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From what I've read, autism rates in the US have a LOT to do with the amount of mandatory immunisations newborn babies receive. Not wanting to fuel paranoia but maybe something to look into?
So I took a breastfeeding class last night at the hospital where I'm going to deliver and am so glad I did. My BFF made fun of me saying you can't really take a class for it, but why not get all the info I can?

The instructor was so nice and funny....we watched several DVDs, practiced the different holds with dolls, and there was a whole segment on pumping and going back to work which I found helpful. The woman next to me was expecting twins, bless her, but fortunately she will be staying at home which will help.

I am actually a big believer in vaccines and scientific research, and in my opinion, the overwhelming amounts of research show that immunizations have nothing to do with autism. I've read tons on the topic, and I'm not afraid to immunize.

My sister is a teacher with a special ed background, and she is convinced the skyrocketing rates have to do with overdiagnosis. She has two kids mainstreamed into her regular classroom who are labeled autistic and she says you could practically not even tell they have it for as mild as it is...yet they "count" in the stats...who knows. Would love to hear what Kitty says on that.

I wonder if it's something about the hormones in the foods we eat. I've been trying to eat organic through much of this pregnancy (figure if I can afford it for once it should be now), but who knows...
zelda, sounds like a good class. i agree, i want all the information that i can handle before delivery. of course much is different in practice, but i like feeling prepared. do you have a pump yet? my friend cheaped out and got the manual one, but suggested i splurge for the electric, mostly because she spent too much time at work bored and alone in a room pumping.

mr.nick is a music teacher at a middle school and sees students at varying levels of autism, and works with 2 severe students once a week (both girls, actually). i'll ask him next week to see what the special ed teacher may have learned about causes, treatments, mainstreaming, etc. something else to read up on! right now i'm ready to get thru the nuchal fold in a couple of weeks. then i can worry about other things.....

i had a crying jag yesterday because i feel so bloated and fat, and then i felt stupid about it. maybe it's because it's so warm here in NJ this week and i'm not hiding under sweaters. i just wish i could poo regularly. it takes some high fiber granola, fruit, a small cup of caffeinated tea, stool softener in my prenatal, and a walk in the morning to move things along even slightly. i go for a checkup on tuesday so i'll see what else she suggests then. sorry for TMI.

i went to the dentist yesterday for checkup and had to tell them i couldn't do the x-ray. one of the assistants was like - i thought you looked preg but i didn't wanna say anything! i'm like - you ass, i'm just fat, and i'm only 10 weeks. what do you know, you see me every 6 months! of course i didn't say that though..... i guess that helped the cry fest yesterday too.
Hi ladies, congrats to all of those who are expecting! smile.gif I'm writing not because I am expecting or even trying but because I work in psychology and actually have a hand in diagnosing children with autism/aspergers/children on the spectrum. I agree that rates have 'skyrocketed' in recent years and believe that this is likely because we are 1. learning more about autism from research and 2. getting better at identifying it with the development and use of new assessment measures.

Zelda, you are right that with very mild cases, most people would not even notice the particular difficulty. Even twenty years ago, children with mild cases would have been more likely to be called 'quirky' 'a little socially awkward' 'eccentric' etc. Could these children probably go without the diagnosis? - probably yes. IMO, part of diagnosis is political because access to resources and treatment depends on having a 'label'.

Personally, I am not afraid to immunize my children or use cell phones because I too am a huge believer in research and do not think that there is good/well designed research evidence to support some of these claims. From what I have read, autism has quite a high genetic loading and the disorder is most likely to run in families.

I don't know if this info has been helpful but if you want access to more resources - beyond the internet - feel free to PM me and I will try to help.

All the best to those expecting and those trying to conceive.
QUOTE(zelda @ Apr 7 2010, 05:32 AM) *
So I took a breastfeeding class last night at the hospital where I'm going to deliver and am so glad I did. My BFF made fun of me saying you can't really take a class for it, but why not get all the info I can?

Good for you, Zelda, breastfeeding is much more difficult to get the hang of than people realize. I was determined to breastfeed and read every book I could find on the subject... then I still ended up bawling with frustration when I had my first baby. If I hadn't prepared myself I never would've made it through those first difficult weeks. You might want to keep a list of your instructor's contact info and local Le Leche League so you have support when your baby arrives.

On the subject of immunizations: I'm glad we live in a world where they are available, but I wish we were a little more conservative with our use of them. I don't feel like the jury is in concerning the relationship between immunizations and autoimmune diseases, like lymphoma. I sort of take the apologist route and follow an alternative vaccination schedule similar to the one that Dr. Sears recommends. I also wait until my children are a bit older to start the vaccines that I do use (like Hep). This would not be an ideal solution for young children in daycare or who are regularly exposed to large crowds, but my kids are alone with me at home.
Hey all! Back from camping.

Just a quick comment on Autism... I agree with several of the comments posted. The class I teach can have a max of 6 students. I would say 3 are higher functioning and 3 are lower. The 3 higher functioning would have been just sort of the "different" kids you would have gone to school with. They are pretty academically able, but socially awkward. So in their cases, I think they would have just gone undiagnosed in the past. I think the identification of these kids now definitely contributes to the large number of autism we see now. I have been working with this population for 6 years, and every year at least 40-50% of my class is higher functioning.

As for the reason it occurs- there isn't really a solid one at this point. It seems like the reason changes every time I read, hear, or see new info on Autism. I have heard everything from vaccinations, the age of the father, fillings in the mother's teeth while pregnant, genetics, and even absurd things like watching too much tv while pregnant!

I have noticed genetics. That is, more than a few of my students have parents who display characteristics of high functioning autism. And in the Silicon Valley they have higher rates of autism (parents are in computer programming- a job that attracts lots of high functioning people with autism). And there are more people with autism who become college professors as well (they can perseverate on their particular field without it being too odd), accountants, and as I mentioned, computer programmers.

So since they don't have it nailed down as to what is causing it- I want to tell you not to worry too much about trying to prevent it. Just know that this is an area where there is tons of clinical researching going on right now, as well as some really good programming going on in public schools specifically for autism (in Ohio anyway). Also that it does occur on a spectrum- that is there can be very very high functioning levels with the disorder as well as a low end. Hope some of this helps?
I distinctly remember with each baby I've had, I always watched them from the second they were born for signs of autism. When I see that they look into my eyes and turn their heads at the sound of my voice, are attracted to bright objects, etc. I always feel this huge sense of relief that so far everything looks normal. To be a mommy is to worry. *sigh*

Last night, my pregnant sister-in-law sent me a sad message. She miscarried; the ultrasound said she was at 12 and a half weeks. (She and the women in her family have a genetic, congenital problem, they miscarry about 1/3 of their pregnancies. Prego Busties, this WILL NOT happen to you; this is a specific genetic problem that is very rare). I feel so awful for her; she had just finally started telling everyone about her pregnancy. What do you say to someone when this happens? I just sent her a big (((hug))). She has four children; at least she's not struggling to have a family like my other poor SIL who finally gave up and decided to adopt. Sorry to set a sad tone in this thread; I know you all probably worry enough without hearing stuff like this. I just needed a space to sort of get it off my chest. My SIL is going in to the hospital Monday to be induced. I wish there was something kind/comforting that I could do for her, she lives in a different state, though. I guess if it had to happen I'm glad for her sake that it happened now and not when she was past 25 weeks (I think this is the line between having a miscarriage and having a stillborn). Still, poor Christi. sad.gif
Aw Nick, sorry you had a bad day...I feel you on the pooing issue. Gross and weird. Also I'm totally already not fitting into a bunch of clothes and bras even though I'm trying not to overeat and am exercising. What can you do!

Yeah, I didn't mean we shouldn't use cell phones or get immunizations AT ALL!!! The cell phone thing has come up because my husband got paranoid it was negatively affecting his body by carrying it in his front pocket all the time. I have no idea if that's a real thing or not, maybe it's just a total wackadoo theory that increased magnetic fields affect people in ways we're not sure of yet. Who the hell knows! And yes, I agree with some earlier statements that a lot of kids are diagnosed with things that would have been dismissed in the past or written off as a kid being naughty or eccentric. My dad is the most hyperactive, ADD person EVER and I'm sure the docs nowadays would have him on quite the cocktail if he were a child, but somehow he survived and was successful! I'm also a teacher and work with all types of kids, so I'm learning more about it as I go. While I hope my child does not have autism, there are a lot of breakthroughs in treatment now and even if it were a mild case I'd love his or her "quirks" regardless! Needless to say I'll be watching closely when bean is born (it seems so far away...fingers crossed!) to try and discern any abnormalities in behavior.

koffee, so sorry to hear about your SIL. That is truly devastating for her and your family and I know you're doing everything you can for her. It's hard to know what to say and do...just try your best to be there for her and let her (and yourself) experience all the emotions of this difficult time. (((hugs)))
koffee, that's all you can do is send hugs to your SIL. send her some (((hugs))) from me too.

luleey, totally gross and weird. thanks for the poo sympathy!
Hey ladies, well my crazy cycle ended at CD 37... no luck this month. When I first started TTC, this thread was full of people like me. Now everyone is pregnant and I don't want to keep bringing people down with bad news. I wish you all the best in your blessed pregnancies!

Zelda, it's been exciting to see your journey and I wish you all the best!

Funnybird, I am so so happy you finally received your blessing and wish you all the great things you, AB & Baby Bird deserve!

Aphelendra, it was very interesting to hear your story. As I've stated before, you know way more than you should have to for your age but you are so helpful to others because of it!

God bless all of you! smile.gif

Speaking for myself (and I bet everyone else), you are in no way bringing me down. But, trust me, I understand if you need a break from the pregnant lady board. I had to do that myself, which is why I disappeared for a while there. It's too bad there is not a thread for women who are TTC. Could you start one? I know I would have loved one. Anyway, I wish you the best. I really DO think you will conceive!

Everyone else-

Does anyone think my progesterone count of 8 sounds low? From what I have read online it should be a 9 at least. MY HCG levels were really good tho. Strange that the Dr. described everything as looking "really good" with a progesterone count of 8 tho... I will mention it at my appointment this Thursday. She sometimes gets mildly annoyed with all my internet data that I rush in with. And I must admit, she has been more correct than my google findings about everything so far!

Thanks kitty, I took your advice and started a new thread... TTC. Michelina, I hope we can get something started up over there! wink.gif
Ok well I guess I did it wrong, oops! Well anyways there is already a thread that exists for this, it's called Childless, Not By Choice and hasn't been active since 2008... we'll see which one gets rolling quicker.
Funnybird, when I was last on, I forgot to mention how happy I am for you. Yay to the excellent ultrasound! I wish you, AB, and Babybird all the best.

Cristine, sorry to hear that this month wasn't a successful one. I'm happy you got the other thread going.

Just a quick update. We had another IUI on Wednesday and it was horrible. Mr. M's count was down to 2 million / mL. The borderline of normal is 20 and the average is about 60. I only got 1/3 washed sperm and they like to see 5 million. I started crying on the table wondering if something is wrong with him. The nurse assured me that this is not a sign of poor health. Still, why is it fluctuating so much??? My doctor is away, but I'll hopefully get to see another one of the docs.

Secondly, my sister had a miscarriage. I feel horrible for her. It took them quite a while to conceive, and then she lost the baby. As jealous as I was of her, I was still happy for her and excited about the baby. It has been a very hard time in my family lately with my infertility and my sister's miscarriage.

Thinking positive thoughts for all of you...
Cristine, I hope you get lots of buzz in the Childless Not By Choice thread but I hope you know you are WELCOME here anytime and all the time. It does seem like this thread has become very full of preggos lately, and I can completely and totally see why you'd rather post someplace else, but I really hope you at least pop in from time to time to give us an update. I, for one, would like to know how you are!

Just a quick update...I had a bit of a scare Friday morning when I bent over to feed the cats and almost passed out. Should not have led with the head below the heart at 8 months pregnant. I promptly dropped the food bowl and stumbled out of the room only to find myself unable to walk. I sat down and called for Mr. Z. As soon as I sat, I felt better. Called the doc to be safe, but she said it was probably just from bending down and getting up too fast and also being slightly dehydrated from this stomach bug I've had. Woo!

Today we had our first birth class and a baby shower thrown by friends...a day full of baby. I am exhausted but feeling so fortunate for our good friends and the time we got to spend with them today (even better than all the presents!). The class was great, but I have to say I am so glad I am not as concerned with modesty as some of the women in the class. They were all concerned with pooping in front of everyone. I said if I was pushing a baby out of my vagina, I couldn't care less if I poop a little! Who cares! ;-) We learned breathing and relaxation techniques and watched several birthing videos...Mr. Z teared up! (I did, too!)

Kitty...didn't even know they did progesterone counts. STAY AWAY FROM THE GOOGLE MACHINE! If your doc says your numbers are good, they are! Remember every pregnancy is different and the range of normal is pretty broad! Thanks for the info on did make me feel better. Ultimately, i have no control over what God/the fates send to us...I just know we will love little Elliott and what happens, happens, and we will deal. sorry to hear about your SIL....glad she at least has been able to have some successful pregnancies in the past although I am sure it doesn't make any loss easier.

Hope all is well with all of you...
Michelina, my thoughts and prayers are with you as well as your sister. It gives us all the more reason to be grateful for ourselves and our loved ones regardless of when or how we're successful in having children. It hurts, and it's devastating to have your hopes and those whom you care for's hopes dashed, but in a weird way it helps to remember that this is why families exist--to help each other through the awful times, no matter what. Helping my mother through a long-term illness this past year really made it hit home for me the power that mothers, sisters, fathers, friends etc. have in helping people heal and bring themselves to where they need to be in life. Lots of hugs to you and your fam.

Ditto Cristine...good luck with your new thread, and we hope to see you back here SOON. A year from now, you could be an expectant mother or even a mother, and I hope so much that is the case!

Zelda, how ya feeling? Better I hope!

Well, off to fight pointlessly against my yard full of dandelions. On the up side, I heard the greens are very good for us because of the potassium! Bitter as hell though...
Ooohhhh.....third trimester heartburn. IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!

Sorry. Needed to vent. ;-)
Hi everyone- I just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that I had my baby, a boy, last Tuesday! He is wonderful. I was in labor for 36 hours and I can say that every (un-medicated) second of it was worth it. biggrin.gif

Mr. Yum and I are beat, yet we don't feel crabby- it's the neatest thing. It might be awhile before I have time to check in again (little Yum loves to be held which is great but doesn't allow for much internet time), but I wish all of you pregnant and ttc busties the best.
many congrats yumyum, mr. yum and new yum! tell us more about him, and about the birth (holy shit 36 hours!?!?!???), when you may have a few moments to post.

zelda, how's your esophagus?

Labor was pretty tough. I prepared for a non-medicated birth, but I didn't expect it to go on for days! It woke me at 11:30 and I wasn't able to sleep again until after baby yum arrived (I actually haven't been able to get more than a couple of hours of sleep per night since then). I labored at home with Mr. Yum and Mom Yum until about 1:30 the next afternoon, at which time the contractions were lasting about a minute and coming every 2-3 minutes. I sat on my yoga ball, took walks around the block and watched episodes of curb your enthusiasm. When we showed up at the hospital, it turns out I was only +1 cm dilated. Ugh. So they gave me an hour to see if I would progress (otherwise I would need to go back home). We walked the halls and did some more bouncing on the yoga ball. When they checked me again, I was at 4. Labor progressed, but very slowly. It felt like I was in transition forever. I got stuck at 9 and the doctor started throwing around the possibility of a c-section. They started me on pit (horrible non-stop contractions) and broke my water (felt kind of good). Finally I got to 10 and baby started to come out- I couldn't not push- very strange feeling. I pushed for about 2 hours and was able to get him out unassisted, but with some tearing.

Baby Yum is wonderful. He weighed 7lbs 13 oz and was 23" long. He is nursing like a little tiger; he is almost back to his birth weight and he is very strong (very good head control). I just adore this little fella.
Congratulation, Yumyum! Well done! I'd been thinking of you lately. Oh and I love that you watched Curb Your Enthusiasm while contracting. It's one of my and Mr. M's favs. If it happens for me someday, I'm totally doing that!
Hello all!

Have finally arrived home from vacation. Yes, it is possible for a vacation to be too long. Yarg. Am very very happy to be home.

Congrats to yum! I'm very inspired to hear you were able to stick to your plan of an unmedicated birth, despite it being such a long process. Also very happy to hear that baby yum is faring well on mama's milk. smile.gif

As for us, we had kind of a rocky trip. The swelling in my legs (and face and arms and hands and . . . ) subsided finally around the middle of last week. Despite being on vacay and pigging out nonstop, I've actually lost seven pounds since my trip to the doc's, all by downing gallons of water and walking walking walking everywhere. Well, apparently all the walking ended up not being such a grand idea . . . .

Last monday night I started having some sharp abdominal pains, so I curled up with a heating pad and took some tylenol (doc's advice). Seemed to help for a bit, but by tuesday morning, I had strong crampy type feelings all across my lower back. So called my doc back at home again, and by noon that day found myself at the fabulous McGee Women's Hospital birth center triage unit. No vacation is complete without at least one hospital visit, right?

Luckily, after an hour or two (time passes strangely in hospitals) of continuous monitoring, I was cleared to go home (or back to the in-laws as was the case). Officially speaking, my uterus was displaying some "irritability" but not contracting regularly.

Everything appears to be back to normal, and I have no restrictions except for some mandatory rest periods throughout the day, although I still feel really guilty about the whole thing. Up until the big incident, I'd been complaining bitterly about how uncomfortable and big I was feeling, and how I couldn't believe I still had so much of the pregnancy to go. Nothing like a preterm labor scare to remind me how very much I want to be pregnant for every second of these 40 weeks . . . .

Anyways, sorry for the long ramble. I hope everyone else is well, and am looking forward to jumping back into the swing of things around these here parts. smile.gif

yumyum, your new son sounds like a strong guy - must take after his mom. curb your enthusiasm - great choice to keep yourself from obsessing about your own situation by watching someone else who obsesses about himself!

aphelendra, sorry to hear about your stint in the hospital during your vaca but glad of course you got reassurance that all is OK. did they say why your uterus was being cranky? from all your activity?

i had a good checkup on tuesday. blood tests came back all good, my bp was normal, which i was worried about after it was high at another doctor visit a few weeks ago, and it's never anything more than something over 70. anyway, on tuesday it was something over 70. my weight is the same since my first visit too, which is surprising because mr.nick makes fun of my "second breakfasts" etc., aka pam on the office. i guess i must be choosing some of the right foods even though i feel like i'm constantly chugging snacks.

she used an audio u/s to check for viability and didn't hear the peanut's heartbeat, so she left to find the video u/s. of course in the meantime i freaked out. but as soon as she touched my belly with the sensor, there s/he was, beating and staring at us. phew.

so i'm coming up on 12 weeks and i can't wait to go public! i will feel so much more real. but we're going to wait until the end of next week when we go for the nuchal fold. i'm counting down the days (8) to hear that good news.
I had my first ultrasound! Everything looked good and so cool to see that little heart beat smile.gif Hope everything is well with everyone on here!
Congrats on the heartbeats ladies!

Nick, I think I've mentioned this before, but I was told by my clinic that if you hear/see a heartbeat after about the 10 week mark, you are almost surely in the clear for a first trimester loss. Most of the 12-14 week losses you hear about are only just discovered at routine end of first trimester u/s, the emby actually stopped developing prior to the u/s.

Kitty, I can't remember how far along you are . . . .but as I'm sure you know, that beating heart, no matter how early, is a great sign.

Yay for first tri busties!
Yum Yum, congrats! I'm so happy to hear from you and hear that all is well with Baby Yum! And how exciting to know it's a boy! I am so impressed with your patience in terms of waiting to find out. Check in again soon if you can find the time. :-)

Nick and Kitty, congrats on those heartbeats. I will never forget the relief that washed over me as we saw that beating heart on our 9 week scan. Amazing to think that teeny heart is now thumping along inside Baby Elliott who is (trust me) no longer tiny but moving and grooving and making my belly shift back and forth as I type this! ;-)

Aphelendra, I am so sorry you had to go to the hospital, but so pleased you are okay now. Just remember...each week is closer and closer to a safe time when if the baby came, all would be well. I'm at 33 weeks now, and while I want Baby Elliott to hang out inside as long as he needs to, I know if he came tomorrow, odds are very high all would be well.

As for I had a wonderful burst of energy that allowed me to get a lot done around the house. Yesterday, I was so tired I could barely lift my head. It's so random how my energy comes and goes. The nursery is 85% done...I need to go get some things to hang on the walls! They're pretty bare.

Mr. Z and I have decided to hire a doula for the birth. She is actually a student doula, but she has been training under a wonderful doula here in Houston who is very well known for about 4 months. Her rate is very reasonable, and when we met her, we liked her instantly. Since I have no family in town, I think it will help to have that other support in the room, and I won't feel like all the pressure is on Mr. Z to make me feel okay during labor!

Hope all is well with soon!
Having a doula is a great thing; I bet it will make such a positive difference during your labor. I've had so many nurses and doctors be inconsiderate or even down right rude to me during labor and childbirth, having a good doula will be priceless.
I feel so freaking pregnant right now. Like, huge. I am not complaining...only stating that catching a glimpse of your naked preggo body at close to 34 weeks is crazy sometimes. I don't think my skin can stretch anymore, but tonight I had some pretty bad round ligament pains, so I think I am still growing. My BFF said around 36 weeks the growing really stops.

Oof....feels like there is still so much to do. Well, we will get done what we can and what we can't, we can get help with.

Does anyone ever feel prepared for their baby to arrive?! :-)
hang in there, zelda! and it seems like a good time to put your friends and family to work....
oh Zelda, just you wait until after your milk comes in. On that day I caught a glimpse in the mirror (thankfully after I'd tucked ole jelly belly into the spanx) and had a WHOA moment. Comic book hero boobies, like in a fun house mirror. They were kinda hillarious but terrifiying at the same time. The belly never freaked me out as much as my chest in that moment! My little girl had the hardest time getting him wee bitty mouth open wide enough for even half a nipple at first, the boob dwarfed her head too. Ha!

And btw, I didn't feel "ready" for my kids nor in control of being a mama until they were at least a year old! rolleyes.gif
HAHA, laugh.gif my tits looked like giant nuclear warheads or something. My grandmother brought over this enormous bra, the biggest fucking bra I had ever seen with like, 80 hooks up the back and it still wasn't big enough. My boobs stood out from my chest like a shelf; it's crazy when the milk first comes in. (BTW, don't be afraid to just pump out some of the excess and make yourself more comfortable. I was afraid of my breast pump at first cause I thought it might hurt. Silly me, it's the only thing that really brought me relief).
I can scarcely believe my boobies are going to get even bigger . . . . good grief i think I will topple over. Or I will never ever be able to pry Mr. off them. I already feel like I'm going through my day constantly having to duck two giant grabby man paws.

Speaking of breast pumps . . . . are/did you guys go with manual or electric? I'm going to be home for the first six months, so I've just bought the evenflo single manual (cheap cheap cheap) for relieving engorgement and to increase supply, but I've heard such negative things about the manual . . . . But it seems silly to drop 150 buckaroos on the medela single electric if I'm going to be home . . . . Did any of you mama busties actually find you needed to pump to keep up supply, or was baby nibbling sufficient to keep the milk flowin?

Ah, parenthood. I don't think anyone ever feels ready . . . . Wish I had gotten a lot of things done earlier, but it felt like jumping the gun/tempting fate. Now I think I have way too much to possibly get done, and I still have 14 weeks to go . . . .

Sorry you are feeling freaked about giganto belly, Zelda . . .

Hope everyone else is well
I've only used a manual pump and I've been just fine. IF you are going back to work, you definitely will want to at least rent a good electric pump. However, a manual pump is just fine for relieving engorgement or pumping out an occasional bottle for a babysitter. I never needed to pump to increase milk supply (I had rather the opposite problem). It is more likely that when your milk comes in, you will have "too much" for a while and it will leak out and all over your shirts for a couple of weeks. You are obviously well educated about milk production and understand how to increase your supply if it does happen to be a problem for you. But yeah, you will not believe how huge your boobs are going to get; it's exactly like something out of a playboy comic strip. Your tits will need their own zipcode.
"stood out like a shelf" !! laugh.gif !!

I never got used to the pump, it made my boobs achey. I was so over-full I had fantasies of grabbing the heads of inappropriate men folk and mashing them into my chest, I needed some POWERFUL suction to relieve the pressure. Man, I was desperate. I'd be letting Mr grabby man-paws have at 'em then!
I had the Medela Swing electric pump, and ended up with two so that I could pump both boobs at the same time. I was never able to get my baby to latch on and so was exclusively pumping for a while to give him as much breast milk as he would have got feeding from me, and if I was to find myself in the same position again I would rent a hospital grade pump. When my milk first came in I think I new what it looked like and felt like to have huge implants, my boobs grew spectacularly and I couldn't be hugged or lie on my side for the size of them! When I was trying to get Archie to latch on I would express a bit beforehand to make it easier for him to access my nipple, my boobs were so rigid and unyielding he couldn't get his mouth around my nipple.

I quite enjoyed my pregnant body, but I remember some guy looking at my belly, whistling and saying 'bloody hell' as I passed him in the street, I'd always thought I was carrying quite small but I think at that point I couldn't button my coat and must've started looking massive. I went 10 days overdue and definitely think I grew the most in the last 3 weeks or so of my pregnancy, I was driving right to the day before I delivered and got a little bit closer to the wheel every day I drove during my maternity leave.
ugh, these things are gonna get bigger AFTER baby? yeah mr.nick says 'whoa they're getting huge' like 8 times a day.
I knew I would be going back to work, so I went ahead and got the electric - Medela Pump In Style Advanced. And let me tell you, that thing saved my bacon when it came to the early weeks of breastfeeding. Henry had really done a number on my nipples when I was in the hospital (partly due to the fact that I had one inverted nipple and one partially inverted nipple and we had trouble figuring out how to make it work at first) and thanks to the pump, I was able to gradually increase my milk supply while my nipples healed. I felt enough like old Bessie the cow in the early weeks going to pump every two hours, but I can't imagine what it would have been like if I didn't have the electric double pump. (Oh, and the other thing that was a lifesaver....this pumping bra I bought that looks like a cross between Frederick's of Hollywood and a bad sports bra, but was AWESOME because it holds the little pump thingees to your breasts and you can actually use your hands to do something else while you're pumping.)

That said, my sis-in-law had just a manual pump and did just fine. But I wouldn't recommend that if you're planning to work outside the home.

Good luck to everyone! I don't remember who said they were kicking themselves for not getting more done and really felt like they had so much to do....yeah, get used to that feeling. There are still days when I feel like I have accomplished absolutely nothing and am overwhelmed with how much there is to do. mr. julie has to remind me every so often that feeding our son *is* accomplishing something and is of course of vital importance! The other thing I found to be a helpful reminder is that you're not gonna make as much milk if you're stressed and not taking care of yourself. So taking care of yourself IS taking care of your baby.

All the best to all the preggo and TTC Busties!
I got hit on when I was huge in the belly, like drooled over on the street. It was unpleasant actually, made me feel kinda sick.

At the end I thought my girls had stretched to the limit but it was NOTHING compared to what was to come. I don't remember them being so ginormous the first time around but with this baby they blew up as much in those 2-3 days as they did over the rest of the pregnancy combined. Be prepared to need a new bra size more than once in rapid succession. And take pictures 'cause you'll never believe it later on.
My boobs have actually NOT gotten that big which is weird. I mean they are bigger, but not massive....yet.

I got the Medela Pump in Style (well, my aunt got it for me), and since I'm planning on going back to work after three months, hopefully I can get good use out of it...maybe before!

My boobs never got very big during the actual pregnancy; I guess I was all the more surprised what happened when the milk came in.

pepper, it's weird, that there are so many men out there who seem to have a pregnancy fetish when our society has conditioned men to prefer women who are six feet tall and eighty pounds. But there it is. I once talked to a stripper about this, and she told me that when she was six months pregnant she made more money and sold more "champagne rooms" than at any other time. I guess the innate power of our species to want to renew itself is even stronger than our suseptability to advertising.
zelda I had my doctor's appt today.

I'm at 34 weeks and everything is fine BUT we found out today little Elliott is breech. The doctor says there is still time for him to turn around but if he hasn't by 36 weeks we will discuss options including trying to flip him or just doing a C-section. From what I've read if they don't flip by 36 weeks it's unlikely they will (although sometimes they can flip just days before delivery).

Anyway, having a C-section doesn't bother me so much, and I wasn't so worried when she told us that even if (of course) I'd hoped for a vaginal birth. My doctor didn't seem worried at all...but then (of course) I made myself crazy just now by Googling and read all this scary shit like breech babies sometimes have abnormalities and that's why they're breech or they have a short cord and there's a bigger chance of a problem, strangulation, etc.

My doctor was VERY relaxed about the whole thing and said, "Now don't go home and worry about this." BUT of course now I am worrying like crazy.

Zelda, I was a breech. They did everything possible to try and get me turned but my ma ended up having the C section and it was just fine, and even though we all want to do vaginal I keep telling myself to be prepared for an intervention as well. And hey, he might still turn!! So stay away from the Google freak show and recognize that while your worries are totally valid, the bottom line is you and your son should get through the delivery with as little risk as possible. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that he does some shifting on his own!!

Thanks, Busties, for all the breast pump advice...nickclick, I get the same damn comments from my hubs ALL THE TIME and it does not improve my boob outlook, belive you me. I think I'm going to have to invest in some really good bras instead of the el cheapo kind I usually get. Geez, bebeh!!

Still searching for the best doc/midwfe out there for us. Annoyed at my current practice for fucking up my insurance claims (yes, these tests are covered, no, I am not paying your clinic four thousand dollars...) MAYBE considering home birth but have a feeling we will go with a midwife at a birthing center or hospital. Will keep you posted...

leetle baby hugs all around!
Thanks, Luleey, and good luck in your search! I hope you find someone you really like...or a practice you really like. You deserve it.

It's not so much that I am worried about a C-section...I am totally okay with that. It's more that I am worried something is wrong with him and that's why he is breech...something like a congenital defect or something. Of course we wouldn't love him any less, but I am so worried if he is sick or something really bad...

Oooh...I've got a bad case of the worries tonight. :-(

Now that he confirmed he is upside down, I can feel his little feet kicking into me. I guess it will be easier for me to tell if he turns around seeing as now I know what I am feeling.

Oh, please be okay, Elliott!
Zelda - Oof! Sorry about the upside down baby. I hope he flips soon, but if he doesn't, I'm sure all will be well, and glad to hear the possibility of a c-sec doesn't bother you so much. When would they talk about turning him? During labor, or sooner?

If it's of any consolation, I do know a mommy who delivered via c-section due to breech presentation, and everything turned out well. Now stop googling!!!!! I can't tell you how many times I've found some awful, inane piece of info online, and asked my doc or nurse, only to be looked at like I may as well have gotten my info from a three year old wielding a stethoscope. If doc ain't worried, you shouldn't be either!

Jenny/Kofee/Julie/Pepper - Thanks for all the input on pumping . . . I think I'm going to get myself a good manual (medela maybe?) and just wait and see if I end up needing an electric. I feel a bit better about that decision, thanks to the advice of you sage momma busties. If I have production issues, I'll deal with it then. In the mean time, I will just have to hope I am one of those ladies who prodigiously leaks milk every time I even see a bub . . . .

First diabetes screen tomorrow . . . . wish me luck
p.s. to luleey - I went ahead and invested in a few nursing bras early on, they're both supportive and ultra comfy (hello discreetly padded shoulder straps, where have you been all of life?), and I now own a few in various sizes so I'm a ready for the nursing and all the size changes. A Pea in the Pod is by far the best brand I've found yet . . . .they're not too hideous and somewhat reasonably priced (30-40$). They even have a cottony criss crossy sleep thingy that I will now never go without . . . .I've also heard good things about La Leche's bras, but I think they're a bit pricier, although admittedly prettier.

Can you guys tell I'm bored . . . that was a very long post . . . all about . . . .bras. sigh.
Hi Zelda-

The Occupational Therapist that I work with at my school had 2 breech babies by C-Section and both babies are perfect and beautiful! As an obsessive googler myself, I know how you feel! But try not to (I think YOU told ME that once!) It really does make everything appear much worse than it is smile.gif
Zelda, two of my friends who were pregnant at the same time as me had the same issue, and both babies turned in the last few weeks. One girl had to have the external version treatment where her consultant effectively turned the baby manually. She said it was uncomfortable and that she definitely felt the baby's head move into her pelvis when it was all done. My other friend was expecting a c-section but at her final scan at 37 weeks the baby had turned. In both cases the babies were totally healthy - step away from the Google!

Are you spending some time on a birth ball? My baby was late (we went ten days overdue) because he was in the wrong position - back to back. This meant that it would be hard work getting him through my pelvis (Julie's baby was born in this position too, I believe) but more importantly his head wasn't putting enough pressure on my cervix to get labour started. My midwife said that basically I should have spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy sitting exclusively on my birth ball, or in UFO positions (upright, forward and over) to encourage the baby to get into the right position. Once I heard this I went home, eschewed the sofa and spent the next 36 hours either on all fours or leaning forward over my birth ball. It seemed to do the trick, I went into labour spontaneously the day before my induction was booked. My theory is that the baby turned around, exerted 10 days worth of pressure and kicked my labour off in spectactular style. My labour was fast and hard, but I delivered 12 mins after arriving at hospital with no complication (and no pain relief) and recovered quickly.

I found this site very helpful

Aphelendra, good luck with the diabetes screen!

I loved my maternity bras/nursing bras! I went into nursing bras at 32 weeks and have just packed them away with great regret! I have a couple from the Hot Milk brand (what a name!) and felt really glamorous in them, unlike my Mothercare nursing bras which I swiftly abandoned, they gave me uni-boob which I definitely didn't need sitting above my baby bump.

Have you heard of baby whispering? It's said that a baby in utero will turn to get closer to the voice of a child so have a little person talk (mouth practically kissing your skin) to your lower belly or sing a familiar song, one you've been playing or singing to bebe. Can't hurt, might help and sure good for a laugh while you're at it!
Thanks for all the reassuring words, everyone! I still have faith/hope he will turn as there are times when I think his head is by my belly button and his feet are up under my right breast. He's never been completely breech (head right under my breasts)...more like oblique or transverse, so I am hoping he is just gearing up to turn. Cannot wait for the 36 week ultrasound.

I actually have this weird an English teacher, I read aloud a LOT to my class. For the past several weeks, I have been reading to them, and I wonder if hearing my voice (projected quite loudly with lots of emotion) is attracting him up somehow?! I know it sounds crazy, but one of the tips to turn the baby is to play music and flash lights at the bottom of the belly to attract him "down there" I wonder if it is equally possible to attract a baby upwards instead of downwards? Who knows.

I just heard from my doula. I am going in for a massage next week, and she says she can show me additional, safe tips and techniques to try and turn him.

Keep your fingers crossed!
Woohoo, readin' baby! Zelda that is too funny...and it sounds like he is a mover so let's hope he keeps it up.

Thanks for the bra advice, Aphelendra! Jenny Dreadful, love the birth ball advice. Am I right in thinking they are like those big rubber exercise balls? Will check out spinningbabies...

past few weeks have been such a busy blur I can't believe it's almost tri 2!!
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