9 or 10 weeks to try and put Elliott in his crib, and jenny d., I am going to use your tip and put Elliott's co sleeper in the crib itself.

Luleey, I allowed myself several weeks during my pregnancy to eat anything I wanted...truth is, I gained 30 pounds - respectable...I didn't do it the entire pregnancy, but sometimes I would, and I don't regret it!

Michelina, I had the same thing with wiping. My therapist told me to force myself not to look when I wiped and make it like a habit I had to break...I succeeded not looking about 80% of the's so hard, I know...but once you are past that first tri, you will feel a LOT better. It's so great they have seen the heartbeat and you are past 6 weeks...that's great. Once they hear the heartbeat, your odds are even better. Thinking of you and I am so happy for you!

I never had nausea...a few queasy moments (literally, 2 or 3)...never vomited once. Enjoy it! My boobs hardly ever hurt either. I remember my 11 week appt. telling my OB that if someone told me I was pregnant and I didn't know I was, I wouldn't have believed them - that's how mild my symptoms were. I felt great through so much of my pregnancy...I just remember my OB saying, "Count yourself lucky!"

I sort of feel sad sometimes because Mr. Z and I are pretty sure we are only going to have Elliott (and I actually am fine with that), but truth be told pregnancy agreed with me so well, I feel like biologically I'm the kind of women that should be pregnant numerous times!!! ;-) I hope your pregnancy goes as smoothly.
PS Michelina, I'm so sorry our totally f'd up health care system is making your trip to the US might make you feel better to get the name of a quality OB practice in the city where you'll be staying...better to deal directly w/ a practice than a hospital...not sure how long you will be here.

It cost us about $2000 to have Elliott...that is with my insurance. Erg!!! Of course he's worth every penny, but it still seems like a lot to me!
Michelina!!!!! Woohoo! So excited to hear the good news.

As for me . . . . AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! I don't know why I'm so surprised, as I'm only 39 weeks. But last week's spotting and contractions got me all excited. And now . . . . more waiting.

However, she definitely has dropped, and I'm much more comfortable. Dilated to 2cm and 90% effaced, so at least we made some progress this week. There was some sugar in my urine last visit, which is pretty damn scary. But I'm trying to stay positive and have completely revamped my diet in response, which had definitely gotten pretty crappy in the last week or so. No more sugar for me, and only 1-2 small servings of carbs a day. Yech! I'll be living on nothing but chicken, yogurt, nuts, and veggies until this baby is outta me.

Send me some dilatin' vibes ladies . . . .

you got it aphelendra!!! dialate away (((((vibes))))))

30 pounds is totally respectable btw zelda, that's not even a lot. And I exercise at least 5 times a week to keep my metabolism high-ish, so I don't feel super guilty. biggrin.gif mmmm milkshakes...
Happy dilating, Aphelendra! I was at 2cm dilated / 50% effaced at my last midwife appointment and delivered about 48 hours after that, so you might not be waiting long. Have you tried spending time on your hands and knees or leaning over a birth ball? That really got things going for me.

Michelina, I did have some spotting at about 4 weeks, before I knew I was pregnant, in hindsight I don't know if it was implantation bleeding or something to do with the twin. Try not to examine the toilet paper, it's so hard to have faith that things will be OK, but you will feel better if you resist looking. I remember that heart-stop feeling of thinking I saw pink on the paper and it was just my finger showing through the paper. I had next to no pregnancy symptoms, I think I almost convinced myself I felt sick, but I don't think I did really. My boobs hurt as much as they do at period time, but that faded at about 6 weeks. I remember thinking my hormone levels must've dropped to cause the end of boob pain and that soon the pregnancy would be over, but it wasn't the case. Good luck with it, I'm looking forward to reading about your pregnancy as it progresses.
(tapping fingers.... waiting to hear some news from aphelendra)

in the meantime, a new mommy friend came along with us last weekend to register for baby shower gifts. holy mother this baby needs a lot of stuff. well, probably doesn't "need" but if it will make baby safer and healthier and mommy and daddy happier, then i'll take it.

does everyone use (or plan to use) a video monitor? is it worth the expense?
Wondering if no news is good news for aphelendra...

Nickclick, we just registered for a regular sound monitor. Of course Elliott is still sleeping with me in his co sleeper (so cozy, so cute!), so we have not had a need for any monitor. I go to a new mom support group once a week (highly recommend if you have one in your city), and some of the women there mentioned having a video monitor. They liked it, but for me I think it would almost make me too neurotic.

My cousin's wife actually threw out her sound monitor because it made her too nuts...she was constantly listening in on her son and wouldn't fall asleep. Truth be told, all the monitor can do is tell you the baby is crying, and if he or she is sleeping in a room in your house, you will hear that cry unless your house is ginormous or something...I mean, I don't think a sound monitor (or even video monitor) is going to be able to pick up on your baby not breathing...that sounds morbid, I know, but ultimately that is every mom's fear...but I don't think monitors would pick up on that anyway, so I am not sure what use they serve. My parents didn't have monitors with us, and my mom has mentioned several times that she is not sure what they are good for...

Maybe other BUSTies have had other experiences?

Good luck registering, Nick...let us know if you have questions...get multiple changing table mattress pads...that is one thing I didn't register for, and our mattress pad has been covered with poop more than once and has to be washed right away since we don't have a back up (and I keep forgetting to buy one!).

Mr. Elliott is down to one feed in the middle of the night! Yay! He still likes to party until about midnight however, and wakes up sometime between 7 am and 10 the rock and roll lifestyle, I suppose. He is cooing and making lots of eye contact and practicing his smiles...he's adorable!
Unfortunately no news is no news.

Sigh. So ironic, how much we worried about her coming early. All of the extra tests and bed rest and crazy early contractions and here I am, 39.5 weeks and I can't wait to get her out! We may have as much as a week left, judging on when she dropped, but hopefully sooner. It's friggin' hot here!

Zelda, the reality of nursing through the night is finally setting in . . . . Glad to hear he is sleeping so long now, the rock star schedule would be just fine by me!

Nick, the best piece of registry advice I got was to register at more than one place. Originally I registered only at babies r us (or "babies r consumers", as Mr. likes to put it. heh.), but someone suggested Target as well. I'm really really glad I did, because most people ended up going there, its much more accessible and there's tons of them everywhere. They're also super great about returns, so anything I got doubles of or stuff I ended up not wanting I just exchanged for a gift card that we'll use later for diapers and things.

Seeing the midwife tomorrow . . . . wish me luck on my sugar levels!
Wishing you luck Aphelendra! Looking forward to reading about the new arrival!

Zelda ... I'm with your mom on the baby monitors... what I find them good for is gardening, sipping cocktails on the patio, chatting outside with the neighbours ... while Finn's napping. Then if he wakes up screaming I hear him right away ... if he wakes up cooing, I know I have a few minutes to finish pulling weeds, downing that cocktail, or finishing that chat.

We started out with the monitor in our bedroom to listen in to Finn's every sound ... but it drove me completely insane. I'm a light sleeper to being with and he made a startling number of noises (some of them completely deranged!) so I was not getting any sleep and Mr. F. was jumping up to feed him ... meanwhile little angel-face was still fast asleep. Our house is not ginormous, so just leaving our two bedroom doors open is plenty fine. Oh another good use ... when you're making noise somewhere else in the house (chopping veg in the kitchen next to running dishwasher etc.). Someone gave us a set that has a 400 ft range ... also handing for listening in from the dock at my dad's cottage wink.gif

That being said, we have friends that have the video monitors and they swear by them. I think that it's more about what will make you feel the best. For me it was having a good (or as close to good as it gets with an infant in the house) sleep and being able to function the next day.

I also people who have those monitors that go under the bedsheet (angel monitor?) and sends out an alarm if baby stops breathing ... only complaint I heard about those is that there are a lot of false alarms ... not sure my heart could withstand that.

We have had quite a bit of activity and news at our end, most of it relating to new information surfacing about Finn's birth mother and family. A lot of it is extremely disturbing and upsetting but we are trying to keep a positive outlook. Finn has a 10 year old brother (also not being raised by birth mom) and was very likely exposed to a significant of alcohol in utero. Yesterday was a rough, rough day ... but we are back to focusing on all the facts that we have about his actual health (with ZERO early signs of FASD) and keeping our fingers crossed that he dodged that bullet (or most of it) by some miracle. The silver lining to all of this is that it sounds as though we will end up being able to have some sort of open relationship with finn's maternal gran as well as his b-mom's sister (so his aunt). this is a very happy thing for us and will be wonderful for finn when he starts to seek answers and continuity. gotta go eat. best to all.
Fookie, i love that Finnley will hopefully have a connection to his birth family. i know a couple of grown up adoptees and having some info on history is so important, at most for health care. i think he will grow up to appreciate that and appreciate you as parents even more.

thanks for the monitor advice. i think we'll keep the video one on the registry, but buy the audio one if we have to purchase it ourselves ha ha. we'll save the money to put towards extra sheets, changing pad covers, diapers and all the other various things s/he will inevitably pee and poo on or near!

good luck today Aphelendra and let us know if you have an ETA!

i'm off to an u/s to see if my low-lying placenta has moved since my last u/s about a month ago. go go placenta!

good luck aphelendra! Hang in there, baby will be here soon....

Re: registering, in addition to having a friend help with that, I recommend the book Baby Bargains. I didn't follow all their recommendations, but they have some great reviews on all kinds of baby gear and a lot of advice about stuff you need and really DON'T need.

Re: the monitor, we have friends who have the video ones - kind of nice for keeping tabs on them when you don't want to have to run up and downstairs whenever they make a peep, but not really necessary. Our neighbors who have one have discovered that if your kid is a big mover when they sleep (which happens when they begin to roll over and prepare to crawl) that sometimes they move out of the range of the video so you can't really see them all that well anymore. We have the Fisher Price Sound and Lights monitor that we purchased at a garage sale for 5 bucks. Works great (except for the occasional static, which is a problem for any monitor if you have lots of other electronics in your house). In our case the sounds don't bother me because I got used to all the sleeping sounds when Henry slept in the bassinet next to me, but if you tend to freak out easily I could see where you might not want a monitor. Our house is small but we often have a lot of noise going so if I didn't have the monitor I wouldn't hear Henry until he had gotten a pretty good scream going...after which it is really hard to get him back to sleep.

I've heard bad things about the ones that are supposed to alert you about the breathing. I think they are based on motion and some babies just sleep really still when they are in their deep sleep. I agree, I couldn't take the heart palpitations. I still go in and lay hands on Henry's chest sometimes just to feel him breathe.

Registering two places is a good idea. My mom actually bought my breast pump at Target instead of off our BRU registry because it was on sale for $50 cheaper. We also registered on, which was great for us because we could register for things that are kind of atypical at BRU, like cloth diapers and our diaper sprayer. (The cloth dipes they have at BRU are really only useful as burp rags.)

Fookie, how lovely that Finn will have a chance to connect with his birth family. He's a lucky little boy to have found such great parents like you and mr F.

zelda, love the coos! Henry just started making "mama" sounds (though he's not really associating them with me, just babbling) and it makes me melt every time.
Thanks for the advice on the TP checking! I am making more effort, but it still happens often as I am so on edge. Trying to relax and reassure myself that I am nearly 8 weeks, and the risk is reduced further at 8. I will take a huge sigh of relief when I get to 12.

I actually had a little spotting as soon as I stepped off of the plane on week ago. The insurance issue isn't really to do with it being the US, Zelda. It would actually be an issue anywhere outside of Canada as I am not covered by Health Care in any other country. My travel insurance is probably pretty limited. If I do need a doc, I just hope it won't be for another week! I just hope I won't need a doc at all, of course, aside from routine visits. My spotting hasn't returned, even after having sex.

Speaking of sex, I was very hesitant about it. We weren't "allowed" to have sex from the embryo transfer date to the day we saw baby's beating heart. That was a long stretch! Having an orgasm felt strangely frightening, but all was good. I felt a tiny bit of uterine cramping after an orgasm, but it went away after less than a minute. I know it's irrational, but I still worry that sex will somehow cause a miscarriage. I know - it doesn't even make sense!

Aphelendra, hoping baby comes very soon!
Michelina, I was terrified to have an orgasm the first trimester...glad you went for it! I loosened up about it after the first 12 are are at a great milestone at 8 weeks...a really good sign. I have good feelings for you, Michelina!

So....I got my period!!! Six weeks postpartum. I am breastfeeding like crazy, and I still got my period. Thought one of the perks of BFing was no period. :-( I called my OB and the nurse I talked to said sometimes it happens, and it may not happen every month. Dang, I hope it DOESN'T! I'm on the minipill for birth control, and she said since I got my period already, I should wait a full month before having sex without a second form of birth control.

It was so weird to have my period again...different from the lochia I had post partum. I had cramps and everything. No fun. :-(

Elliott is seven weeks tomorrow...he has been going through a bit of a colicky/fussy period this week...I'm chalking it up to the six week growth spurt. He's getting quite chunky and cute...well, he was always cute, but he's getting cuter! In two weeks we go for our 2 month anxious to see what the doctor thinks. Hopefully we'll get a good report.
aw chunky Elliott! Zelda, sorry about aunt Flo.

i had quite a scare yesterday and landed in the hospital. a couple of nites ago i was feeling what i thought were gas and constipation pains but woke up in the morning with sharper pains on one side and my lower back in periodic spurts. they monitored me for a bit and determined i was having contractions, likely due to dehydration and constipation. it has been at least a billion degrees here in NJ lately. so they gave me buckets of water and then IV and checked that i wasn't dialated, which i wasn't. anyway, baby's OK but mommy needs to heavy up on the water and gatorade more than usual when it's blazing. luckily today the pain has subsided and it's less oppressive out. and mr. nick went to the market and loaded up on more salad makings and fresh fruit.

the nurses at the hospital (where i'll return to deliver, hopefully not for another 14 weeks or so) were wonderful. the experience is making us rethink switching to the midwife practice and sticking with our OB. although it was scary yesterday to be sent to the hospital and be hooked up to the monitors and IV, i felt they were so thorough and trust the nurses will be just as a supportive on the big day as a midwife. now with this history, is it safer to just stay put?

Michelina, i was worried i set this off because of orgasm that morning! i know that's a silly tale. enjoy it. sounds like all is going well and right on schedule.
Baby Sarah Marie, born 7/23/10 at 11:35 pm!

More later . . . .
Congratulations, Aphelendra and Baby Sarah Marie!
Congrats Aphelendra!!!!!! Woo hoo...can't wait to hear more.

Nickclick, I gave birth in a hospital and other than the pushy lactation consultants, I loved it...I chose the hospital because it has a progressive approach to childbirth, encourages natural childbirth, welcomes doulas, has rooming in, etc. I had one labor and delivery nurse whose sole client was me...she was doula trained. I adored her and would deliver in that hospital again and again...the baby nurses encouraged my breastfeeding (more than the LCs)...seriously, they were great.

Not all hospitals and OB practices are like that tho, so....I say follow your gut...see how it goes in the next few weeks...I'm glad all is well and stay hydrated!!!
Well done Aphelendra, I'm delighted to hear you've delivered. It must've been pretty close to your due date, right? Look forward to hearing the birth story. Welcome baby Sarah!

Nick, you poor thing, that sounds like a terrifying experience. The hospital sounds great, it's a real positive to know that the standard of care is so good and that you are putting yourself in good hands when your baby comes at the appointed time.

Zelda, Elliott sounds adorable! I'm sure he'll do great at his 2 month check. That sucks about getting your period back, not fair at all!

We have a video monitor, but very very rarely use it. I find if I turn it on I watch it like it's TV. We live in a small flat, so hearing that he's woken up doesn't require a monitor! I use it on the occasions I go to stay at my parents, and will use it when we go on holiday next month, but otherwise I think I should've got an audio monitor. Likewise on the heartbeat/breathing monitor: I loom over Archie often enough to check his breathing, I think the monitor would make me a nervous wreck. I am trying to just trust that Archie will make it through the night without incident, which I'm getting better at, but when he was first in his own room I had to keep checking he was OK. Also, my monitor (Angel Sounds) also has a built in temperature gauge, which with the hot muggy weather at the moment would keep going off to tell me the baby's room is too hot.

Fookie, it sounds like you've had a challenging few days. It is wonderful to read about how Finnley is getting on; you and Mr F sound like fantastic parents, and you have such a great attitude to learning more about Finnley's background. He is indeed a lucky little boy.

Julie I can't wait for Archie to say mama! He has just begun saying dadadadadada and a-ro, which I am interpreting as "Hello". He makes my heart melt without fail.
Aphelendra! WOOHOO! Congrats! All that waiting is o.v.e.r., finally. I know how good that feels. Aaaahhhhh.
Now you're real work begins. Man, I've been run off my feet lately girls. Get ready to kiss your life GoodBye, I'm tellin' ya!

One new baby thing I was thinking of the other day and wanted to mention is that while nursing lots of babies will try to work their hand up into your shirt and twiddle your other nipple. You might not mind but chances are it will drive you as bonkers as it did me. WAY too sensitive, boob juice leaky everywhere, argh. Put a stop to it straight away as it only gets worse as they get bigger and stronger and more willful. My darling girl will pat the upper curve of my breast to this day when she's snuggling me, thumb in mouth. That's about where I'd redirect her hand when it went a-wandering. I'd keep my hand gently over top of hers there with a little easy pressure if she started migrating.

Good luck with the birthing and nursing girls!
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