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Oh, Michelina, I just wish wish wish I could make this all go away for you and make it better. I can't imagine what you must going through. I can only echo what everyone else has said. You need to take care of yourself. If that means not talking to pregnant ladies or not posting here for a while or whatever you need to do, DO IT. That also includes talking to'd mentioned you'd started seeing a counselor and I hope you still are and that it's helping at least a little.

We both started posting here around the same time, and we've "known" each other for a long time via this thread. You are always in my thoughts, and I always look to see your posts and want to know what is going on with you, but I also realize there have been lots of pregnant ladies on this thread lately, and that it could be painful for you to come here as often.

I just want you to know that we are all pulling for you and thinking of you. I just keep thinking of the many, many couples who have struggled with infertility who have gone on to have babies. I really do believe this will happen for you (not sure if it helps to hear that or not)...but in the meantime, I just know this must be awful for you.

I'm thinking of you and just sending positive thoughts your way....


Hi everyone!

Christine- hope your baby making went well!

Zelda- I think you are right about morning sickness being hereditary. My mom never had ANY with me, and I think I also remember reading that somewhere, too. Hope your pulled muscle is feeling better?

We went out last night and actually only 2 of our friends noticed me drinking Sprite. They asked if I was pregnant (everyone knows we have been trying). I'm terrible at lying so we told those 2. We asked them not to tell anyone else since it is still so early.

Parents and in laws were here yesterday and we told them too. My husband's mother started crying (I was surprised- they already have 6 grandkids). My parents were super excited- I'm an only child.

I hope everything just keeps going along like it is supposed to. I am over googling every little thing worrying that there will be a problem. It took us 9 months to get here- I don't want something to happen now. I read where women who took the pill had a lower rate a miscarriage. I was on the pill for 11 years. I am SO OCD! AAAHHH! It's terrible! I think I am going to have to limit my googling to 20 minutes a week or something- it's completely ridiculous.

Does anyone know if they will do an ultrasound at my first appointment? They said they would not see me til 8-10 weeks. I will be 8 weeks at my appointment. In my over googling I read that if a heartbeat is detected the chance of miscarriage is 5%. I just keep reminding myself that it is only 15% as it stands. So the odds are with me. Oh, I am SO stressed out!

Sorry to double post- but Michelina- I just read your thread. Stay away from this part of the lounge if it helps. That's what I had to do. It seemed like everyone around me was getting pregnant when I wasn't. There were 3 women at work, and then my hairdresser. I just couldn't handle that -even though everyone on here is so supportive! I am thinking of you and trying to send you some positive energy. The statistics are still on your side- trust me- I am an obsessive worrier and have looked up everything regarding infertility I can think of!
Kitty, it's like I am reading myself six months ago when I read your posts. I know just how you feel. It's so scary those first few weeks. And it's so frustrating because there's really nothing you can do but wait! And it took us 9 months to get here, too, so I know how you feel.

I was first seen by the doctor at 9 weeks. They did do an ultrasound then to confirm the pregnancy. We saw the heartbeat which was very reassuring. I'm told once they see the heartbeat, your odds are good. Even better when they hear the heartbeat (that happened for me at 11 weeks even though for some women it can take longer).

They will also do a blood test to check your HCG levels. I bet if they don't do an ultrasound, I'll bet you can request one if you're on edge.

I know how scary it is...try not to Google too much, but I know how tempting it can be. I remember feeling a lot better once I got to 8 weeks, then 10 weeks. Something about those numbers helped.

The one thing I hung on to in the beginning was the fact that we HAD conceived. That was huge for me after 9 months of trying. As devastating as a m/c would have been, just knowing it could happen really did make me feel better.

Thinking of you!
zelda, thank you thank you thank you for being here. what you share is always reassuring.

are you still achy? is Elliott doing all his kicks today? sounds like a good reason to relax and pay attention to him.

kitty, i had an ultrasound at 7.5 weeks and saw the heartbeat. it's truly amazing. it makes it all real. how much longer until your appt?

we told two friends today, a couple who have a 9-month old daughter. they loaded us up with books and fiber bars (she had/has constipation issues like me). i read 'what to expect' and will start cracking on their copy of 'mayo clinic' soon. they also shared last year's edition of 'baby bargains' which another new mom friend of mine also recommended. they both offered to go a-registering with us, when the time comes. we're lucky to have their help.

((thinking of Michelina)))
Michelina - I have no words for how sorry I am. So hard to struggle for so long and then just get bombarded by having both siblings expecting around the same time. I'm very glad you found a clinic in Vancouver. I understand your need to stay away, but know we're all thinking of you. If you're feeling up to it, we'd love to hear your updates as you begin IVF.

Kitty - Usually they wait till 8-10 weeks to ensure there will be something to see on ultrasound, so it sounds like you'll be getting to see the bean at your appointment. I wish I had some magic words to relieve your stress, but my only advice is to stay away from the google monster, heh heh.

Zelda - sorry about the pulled muscle. As if being pregnant wasn't uncomfortable enough . . . . Hopefully there has been no other reason to worry and everything has resolved itself by the time you read this.

Also had a query for ya, if you don't mind . . . . My ankles just suddenly blew up the last few days, after really pretty minor swelling up til now. Did the fred-flintstone-feet syndrome hit you this early (I'm 23 weeks today)? There is this most disturbing crease in my fatty fat ankles now . . . yak. I think I might call doc on monday, but was curious what your experience had been.

I feel like I've been running a marathon every day this week. So.dang.tired. All.the.dang.time.


Hope all is well and sending the good vibes across the magical intertubes . . . .
Ache is gone and Elliott is moving, thanks for asking everyone! Only downside is I'm bloated and gassy today, but what else is new? ;-)

Aphelendra, I can relate with the fatigue. I had no first trimester fatigue, but it definitely started to kick up again in week 22, 23 or so. Just try to rest when you sucks, I know!

Unfortunately, I have had no swelling whatsoever (I know, and no nausea either...please don't hate me). My BFF did have such swelling and had to take off all her rings early in her third trimester.

I *do* know that swelling ALONG with high blood pressure and protein in the urine can be a cause for concern, BUT I seriously doubt that is what is happening with you - sounds like just typical pregnancy swelling. But I would go ahead and call your doc. I think I read somewhere that drinking lots of water is supposed to help. You would think that would make it worse, but it actually is supposed to help.

Let us know what the doc says.
Michelina, I'm so sorry. I think I might be joining you in a padded room where we can scream and swear and kick the walls.

I've been cramping since yesterday. I know from google that 'mild' cramping at 8 weeks is normal, but I think this may be beyond 'mild'. I'm not bent double with pain, but I'm gritting my teeth and wincing. No spotting or bleeding yet, and I still have my other symptoms, but this doesn't feel good. I'm going for an ultrasound tomorrow morning - can't help thinking that this is the beginning of the end.

Fuck fuck fuck. This isn't fair.
Funny HANG IN THERE. It could still really all be okay. In fact, I'm almost sure it is. The cramping can get pretty intense in those first few weeks. So can a dull, achy feeling because of the increased blood flow to the uterus. As long as there is no bleeding, it is okay. In fact, even a little bleeding is often okay.

I am sure you are so on edge, and I'm so glad you're going in tomorrow. Try to hang in there until tomorrow.

Also remember your mind can be your worst enemy. You may be so focused on the cramping because you're worried about it (obviously), and you may even be intensifying the cramping in your mind. I'm not saying it's all in your head - only that the mind is capable of some amazing things there may be that element associated with this as well.

Please let us know as soon as you know something. Thinking of you BIG time.
Spoke with the nurse at my doc's office this morning, all seems well. The swelling has gone down considerably after upping my H2O intake and keeping my feet up, doc feels there's no need for concern as long as everything is returning to normal. Still can't get the dreaded preeclampsia out of my head - but hopefully that's just me being a worry wart.

Zelda, no swelling or morning sickness?! I will promise not to hate you, but can you allow me just a teensy bit of jealousy?????

Funny, I also think that things are going to turn out just fine tomorrow! I had awful cramps in my first trimester. The whole time was extremely painful, and I convinced myself on more than one occasion that the cramping/pain signaled the end. Everything turned out fine, and here we are at 23 weeks. A growing uterus can be really painful, but just imagine what's going on inside!

I hope your scan gives you some reassurance.
p.s. to Funny - "Mild" is not a word I would have used to describe the kind of cramping I had in my first tri, and this is coming from someone with endometriosis who had been dealing with periods that left me immobile and required narcotics just to get through the first two days . . . .
Funny, I'm keeping everything crossed for you, I'm so so sorry you're going through this worry. I really hope it isn't what you think it is, and I wanted to echo aphelendra, in my first trimester I had cramps exactly like the strong period pains I normally get that I would take medication for. I've just had my first period after giving birth in December, and i felt pregnant again with the cramps. Good luck tomorrow, I'm sending all positive feelings your way. (((funny)))
Michelina, I am so sorry!! It really sucks that you have to deal with all this crap all at once. A friend of mine (34) that I haven't see in a few months just told me she's pregnant & wasn't trying! When I asked how far along she was she told me 6 months!!! She knew I was trying and was hoping we could announce it together, but now that it's been so long AND I'm going to see her next week, she decided to tell me on the phone. The worst part is I was at my BFF's son's 1st birthday party and was surrounded by babies, you can imagine how horrible it was. I really was happy for her but just bad timing on that phone call. Anyway, please keep us posted about IVF. Are you going to continue IUI in the meantime? You are on my mind girl!!

Funny, I can only imagine how scary this is considering the last time, but I really think it's quite common to have cramps & even bleeding with everything being perfectly normal. Try to hang in there, I feel very positive that everything will be ok. Please keep us posted! Oh and My BFF had horrible cramps throughout her first trimester and some bleeding, includimg some incredibly scary bleeding near the end of her 3rd tri.

I have a feeling we missed it this month cuz of my crazy delayed ovulation. I partially picked the dates of our vacation based on when I anticipated ovulation, I hope some of that vacation sperm held on. I know it's not impossible to get pregnant on 3 day old sperm but if I haven't yet gotten pregnant on fresh swimmers, I'm not too optimistic. Mr. C had a horrible back spasm on the 1st day we should have had sex and on the 2nd day we were just so busy that we ended up being too tired for sex! When did sex become such a chore??!!
funny, take it easy tonite and let us know how the scan goes tomorrow. i feel positive as well that you'll be sharing some good news.
Christine, I hope this is your month! Keep us updated.

Funny, I am just waiting and waiting for your update. I really do think everything is okay.

Y'all...I cannot begin to express to you the level of fatigue that has hit me this almost 31 weeks. Gone is the idea of coming home to work out after work...I am so f'ing tired...and there is so much to do. And I haven't done any of it! I don't feel ready at all!!!!

I know we still have a few more weeks, but if I remain at this level of exhaustion, I have no idea how I will get it all done.

Funny, thinking of you and keeping hope in my head and heart!! I don't have prior experience to rely on, I can only say be positive and breathe deeply, taking care of yourself and of course your baby. Let us know how the appt. goes.

Aw, Zelda, that sounds so aggravating to be so exhausted. But don't beat yourself up over it! The end is supposed to be hard!!

Cristine, thinking of you too...

Funnily enough I've felt pretty awesome the past couple days, which has in turn led me to worry, like, wait, why do I feel so good? Is that bad???? I guess we have no choice but to worry and then try to make ourselves relax! Geez!

((((hugs to all))))
Lurking a bit to see how all the pregnant and TTC gals are doing and thought I'd stop in briefly...

(((Michelina))) I can't add anything to what's already been said here, but I guess I just want to chime in and let you know you're in my thoughts...and to do whatever you need to do for YOU. I still believe there is a baby in your future, just wish you didn't have to go through everything you're going through. Hugs to you.

funny, congratulations on the pregnancy....and good thoughts going out to you for your appointment. The aches and pains of early pregnancy are really weird and so much is normal that seems that it shouldn't be you're good to be vigilant but try not to worry too much. Good thoughts for you and the bean!

zelda, can't believe you're at 31 weeks already! Just wait...when you get to 37 weeks you'll be like, "Crap, I could technically deliver at any time now, better get on all those projects!" And if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself falling asleep on the couch at 9 p.m., unable to get anything done. My advice: get as much rest as humanly possible. My childbirth class teacher had us "practice" taking/increasing our nap times through the week (good practice for sleeping when baby sleeps, and gives you much-needed rest). She also pointed out that even if we had nothing ready for baby, it would still be OK - the hospital usually has most of what you need there, and the only thing you technically need is the car seat! (And even that can be purchased by family or friends while you're in the mom and I did that for my brother and sister-in-law when my nephew was born). I felt totally disorganized but it actually created a great opportunity to let my family/friends do stuff for me - my mom organized my baby clothes for me, my sister made a kajillion meals for the freezer, and other friends cleaned our house while we were in the hospital. People want to help and though it's hard to relinquish control, it's kind of helpful to let them focus on external tasks like that so that you can spend time getting to know Elliot.

aphelendra, I think my foot swelling may have started at the same time as yours. By the end my feet were horribly swollen, but I never developed preeclampsia (thank goodness). In addition to more water and putting your feet up, other things that helped were wearing support hose, reducing my salt intake, and taking a hot bath at night. Oh, yeah, and if you haven't already, invest in a pair of comfy shoes that are nice and wide - avoid pointy toes and any kind of strap action over the top of the foot, as it makes the swelling worse. It took over a month postpartum for my feet to not look like ginormous sausages, and another couple months to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy shoes (some women go up a size permanently, so I was thankful not to have to replace my shoe wardrobe). I did luck out in the nausea department (none at all - and it is genetic, my mom had no nausea in her first two pregnancies) so I figured the foot swelling was a small price to pay.

Love to all the pregnant and TTC Busties!
Thank you so much for all the good wishes (and sorry about the hysteria and swearing).

I had the scan, and the babybird is just fine - a little fuzzy, wriggling bean with a tiny flickering dot of a heart. He / she is 17.7mm long, has a heart rate of 156bpm and came from an egg from my right ovary.

The cramps I was having - which were definitely "first day of heavy period/take lots of painkillers and stay in bed with a hot-water bottle" rather than "mild" or even "moderate" have disappeared too.

I'll be back later - just wanted to share the good news and say thanks.
You never have to apologize for swearing, Funny. Not on this thread!

Oh good good so so happy to hear this! I knew it was all okay, but I am sure that scan made you feel loads and loads better. I know our first scan did that for me for sure!
And I even think that cramping is another good sign, funny...babybird is getting all nestled in tight in your uterus for a long 40-week stay. And believe me, by the third tri it will really start to feel looooong! :-)
Funny- I'm so glad to hear that everything went well for you!

I seem to be having an easy time of things so far. My only symptoms have been :
really tired
a little more hungry
already having to pee more? Seems to early, but who knows?
really thirsty
breasts swollen and tender
very mild cramping and a bit of that dull achy feeling in the lower abs that Zelda mentioned

I'm thankful my symptoms are so mild though I must say I wish I had a few more so that I felt REALLY pregnant! I took another test (somewhere on the internet it recommended taking another one a week later). Still positive smile.gif I have my first appointment April 15th, so I should be 8.5 weeks then. Hopefully they do an ultrasound then because seeing a little heartbeat would make me feel loads better!!

Best of luck to everyone! I'll drop by again soon.
yay funny! yay kitty!
zelda pee a lot in the beginning because of hormones and your kidneys starting to work overdrive. You pee more in the third trimester because the baby is pressing on your bladder. The pee drive abates a bit (a BIT) in the second tri...FYI.

yeah i'm almost 10 weeks and a total pee monster.
Funny (the adjective, not the person) that this should come up this week. I think I have a dreaded UTI. Earlier today I peed 3 times in 30 minutes with no relief. mad.gif The doctor could not call back fast enough . . . . . And of course, perfect timing, seeing as I have an eight hour drive to make saturday morning.

Funny (person, not adjective) I'm so glad to hear the good news and am quite sure all will continue to be well.

Julie, thanks for the reassurance, and may I just take a moment to commiserate? Why sausage feet, oh why oh why do you hurt so damn much???
Ugh, aphelendra, I'm a frequent sufferer of UTIs so I feel your pain (my worst was on a road trip too, across the south-west US. It lead to my one-and-only experience of US healthcare, where 5 minutes in the emergency room to get some antibiotics cost me more than my plane ticket. On the plus side, I was forced to pee in the parking lot of the Scientologist's Austin headquarters. Ha! Take that Xenu!). My heart sank when I read how common they were in pregnancy. I really hope you get some fast working medication straight away.

feel better soon, aphelendra!

how do i pee so much yet feel as bloated as the giant green slime bob from Ghostbusters?
I have never in my life had a UTI, BUT before I did have insane yeast infections for one every other month or something.

I pee a lot even when I'm not pregnant...I'm wondering if the constant flush of pee has prevented me from getting one. I don't know. My mom has never had one either. I pee a LOT and my pee is always pale, pale yellow.

Aphelendra, I hope you feel better soon!

Nickclick, the bloating does subside for the most part - it did for me. My first trimester I thought I was going to take off I was so bloated. I was passing gas constantly, and I didn't care who heard or smelled, I was that bloated. But around 12 or 13 weeks it left me and fortunately hasn't returned (although I've had constipation on and off).

Baby Elliott is moving and grooving, and my fatigue is growing! Today I have the day off and need to go find a few more maternity tops. Now that it's getting warm here, I need more short sleeve stuff. Also going to get a bunch of stuff and pack my bag for the hospital. Figure I might as well get it ready while I can! This coming Tuesday is my breastfeeding class, and I'm really looking forward to it.
Unsweetened cranberry juice really can work to nip that UTI in the bud before it turns into something ugly.
At the first sign of infection, I go for some Northland brand (it's hard to find the unsweetened stuff); Northland is the only unsweetened, 100% juice based brand I see in the regular grocery stores. This has worked wonders for me and kept me from needing antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon, UTIs can be such a bitch.

QUOTE(aphelendra @ Apr 1 2010, 04:40 PM) *
Funny (the adjective, not the person) that this should come up this week. I think I have a dreaded UTI. Earlier today I peed 3 times in 30 minutes with no relief. mad.gif The doctor could not call back fast enough . . . . . And of course, perfect timing, seeing as I have an eight hour drive to make saturday morning.

Funny (person, not adjective) I'm so glad to hear the good news and am quite sure all will continue to be well.

Julie, thanks for the reassurance, and may I just take a moment to commiserate? Why sausage feet, oh why oh why do you hurt so damn much???

Hooray for the baby bird!!! And Kitty, glad the second test was pos!!

My nausea is totally freakin gone and it's kind of good, but, like others have echoed, it's like wait, what happened! Of course I'm still bloated with huge boobs and peeing all the time so that's some comfort!

As for UTI's, Aphelendra, I'm prone to them too and hope I don't get one. If you haven't already, get some Uva Ursi (Bearberry) tincture and keep it at home. If you feel any twinges in your bladder that could be an infection coming on, I'd take some. It's helped me keep them at bay in the past, and my SIL was fighting them all through her second pregnancy and had some success using the Uva. Of course, sometimes the infection is too strong or comes on so suddenly you just have to get antibiotics. One I had last year was so bad it took two rounds of two different kinds and I was sick as a dog. That's hilarious about the Scientologist parking lot, though, Funny! Yeah, it's pretty bad to be a non-US citizen and sick in these here parts. Stay where you are...maybe someday I'll join you!

Had a look at a hospital that has a midwife birthing center and am considering switching...I'll wait to see how the next u/s goes at the regular Dr in a couple weeks though.

Not looking forward to the foot swelling and seeing all my lovely shoes languishing on the floor while I waddle around in Crocs, Julie...let's hope they still fit in 9 months! God knows I'm trying to wear each and every pair while I still can, which looks pretty stupid sometimes at the grocery store!

BTW, any thoughts from you Busties on eating foods wirth MSG? From what I hear I should be avoiding it or eating it in small quantities, but I'm curious what you think. Thanks!

Wow, there are a lot of preggos on here now! I am an alumnus from last year and only really know a few of you guys. Huge congrats Funnybird! I'm so glad it's going okay. And I'm very excited for you too Zelda as you approach the big day. I'm going through annual rituals now here in March/April that take me back to where I was a year ago, having my baby shower and beginning that final stretch of impossible largeness. Once the baby arrived I've never felt time pass so quickly! I truly can't believe we're approaching 10 months. It has been a great experience so far, not nearly as complex as I expected. Now we sleep full nights and life is in more of a natural rhythm. I don't have much time for introspection or writing on the internet, but I'm very happy. I wish you all the best of luck and will check in as often as I can to see how it's all going.
Hey all, quick question-

TMI, I know BUT...

Today I had extremely light pinkish discharge. In fact, I only noticed it was light pink after I had wiped with white toilet paper. And I mean EXTREMELY light pink. On my underwear it just looked white. Is this OK? I keep reading everywhere that it should just be white. I'm going into my 7th week and totally paranoid. I have no unusual cramping and still have my other symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Hey, eyelet! Good to hear from you...please come back and visit from time to time.

Kitty, there is no such thing as TMI on this thread.

I wouldn't worry too much, but to feel reassured, call your doctor. That is what he or she is there for. No question too small or too big.

I myself never had any spotting in the first trimester, but I've heard of plenty of women who have. I think if it's not bright red and accompanied by cramping and pain, it should be okay. It may be leftover implantation bleeding or a sensitive cervix (did you have sex recently?) your doc to get a reassuring okay and keep monitoring the discharge. But honestly, I think you're just fine.
kitty, i had spotting on and off until only a couple of weeks ago (i'm at 10 weeks now). that's when cramping seemed to end too. do you still have any minor cramps? my doc said tiny spotting was possible. but i agree with zelda, check in with your doc.

luleey, i dunno about MSG but my friend lent me a book about what to eat/what not to eat. i'll see what that says. i'm trying to stay away from extra saltiness since i'm a balloon over here already. zelda, i hope the bloat subsides like it did for you. thanks.

eyelet, i'm new since you'd been here last year...... please tell us about your baby!
Thanks for the well wishes from all. I saw my doc yesterday, the primary urine screen came back negative, and I'm feeling much better, so likely that baby girl was just smushed up against my bladder, periodically doin' a little dance. Ow.

The negative though is that due to the intense crampiness/pressure in my abdomen, I wasn't drinking enough water, and I've had a severe flare up of sausage feet syndrome again, so bad the only shoes I was able to wear yesterday were flip flops. And it's not just my feet, my whole body has totally swollen and I've morphed into a giant puff monster (and am oddly smooth and soft, which Mr. thinks is super neat). Gained 8 pounds in water in two weeks, sad.gif yak. Blood pressure is totally normal though, no protein in urine, cervix closed and buggo safely nestled inside, just damn uncomfortable and pushing lots of fluids.

Postponed road trip til monday to let the swelling ease a bit and make sure everything goes down with rest and water, a little bummed but no way I should be sitting in a car for eight hours in this condition.

Hope everyone else is well, sorry for the bummy post. Needed to complain a bit! (again)

p.s. - kitty, don't fret about the spotting, sounds exactly like the kind they tell you not to worry about!
Boo. I think it is a yeast infection. And it is Saturday so I'll have to wait til Monday. It's not super- bad, but sex was a little uncomfortable so I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Hopefully that doesn't make it worse!! Don't think I can do my yogurt/ tampon trick when pregnant, right??
Aphelendra, I'm so glad you don't have a UTI but I'm sorry about the swelling. :-(

Keep on drinking that water! I am forcing myself to drink a ton even though it means running to the bathroom every ten seconds it seems!

Kitty, I would avoid any douching of any kind (I've done the yogurt thing, too). Try taking a bath in lukewarm water and plain vinegar. I doubt that would hurt and it may help ease the symptoms till Monday. The good news is there are meds you can use when preg with a yeast infection BUT I would check with your doc first.

Mr. Z and I just watched my belly roll and shimmy for a while. I just love it when Elliott is on the move! He feels like he's getting so big in there!
Aphelendra, I far along are you now?

Wondering if yumyum will be posting soon...she should be delivering any day now, I think!
24 weeks. . . . .

and sooooooo tired . . . . .

and sooooooo jealous of all the ladies further along. I wanna meet this little girl already (when she's done cookin', of course)
So you are about 7 or 8 weeks behind me. I know...can't wait to meet this guy either! You start to get very impatient toward the end.

I will be 32 weeks this Thursday. And I'll take a big breath of relief as that is the fetal age where almost every book/website/etc. says a baby can be born and the odds are he or she will live an entirely normal life.

I started feeling more relaxed around 25/26 weeks because I knew then that viability was very likely...of course I want him to cook fully, is reassuring to know worst case scenario he comes early we will still be okay!
Eyelet, great hearing from you!

Just popping in to let you all know how much your words of support are appreciated. All of the support here has given me strength. We are looking towards another IUI in a few days, and will be getting our consult booked in Vancouver early this week.

Thinking of all of you!
Decided to leave for vacation yesterday, and have now arrived (with some swelling along the way). Probably won't be posting too often but, wanted to pop in briefly.

Zelda - glad to know about the 32 week mark - something to look forward to.

Michelina - good luck and best wishes for the upcoming IUI!

QUOTE(kittygirl1979 @ Apr 2 2010, 04:12 PM) *
Hey all, quick question-

TMI, I know BUT...

Today I had extremely light pinkish discharge. In fact, I only noticed it was light pink after I had wiped with white toilet paper. And I mean EXTREMELY light pink. On my underwear it just looked white. Is this OK? I keep reading everywhere that it should just be white. I'm going into my 7th week and totally paranoid. I have no unusual cramping and still have my other symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

kitty, I think the same hormones that cause your mucus membranes in your nasal passages, gums, etc. to swell during pregnancy cause the vagina to relax and become more flexible. That tiny twinge of pink you see is likely just from these hormones and a sign that your body is doing exactly the things it's supposed to be doing.
Just a head's up for your last month (I know it seems like a LONG ways away, but the time will seem to have flown by) will probably get your cervix checked once a week and you might really find quite a bit of blood/mucus in your undies after the exam or even the next day after the exam. Then you start wondering if this is the "bloody show" that accompanies early labor or if it's just from the exam. I had one male doctor who always made me bleed so much after the exam that I needed to wear a pad (somehow the lady docs and midwives were able to check me without causing the bleeding).
Koffeewitch, thank you - that makes me feel so much better. I called my Dr. today to tell them about the light spotting (which seems to get a little worse after sex) and they did not make me feel better AT ALL! I had to rush in today with no notice to get blood work done. The nurse seemed to think the spotting could be due to me being blood type RH neg and the baby being RH pos. I have no idea what blood type I am. So I rushed in to have blood drawn, almost passed out (I hate needles) and have to wait until tomorrow around 3 to find out if all is ok. And to make thing worse, we are going camping tomorrow til Thursday. If I have RH neg blood, we will have to rush back early Thursday morning so I can go to the Dr. and get some type of shot. From what I read, 85% of the population is RH pos. This was not listed as any of the causes of spotting either. My Dr.'s nurse suggested I may miscarry if this is what is going on. I expected my Dr. to say "No worries unless you are cramping badly or bleeding bright red." Boy- was that off the mark! So much for a relaxing Spring break away from teaching!!

Alephandra- hope you have a great trip!

Michelina- thinking of you.

Zelda and Funny- hope you are doing well.

Nicklick- No more cramps really, just little twinges here and there. Still light pink spotting tho.
Two things to put your mind more at ease, then: If this pink twinge (and I would not even call it "spotting" if it is just a little hint of blood that you can only see on white TP) seems to be more noticeable after sex, that is even more a good sign that it is related to your mucous membranes reacting to your hormones (you may start to get bloody noses and swollen gums, too).

If Rh- blood runs in your family, you would probably have heard about this from your relatives all ready (at least from the women who would have had to go through special treatments during their pregnancies. Your mom, your grandma, SOMEBODY would've warned you about it (and believe me, any woman who was Rh negative and pregnant would know about it). So I would be very, very surprised if you are Rh-. Even if you are, it is not the end of the world, it just requires special shots. Granted, shots are no fun, but at least there is a good treatment for an Rh- mother carrying an Rh+ baby. Something like 86% of OB doctors end up getting sued...this is why I think they act so panicked about everything. It's too bad they have to put you in a panicked frame of mind, too.
Kitty, I am a teacher, too...7th grade. What grade do you teach?

I echo everything koffeewitch just said. I know that each time I've called my doc for reassurance, they have always said, "Well, call us back if..." Like the other week when I was having that weird right side pain, I thought they would just tell me it was growing pains, and they told me to sit, drink water, do an extra kick count, etc. Not exactly reassuring, but they are doing their job. And koffee is right in that a lot of OBs get sued, so they want to be extra careful. Even though Mr. Z and I were very low risk in terms of birth defects, etc., I had to sign like 50 waivers stating that we refused genetic testing.

Same with the gestational diabetes screening...even in the mid 80s they never did that! Now not only do they do that, if you are even borderline like I was, you have to go in for that three hour test (which sucks). They're just being careful.

I am willing to bet all is totally fine, and you will feel 100% better after tomorrow!! Let us know if you can.

Went for my 32 week check up today. All was well. Weight gain on track, baby's heartbeat a steady 139, I'm measuring right, etc. Hopefully by next visit she can feel where he is in there (she tried today but he was still too tiny!).

Just a quick note- Dr. called and everything looks good. HcG at 2500, progesterone at 8, RH pos. YEAH!! Spotting seems to have stopped too. Dr. said we could even skip my apt. next week because levels looked so good, but I said, no- I want to see baby kitty's heart beat!!

Zelda- I teach grades 1-3, kids with autism.

Thanks everyone for your support- you made me feel so much better!
I always wanted one of those little sets that let you listen to your baby's heartbeat at home. Have you all seen them; they're usually in the "baby" section of Target/Malwart stores...they're really not all that expensive, maybe $20-30. If you're the type who really worries (and what pregnant woman doesn't) it might set your mind at ease to hear your baby's heart. And the Daddy/ Grandparents would get to hear the baby, too.
Kitty, so happy all is well! That is great news. I had a feeling, but it is good to have that reassurance.

Elliott was being SO quiet this morning and it was really troubling me, but now he's up and about. I don't like it when he's so quiet for so long!

Kitty, funny you should mention autism. With this being autism awareness month, I admit I've been worrying about it. We're having a boy. I had no idea 1 in 70 boys are affected with this! That seems so high to me! What's worse is there doesn't seem to be much you can do in terms of prevention. I really commend you for the work you do. As a soon-to-be-mom, I have to remember that so much of what our children are like is just outside of our control, and we just have to roll with it, you know?
Hi all!

Kitty, glad you're feeling better...Apelendra too! Enjoy vacaysh!!

Zelda, autism is something I worry about too...the stats are high. And articles on it abound. I wonder if it has anything to odo with increased cell phone use, or maybe that's my paranoia talking.

Nickclick, thanks for the response...and Michelina, take care of yourself and your husband and remember all the love and prayers in your life!

Eyelet, tell us about your bebeh!!!! I keep trying to picture mine, which is totally dumb. But fun.
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