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I had my first appointment today! The little bean is measuring right on schedule and I got to see and hear the heartbeat! I'm really excited now! I finally feel pregnant and am much less worried about something going wrong.
Woo Wooo Woo Pixie! Feels pretty good huh. Congrats!
omg, attack of the worst indigestion Ever! i look twice as pregnant as i am with all the bloaty gassiness. ugh. this is the pits.

did anyone watch the vid i posted? it's great!
I would have watched it, but in order to see if you have to sign up and to click the user agreement you also sign yourself up for spam email. Now it's a principle thing. If they won't let you opt out of the emails, I am not agreeing to their terms and conditions.
I'm signed up for YouTube and I don't get spam from them. Why was that video flagged anyway? Who the hell is offended by a pregnant woman....not like she was naked or anything.
huh, weird. i don't get spam from them either. but i did use my secondary email to sign up, i never use my real email for that stuff. not even this site.

i know, who flags something like that? did you check out any of the other belly vids? there were so many, little and i watched them all!
ok, so i watched the vid, laughed at my own memories of belly waves with my first term pregnancy, and called husband over to see it too. . . omg he was horrified! "What is she DOING? Oh no, no, no, that's not right. Why would she DO that?" all while i am hystericly laughing at his horror. thank god these things come about slowly and not overnight or husband would in no way be able to deal. also thank god my sis lives close and can be my labor coach as i am beinging to think my husband my be passed out on the floor. hee hee.

on another note. i find it sorta sweet that i am not allowed to carry in the groceries into the house anymore. silly man has not put together that i carry them to the car from the store and have servived this dangerous task. but it is sweet non the less. his logic fails me because we still go skiing and work out and such.
anoushh, thanks so much for the long and thoughtful post about your experience. I will keep everything in mind. I wish I felt only positive about this whole experience, like so many pregnant women do. I just can't get over the fear. And I am afraid it will only get worse as I get closer (DD is June 28). One good thing, I'm a teacher and school ends at the end of May! So I'll have my entire 9th month off!

I'm going to find out Boy or Girl (hopefully) Jan 26...I want a girl and I hope I'm not too disappointed if it's a boy. Logically there are plenty of little boys in the family that I adore and it shouldn't bother me. I just want a little girl just like me that I can dress up in adorable clothing. I know, everyone wants to hurl.
hey, i'm due june 27th. not that i expect to actually give birth then, the way doctors figure out the timing for these things is RidiCulOuS! gestation is 38-42 weeks so when he or she comes, he or she comes.

i thought i wanted a girl last time too but i'm glad i didn't find out the sex before hand because when he was born i couldn't help but be right in love with him. i wonder how i would have felt if i knew already, if i would have had feelings about it already. just, there he was all perfect and slippery and i checked out the stuff and said "it's a boy!" and was just so happy and thrilled that i couldn't have imagined having ever wanted anything else.
i'm not checking the sex this time either. i like surprises.
I really want a boy this time. Since the Mister and I each have a girl, we'd like 1 boy between us. I am definitely finding out the sex because I don't want to have to do all gender neutral stuff the first 3 months. I liked knowing last time too. After I found out minipixie was a girl, it's like she suddenly had her own identity and personality even though she wasn't born yet. I felt very connected to her.

Aqua, try not to get too nervous about the birth. It probably isn't going to be nearly as bad as you are imagining. The horror type stories that people tell, are not really the norm. I'd suggest making a birth plan so you feel like you have some control over what is happening. That might help you feel less nervous.
i agree pixie. i must know. had to know with my first too and somehow it made everything seem so real and true and less abstract. have to remember though that something may look one way in the ult.snd. but could be decieving. my sis had all girl stuff and a pink room after being told it was a girl. he really is a charming baby boy though. i am currently having fun with the name choosing. i have asked my friends and family for suggestions and have gotten some really funny ones.
My doctor offers 4D ultrasounds so I think by the time we have that done, we should be reasonably sure if it is a girl or boy.
We pretty much have our names picked out. We are definite on the boy name and pretty sure with the Girl name.

I almost wonder if my doctor doesn't already suspect the sex given the heart rate,I know that can be an indicator. He was very cryptic at my appointment.. he said:so you already have a girl, right.....I think we should be able to tell the sex of this one by 16 weeks. I thought 16 weeks was a little early, but the man has been doing ultrasounds for at least 6 years now, so I guess he knows what he is looking at!
We found out the sex at 16 weeks. I was having an US for another reason, but the tech said "well, if you want to know, I can tell you right now." We didn't even hesitate. The best part was not having to think of names for both sexes...made that part easier. The worst part was all the frilly pink goo i got as baby shower gifts.
omg, i love love love all the frilly pink fluff! i want a girl!
Pfft! Bring on the blue! When Minipixie was little I made it a point to buy her as many clothes in other colors as I could find! She rarely wore pink after she grew out of the "pink goo" that I got for the shower! I just wanted her to be different.

I haven't even looked at girl clothes this time around. I don't know why, but I just really feel this one will be a boy!
i haven't even looked at clothes at all yet! i have a whole box of stuff that people have dropped off already so i think i'll hold out on buying anything until i actually need it. i'm afraid i'll end up with too much!
i can feel the baby moving. just that teeny little fluttery business that can't possibly be coming from anywhere else. i thought i felt it the other day but couldn't quite tell but yesterday i had a hard time bending over for the first time 'cause it's all gotten big enough to make a difference and now i AM sure that's what i'm feeling. cute.

pink is the colour of the heart chakra, he can wear it if he wants to, i don't really care. it's just a colour after all, although i'm not so in love with the actual shade of pink they make baby stuff out of. a lot of the time it's a really pukey tone.
when they're little it doesn't matter whether they are a boy or girl anyhow. what they are at that stage is a poop factory!
i. found. bubbies.

What's bubbies?
Pepper, how far along are you? How far was everyone else who has started feeling the baby move? I haven't felt it yet. I am 16 weeks today. I really want to and I feel stuff all the time, but nothing that has felt DIFFERENT from gas or whatever. I don't want to say I have felt it until I know that is it for sure.
pickles. no vinegar, just fermented. i seriously had to restain myself or that would have been what i had for dinner. a jar of bubbies, hee hee!

i'm 15.5 weeks according to the doctor, 13 weeks since conception. this is my second pregnancy though so i know what it feels like already. it feels like next to nothing, don't be surprised if you don't feel anything until you can really feel it.
I was 14 weeks with minipixie when I first felt movement, but that was because I was on my stomach at the chiropractors office. I didn't feel it again for several weeks. To me it just sort of felt like a fluttering and unlike gas or whatever, it didn't hurt at all.

I am 9 weeks tomorrow. I am sooooo ready for the second trimester! I feel like ass today! My regular clothes are too tight and the few pregnancy clothes I have fit funny since I don't have much of a bump yet. I also seem to be having really annoying morning sickness today.

Pickles are so good right now! I've gone through a jar of Claussens in the last week! I am also craving ice cream liek no one's business! ( though not together)
bubbies don't actually taste like other pickles at all. no vinegar, they're different. even though i still eat regular pickles, don't get me wrong!
and last night, i do confess, i ate two bubbies in a row followed by the last of the caramel ripple icecream, laughing at myself the whole time. classic.
pickles and olives and mmmm sourkraut, which a few months ago i would not have even thought to buy let alone devour a can of it like it was a fruit coctail. with my son i craved watermelon and bananas so this is definatly different then last time although i rather expected it to be , it still makes me laugh. the most bizzar thing is that prior to this pregnancy i had to have chocolate at least once a day and even ate lots of bitter chocolate. loved it. have no desire for chocolte now. very odd.
had some spotting today... very light, like what i get at the v. end of my period. everything i read says that it's normal, but i'm freaking out. i'm having pain in my abdomen but it feels more like gas/constipation than menstrual cramps... am 9 weeks along...
relax and don't stress yourself with needless worry, that Will make you sick. if something's up you'll have a definite answer quickly and if you're only just lightly spotting it's absolutely NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! honestly, it's totally normal and completely ok to spot a little.

i went to the doctor today for the last time before i leave the province. i had to see a new one because my old doctor left town and the woman who replaced her just left town too (wtf) and this one specializes in prenatal care which was interesting. i told her how i feel about all the tests and such and what i'm doing and how my last pregnancy went and she was FINE with it all, totally relaxed and easy-going. the last doctor and the one at the clinic who did my initial tests were absolutely agast by my disinterest in all the tests and such and painted the most negative worst case scenario of death and deformity. ha, i'm laughing now but it pissed me off at the time.
anyhow, she asked if i wanted the dopler and while i have been pretty sure i didn't want any of that little was in the room and i figured he'd be thrilled to hear the heart beat. well, turns out he couldn't care less but i liked it. super strong, LOUD, steady little peanut. i'm a bit further along that i thought too but i figured i might be a week off anyhow so it's all about right. that was fun.
cinegirl, i understand the freaking out! i did when i bled a few weeks ago. call you doc for peace of mind. they did a blood test for me over two days to check hormone levels and i then had an early ultrasound. i am sending good thought your way!
(((cine))) I had like 1 drop of blood the other day...just enough to turn the toilet paper pink, and I went into freak out mode...but haven't had anything since then, so I think everythign is ok. The smallest things are so scarey when you are pregnant!
thanks for the hugs... unfortunately, i had a miscarriage last night. oh well. i am sad, but hopefully i will be back in here before you know it.

much love to all pregnant busties--
oh sweetie, all my sympathy. i know this can be so hard. this may not be any comfort to you but remember that your body will try it's best to make sure that if there's something wrong with your pregnancy it ends as soon as possible so you can heal up and try again. it's a chance to have the perfect baby that you want.
i'm glad to hear that you're hopeful about trying again. good luck, best wishes for a blissfully perfect pregnancy next time.
I'm so sorry cinegirl! I had a miscarriage a few months ago, so I know how tough it is! Hope you are back here before you know it!
hi preggos!

i've been out of town training for a new job since last week and was busy preparing to leave before that, so i feel like i haven't been here in ages!

((((cinegirl)))) i'm sorry about your miscarriage. like others have said, i've been there and i know how hard it is. but pepper is right: your body is an amazing thing and has done what was best for your baby. try to take good care of yourself over the next few weeks and allow yourself to mourn.

i'm in my 14th week today. i can't beleive how much better i am feeling compared to two weeks ago. i still have occasional nausea and dry heaves, but not nearly as much as before. i have an appointment on monday and i'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again. i don't know if they're planning a scan or not for this one. i guess it could be possible to see what the baby's sex is. we'd thought about waiting to find out, but the more time passes, i just want to know. i can't say i really have a preference for the gender, so i'll be ecstatic either way, although i would love to have the first grandson in a loooooong line of daughters and grand-daughters.

oh, but i will NOT be down with the pinky-poo stuff either. or the blue for that matter. i'm not fond of either really. my child will most likely be dressed in yellow and green and natural colors much of the time (although i've NO doubt that we'll be inundated with the traditional stuff at the shower).

we've already decided to paint the room green and i'm decorating it in bugs/insects and frogs regardless of the sex. i can't wait to get started on that. i've been waiting, just to make sure everything is going ok. like i said, i can't wait for my appointment on monday to hear that little hb again! i know it was strong the last time, but i still get a little nervous now and then. i have a little bump coming up though and i'm happy that i'm starting to look pregnant and not like i'm just putting on weight. i've still only gained about 4 lbs.

sheesh, this post is all over the place. i gotta go check my chicken anyway.

pepper, i watched that video and loved it. i can't wait to have a belly like that!!! and good for you on hearing the heartbeat even though you didn't think you wanted to. it's so magical!

happiness to all of you!
dude, how can you still be tiny when i'm so huge?! 15.5 weeks by doc timelines and the bump is... well, i've gained 12lbs already!

i love that you're doing bugs, bugs are so cool!
i wore pants that were just too damn tight today and around noon i had to go buy a pair of maternity pants. i was actaully pretty impressed, there is some really cute stuff out there and i love that there are so many maternity tops that are fitted in the belly to show off the bump.
At my appointment last week I had LOST 3 lbs since I got pregnant! My jeans are defintiely tight today though! It's like my weight is shifting to my tummy....and as long as it s coming off other undesirable places, i am all for it! It happened when I was pg with minipixie too! I think I will officially start wearing maternity clothes next week. I am 9 weeks 1 day today.
Blanche, this is a pretty basic and user friendly site that i found fairly inforamative. You may find out something there. As for the teeth grinding giving you headaches you might ask your dentist about a night gaurd. It is supposed to save the teeth and keep you from getting the headaches from the constant pressure.
yay! blanche gets knocked up, woot! have fun!
unfortunately i have no advice. i was taking st john's wort and while it's not contraindicated for pregnancy there hasn't been a study so i stopped.
i second the nightguard motion and add a meditation session. something, anything to give you some tools for chilling out the anxiety if and when it occurs. and lots of practice before you actually might need it as well. and also some faith in yourself that you can do it, because You Can wink.gif

and you don't have to give up the beer entirely. most doctors and midwives will tell you that the odd glass of wine or beer during pregnancy isn't going to hurt at all. i can't handle a whole glass of anything though, even half a glass is too much. but i still like a couple sips of wine now and then (i mix it with water so it seems like half a glass, ha ha).

let us know how it goes...
Wal Mart sells the night guards on the toothpaste isle. I've been grinding my teeth since getting pg. But I found if I switched sleeping positions I wasn't as likely to do it. As far as anxiety meds....I don't know if it's ok during pregnancy, but I just got Mr. Pixie started taking a Bcomplex liquid that has really helped his mild depression.
Oatstraw is very high in calcium and is soothing for our nerves. but that is all i can find.
blanche- you should see your regular and/or OB doc before "officially" trying and bring up the anxiety issue. I have no doubt that there is something they can do to help. Also, it doesn't hurt to get a work-up before hand anyway. As for me, being pregnant actually chilled me out on the anxiety front.
I went to the gym today for the first time in months! But now I feel kind of icky.

I had my 16 week appt on Friday and told the doctor I was having Odor Issues and so he gave me BV medicine. yuck. I have gained 15 pounds. sad.gif That's a lot for 16 weeks. I feel so fat. All over, like in my butt and my hips. When I say I'm fat, people say "you're pregnant!" like, duh, but really you must know what I mean! I see plenty of "skinny pregnant" women all the time. Not that I was ever super skinny, but I feel EXTRA fat.
last night my son had a lock in at his taekwo do school so i had all night child care which doesn't happen very often. husband and i went out to dinner at a really swanky resturaunt ant had such a nice time. would have liked a glass of wine but ended up feeling super all evening and wine really couldn't possibly have made it any better.

when i was getting ready i was having a difficult time finding something to wear that i felt looked nice. i have been feeling really frumpy and most of the clothes i have that are comfortable for me to wear are pretty sloppy looking as i just can not have anything that is tight across my tiny bump and every thing except huge sweaters are too tigh on my very tendy and rediculousy hage boobs. anyway, i decided to wear the matunity pants i bought the otherday and the the sweater too and when i came out of my room my son looked up from what he was doing and said "Wow Mom! You look beautiful." My husband kept telling me all night that i was so pretty and some one I do not know at all complemented me on my outfit. So the point of this post is basicly that i must say i think i was wrong and indeed pregnant women do not need to be dowdy but it may be the most beautiful time of our lives. although it took my son telling me i am beautiful i suddenly do not feel so hoplessly fashon dull anymore and i am all inspired to do a little sewing!
pixiedust careful at the gym...if you start to feel nauseous, or dizzy ect, you should stop what you are doing! It's better just walk unless you are used to working out reguarly, and even then, most people really have to cut down.

Shinny...I agree about maternity clothes. Most of what I am wearing rigth now is pretty sloppy because the maternity shirts are so huge on me, and my pants are too tight. I'll be so glad to be past this transistional phase. I bought a couple more shirts and 2 pairs of pants on ebay last night.
if i'm not in pj's, which i generally am 'cause i don't care and they look cute anyhow, and i've actually Gotten Dressed i manage to look just fine. so long as i highlight the bump instead of trying to cover or hide it i mean. i've been wearing my usual black leggings or tights with crazy socks and funky (flat!) boots and a soft lace edged tank top (kind with the built in bra, i have it in about 6 colours) with a cross over front top or cross over tie up sweater on top. everything is fitted so nothing sloppy, but Not tight, maude forbid. i can't stand bras right now so thank the shopping gods for those built in bra tanks or i'd be a bouncy mess up in front. and i can't stand panties either unless they are the super soft, stretchy cotton thong by elita which happily sit well below the bump so they don't bug me at all.
i have to work on some pants though. i have a few pair in the sewing closet but am still knee deep in packing up boxes so it will have to wait. i did have the moving sale and take the leavings off to the second hand store yesterday though so just a bit more flotsam to see to and perhaps i'll find a moment or two for sewing. fingers crossed!
heart burrrrn! eeek more tums please. must lay off the spicey foods.
feeling sort of frumpy here, but like pepper, i have the luxury of being in pjs or stretchy yoga pants most days since i started working from home. i am finally going to go out and buy some new stuff this weekend though, if not sooner. i think i'll get a bella-band or something similar so i can keep wearing the pants i have for a little longer, but i need some new tops. i like pepper's idea of something in a crossover or wrap style with a tank underneath.

but physically, i'm feeling much better than i did in the first trimester! more energy and pep, which is probably a direct result of the better appetite as well!

went to the doc on monday and checked the hb again. a happy little 150bpm, which she said was great for this stage. i asked if there was any truth to the whole "faster the hb, better chance for a boy" theory and she just laughed at me. rolleyes.gif i figured as much but had to ask! hehe. i have officially gained three pounds so far, but the belly is definitely sticking out now!

have another appt. scheduled for around 18weeks, for the big scan to make sure everything is normal and to find out the gender. the longer i go, the more i really want to know what this little bug is. i'll be ecstatic either way. the midwife did tell me that she's sending me to a specialist to do the scan because she also wants them to measure my cervix. i had a cone biopsy for dysplasia 12(!!, can't believe it was so long ago!) years ago and that can sometimes lead to incompetent cervix. she doesn't think it'll be a cause of concern because so much time has passed but she just wants to be prepared for anything, which i'm fine with.

ok, off to get a haircut. i am in serious need of a change!
ok ladies, i need help here. i have always been open to the idea that there is alot of medicinal value in herbs and such. i do not by any means shun modern science and medicine however. husband is a well known scientist and renowned in his field (which is not, i might add, neutrition) and he is totally convinced that i should not take any vitamins that are derived from food. i can not figure this out as that should be where the majority of our vits and minerals come from right? anyway, he thinks that i will be getting posiblly high levels of other chemichals whose effects on the fetus and fetal development are not known by taking consentrated fruits an veggies. since i am only of extreemly little knowledge in the holistic and herbal fields i would welcome any site you know of or just straight up advice you have on this subject. i have actually stopped taking the vits i was taking and switched to one that is extreemly basic and has nothing that is derived from anything or in any form other than it's chemical form. my personal thought is that i am missing something in my diet because my finger nails have gone to shit, flaking in layers and pretty weak. they are usually pretty nice and i can grow them out to a moderate length and keep them there.

Other than that things are going well here. tomorrow i have a final in my winter session class and i have been studying like mad. i am also going to my "first" appt next week. i am considering having some tests done to look for any genetic abnormalities. there is a blood test they can do early on along with an utlrasnd that can detect downs. i have a very good friend that has a downs baby and she is very much below the 35yrs screening cut off. (i am of the opinion that this is a completely arbitrary number and thus my reason for considering the testing.) have any of you done/considered this? i do not think i want to do an amnio as that has some pretty high assosiated risks.

anyway, hello to all the round bellies in here!
The 35 years is an abitrary cut off, designed to reflect that fact that the risk of down syndrome increases with age. However, more DS babies are born to younger women in pure numbers as there are more babies born to younger women.

I'm 40 years old, and my odds were about 1 in 100 of having a baby with DS. That's pretty scary, so I did a lot of thinking about this. I had the blood screening along with the nuchal translucency test (done via ultrasound.) It gave me pretty good odds that everything was ok, and I was happy to live with that and not do an anmnio. If the test had said i might be at increased risk, I might have had the amnio. (the screening test is a screen, not conclusive, whereas the amnio is more accurate, but more invasive and thus should be reserved for situations where it's more clearly indicated.)

My boy is fine and he'll be 12 weeks on Saturday. For me the tests were well worth it.

As for the vitamins, maybe your husband is just looking for a place to put his anxiety, as this doesn't make much rational sense to me at all. Are you eating all organic foods? If not, why is he not worried about chemicals there. (And no one can eat all organic foods--I did my best, but you have to live in the real world, and they can be very expensive, and lots of other things--I'm just trying to make a point.)

I think you need to listen to your body--and to your medical provider--about this. If your husband has concerns about the vitamins then maybe he can talk directly to your medical person who's caring for you during the pregnancy. You don't need this stress right now, but you do need to make sure you have enough of the vitamins and minerals you need--and that's more than in a basic minimum tablet for non-pregnant women. The fingernail thing might be related to the pregnancy and happen no matter what you take, but it might not.

I'd be a lot more concerned about neural tube defects from lack of folic acid, as just one example, than about whatever he's worried about. (It really doesn't make much sense to me at all--maybe as it doesn't to you either that also makes it harder to describe.)

One of the problems with people who rely on vitamins instead of getting what htey need from food is that vitamins are just some of the components in foods that are healthy and necessary for the body. We havn't been able to identify or synthesize all of the other components--and I suspect we never will. During pregnancy you should be concentrating on eating as healthy a diet as you can (this includes whatever you can keep down if you are having nausea) and taking a prenatal supplement as insurance angainst any deficiencies.

Really, talk to your doctor or midwife if this keeps being a concern. Have him come with you.
I'd take a good prenatal...I believe in alternative medicine and holistic approaches...but almost all women (with decent healthy care) are pushed to take prenatals and most have no problems with their babies at all. And I am a big believer that I can judge my overall nutrtion from my finger nails...when I am on a good vitamin, especially prentals...they grow really fast! When they stop growing, I know I am not getting everything I need.

Blech..I have a UTI right now. I am kind of annoyed that it took my doctors office 2 weeks to get back to me with the news, so it has 2 weeks to get worse. I have kind of suspected one for the last week or so, but I figured if there had been anything in my U/A they would have called me before this!
This is my first post. Ever. On any bloggy.chatty.whathaveyou kind of site. I'm not even sure that this the right thread for this, so here goes nothing...

I am teaching myself how to knit (on my fourth scarf, thank you!) because it seems that where I live the new hip thing to do is to be expecting. The last two years it was to be getting hitched. My thing has always been to be an illigitimate housewife to my long term boyfriend and to work on my art career. So, I'm currently working on 5 (yes, 5) baby blankets for my 5 beautiful friends who are all expecting. then last night I heard that my one friend who was not pregnant (but IS married) is now expecting too. So she put in an order for a purple blanket.

I heard this news and I was very happy for her but I did not react the way I figured I would (I'm getting to be a bit of an expert at reacting to good news these days.) I wanted to cry, actually. I wanted to cry and I wanted to drink the last of my red wine while I watched The Office and knitted.

So, my silly rant aside, here is my question...

Is it normal to have moments when you really (and I mean REALLY) want to be pregnant and then when you come down to reality and realize that you are not to then be horribly sad about it for a little while? And, is it normal for that feeling to come in waves?

Is my freakin' clock just down right stupid? or am I nuts?

(please don't say I'm nuts)
dude, everything and anything is "normal". maybe someone here has had some experience with feelings that mirror yours though and can chime in with a sympathetic view. i think that at some point every woman has flashes of...something...about her own potential mothering or non-mothering. that's only natural.

hey guys, baby. kicking. so tiny but so cute! i started talking to the belly and then laughed at myself, ha ha!
shiney: as always, anoushh has a wise answer. The only other thing I might add is that you shouldn't be taking any vitamins IN ADDITION to your prenatal. Extra calcium or iron is fine, but some of the vitamins you've got to avoid higher doses of - particularly A and E.
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