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i am better today. last night my hubby was fussing over me trying to make me feel better, (being fussed over and pampered seem to do wonders for self pity, or maybe i just am completely nutso and my mood can change that fast) and i started feeling baby move. hubby kept trying ot feel it with his hand and finally did. it was really magical.

i am a little jealous of you fj for feeling so great. it's sorta like i feel guilty for not loving this. i mean, yes i want to be pregnant and i very much love and want this baby. i guess i am just selfish and don't really want to go through all the mood swings and weight gain and gas and tiredness and headaches and bloody noses and such that seems to be required for me to have this baby. by the way, what is with the nose bleeds? it is sort of a constant trickle, just enough to make me look like a coke fiend that sneezes all the time.

i still haven't bought nything for baby yet. my family can hardly believe it because i like to shop but i don' t want to end up with loads of shit i don't need or use so i am sorta holding off till later. i also think once i get started buying stuff there will be this that is soo cute ans that that just looks so convienient etc. i am such a sucker sometimes.

pixie, you make me feel better knowing that i am not alone. thanks.
well, i don't love all of it or anything (like the non-stop peeing and having to get my five year old to put on my shoes and such laugh.gif ) but mostly i think it's fab. i really looked forward to the pregnant part of making a new baby.
i can feel lots of kicks, so so many whoa! little has felt it a few times too and thinks it's super neat-o but the wee pepper won't kick for anyone else so far, ha ha!
i'm big, i've gained 25 lbs already and i'm just shy of 6 months. i didn't get any stretch marks last time but if i keep expanding like this i sure will this time! we've been travelling though and eating all manner of whatever so, i don't know if losing weight right now would be a good idea but it might happen at least a little bit as i get back to my regular diet. all i eat are fruits and veg with a bit of protein here and there. very different from the grub the last couple of months!
we'll see how it goes...
sooooo sick, yesterday! could not get out of the house to get to class even. dizzy and generaly icky! cried most of the day. knew something was totally not right called my CNM and went on for tests. so at least i now know what the problem is. i am anemic. that would also explain the lack of energy and the nails that break if you look at them wrong. i now have something to do to try to make things better. iron!

glad you found out what was going on!! good girl, take those vitamins! smile.gif

went to the final cervical check today and it's still measuring normal, so no worries on that end about preterm labor! yay!

they did another level 2 to check the growth of the boy and he is doing wonderfully. in fact, he already wieghs in at a little over a pound!! seems large, as the baby book said he should be around 11oz, but the nurse assured me that it doesn't mean i'll have a huge baby. necessarily. rolleyes.gif

my mom was there today and got to see him. i think she was pretty amazed. i know i was and i've seen it before.

but the good news is that all is well and i don't have to go back to the specialist anymore. woohoo!

pepper, glad to hear you're doing well. i can't wait to feel the little movements more often!
I'm sore and tired today, but still very happy. It's great to be done work and have a few precious days/weeks to devote to my toddler before everything changes around here!
The nursery is 1/3 painted! Thank goodness we finally got it started!
I found out today that the micropixie is a boy!! His name will be Tristan Asher.
My doctor and I talked about the second trimest tests and he agreed with me that he didn't think it was necessary to have them done. He said tehre are a lot of false positives and it just makes you worry more. Other than that everything is going fine. The little guy was sitting upright with his legs stuck straight out in front of him and kept waving his arms....that one is going to have an attitude!
YAY!!!!!!! i knew that's what you wanted since you already had a girl. that's so sweet! and he was waving at momma!? how sweet!!!

glad to hear all is well and that you won't be doing the tests. your doc is right. just a lot of worry, usually for nothing.

chani, how much longer do you have, girl? it's coming close isn't it?? hope you feel less tired today.
congrats to all the PG busties!

i don't know if i should be concerned or not.

on monday at around 11 pm, i realized i'd forgotten to take my pill that morning. it was my second pill of the pack, and i know those early pills are critical. i took it -- 16 hours late -- and then the next morning (yesterday) i was 4 hours late in taking the third pill. erg! i've been on the pill for years and have never been so forgetful.

then last night mr. zelda, my dear husband, felt frisky and we did the deed despite the fact that i'd been four hours late in taking the pill that very day and 16 hours late the day first i figured i wasn't at risk, but then the nervous nelly in me started researching and discovered all this stuff about being more than 12 hours late and being at risk of getting pregnant.

the truth is, if i did get pregnant now it would not be the worst thing in the world but it wouldn't necessarily be planned you think i should be worried? meaning...should i stop drinking this beer i have on my desk?

erg...any and all advice would be much appreciated.
hi zelda! don't worry! while it's possible that you could get pregnant, the chances are greater that you're not, especially since you've been on the pill for years. obviously, things do happen and there is a slight chance of it, but i wouldn't go changing my lifestyle based on a couple late pills.

when i found out i was pregnant, i panicked because i'd been binge drinking and had even taken ecstacy during the first week after conception (i know, i know!). but my doctor/midwife assured me that anything that i'd done that early in pregnancy wasn't going to harm the baby. she told me to stop fretting and to just abstain from then on, which i have.

even when we were actively trying to concieve (we'd ironically taken a three month break from trying when we finally did concieve after nearly two years), she had told me it was ok to drink during those two week waits. so, really, don't worry. a beer or three isn't gonna do any harm. the would-be zygote is a tumbling ball of cells right now and is not even attached to you right now.

good luck for whatever you want to happen!!!!
thanks fall...good to know. i forgot to mention that we also did it the day before i missed that pill, and i know that sperm can hang out inside a woman's body for a while. so i guess that's two chances.

so...who knows. i'm taking the pill again on time and will just continue to act normally for the next few weeks and see what happens. i'll be fine either way. we hadn't planned on trying for another year or so, but...either way i would be okay with it. (not sure about mr. z though! i haven't even told him about this until there's a need to worry him). :-)

i have a dear friend who became pregnant with her daughter after she was only 8 hours late in taking her pill. you never know...but you're right, i doubt i am...but i will post either way.

happy pregnancies to all!
my mom took acid before she knew she was pregnant with me. i know, i know, it explains a lot. ha ha.

it didn't really have an effect but the five months she spent smoking sure did. i've had a bunch of health problems throughout my life because of it and man, does she have regrets about that one. oh well, past is past and all. le sigh.

i couldn't sleep last night so i stayed up reading pretty late and man, does this kid Ever kick a lot at night! i had no idea. i mean, i know they are more active then but holy jeez, it was Non-Stop! and strong! wow.
i am feeling much better! yeah! not quite 100 % but think i will be there soon. still a little dizzy now and again but nothing loke before. i had a nice weekend. went to visit my mom ans my sis. had a nice "girl time".

congrats pixie! i won't find out for another month. i can hardly wait!
Yeah, we're officially term! 37.3! Nursery is painted, my son has FINALLY decided to walk instead of crawl, the camcorder is charged and the bag is packed. My mom's sitting by the phone with her bag packed. Now we just wait..........
Had an awesome pre-baby dinner out with 5 girlfriends the other day - between the 6 of us at the table we had 16 children (counting fetuses). Needless to say, I'm feeling relatively relaxed about bringing home #2. I've got lots of support and sage advice available if I need it!!
hey chani, you got any dirty floors?
i was late so my gran had my mom scrub the floors with a brush on hands and knees. she went into labor early the next morning and i was born 4 hours later.
blissful birth to you! if we don't hear from you we'll all know why!!
Congrats Chani! I am jealous! I am ready for micropixie to be here instead of inside of me. Now that I can feel him moving around pretty good, he is very active when I am trying to go to sleep. I think I am going to make Mr. Pixie drag my rocking chair downstairs tonight so that I can rock before bed. Maybe that will help settle him down.
is there an award for yacking in public toilets. if so i should get it. i have had the worst nausea in the last two days. i am not a quite puker either. (i cry like a baby) so i also got the pleasure of explaining myself to evey little 18 to 21 years old college girls asking "omg, should i like call somebody for you or something" i am telling you i was the perfect ad for birth control. i skipped class today and puked in my own toilet instead. at this point i have had almost nothing to eat for two day and just typing the word makes me cringe. isn't this all suposed to be better after the 1st tri. anyhoo, i got a rx for reglin sp and that seems to help a little. still don't want food though.

it is a good thing my first pregnancy was not like this or i may not have signed up for this again.
i don't feel as great this time as i did last time either. i think it's because i'm older, in fact i'm nearly positive it is. this is way, Way easier when you're younger, for sure!

now i'm getting kicked so hard that i can actually SEE it from the outside. it's GR8!
(((shiny))) I hear ya babe! I am having all kinds of symptoms I didn't have the first time. I'm just like, Man, I am glad I am not doing this again! 2 babies are enough for me.
Do I have dirty floors?! I have a toddler who's a picky eater with a great throwing arm. I spend quality time on my hands and knees with a cloth almost every night!! smile.gif
i am finally feeling like i am semmi human today. still so sluggish and tired though. i have concured the vomiting though. thanks to phenegran. wish that helped the depression ans moods too. i am going to have to drop a class and that is pretty frusterating. better to drop and be healthy though huh.

baby has started moving so much a can see my tummy move. that may be because i have lost wieght though and there is just less fat there to hide the movements. i think now that the thought of food is not sending me into gaging fits i will gain it back. my doc isn't worried and i sure as hell don't need any thing else to worry about so i am not either.

i am so looking forward to finding out if it isa boy or a girl. not for three more weeks. oh the suspence is killikg me.

thanks for all the hugs, they help.
I spent the last 2 days with the stomach flu. Is there any way to be more miserable at 39 weeks gestation? Thank goddess for my mother, who looked after all of us! I was contracting pretty well yesterday morning, so went into hospital and was suddenly really nervous. I don't even remember being that nervous last time - maybe because I was prem and it was just such a shock. Anyhow, it was not labour, just dehydration. I hope everything works out this time.
just checking in to see if the chani babe had come yet! Can't be long now!
No babe yet! My 30th birthday is tomorrow, so I could handle waiting until Sunday at least! My Ob is on call this weekend, though, so Sunday would work out well!
I actually felt human today for the first time in a week. Did a quick groceries, baked a cake, had a nap, did some laundry, had visiting relatives over for tea and made AND ate dinner. Geez! That sounds impressive! Please note, though, that MIL is staying with us and has offered significant assistance!
Shiny: thank goodness you've found something to help the nausea! Don't feel too bad about taking it easier right now. Your body is telling you to take a break. Soon you'll be feeling physically better and able to enjoy a bit more free time.
sending you some ~*~***~*chani baby be born vibes!*!**!***!

My little one has become quite active now! He's most active from about 10-midnight when i am trying to fall asleep! Last nigth I was even able to see his little kicks through my tummy!
luck and wishes of comfort to chani and chanibaby!

pixie i can actually see baby move now. man i must have a boxer in there cos sometimes it is so much it looks alien. my son and husband thinkk it is pretty neat. i am doing better than before. like phenegran and can take a quarter dose with good results and an not as sleepy. i am definatly getting into the maternity clothes. i pretty much lost all the weight i had gained but an almost back up to where i was. my face was completely gaunt but much better now. no more dark circles.

it is so nice out today. my boy and i washed the can and i can hardly wait to start the tomatoes and herb outside. my strayberries have not started comming back yet but my irises are coming up. oohhh i like spring!
Yeah..I am feeling better lately too with the exception of a headache that comes and goes. I am starting to get the nesting/cleaning bug. There is a lot I wanna do now while I am not too miserable! It's just overwhelming trying to decide where to start!
I don't like being pregnant. It honestly kind of scares me to see myself naked. And I'm only 26 weeks! I feel crappy for various different reasons a lot and I am TERRIFIED of giving birth. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

I just want my baby sad.gif . Why do we have to go through this? And my husband just lolls around, getting drunk at parties, smoking pot when he wants to, perfecting his abs at the gym and then when I complain he'll jump in and say something like "I know, my rotator cuff feels kind of sore too!" ARG!

I like it when he kicks though. I can see my stomach move too now.

It just makes me actually angry that men don't have to do this and if we want a baby, we have to. (our own baby, that is.) I know we should see it as a blessing or whatever but I just want to throw things and kick things, it's not fair, it's not fair!!!

And then I start to worry about all the negative vibes I'm sending to Baby sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gif
Aqua I am so with you on this. Being pregers suck. My husband thinks it's totoaly selfish of me to want a little more support. he can go in doing all the things he likes to do while I look on because I don't feel good or shouln't do what ever it is he is doing or what ever. The whole getting fat thing is completly freeking me out and I can not remember a time in my life when I was so damn moody. Husband is taking off for a week next week for a ski trip which is just grating on my nerves that he is going with no second thought. Pretty much like . . . why shouldn't he go . . . I am so pissy. I am so tired of being sickand feeling like I am alone. I need to get to know some other preggers that are in my area but I am not one to make friends very easily and basicly I am scared. So I just keep making excuses about why I havn't make any connections.

My sis is unable to get pregnant ans when I think of that I think what a complete bitch i am for not loving this.

Ok sorry everyone for the long bitch. I am done now.

Chani . . . baby news?
Well, as I mentioned before...I do not like being pg either! I feel I would be much more productive as a whole if I could do things while sitting on the toilet since I feel like I spend half my time there! My waist has almost completely gone away and I bawl at the stupidest things! Thankfully DH is very supportive and he has been taking good care of me...grilling and stuff so I don't have to cook. I just have a headache issue that is not going away!
Of course, she starts squacking as soon as I sit down to post!
Yes! Babygirl Nora was born at 9:03am on my birthday!
6'11 and good labour and I must run! Will come back soon and post details.
Can someone let them know on the Hipmama thread in LTAS?

I'll cross for you! Much love and good wishes to the whole Chani clan!
yeah baby Nora! Congratulations!
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for new baby girls!!! welcome, baby nora! wub.gif
yay baby!! can't wait to hear about your birth, hope it was absolutely marvy and that everything is going gr8!
Yea for baby Nora!!

I have been all attituedy here lately. I am not a patient person by any stretch of the imagination...but it is sooo much worse when I am pg!
it is rainy and snowy here which does not help the pregnancy moody bitch thing i got going on. i must be nesting though because i cleaned my house yesterday. i mean cleaned . . . scubbed base boards, coupboards and walls and cleaned all cobwebs from ceiling. cleaned stove and oven, they now look too clean to use. bleached sinkes and counter tops, did all laundry and also washed all curtains and rehung them. dusted all picture frames and washed glass fronts. scrbeed door jams. washed all potted plants both leaves and pots. cleaned light fixtures. then the regular clreaning like dusting and sweeping and vaccuming ans such. i don't think my house has ever been this clean. maybe i just had a spring cleaning day and it has nothing to do with nesting. i do not even have a nursery to work on. so i have to put that energy into something. my son is currently in what will be baby room until his new room is complete. so although i am moody i at least seem to have more energy in the last few days with is really nice.
shiny, i had a similar bout of nesting this weekend too, except mine was mostly in the kitchen and dealing with some plants. i have been feeling VERY unorganized lately and sort of had a freak-out on mrfj telling him that i need to get every closet and cabinet cleaned and organized immediately! it was sort of funny because i'm honestly a big slob and one of the least organized people i know (though i am one of those people that likes to think that she's organized because at least i know where things are).

anyway, i am still feeling good overall with the exception of some back pain. i'm still feeling cute, even though i'm getitng quite large. i even went to the beach and wore a bikini this weekend! i'm enjoying the special looks and attention that i get because of the pregnancy... while in a touristy area over the weekend, i was given first place in line in the ladies room twice, which was really appreciated, let me tell you!!!

i have my glucose test on monday and i have to admit that i'm a little teensy bit worried about that one, mainly because i really don't want to have to put myself on a restrictive diet. lately, desserts have become an indulgence since i'm cut off from other fun things. i don't want to have to kiss them goodbye!!! eek!

~*~*~*~positive pregnancy vibes all around*~*~*~*~*~
hi preggies, and congrats to all...

i am rejoining your ranks after a brief stay exclusively in the mommas' thread. thought i'd pop in & share this very interesting article about eating beef during pregnancy.

right now i'm droopy and eating preggie pops, so i'll make it short. see you all around-

where's the article? i wanna read it...

i feel good. i'm a bit restless at night and wake up tons, have to pee lots and lots, in the middle of the night especially! and my back is truely painful at times but i'm starting some core strengthening stuff that will hopefully help. i only have 2.5 months left to go and i'm starting a work out program now, ha! what can i say, i've been travelling...

so what's everybody wearing these days? i sewed some stretchy panels into the fronts of a couple pairs of pants and between them, one pair of leggings with a tall waist and a pair of tights that's it for the bottom half of me. so long as the shirt is long enough and stretchy i throw it over the top and i'm good to go. it's all pretty much at it's max as far as comfort goes though so i have to figure something else out. it's warming up here but not so much that i can resort to skirts and tank tops just yet. what to do, what to do? and geez, i can't exactly reach all of my leg comfortably enough to do any hair removal so... gotta cover up! i'm NOT spending money on preggo clothes, i just simply refuse to do it. i didn't last time either, it seems such a waste of wardrobe budget to me! then again, i can sew and have a lot of time on my hands so... whatcha wearing now girlies???
oops, i can't think why that didn't work. paste this:

i am no help, pepper, as my first pregnancy i didn't get big enough to need maternity clothes and now (though i suspect i will) i'm not big yet. i loathe maternity clothes. they're either laura ashley-frumpy or way more sexy and body conscious than you want to be when you're a pregnant college prof, inadvertently ogled by dozens of young men aged 18-25 every day. ugh.
Ok, I'm seriously wanting to do some ass kicking towards Mr. Aqua and Mr. Shiny.

This is a big, fucking deal. It's the biggest deal in your life in many ways. If they don't get that you need extra support, that everything is different for you now, and you need what you need, without having to justify or make excuses for it, they'd better learn that really, really fast. Honestly, this worries me. And you both have a right to be pissed.

I hope the pot smoking will stop, too. That's one of the things he needs to face up to--if you want to keep smoking pot then don't decide to have a baby. Pretty simple.

As for the "terrified" about birth, what exactly is terrifying about it? I think it would really help to look at specifically what your fears are, and what is the evidence for and against them, and what you can do about it. Amorphous fears are worse than ones you can be more specific about. And I'll say it again--hire a doula. Honestly.

Gren, I hear you on the maternity clothes. I did need a few, but got by pretty well without. However, having moved mid-pregnancy my clothes were limited to what I could bring in a suitcase, along with all my other life's possessions, so it was pretty limited, and I had to find some new stuff. My "favorite"--maternity hotpants--in white. I don't want that when I'm not pregnant--why the hell would I want them when I was??? I finally just went to goodwill and bought a couple of things so I didn't go crazy, and that worked out well. And yoga pants. What a godsend, including in the post-birth recovery.
I'd reccomend two places: Target and any second-hand maternity store nearby. Got me though, and I needed lots of maternity clothes, as I was damn near bursting out of my fat pants when I got pregnant to start with.
Target generally has great stuff. That's why I was so annoyed to see white maternity hotpants there...

i hope to die without ever visiting a target, but i did find lots of maternity clothes at goodwill (for obvious reasons). some goodwills even have a maternity section, which is brilliant (i ended up never wearing all these jackie o.-esque maternity dresses i bought 'cause my belly was never big enough and they just looked dumpy, but that's another story).

maternity hotpants???? especially WHITE ones? were they from the Britney Spears "BS Maternity" Trailer Casual Collection?

seriously, anoushh, it amazes me that anyone would want to wear those (and as someone whose best friend in sixth grade got her period while wearing white pants, i'm strongly against the concept of white bottoms to begin with). as for the "opulent fertility vixen" look, i'm plenty secure about flaunting my body when i'm not pregnant. i do not actually want to be Ms. Pregnant Lycra 2007, and it amazes me that so many maternity clothes shout, "i'm pregnant, but i still have a hot ass!" ugh. when i'm pregnant, i want to be a victorian lady who lies around on fainting couches all day having the maids bring me barley water and can't receive visitors because of my 'delicate condition' (read: total disinterest in social intercourse).

i told the mister (who is a very occasional pot smoker, but had had a recent 'windfall' at the time) that if he was stoned when i went into labour, i'd divorce him. i also meant it. since you really can't predict when that will happen, he didn't smoke for the last month of my pregnancy. this time i'm telling him that he has to get a vasectomy before i go into labour, in addition to frequently reminding him that i can't help being an evil, bad person right now because i feel like shit all the time. he recognises the injustice of biology and is taking it pretty well so far.
Some of us didn't have a hot ass to begin with. And if I ever do have one, I'd hope my clothing would state, rather than shout (at the very most) I have a hot ass. The shouting should be saved for non-public occasions.

I certainly don't want my clothes to shout "I'm trash--and I'm pregnant!!"

Gren, I think your ultimatum was entirely reasonable. I'd say the same for someone getting drunk, etc.

pfft!! thnx for the laughs girls. ha.

ok, we actually stopped by a second hand store today (my mom seriously can NOT resist them, not even when we're on our way somewhere on a deadline. HER deadline too!!).
anyhow, i cruised the pants aisle (everything there was colour co-ordinated, how awesome is that?) and found two pairs of pants that actually button up over my frontal section. i'll cut out the fronts and sew in stretchy fabric so they'll fit me straight through to the end of this, and so the waist band goes up over my belly instead of ending right in the middle of it, gah that's so horribly uncomfortable! then i found a few tops, 3/4 sleeve and short sleeve that fit nicely in the chest and are long and stretchy enough to cover most of the bump. i have the bottom of another tshirt that i hacked off to wear under shirts that aren't quite long enough, it works great to cover those stretchy panels in the pants! then i found a two piece maternity set that was surprisingly cute, really dark forest green straight skirt and a big, long tshirt with a string tie to cinch in under the bust (for 7.99, ha ha!). and a long grey jersey hoodie dress that fit great and looked cute, especially with the black and white striped knee-highs i already had on!
i spent about 35$ all together including a pterodactyl stuffy for little. i love the second hand store, oh yes i do i do.

i bought some activated charcoal tablets today because now that we're a bit more settled my diet is getting back to normal and i'm afraid i'll naturally start to detox a bit. it's mostly salad and fruit with some legumes, whole grains and herbal tea when i'm eating the way i like so who knows what my liver is going to let go in the next while... charcoal max dose! just in case.
gren!! congrats! i've been following (read: stalking) the hip momma thread for a while so i feel like i know you a bit. really, congratulations!!!!

pepper, i feel you with the stretch pants! i practically lived in my favorite yoga pants until a couple weeks ago, when i had to go and buy a bigger size. i hit the clearance rack at kohl's and found some cute ones for $4. they're a large with a drawstring, so the waistband is plenty big for the tummy now. and i have been wearing my longer t-shirts and shoving the shorter ones that won't fit over the bump to the back of the drawer. i did buy a pair of maternity jeans, a pair of capri pants and a pair of army green convertibles that will go from pants to capris to shorts. got those on sale too, buy one piece, get one free. i think that is all i will buy for myself for the rest of the pregnancy.

i don't mind a few belly-skimming tops here and there because i really have all my babywieght in my belly and i think it's sort of sexy in it's own right, but i'm not one to go overboard with the hot tamale stuff even when i'm not pregnant. i did wear my bikini to the beach over the weekend. i really just love my belly. the mr thinks it's sexy and that makes me feel sexy too.

talked to the midwife this morning because i've noticed some swelling in my feet. well, actually, just one foot. she thinks it's one-sided because of a serious spinal injury and subsequent surgeries that left me with nerve and circulation damage on the left side. so she told me to watch my carb intake, increase protein and water. so i've been drinking and peeing all day. she also said i should elevate the feet as often as i can, so i've been trying that today, which sucks because my wireless router is down and my laptop can only be used in the office - not conducive to lying down with my feet up. eh, i'll manage.

glad to see some action in this thread! hope you're all doing well!
I've bought most of my pregnancy clothes at second hand stores too. It just doesn't make sense to pay $30 for a shirt I might be able to wear 5 months!

That's funny about the big V, Grenadine! Mr. P is having one too before I have this baby! We love our kids, but we want to travel the world and not be dragging 6 kids along! live in world where I don't have to think about condoms, pregnancy tests, ect!

I am a tired Pixie today. This baby is so active at night! He keeps me awake.
drinking and peeing...drinking and, that is the mantra of my life. thanks for the congrats - we're excited, though also filled with trepidation. i absolutely don't want more than two, though, hence the vasectomy (and i am NOT getting my tubes tied when the mr. can have a simple outpatient procedure). and i can't wait for the worry-free marital life...

i hope i didn't seem to be vaunting the virtues of my own ass...i meant "the universal ass," of course. the platonic ass. the ass of all.

i just don't feel sexy right now, and i don't particularly want to feel sexy right now. i'm busy. i have a toddler and two full-time jobs (which equals three full-time jobs). and i hate, hate, hate people staring at my body like it's a particularly interesting uterine diagram or a piece of preggie porn. i'm actually not a belly-barer or lycra aficionado at any time, which has nothing to do with how i feel about my body and everything to do with how i choose to present it (plus, the 18-25 year old girls i teach could use a lesson in greater sartorial discretion, and i get enough views of bulging love handles, thong cleavage, and the like to know better, even without the flab). so i'm with you, anoushh. even the hottest of asses should be discreet about its smokin' nature.

i don't know why i feel so strongly about it. probably i'm just too tired. that and the fact that i've worn the same two outfits every day for the last four months due to evacuating my house.

I knew what you meant about the hot ass. I was also just making a general point about what a person might want to wear, and since I can't really think of more than, oh, maybe two people on the planet that white hot pants might be a bit flattering on, why on earth did they choose to make maternity ones? (And they'd still be tacky. I'm with you on the no white bottoms. Speaking of seeing more thongs, etc, than you want to, last summer in the UK--at least my part of it--white "gypsy" tiered skirts were all the rage. They also tended to be cheap and see-through. I don't want to know what underwear you are--or aren't--wearing. The thongs and low rise pants were bad enough... Midlands UK fashion--ugghhh. Don't get me started on the hair....)

Speaking of barley water, lemon squash got me through the first trimester. (In the UK "squash" is a fruit drink that you dilute to taste with water.)

I think any man who refuses to get a vasectomy and subjects his partner instead to a tubal b/c he's too scared or whatever lame excuse (ie, a major surgery with all the extra risks vs. a simple outpatient procedure) should be kicked very firmly in the vasectomy area.)

Ok, maybe I am a little touchy today. My sciatica never got as bad as I'd feared during pregnancy, but it never improved that much after, either. I think it's the sleep deprivation....

FJ--You probably don't want to even think about the last few weeks in terms of how often you'll be peeing right now. As much as I was nervous about peeing after b/c of my tear, it was so great to be able to pee normally again right away! (And with a peri-bottle the peeing was fine anyway.) But it's good you are drinking all that fluid. YOu don't want a bladder infection during pregnancy. My experience with one (at 14 weeks( was horrible--I thought I was having a miscarriage b/c of the symptoms I was having.

(Turns out my very early labor felt exactly--EXACTLY--like that, so I wasn't so foolish in thinking that, either.)

So keep drinking water, in spite of all the peeing. And the scenario your midwife is thinking about re: your swelling sounds very plausible to me (though I'm not a doctor or anything, of course.)
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