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zelda, you might want to get someone (e.g. a lactation consultant if you have access to one, or a knowledgable friend) to check your latch, just in case. Because if he's not latching right the hurting is not going to improve and you're going to start dreading nursing, which is the last thing you want! But the fact that it stops hurting when the milk starts flowing makes me think it probably isn't a problem with the latch.

I'm not a good example because Henry had a poor latch technique at first (kept getting on the nipple and not the areola) which gave me big time nipple soreness issues. It is possible that the latch wasn't so hot before, but is corrected now, and you're just feeling the residual soreness from the early parts of nursing. I also had inverted nipples and sometimes those are a little more sore at first even when the latch is OK - because the tips of your nipples haven't been exposed so much before. More knowledgable Busties should definitely pipe up (pepper? oh pepper?) but in the meantime just be very careful about how he latches on (and stays on...Henry had a habit of falling asleep and then kind of sliding part way off the nipple), try airing out the nipples a bit, maybe a little Lansinoh and/or a bit of breast milk rubbed into the nipples for healing.

Almost forgot - another thing that can cause sore nipples is thrush, which is really common in babies. So if things don't improve on their own and the latch is OK you might want to check for that. If Elliot has thrush he'll likely have some big white patches on his gums and/or his tongue (looks like milk residue but doesn't rub off).
It may be his latch and that can look normal even to a pro so maybe ask your doc to check for tongue tie. My gf's kids had it but just slightly and were not diagnosed properly so she had no idea what the f was going on and why she had such a hard time nursing. She finally found a specialist who confirmed that yes, it was tongue tie, slight but enough to interfer with a proper latch.
Or your nipples are just very tender and hopefully you'll toughen up soon. Kinda sucky I know but I remember being pretty sensitive with the little man. Like you say, after let down it was ok but the initial latch and suck was Ooh, ouchy! Just think of all the baby weight he's sucking off your stomach at each nurse wink.gif. It's less painful than crunches at this point, right?
Thanks guys...I spoke on the phone with my childbirth educator/lactation consultant today and she says it sounds like his latch is off at first.

What we think is happening is he latches on wrong and then sucks his way up to the "right" position because it does stop hurting after the first few gulps. So my consultant says he needs to open his mouth wider and get to the right position from the get go.

She suggested I place a pillow on top of the Boppy to raise him higher (or try the My Breast Friend pillow). She also said to tickle his chin to really get him to open his mouth really wide, and to pop him off if he doesn't latch on right at first so he "learns" to latch on correctly. She also suggested using the football hold as that gives me more control.

So I'm going to try all of those things and hopefully it will help!
Oh, I just thought of something else... My little girl had the teeny tiniest mouth when she was new and my nipples were just huge so she couldn't get them in no matter how big she was opening her mouth. I had to do that chin tickle thing and kind of tease her until she was really opened up and I would pinch my nipple sort of flat and jam it in quickly too so that she wouldn't close her mouth up on just part of me. They grow very quickly so his mouth will get bigger soon, that will help a lot.
yay Zelda! Gald Elliott is hear safe and sound...obviously I have no advice about the feeding so sorry to be of no assistance.

Good luck with AB Funnybird...

Back from weekend away and getting ready for the usual grind. BUT finding out baby's sex tomorrow at u/s!! Can't wait!

Enjoy your shower, Aphelendra! Is it a bad sign I am already the hugest klutz and airhead and am only 20 weeks along? Tell me it doesn't get much worse...

BTW someone on this thred (pepper)mentioned making your own nursing bras and I was looking for that info. If you have the link again, or any advice on this, please post! Thanks and hugs to everyone!! smile.gif
:::::Claws to the top of giant mountain of pink onesies and hooded towels:::::

::::gasps for air::::


Yay luleey! Can't wait to hear!

Hope the nursing gets easier Zelda. . . . .

:::::succumbs under giant pile of froufy baby clothes once again::::
Pretty sure it was Koffeewitch who posted that link, I just wore regular bras and pushed the cup out of the way. Those nursing bras didn't seem like such a great thing to me to be honest. I was so many different sizes too, I would have had to bought 3 or 4 at least!
I think that was koffeewitch who posted that link. In case you decide you don't want to make your own, I've had really good luck with the Target nursing bras and camis. I had a grand plan of going to get fitted at Bosom Buddies (the nursing bra store by me) and get some nice ones there, and that happened to be the day my water broke. So I had mr. julie pick up some bras from Target when we got home from the hospital and they ended up working out great for me, so I never bothered going the more expensive route. They don't have the greatest selection but the non-underwire ones have been really comfy, wash well, and look nice. They're pretty easy to get a boob out of, too, which is essential. I have a couple of underwire ones too but try to limit my wearing of those, since they can contribute to clogged ducts and I've had bad ones a couple of times.

zelda, glad to hear your lactation consultant was able to help. I always thought it was funny how hard it can be to get the little guys to open their mouth wide. I used to sit there trying to get Henry to open his mouth, saying "big wide mouth, come on sweetie," trying everything the book said to do (like opening my own mouth - yeah, he wasn't even looking at me at that point) and him trying to grab my nipple with his wee little mouth. It is TOUGH to try to teach them the right way to latch when you know they are just so hungry and wanting that milk!

Good luck, luleey! We can't wait to hear about the ultrasound results!

aphelendra, sounds like the shower went well - isn't it amazing how much stuff you end up with? It feels like you'll never in a million years use all of it. Don't worry, you'll use it. ;-)
Hi everyone.

Just a quick pop in to send happy/healthy vibes Funnybird's way. I am thinking of you and Mr. Post soon to let us all know how it went.

Zelda, no personal experience in that department. I can tell you though that not a single woman that I know didn't go through this pain. For some it lasted weeks. Here's to hoping things get easier sooner than later.

Aphelendra, ha ha ah. Weeeeee pink pile of frills! Enjoy it. There's something about the baby clothes that just make it all seem to much more real. There's going to be a real, live, squirming bundle of joy IN THOSE CLOTHES so soon!

Finnley is doing incredible. He is grabbing at things now and is such a total joy. Smiling, chuckling in his sleep (that kills me! he shakes his shoulders and everything!). His gas/kolic problems seem to mostly be a nightmare of the past. He wakes up once during the night to feed, but otherwise sleeps from about 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. I am knocking on wood as I type this because it seems to unbelievable that he is this good! He loves his hikes (we just got a fabulous jogging stroller that handles the off-road trails near us very well - we're not joggers or anything!), he loves being naked, he loves being tickled, and cuddled, and sung to. BEAMS OF LOVE ARE SHOOTING FROM MY PUPILS as I type!

Thinking of you all.
Fookie, your beams of love for Finnley shot me right in the chest! he sounds A-dorable. i'm so happy for your new family.

aphelendra, can i come swim in your pile of girl clothes? i know it's all determined already and stuff, but i hope nickbaby is thinking pink! enjoy!

luleey, what's the news? my midpregnancy u/s is next week. mr.nick and i plan to wait until the big day to find out boy/girl, mostly because we both kinda want girl and figure at birth we'll be ecstatic for boy, girl, monkey, whatever sweet thing arrives.

zelda, hope Elliott is taking it easier on you and you're feeling less sore. how's he doing otherwise?

the janet
A little late to the game...but congratulations, Zelda!!!!!

As a doula, I have to offer my biased opinion that, YES, a doula can do wonders for a laboring mama!! tongue.gif

Went in for my 12 week ultrasound last Thursday. There's really someone in there!! I doubted it a little only b/c my pregnancy symptoms have been so mild. But once we saw little Herbie (our love bug) squirming around on the TV and heard its heartbeat, I became a believer!

Seeing that first ultrasound completely took my breath away and automatically turned me into a mama. I thought I would be crying but I just looked at the TV, and my husband, in complete wide-eyed awe. All he could say was, "oh, wow...". Herbie had its leg wrapped over the umbilical cord for a moment and I just wanted to reach in and undo it. The perfect little profile, the tiny hands and legs. I'm in love. wub.gif
Can I just pop in here to say My Brest Friend is the BEST BREASTFEEDING PILLOW EVER!

It has really helped my latch on...FYI to all breastfeeders and breastfeeders to be.
Thanks for all the good wishes everyone. AB's chest x-ray was clear and his blood results were normal. Aphelendra, he was diagnosed with - and treated for - testicular cancer last summer. He lost a testicle, and will need regular scans and blood tests for the next 5 years to make sure the cancer doesn't return, but the main thing is that he's fine now (and was able to knock me up, which is obviously a bonus!).

All the scan action is exciting. I wonder how Luleey got on? Mine isn't for another 3 weeks - for some reason my hospital does them at 22 weeks rather than 18-20. Nickclick, I admire your patience! I'm desperate to know what flavour babybird is! Janet, it's great that you enjoyed your 12 week scan so much. It's an amazing experience isn't it, to see your little bean for the first time.

Fookie, Finnley sounds like such a little bundle of love and fun. I'm SO SO SO happy for you and him and Mr. F.
I don't really stop by the lounge any more but specifically came on to see if you'd had your baby Zelda. I knew that he was due around the same time my girl came last year. Glad to hear you guys are doing well.

Elowen had her first birthday on the 10th. We were in Cornwall visiting her grandparents and it was a wonderful time. If you think you love this baby now, you won't believe how sublime it gets when they get to this early toddler stage. I think my heart will explode sometimes it is so filled with feeling. She has done wonders for my relationship as well, as we both now have this deep connection to her and it trumps every hang-up we ever had about commitment. We were walking together on the beach, the three of us, and it hit me like a ton of bricks that no matter what happens, we are her parents and are in this together.

So glad to hear the news was okay Funnybird.

I recall when I first started on this thread I was newly pregnant and begging for morning sickness cures. Since then, so many people have gone from trying to conceive and other challenges and are now happily pregnant or parenting. It's nice to hear how the stories turned out.

Good luck to all!

good news indeed, funnybird. eyelet, i hear ya. i already feel like this baby is a real team-building exercise!

we're travelling to Buenos Aires in a couple of weeks. i'm sure it's OK but i'll likely avoid tap water and fresh fruits and veggies. still, i want to pack a safe anti-diahrrea med. what's safe? so far i've only had the opposite problem......
hi again, sorry for the double-post..... we went for the level II (fetal anatomy) u/s yesterday and we saw him/her yawn! sleepy all the time - just like daddy! we shielded our eyes from the genitals, but the technician assured us it was either an xx or xy and nothing in between. now i don't know if i can take this suspense! but we are really looking forward to the "it's a ___" moment right after delivery.

the dr. saw a spot on the heart that is sometimes seen in babies with down syndrome. he said coupled with the good nuchal fold results and not seeing any other indications, we should not worry. should i worry? it's not a heart defect either, just something sometimes seen on scans, and often in non-down babies.

also, they saw a low-lying placenta. i go again in 4 weeks to see if it's on the move as my uterus grows. if it stays, a scheduled c-section may be in order. but i guess if i have to do the c, it's better to mentally prepare for it. anyone have experience with placenta previa?
Nick, I had low-lying placenta and it had moved by the crucial time. I had to have a couple of extra scans to check on it because it hadn't moved far enough, and I did experience some bleeding around 32 weeks which they thought might have been caused by low-lying placenta. When I was scanned then it turned out the placenta had in fact moved, and that the bleeding was unexplained, and just one of those things. A few women I know had low lying placenta at 20 weeks, and they had all moved by the time limit for booking a c-section.

Congrats on your scan, it makes me tear up a little bit to think of the "it's a _____" moment, it truly was the most amazing experience being handed my baby for the very first time (that coupled with the end of labour pains = doubly amazing!). I don't think you should worry about the spot on the heart, if your doctor was unconcerned and didn't suggest any further tests I don't think it's anything to be concerned with. We had a nervy moment at our first scan when the technician went out of the room to fetch another doctor to have a look on the screen - there was nothing to worry about, but it reassured me that they showed such caution and checked/doublechecked the US results.
QUOTE(zelda @ Jun 16 2010, 03:51 PM) *
Can I just pop in here to say My Brest Friend is the BEST BREASTFEEDING PILLOW EVER!

It has really helped my latch on...FYI to all breastfeeders and breastfeeders to be.

It sounds like the breastfeeding is going great, then...(and by "great" I mean taking it for granted that there is a period of adjustment and tears in which mom breaks down crying with frustration at inability to keep baby latched on. Or maybe that's just how it was with me in the first few nights with my first).

@nick: I agree that you have no cause to worry. Down Syndrome would show up in a number of ways if that's what was going on. Beam loving thoughts to your healthy, happy, baby. wub.gif
intertubes failure . . . . long post eaten. sigh.

but wanted to say congrats to funny on the all clear.

Nick, I also had a placenta that moved around a bit . . . . I wouldn't worry as it's bound to move around as everything changes. Will poke back in when I am not so durned frazzled . . . . .
Aphelendra, you must be very close now. How are you (apart from frazzled)?

Nickclick, from what I've read low placentas are pretty common at 20 weeks, and usually shift by themselves soon afterwards. I think it may be one of the reasons that my hospital does the anomaly scan a little later - to avoid over-diagnosis of placenta previa. Another scan is always good though, right? It will give the docs a chance to take another look at the baby's heart too.

For the last few days I've had a nagging feeling of anxiety over the well-being of babybird. A few weeks ago I started feeling what I thought was movement, but now I'm starting to wonder. The sensation is always around the same spot - low down, usually in the centre but sometimes a little towards the left or right - and I only ever feel it when I'm sitting or lying down. I'm worried that it's not babybird at all but just some sort of muscle spasm. My scan isn't for another 12 days, and it seems so long ago since I heard his/her heart beating at my 16-week check-up. I just want to know that he/she is okay in there.
Just a pop in to say Funny, your feelings are 100% normal. I remember before my 20 weeks can (which I actually had at 19 weeks) drinking all this OJ and trying to lie still and will Baby Elliott to move...I felt all sorts of twinges and twitches and doubted them all...and I was so worried about him!

After the scan, I started to feel things I knew were movement. Almost overnight I became very aware of his movements...a wonderful feeling I miss!!! Do not will happen and when it does you will know it and it will be wonderful!

More boiling baby bottles and breast pump parts. Ah, motherhood. ;-)
I have placenta previa. My midwife says chances are 80% that it will move, but they're gonna wait til 36 weeks to confirm.

It took me 6 weeks to figure out breastfeeding with no. 1. Inverted nipples, poor latch, overproduction of milk, and thrush. Except for mastitis, you name it I had it. I ended up at the midwife's office on the day of our last appointment crying and saying "If someone doesn't tell me what's wrong TODAY is my last last of breastfeeding." Turned out to be an interior thrush infection (was on the interior of the breast where the purple stuff couldn't fix it) SO.. sugar free diet and breastfeeding while lying on my back and scarring from trying to get the latch right but I NURSED FORTHREE YEARS! I worked hard for that.

Moral of the story: I don't judge anyone who choses to bottlefeed. I've been to that level of frustration. I also know that if you keep with it, most women will figure it out. I was just surprised that no-one tells new mothers that breastfeeding can be a very tricky skill to master. I was just like "Yeah, breastfeeding. No problem; people have been doing it for the entirety of human existence. Easy" Not so. Or, at least, not always so.

funny, I am 36 weeks as of yesterday. Home stretch, I have arrived . . . .

Also, in regards to the movement stuff, it sounds like you're going through just what I did. The uncertainty will lift soon, I promise. in the beginning the movements are hard to notice unless you're sitting and really paying attention. Even now that I'm this far along I still only feel some of her smaller movements when I'm very still.

I'm well, mostly. Very swollen, a little headachey, but the midwife isn't concerned. Keep some bustie fingers crossed for me though . . . .

As of yesterday, I was taken off "moderate activity" which is a nice way of saying sit your ass on the couch for most of the day. But when I called this morning with the swelling/dizziness/headache, guess what I got told? Sit your ass back on the couch and let us know how it's going tomorrow. Sigh.

The frazzled comes from the fact that a pipe burst and ruined a substantial amount of carpeting and a couch in our place. The carpeting had to be replaced because it smelled like a dead horse's arse, and for some reason I thought 'hey. if everything has to be moved out, may as well paint the whole place!' So we are just now able to move back down there after four weeks of sleeping in my old bedroom in the parent's zone. Currently there are five of us adults, three dogs, two cats, and a ferret sharing a relatively small amount of space. There is a lot of commotion and a lot of yelling, and I am not at all ready for bubs . . . . here comes the mad dash to finish the nursery (which of course I can't help with unless someone lets me get off this damn couch!).

End whining here. Thanks for listening dear busties. smile.gif

Deli, I also have an inverted nip (just one, Mr. calls it FatBoy, cause it looks like the squishy nip of a chubby little boy, ha), so glad to hear things worked out in the end. I love hearin' the success stories . . . . Was also wondering . . . . did you try breast shells during pregnancy or while nursing? I just bought a set and am hoping they will be of some kind of help.

Hope everyone is well, more active and less frazzled than I . . . .
funny, thinking good thoughts for your scan...your feelings are totally normal. Keep in mind that the movements tend to be sporadic in the beginning and really only regulate when you get to about 26 or 28 weeks. Also, depending on position you may feel baby more or less (sometimes if they're kicking inward toward the placenta you can't feel it). Oh - and it's VERY common to mainly feel movement when you're sitting or lying down. When you walk around they get lulled to sleep so you tend not to feel them much.

aphelendra, good to hear from you! Hang in there, I know you've got to be going crazy wanting to do stuff before baby arrives, especially with that cramped living situation you've been going through. The important stuff will sort itself out and trust me, no longer how well you have the nursery organized it all tends to go to pot when you're on the 24-hour baby cycle. I know it's hard not to want it to be the way you want it, though...I always said it felt like I was cramming for a test!

deli, you're absolutely right about breastfeeding - worth it if you can, but definitely not easy for everyone, and I have nothing but respect for folks who opt for bottlefeeding instead. It took us about 6 weeks to get the hang of breastfeeding too (it really is true that it's both a baby and a mom thing for the first one), though I had fewer issues than you had to deal with. I did have inverted nipples which was part of what made things challenging at first. I never tried the shells but I did use a little nipple shield thingee when I was getting back to the boob after a hiatus and it helped a lot (since nipples were still healing). aphelendra, it is tough but if the little one is a good sucker your nipples won't be inverted for long.
yay for home stretch aphelendra...sorry about the grossness of the home sitch. there's always something, isn't there?

funny, i hear you on the anxiety...i'm sure baby is hanging out very prettily and your worries will be somewhat assuaged soon enough.

my own little girlie seems to enjoy kicking the crap out of me, or swimming, or doing calisthenics, or whatever the heck whenever I stop moving! so basically when I am not running around like a maniac or exercising she starts missing the endorphins. wink.gif I guess I can live with that. It's somewhat unfortunate that the busiest summer EVER is also the one where I am pregnant, but it's nice to have enough extra work that I can save money. Just think of me while you're resting, Aphelendra, and try to enjoy it!!

thanks for the breast pillow advice zelda...I'll add it to the list! main, totally bratty and selfish anxiety right now is that not a damn one of my friends (including the ones who were my bridesmaids this year) have asked me if I'm having a shower, or offered to help with one...they have barely even asked me how I am doing and feeling. Even my mom doesn't seem like she cares if I have a shower or not. and there is no freaking way I am throwing MYSELF a shower!! luckily, my SIL has given me tons of hand-me-downs and a few other key items so I am not in a panic about having enough stuff for my little lady, but wth, it would be nice if people asked! maybe i'm overeacting just a leetle...and it's true that none of my close friends have kids yet...but ironically it's the people who aren't that close to me who have been asking about me, sending cards etc. eh. the bottom line is i still have a great fam and husband, am healthy and am starting my own family! eyes on the prize...thanks for listening, busties.
luleey, maybe a super secret shower is in the works??????

hang in there aphelendra! one piece of advice i've heard from new parent friends is not to obsess about the nursery being completely ready in time for baby's arrival (i do tend to obsess about such things.) like julie said, they say when baby comes you don't give a hoot, and you rearrange anyways.

thanks for the reassurance about the placenta. delibelly, good luck with yours!

funny, i started to feel flutters around 19-20 weeks perhaps? kinda like gas bubbles but then no farts. i can't feel anything from the outside yet though. i can't wait until mr.nick can feel the peanut moving.

zelda, good to hear from you!

we had a consultation with a midwife practice last weekend. loved it. they deliver primarily in the local hospital, which has great reviews, are all about the epidural and have a low rate of c-section. exactly what i wanted to hear. now how do i un-rudely break up with my OB?
Thanks for the reassurance folks. I had an antenatal appointment yesterday, and I got to hear babybird's heartbeat again (fast becoming my favourite sound in the world) so I'm feeling much better. Now I'm sure that the funny sensations in my belly are him / her wriggling around. I've been feeling anxious over a lot of things lately, but I know deep down that it's mostly down to hormones.

Now I'm just waiting for Michelina to get her butt over here! laugh.gif
Funnybird, I'm here now! :-)

I got my blood test result. It was definitely positive at 225. So it's official - I'm pregnant! After a year and a half of trying, this seems so surreal. We are thrilled!

To those who don't "know" me, I had been posting on this board regularly while trying to conceive. However, it just wasn't happening for us. Last summer Mr M had a sperm analysis, which was normal. All of my tests were normal, but still no pregnancy. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility early this year. We decided to try some artificial inseminations. Our first insemination showed a low count and mobility. Our second one was okay, and the third showed a very low count. We had our answer: male factor infertility. It was good news to me, but Mr M had some trouble with that. It was a little hard on him. It was good news to me because male factor is easy to treat with IVF and ICSI (where they inject the sperm in the egg.) We went the IVF route and got pregnant the first try. Now I am just hoping for a healthy baby (or babies!) We have our first ultrasound on July 15. We'll find out if it's one or two babies then.

I am worried about all of the usual things - miscarriage, abnormalities, etc. I am trying to balance that worry by just being excited and thrilled to be here.
Just a quick pop in to say . . . .

Welcome back Michelina! I knew I'd see you here soon smile.gif

Funny, glad to hear you had some reassurance. Can't tell ya how many times I've had an ominous 'something is wrong I just know it feeling'. It never is. Just hormones!
Woo hoo, Michelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thrilled for begins the biggest roller coaster ride of your life!!!! :-)
Thanks! I still can just hardly believe that I am pregnant. But that number did help to convince me!

I feel fine other than some serious bloating. I look about 4 or 5 months pregnant half the time just because of the bloating! I am also having some serious insomnia. I wake up around 1 to 3am and have a very hard time getting back to sleep. I thought I was just nervous about the blood test, but it happened again last night.

Zelda, it seems to me that you had insomnia too. What, if anything, helped you? It's frustrating and I worry about the effect on the bean(s).

I had SEVERE insomnia the first trimester and it popped up again around week 22. It's anxiety, plain and simple.

First of all, know this...there is NO EFFECT on the bean. None at all. None. I promise you. That may help you feel better...I stayed up three nights in a row once and my baby is healthy and happy...

The hormones in your body and your general anxiety (even "good" anxiety) has everything to do with this. Try to get into a nighttime ritual, but overall, just try not to worry about getting sleep. I's like trying not to think of a pink elephant, but...honestly. The more you stress the harder it is to fall asleep.

I did find white noise machines and meditation CDs very helpful. Remember, even if you don't sleep, if you rest your body and mind, that's good enough.

Remember...NO EFFECT on the baby.

By the way, I took Ambien about 10 times during the pregnancy including in the early weeks and all is well with's category B and perfectly safe for pregnant helped me a few times.

Hang in there...and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

the janet
Michelina: Aww, congratulations!!! biggrin.gif

funnybird: I first heard the heartbeat at the first sonogram at 12 weeks, then again at my prenatal on Tuesday. I'm only 15 weeks so w/o the obvious kicking and squirming and the 1st trimester nastiness, it's not obvious to me that I'm pregnant, aside from the ever-growing belly. So there's always a tiny bit of doubt in the back of my head that the Little Tiger is doing okay. But when I hear the heartbeat, all is right in the world again. Aside from a loved one dying on Tuesday, nothing could've happened that would've gotten me off that high. I actually bought a fetoscope and hope to be able to listen in on him/her at home soon.
so glad you're back Michelina!

my doc says Tylenol PM is OK too.

i also feel like our bodies are getting us used to getting little or at least sporadic sleep. Zelda, how's Elliott doing in that dept?
Preggos, Nickclick is entirely right! Let me tell you, I never though three hours of sleep in a row would be so blissful, but it is with a newborn! Once in a while we get 4 hours. And Elliott is a "good" baby in the sleeping dept. So yes, I dare say the insomnia and erratic sleep of pregnancy (esp. late pregnancy when you are so huge) is good practice for the early days of parenthood.

Sleep now.....while you can!!!!!! :-)

PS It's so funny though, in the middle of the night when I feed him and change him, and he looks at me with his little peanut's really not so hard to get up.
I also really honestly believe that mother nature prepares women for motherhood by training them to go without sleep during pregnancy. It's like boot camp for becoming a mommy.
Thank you for the advice, Zelda. Not getting stressed about this will be the most challenging, but the most important. I think I'll look for a small CD player to plug in near my bed. I really like the music idea. And I like the idea that this is my training, Nickclick. Never thought of it that way.

I had another bad night. I hardly drank any fluid before bed, but was up to pee about 4 times! I cannot seem to relax in my favorite position (stomach), yet am now realizing that I am better off on my side all of a sudden. Maybe my body is training me for that too! It's really fascinating how many changes my body is already showing and I'm only 4.5 weeks!

Oops - double post.
I totally relate, Michelina...that's just how I was in the very's all hormones. I kept worrying that I wasn't getting sleep which was actually worse than not getting sleep! Remember, no one ever died from not getting enough sleep. It also made me feel better to know that it is a biological function that eventually you will perform, like it or not. Your body will make it up when it can and is ready.

When you can't sleep, get up, get out of bed, read a book or watch a little (boring) television. I spent a lot of sleepless nights on the couch in front of the TV and would often be able to catch a few winks that way.

Sometimes I would do a meditation CD or a guided relaxation CD and doze off or at least get "rest" for my body which felt just as good.

Tylenol PM, Benadryl, Tylenol Simply Sleep, and Ambien are ALL SAFE during pregnancy. I took them all multiple times and was just fine and Elliott is fact, I took him to the doc today for a check up and he is a whopping 10 pounds 9 ounces and perfectly healthy in every way other than a touch of acid reflux which is common in newborns.
Michelina, if you're anything like me you'll be sleeping aplenty in no time at all. I had days toward the middle of my first trimester where I would sleep 12 hours, wake up for two, and then settle in for a three hour nap. Relish it. Roll in it. Be it, love it, revel in it.

I haven't had a decent night's sleep in days. I'm rested enough during the day, but nightttime is frustrating and uncomfortable, and I end up spending a good ten hours in bed, but sleeping only sporadically.

For some godforsaken reason I was under the impression you slept more during the last tri. Not the case. You're certainly more tired . . . . Sigh.

Off to dinner, hope all is well with everyone.
Thanks for your reasssurance, Zelda. And it's great to hear that Elliott is doing so well! I had two good sleeps in a row now so maybe this problem is subsiding a little now. I imagine it will come and go for a while.

I have another blood test on July 7 so I may have a little trouble sleeping leading up to that. Even though I definitely feel pregnant, there is that little nagging worry that my hcg level is dropping and I will miscarry. I'm sure I'm not alone in that worry in the first tri!

Aphelendra, although sleep is an issue for you too, I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well otherwise. I know you had a stressful time a while ago. How far along are you now?
Glad you got some good sleeps in, Michelina!

Your worries are normal and natural. I won't tell you not to worry...just to try and enjoy the process as much as you can and just go through the process as it comes. I think it's very promising and awesome you responded so well to your FIRST IVF treatment...very good...I think it's all going to be great.

I am so happy for you!

I have a postpartum question for BUST mamas. It's been a month since Elliott's birth (hard to believe) and I'm still was tapering off last week (so I thought) to the point where I didn't need to wear a pad anymore, but then two days ago it started up again and I have to wear a's not heavy bleeding but it is red. My friend said she had lochia for 6 weeks or this common!? Dang, I really don't want to have to wear a pad every day for months!!!
Hey, zelda - from my unscientific research (ie talking to moms I know) 4-6 weeks is pretty common. I went about 5 weeks and then it went away just before my 6-week postpartum checkup. It normally shouldn't last much longer than that - if you're still getting a good amount of bleeding then, I would definitely check it out. A friend of mine was bleeding at 8 weeks and it turned out that they didn't get all the placenta at delivery - she had to have a minor procedure done to have it removed. Diagnosing this was a bitch (they had to put fluid in her uterus and do an ultrasound, and she was cramping like hell for a few hours afterward) but the procedure to remove it wasn't a huge deal and she recovered in a day or so. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Michelina, so happy to have you back here with your wonderful news! Thinking good thoughts for you and little bean, always.

aphelendra, I feel for you! I remember how sleepy I was and how difficult it was getting to sleep. Just relish what you can get. Thinking of you and bebe.

Hope the rest of y'all are doing well!
Zelda, mine stopped after a couple of weeks but started again if I was more active and I had some more around 5 weeks after taking a longer walk than previously. So take it easy!
90 mofoing days the first time. 6 weeks with the sweet girl. Invest in cloth pads I say wink.gif .

I didn't have a period for a year and a half after my little bubba but I only got about 3 months off the second round. That year and a half was EXCELLENT! Man, I was too busy to do a thing for myself, that would have sucked large if I'd started my period again so soon with him. He was a HANDFUL!
90 days of bleeding . . . . eek!

Although, just about anything sounds better than being pregnant in this infernal sauna they call a city. I've almost entirely given up on going outside, at least until the sun goes down.

I'm 37 weeks and 3 days (not that I'm counting, heh). So any day now . . . .or I could have FIVE more weeks. yeesh. Been having contractions, but that's not really new, as I've been contracting pretty often for a very long time now. The midwife says when labor starts, the contractions will change in some way, I'm hoping it will be obvious. Right now I feel like I've had every kind of contraction there is, so . . . .

Michelina, hope you are sleeping a bit better. Good luck on your next HCG!
I'm sticking my fingers in my ears and singing loudly to drown out the lochia conversation (as I did when pelvic floor muscles were the hot topic a few months ago). In no way ready to acknowledge such things yet!

Aphelendra, let's hope it's sooner rather than later. I've spent a few weeks in the Chicago summer before, and although it's one of my favourite cities in the world I don't envy you right now!

After the longest 10 weeks in history I'm finally up for my anomally scan tomorrow afternoon. I'm feeling a bit sick with a combination of fear and excitement. I'll be thinking of you too Michelina.
Aphelendra, well eventually you'll notice a difference tongue.gif
With my first I thought I was peeing my pants when my water broke a week and a half before he was expected. Sometimes it's so obvious what's happening and we'll still be totally confused about it. Like movement, little flutters like you've never felt before around the time you expect to start feeling the baby move and still, we're all like "What is that, is it just gas?" laugh.gif
I swore I would never be one of "those women" who tells scary birth stories, but Aphelendra, I promise you that you will NOTICE A DIFFERENCE!!!! ;-)

Can't wait until your little one is here. So soon!!!!
Turns out I was worrying about nothing once again. We had the scan this afternoon. Babybird is perfect and healthy and... a boy! He has a beautiful little nose and huge feet like his dad, and we have a lovely photo of him sucking his thumb. My cervix looks good - long and firmly closed - and my chances of spontaneous delivery before 33 weeks are less than 1%. I'm so happy and relieved!

Michelina, how did you get on today?
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