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QUOTE(funnybird @ May 7 2010, 06:29 AM) *
I don’t know if UK politics gets much coverage in the US and Canada, but we had an election yesterday and now have a hung parliament for the first time since 1974. It looks as if we’ll end with a right-wing majority coalition government, which is depressing. The Labour government we’ve had for the past 13 years have been far from perfect (dodgy wars etc.) but have done some great things (introducing the minimum wage and civil partnerships, and improving the NHS for example) and made things better for parents – extending maternity leave from 12 weeks to a year and providing free nursery places for 3-year olds amongst others. I would rather have raised this baby with them in power. And I can’t even drown my sorrows with booze…

I my husband (and children) are Welsh and I lived in Britain for about 3 years. I hated Tony Blair more than I ever hated Bush. I think because at least (at very, very least) Bush had the support of the majority of his country to enter that war (however wrongheaded) but Blair never had the support of his country and he did it anyway! And one of the things I always admired about the British is their ability to get really het up about things en masse and actually effect change (whereas in Canada we get het up about things, convene a panel to consider the options and then come back to it with our conclusions ten years later when everyone has ceased to care.) Tony Blair completely dismissed the desires of the people he was meant to lead and represent in such a blatant "You don't tell me what you want, I'll tell you what you want." fashion that it's outrageous to me. And I know that it's Brown now (or was) but I think Blair did the damage. Gah. I would've voted Lib Dem had I the right. DO NOT even get me started on First Past the Post vs Proportional Representation.

Had my 19 week ultrasound yesterday. It's a girl! I feel a bit relieved in the sense that I feel like I'm not following my son with another version of him (with that famous second time parent worry of "how could I possibly love the second as much as the first?") It feels like this will be a whole new experience. But at the same time, I make such lovely, sweet little boys, you know? The world needs more lovely sweet little boys. Good lord. What if this girl is like me?!
Sorry about that. I posted, then rethought what I wanted to say.

Delibelly, I don't want you to think that I'm excusing Labour on the war at all - leading the country into an illegal war that no one wanted was reprehensible. 2005 would have been the obvious time to get rid of Blair's government in protest, but I think people decided that however angry they were they still disliked the Tories more (and thought they would have done exactly the same thing if they'd been in power at the time). I think after Blair went there was a belief that Brown would be a more principled leader (I certainly did - I credit him with most of the good policies I mentioned before), but since then there's been the economic collapse and the expenses scandal which apparently have (sadly) made more of an impact on public opinion than the war. Agree on the FPTP issue. I'm so annoyed with Nick Clegg because he made such a big deal of electoral reform during the campaign and now seems unwilling to walk the walk. Unless getting in to bed with the Tories is part of a bigger plan to bring it about. We'll see.

I'm also sad because I have loved ones who work in the public sector, and on publically funded projects (including Architect Boy at the moment) who now face losing their livelihoods at the hands of a party who want to cut jobs while raising the inheritance tax threshold. Grr!!

Enough derailing. I promise never to talk politics again.

Congratulations on your girl deli. I'm sure she'll be lovely and sweet!
Funny...I love talking politics and wish I knew and understood more about the British system. All most Americans seem to know is that Tony Blair was handsome or whatever...I try to listen to our National Public Radio broadcasts because they seem to do the best job of covering global politics. I remember going to London a few years ago to visit a friend and getting into a political discussion with her English friends and feeling woefully ashamed at how little I knew of their system with respect to my own. I know right now there seems to be some debate about representation and how it's done...same arguments that go on here with our Electoral College, which is how Bush got to be president without majority rule the first time around...grr indeed.

The sad thing to me is that most politicians seem inherently flawed to me. Even the good ones. You'd have to be off your rocker to want a position like inflated ego or an unhealthy thirst for power or even some sense that Destiny wants you in control....who knows.

All I can say is, no matter who is in power you'll still have your NHS. God, what I wouldn't give!!!

Deli, congrats on the baby girl! That is lovely...I am sure there are all sorts of different emotions the second time around...and especially when it's a baby of a different gender...but wow, you'll get to experience both and that will be an experience. It will be wonderful.

Waiting for pizza delivery. I've completely thrown out good nutrition in these last few weeks and have eaten exactly what I want when I want it...hope I don't balloon out too much in these last few weeks, but oh well...what five extra pounds right now, right? ;-)
I am beginning to wonder if, at 33, I am just discovering that I am an anarchist. I hate politicians. Maybe a benign monarchy (with me as regent, of course!)

Does anyone else HATE doing Kegels?
interrupting the very serious political discussion with a bit of light humor . . . .

I threw out my back having sex last night. OW!

On a more serious note . . . . I have to interject deli, and say that he (evilbushwarmongerasshat) didn't necessarily have the support of his nation, even from the beginning. Granted, I live in a city that is historically very democratic and very liberal, but I knew hardly anyone who supported him in his endeavors. I think that was what was so frustrating for many of us, this feeling of absolute powerlessness to stop what was going on. I'm sure many did support the war, but believe you me, plenty (plenty) of us did not support his military decisions, or his presidency in general.

And yes, I absolutely hate doing kegels. However, after doing them fairly often, I now don't pee every single time I sneeze (though still some of the time!).

Congrats on the little lady!
Imagine how powerless the people who live next to you felt about Bush's decisions. They had an enormous impact on Canadian politics (etc) but we don't even have the right to participate in voting him out. It was so frustrating getting your news over here, believe me I wanted to throw things at the TV nearly every single time I was near one. mad.gif

Did you guys know that kegels were designed to be done with a resistance mechanism? So basically, doing them without a device that offers some resistance with which to flex your muscles against is little better than useless. It's amazing how misunderstood this is, it seems no doctor has a clue. I stumbled across this info somewhere and was shocked to learn I'd been wasting so much time scrunching up my pooter all for naught. I mean to buy a kegel exerciser some day but they are pricy and I fear will end up as unused as the rest of my exercise equiptment. I'd like to not pee when I sneeze though, that would be nice.
i love that the conversation is alternating between us war politics and accidental pee....

unfortunately bush had the support of the congress, and maybe citizens outside my circle of friends and even the fairly liberal area where i live in NJ. barack's in, but as a backlash NJ voted in a conservative craphead governor who's slashing school, library, family planning, and public transit budgets like he's fucking zorro. anyway, that's just my rant from my neck of the woods.

i watched wanda sykes recent standup on HBO last nite, and this bit cracked me up. i wish i could find a video of when she showed how she got a charlie horse for too many kegels.
woohoo, deli! yay for delish baby girls!

pepper, wtf on the kegels? i feel like i should still do them, since i can't afford some pricey machine or whatever...i'm terrified of peeing myself uncontrolably. ugh. any more info you know about would be appreciated...
My OB said she thinks doing Kegels helps delivery...I have been doing them when I think about it. I try to do them when I'm doing something annoying - like talking to my boss or mother in law...then I think, "If only they knew what I was doing right now."

Tee hee...

So far I haven't had incontinence. My BFF never did kegels and peed on herself regularly doing pregnancy, BUT she also had that tinkle problem before becoming PG (it just got worse when did get knocked up).
Happy Mother's day!
I keep the anti-war sentiments related to the origins of Mother's day firmly in mind on this day. Especially these days, we all need to focus on that more and more I think.

Sorry about the kegel info, it was a bummer to find out all the thousands of crunches I had done were all for nothing. I never did notice any kind of difference whatsoever though so I wasn't exactly surprised.

This one gets good reviews
So does this one but I wouldn't use it. How do you know if you're doing it right? At least with the resistance one you can tell by how much you can close it.

This site compares a few
Pepper, you are blowing my mind! Who knew there were so many different options for Kegel tools!?!?

Happy Mother's Day all!
happy mother's day! as gifts i got some new and hand-me-down baby clothes today! i've been sniffing the hand-me-downs. i know it's just dreft but awwwww baby smell!

and i made the first purchase for the baby's room. we have a cocker spaniel who is our only baby now. my sister-in-law works for an antique auction house and found a vintage print of cocker spaniel puppies. so we officially have a puppy theme.

awwwww nick! ad-or-able. How is it that I've only discovered etsy in the last month? What boring, craftless, hole have I been living in?

for mother's day I got a box of chocolates (damn you mister!) and a much needed mini-spree at Target (hello maternity sweatpants),

and a massive, awful, lengthy panic attack lasting from midnight until four a.m. Tomorrow I'm calling a new psychiatrist who specializes in depression and anxiety in women through their "life changes". I'm assuming this means pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, etc. sigh.

On a brighter note, we are going to pick out our crib next weekend. We plan on using a co-sleeper for the first year or so, but we're going to get a convertible crib so we can use it as a toddler bed and a childhood/teen bed. FYI, babies r us is having a 20-30% sale next week. (Is this the second time I've mentioned that corporate baby monster on this thread? That place is like crack for me)

pepper, your knowledge strikes again . . . . thanks for sharing the info!

hope everyone is enjoying their mother's days!
I don't know where I learn all this crap, really. It just accumulates in my mind like the dust bunnies do under the couch. Weird!

I adore etsy, what a fantastic place that is! Dangerous though, gotta watch out. Very cute quilted doggy.
I'm working on a bird wall hanging right now for a swap, hope it turns out! The fabric is kinda awesome though so it should.

Ok, reading a bit tonight and thought of a few more "secrets"...

*My daughter chews on everything so any kind of snap or zip front had to have paint free metal parts or she would literally eat the paint right off of them and who knows if that has lead in it or not? Scary. You can buy lead testing strips at the hardware store, they are pricey but I got some to test the painted designs on dollar store flip flops before we wore them (haven't tested or worn those yet, gotta get on it before summer!).
*A fisherman's or photographer's vest makes a neat diaper bag substitute, especially for dad. Fill the pockets with neccessary items for a quick grab off-to-the-park take along. Pretty nifty.
*Having a daddy shower is just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard of. Invite the dudes for advice and handy item gift giving (alarm clock, dad and baby tshirts, etc). Kinda nice eh?
A contact list (your phone #s, dr ph#, etc) zipped into the pocket of your child's outer wear or pinned inside (out of view *of crazy people) in case (Gods and Goddesses forbid) you ever get separated, you are incapacitated or in an accident. Sorry, that is dire but I do that stuff just so I won't have to worry about it. I am the kind of person how has a fully (FULLY, like I can do stitches if I have to or temporarily replace a filling) stocked medical kit, travel with a sewing kit and mini 1st aid kit, and give people car emergency kits as gifts. I'm a safety freak.
*I keep a list of all neccessary #s handy, one in the kitchen and one in my purse, for quick referrance. Baby free hands to find stuff are hard to come by for a while.

Did I mention that she is potty trained? Dry all night for days on end now. Just thought I'd share my glory, yay!
Aphelendra, I hear you on the panic attacks...they are the WORST. I suffered from them in as a kid and in college and then in the very early stages of this pregnancy I was a WRECK. I had the most crippling panic attacks and severe insomnia...I stayed awake for three days at one point (this was when I was around 5/6 weeks). I did have to take Ambien and I took very small doses of Klonopin about 3 or 4 times.

My doctor told me hormones have a lot to do with it...makes sense because I had them really badly during puberty. Frankly, even though I have felt pretty good during this pregnancy, I am scared that postpartum my hormones will cause me to experience them again. Of course at that point I will be able to use some medication that I haven't felt comfortable using during the pregnancy.

I am also seeing a therapist which has really helped.

Hang in there and let me know if I can offer you any advice!
Pepper, I know, I LOVE Etsy. I sell my paintings on there from time to time. It is a place I have to watch out for though. You can find amazing things at reasonable prices! I buy tons of stuff on there for birthdays and Christmas.

So constipation. I have had it twice now, only for one day at a time, but I am an incredibly (like, to the hour) regular person so that was really annoying. Any suggestions?? The paperwork from my dr.s office said apples, pears, prune juice, whole wheat foods, and then listed a bunch of medicine type things. I'd like to avoid the medicine stuff if possible. I eat whole grains anyway, yogurt, fresh fruit, drink lots of water. I think I could eat prunes but don't know about the prune juice. Anybody have any other suggestions?

Hope everyone is doing great out there smile.gif
kitty, i've been struggling with the constipation this whole pregnancy. it's such a pain in the ass! (sorry, i couldn't resist)

yes to everything you listed. my doc stressed a lot of water. honestly what's helped me the most is the bit of caffeine in my morning English Breakfast tea. i tried hot water with lemon and herbal tea, just to see if it was just the heat that did the trick, but it was not as effective. of course any caffeine means you have to hydrate more often.

my doc also prescribed a prenatal with an added stool softener, because the vitamin itself is also constipating. i think it's the iron but i'm not sure.

oh and I thought all fruit was good but apparently bananas have the opposite effect! put strawberries in your bran flakes instead. me n' fiber are BFF.

everyone keeps asking how i'm feeling and this constipation has been the biggest problem, but it's not pleasant conversation with more casual acquaintances, you know? so it's like - wow you're so lucky, no problems! but really i'm praying to the poo goddess every day. hubby talks to my tummy, not yet to the baby but to my bowels, coaxing them to work.

good luck and feel better! hope everyone else is well too. aphelendra, how are you? did you make an appt?

check up tomorrow. i meet one of the other docs in my ob's practice. a dude. we'll see.
The BRAT diet is used to battle diarrhea so stay away from Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast. My midwife told me "If it starts with P it makes you poop" Pears, plums, peaches, prunes, peas.

Keep this in mind when you are starting solids with your babies. The common advice of starting with rice cereal and applesauce, two constipating foods, is bad bad bad. Start with pear sauce and oatmeal if you like.

P.S. Applesauce = constipation, apple juice = GOOD

Love from,

Mom of Five Year Old With Chronic Constipation Issues.
Morning smoothie (I give a version of this to the kids nearly every day, I have it instead of coffee because I find it picks me right up and for hours too!)

BIG handful of baby spinach (you won't taste this I promise, every fussy kid I've ever made it for thinks it's great so just try it)
Frozen or fresh berries
Juice (I guess use apple for this one if you're constipated, a shot of prune juice along with it would be utterly disguised)
sometimes I use some pineapple if I've got it around, pear peach or plum slices would do fine too.

Blend, drink.... poop.

I do put in banana for the kids but I don't have any in mine as I hate them.
It's very, very good and fast to make plus you can take it with you if you're going out. Do give it a try.
quick post to thank pepper for the kegels info...hopefully this summer I can invest in something, in the meantime it's just me and the old v muscles I guess. woot!

crazy week ahead with no time to catch "our" breath...wish me luck and hugs to you all!!! keep up all the collective support and good thoughts...
I've had a touch of constipation but not too bad. I drink a LOT of water. Also I have a bowl of high fiber oatmeal every morning. Not sure if this helps or not.

My prenatal (Prenexa) has a stool softener in it...not sure if that has helped either, but maybe you can get your doc to switch you to one if you really are having trouble.
metamucil! Water, dried fruit, all of these things helped me, but metamucil was my saving grace in the first tri. It is absolutely gross tasting though . . . . kind of slimy and chunky. So beware if you're queasy!

zelda, and all, thanks for the advice/support. We ended up taking a day trip yesterday, so no appointment yet, but I'm going to call later today. I think what I really need is to be back with a cognitive behavioral therapist . . . . its just sooooo dang expensive. Out of network, which most CBTs are, I have to pay half for each session . . . . no small amount with baby bug on the way. hopefully, this new woman might know someone who is in network that can help me.

as far as postpartum stuff (scary scary, my mom had postpartum psychosis), I have heard that breastfeeding helps tremendously, because progesterone levels come down much more slowly if you're booby feedin'.

pepper, your smoothie sounds just like the one I make for Mr. and I. In addition to spinach, I've found broccoli and carrots also blend nicely (mango and carrots specifically, yum). I plan on hiding spinach in just about everything I make for the bubs, including baby food. What a magical leaf. . . .

luleey, make sure to take time and rest this week . . . . hope you don't go too crazy!

Certainly have lots of spinach but take note that it is high in oxalic acid which is a calcium inhibitor so don't pair it with calcium rich foods for maximum absorption (I'm a fan of food combining).
I've got some kale in the fridge that I'm going to add a bit of. The parsley doesn't go over so well with the kids blink.gif

I'm still milky. She hasn't nursed in ages. No one mentioned this to me so I'm letting you know, apparently it can for on for YEARS too! Handy when she's sick and she wants to nurse a bit but it's kinda funny too. I mean, what size are my boobs now? I still don't exactly know...
For constipation, I found that the thing that works best for me is dried apricots. Beware, though...sometimes they work a little *too* well! I also found that coffee (even decaf) does the trick for me too. A little coffee in the morning and my morning constitutional is not far behind!

pepper, that is hilarious about the milky boobs...a friend of mine joked when I was pregnant (and my little size 34As turned into ample Bs), "Do you get to keep those?" I've wondered how they'll look after I stop nursing (which won't be for awhile...I'm trying to go a year and then wean).
Thanks everyone for the poo adivse smile.gif I have my 12 week appointment tomorrow. I am trying not to be nervous but I am a worrier at heart! I'm so excited to be able to just tell everyone.

I know how you all feel about the boobs! I'm normally a thin girl with full C boobs but now they are a D. They don't need to get any bigger!!

Wish me luck tomorrow (and tell me to quit worrying). I'll pop in and let you know how it goes after my appointment.
good luck kitty! and stop worrying!

pepper, another factoid to file away . . . . I've really got to get started on my copy of super baby food . . . . I got a little intense with the childbirth/baby reading, and I'm taking a little break for the sake of my sanity. Only book on my nightstand right now is a sookie stackhouse novel, heh heh.

Hope everyone else is well . . . .
Julie, I nursed the boy for 3.5 years and the girl for 2.5 and my boobs still look pretty great. I could use a little pectoral exercise to perk them up a tad as they are a bit lower than before but... still good. I am normally a 34C (32D if I can find that size, I would be a 36B if my back weren't so tiny), I'm tall and thin so I'm not really big or small, just average. I can't go braless anymore but really, I have two kids, what do I need that kind of attention for? Honestly, it's just irritating to get oogled these days.
Ah, how things change...

Kitty, GOOD LUCK! You won't need it, though...come back and report.

As of tomorrow I am officially 37 weeks and considered FULL TERM. OMG. Meaning, lil' Elliott could technically come at any time and be considered a regular ol' baby, not a preemie.

Let me tell you *I* don't feel ready, really!!!! Agh!!!! Of course we are so so so so so so so so excited, but also tremendously....well....tremendously nervous/freaked out/happy/thrilled/curious/overwhelmed, etc.

woo hoo zeldy!
Just got back from my second appointment with the midwife. Protein in my urine, gained 6 pounds in 2.5 weeks, my cervix is beginning to efface at 29 weeks, and she could fit a fingertip into the opening.

The midwife says all of this is not alarming, and most likely due to not drinking enough water. Nevertheless, I am freaking the fuck out. Repeat, freaking the fuck out.

Did I mention we have decided to move before bugs gets here?

I hope everyone else is having a better day than I.
Aphelendra, I'm sure you'll be fine. Listen to your midwife. This is advice I should follow.

I just had an appt and my ultrasound revealed that I have Placenta Previa, which is basically: Placenta in the wrong spot. My midwife says there's a good chance it will move during the next trimester "Don't Worry", but once again Google is Satan's search engine. Curse YOU Google!
I'm just back from the Dr. Heard the heartbeat- what a relief! The Dr. said it sounded really good for 11.4 weeks and to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working. I think I will relax a little now, and now I can tell everyone!

Delibelly- I hear you on the google. I have to force myself to stay away from it because it seems to have the most negative answers of anywhere you can look! I hope everything moves to where it should be for you!

Alephendra- I'm thinking of you! Will drinking more water help the situation to straighten itself out? We are doing major home renovations over the summer. Not the same as moving but still stressful! Is the place you are moving into ready to go so you won't have to mess with things too much once you are in?

Hope everyone else is good smile.gif
Aphelendra, drink some liquids, take some deep breaths, listen to your midwife because she knows what she's talking about, ok? Stress is dehydrating, do some things to help yourself relax, whatever works for you.
Am I understanding you that you're planning to move right now? Call friends and family to help you, right now you need to rest. I mean it.

Delibelly, most plac.prev. moves on it's own in the last few weeks, it is actually quite common. Try to save the worry about this for later on if it hasn't changed.

Lots of weird crap goes on with our bodies during pregnancy, there is no real normal because every body does it in it's own way. There are only averages and it's ok to fall outside of those averages. It is, it's ok, it's totally natural and fine and will work itself out in most cases. We aren't supposed to know about most of these weird things, they happen inside our bodies and are secrets workings between the womb and the baby. Sometimes it's better to have less information than more.

I realize that some of you are worriers but some things are not as worrisome as they seem. Really, you can trust this process. You can, you can, you can. smile.gif
I'm actually very laid back. This is my second pregnancy; maybe it help that I've been through it all before. But Google would put anyone on edge! It's always the worst possible scenario that comes up in the results.
Did we ALL have doctors' appointments on the same day or what?

Just got back from my OB. I'm 37 weeks, negative for Group B strep, and my cervix is firm, closed, and my doctor said I should get to my due date or possibly go over. Oh, and I gained FOUR POUNDS in one week. Okaaaaaay....

Aphelendra, hang in there. There was a woman in my childbirth class who was walking around 2 cm dilated for weeks. I know it is scary, but it is not as uncommon as you think. Perhaps it may make you feel a little better to know your baby is already viable, and in just two or three short weeks, she will not only be viable, but she will also be viable and highly likely to be 100% normal even if she arrives early. (From what I've read, 32 weeks is the magic number...of course every baby is different.)

ASK for help. GET help. REST. Your midwife knows what she's doing, I am sure of this. I am very Type A and have a hard time asking for help, but you can do this - you can ask for help with the move. You can hire help and put it on a credit card and say fuck it if you must. Let certain things go if you can. Trust me, I know how hard it is to do this as it's hard for ME to do this, but you can do it...

Deli, Google is of the devil. OF THE DEVIL. After the breech scare I went all ballistic on Google. My therapist made me tape a sign on my computer that says USE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD as a behavior modification technique not to Google. Hang in there, and I bet it will be okay. Worst case scenario I've heard placenta previa means a C-section which, while we'd all like to avoid it, is not the end of the world. Thinking of you!

Kitty, so glad you heard the heartbeat. My friend who is a retired midwife said my OB must have been experienced to find the heartbeat at 11 weeks (when we first heard the heartbeat)...a lot of times it takes them a lot longer to hear you have a good doc and a strong baby. And yes, tell people! My doc said once we heard the heartbeat, our odds were excellent all would be well. Be happy and enjoy this pregnancy.

Talk soon to all...
mr dr. appt was tuesday! i left feeling disallusioned after meeting one of the other doctors in the practice for my checkup. he was perfectly pleasant but had one foot out the door the whole time. maybe my other doc is just more familiar with me and my million questions. but c'mon, i can't be the first first pregnancy with a million questions. bear with me. when mr. has more time this summer (he's a teacher) we're going to check out the midwife practice nearby. i'd be at 5-6 months... would that be too late to switch practitioners?

kitty, i heard the heartbeat at my checkup too! it's a wonderful sound. up until now we only saw it. it gets more amazingly real each time.

aphelendra, no freaking, just drink yourself silly (water, that is). and good luck with the move. i'm quite the DIYer but have found that people are more than willing to help lately, especially those most interested in healthy baby. take it!

and yay zelda and elliott!
Nickclick, my BFF switched to a midwife at 26/27 weeks. It's totally doable. You should never feel rushed with your doctor!

My OB practice is different than most. You see the same doctor each time. I guess some practices switch you up so you could have anyone at delivery. I am taking a risk by seeing the same doctor in that there is a small chance she won't be able to deliver me, however, I would rather have consistent care throughout the pregnancy with someone I trust...let's be delivery the doctor doesn't often do much but catch the baby. (tee hee)....from what I've heard, it's your nurse (and your doula if you have one) who do the "work" of helping you birth.

I love my doc and would recommend her to anyone. She ALWAYS takes the time (even on busy days) to sit down and listen to all my questions. I love how she sits down - it makes me feel less rushed. She is a gem! You deserve to feel the same, nickclick, whether it's with an OB or a midwife.
Delibelly, sorry if that sounded short, I'm just sort of pissy that this news has got you worried. Midwives and doctors are supposed to make you feel MORE confidant, not less, but sometimes the things we hear from them are things we aren't really supposed to know. Like that your baby is breach in early days. Or that you have previa before it becomes an issue. I realize that this can all be good info to know but sheesh, we are not doctors and midwives and telling us this stuff does NOTHING but freak us out! It's maddening. I mean, the "professionals" have objectivity and context with which to view these things, we only have thoughts of "Oh no, something is wrong!" It makes me crazy. How can you have a relaxed pregnancy when an authority figure keeps telling you about every little thing that could possibly go wrong? How about helping us to focus on all the things that can go RIGHT?! Because they usually all do...

There, that's my little rant of the day.

Hope you are all feeling well, feeling confidant and supported and loved and healthy and well. smile.gif
So true, Pepper.

My poor doctor was pretty much forced into telling me my baby was breech when I begged her to check his position at 34 weeks even though she likes to wait. Then she went on and on about how he would most likely turn around...which of course he did. Sometimes we do it to ourselves, too. ;-)
It's true. I have to take full credit for freaking myself out. I needed to know if there was any reason I should not be flying down to the States for a family thing on short notice...My midwife was very reassuring, to the point of saying I could go, but, sorry American friends and family - I can't risk a $20,000 clinic visit if I start spotting.
Scary. Can you buy travel insurance when you're pregnant? I purchase a years worth for the kids and I for around $100, I'm way too freaked to go across the border without it. I just reminded myself that we're headed over for the May 24 weekend and I have to renew...
Interesting article.

Pepper - it was all very last minute for a funeral, and I was at the point where I barely had the time to book a flight. I think it was sort of the last straw in terms of obstacles and I thought "Aw fuck it." Especially after Googling airline policies and freaking myself way the hell out.
So sorry to say this country is amazing in terms of its quality of medical care, but its the worst when it comes to being able to afford it. I certainly would not want to be stuck here without insurance of some kind. At least you can leave...millions of our citizens are stuck here with no insurance permanently! ARGH!
Okay, SO...annoying. I came home from work and there was a message from my doctor's office asking me to call back. But of course by the time I got the message, the office was closed. And it's Friday, so I can't reach anyone until Monday!

I have a new cell and they don't have that number, so they couldn't reach me on that.

I know I tested negative for Group B strep, so I don't think it's about that.

They did a culture last week to check to see if I was shedding the herpes virus and we'd have to consider a C-section. When I went in yesterday, the results hadn't come back yet.

I think the woman who left the message was not a nurse but a receptionist, but I'm not sure! I'm wondering if she's calling about my herpes culture...she might be calling for something as simple as I need to reschedule my next appointment because my doctor has a conflict.

I just hate that they left me a message on Friday afternoon without any information, and I can't talk to anyone three days! :-(
sorry zelda! that is quite infuriating. You'd think they could have called in the morning so you'd have time to get back to them . . . .

Nick, if you're thinking of switching, go ahead and do it! I switched later on in my pregnancy and very much wish I hadn't waited as long . . . . I was lucky they were able to take me on, the first practice I contacted had too many births scheduled for my due month and couldn't see me. But perhaps more important is the time and caring I've received from my new midwife. She always seems to have the time to answer any and all of my questions, and just has a wonderful calming way about her . . . . She actually told us to enjoy the next two weeks and "be free" at the end of the last appt. hee hee.

As for me, doing well, resting lots, trying not to freak too much. I was contracting a bit last night, but it seems to have settled down. Here's hoping for a big fat full term little lady . . . . (well, not tooooo fat. I like my perineum)

Bought a crib today, and set up the changing table, which I promptly arranged my one little bag of diapers and one little box of wipes on . . . . Yay!

Also, the CPM who taught our birth class, who I absolutely love and cherish, offered to help us at home/hospital with our birth, as long as she's in town (going to be on vacation for part of July). I'm so flattered she offered, at no charge, even if she can't make it.

hope everyone is having a good weekend . . . .
Just heard back from my herpes culture is...negative! YAY! Makes me feel like a vaginal birth will really be safe if I continue to take my Valtrex.
2 cm dilated + regular contractions for 7 hours + 6 hours in the hospital = one shot of terbutaline and one week of moderate bed rest


p.s. Yay zelda!
take it easy, aphelendra. hope you are feeling better today.

good news, zelda!
Aphelendra, are you home now?

I'm so sorry you had to go to the hospital. I'm sure it was scary. Are you about 30 weeks now? I know you want your baby girl to stay put for as long as may not help you, but I did try to tell myself over and over that with medical technology there is so much they can do for preemies.

But I doubt it will even come to that. Bed rest can really help. A coworker of mine was on bed rest from 32 weeks on. Healthy baby boy born at 37 weeks who had to spend a few days in the NICU and is now home and healthy.

Do you have help? Someone to come in and help around the house?

I feel guilty...Mr. Z and I hired a cleaning lady to come every other week for the first three months baby is here, just to help us keep up with the bathrooms and kitchen and floors. It's an expense for us, and philosophically I've always had trouble with the idea of paying someone to clean my mess - even if we are paying her a living wage of $10 an hour.

But my mom can only stay for a week, and Mr. Z's mom is older and can't help in that way. I feel like it is a worthy expense, but I still can't help but feel guilty for some reason???
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