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Oops- didn't mean to post twice!!
Michelina, I'm sorry your drug plan doesn't include fertility meds... I'm almost certain my crappy U.S. insurance provider won't either, so I'm not looking forward to that path.

kitty, I used to be super negative and angry but it just gets easier for me to deal with each month at this point. So don't feel the need to apologize for the frustration, it's completely understandable. I'm really glad you started the prenatal vitamins, I think that's the most important supplement to take while TTC. If it doesn't settle well with you, then at least take just folic acid pills. Oh and check if B6 isn't already in your prenatal, might be 1 pill you could eliminate.
Kitty, I'm sorry you're frustrated, but you certainly shouldn't apologize for it. While TTC, I felt everything from hopeful to angry to jealous to resigned to almost nothing at all - just emotionless. I think it's all normal. Hang in there. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with the pills you're taking. I've heard good things about baby aspirin. Hang in there and let us know how it goes.

By the way, IUI stands for intra (or is it inter?) uterine insemination. My friend who went through it referred to it as "shake and bake"...from what I understand, they spin the semen around to separate out the healthiest sperm, and then they inject it directly into your cervix at the time of ovulation. It can be done with meds (triggering ovulation) or without (just timing it right). It's a lot cheaper than IVF, for sure!

Cristine, I remember buying wine (and tampons) ahead of my period, too...just to tempt fate. Enjoy your wine and also try to remind yourself that as frustrating as it is, you are doing okay. You are surviving this and with a sense of humor, too...and you and Mr. C sound like you're doing really well, too. If I remember correctly, you thought your timing was off the first few months you remember you still are well within a normal range of TTC time. Thinking of you!

Michelina, you don't know how much I look forward to update from you and think of you on this journey. I know we've never met in "real life", but I follow your story and am thinking so many good things for you and really send good vibes up North to your neck of the woods on a regular basis! I think it's really great you like your doctor so much. That is such a huge bonus. I get what you're saying about unmedicated IUI, but I suppose the doctor may know best in this situation? My concern about medicated IUI would be the risk of multiples although at this stage I doubt you are too worried or care too much about that - you just want to get pregnant! It sounds like you are taking all the right steps, have a good plan in order, and are getting support when you need it, both at home and at work (by talking to your boss). (((((((((((Michelina))))))))) thinking of you ALWAYS!

Jenny D, here's hoping you deliver soon! I've been eating a lot of Christmas candy lately and feeling so guilty! Oh well...I try to balance it out with an otherwise healthy diet and my prenatal workout DVD every other day.

Saw the doctor today for my latest checkup. I'm at 15 weeks and all looks well. My blood pressure was slightly elevated due to nerves (always happens at the doctor's), so they took it again at the end of the appointment and it was normal. Good!

My OB measured my belly and we heard the heartbeat - 145 beats per minute, right in the middle of the 120 - 160 normal range. I've gained two pounds in the past month which surprised me - I thought it would be more. I think my exercising is helping regulate my weight gain.

I really didn't have many questions to ask my OB other than precautions when we fly home for the holidays. She told me to drink lots of water and get up and walk up and down the aisle during the flight. She said my hip, back, and leg pain is all perfectly normal and so is my heartburn (which I figured from reading my books). She asked me about my anxiety, and I told her I've been feeling pretty mellow lately (which I have) and am seeing my therapist regularly. At the end of the appointment she said, "This has really been fun!" She's a sweet doc, and I really really hope she is the one to deliver me!

Okay, more later...thinking of everyone!
Zelda, thank you. Your support has been more helpful than you know. As much as I wish I were right there with you, I am thrilled for you. As far as the multiple issue goes, my doctor said she would start with a very small amount of injectable medication. She said that I would be "the type" who would superovulate with too much and if that's the case, one has to go on to IVF. She wouldn't want me to have more than 2 eggs. Although we would love twins, the thought is scary as the risks are quite high. Are you going to find out your baby's sex next month?

I found this fact sheet, which I thought was very useful. I particularly like that they break down the chance of pregnancy over certain time periods.

Kitty, I echo the other Busties. No need to apologize for expressing frustration on this board! Most of us have had similar emotions and we are here for you no matter how positive or negative you are feeling.

Cristine, glad to hear you ar feeling positive. Are you still thinking of a home sperm analysis test?
*tiptoes in*
Heya. Just wanted to bring up something I don't see discussed in the Lounge very much...circumcision. Here is a link to Intact about the myths and facts about the procedure. You may already know that this is hardly ever done in Europe and has low rates in Canada. It was started in the US by the Puritans as a cure for masturbation. (Good luck with that, huh?) Anyway, circumcision is down to about 55% in the US and much lower on the west coast. If you are pregnant it's a good thing to think about before your due date.

Thanks for letting me barge in here!
Zelda, I've gained more weight while TTC than you've gained in your pregnancy so far! (I'm trying to eat healthier, which means more well-rounded meals instead of a quick low-carb bite on-the-go.)

Michelina, loved that link! I have the little sperm kit sitting on the bathroom counter. We had to wait 3 days between ejaculations to test, so we're planning on testing his guys tonight. Then we re-test within 3-7 days to assure you get the same exact results. If we don't then we have to wait 10 weeks to start another round of home tests, due to the likely new batch of semen production.
Mr. C passed the test tonight, though it didn't test motility & mobility... I still feel slightly encouraged! Will do the 2nd test in a few days.
That's great news, Cristine! I hope this good news works for you as well as it worked for Zelda! :-)
Fab news, Cristine! Really glad to hear the test gave you such positive results.

Still no baby, we've tried all the traditional methods for encouraging labour - curry, sex, pineapple, walking and now I'm drinking raspberry leaf tea. Come out baby!
Hi again.
I don't even know how long it's been since my last post. I've been SO preoccupied with finishing school (= work) for the year, Christmas socialising, work around the house & holidays. I've logged in a couple of times and been so overwhelmed by how much I need to catch up on that I've left without posting! You've been in my thoughts, though, and it's exciting to read about the proactive steps being taken to optimise conception chances and the imminence of baby arrival. Come out, baby jenny!!!! Great news on the little wrigglers, Cristine! Zelda, I'm really glad you're feeling more positive and balanced.

And koffeewitch, there is no way I could have my child circumcised. Rates are much lower in Australia, thank God. The Mr is cut and feels he'd like to see it done for no other reason than the child be like his father and he worries about infection later but I just couldn't subject any baby, LET ALONE my own, to that. No men in my family are cut. It's certainly an interesting debate and, while hubby and I have talked about it a lot, I'm really glad it looks like we won't have to make this decision this time around.

I'm now 26 weeks and 4 days. Things have been really smooth on the whole. I've been getting some worrying menstrual-type cramping in the last couple of weeks but no other / accompanying early labour warnings. The midwife supposes that I have an 'irritable uterus' which means that, because my uterus is big enough to be in contact with my bowel behind it now, when I digest things (and particularly when my stomach is a little upset) the peristaltis of my bowel is triggering similar action in the uterus. She reassured me that these cramps would not be strong enough to efface or dilate me at all at this stage. So I just have to beware of a few things and not touch raspberry leaf tea until I'm term at 37 weeks +. In any case, every day chickadee is in there now brings a greater chance of survival outside the womb. In two weeks or so, her chances will be great, so this is a relief!

Chickadee has been kicking and poking me a lot and has also had a few sessions of full-on squirming - weird and wonderful. It's now starting to get harder for me to move around, especially getting up and down from bed, the couch, the beach towel...
Hey yall!

Wow! So much to catch up on! Ive been lurking all these weeks, but havent got round to posting. Julie congratulations and welcome to baby Henry. Im so happy to hear that the delivery went so well. Well done! I wonder how Jenny is getting on.

Zelda and Ellen, glad to hear your pregnancies are going well. When are your due dates? Zelda, when is your next scan? Are you planning to find out the babys sex?

Fookie, the whole adoption thing sounds exciting (oh, and Zelda, your article was great very moving and beautifully written). What happens next in the process?

Cristine and Michelina sorry, as always, to hear about the periods. At least we all have each other for company and support. Thinking of you both

Kitty, welcome to you! How are getting on this month?

Well, Im back on the TTC wagon, sucker for punishment that I am. If I fail this month it will be a few days after Christmas, at my in-laws in the company of my heavily pregnant SIL. Oh well, at least they always have plenty of alcohol at their place. I had a lovely month off AB and I went to Berlin for a long weekend away, and spent our time wandering round art galleries and drinking weissbier in quirky little bars in the east, and saying to each other well we couldnt do this with kids in tow!. But then I read an article about ovarian reserves and started panicking about mine running out (hysterical, I know, as Im only 31), so decided we shouldnt waste any more eggs and should start trying again.

I must say that my chart for this month has been text-book perfect 5 days of EWCM, sex on the last four of them plus the day after, and a positive OPK in the middle. Im now 3 dpo. I have to keep reminding myself that we have succeeded before, and that might not have been a fluke.

And finally can I have some bustie vibes for tomorrow afternoon please? Were meeting with ABs oncologist for a check-up. He had a CT scan last Monday, and I think (hope) that if it was anything other than clear the hospital would have called us by now, but Im still a little nervous. Only another 4 years and 8 months of this until he gets the "all clear"
Hi Everyone!

I've been reading this thread for so long I think it's finally my time to join in.

Mr Zorro and I 'stopped avoiding pregnancy' a few months ago ( not intently trying, just letting it happen when it happens ) and I think we may have struck gold this month. I have been charting for over a year and have had short leutal phases most of my cycles so have started to think that I might need a bit of help getting things started.
Today I am at 10DPO, expecting my period today/tomorrow but have had no temp dip so will test if I don't get it tomorrow. TRYING to hold myself back and wait till it's actually late!
Driving myself insane reading TTW symptoms!!!
I'm trying to keep my excitement to myself for the time being, not even telling the hubby, until I have a positive test or some blood!

It's been so great reading all your posts, going along with you all on your journeys.
Baby dust to everyone!
Welcome Lauren.
I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Jenny, any news?

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes and inquiries. We're moving along our adoption "qualification process" at what may be a record pace. Within a week of choosing our adoption practitioner, we had completed our police checks (multiple levels), had a 12-page form filled out by our doctor, signed up for mandatory PRIDE training (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education) in January, and filled out every reference and financial detail on the forms sent to us by the practitioner. Her jaw actually literally dropped when we handed her the pile of paperwork.

We had a wonderful first meeting (she meets with us a total of five times, two of which are as individuals). She is down to earth, positive, and totally thrilled with our enthusiasm (we had photos taken of our "fingerprinting" in lieu of ultrasound photos!) and we just feel so good about the way all of this is going.

It looks like we'll be officially ready to "shop our file" around by end of Feb-Mid March. I'm not sure how long it takes the government to actually give its rubber stamp of approval to the completed Homestudy she will submit early Feb.

We have decided to "announce" at Christmas. We have obviously "announced" to the 10 people we needed references from, and wow were they ever thrilled for us (and more than willing to write references). One of the wonderful things so far about this journey is that the people who love us the most basically get to be "in the bedroom" with us. Ha ha. Their references will actually help us end up with a baby.

So many perfect "fate" things have happened since we made our decision. Neither of us had ever known anyone who was adopted. But the man who took our photo when we got fingerprinted, told us he was adopted. And then we went to a 40th birthday brunch and friends of our friends who we had never met showed up with their three year old adopted son. Clearly a thriving, happy kid. Honestly I'm giddy with joy (and realistic at the same time that there are no guarantees, and this journey could be long, and it could be hard). If every planet in the solar system aligned and we were chosen by a birth mother who was already near her due date, we could be taking a baby home in May! More than likely though, even in the best of circumstances we're looking at a year or two. (The silver lining to that is that we can pay the adoption debt down before actually taking home the baby.)

It's so great to finally be able to give family and friends some good news. We are thrilled, and happy, and excited, and can hardly wait to finally paint that extra room smile.gif

Thanks to all for the good thoughts and regular check ins.

I'll try to post more often so I can respond to people individually. Know that I check in regularly and am hoping hard for the TTC'ers and sharing the joy of the pregnant busties.
Funnybird, great hearing from you. I hear you on worrying about age. I am turning 32 in a few days and am freaking out. I keep telling myself that if I can't get pregnant at 31, I certainly have no hope at 32. Irrational, I know, but it just gets harder and the risks keep going up. It's going to be a tough b-day. I was really hoping to be pregnant by this time. That was my realistic intention. I am sending positive vibes across the Atlantic for AB's follow-up tomorrow. And like always, am hoping for you and AB. Thanks for checking in! Thinking of you.

Ellen, I can't believe how close you are getting! Glad to hear that all is well.

Lauren, I'm hoping for you too! When you said short luteal phase, how short are they normally? I ask because I am on progesterone for a luteal phase that usually ranged from 10 - 12 days although occasionally I had a 13 day one in there.

Fookie, once again your post has brought tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration. I am more excited for you than I can even express.

I am going for my HSG (fallopian tube dye test) tomorrow morning. I know this sounds crazy, but I almost want to find out that I have blocked tubes. Then we will have an answer and can just move on. Realistically, it will be a normal study and we will still have no answers. Our last test is a chromosome analysis, but again, that's unlikely to be abnormal.

I have been telling people at work that we are having investigations for infertility. I came out with it as I work in the hospital where I am seeing the specialist and was sure that people were already catching on and talking. It's uncomfortable to talk about, but it's better than being subject to people's speculation behind my back.

Michelina, I know how you feel. I started telling people that we will adopt if we can't conceive after a moderate amount of fertility work. Just feels better to get that out there, so no one has any shocks or anything later on. I told my mom and she said "If it came to spending that much money to adopt, I just wouldn't have any kids!" That hurt my feelings a little- I guess it just seemed a little insensitive. I mean, that's easy for her to say, she had me, right?

Fookie- I love hearing about your adoption process. You're doing open adoption, right? What does that mean in terms of actual contact with the birth parents? We're still thinking Ethiopia; for some reason those kids call out to me. But I would love to find out more about open adoption.

To all who are pregnant- I hope you're doing well:)

To all who are TTC- Good Luck:)
Woah! So much news to catch up on.

Funnybird! Woo hoo! I love hearing from you. Glad you are back on the TTC wagon with every reason to believe you will be successful this time around. Thinking great thoughts for you and Mr. AB. PLEASE let us know how his doctor's appt. goes. You have been through such a time the both of you, but it sounds like you've been able to really enjoy each other and your relationship sound so strong, which is so nice.

Jenny, here's hoping that baby makes an appearance SOON. Who knows...maybe as I type this, Baby Jenny D. has already arrived!

Ellen, your notes about the baby's movement get me so excited to feel movement (soon), I hope...oh, so very exciting. Seems like only yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy here.

Fookie, believe me when I tell you I literally teared up when I read your post. Your enthusiasm and joy just shine through your posts. As you may know, Mr. Z is adopted, and you know, it really is an amazing thing. When his dad passed away a few years ago, it struck me (not that I had every really thought differently, but it became very clear then) how much he and his father had such a tight, close bond because Mr. Z grieved for him so very much. It really is all about who raises you and who puts in the time. You are going to be parents! I cannot wait. Seriously, I am so excited!

Lauren, good luck to you...and let us know how it goes. :-)

Michelina, happy birthday! I know you are not where you wished to be at this point, but the good news is that you're in the midst of a very good plan and finding out lots of information. I still have every hope for you and am thinking of you tons. Please let us know how the test went. By the way, I got pregnant at 32 and 9 months, so it is possible! ;-)

Kitty, it never ceases to amaze me the insensitive things people say about everything related to motherhood, be it infertility, adoption, or pregnancy itself. Trust me when I tell you that the comments I've received since starting to show have been crazy...everything from, "If you're this big now, what will you look like in June?" to "Your breasts are getting HUGE!" A coworker of mine who is also pregnant and I are keeping a list of all the insane things people say. (She was wearing a big green coat the other day, and someone told her she looked like a Christmas tree.)

I know your mom didn't necessarily mean anything by it, but I would be hurt by that comment, too. It's easy for your mom to say what she said - she got pregnant! Thinking good thoughts for you on this journey...

Funny, to answer your question, yes, we are planning to find out the gender hopefully at the next ultrasound/scan in three weeks! I cannot wait. Hopefully the baby will cooperate. There is a tiny part of me that is afraid they will find something wrong with the baby during the scan. I'm trying to stay positive and think good thoughts, knowing that all the odds are in our favor. The truth is, I love this baby so much already - it really is a strange thing - that even if it had three heads, I would want it and love it. It is crazy to explain how I feel knowing there's a little person inside of me.

I am starting to love my body now that I look definitively pregnant and not just chunky. My belly is nice and round and pretty. It's fun! I am still peeing every five seconds and still have bloating and indigestion which is not so fun, but it's a small price to pay.

Oh, and Mr. Z and I are not planning on circumcising if it's a boy. It's very common in the US for some stupid reason, but the rates are finally starting to fall. I read recently that current rates are 55 to 60 percent of male babies are getting circumcised. The whole procedure never made any sense to me!

More later...thinking of everyone. Please post news as you receive it - doctor's updates, adoption news, anything! Thinking of you all!
Thanks for all the lovely vibes everyone. Architect Boy's CT scan was completely clear. Phew! I'm hoping these check-up scans and blood tests will become less nerve-wracking over time.

Fookie, wow! That's fast! I'm sure the speed with which you devoured all the paperwork will count in your favour as a sign of how committed and enthusiastic you and Mr. F are. How great to have loved ones on-board and supporting you too.

Michelina, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. It's good that you are being open with your colleagues, even if it is a little awkward. I hope they're being sensitive and supportive.

Yay! for pretty pregnant bellies, boo! to stupid and thoughtless comments!

I think it may be significant that we haven't heard from Jenny for a few days ;-)
Jenny, any news yet???

Ellen, glad to hear your weird and wonderful happenings with the chickadee!

Welcome Lauren and good luck!

Fookie, it sounds like everything is so positive all around you right now that is absolutely terrific! Please keep us posted of the progress!

Funny, who could blame you for jumping back on the TTC wagon! I went to an engaged friends 30th birthday party a couple months ago who wasnt drinking cuz she was worried about her ovarian reserve, I had a long and hopefully encouraging conversation with her but its just hard not to worry about stuff like that! Even when were in our early 30s! Crossing my fingers for you this month! And Im absolutely thrilled to hear about ABs scan!! smile.gif

Michelina, when will you have the HSG test results back? Im really curious about that procedure, please let me know how it goes. Where are you at in your cycle right now?

Kitty, Id be hurt by that comment too but during this process Ive pretty much begun to ignore anyones comments unless theyve also had difficulty getting pregnant.

Zelda, Im 32 & 5 months so thanks for the extra encouragement! wink.gif

Im on CD 14 and waiting for that peak reading on the fertility monitor any day now. Mr. C passed the 2nd sperm count home test. Yay!! A little bit of info for those who are TTC, and this result would be found in an SA but I dont know if the doctor would explain this, but thick semen could be an issue. I learned in doing the at-home tests that Mr. C has thick semen because of the length of time (according to the test instructions) that it took to liquefy, so of course I searched online and found that thick semen could be an issue because the little sperm cant easily swim away and make it to the egg. On a positive note I found a blog with a woman whose husband had that issue but she is now the proud mom of a little girl & baby boy. And I read that the cough syrup trick for women can apparently also assist men with this issue, Ill give it another cycle before asking the Mr. to take cough medicine though.
Michelina, my average leutal phase is 9 or 10 days so pretty short.. I think the longest I've had since I've been charting/come off the birth control pill is 13 days.

12DPO now! So crossing my fingers but still putting off testing for some reason......had a slight temp dip this morning so gonna wait out the day and test tonight if AF still hasn't turned up! For the first time I don't have an underlying voice in my head telling me 'it's just your period' which is interesting. I've had a lot of ewcm in the last few days which I never get after ovulation/before menstruation which was the first tip off.

It's so good to have the support and encouragement from an awesome group of women who are all going through the same stage in their lives smile.gif
Just popping in to say there's no news from me yet. I'm now a week overdue, and have an appointment with the midwife tomorrow lunchtime for a sweep which will hopefully get things moving. The baby is still very active in there, and I don't think he's particularly engaged. Really don't want to be induced! I'm quite fed up now, there's only so much raspberry leaf tea a gal can drink. Also, I really want to be able to go to my parents for Christmas, if the baby doesn't arrive soon these plans are scotched. COME OUT BABY! Having spent most of the evening on my birth ball, had sex, eaten some pineapple, drunk pints of RLT and visualised my uterus opening I am now having frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions; please keep your fingers crossed for me that these might turn into the real thing. I'm going to book some acupuncture if the sweep doesn't work. I'm so ready for this baby to come out! Thinking of you all, welcome Lauren, hope your test is positive when you feel ready to do it! I waited a week after my period was due to test, but I had similar feelings to you about delaying the actual test.
Lauren, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Funnybird, any news about AB's results? Sending huge positive vibes and a giant internet hug.

Michelina, thank you for being so excited for me. How did the HSG test go? I was so glad you didn't ask me about it because I didn't want to freak you out ... but for me it was the worst test of them all. I hope you were one of the lucky ones who did not feel like dying on the table. Did they give you the results right away? My endo did mine, so got the results as I got up off the table. I felt "weird" after that test for a few hours. I'm hoping that even if it did suck for you, that you're feeling ok now.

Kitty, open adoptions are basically as open as adoptive parents want them to be (though a birth mother could definitely say she wants less contact than adoptive parents had hoped for). For some people that's an update letter once/year with a couple of photos. For others it could be much more. Man, I'm so sorry your mom made that comment. Is there any chance she was in a very weird way trying to let you know that she's not demanding grandchildren and that she thinks you could be fulfilled without children, if you ever chose not to have any? (I know, I might be really reaching here ... but I know that the occasional time that I've said something really insensitive, my motives weren't as bad as they seemed). My dread when we tell people about adoption is how to respond to "but you could still get pregnant on your own, right?" (like adoption is only ever going to be second best ... bleh)

Zelda, I had forgotten that Mr. Z. is adopted. I'm so happy to hear that he was close to his father and that he grew up happy and healthy, and into a good man and husband. I love hearing about your body changes (and shake my head every time you post a new idiotic comment made by someone else. GAH!). I bet your belly's gorgeous.

Cristine, that's great news that Mr. C. passed the second test. I'm not sure who mentioned Preseed on this board before, but that's another option. It's a lubricant that is supposed to be a happy place for sperm.

Nothing new since yesterday, but our second homestudy meeting is tomorrow night. That's the one where we discuss our views on parenting, discipline etc.

Have a good night everyone.

My HSG went pretty well. It hurt more than I expected, though. (Kinda glad I didn't ask you, Fookie!) I had to close my eyes and breath deeply. My tubes are very open, but she saw a small "fold" in my uterus. My doctor thinks it was caused by the instrument that she was using to put the dye in, but can't say for sure. She offered to re-scan me in a few months just in case. But she was pretty reassuring about it. Not sure I honestly want to go through that again, but I guess we'll see. I was a little shaky afterwards and she helped me through that. She is really fantastic and I feel very fortunate to have someone as thorough and kind following me.

Of course this means we still have no answers. I have mixed feelings about another normal result.

Funnybird, I am so glad you and AB got good news today.

Lauren, sounds very hopeful! Good luck!

Come on baby Jenny!
Michelina, I can understand your mixed feelings. Open tubes does widen your options for treatment though, if you decide to go down the route. (((Michelina)))

Jenny, in some ways I can't blame the little guy - he must be all warm and cosy curled-up in there, and the weather out here is so vile. Try telling him loudly through your belly that having a birthday too near to Christmas sucks (my brother's is on the 23rd, and it always gets overshadowed) so he better come out straight away!
Thanks for all the encouraging words! I saw the midwife earlier; she thinks the baby is back to back (posterior position) and that's why I haven't gone into labour yet. I had a sweep and the midwife said I was about 2cm but that my cervix wasn't thin enough, meaning the baby is not pushing down on my cervix. I've been booked in for induction on Sunday - they will break my waters and the midwife thinks I will deliver fairly quickly after that because I'm dilating already. I'm still keeping a positive attitude that I might go into labour naturally, but whatever happens the baby will be here in 72 hours or so. Having done some research on the internet I'm going to be spending the next couple of days walking around and leaning on my birthball to try and encourage the little guy to swing his head around.

Funny, you're right about the weather! We're kind of half expecting things to kick off tomorrow if the traffic chaos is anything like it was with the snow in February! I can just imagine us trying to flag down a cab in the snow.
Jenny, your baby might be born on my birthday! It's not so bad having a birthday close to Christmas. Parents just have to make sure that their child gets their own special celebration aside from Christmas. My parents were really good about that and I love having my b-day just befor the holidays when everyone is in the spirit of celebration. Good luck! Can't wait to hear your news.

How are you doing Cristine? Have you gotten your positive yet? I didn't know that guys could thin their ejaculate fluid with cough syrup, but it makes sense. I think you are wise in giving it another cycle at least before starting that. You still are pretty early in the TTC game even though I know it probably feels like forever!

I forgot to mention that yesterday (on CD8) my dominant follicle was already 15mm. That seems freakishly large for CD8. My doctor thinks I'll ovulate in a couple of days. It will be interesting to find out what my LH tests say. I told her I have never ovulated that early, and she said "not that you know about!" Well, definitely not since charting / temping / LH testing. I am still spotting pretty badly from the test. I don't want to start poking my poor cervix yet as it is still probably pretty tender after that trauma yesterday.
Well I got my period this morning, I wasn't expecting to feel so bummed out about it. I've been trying to keep a neutral stance with this, not attaching any feelings to the outcome until it's certain - to avoid disappointment. It's hard not to get excited though!

At least this way I can go as crazy as I want for xmas/new years!

Good luck Jenny, I'll be crossing my fingers for you to have an easy, natural birth...soon!

I know totally how you feel. Last month I was pretty sure things had finally worked for us. Nope. Got my period. Was a mixture of angry and sad. I think it was maybe Christine who told me that each month she got her period became a little easier to deal with. I have to say, this month I'm sort of feeling just "whatever" about it all. It helps that we are completely OK with adoption though. Is that something you would consider? How long have you been trying?
Michelina, your doctor seems very informed and kind. That's a good thing. Odd about that weird ovulation...I had one cycle where I ovulated very late (for me). It all seems so random sometimes. Glad the procedure is done...I'm sorry you don't have a clearer answer, but I am glad you are going somewhere with all of this at least in terms of gathering as much information as possible.

Lauren, I'm sorry about your period. As you may know from lurking, Lauren and Kitty, there were many times when I got my period and was just so upset. Some months are harder to deal with than others. Some months weren't so bad - I was almost numb to it. Other months were so hard. The month before we conceived, I was a day and a half late (very late for me), and I was so devastated when my period came I just sobbed and sobbed. I had been *so* sure that was it. At least once your period is over you have the excitement of looking forward to trying again. The two week wait was always the best part for me in terms of staying positive. The main advice I can give you is just keep the faith and don't overanalyze symptoms too much if you can help it. I never believed women when they would say this, but honestly, I had NO symptoms prior to testing positive. NONE.

Jenny, glad the induction is scheduled, and crazy to think that in three days you will be a mom! Amazing. Good luck trying to get Baby D to shift a bit. Thinking of you...

Feeling pregnant for sure belly is now very noticeable, even to strangers who have asked me when I'm feels strange sometimes and sometimes very natural and normal, like I've always had it. I ate Tex Mex tonight because I was craving it big time. I have these days where I just eat terribly, and then I have other days when I eat well and work out. I'm hoping it all balances out. ;-)
Lauren, I am sorry your period showed up. It is a disappointment each time, but is so much worse when symptoms are present and your period is late. It's impossible not to get excited. Hope you have a great (and crazy!) holiday season and can look ahead to next month!

Zelda, I am sure your belly is super cute! I can hardly believe that you are well into your second tri now. A friend of mine is due a week after you are. It seems like just yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy.

I told a co-worker today and she was very supportive. She tried for 7 months and near the end she started getting worried. She looked into adoption while TTC and seems to be a good resource if we go that route. One of the last staff I have left to tell is pregnant. I am most nervous about telling her for some reason.
Oooh jenny, hopefully your bub is here safe and sound now! smile.gif

I must say that going a week + past my due date and being induced is my biggest fear about labour because those artificial hormones rarely do as good a job as the real ones and labour can often then be hard, fruitless and end up with more interventions. Maybe your manoevering got bubba down there and kicked it all off naturally... but in any case, I hope it all went well. xx

Zelda, it's so fun when you really start to show! You get through that first trimester of secrecy, then anxiety, stress, often sickness etc and you have nothing to show for it, but then all of a sudden, it's out there!!! I LOVE my pregnant belly - my navel is going to pop any day now.

((michelina)) ((lauren)) ((kitty)) ((funny)) Keep hoping and visualising. I put strong energy out for good mamas trying to conceive.

Fookie, you are an inspiration.

I am planning my Christmas mocktails. One sister-in-law has glandular fever and my other sister-in-law has had long term issues with having to take very nasty medication to keep her pituitary gland in check after her gardasil vaccination. Also my mum's on antibiotics!!! So all four of us are having a very sober Christmas. At least we'll keep each other company.
I've been looking for somewhere perhaps more appropriate to post these mind-bogglingly psycho comments from one of my co-workers but I think this is the spot where they'll be best appreciated. This has been going on since September so there's quite a list, I'm sorry. But I think it's worth it for your horror/amusement.

1. Upon first finding out that I'm pregnant: pointing her finger in my face, shaking her head and speaking very loudly:
"Now just make sure you're careful. There have been so many miscarriages and premature births on staff here. This job is too stressful when you're pregnant."
Upon this first occasion, I politely explained that I had had a miscarriage of my own in March. At this point, I thought she meant well but just communicated this in an unfortunate way.

2. A week later, when I'm 14 weeks pregnant, out for dinner with department. Someone asked what my plans were, so I explained that I was tentatively planning on returning to work after the summer break for 5 weeks before starting maternity leave: leaning across other colleages, again pointing finger etc.
"You won't be able to do it. It will be too hot, you'll be too huge, you'll be too tired. You won't be able to come back to work after Christmas."
Ummmmmm, well I had said that this was tentative and I would see how I went. Thanks for your support.

3. When I was about 20 weeks.
"So Ellen have you been feeling well?"
"Yes, I feel great!"
"Bitch...... I threw up every single day from 6 weeks to 20 weeks."
Um... That sucks. But it doesn't make me a bitch. And things are beginning to make sense now. You're jealous and resentful because your pregnancies were difficult. OK.

4. About a week or two later. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE.
"Ellen are you still feeling well?"
"Yes, no problems"
"Gee you're lucky." (at this point I think, 'oh, she feels bad for calling me a bitch and she's trying to build a bridge. I will also try to build the bridge from my end.')
"Yes, I am very lucky, and I am really grateful. I certainly don't take it for granted."
"Something will get you in the end though."
Uh... Thanks a lot. As if you would even THINK that, let alone say it out loud. What????? Essentially what I hear is that you're putting it out there that my baby will die. Thank you so very much.

At this point I decide to avoid her at all costs but can't prevent her sitting near me after I have sat down for morning tea or lunch etc.

5. Last week of November. (I was 23 weeks pregnant and she KNEW it becuase she'd asked about 2 days before).
Another teacher let one of my classes into our room so they could decorate it, etc. for a surprise baby shower and so she was asking me how it went and had asked if they'd bought any gifts, so I was merely responding to her questions, not bragging or whatever. This crazy woman overheard the conversation and piped up with:
"With my second pregnancy I went into labour at 23 weeks and had to go into hospital for a couple of days. Luckily they were able to stop the labour but they instructed me to commence leave from work immediately. I went and told my Principal and he was very unhappy and in the end I ended up going back to work to teach two of my classes. My Year 12s were really cranky with me and I got NOTHING."
Yeah, sorry to hear that but could this be because you are a PSYCHO FREAK???? You know that a. I've had a miscarriage before and b. that I'm 23 weeks pregnant and yet you choose to tell me that you went into labour at 23 weeks AND then you put angry pissed-off vibes out there because you didn't get a fucking PRESENT???? What a joyful contribution to the conversation.

Luckily I didn't talk to her after that and I don't have to see her again until the 20th January.
I actually feel sorry for her because she's obviously carrying a huge amount of baggage but I just can't afford to have that shit in my headspace at the moment. God knows what she'll say next time.

Ellen- your co-worker sounds like a real piece of work. She sounds crazy jealous. I'm sorry that you have to put up with that. As for bellies, I love mine too!!!! I think we're pretty close- I'm at 25 weeks. So far I haven't gotten any really crazy comments, just questions about when I'm due. I did have someone ask me a couple of weeks ago if I was due pretty soon (only if you consider April soon). All in all, I feel good. Some days I feel very pregnant and other days I just feel normal but with a big belly.

Jenny- How are you?

Fookie- How are things going with your classes?

Ladies ttc- I found out a family member is pregnant a few days ago. Apparently it happened "extremely fast" for her. I still get annoyed when I hear that. Keep up the good work- I've got your backs!

I hope everyone else is doing well!
Happy Holidays everyone!
Happy New Year too!

I hope 2010 brings everyone on this board exactly what they've been wishing for.

Love and happiness too.

Merry Christmas everyone!
When I used my CBFM today there was an egg symbol- a Christmas egg, ha ha! Wish us luck this month:)
And good luck to everyone TTC and to everyone who is pregnant, I'm thinking of you all!

Baby Archibald James was born last Saturday at 3.47 in the afternoon after a quick labour and exactly 12 minutes after I arrived at the hospital (having had to manage contractions and the urge to push in the cab on the way there!). I was fully dilated when I arrived, screamed the place down and pushed him out in 3 pushes with zero pain relief. I had gone into labour that morning around 9-ish with my induction booked for the following day and having spent the whole of Friday on all fours trying to encourage him out. When I had a sweep on the Thursday the midwife had said the baby was OP and I was unlikely to go into labour naturally, so the whole thing came as something of a surprise on Saturday. The baby weighted 6lbs 11oz. Next time I have a baby I'm going straight to hospital when I feel the first contraction!

Perhaps as a consequence of the fast delivery, Archie swallowed and inhaled some of his meconium and developed a condition called PPHN where his oxygen levels were low, and he spent a few days in the neo-natal unit receiving oxygen and having intensive care. It was pretty scary, he was fed with a tube and they were talking about putting him on a ventilator. Thankfully he responded to the treatment (the doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing) and on Tuesday he was able to come and be with me on the post-natal ward.

Because he was tube fed and was in intensive care with limited cuddling time for 2 and a half days, breastfeeding has been challenging. I am trying to teach him to latch on, and I think he's getting there, but I'm exclusively feeding him expressed milk at the moment. I give him the opportunity to go to the breast every feed, but always have to feed him my milk from a bottle.

We were eventually released on Christmas day, Archie was given the all-clear on Christmas eve (and the condition he had is now entirely resolved - it's something only suffered by new-borns, apparently) but my blood pressure rocketed and they wouldn't let me out. Now I'm home it's totally back to normal.

Hope everyone's doing OK, happy Christmas! I haven't had time to catch up on the Lounge, but wanted to let you know my baby has arrived.
WOW!!! Woohooooo!!!!
BIG congratulations Jenny!! I love your new son's name.

You're so brave - I'm glad all is going well after a frightening start (a friend of mine actually lost her bubba last year 8 hours after delivery after she had inhaled meconium). Hopefully Archie (may we call him Archie?) figures out the latching on thing well and truly in the coming days.

Take care of yourselves.

ETA: Kitty I enjoyed imagining a twinkling Christmas egg for you. Hopefully it's the one.
Jenny, Congratulations!!! Must have been a very overwhelming experience with the ultra fast delivery and the NICU, but I am so glad to hear that all is well. What an exciting year 2010 will be for you watching your little bundle grow!

Kitty, I too hope that Christmas egg will bring you some exciting new years news!

Just as predicted by my big follicle on CD8, I ovulated on CD12! I couldn't believe it. I have never ovulated that early. I am already 7DPO today. I am really thankful for the timing because this means I can have my blood drawn on 11DPO, which is new years eve. I won't need the torture of wondering and can just enjoy myself if it's negative. And clearly I'll really enjoy myself if it's positive!

My doctor told me to be especially positive these next couple of months. She said there is no doubt that women are more likely to get pregnant 1 - 2 months following the HSG test. I am trying to be more positive, and my sore breasts are helping a little with that. :-) They are more tender and fuller than usual, but I am trying not to read into that too much. I am only 7DPO and it seems that is way too early to feel any differently. And if not, well, Mr M and I are likely going to do our first round of IUI as soon as Feb! Even that makes me a little excited.

Hope all is well with everyone!
Hi, everyone! I hope the holiday season is treating everyone well. Mr. Z and I just got home from my parents' house on the East Coast, so we are unwinding and I am unpacking a ton of stuff - including some baby items we received! My parents got me a copy of "The Happiest Baby on the Block" which I've already started reading and am finding very interesting.

Jenny D, congrats on your baby and my goodness, what a delivery story! It's the kind of event that I am sure seemed crazy at the time but will be a hilarious story to retell as he gets older. I am so glad everything is all right after a slightly scary beginning...update us when you can!

Fookie, I, too, wish a happy 2010 for everyone on this thread, including you and Mr. F and your adoption planning. Michelina and Kitty, crossing fingers for you both this month - seriously, I get so excited in the 2ww right along with you.

As for me, I am...big! I am completely in maternity clothes now at almost 18 weeks. While at home, my mom bought me a bunch of maternity clothes as a birthday gift (my B-day is 2 days before Christmas), and I am grateful for it. Now I need to go through my closet and pack up the clothes I won't be wearing for a while to make room for all this new stuff.

I am liking my pregnant belly more and more, but I admit to having felt a little like a freak show at my family holiday parties. I know they all meant well, but there's something about a pregnant belly that people want to treat as a sort of party trick. Everyone wants to touch it, comment on it, look at it, photograph it, etc. I got all sorts of comments from relatives, including, "Are you sure there's only one in there?" and "You're only four months?" and "It's going to be a huge boy, I can tell." My grandmother literally manhandled my belly for a good five minutes before declaring it would be a boy. Everyone was saying boy to the point that I am almost hoping it's a girl if only to prove them wrong. ;-)

It's wonderful to be pregnant but also odd to be the center of attention in this way - it's not something I'm normally comfortable with. But people can be very sweet, too. Today as we were getting off the plane, one of the flight attendants said, "Bye mom, bye baby!" It was cute and appreciated.

We learn the gender (hopefully) in about a week and a half...I can't wait!

Talk soon, and Happy New Year to one and all!
Congratulations, jenny d and baby Archie! I agree, what a scary experience for you, but I'm glad everyone seems to have come through it OK.

Try not to stress too much about the breastfeeding...I know it's easier said than done. Definitely keep working on getting him to latch on and keep at it as much as you can. Because he'd been away from the breast for awhile while my nipples healed (I've been pumping and we occasionally have to supplement with a bottle of formula) it's been a challenge getting Henry back on the boob. We're making slow progress but occasionally it's really frustrating. I told a friend that while I know mentally that in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal that he's partially formula fed (I was completely formula fed, as were my siblings), somehow it still feels bad not to be able to just put him on the breast and have it work the way it's "supposed to." From someone who's been there (and still is there sometimes) I just say be patient with Archie and be patient with yourself and you will do great.

zelda, I love hearing about your pregnant belly! Enjoy this time with your little guy or gal, and try not to worry too much about how big you get (or how much people comment...isn't that weird how people feel that during this time comments about your appearance are open season?). My experience was that there's usually kind of a growth spurt of sorts with the belly at one time or another....mine happened a little later on, but a lot of people hit theirs early on and then at some point things kind of slow down a bit. As long as your doc says you and baby are healthy, all else is gravy. (Although I will admit to hating pictures of myself toward the end...I just felt so giant.)

So, my pregnancy buddy (whose daughter is about 5 weeks older than Henry) and I were talking recently about how, strangely enough, with all the trouble, the sleep deprivation, the occasional moments of despair, the worry, the nine months of pregnancy and all the side effects, the labor and delivery, the adventures in breastfeeding, etc etc etc, we both agree that we would do it all again in a heartbeat. No question, sign me up. It's true what they's worth it.

Happy holidays to all! I'm with Fookie, I hope everyone on this board gets their wish this holiday season. Thinking happy thoughts for you all.
By the way....Happiest Baby on the Block is a GREAT book. Henry is a big fan of the swaddling especially, and mr julie is a world champion swaddler. (I'm pretty decent too, but mr julie is better.) It really calms Henry when he's losing it.
I'm glad you liked that book, Julie! The concept of the "fourth" trimester really makes sense when you think about it. A friend of mine gave me a baby swaddler - a little blanket that is cut and ready to be folded for swaddling. My BFF's daughter HATED to be swaddled, so I guess it might not work for everyone, but I am willing to try.

I forgot to mention in my last post...I am just so eager to feel Ponyo (our nickname for this peanut) move around! I'm at 17 or so weeks...according to What to Expect, I could start to feel it around week 18 at the very earliest, and I know with your first baby it might take even longer - maybe up to 24 weeks although I hope it doesn't take that long. I talk to Ponyo all the time, asking him or her if they like what they had for dinner, what they're doing in there, etc. Tonight I was rubbing my belly and asking him/her to start dancing because I want to feel it! :-) It's so odd - I feel like I *know* this person already even though in many ways Ponyo is still a stranger to us.

Dance, Ponyo!
Hi everyone!

Well, the Vitex b6 combo seemed to have worked. It shortened my cycle from 38 days last month to 30 days this month, so that was good. If anyone is dealing with long/irregular cycles and would like to know more about Vitex (a natural herb) let me know!
As for TTC this month, we managed to try early in the morning of the second day of the egg symbol on my CBFM, and then the following day with just the peak symbol. I figured we'd try it this way this month, since I had AF 15 days past ovulation last month. Everyone says to have sex that first day of the egg symbol, but that happened at my parent's house Christmas morning, so that could have been tricky. We'll see. I'm feeling a little less anxious about the whole getting pregnant thing this month for some reason.
However, yesterday as I was getting my hair done, my usual hairdresser announced that "I found out I'm pregnant over the holidays. Didn't see that coming. Ooops!!" I managed a tight smile and choked "Congratulations!" I wish I could have been more enthusiastic, but it's hard.
By the way, I wish there was some way of everyone posting pics of their new babies on here. I'd love to see Henry and Archie!
Kitty, thinking good thoughts for you this month...sounds like you timed things well. smile.gif

Can I just pop in here for a moment and say I have been stricken with a classic pregnancy symptom that is a real pain, literally? CONSTIPATION. Sorry if I'm oversharing, but my God. I drink a ton of water, try to eat fairly well (although I admit I've been dipping into the Christmas candy too much these past weeks), and my prenatal has a stool softener, but no, I am constipated almost every dang day. This is new for me as I've always been very regular. Ugh.

Sorry if I'm oversharing, but I had to vent! Ah, smile price to pay, I suppose.

Michelina, I am thinking of you tomorrow, New Year's Eve, as you go for your test. I hope you will post the results if you are able and are up to it.

Thinking of you!
Thanks for your thoughts of me, Zelda. I took a urine test this morning at 4:30. Negative. I cried in bed with Mr M and couldn't get back to sleep. I'll still get my blood drawn, but given that my urine tests are ultra sensitive, there is really no hope. I'm stopping the progesterone now and will hopefully get my period by Jan 2.

Glad to hear the vitamins helped, Kitty!

Cristine, I am thinking of you. How are you?
Jenny- Congrats on the birth of your baby boy! I love the name! How are you two doing?

zelda- I had constipation in my first trimester. I think everything got out of wack because I had pregnancy sickness and I couldn't eat and drink water like I normally do. I have found that eating dried fruit and lots of salads help me. Good luck!

Michelina- I'm so sorry to hear about your negative test. I wish I could give you a big hug ((((((Michelina)))))).

Kitty- I took vitex for a few months before I got pregnant. I thought my cycles seemed longer than a lot of people (average of 30 days- not really too bad at all) and I had very heavy periods. I don't know if the vitex had anything to do with my getting pregnant or not, but I don't see any harm in trying new things. Do you chart? That was really eye-opening for me... Good luck this cycle.

As for me, I've been very bad about getting exercise while I've been pregnant. I bought two pregnancy yoga dvds when I was about 4 months, and I finally did one of them last night. It kind of kicked my ass. I've always considered myself a relatively fit person. I'm not overweight and I like to walk fast and take the stairs (not as much anymore), but I'm out of shape! I have have a big belly and huge boobs now, and moving around definitely feels different- lots of aches and pains. I am now on a mission to get in shape during these last few months! I can do this, I can do this...

I hope everyone has a happy new year- there's still time for good things to happen.
Yum yum, great hearing from you!

I got my negative test result. I am just numb this time. We now have an official diagnosis of primary unexplained infertility. 12 months of unprotected sex without one pregnancy. Nice way to end 2009. I sometimes wish the "Childless Not By Choice" thread was still around. I feel like I belong there even though you ladies have been immensely supportive, and I still want to be around to support you.

I wish all of you happiness in 2010.
Hi ladies! Congratulations Jenny!!! I'm so happy to hear Archie is doing well!

Michelina, I'm so so sorry to hear about your negative test and the diagnosis... I hope you plan on enjoying yourself tonight!

Between Christmas, shopping, a trip to Vegas and being sick this week, I haven't had much time to check in. And I pretty much dropped the ball with charting this month. Once I missed a few days of temping before my ovulation, I stopped altogether, barely checked cervical fluid at all. According to the monitor, I ovulated in Vegas... we had a ton of vacation sex! Don't think it really mattered because I had a negative digital test today at 11-12dpo. Oh and right before Vegas I had seen my new doctor, love her! I told her how long we were trying and that the first 2 months weren't very optimal. She wants me to stop charting, have sex whenever and if I'm not pregnant in another couple months then she wants to refer me to an infertility specialist.

I hope all is well, wishing you all a very very happy New Year!
Cristine, sorry to hear about the negative. What is the sensitivity of the tests you use? Will you test again just in case? I am really glad to hear that you found a wonderful doctor. I loved that her advice was to stop charting for the next couple of months. That's a nice departure from all of the temping, tests, and graphs. It seems you probably know your cycle really well now and can just have fun! I wish we could do that, but with my progesterone supp, we need to know exactly when I ovulate.

Mr M and I had a really good talk last night. We decided we need to try IVF before going on to adoption. It's very personal and I feel like somehow people may think that is wrong. However, we feel we owe it to our possible future adopted child to exhaust our options for a bio child because we fear we would always wonder if we should have. Of course that's not to say that I think it's wrong or unfair for others to go straight to adoption. Not at all! It's just that for us, we personally feel we need to give those reproductive options a chance first. We live quite close to a very good IVF clinic with a 60% success rate and may just get a referral with hopes of getting in this fall. We are very much on the same page and we have a wonderful marriage. 2009 was tough, but I am in a great spot and am appreciative of what I have - which is an awful lot.

Happy New Year!
Michelina, I plan on testing again tomorrow if I haven't started yet... I'm the kind of person who can't leave a test behind and I bought a 2-pack. I usually buy First Response but this month I found a sale on ClearBlue digital, which says you can test as early as 4 days before a missed period with 52% accuracy. My cycle varies between 28-33 days, usually 30-31, and I tested on CD29... but I usually get discouraged after the first negative. I'll keep you posted. I still haven't decided whether or not I'll continue charting.

I don't think there's anything wrong at all trying IVF first, I think it's a great decision! I'm really hoping all of the best for you in this new year!!
Jenny, congratulations! Woooooohooooo! How wonderful that you're both home, safe and sound, despite the scary few days in the hospital after the birth. I'm so happy for you.

Zelda, although I haven't experienced it, I can totally imagine the "freak show" feelings that would come from being visibly pregnant. A friend of mine used to have ladies on the elevator she didn't know, touching her belly. I'm not sure how I would have handled that. Not to mention that at 36 she looks 18, and when pregnant at 30 she had "well-meaning" strangers telling her she was too young to have a baby etc. etc. Ugh.

Yummy, I admire your resolve to do those at home yoga videos. I am one of those people who occasionally buys those and then forgets about them for years. I've always been amazed by people who are able to find the motivation to do them (even once!).

Cristine, sorry about the negative test. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a positive on that second test.

Kitty, great response to the vitex. I had thought about trying it but never did. I have been having shorter cycles since stopping the fertility treatments (was always 28 days like clockwork before starting treatments. the two cycles since I stopped have been 21 days and then 25 days). I'll see how this cycle works out, maybe my system just needs some time to reset. If it's still short, I may give the vitex a go. I'll see what my naturopath thinks.

Julie, I'm so happy to hear that being a mom is agreeing so well with you!

Michelina, one thing I learned during my infertility journey is that no two people share the same journey. If you can afford IVF it's the fastest way to the desired end result: a baby. It's also the only way that certain issues can be diagnosed.

As for me, we decided to "announce" our adoption plans at Christmas. I wasn't totally sure how it would go over. I knew people would be happy for us, but I did not expect the sobbing tears from my sister (who hasn't been all that close to me) or Mr. F's sisters who also cried (his mom too, and I'm pretty sure his dad!). My dad who has been reacting the perfect way throughout this process (unexpectedly for the most part), was insanely excited and mushy about it all. So I think we definitely got at least as good a reaction as we would have had we been announcing that I was pregnant. And I had been afraid that I would be disapointed or feel that some people weren't as excited as we were ... so YAY! We finally got to share some good news. Now of course, comes the waiting (on their parts, we still have about a month of classes - they start mid jan - and the final three homestudy visits ... then we get to start waiting).

Happy New Year everyone!

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