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Jenny D, can't believe you're getting so close...that is so exciting. I am sure you're feeling frantic, but when I think about having the baby, I just think about all the children I teach whose parents seem totally clueless...and those kids turned out okay. You're intelligent with a loving partner and a steady stream of resources...I know you can do it!

I'm glad you said your breasts really haven't grown, Jenny. I keep waiting for mine to get bigger, and they are really the same size. I get itchy nipples and twinges and strange sensations in them, but they are still the same size. Glad I'm not the only one.

Cristine, I'm sorry about the negative tests...there were so many times during TTC when I just could not believe after all the trying that I wasn't pregnant. Everything I thought I had learned as a teenager about safe sex and getting pregnant from one all seemed like a joke. But I do believe your month will come...most likely when you least expect it. It WILL happen...after 7 or 8 months, you may want to have some preliminary tests done...just for peace of mind. It can't hurt. Thinking of you...

Eyelet, a shower that goes until midnight?! I didn't even much like staying out until midnight before I was pregnant...good grief. I will be really curious to hear how she does once the baby arrives.

Fookie, shit. I wish I had the right words. All I can say is that I continue to be impressed by your strength, your amazing relationship, and your faith and honesty about all of this. My heart aches for you, and this infertility thing is SO unfair...I want it so badly for you. You know, I think if you are interested in IVF, you owe it to yourself to try at least once. You may wonder, "What could have been?" I think it makes sense to pursue adoption and IVF at the same time. With IVF success rates going up all the time, I think it could be a good idea.

One of my dear friend's older sister struggled with unexplained fertility for three years...including numerous IUI procedures. They got pregnant with twins on their first go around with IVF.

I think what has got to be one of the most frustrating elements of this is the not knowing WHY this can't happen. Obviously, there is a reason...has any doctor been able to come close to guessing what it might be? I don't mean to be invasive...just curious. I think unexplained fertility has got to be especially tough because there is no clear answer. ARGH. I certainly don't mean to make you feel worse for thinking this "out loud"...I am sure you have had these thoughts a million times. All I can say is that your energy, positive spirit, and sense of humor are so welcome on this thread and I hope you never stray far from it. I can't wait to read your post on the day you tell us a baby is coming into your life.

As for me, I'm feeling good. The OB called and said my cultures came back negative and no bacterial infection, so that's good. I did a low impact aerobics DVD for 20 minutes today...enough to get a slight sheen of sweat and a slightly elevated heart rate, but well within my comfort zone. I am really committed to working out throughout this pregnancy if I can manage it.

I hope this weekend to go out and find some looser clothes that can get me through the next few weeks of not feeling totally pregnant but not feeling my normal waist size either.

I've been eating red meat regularly...I wonder if I will keep doing this after having the baby. It's so weird how I picked up the habit again so easily after 9 years. I feel a mix of guilt and pleasure. That's the Catholic in me.

Oh. I got the estimate from my OB. My share of the doctor bill and delivery is $500. The hospital bills separately. I'll probably end up spending $2000 to $2500 for a normal vaginal delivery. And that's with insurance. Ah, America.
Oh...and are you, my dear?
I have a question for pregnant or mama BUSTies.

I am having my nuchal fold screening/ultrasound next week along with the blood work. Were they able to tell you right then at the ultrasound that all looked okay? Or did you have to wait to have the results read? How long did it take for the blood work to come in?

Just want to know what to expect.
OK. I can't stay away. Ha.

Cristine, thank you so much. Each month that we've been in between IUI cycles, we're both totally convinced we'll just "get lucky" and beat the odds. There's nothing wrong with you thinking or wishing that for us. We do it every time. And oddly enough, something like 50% of unexplained infertility couples will end up with a spontaneous pregnancy within six years. So there will always be hope in my heart.

Zelda, thank you too. Despite your wishes to have the right words, you always do. And your friend's older sister, sounds exactly like us. Three years! Yep, that's us. I do have high hopes for the IVF. As for any "suspected" issues, one of the doctors who has seen me during cycling is also the director of the clinic I go to, and he said to me that the common thought about unexplained infertility these days is that we're waiting for "the right egg." Somehow when he said it to me, it made sense and so I didn't get to ask him what was "wrong" with all the other eggs. I think that IVF would actually allow them to see egg quality, so maybe as long as I'm doing IUI, I'm just "waiting for the right egg."

I have read stuff about immunological issues, but experts, including my own doc, seem rather divided on the possibility/issue. I do worry that might be my issue though. I have one of those bodies that has every possible "weird" thing happen to it, despite being the outward picture of health. And I do have a crap-load of allergies. Why wouldn't my body be going into overdrive to expel this "foreign" object implanting in me?

Can I ask you a question about your dear friend's older sister? Did she ever have a pregnancy, at all? I've never tested positive or miscarried. I have nothing but heartache and sympathy for the Busties who have miscarried, and my friends who have too. But the fact that I've never even gotten that far (god, this is in no way meant to be insensitive), really worries me. It makes me scared there's an implantation issue, and even IVF can't help with that. It makes me wonder if I should reconsider going against my gut and doing the laparoscopy. Blah. I am committed to not thinking too much about any of this until the new year. My brain really does need a break, and I need to find ways to be kind to myself and love my body again. At this point, even sex seems like a cruel joke.

I have just returned home from speaking at a board of education meeting where a decision was being made about selling green space and playing fields. By complete accident I fell into this and have become one of my community's voices on the issue. Part of me can't help thinking that maybe this is happening now for a reason. That maybe this is where my efforts need to be right now. And that's somewhat comforting.

And, I've serenaded my husband on this board before, but I'd like to do it again since Zelda and Cristine referred to our amazing relationship. He is truly my hero, and I hope that I find ways to make feel as loved and cherished through this as he has made me feel. His "job" in this is kind of thankless. He watches me go through all the invasive stuff, and then puts his disappointments aside to comfort me when it doesn't work. He whispers in my ear that it's not anyone's fault, and that we will be amazing parents no matter how we get there. It's hard not to focus on myself all the time in this process, and I think I will definitely spend some of the next couple of months giving a bit more back to him. This has been as hard on him as it has been on me. He's just too wonderful to ever point that out to me.

Much love.
Zelda-I skipped the nuchal translucency because due to my age I knew I wanted something more conclusive and would be getting the chorionic villus sampling. So it was redundant info. But I think they can give you same day answers.

Fookie--your posts reflect a very emotionally healthy person. When a child does come into your life, you guys are going to be great parents.

Cristine--my friend's son is 8 years old so she doesn't remember details. But she just asked her trusted acupuncturist to prescribe whatever he thought was appropriate (both in acupuncture and herbs). I have found acupuncture helpful for pain and for morning sickness. Just thought it might be worth one visit, especially if it can do double duty for general wellness.
Fookie, I am sorry and am very disappointed for you. I echo the others when I say that you continue to amaze me with your insight, wisdom, and positive energy throughout your disappointments. It seems that your relationship with Mr F has a lot to do with that, and going through this emotionally draining process successfully (with resepct to your marriage) proves that the two of you will get through any hardships that come your way. You will be wonderful parents. Sounds like you have a good plan for what's ahead.

Cristine, how are you doing today? I am also sorry to hear about your negative HPT's. You are early in this process, but thinking about some basic tests if it hasn't happened in another couple of months is a good idea. And as far as the semen analysis, just gently remind Mr C that his test is the only one that involves an orgasm. That's what I did. :-)

Eyelet, I have thought about acupuncture recently. I may look into it in the new year. I knew someone else who was struggling to conceive and did after a few rounds of treatment. May be unrelated, but you never know.

Zelda, they can probably tell you if the measurement is normal at the time of the ultrasound. The blood work will probably take a few days to a week. They combine the measurement with the level of the blood proteins to give you a risk estimate. I know this because in my previous job, I helped organize these screens. Let me know if you have any questions about it! It's pretty much the same no matter where it's done.

Jenny, I am excited to hear your baby news. It's so soon! We'll have two more baby Busties on the board by the holidays!

I am on CD10 and am on progesterone. I decided I may as well. Mr M and I had a talk last night. Neither of us feels hopeful for this cycle. I'll get my blood drawn on Monday (CD14) but will take a HPT that morning so that I can get the bad news at home and not in my office. We have decided to move on to IUI in the late winter or early spring. And we are even talking about doing IVF in the US where they have a program that refunds you a portion of the money if you are unsuccessful. We would put the money towards adoption. I know it seems that we are jumping ahead, but I need a plan in order to feel somewhat relaxed. Speaking of that, I am feeling very relaxed this cycle. I've been playing piano and doing yoga again. I just hope I don't crash with a negative test on Monday.
Thanks everyone, weíve been trying for 6 months but I guess since I was clueless about my fertile days (and wasnít charting at all) for the first 2 months we should technically only consider it 4 months of TTC. Our insurance at work changes in January and is going to be even worse than it is currently, so even though it might still be early, I may ask the doctor to run a couple tests before the end of the year.

Zelda, is the $2k-2,500 pretty standard? I didnít know that, Iím so sick of our insurance options!

Fookie, I think you are right to just spend the next couple of months celebrating Mr. F and the love you have with himÖ I hope you have very loving, relaxing & indulgent moments ahead of you! Enjoy! By the way, have you started your period yet? Is your cycle on schedule?

Michelina, very good point to make with Mr. CÖ thanks! wink.gif Iím assuming you mean 10 DPO?? Iím really crossing my fingers that this is your month! My thoughts will be with you on Monday!!

Believe it or not, during all this time, bitterness & anger are the only emotions that arise in me at this time of the month... this may be the first month I actually cry about it. I thought I felt pretty much dead inside about all of this shit until today, I saw incredibly light spotting after lunch and it hit me harder than it has in any other month, I'm trying so hard to hold back tears so I don't have to explain to my co-workers why I'm upset. This month was the least likely because of our poorly timed sex, I totally didn't expect to get pregnant so I don't know why I'm so broken right now! I'm officially depressed now, I can't think straight and I'm not very coherent at the moment... I just had to vent somewhere, thanks for listening guys. I wish I had the strength of the other TTC'ers on this board!
Eyelet, thanks for your comment about not feeling human in the last bit of pregnancy. I feel super conspicuous with my big bump, and it's weird on the tube, women look at me and size me up and then seem to make the decision to just ignore me. I've had much more luck with men! Thanks also for the tips on nursing bras, I'm going to size up for my post baby bra collection. I can't believe your studio 54 friend can face staying up past midnight, it's 5 to 10 at night here and I am done for!

Fookie, I'm so sorry to read about your negative test, you write so movingly about your feelings about TTC, and I'm really feeling for you that this cycle of IUI was not successful. I really hope you decide to try IVF and that it works for you, you will be an incredible mother when the time comes, whichever path it comes to you from, and Mr F sounds like a wonderful man who will be a fantastic dad.

Cristine I'm thinking of you and am sorry to hear about your negative tests. It does sound like it would be a good idea to get some testing in before your insurance changes. It's so frustrating that we can monitor so much of our own bodies and so little of our men's that it seems like it would be a good thing to perhaps get the SA done.

Michelina, I hope you don't get a negative test next week, even though you're not feeling hopeful about this cycle. Fingers crossed for you. Glad to read that you're feeling relaxed.

Zelda I had the nuchal fold measurements and blood tests when I was 12 weeks pregnant and got the results right away. The sonographer measured the nuchal fold and found it to be within the normal range and then went off to get the blood results, which were all normal. It took about an hour and a half between them taking my blood and my being seen by the sonographer which gave them a window for analysis.

It's bonfire night in the UK, and we have been out to see fireworks this evening. I kept my arms wrapped around my bump to protect the little fellow from any loud noises but he seemed unperturbed. He had the hiccups before we went out, again, I wish I could look inside and check up on him. We have another scan next Thursday, the last one, just to check that nothing looks suspicious after the bleeding I had a few weeks ago, and then I think we're really on the countdown.
Oh Cristine! Your post went up as I was typing mine. (((((Cristine))))) so sorry to read about how bad you're feeling. I totally understand why you would feel so horribly disappointed even though your hopes weren't hugely high, it's still so cruel that this isn't your month. It doesn't mean you're not strong that you're feeling so rotten, you have to allow yourself to feel this way, it is such a terribly disappointing time. It really sucks, and I am glad that you came to vent here. Please don't feel bad about feeling bad.
Thanks Jenny, I appreciate the kind words. And can I just say that I've always wondered about loud noises while pregnant! I'm sure everything will go great at your scan next Thursday!

I am in a constant habit of checking cervical fluid almost everytime I go to the bathroom and there is nothing more heartwrenching than seeing red! It's official... maybe next month.

Oh Cristine, I'm so sorry. I am always taken aback by how disappointed and depressed I get each time (even on the non-cycling months) even though I usually convince myself I'm not pregnant days before I see the red. I echo Jenny's thoughts about getting some testing done before your insurance changes. It is still so early in the game, but the changing insurance is as good a reason as any to start investigating early. Bitterness and anger are also the only things that arise in my when I wipe and see that telltale sign. I tend not to post here right away, and that's probably why I seem to sound positive ... but really i'm not at all until a few days later. Jenny said it was cruel that this wasn't your month, and that's the best word for this situation. Cruel. Cruel that we had the snot scared out of us for 20 years in school about pregnancy. Cruel that our body's aren't playing fair. Cruel that pregnancy symptoms can mimic period symptoms and thus make us hope when there is no hope. Cruel, cruel, cruel. That being said, be good to yourself. Allow yourself the bitterness and the anger. Adding guilt about how you handle the disappointment to the mix is not necessary. I think that being honest with yourself and on this board about your feelings is the only way to ride this out and come out on top of things later without really losing yourself. You will get pregnant, and you will be a terrific mamma. You hang in there.
(((Cristine))) It is cruel... and I understand.

I have to make this one a short one. Yes, I meant DPO not CD. I wrote before my brain had arisen yesterday. I am now 11DPO. No symptoms at all. My grandma passed away yesterday so I will get my negative result the day before her funeral. At least crying in public is appropriate at a funeral. :-) I am doing okay. It was very expected, but will still be very sad.

I got both flu shots on Wednesday and had no problems other than a very sore H1N1 arm. Ouch! It just aches. Even typing hurts two days later. But I'm glad I did it.
Oh and to top it all off, I just discovered I am spotting. Even the progesterone couldn't stop it this month. :-(
Michelina, I'm so sorry about your grandma. I know it was expected but that doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt. I know you don't think you're pregnant but it could be implantation spotting, I'm really hoping it is!

Thank you ladies, I had a good cry in the bathroom last night before bed... the first real crying session I've had since TTC. And then the rest of the night & early morning I was preoccupied with horrible cramps that have since lessened. The worst part about this cycle is I will be due to start my period the weekend of my husband's birthday... or it could be good news, but I will not allow myself to get my hopes up.

I hope you are all well!
Oh, sweeties...I just want to reach out and hug you guys! Fookie, Michelina, Cristine, I'm so sorry you guys are having to go through all of this. I agree with really is cruel.

Michelina, so sorry about your always hurts, even if losing her was expected. Just not having that person in your life hurts.

((Fookie)) You are just amazing to me, the care and compassion you are sharing with everyone on the thread when you are carrying so much on your own. I believe that parenthood is definitely in the cards for you and Mr. F, just wish I could speed things up for you! You take care (and I'm glad you're sticking around here).

Cristine, I know it's disheartening as hell. I remember having a similar experience a few times, where I knew our sex timing was off and didn't really expect to be pregnant, but I completely surprised myself with how disappointed and sad I was anyway. It doesn't make logical sense sometimes, it just is.

In terms of the US cost for delivery after insurance, it really depends on the insurance plan, but I agree that the $2000-$2500 that zelda quoted sounds pretty standard. Our individual health insurance plan's maternity rider has a $2500 deductible (which will be partially met by some of the prenatal testing and appointments) and then I think covers most if not all of the delivery. (I actually need to check so that I'm prepared for the big bill.)

zelda, I think whether you get the results of the nuchal fold testing right away depends on how your particular doctor's office (or whatever specialist does the testing) handles it. You may recall that we weren't able to complete the nuchal fold test because baby decided that doing a headstand the entire time would be an entertaining thing to do, but when I had the 20-week ultrasound our doc's policy was that the ultrasound tech wasn't allowed to give us any results about the baby's health...they wanted us to wait to get the report from the doctor (later in our appointment). The only thing the ultrasound tech could tell us is that we were having a boy.

jenny, I completely understand what you mean about wanting to look inside and check in on your boy! I've been reading that as you get closer to delivery, they take more naps, so they will have their active times separated by napping times. Of course, my preference would be for him to just keep poking me every hour so that I am constantly reassured, but he does still have several active times during the day and night (actually, one of his favorite times is about 3:30 a.m.), so I think it's okay. Oh yeah, and my guy gets the hiccups a lot too.

Oh, here's a helpful hint that I have yet to try but was recommended by the doc filling in for my doc this week: for swollen feet, take a 30-minute bath before bedtime. Apparently either swimming or sitting in water helps a lot with swelling for some reason.... I keep finding myself getting to bedtime so exhausted that I can't imagine doing one more thing (even drawing a relaxing bath and sitting in it for 30 minutes) which is why I haven't tried it out yet. I think tonight I might give it a whirl.

Group B strep is negative (yay, no antibiotics during delivery) and apparently we're still looking good. He's still head down and is a bit lower down than a couple weeks, not engaged (and not dropped yet), but gradually making his way down there. Doc says that's likely why I've had the increased pelvic pain and tightness in the last week. I have not looked at the scale the last few appointments but apparently I jumped up a bit in weight this week; the doc thinks it's probably water weight from the swollen feet.

Eyelet, many thanks for the nursing bra recommendations. I'm thinking I might just buy one bra (based on the fact that my boobs might drastically change size once the milk comes in) and buy a couple of nursing camisoles, then buy more after the milk comes in and I get a better sense of what works for me. I don't want to be completely unequipped, but I also don't want to buy a bunch of stuff and then figure out that I need all new stuff.

Love to all....jenny, hope your last few weeks go well!
Hey there, pregnant Busties. I was just thinking about pregnancy... I had my third (and probably last) baby about 5 months ago. I know it can really be a pain, but being pregnant is such a special, magical time and it's one of those things that only happen a few times in your life. Now that I'm 36 and probably finished with having babies I have a kind of nostalgia for being pregnant/giving birth. With my last pregnancy and delivery I would sometimes consciously remind myself to savor the moments of having a unique, special person growing inside me. A person who would be born already recognizing my voice and scent! (Non-pregnant Busties trying to conceive: take heart, your time will come). So even on those uncomforrtable days try to take time to enjoy your pregnancy...once it's over, it's over forever.
Wishing you all healthy pregnancies, healthier babies and no back labor!
Michelina-I'm sorry about your grandma too. When I lose mine it's going to be major grief, especially since my mom passed away in '03 and her mom is the only maternal figure I have left.

Sorry also that Michelina, Cristine and Fookie are all having such moments of straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back, so to speak.

Jenny and Julie-now that I know my child's face by heart, I often try to imagine what she must have looked like all curled up inside me--what position she was in (I was never exactly sure). I wonder how much of me she knew and understood before coming out, since I didn't know anything about her. One funny thing, speaking of loud noises, is that Elowen is never disturbed by our dog's extremely loud, annoying bark. She heard it so much in the womb, it doesn't make her jump or even wake up from sleep. Crazy.

Koffeewitch-I had my baby 5 months ago (in a few days) and so did another person on this board, Ananke. I think that from 3 months on they become so much fun. This will be my only pregnancy because I'm 43, so I can relate to that wistful feeling. I won't miss the physical challenges of pregnancy, but it has been an adventure I wouldn't trade for anything.

Ananke-Elowen was handed down one of those jumping toys so now she can stand up and go crazy dancing and bouncing. She absolutely loves it. Has Fallon gotten into that yet?

Going to sleep ridiculously early tonight.

Thanks for your condolences. Today was a very hard day and I'm awfully glad it's over. My spotting has gotten progressively worse, which doesn't fit with implantation spotting. I also took a urine test. I have had very mild cramps on and off all day. I'll have my hcg test drawn tomorrow, but won't get results until Monday afternoon. I will stop the progesterone if the spotting gets really bad even if I don't have the result. I know my body well enough. I'd rather my period just come and then we can get on to the next cycle. (Sigh)
Oh, Michelina, Fookie and Christine, I'm so sorry. You're all so strong for dealing with this, and bitterness and anger seems well within range of normal responses. I hope things come good soon.

eyelet - I haven't got a jumper yet, but I just know Fallon is going to love it. She's a big kicker and loves standing up and pushing against you or the ground. I'll hopefully get one soon, but I've got a walker type jobbie thing that I might have a squiz at and see if it's suitable yet.

Fallon is doing well, had a cold/flu type thing while we were travelling, but she did super well with it all. The only real crying on the plane trips were when I didn't realise we were descending. I got kudos from a couple of women getting off the plane after that though. On the way home there was less crying but the 2 kids in front of us who spent the entire flight either fighting, screamin, chucking tantrums, ignoring the attendants, running in the aisles, playing with the windows or trying to break their seats covered up anything Fallon could have done. She did chuck up on Mr A so much after landing that they both had to change...

koffeewitch - I actually don't miss pregnancy at all, but I'm probably going to be having more kids. I think it's the finality part of it more than anything. I'm still not sold on the more kids thing, but I find myself unable to talk about my family without kids, rather than with one child. So I just don't know. I really didn't like pregnancy though, but I do hope I'm a little more concious of the birth next time (i.e. DON'T TAKE THE SLEEPING PILLS THEY GIVE ME).

Well, we're going on a picnic today since the weather seems to have finally turned. Which is good since my washing machine and dryer have both fucked themselves. I can't wash in hot and since I'm doing cloth nappies, I need sunlight if I'm using cold water. This is just after getting our TV and DVD player and xbox repaired as well. And Mr A's hard drives keep borking too. It's just never ending!
(((Michelina)))) So sorry about your gran and the damn spotting. What crappy month, eh? I had my heart set on this month. The idea of being able to "share our news" at Christmas had really taken over and made me believe that this was absolutely "the" month.

Thanks everyone for your lovely thoughts.

Thanks so much, Fookie. It would have been wonderful for you if this cycle had been it. I am just so sorry. I can't wrap my mind around the unfairness of it all.

I am off to my grandma's funeral soon and won't be around for a while. I get my blood test results tomorrow, but with this amount of spotting and 2 negative HPT's, I know it will be negative. Of course, I would make it to an internet to let you all know if the testing says otherwise. But don't hold your breath. The chances of that are very low given my history of spotting before my period. This is just me, but with freaking progesterone suppositories mixed with blood. Sorry if TMI!
(((((TTC Busties)))) It's so unfair. You're all so strong and inspiring and I'm sure you would all make such loving, devoted, wonderful mothers. I'm thinking of you all lots, especially you michelina.

I've had my first appointment at the Birth Centre. It's a cool place but the first visit was pretty much about filling in medical history forms & having more blood tests. I'm excited about having my baby there but there are lots of things that mean you can't, like if there is meconium in the fluid or if you need to be induced. Hopefully things keep going smoothly so chickadee can be born there. I got lots of great info booklets about some things that, even though I've been reading voraciously, I didn't know, like how best to sit to ensure baby is anterior.

I had my swine flu vaccine on Friday afternoon. I cried and felt scared but all has been fine so far except for an achy arm for 3 days (oh, and the matter of stinging skin round my hips today which I suspect is related to the shot but I'm trying NOT TO THINK ABOUT!!!). My GP's comment was very interesting - he wouldn't have recommended I get it when it first came out but he's pretty confident now after a month that it's safe. I feel vindicated for my suspicion and desire to wait. Please stinging skin, be gone tomorrow.

The best thing happened! The books say about now "make a note of music to which your baby is responsive" and I'd thought nothing in particular was causing any action. I was beginning to think I had a boring, unmusical baby (as if!). But on Thursday night my school had its awards night and the string ensemble played at the beginning. After a very quiet day, baby went CRAZY for about 15 minutes and then settled right down again - even during the choir and piano music later on it (she) didn't feel moved to dance! So the strings have it!

Thinking of you all.
Michelina, I'm so so sorry about your granny. I still dream about mine and miss her terribly. I think about how excited she would be for this baby and get sad if I think about it too long...thinking of you and all the TTC ladies. God, it fucking sucks, I know. I hope when you return you can get an answer about the spotting. Do you have any future appointments set up?

Ellen, glad you were able to get the shot and see the Birth Centre. I hope you will be able to have your baby there...I'm sure you will! I have a wicked cold, but I'm grateful I have no fever and no achiness. I was even able to do my prenatal yoga workout today which was good. "What to Expect" says exercising with a cold if you feel up to it can actually make you feel better faster.

I really want the flu shots, but I'm scared, too...I like what your doc that it's been out for a while, we have some proof that it's safe (thanks to all those early guinea pigs). I will talk to my OB when I go in on Thursday.

I'm nervous about the nuchal fold test and whether or not I will get the results on Thursday. I know my odds are so good that all will be well, but I am still worried...partly because I don't know what we would do if the results were less than ideal. I don't know if we would terminate or, why am I letting my mind go there? I just hope we get some sort of word on Thursday even via the ultrasound and we don't have to wait ages wondering. It would be great if we could celebrate Thanksgiving with total assurance that all is well.

I feel like I did before my first appointment, so sure I would have a blighted ovum or embryo that didn't develop. It's like I just move from one stage of worry to the next....gads!
"Worry is the work of pregnancy." (Pam England, Birthing from Within)
ellen, amen to that!

It's been an emotional couple of weeks. Last week my dad got the results of a biopsy that came back positive for prostate cancer. Yesterday he got the results of his bone scan and talked treatment options, which overall went about as well as it could. It hasn't spread to other parts of the body, and the cancer is very small, less than 1 mm. So he's considering his options and will go from there. I'm relieved that the prognosis sounds pretty good, because my baby needs a grandpa, damnit! And I still need my daddy, too.

Then this Monday mr. julie's grandma went into the hospital because she was breathing erratically, and they discovered that her liver wasn't functioning well and her kidneys were basically shutting down. They decided not to do any heroic measures and she ended up passing away later that night, fairly peacefully it sounds like. I'm sad that she never got to see her great-grandbaby but thankful that we made it to visit her last month when she still was at home and somewhat lucid. mr. julie is struggling with what to do about the funeral...he was especially close with his grandparents (his grandma basically helped raise him, because mr. julie, his mom and sister lived with his grandparents after his parents got divorced) but he's worried that if he leaves town to go to the funeral he might miss the birth. And I don't want him to miss the birth either, obviously.

Happily, the pregnancy is still going pretty well. The foot swelling is getting worse but my doc says my urine values and blood pressure still look fine, so no worries there. Baby is still moving a good amount but it's definitely different...I think it's just that there is less room in there. It's pretty tight, which makes it hard to figure out when my uterus is tightening or when he's just taking up a lot of room. If I'm still going next week they'll do an exam to see where things are re: my cervix and as my doc says, "talk about how long you want to go." Honestly, I really want to avoid any kind of induction scenario if I can, so I'm hoping he makes an early or on-time appearance (but not too early, because I still have a lot of stuff to do!). An acupuncturist friend is doing a weekly treatment on me that is supposed to prime everything for birth, so I'm hopeful that will help. It's relaxing, if nothing else. And I think it did temporarily help with the foot swelling.

Had breastfeeding class last night, which was interesting but sort of weird. We practiced with doll infants, but as I told mr. julie, I highly doubt I'm going to gain much skill from having spent 15 minutes holding a doll up to my boob. Hell, after labor I'll be surprised if I even remember anything. We did discuss diet and pumping and a variety of other things, which was helpful. Judging from what I read, I think I have inverted or partially inverted nipples (or possibly one inverted and one's kind of hard to tell) so I'm a little worried that I may have a tougher time getting going. Well, I have my pump, which I'm taking to the hospital, and they have lactation specialists on call at the hospital in addition to the postpartum nurses if needed.

Sorry for the monster post...hope y'all are doing well out there. zelda, thinking of you for the nuchal scan. The worrying won't stop (you'll just find new things to worry about later) but I have a good feeling that everything is going to be fine. Whatever happens, you'll deal with it. Just try not to let the worry take over your life. Enjoy every moment you have with little bean and deal with the results when you have them. That's all any of us can do.

koffeewitch, I am trying to take your good advice about savoring the moments of pregnancy! There is lots of crap to deal with, but sometimes it really is stunning to realize that there's a person in there that I helped create. Life is truly amazing sometimes. And I may be bugging you for breastfeeding advice soon. ;-)
Julie, I'm sorry about this news with your dad and then Mr. Julie's grandma on top of that! It seems bad news and good news tends to come in waves, right? Your baby will have a granddad, and you will have your pops...sounds like the diagnosis is good. Keep us posted.

I can't imagine breastfeeding with a and hilarious. I guess it can't perfectly match the real thing, but it's got to be some practice, right? I am trying to be pragmatic about breastfeeding...I've had friends who have had great success and others who have not and have bottle fed. Their kids all turned out just fine. My mother breastfed my brother for over a year and he was one of the sickest kids ever with multiple ear infections, allergies, and asthma. So while I definitely believe breast is best, I'm a firm believer that women can't beat themselves up if for whatever reason it doesn't work out. But I think it will work out just fine for you, Julie. I can't believe your baby will be here soon!!!!

I had my OB appt. today and heard the heartbeat. Amazing! Sounded like horses running. My doctor said we could tell the world now...she said once she's heard the heartbeat, the viability of the pregnancy is all but guaranteed. I'm at 11 weeks and 1 day. I put a blurb on facebook (no ultrasound pics and NO pics of my positive test...just a simple note). Got a lot of warm wishes from folks I hadn't talked to in It's nice not to keep it a secret.

I did not get the nuchal fold...I misunderstood my doc last time. I have to call and schedule it for next week or the few days before Thanksgiving.

But I am having second thoughts. After asking me a bunch of questions, my OB assessed our risk as very low for having a baby with chromosomal problems. Even though we don't have Mr. Z's history because he is adopted, the fact that he was under 45 when we conceived is a good thing, and the fact that I was under 35 is also good.

The odds of be having a baby with Downs or Trisomy 18 are less than 1 percent. The odds of a false positive on a nuchal fold test are 5%. And my insurance may not cover it. I just don't know if it's worth the anxiety, extra appointment, and stress for a screening test that can't tell me anything absolutely definitively anyway.

I'm thinking of just skipping it and waiting for the second trimester ultrasound...I need to talk it over with Mr. Z, but that's how I'm feeling right now...

How is everyone? This thread has been kinda quiet lately!

Oh! Forgot...I got the H1N1 shot. They had enough at the OB's. No stinging, no aching, nothing. Feel fine now and feel relieved I got OB was VERY encouraging about it and said she strongly suggested it. I think it was a good decision...
hi folks - i disappeared for a bit post-really crappy cycle but am now actually being treated by an infertility clinic, as apparently two chemical pregnancies were enough to convince my HMO that maybe there might be a problem of some sort. how sweet of them.

Zelda, i *loved* reading about your experiences with the scan and the heartbeat; i have read about women buying fetal hear trate monitors and i used to think it was kind of eye-rollingly obsessive, but now i could totally picture just wanting to sit and listen to that sound, kind of like a white noise machine.

so i was given clomid for the first time this cycle, and i have a few questions that i thought maybe you guys could help me with? normally i would have no problem calling the doctor's office and just asking them directly, but they are only open during hours that i'm at work, and there is no place there i can call with total privacy, so i have to try to sneak out to my car and call from there which is difficult and annoying. plus, i can't imagine there's anything that the RN at the clinic knows that you folks don't by now. : )

so my cycle started oct 29. i took clomid CD5 - CD9.
normally i would expect ovulation around CD11 - CD12, but i was told that clomid pushes that day out some, so i should start with the OPK on CD14 - but if i wanted to be super-sure i could start testing on CD12. anything before that could be a false positive from the clomid.
naturally i started testing on CD12 (just call me Captain Super-Sure), and the damn thing was positive. we did grown-up things, yay.
tested OPK again on CD13 just for kicks, negative.
tested OPK again on CD14 (why not), positive. uh, ok.
so we figured the CD12 one was a false positive, even though we were told it was cool to test then. no big. we did more grown-up things, yay. (i've tested negative since then, thus disproving my original theory that i was a freak of nature who would ovulate every other day for the rest of her life.)

so my question now is this: if i would normally expect my period to show up around CD27, would that be affected by the clomid? does it push that start date out a few days, like it does with the ovulation? and for computation of dpo, would the "o" be CD14 (the second of the two positive OPKs)?

thanks for indulging my quantitative obsessions. : )
Hi, melora! I am glad you are back and also glad your HMO recognized you needed some intervention. So nice of them...TO DO THEIR JOB.

Unfortunately, I do not know much about Clomid, but Fookie is our resident expert on a lot of infertility treatment. I don't think she ever took Clomid, but she will probably know something. You may want to PM her and see what she knows.

I understand about being unable to call the doctor at work. As a teacher, I cannot make or take phone calls at work but have to sneak off to the faculty lounge and hide and hope no one comes in during my off period when I'm already supposed to be grading papers, in meetings, etc. Erg.

Keep us updated!!
Melora, I skipped Clomid and went straight to injectibles b/c I have really good insurance and those have fewer side-effects. So I don't know much at all about clomid.

Before I found this Bust board, I used to visit an IUI board that while filled with baby dust and baby dancing and other off-putting things did actually house quite a few "experts-by-experience" people who were very kind and willing to answer just about any question you could imagine. That website does have a clomid board, here's the link: Good luck with all of this.

I am running out to buy hair products (if you knew me, you'd understand why running out of them is a hair-catastrophy waiting to happen) so I'm keeping this short.

Julie, I'm sorry about everything you're dealing with right now. I'm glad to hear that the prognosis seems positive.

Zelda, amazing post about the heartbeat. I'm so happy for you.

Michelina, I hope the funeral went as well as a funeral can go. I tend to be the person people "thank" for crying enough for everyone in the room. I have not yet "grown up" enough to have any kind of "understanding" of the cycle of life. I'm thinking of you.

I am doing pretty good. Am cycling through my "infertility stages of grief" and I think I'm sitting somewhere between acceptance and denial. One minute I'm excited about starting the adoption process in the new year, and another minute I'm thinking that we'll have a surprise pregnancy and be looking back on all this laughing on day. In between those two stages, I go between happy that I can concentrate on myself and be OK about things, to bursting into tears at random times. All in all, I'm OK, and I know I'm going to be even more OK as time goes by.

I'm visiting less because in a way it helps me, but I am thinking about all of you pregnant Busties and all you TTC'ers. Warm, happy thoughts to you all.
Sorry, and I'm thinking about the "already-mamma-Busties" too smile.gif
Hey, melora! I am glad that you're back too...the health care system makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. I agree, how sweet of them to DO THEIR JOB. Grown-up things, heh!

Fookie, I'm glad to hear from you, but completely understand that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is have a bit of time when you're not talking about all this stuff. When I was having problems in my marriage, at one point I got to the point where I was talking about things so much with my friends that it actually was hindering my ability to move forward...talking about it TOO much was actually my way of avoiding dealing with it. It sounds like you're in a good place, even though sometimes it must feel like 2 steps forward, 1 step back a lot of the time. Thinking of you...come visit whenever is good for you.

zelda, I can totally relate to your questioning whether you even want to do the nuchal fold test at all. I think a lot of it relates to...if I had was carrying a child with disabilities (spina bifida, Downs or other abnormality), would I want to know? And if I knew, would that change things for me? It's a tough call. And the nuchal fold test is just a screening, so even if there was some sort of finding it might be a false positive. I think a lot relates to what you and mr. z would want to do, and whether it would help or hurt your anxiety more to know or to not know. Good luck...I'm sure whatever happens, you'll figure out the right thing for you guys.

Things are kind of mellow here at the moment. I've woken up a couple of times in the last week (in the middle of the night) with what I think could be mild contractions, but basically I've said to myself, if they're the real thing I won't be able to sleep through them, and so far I've always gone back to sleep. I think it's possible that the Braxton-Hicks are just getting a bit stronger. That, and it's so crowded in there that it's pretty tight when he moves too.

We're doing fine, thanks for everyone's good wishes. mr. julie didn't go to the funeral because he didn't want to leave me. It was hard for him to be away but he talked with his mom a lot this week and I think the mourning process will really continue when we next visit the family and Grandma's not there. My dad seems to be doing fine for now...he's deciding on treatment and will probably start that after the holidays. And I'm thrilled that my brother has offered to come out and visit after baby arrives...he has offered to do whatever we need, cooking meals, taking baby while we sleep, any kind of grunt work, whatever. He's been there himself so I think he'll be a huge help.

Anyway, hope all are doing well....thinking of y'all!
Hey Busties, quick question...I posted in the Bust Community Forum about starting a breast-feeding thread (mainly because I have run into a lotta Busties who have or are currently breast-feeding). I think right now, most of the BFing conversations probably happen in the Hip Mama forum, if at all. If anyone would be into a BFing thread, please post a reply in the community forum.
Fookie, I certainly understand wanting to take a break from this thread from time to time. Of course I hope you will still visit. I love your sense of humor and your honesty. And I want to know how you're doing. You rock, Fookie.

Julie, my BFF went from no pains or Braxton Hicks to full on labor one night! She kept waiting for a warning and never got it! But she knew for sure when the real labor had, I cannot believe you are about to deliver! I'm sorry Mr. Julie was unable to attend the funeral, but it was so sweet that he decided to stay with you. He will have time and opportunity to grieve this loss...even though it is sure to be difficult. I think about my grandma all the time and still miss her soooo much.

After a lot of conversation, Mr. Z and I decided against the nuchal fold testing. We feel more and more certain that we would continue the pregnancy no matter what, so we just decided we didn't want to put ourselves through that especially since it's not definitive and my risk is so low. So....I feel very at peace with the decision. There is something oddly liberating about giving up control.

I am having a mild herpes outbreak (if you remember, I told you all that I have had HSV-2/genital herpes for about 6 years or so...Mr. Z was a carrier and didn't know it as he never had symptoms). I get an outbreak about once a year, usually mild. Well I got a bad cold last week and I think my immunity being low triggered it. When I saw my OB last week she said it was perfectly fine to take my Valtrex as recommended until the outbreak was over, so I am doing that now. I have some pains on my sides and I'm not sure if it's round ligament pain as my uterus grows or the prodomal pain of the herpes. I hope I don't get too many outbreaks during pregnancy because they suck! I know there's no harm to the baby in utero...a few weeks prior to delivery I'll start taking a maintenance dose to prevent an outbreak prior to delivery (otherwise, you have to have a C-section).

I'll be at 12 weeks in just two days and cannot wait to make that milestone!

Hope everyone is doing well...thinking of everyone.
Hey everyone, I hope all is wellÖ Iíve been super overwhelmed at work recently due to a ďpromotionĒ, which I will believe when I actually see more money!! Anyway, I thought Iíd take a quick second to try to catch up.

Michelina, how are you doing?

Ellen, thatís a great little story about your musical baby!

Julie, so sorry to hear about the wave of bad news. And Iím sure the funeral decision must have been very tough on Mr. J, but glad to hear that you did get the opportunity to visit her recently.

Melora, I donít know much about Clomid. A friend of mine (recently re-connected through Facebook) just went on that because she wasnít ovulating. Sheís only been trying since July and didnít have anything negative or confusing to say about Clomid, other than itís made her gain a bit of weight. I would guess you ovulated on CD14, just because maybe CD12 was a false positiveÖ but regardless, as long as you did the business during those days I think youíre good! wink.gif And Iím so sorry youíve had such a crappy time recently, I really feel for you.

Fookie, I hope youíre doing better!

Zelda, did you get your cold after you got the vaccine? I canít believe youíre already going to be at 12 weeks! How time fliesÖ

Iím on CD13, have decided to leave my cervix alone this roundÖ though I do want to check on that bump and tell my doctor about it at my next visit. Thursday-Sunday are our tentative TTC days, weíll see how the monitor & OPKís do as a team this month.

Even though Iíve been busy, Iím still thinking of all of you! smile.gif
Hi all, just popping by to say hello. My baby is due in less than 3 weeks and I'm now on maternity leave. It's weird, I'm just kind of waiting to go into labour. My hospital considers you term at 37 weeks so if the baby comes now it's a regular rather than a premature birth. One of the girls in my NCT class (national childbirth trust ante-natal classes) had her baby on the weekend, we were due on the same day, it's making it very real! She had to have a forceps delivery with an episiotomy because the baby was in a back to back face first position meaning he got stuck. I'm sat on my birthing ball typing this, as I'm very keen that the baby should be in the right position! Apparently these balls can help the baby get into the right position. We'll see! Maternity leave so far is great, although I really feel like I'm playing hooky. I'm meeting the women from my NCT group for lunch, plus the new arrival! I'll get to have a good look at a real-life newborn! I saw my midwife yesterday to talk about my birthplan, the baby is head down and I'm hoping he stays that way. I also had a spot of blood yesterday - don't know if it might be my plug coming away, but it wasn't fresh blood and the baby's heartbeat and movements are regular so I'm not freaking out (too much). Still have stuff to buy, a sterilizer for one, but my hospital bag is packed and really now I just wait. Oh, and watch season 2 of MadMen which has just arrived from Amazon.

Good luck Cristine! Zelda, your decision making about the nuchal fold screen seems sound, you have to go with what feels right in your gut, melora good luck with this cycle, how kind of your doctors to actually give you the treatment! Julie, how are your final few days going? You're due next Wednesday, right? I have in my mind that I am precisely 2 weeks behind you. I'm sorry to hear of the bad news you and yours have been dealing with. I truly hope your dad does great through his treatment. the prognosis sounds positive, fingers crossed for him. I'm sorry also to hear about the Mr's grandmother, it must've been tough to make the decision about the funeral. My cousin died last week (he was 33 but it was not unexpected - he had a long history of drug abuse and had been living on the streets for some time) and I don't feel able to go to the funeral which is several hours drive away. I would very much like to be there to support my parents and my aunt, and to show my respect for my cousin who was a lovely man despite his problems, but I would be terrified to be so far from hospital.

Love to all in the Lounge.
Julie and Jenny, I am thinking tons of you guys and can't wait to hear your news!

Zelda, congrats on making it to this milestone! 12 weeks is definitely something to celebrate.

Melora, great to hear from you. I am curious about your Clomid question too. Have you found any answers? I may soon be joining you on the Clomid journey so I am interested too.

Cristine, fingers are crossed for you!

I have had a very stressful last week. I took an HPT the morning I left for the funeral and in my early morning haze, I peed on the window. Oops. I learned my lesson never to do that again because I had a (very) faint positive as a result. So of course I got a little excited. Then as I was in the car with my family, the clinic called with my negative. That afternoon I felt so sad and overwhelmed with everything that I took a walk, found a park bench, and sobbed. The next day I got sick and had chest pain so I went to the ER. I spent a few hours in hospital with a fever and nasty cough and was given a diagnosis of "likely H1N1." I had only been vaccinated one week prior. Funny thing is that my cramps at the hospital were causing more discomfort than the flu. :-) I am recovered, but still have a lingering cough.

I have an appointment with the infertility doc (the gyne) in a few weeks. I am going to insist on the hyterosalpingogram this time. And I want to talk to her about IUI in the spring.
And Julie, so sorry to hear about Mr J's grandma.
Jenny, good luck with everything... and I think it was the right decision to stay close to home at this point. You're so close, how exciting!!

Michelina, sorry you got sick but glad you're feeling better now! That faint positive must have really sucked, I've never had anything close to looking positive so I can't imagine how devastating that call afterwards must have been.

So, strangely the monitor detected pending ovulation yesterday on CD14 which is the earliest since I've been charting. So we got busy a little earlier than we anticipated, but I'm pretty happy that it's a few days sooner. Then today I woke up and my monitor asked me to take another pee test, last cycle it stopped asking me for tests once the little egg appeared on the monitor so I was a bit confused. I was thinking, shit the monitor is second-guessing itself, what am I going to think if there's no egg today, was it a false reading, WTF??? Well another egg appeared but, I know you're not supposed to read the lines on monitor tests (or digital OPK's), but I did! Yesterday was definitely darker than today's so I think I ovulated over night, we'll have sex tonight of course and then hope that our 2 days of sex did the job this month. I'm really sick of trying to hit the timing with my crazy ass cycles! I did have a temperature drop today, so that was reassuring that the timing is probably accurate.
So I'm pretty certain I ovulated yesterday on CD15. I went back to old calendars and this is certainly the best timing we've had so far. The monitor went back down from Peak to High today, which correlates with my temp rise today... following yesterday's huge dip. And now the wait...

Julie, how are you doing? Are you not around because you're in labor?! smile.gif

Michelina, Fookie, Funny... how are you all doing???
Jenny, so glad you will be able to enjoy Mad Men while you are waiting to deliver...wait until you get to watch season 3...oh boy oh good. Enjoy this quiet time before the baby comes...we are all waiting to hear of your delivery! So very, very exciting.

Christine, so glad you got the timing right. Now go and enjoy these next two weeks and try not to think about symptoms. Remember the month I tested positive...literally the night before I tested, Mr. Z and I sat in bed talking about how we were sure the month had been a bust and oh well there was always next month...I laugh just thinking about it.

Michelina, 2009 is a year that must quickly end for you so you will feel better SOON. You have dealt with far more than your share of crap, and I am so sorry about it...I am glad you are insisting on the test and I'm glad you are looking into IUI. You are being proactive, and I know it will pay off. Thinking of you...LOTS.

This morning a coworker came up to me out of the blue and said, "I just wanted to tell you...I think you are going to carry this baby in your butt and thighs." I was stunned. I said, "Well, I don't think I look that pregnant yet," and SHE goes, "Your butt has gotten bigger!" She went on to say that she gained 70 pounds with her son and I should enjoy myself and all the growth is for a good reason, but needless to say I feel like quite the beached whale. Good grief.

I've gained about 5 pounds. My pooch is bigger, but I still think it's just bloat. What to Expect says my uterus should pop out from behind my pubic bone by the end of this week (week 12), so we shall see. I waver from feeling exactly the same to feeling fat and like my clothes are all wrong. Erg...can't wait to get a real, definitive baby bump so I feel less fat and just more pregnant.

I still cannot believe that is true what they say about people having no filter around pregnant women. Seriously!!!
Zelda, thanks for the advice... I'm really trying to calm myself down this month, this stress is not good for either of us. I can't believe what your co-worker said, that's unreal! And wow, 70 lbs. during pregnancy? That is absolutely frightening! Don't let her get to you.

How is everyone doing?
Zelda, my jaw dropped reading your post. Wow, some people really have no filter. I just don't undertand how in someone's mind those kind of comments can be okay, under any circumstance!

Cristine, I have a very good feeling that your time is not far from now. Thinking of you as always.

I decided to leave FB today. The pictures of naked pregnant bellies, ultrasound pics, baby pics and videos, and constant updates about what everyone's cute babies are doing is really driving me crazy. I know I can always return, and I likely will, but I think this break will be very good for me. I need to practice self restraint so that I don't just reactivate now!

I am on CD13 and am really not excited despite all of the signs of impending ovulation. Now ovulation is just a reminder that I am still not pregnant.

Oh and Mr M and I are planning a trip to Europe this summer! This is something that we can focus on that is not at all related to having a baby. If IUI works and I'm pregnant, great! If not, we'll return and start a round of IVF. I don't think we'll do it in the US. It would just be very disruptive to our lives, and with my lost wages, it wouldn't really make sense financially anyway. I think we'll consider starting the adoption process in early 2011. Damn, I am a planner to a fault.
Hello ladies!

I just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I'm sorry it's been awhile- I try to read up on what everyone is up to, but I just don't have the time to post responses to everyone, so I don't post anything. Christine, it sounds like you're having a good month timing-wise. Michelina, I'm sorry to hear about the false positive. I would have cried too. I think planning a trip to Europe sounds wonderful. I regret that the Mr. and I never went before I got pregnant. Maybe some day. Zelda, congrats on making 12 weeks! What a relief! Your co-worker sounds like an idiot. I've heard everything from "you're going to have twins" to "I can't believe you're pregnant- I never would have guessed." It's quite strange to have so many people fixated on your body. Oh, and I didn't get the nuchal fold test either. I missed the deadline and was thankful that I didn't really have to make that decision. I know someone who had a false positive and she worried her whole pregnancy that the baby would be born with Down's. He was fine. I did have the quad screen upon my doc's recommendation. It is normal- yay! Jenny and Julie- how exciting! I can't wait to read about your birthing experiences. I'll be thinking about both of you during these next few weeks.

I'm 21 weeks along today. Mr. Yum and I had the "big" ultrasound on Friday. It was lovely to see baby Yum again (we have opted not to find out the sex), even though he/she wasn't moving much for us. The ultrasound tech told us the baby is estimated to weight exactly one pound already! laugh.gif We have our next OB appointment on the 30th, so I'll have to wait that long to hear about the ultrasound. I hate waiting.
Zelda--I have this fantasy scenario where you tell the clueless co-worker--"actually, I'm pretty sure I'll be carrying this baby in my uterus" and she scurries away with her passive aggressive self without having a chance to expand on her theory. Teacher's lounges are treacherous places, aren't they?

Not much time on the computer tonight, but glad to hear Cristine that you had a cycle that felt well timed and Michelina that you're planning some travel. That is a great remedy for being caught in what feels like a frustrating loop.

Good luck to the soon to be birthing busties too!

Julie, thinking of you! When you last posted you said you'd been having mild contractions, I'm itching to know if your baby has made his appearance! Hope all is well.

Zelda, your co-worker is an idiot for making that comment to you. It's weird how much our bodies are public property when we're pregnant, but seriously that woman was just plain rude to you. I found my body changed in weird ways when I was first pregnant in that I didn't look pregnant but my figure became thicker and I lost my waist and my boobs grew, but still people that I told when I was about 16 weeks were astounded that I was pregnant. It wasn't really until I was about 24 weeks pregnant that I looked unequivocally pregnant, and really just the past few weeks that I've been treated like a real pregnant lady.

I should mention that I am now huge. It's odd, I weigh just 2lbs more than I did when I was first weighed when I was pregnant, so I must've lost weight elsewhere, but I can't imagine where from!

yumyum glad to hear from you, I can't believe you're 21 weeks now!

michelina, what a great trip you have planned, I don't blame you for wanting to take a break from the social networks. fb can drive me crazy at the best of times.

Thanks for the good feelings Michelina! Have you ovulated yet? That vacation sounds like a great idea for you & Mr. M! Thinking of youÖ

Yum, great to hear that things are going well with your little one!

Julie, still wondering about you!!

Iím 5DPO and had a huge temperature dip today, so of course I start looking up the earliest implantation can happenÖ why I torture myself, who knows?! But itís apparently possible at 5DPOÖ Iíve had a few other symptoms that Iím continuing to ignore in an attempt to stay sane.
Yumyum, great to hear from you! I am so glad to hear that everything is going well. What is your due date?

Jenny, won't be long for you now. Is your due date in 2 weeks from now? It seems to me it's in the early part of December. I know of lots of babies due around now. I guess March is a popular month. ;-) I'm a December baby myself.

How are you doing in your two week wait, Cristine? What other possible symptoms are you referring to? I find the two-week wait the easiest part of my cycle now that we've been trying for this long. It's the time in my cycle where I just try to have some hope.

I got a positive OPK on Monday, had a high temp yesterday, but because I had some wine the night before, I wanted to confirm that I really had ovulated this morning before starting the progesterone. It was high today, so I popped in a suppository and welcomed myself to the luteal phase once again.

I have an appointment with my boss next week. I plan to be really open with her about what is going on. I want her to understand why I'll be having a lot of medical appointments come this spring (thinking IUI) and also that there is a chance I'll need some time off if we do IVF. I also want to ask her about my Europe plan for the summer. The Europe trip would involve a conference with work so I am hoping to get her OK.

Thinking of all of you, Busties!

Hey, just popping in quickly to break the suspense....he's here! Baby Henry arrived on Saturday. I wrote a whole post the other day and the internet ate it, so I'll tell the full birth story a bit later, but just wanted to let you ladies know. Things were kind of interesting thanks to him being sunny side up (especially in the pushing stage) but I managed to do the whole thing without drugs and the recovery has been a lot easier than I'd expected. Breastfeeding hasn't been exactly a picnic (yeah, I'm pumping and supplementing with formula), and I have never been so tired in my life, but he is wonderful and beautiful and I'm completely in love.

I promise more details soon! Love to all the Busties (and Jenny, I'm on pins and needles, hoping for a good birth experience for you too).
Congratulations on baby Henry, Julie! Glad to hear you are both well.
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