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I would like to adopt children rather than to give birth. There are so many loving kids out there that need a good home and plus I'm a bit fearful of going through labor. I'm nowhere near ready to start a family, but I've been thinking about it and what I would like to do in the future.
thanks ladies i have a dr's appt on tues. i will take the vits i have with me and talk to her about it.

went skiing after i took my final today, conditions were totally amazing! then came home and checked my grade and i am pretty happy about it! yes i realise that has nothing to do with pregnancy but i just wanted to say it.
Shiny, I had the nuchal translucency test too and for me, it didn't even cost anything extra because of insurance. Also, you have to think would it matter? If you would consider ending a pregnancy because of Down's or some other problem, then a test could be very reassuring. I know that was the case with us and I defintely wanted the test. If the odds were high, I would have gone on to get an amnio, but that was not necessary. Some people say they would never consider ending the pregnancy--but of course maybe those people might want to know anyway because it could help them prepare.
I think you hit the nail on the head Aqua! I wouldn't end the pregnancy, but I would liek to be prepared and decide what my options are. I'll get the standard tests..I just don't plan going any further than that.
hi! hope everyone is doing well in here. smile.gif

i didn't have the nuchal test done, but i am going to do the quad screen at my next appointment at 18weeks. it's sort of scary to me, but i would like to be prepared for anything that might come up.

next wednesday, i've got my big ultrasound scheduled with the obstetrical specialist (i mentioned down there someplace i think that the midwife wants to rule out incompetent cervix due to a cone biopsy i had years ago). i'm kinda glad we're going to the specialist so we can get the US results immediately rather than waiting for the next appointment, as many of our friends have had to do. i just hope the little bug cooperates and we can find out the sex while we're there too.

i guess i've reached the point in pregnancy where i start dreaming crazy things about the baby. i work from home in sales and fridays are no good to work, so i slept in this morning. over the course of the morning, i had three different dreams about the baby. all three of them, the baby was a boy. cutest little thing ever! in one, the baby was normal and was sleeping on the back of the couch (yeah, i know... that'll never happen!) when mrfj accidentally startled him. i ran over and chastised mrfj for having scared the baby, expecting him to start crying, but instead, the baby just turned toward me and said, "DANG!", napolean style. hehe.

the next ones were a little wierder. in one, i again had a perfectly normal little boy of a normal weight and size. but by the third day, he was 163lbs, looked like a really tubby three year old and was carrying on conversations with me. and in the other one, i had him and about three days later, remembered that i hadn't fed him yet!!! i was really afraid of breastfeeding the first time and had somehow allowed myself to procrasinate! so i finally started feeding the baby, but instead of baby to breast, i was using a pump, with a tube that led directly to the baby's mouth! and the baby kept looking at me while he sucked and sucked on the tube. at one point, he pulled the tube out of his mouth and said, "mom, i'm not getting anything but air!". that's when i realized it might have been wierd that i wasn't feeding him directly from the breast.

VERY WIERD stuff, but i woke up laughing and feeling closer to the bug.

i'm down to my last two pairs of pants that fit me, so i'm going tomorrow to get mself some new maternity duds. i actually found a consignment shop in a pretty hip area of town that has maternity, so a gf and i are going there tomorrow to see what we can find.
I had the 18 week scan's a BOY!

I was disappointed because I wanted a girl. And then I felt really guilty because I guess you're just supposed to be happy he's healthy and everything. So I'm trying to get on board with it. I love all the baby boys of my friends and family, I don't know why I'm bummed. I'm a bad mommy.

Is there a thread for new babies? I couldn't find one in Friends and Family. I want to talk diapers. After research I have decided the way I want to go is "Nature Boy & Girl" biodegradable disposables. More eco-friendly than regulars, but not as masochistic as cloth. Any opinions?
Aqua, that's one of the main reasons I didn't want to know the sex. I felt the same way about wanting a girl, and I didn't see wasting energy on being upset if it was a boy, esp. knowing that once it was born that I wouldn't care.

I am still, at times, disappointed by the fact that I won't have a little girl in my life. But that's not the same as being disappointed in him. By the third day of his life I looked at him and realized that if somehow magically he was exactly the same, except he was magically changed into a girl, I'd want my little boy back.

I really think people should think more carefully about finding out the sex before they are born. We tell ourselves things like "I have to know' but you don't HAVE to--maybe in rare cases of sex-linked birth defects that you are at risk of in your family you might feel you really needed to, but otherwise, no, it's a wish. It wasn't that long ago that it wasn't an option to know.

Anyway, not trying to criticise your decision, Aquagirl. I'm just saying what some of this stuff reminds me of. And I do know how you feel and you aren't a bad mommy for feeling that way. I don't know if it helps to know that I adore my little boy, even though I very much wanted a girl.

Don't waste energy feeling guilty. And check out the Hip Mama thread in Let's Talk About Sex (which I imagine must have started out as a more specific subject but now is just mommies in general.)
aqua, i wanted a girl too. at least i thought i did! i'm glad i waited though because when he was born i didn't know what he would be and by the time i checked out his goodies it was too late not to be completely in love with him.
personally, i think Not knowing the sex before hand is good, especially if you think you want one or the other. lots of people feel that knowing first is best for them though so you gotta go with what you want most. i do agree with anoush though that people give in to a whim more often than not. ultrasound is offered like it's no big thing these days when really, it's as much a medical proceedure as anything else.

have you thought about tinkle training? my girlfriend is doing it with her new baby and it's working out great. she uses diapers when they're out and about but not at home. she actually said that she couldn't believe how easy it is and that more people don't do it.
there are some really great sites out there about it blanche that can tell you way more than i can. i'll chime in with my experiences after this baby comes. since i'll have lots of help this time round i'm thinking about lotus birthing as well (google that one too, very interesting), i certainly do believe that the placenta is a sacred being so why not honour the little mother?

what can i take for sickness? i pushed so hard to get everything done and now i've come down with a Nasty bout of ick. sore throat, sweats and chills, cough, mucus (sorry, gross), head and body ache. i feel like crap. tylenol is taking the edge off but i want something that will actually help me Get better, not just feel better. oil of oregano is out during pregnancy, anyone know what is ok to take?
hi mommas!

oh, pepper, i'm sorry you're feeling bad. i've been nursing a sinus-y thing for over a week now. it sucks!! i know you were probably asking more about natural type stuff, but i did get permission to take a single sudafed now and then. it seemed to help get some of the gunk to come out at least. i still have a sucky cough and have just been drinking ginger and lemon tea. i wish i had something better to offer you!!!!!

i had my US today. i am happy to report that my cervix is completely competent, thankyouverymuch! and it would appear that i'm gonna have a BOY!!! i'm so excited! i would have been honestly equally happy either way, but i'm psyched that i'm going to bring the first boy-child to my family in many years. my dad is pretty excited.

so now i don't have to call the baby IT anymore. i'm gonna have a son!!! he's perfect too. all his little toes and fingers and we even saw his upper lip! holy moly! so cool. and i'm very happy that my cervix is behaving and i'll be able to keep him in there!

ok, just had to report!
Congrats on the BOY, FJ!!!!!

I go in for my 12 week U/s tomorrow. It will probably still be too early to tell the sex, but I still love watching them squirm all over the place!

Again, not a natural remedy, but I've been told Tylenol cold is ok to take during pregnancy.
yeah fj! fingers toes and other appendages!

i went to the health food store and got some vitamin O to gargle with, makes my mouth taste like a swimming pool but relieves the ache anyhow. and i can take wee doses of oil or oregano and camu-c so i'll give that a go. trying to get little to swallow a capsule of c was riciculous though. we ended up with mouthfuls of cocoa all down his front and had to wad it up with a bite of cake to get it down. funny but not really fun.
Pepper, if you've still got those Ferrum Phosphorica tissue salts, try taking those to cut down your sick time.
I've missed you!
I have been out of town and actually still am but just was catching up on the thread. (i have been skiing in aspen and it is so nice! but i am soooo tired and sore) i did make an appt for the 1st tri screening test. i just think i really would want to know and be able to prepare no matter what the decision would be.

pepper, and all you other perggies too, i just wanted to say that i know that tylenol is doctor ok'ed for pregnancy but i am really carefull. here is why, there have been some fairly recent studies in mice and rats that show that acetaminophen has a negative affect on brain developement of the fetus. i realize none of us are rats or mice but the idea of it makes me pretty careful. i am waiting for more info to come out as the info that is out there now is pretty loose. i will try to get and post the link to the paper i am talking about if any of you are interested.

congrats on the boy fj
The in-laws hate our name we picked. sad.gif My mom LOVES it. I don't know if we're going to keep it. We both were so happy with it but I'm not going to push my husband if he doesn't want to deal with his parents' negativity. His mom actually said "The first thing I thought of was a black guy who worked for my father who had that name." and I was like, yes..? Please continue with the details of association to this terrible man? But apparently that was enough of a good reason why we shouldn't pick it. And, it's an IRISH name! But now I want to name him Tyrone or Jamal.
ok, stupid story, but it might make aqua smile.
I am a very pale skinned caucasian and my husband is very dark skinned east indian.
I was meeting a black lady in the delivery ward who was naming her baby Aiden and I said "I love that name!" so the nurse asked me if that's what we were naming chanibun and without even thinking I said "No, it's not a brown enough name". The black lady gave me the most incredulous look I'd ever seen, and I tried to explain without totally offending her, but I could only imagine what she was thinking as she looked at this silly white girl!
How about Le'monjello!
Mr. Pixie and i are the only ones who matter on the choice of a name. I know my inlaws aren't thrilled with what we picked out, but they had their chance to name kids, now it is ours! I do know how annoying it is. I wanted to name minipixie kaitlyn and my sister in law had a fit because she already had 2 nieces named Katie...I was like, her name won't be will be Kaitlyn! Anyway, pick names that you and the mister like...everyone else will come around.
*delurks* Chani- I totally understand you're thing. I'm 1/2 Indian, and my momma is very white-white. All 3 of us (me, sibs) have Indian-ish sounding names. We chose a very old-fashioned indian name for our daughter (1/4 indian), but had a pretty anglo name as a backup, just in case she was blond or something. She's got the loveliest almond skin, a super old-fashioned hindi first name and my scottish grandmother's name for middle. It works. Aiden, btw, is VERY popular name in India these days, if my cousins are to be believed. Maybe good for chainibabe V2.0. smile.gif
Chanibaby V2.0 is a girl-type! She'll be Nora - which was my maiden great-aunt's name. She was an incredibly smart and talented lady and we all adored her, but she never had kids of her own.
If it was a boy I think we were going with Kiran - which is both Indian and Irish. Chanibaby V1.0's name is Deven - also Indian and Irish.
my 10 year old son keep suggesting names he thinks would be really great . . . twig, santos (i am white white by the way, husband is too), amozon. these are some of the continual stream of suggestions he offers. keeps me smiling at some of them and howling with laughter at others
Kiran- that's a great name! Mind if i keep it in the way-future hopper? If we have a 2nd, and its a girl, we're leaning towards Asha. Boys...Dean (but it rhymes exactly with moxette's name, so I'm not so hot on it anymore) and Carter...but Kiran...that's a good one.

Nora is a beautiful name, too!
in keeping with the family 'tradition' i made up my little's name. it's based on a real one but just different enough. same will go for this one, i'll probably pick out aspects of names i like and then create something unique. i don't hold with the far out moon-unit type names though, i don't want to torture the poor kid!
and i chose a last name for us as well, something just for little and legally changed mine to match with his. for myself, i'm not fond of the patriarichal handing down of the father's father's father's name, or general family traditions in naming either. i mean, i love the rellies and all but they already HAVE those names. i figger my kids should get one of their very own. probably because my parents gave me such a different name and i love it.

cha cha, doll, meetcha in the nat health threads darlin'. i still feel a Fright!
That's funny shiney! At least funny for ex inlaws did that the day I was delivering minipixie...suggesting names like...Herfernschmirtz and stuff until I made the nurses evict them from my delivery room!

Our boy name is Tristan Asher. I think th egirl name will be Rhiannon.
A friend's 4 year old son was bound and determined that if he had a baby sister she should be called Streetsweeper. No one is sure why, but when any other name was suggested, he said "No, I already know a Tara" or "That name is a tv character". Anyhow, they had another boy and thus avoided the whole issue. Weird tho!
and of course you can share our name, moxie!!
hee hee, funny! streetsweeper!

this pregnancy is just flying past way, way, Way too fast! maybe it's 'cause i have so much else going on right now but dang, i did a count and i'm 20 weeks already! shee-it man, that's more than half way there! no wonder i can't get any of my pants, even the modified ones, up anymore.
i am going to my first tri screening today and i am finding that i am a little nervous. i have been stressing myself out about things that are way beyond my control and stress can not possible help. as much as i can say to myself that i need to just relax it is proving rather difficult. the name game is still keeping me smiling though. my sons latest is rubber . . . "cus that way mom, no one else will have that name and maybe he will bounce" he has determined that i am having a boy as girls cry to much and he thinks a brother would be better anyway.
Hey there, it seems some of you are back for round 2 as I am. Have been off the boards pretty well since #1 was born but am back at work now and thought I would check in. It's early days for me at 7 or 8 weeks (dating ultrasound soon to make sure) and am also in the throes of trying to tinkle train my almost 2year old. Would love to hear anyone's take on that if you are experienced with it. So far with this pregnancy, I'd say the nausea and fatigue are worse but maybe it's just that I can't go straight to bed after work and I've got to be up and raring to go with little boy dollkins. He outed the pregnancy already to Mr.Doll's brother patting my tummy and saying "Baby!" so we've got to be careful now reminding him of what's going on until everyone knows.

It's come up before but I can't remember. What the nuchal fold test and how do you ask for it and when? Someone told me you could get it at an early US but I'm don't think it's standard here.

Oh, I never said our name down below. His name will be GRADY. biggrin.gif

Pepper, I am 21 weeks today. We are chugging along practically the same. How much weight have you gained?
luludoll i just had the nuchal trans test done last week. it has to be done between 10 and 13 (some say 14) weeks. my honey went with me and was totally blown away by the US. very active baby, might become a gymnast.

i have just started to feel baby move, its the faintest little feather feeling but i am so sure it is nothing else. i have only felt it three times but it is still so neat! every little thing makes it that much more real and that much more exciting! my honey is pretty much as excited as me and i get all sappy thinking about how he looks at me and kisses my belly. it is just so totally different then what i went thriugh with my first term pregnancy. so loving and caring this time. so nice. (see what i mean, sappy sappy sappy . . . sniff . . . where are the kleenex . . . i'll blame pregger hormones)
hehe, shiny, i'm right there with you on the sappy sapp! i have cried at more commercials this week than ever! case in point, a publix (grocery store) commercial in which a little boy asks his mom to help him make a cake for his valentine, so you see them making the cake and he decorates it with the utmost care to make sure it's PERFECT. the next scene is the next morning at school. mom is dropping him off and he hands mom the cake and gets out of the car and runs away --- mom says, "honey, you forgot your cake!" and the kid just turns around and shakes his head and grins at her.

damn, i'm getting all goopy eyed even typing the thing out. it's so sweet.

sounds like your US went well, shiny and that's great! i always get a little goofy and scared right before we go in for appointments and feel so relieved when the doc puts the doppler to my belly and i can hear his little whoosh-ah-whoosh-ah-whoosh-ah... so sweet.

i went in for the second look at my cervix today and it still looks good, so i guess this little buddy will be sticking with me. the doc still wants to check in two weeks one more time just to make sure. i'm almost 20 weeks now and if all is well next time, we should be safely entering the third trimester with no preterm labor issues, so that's good. my mom came with me today and got to see the bean. the radiologist didn't do a regular full sonogram, just wanted to view my cervix, so we didn't get a full view of him, but he kept sticking his little head in the frame and waving his arms around. we saw his spine go by as he did a little somersault. it was awesome. my mom was simply amazed.

i also had the triple screen blood test done on monday. i had first decided against it, but since it's non-invasive decided to go ahead and do it. i will find out the results next monday. there's nothing i would ever do to terminate this baby at this point. i'm too in love already. and honestly, i don't know if i'd allow any other testing to be done if something DID come back abnormal. i guess i'm just hoping for a big old negative just to further set my mind at ease. my sister got positives back with both of her girls. with her second, they brought her back in for counseling and advised her to terminate because the baby had a cyst on her brain. but the cyst shrunk before birth and her 7 year old is fine now. so, you can never know. i think so many of us do the tri-screen simply because we would like that peace of mind.
i am having such a moody day! i got up this morning and was sick. kept on thinking it would pass. it usually does. so i just tried to power through it like ususal and i kept gettting that sweaty out of breath too much saliva feeling and then would feel like i was about to black out. i'd put my head down and think i was ok then a 30 sec later repeat the whole thing. anyway this pretty much led to a moody craby cranky day. my husband is going skiing in the morning and so we were talking about skiing. last weekend when i went skiing i felt like i had no balance and kept falling and my husband thinks i am done skiing for the season. i think i just had an off balnce day. ok, maybe i am in denial . . . soo crabby today.

what is the triple screen screening for? i do not know about that one. i got my results today for my nuchal trans test and all is well with that. so that is good news. i should focus on that and that i am so fortunate as to be growing a baby with someone i love very much. i'l see if that improved my mood.
hey aquagirl, i've gained over 20 lbs already which is totally ridiculous for me as i only gained about 25-30 lbs overall last time. my dad was complaining about my boobs falling out of the top of my shirt the other day. i just laughed, i mean really, what am i supposed to do? they're huge!

i feel good. big and my pants don't fit at all and neither do any of my bras but what the hey. and it feels like someone is in there poking me with chopsticks all the time too. geez kid, grow some bigger feet already, you're gonna poke a hole!
Shiny - I had exactly that this morning. Still haven't puked but was sure I was going to with the way too much saliva, pounding head, anticipation but no nothing. Almost would have preferred to puke. It's having a cold which makes me all gaggy at the back of my throat. Ugh! Suddenly I think I'm almost 10 weeks. V. weird as the time has gone super fast. Hopefully it will be better in a couple of weeks. I can't eat any meat anymore and couldn't eat my veggies last night. Have to make sure I have super healthy lunches 'cause that's my best time of day. Sigh! US on Monday which I'm totally looking forward to and going to tell the inlaws this weekend. Yeah!
aqua, pepp, i'm right behind you girls! i am 20 weeks right now. just about half-way there i guess. smile.gif last doc appointment 2 weeks ago, i'd only gained 7 lbs total but i have a feeling i've gained a little more than that. my first doc visit was on a particularly chilly day, so i had more clothes on than i did the last time, which was on a warmer day. but i'm ok with the amount of weight so far. either way, i think it's around ten.

i finally got my triple screen test results back today and while i was very happy to hear that everything was negative, i sort of wish i'd never even done the test. shiny, it's a blood test that can give you an idea of whether or not your baby has a high or low risk of down syndrome, spina bifida and tay sachs, along with a few other complications. the issue is that even an abnormal test has a high rate of false-positive (i've read as high as ten percent). so even if i would've gotten a report that i had a risk of something major, it wouldn't necessarily mean anything and would reqire more testing. i wouldn't have submitted to the other tests anyway, like amnio, and i sure wouldn't have terminated at this point, so it was pretty much pointless to have done the test in the first place. i mean, even with the negative test, there is no guarantee.

so, with this whole week as hindsight, i wouldn't do it again. it just made me stress over getting results.

so there's that.

is anyone else having a problem with bloody gums? my gums are bleeding like crazy.i was just eating an apple and every bite left bloody marks on the apple. yuck-o!!

pepper, i know exatcly what you mean! mine feels like little chopsticks too!! last night, it sort of felt like a rolling motion though. like i'd just gone over a slight hill in the road or something. really really cool. i can't wait till mrfj can feel it too.

we finished painting the nursery over the weekend and my dad will put up a new ceiling fan and light tomorrow. mrfj's dad made him a cradle that we'll start out with (yes, it meets all regulations on safety...) and i guess we'll get a crib and stuff soon. i feel like we're unprepared, but that we have plenty of time still.

luludoll, hang in there! you'll hopefully feel better in just a few more weeks. i never puked either, but man did i want to!!!!
I'm 35 and 3, and we STILL haven't decorated the nursery! Hopefully it'll get done this week, otherwise babe will sleep in the bassinet in our room while her paint dries!
Cervical check today was reassuring so hopefully I'll get a few more weeks in this time. My last full day at work was today and I'm still feeling pretty good. A bit of sore back, but nothing that's really aggravating.
oh, i can SO feel it kicking from the outside! little got kicked in the head for the first time today, ha ha! it was pretty exciting.
what's with the gas? not really my favourite symptom of pregnancy.
had an appt today. just s regular check up. took my sis with me. it was sorta nice to have her there. hubby was teaching a seminar and i don't really expect him to go to all the regular appointments anyway. all is well. heart beat thumping away. (aawww so sweet. i am such a sap.)

hang in there lulu, hopefully the nasea will go away soon or at least get much better. mine seems to be getting fewer and farther between so i am thinking they may be gone all together before long.

i am having such a miserable sinus thing right now that i think my head may explode. any sugestions on what to take other then the OTC ok'ed for preggers? i keep thinking that sitting in the bath or shower will help because of the steam but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
eucalyptus oil in the bath for congestion, or a bowl of hot water with a couple drops and stick your head over it under a towel. can you handle the Vick's? if so, rub it on your chest and the bottoms of your feet and put on hot socks overnight.
the nausea can be helpful getting rid of toxins in the body and keeping them away from the baby. it's the stored up junk in your liver so some liver support can help. apparently celestial seasonings has a good tasting tea called sugar sleigh something or other that has *milk thistle* in it but you can use a tincture. check to make sure it's ok during pregnancy. if your nausea is mild-ish like mine was can you just try to ride it out? a little ginger can ease it a bit but i don't know about suppressing the symptoms beyond that since it's doing a neccessary job.
i second the vicks! i had a sinus thing a couple weeks ago and vicks helped tons. as did a simple ginger brew (boiled grated ginger, strained with a touch of honey) for the cough that followed it.

hope you feel better!

pepper, i'm jealous that little can feel the kicks from the outside!! smile.gif
Husband still can't feel the kicks from the outside and he gets impatient and bored when I make him keep his hand there. Hmph.

I am gassy too. I am a teacher and I always have to run into the bathroom to fart away. I love it when all the kids leave at the end of the period so I can fart in the 10 minutes before the next class starts. biggrin.gif

Does everyone like the name? GRADY

We joined the Y and I started swimming this week! I hope I keep it up because I really need the exercise. I think it will make me feel better in lots of ways.

Fall jackets, you're stressing me out. Nursery??? Cradle? I have a plastic box with a binky and a onesie in it.

I hate sleeping. Unless I take Ambien or my cough syrup (both approved), I just have terrible sore nights and I moan the whole night and my husband puts his ear-plugs in.
you're stressing me out. Nursery??? Cradle? I have a plastic box with a binky and a onesie in it.


ooh, that is darn funny!

this is my second time so i KNOW what i need and lemme tell ya, it ain't much! i'm gonna go the diaperless baby route so a few clothies (which i have already) and a small package of bio-friendly disposables, some homemade wipes (i have a recipe somewhere, it's glycerin, aloe, vit e, a few drops of teatree and bounty paper towels dry.gif 'cause they are the only ones that don't disintegrate), a LOT of onsies/footies, a LOT of receiving blankets, a LOT of baby wash cloths (there is just so much barf, drool and other leakage) and a baby wrap for wearing the wee little monster. and that is it. the other stuff i could have and gladly would have done entirely without, it was all just a bunch of extra junk. cute junk, but not neccessary in the least.
and people give you stuff. tons of it so look out!

i finally got my ethiopian (food that is) and NOW this kid is kicking up a storm. it won't be long now before i can actually See it from the outside, ha ha!
I'm jealous of all you that are regularly feeling kicks! I am 15 weeks tomorrow...I think I'm feeling it, but it feels very different from what minipixie felt like last time.

I seems to be dodging the bullet on the flu and other sickie stuff going around, but I have been having the most gawd awful headaches the last few days! I just saw my Chriopractor on Monday, so I don't know if I am grinding my teeth at night or if it's just hormonal or what!

! more week until I find out the sex of my little one! Then I am going to to go register. I am going to do it minimalist this Pepper..I found a lot of stuff unnecessary...and I hate lugging all that gear around! I know people who have the swing, and a bouncer, and an, I'll probabably just go for a swing. If I need to park the baby it works as well as any of the others...and rest of the time I wanna be interacting with the baby not just plopping him from one thing and then another.
Oh. Ahem. Yes, hahahaha! I was just joking about the plastic box. I am really very prepared.

I plan to get some advice from Angelina this weekend when I go to New Orleans. I have read she wants to be friends with Real Moms (like me).
come back and share all the advice you get. she is so hot! she must have good advice for that reason alone.
pixie: Yeah, I was all "i only need a swing" pre-baby. I'm jealous that you were able to stick to your guns with minipixie #1.
The swing let us sit down to eat dinner for the first 6 weeks. Then I had a colicky baby who would only settle with the bouncer for the next two months, so that I could eat dinner. Then I had a baby with a really short attention span so between tummytime on the playmat and the exersaucer I could buy 15 minutes to unload the dishwasher.
We ended up with all the gear anyways! None of it got used for very long each day, but it all helped! My girlfriend had a baby who happily sat in his swing for hours while she drywalled her basement and installed new flooring. Maybe this one will be like that!!!!!!
Yeah, Santa Angelina. I am totally in love with her, her trophy husband and all her beautiful babies.
omg! how do i keep from being so moody. i am feeling fat and crabby and i am so tired of it. if i were like this and not preggers i would ask my doc about antidepressents. i feel like crying at the stupidest things and for gawdd sake why am i feeling so sorry for myself? i am supposed to be happy and "glowing." i keep trying to come up with shit to do to make myself smile and not be so negative but it feels like such a fucking chore today.
Contrary to popular belief most pregnant women are not happy and glowing! I hate beign pregnant. I hated it the first time, and it isn't doing much for me this time around either. Unfortunately, it is one of life's necessary evils for me. Last time birth was such a welcome relief, the pain and nerves didn't bother me at all!
I haven't been too moody...but I have broken down crying at odd moments for absolutely no apparent reason.
well, i almost hate to admit it now, but i LOVE being pregnant, especially in the past couple of months. the first few were rough and i still have my frumpy days, but for the most part, i am truly feeling better than i have in years. of course, since my third month, i've been working from home and have a new freedom that i haven't had in a very long time, so that might have something to do with it as well... but i even feel beautiful and have bought myself lingerie that allows for my bulging belly. i feel truly sexy. (except right now, while my hair is all sticking up and i'm wearing an old ugly housedress...)

oh, and until yesterday, my nursery consisted of an empty but brightly-green painted room and a few outfits that my parents and ILs have purchased, hehe. but mrfj's dad brought over the cradle that he built for jack. it's absolutely awesome and i can't wait to get some pics of it and the rest of the room. we went to dinner afterward with his parents and then when we got back home, mrfj was finally able to feel jack move in my belly! sooo awesome.

and then he had a minor freakout about whether or not he'd be a good father and be able to provide for us in the way he wants to. it's funny, it happens to one of us every few days and we help talk each other through it. standing in the doorway of the nursery and looking in at the empty cradle really hit it home that we'll have a baby in the next few months. it realllly hits home. we know we're as prepared as we can be for it, but it's just such a new and HUGE step...
That's great that you are so happy and feeling good during pregnancy, FJ. I just know me and several other friends of mine haven't enjoied the whole pregnancy exerience over much. We were talking teh other day about how we almost feel guilty that we don't like being pregnant, even though there are so many women out there struggling to get pregnant that would trade us in a heartbeat!

And I hear you on the minor freakouts...evey once in a while we just stop and are like, how are we ever going to pay for daycare, plus diapers, and such! We have just gotten ahead of our finances, but it won't last long with all the extra expenses. And 2 rigth now we have both of our children part time, so we still have lots of nights to ourselves and a lot of freedom that will be lost, but I know it will be worth it, and it will be great to be rasining a kid with someone since minipixie's dad and split when she was 18 months and he didn't have a whole lot to do with raising her predivorce.
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