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Zelda, that's great news!!! And the fact that the one area that needs attention is totally in his control! Ok now... get off the computer and GO HAVE SEX!!!

Michelina, I'm very glad that they're bringing you in so quickly just to see what's going on... this isn't typical and you've changed things up this month with the aspirin so hopefully that's all it is. But the high temp is still encouraging, are you still taking the aspirin? The day I started my period my temp dropped to .01 above my coverline, but I thought fertilityfriend drew that line way too low anyway so it made sense a couple of hours later.

Good luck to both of you!!
Thanks Cristine and Michelina!

I have been doing some research, and some doctors even consider 40% motility to be in the "normal" range, so I am feeling really happy. Also, I have read that slightly lower than average motility can be offset by higher than average sperm counts - which Mr. Z definitely has! So that is also great.

Mr. Z is sacked out after driving hours yesterday and today to get to his uncle's funeral, so I don't think we'll be having sex tonight! My OPK is *almost* positive and should be positive tomorrow, so hopefully we can do it tomorrow. I am feeling so much better about things right now. Just relieved and at least happy that nothing is blatantly wrong with him...he would have a tougher time handling bad news than I would.

We have both decided we are going to give up drinking and smoking during the work week. I think that should have a positive impact, I hope!
Zelda, jump on Mr. Z first thing tomorrow morning! My husband did some research and found that first morning sperm might be the strongest or at least most potent. It's probably just one of those crazy internet theories but, though we have not actually done that, he's so cute that he's done that research & it can't hurt to try. I would still say you mount him tonight though, sorry for the explicit language, but I would love for you to get 2 days of solid insemination in considering your OPK's.
Yay, zelda! What a RELIEF! And what awesome motivation to keep at it, and for you both to make those healthier choices! You gave such good advice to cristine yesterday; I was proud of you and could tell you're feeling so much more positive at the moment.

Michelina, that sucks so much. I hope your appointment goes well and they help you to start to pinpoint what exactly is going on.

Cristine, there are so many things that each have to be spot on and working in complete synchronicity for a successful fertilisation and implantation that I actually think it's amazing that it ever happens right at all! I agree it's incredibly tough that some people hit the jackpot without trying or even wanting to ...
With regard to not using contraception, my mum had me at 28, my bro at 34 and my other bro at 39 and I don't think she really used much contraception in between! This would be depressing to hear except she found out later that she had a blocked fallopian tube which would show up straight away these days ... so we're much better able to identify and sort out any issues than 20/30 years ago, at least!

Yesterday I went for a consultation to follow up my nuchal translucency scan and everything is great EXCEPT of course there would have to be one little niggle... and that is that there was an anterior placental bleed noted - this explains the slight staining I had a couple of weeks ago. This means that a little part of my placenta has/had detached from the uterus wall. Doc said this happens in 'quite a number' of women and that it was 'relatively normal' and not something to get too stressed about. But of course its always there in the back of my mind now! I feel like I need to be more careful in my movements, especially things like getting in and out of the car etc... although rationally I know it's not going to make much of a difference, really? is it??????

We told all our friends that I'm pregnant last night and my Principal is announcing it at work tomorrow - the maternity leave contract for my position (starting end of Jan 2010) is going to be advertised this weekend!!! Excited. Now 12 and a half weeks. biggrin.gif
Ellen, I am sure I, too, would be walking on eggshells, but I think you should be cheered by all the other positive results and the fact that the doctor said what is happening is pretty normal! In fact, I've been amazed at how many "normal" things like this occur in so many pregnancies! It must be so exciting to know your maternity leave is about to be announced? How much time do teachers receive in Australia? (I almost don't want to know as I am sure it is certainly less than in the US...and our maternity leave is UNPAID.)

Found this on a fertility clinic's website that made me feel better about Mr. Z's slightly lower than average motility of 40%...I do hope that cutting back to smoking a little on weekends only will help. He's not a big drinker (maybe a drink a night?) so I don't think that would have an impact. I am also hoping that he will do his second SA at the doctor's office (provide the sample) because from what I have read, shades of gray in the results COULD be caused by transport to the lab if the sample is given at home. It took Mr. Z about 40 minutes to get the sample to the lab last time.

Sperm "Motility" (Movement)
Sperm motility studies identify the number of motile (moving) sperm seen in an ejaculate specimen. Here again, as in many other sperm studies, many laboratories use "normal" values that are out of date and inaccurate. Many labs will assess sperm motility upon receipt of the specimen, and again at hourly time intervals for four to twenty four hours. It is well known that sperm motility is a temperature dependent sperm function, so the handling and processing of specimens is critical. It is for this reason that we, except in very rare instances, require that specimens be evaluated only in a laboratory such as our own, where we are able to tightly control laboratory conditions. We have found the repeated testing of sperm over time for motility adds little to the evaluation of motility over the initial sperm motility assessment. Sperm are known not to survive well for extended periods of time in semen, and in nature, sperm very rapidly leave the semen to enter the cervical mucus. Many laboratories consider "normal" sperm motility to be 60% or greater. Our own studies, in agreement with many others, have found men with 40% or greater sperm motility to be "normal".
First off, zelda, congratulations on the SA results! What a huge relief and how great to hear that the only area of issue is something that can easily be addressed. I agree with ellen, you gave such wonderful advice to Cristine and it sounds like you're in a really good place (even amid all the ups and downs that TTC brings).

ellen, glad to hear that overall the nuchal scan went well. As for the bleed, from what I understand it's actually fairly common and usually resolves itself on its own. My doc actually found a little blood on the ultrasound when I went in for my 8-week but by the next U/S it had cleared up. She explained that in 99.9% of people it's no big deal but that they just like to keep an eye on it. I'll bet that later in the pregnancy it clears up with no issue.

And bleed or not, I think it's totally natural to have those moments of acting as if your uterus is a carton of eggs that you're terrified of dropping on the ground. You'll get more comfortable as you get further and further in. Of course, if you're like me, you'll find new and exciting things to worry about. (Let's play: "Hey, what's that pain? Am I having Braxton-Hicks? Am I in premature labor?" "Baby's being a little quiet today, what's up?")

Michelina, I'm glad the doc is getting you in. Hope your visit will help give you some answers and perhaps some comfort. Hang in there...

I am at 29 weeks - only 11 weeks to go! Got the results of my blood work back from the doc, and everything looks great - no gestational diabetes, iron levels look good. Other than my continual aches and pains, things are good. Baby is having an especially active day today...when I got up to stretch my legs and go to the bathroom early this morning, he was bopping around in there, and now he's jumping around too (although I think the ice water and the seated position contributes to that). It's nice because Monday he was a little on the quiet side and that always freaks me out.

My only current frustration (aside from, again, the leg pain that I've resigned myself to living with for the next several months) is that my feet have definitely expanded and all my shoes look like (and feel like) I crammed a giant sausage into them. And this is at the beginning of the day, BEFORE they swell up in the afternoons. Not attractive. I do have one pair of Sketchers that fit okay and that I have been wearing nonstop, but frankly I am sick to death of them. I've been keeping an eye out at the thrifts for nice shoes a half size up from my usual, but so far haven't found anything I like. I may need to do what I did with the bras and the leggings: bite the bullet and invest in something new instead of trying for the cheapie option. It definitely turned out to be worth it for those items.
Ellen, I agree with Julie on her ďcarton of eggsĒ analogyÖ Iím certain I would feel the same way! But this sounds fairly common so I think itís safe to not worry about every slight movement. Congratulations on the announcements!!

Zelda, thatís great info you found on that websiteÖ according to that estimate Mr. Zís guys are normal across the board!! Iím so glad you guys are feeling so much better! And I wanted to ask you, though I think itís terrific that you guys are stopping, but what is the advantage to abstain from drinking? I was just curious if it affects sperm or cervical fluidÖ or what??

Julie, youíre so close, how exciting!! Iíve always hated how fast pregnancy seemsÖ I may totally change my mind one day when Iím at 29 weeks (fingers crossed) but I love the idea of just being pregnant! I remember a good friend of mine had feet so swollen that it was literally painful for me to look at them!! All she wore was sandals cuz no shoe felt comfortable for her. Good luck shopping!

Michelina, please keep us posted of your exam! My thoughts are with you...
Julie, so sorry about the feet! Let me tell you, my feet swell up normally, so I am not looking forward to those days. I cannot believe how fast your pregnancy is going (to me...maybe not to you?). :-) Seems like only yesterday you were coming on here to tell us the news.

Well, Mr. Z and I had sex tonight. I had too much soda to drink today and my urine is almost clear. My OPK test came back with a strong line, but I've had it darker in the past. But I don't know if that's the diluted urine or I just don't have a positive read yet.

Regardless, I have a feeling if this is CD 14 that I will ovulate tomorrow or maybe Friday, but tonight was the last time we could do it as I am leaving early tomorrow morning. Cannot be helped, but at least we got it in there and perhaps his sperm can hang on for a time. Don't have the highest hopes for this month, but at least we got some good news regarding the SA and I will see my doctor next week. I feel like this was a "good month" in terms of just being proactive.

I have not had a lot of EWCM this month, but I have had very watery CM. Not sure what that's about?
Ellen, sorry to hear about the placenta tear, but I'm glad to hear that it is very normal and unlikely to cause any problems at all. It must be so fun sharing your exciting news.

Julie, I agree with Zelda- it feels like you were just introducing yourself as a just-pregnant Bustie! 11 more weeks until you meet your little guy. How thrilling!

Zelda, glad to hear you are getting lots of action!!!

I went to the doctor today. It went really well. She agreed that my LP is a concern, and will put me on progesterone starting after my next ovulation. She said she believes we have a very good chance of achieving a pregnancy with the progesterone as everything else seems to be in order. Of course she will do more extensive testing if we don't conceive after several months on progesterone, but for now, I am happy to just start the meds. She wants me to get a blood pregnancy test every month at the end of the LP just in case I am having chemicals. She also feels it was likely implantation bleeding last month. :-( I guess the good thing about that is that if it was, then it means that Mr. M's sperm has the ability to penetrate my egg. Now we just need an implantation that takes! She was warm and respectful, and I am very pleased. I go back in a few weeks to get a physical exam and an ultrasound around ovulation time.

She also said there is no need to abstain for 5 days so we are giving that up!
Michelina, I think all in all that is GREAT news! As difficult as it might be to know you may have conceived these past few months, how great to know that a simple supplement will help make that conception stick. It's also good you really liked her, too. I know it would be easier if you didn't have to do this at all, but I think if this ends up being your biggest issue, it will definitely be a hurdle you and Mr. M will be able to cross...and you WILL have a healthy pregnancy!

I tested again tonight and my OPK was a definite positive, so I am really glad we were able to get busy before I leave lets just hope I don't ovulate too late from now and Mr. Z's millions of slightly stoned sperm (as we've been referring to them) are able to get to that egg! :-)
Hey! Looks like thereís positive news all round. Michelina, Iím with Zelda. I know the idea that you may have been conceiving but not sticking must be a shock, but it does seem like itís a problem that can be easily corrected. If thatís the case then you guys are so close!

Zelda, wow! Thatís some sperm count your mister has there! That will be such a huge boost for his confidence. I like the idea that Ďstoner spermí swim more slowly so will still be around when you ovulate.

Ellen, congratulations on reaching 12 weeks! You must be so relieved to have passed that milestone. Julie, glad that everything went well with the glucose test.

We saw the Oncologist yesterday. Frustratingly, the full histology results still werenít ready (bloody NHS!) but the doctor was very positive. He told us that because the surgery was so successful and Architect Boyís latest blood test showed that cancer has gone, he will only need one single dose of chemo. This means that heíll only feel sick for a couple of weeks (rather than months), his hair wonít fall out and itís far less likely to permanently affect his fertility. Weíre so relieved! After being told before that heíd need 12 weeks of treatment we were prepared for the worst, so the prospect of a few weeks inconvenience rather the rest of the year being ruined is a big improvement. We didnít speak in detail with the Oncologist about the fertility issue (weíre going back in two weeks when the histology results are through) but I feel more optimistic. The results from the lab where the boyís sperm is being frozen have been good since the surgery Ė above average count and motility, which is impressive considering heís only firing on one cylinder now (so to speak) Ė and with that knowledge and my soon-to-be-clear uterus weíd love the chance to conceive naturally in the near future.

On a side noteÖ I started taking super-strength evening primrose oil capsules a few weeks ago because Iíve been having flare-ups of dry, itchy patches of skin (probably due to the stress of the last month). Not only has my skin improved, but Iíve had scary-fingernail-lady amounts of EWCM this month too. I had read that evening primrose oil could help, but I hadnít expected such dramatic results.
Funny, so happy YOU got some positive news, too! Yes, it's good to have some happy news on this thread. I think it sounds very likely that you and Architect Boy will be able to conceive naturally, and even if you don't, you've got some quality jizz on ice just in case! :-)

I'm on my way to the airport to attend the wedding of an old friend...Mr. Z is staying behind as it's just too expensive for us both to fly out and stay in a hotel. The bride's sister is the one who finally tried IVF after five years and is pregnant with twins. She is very, very private about all the infertility stuff, so I've been told, so I doubt I will end up having a conversation with her which of course is her right...her mom is going around trying to get people to think it was a natural conception. They're strict Catholics, so that has something to do with it. I don't understand how people can be that way, but I suppose not everyone is as open as we are. I think her family always viewed her infertility as a "failure" on her part which must be an awful way to feel.

My BFF from childhood will be there, too...she is about four months along with her second child...she's the one who, after I got the news, I had a meltdown when I found out that her mom and all these other women in my mom's circle were worried about "how I would react" to the news...ugh. Hate that pity.

So I'm worried about any baby conversations, but at least I can say, "Well, we've started some basic testing and all looks good so far, so perhaps we just need more time." And then go drink my wine.

I really don't want to go...and I would rather get some more action in since I only just tested positive last night. But such is life!

Okay, talk soon...will be off the boards until Monday or so.

Zelda, my fingers are crossed for you!! Have fun at the wedding!

Michelina, Iím so glad everything went well and that you like the doctor! Are you still bleeding at all? Did she say anything about the aspirin effect?

Funny, that is terrific news!!! I am so happy for you and AB! What a relief that you guys can start trying again so much sooner than you had expected!

Do y'all remember me talking about my friends who took fertility drugs and whatnot to concieve their two kids (even though they were early 20s)?

Well, she just fell pregnant. Six months after their second kid was born! I'm so happy for them! Total surprise but very welcome. So crazy things happen when it comes to fertility.
That's great news Ananke, so I'm assuming she wasn't on any fertility drugs at that point? I'm just curious because I have a friend who was trying to convince me that after the first pregnancy, it gets easier to get pregnant afterwards.
I have some good news about a co-worker of mine who had been trying to get pregnant. At about 4-1/2 months the doctor put her on bed rest due to some complications, so they just wanted to be cautious. She's only like 25 I believe, so I was a little surprised. We're not super close but we have a mutual friend who told me that she had achieved pregnancy not long before this one and something went wrong (bleeding I think, I didn't pry for details) so it resulted in a miscarriage. Makes sense to me now why the doctors were keeping such a close eye on her. Well I just found out that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 9/2!!

Question: What is the deal with dairy and meat while TTC? I have read that you should have neither. But I've also read that whole milk can improve fertility and ovulation patterns, as opposed to low-fat or skim milk which decrease fertility and cause anovulatory cycles. And I've also found conflicting information on meat because some people say you SHOULD eat it due to protein content. Any advice???
Wow, so much to catch up on!

First, Michelina, glad to hear that you had a positive experience with the doc.... I've actually suspected for awhile that in your case sperm might be meeting egg just fine but that it might not be implanting, but didn't want to say anything because, well, I'm no doctor and not an expert by a long shot. I've heard good things about the progesterone supplements for women with this issue and hopefully that will be helpful for you.

zelda, thinking of you as you go on your wedding weekend...have fun!

ananke, congratulations to your friends! I too have heard that some women find it much easier to get pregnant after having had a baby. For some women who have issues with ovulation, apparently pregnancy sort of "resets" the menstrual cycle.

Cristine, I've heard varying reports on meat while TTC, but most reports I've heard say that red meat in moderation is absolutely fine and sometimes helpful as it's a good source of iron. It is recommended to try to get more of your protein from beans and nuts, however. For milk, there was a study awhile back that excessive consumption of low-fat dairy actually reduced women's fertility (apparently, you actually need a certain amount of that "good fat"). That study recommended 1-2 servings of full-fat dairy per day and cutting back on low-fat dairy products. (This was my favorite piece of fertility advice ever, due to my love of whole milk decaf lattes and ice cream.)

I read a kajillion websites about nutrition/diet when I was TTC, and other advice I got included: avoid alcohol and caffeine (reduces fertility), get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids (fish are generally good sources, small amount of flax seed oil are good too, but avoid too much flax seed as it can cause uterine contractions), avoid even small amounts of trans fats, and try to switch to more "slow carbs" like brown rice, whole-grain pasta, dark bread, veggies, and whole fruits. 30 minutes of exercise daily is supposed to help fertility as well. Wheat germ is a good source of vitamin E and zinc, which are good for fertility, and folic acid is a good thing to get going on as well. (My doc had me taking prenatal vitamins as soon as I was getting ready to try to conceive...the over the counter ones are fine and in fact are the ones I'm still taking.) Avoid getting more than 2,565 IU of vitamin A because it can cause birth defects in excessive doses. (As long as you don't take extra vitamin A supplements you should be fine.)

All of that said, I wish there were a magic formula...I don't think there is. No reliable one, anyway! zelda's description earlier of all the things that have to work just right for conception was right on.

So, my homework this week from my childbirth classes: 1) more practice napping/resting; and 2) more practice on relaxation techniques. I am a natural learner at a lot of things, but relaxation is not something I'm used to doing! And I am an atrocious napper - I generally don't nap at all. Lots of practice to do this week!
I second that about low caffeine intake while TTC. I didn't quit it altogether while planning to conceive, but I limited to one cup of coffee per day. I was on Weight Watchers when I got pregnant, and think maybe that helped too. I took pre-natal vitamins for a couple of months before going birth control free.

I've heard more than once of couples that finally adopted a child and then were able to conceive naturally as well. Maybe that is to do with maternal hormones kicking in, or lowered stress/greater joy, but it definitely happens. Having a baby seems to have improved my thyroid function greatly, so it would be no surprise if the first one paved the way for easier pregnancies thereafter too.

Julie--definitely practice resting. Fatigue is the main thing that I cite for not making it to the end of my natural childbirth attempt (had to end in c-section if you recall). I had crappy sleep for 2 mos. prior to the birth, I am not good at napping, and did not have very good energy reserves when the time finally came. Try to quiet your mind enough to learn how to nap. If you consider it a duty rather than an indulgence, maybe it would help.

Hearing crickets over there in the mamas thread. I think there was a big wave of women with new babies about a year ago, but they've all moved on to the stage where they're chasing toddlers too much to bother with the computer.

Will look forward to seeing some more people there in the next year.

My babe was 3 mos. yesterday. Still really enjoying it!
Julie, thanks so much for all of the valuable tips! Iíve been taking over the counter pre-natal pills for about 3 months and no other supplementsÖ other than Iíve just started taking fish oil pills for the Omega-3. Iím not much of a milk drinker at all! I love cereal but rarely ever eat it because carbs just stick on me! So when I read that about whole milk, I was wondering if I should start drinking milk to help with any fertility issues I might be having. Good luck with your homework! Iím not a very relaxed person (Iím sure youíve probably noticed) & I too do not nap, thatís a tough one!

Eyelet, the coffee thing is going to be the toughest thing for me to kickÖ not that I love my morning coffee, but I need it!! My husband has tried and tried to get me to switch to green tea, I donít know why he likes it so much cuz I just canít stand it! But, I read today that itís actually good for TTCíers cuz of the antioxidantsÖ Iím going to try to drop coffee cold turkey tomorrow and sip on a large cup of green tea AND hope my withdrawal headache isnít too bad.
And I can't believe it's been 3 months since your baby has been out!! Precious time just flies too fast!
With my friends they needed help for the first two babies, but this third one was totally by surprise. Then with other friends it took 7 years for their second. I think it's hard to predict what will happen. I know a lot of women who didn't even have their period back at six months post-partum.

I second eyelet on the rest thing - I'm terrible at napping and I ended up in hospital for bedrest about a week before the baby came because my blood pressure just would not drop and I just couldn't rest properly at home. So cultivate a time and a space for resting, even if you don't nap. I'm also with eyelet on the quietness of the mama thread compared to here (I think having it in with sex doesn't help).

I drank coffee the whole time (except for a brief period with the morning sickness). Now I can't drink it because The Child reacts rather badly. So it's decaf now. She's coming along well though - huge and chubby and gorgeous. And currently NAPPING IN HER BASSINETTE!!!
Aw, I love hearing about the bebes! Glad to hear that things are going well. I have a good feeling that before long we'll have quite a few new little ones and can get the mamas thread hopping again.

Thanks for the reinforcement on the napping...I think eyelet's idea of looking at learning how to nap as a duty instead of a treat will be helpful. It's my new assignment. I was remarking to mr. julie the other night about how it seemed weird that I needed to practice relaxing, but that I know I DO need to practice...because I'm not good at it yet in a non-stress situation, much less a labor situation. He has dealt with severe tension headaches for years and is much more experienced at relaxation techniques, and he agreed that one really HAS to practice relaxation, it's not intuitive.

Cristine, adding whole milk to your diet (even if you're not generally a milk drinker) will probably be helpful. The study I mentioned cited something about milkfat that I guess was particularly helpful (I think it was some sort of estrogen/fat relationship, I can't remember the details). Other than my beloved lattes, I liked to mix it up - I often did full-fat cottage cheese or full-fat Greek yogurt (the Fage brand with honey is delicious) and of course ice cream. I drink milk but I'm not a big glass-of-milk drinker, and after years of skim I'm not sure I could drink whole milk (that wasn't steamed and added to espresso). If you're a big coffee drinker, I would maybe not go off it cold turkey (although green tea does have a small amount of caffeine in it and is supposed to be good not only for antioxidants but also for cervical fluid). Try mixing caffeinated and decaf coffee and just upping the decaf gradually. If you really love your coffee because of the taste, I highly recommend decaf americanos (espresso with hot water). That's what I drink when I want just coffee but don't trust that the decaf will be strong enough.

Of course, when you do get pregnant, you may or may not be able to stand the smell or taste of coffee. My friend's husband had to start buying his coffee at a coffee shop every morning during her first trimester because the smell of coffee completely nauseated her. Oh yeah, and apparently you're supposed to give up the green tea when you get pregnant, because it can inhibit the absorption of the folic acid. (God, when did pregnancy get so damn complicated?)
I think I'll just start posting over here again, as I think you guys are probably interested in mom stuff and at least half the group is TTC, so who cares if we're bracketing the actual topic with the befores and the afters?

Am having a hard couple of days on the breastfeeding front. For reasons unknown to me she goes through a day or two at a time sometimes where she rejects the breast (I assume because the flow is not fast enough). On those days all I can give her is pumped milk, and I can pump all day and still get a paltry amount. It's really a bummer to have that rejection from my little sweetie. It makes me wish she really could understand me when I ask her to just be patient with me and I promise not to let her go hungry. When I got my breasts reduced ten years ago, I knew this day would probably come. I still don't think I would do it differently if I had to do it over again, because my breasts were unmanageably large. What I would do differently is get a lactation consultant before the birth and pump madly immediately after, because I can make milk, just not at a rapid pace. And once the baby knows the ease of bottle feeding, they have a hard time settling for something slower. Sometimes I wish I were going to be able to have a second child, just so I could do a few key things differently the next time around. I hate that I've turned into this person who dwells on what-ifs...always a trait I found so frustrating in others. Maybe I'll grow out of it again.

One of my friends who was also trying for a natural birth had her baby yesterday and had an experience just like mine--long labor ending in c-section. She's even at the same hospital. I wish for her sake she hadn't had to have surgery, but there is a part of me that feels like we'll have this common experience to bond over. She, unlike me, doesn't seem to be fretting about it one bit and I'm glad because it's hard enough in those first few weeks without those thoughts.

It's rainy here and it feels great. Mister E. is at a car show and baby and I are enjoying a guilt-free day of no work, no exercise, lots of cuddling. She's in the mood for a squeeze, so I'd better go.

I couldn't risk a caffeine headache today because we're visiting with the in-laws today, tomorrow is chore day so I'll test out the green tea then. I'm hoping it weens me off enough until I can stop both!

Eyelet, yes please post here!! Sorry about the breastfeeding issues! I'm so afraid to introduce the bottle too soon, I hope things improve for you!!

Michelina, how are you???
Hey Cristine-
You can always try half/caf, and I don't think you have to go completely off it. I was just a big coffee drinker so I had to cut way back when I started getting ready to try. I think if it's moderate it's okay.
More later...but I wanted to let you know I just got back from my wedding weekend and found out Mr. Z's testosterone results are perfectly normal, too! In addition to his sperm analysis. Phew...what a relief, especially since I had read that pot can screw with that.

My mom shared with me a few books about achieving pregnancy naturally that she'd gotten in the library. All of them said that 40% sperm motility was still okay, so I am feeling a lot better about that.

I have my first doctor's appointment this Wednesday...will write more before then and provide a more detailed response to all! So exciting to hear from eyelet and ananke!
Zelda, that is great news!! I hope this is your month!!!
Ladies, I have a question for you. I have started this new exercise/boot camp program twice to three times a week that is a very intense work out with lots of cardio and LOTS of ab work. Do you think it is dangerous to do this kind of work out in the very early stages of pregnancy - meaning, in the two weeks before I knew I was pregnant? Could two or three intense workouts including lots of ab work cause a very early miscarriage? Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but the thought ran through my mind this morning as I was working out - that there's a tiny chance I could be pregnant and I'm doing all sorts of intense floor exercises.

Of course if I found out I was PG I would switch to just walking or swimming. I feel like it would be just my luck to have to wait so long to get pregnant only to have something like that happen. Or am I just being paranoid?
Funnybird, I am very happy that you and AB got some good news. What a huge relief! And interesting about the primrose oil.

Eyelet and Ananke, great hearing from both of you. I hope you both will stick around. I love seeing posts from everyone - regardless of whether it's about TTC, pregnancy, or mommyhood. It's all one common theme in the end!

Zelda, how did the wedding go with respect to questions about babies? I hear your concer about exercise and have wondered the same. I think you said you have a doctor's appointment soon. I would ask then. I have limited my cardio a little in the LP, but have not stopped doing ab work at all.

Cristine, where are you at in your cycle?

Julie, thanks for your words about the progesterone. I am really hoping this is the problem and that the supplments will solve it. And I am trying to be hopeful that sperm has fertilized egg in the past, which means it will happen again.

I spotted for TWO WEEKS this month before getting my period on Saturday. It was just awful. I have no idea when ovulation spotting stopped and premenstrual spotting began. In fact I went out of town and forgot my thermometre so I didn't know if my spotting was a light period (which would have distressed me to the max) or premenstrual. I bought a new thermometre (with a light this time!) and saw a huge drop in my temp on Saturday, which correlated with my period. So now it has been 8 months of TTC. But who's counting? :-) I didn't actually ask the doctor about the aspirin, but see her next week so I will hopefully remember to then.

(((((Michelina))))) I am so sorry!! Damn it, I was really hoping this was your month and was dying to hear a positive report from you!!! God this is such an emotional process that I just never anticipated! I really hope the progesterone supplements do the job for you! I'm on CD 10, supposed to ovulate Saturday or Sunday, I have 2 OPK tests left & I'm hoping I don't have to buy more, we're gonna start marathon sex on Wednesday (CD 12) and I'm now drinking green tea & dealing with mild caffeine headaches.

Zelda, I don't think the intensive exercise is that much of a concern. Back to the "carrying a carton of eggs" analogy, I think we're all prone to that same paranoia! Of course when you find out you're pregnant (fingers crossed!) it would probably be a good idea to tone it down. I have a friend who would go on walks and bike rides in her final month of pregnancy and I did not feel comfortable with her doing that, but it was her 2nd child (she's never had problems TTC) and she didn't treat pregnancy as a sensitive "condition" like I'm sure that I will!
Hi Everyone!

Iím back from my vacation and slowly catching up on the boards. I just took a quick little peak today (in case boss-lady was walking by) and will post more tonight.

Just wanted to quickly jump in about exercising. I have asked this question of pretty much every doctor Iíve seen (and thatís a lot now) Ö the common answer is that itís ok to keep doing anything you have been doing for a while before getting pregnant. Obviously later on in the pregnancy, there are reasons you shouldnít be doing crunches (youíre not supposed to be on your back for long periods of time due to blood flow issues), and reasons you need to take it easy doing things that require balance (like you likely wonít have much of it and a fall could be bad). The main concern seems to be with overheating Ö so donít start an intensive boot camp after finding out youíre pregnant if youíve been living the life of a couch potato. If youíve been exercising regularly your bodyís already really good at regulating its core temperature etc.

The only time they seem to recommend taking it easy (other than if you werenít active at all before getting pregnant) is if you have a history of miscarriages or undergo IVF, they donít want you doing heavy lifting etc. for a while after they put the embryos in.

Hope this puts your mind at ease. My doctors werenít thrilled about hot yoga, but had no problem with my intensive 40-minute bike ride to work.

Iíll be back in tonight to do a proper update.
I'm having one of those days when the baby weight is really bugging me. It's so hard to figure out what to put on if I want to go anywhere. The maternity is too big and other too small. I've bought a few things and don't mind a temporary increase in size, but I'm really particular about what cuts I wear (ala Trinny and Susannah) and I haven't found anything that flatters so I have a hard time spending precious money on it.

They should have a niche industry for post-partum wear--pants with hidden tummy support panels and stylish (non matronly) nursing tops that don't cost a fortune. Women would spend some cash on that. Also I find there is no such thing as a nursing bra that really supports double G boobs (yes--short of milk let down but not of increased size). Maybe this is just relevant for women like myself who weren't skinny to begin with,

Off to the grocery store where I'll surely run into someone I know.
OK ... as promised ... a better update smile.gif

Had a fantastic almost two week camping trip out on Canada's East coast. Mr. F. and I are IN LOVE with everything out there, including sea kayaking which gave me the kind of thrill I haven't had since I started snowboarding many years ago. I do believe kayaks may be in our future (if not a move to the East coast).

We didn't get really lucky and get a positive despite the screw up at the fertility offices (too much to hope for, I guess) but I didn't have my hopes up. The ironic thing was that the day I got my period, I decided to check messages at home for the first time during our trip and got the news that my sister had given birth to my identical twin nieces. Such wonderful, but bittersweet news, especially on that day.

We are skipping a month of treatments, as per protocal and looking forward to October when we'll get into the new drug that will prevent me from ovulating on my own, allowing my follicles to grow to a nice a juicy size. We're also upping the dose of the original meds so that instead of 2 follicles, we'll be getting 4-5. Much higher chance of twins, but I have to tell you that although I'm down to earth about it all, and not "hoping" for twins ... I never want to have to go through this again. So if it's not twins, my future baby will very likely be an only child.

On to you guys! What a busy board this has been. I hope I don't leave anyone out, or forget to mention something important. I've read everything, and have been thinking nothing but good things about you all ... but I am likely to forget some details. Here it goes:

Eyelet and Ananke ... so glad to hear about your mamma lives and the babies. Please do stick around this board. I love reading it all.

Eyelet: GG!!! Good golly. I'm a double D now and am in miserable hell trying to find bras. I don't know why or how, but I swear my breasts have changed shape over the past year and a half. Nothing fits anymore and I can't find anything that does. I truly feel for you, though admittedly I have it easy compared to you.

Cristine: Marathon sex on the weekend. Weeeee! I've been drinking lots of green too, but I'm not a coffee drinker to begin with. So it's just what I drink. I'm not sure if it's in TCOYF or if it's in another book that I have, but they don't even know what the upper limit of coffee consumption is. The max is a total guess. They figure caffeine's not great for a developing baby, but they have no idea how much is too much. I wouldn't obsess too much about it, though cutting back is definitely not a bad thing. As for the whole milk products, I've also read about the study that Julie is referring to. There are definitely benefits to estrogen levels. My levels are totally fine, but that study has been the justification for the weekly pint of ice cream in my freezer the last couple of years!

((((Michelina))))) Fucking spotting. I'm so sorry. Jeez. It's bad enough getting the damn period every month, but to spot from ovulation. It's an extra dose of "it's not fair." I'm glad you've been put on the progesterone supplements. The luteal phase deffects are very easy to fix. I'm positive you'll have a lovely cycle in no time. When do you start the supplements? And what form are they taking?

FunnyBird, I was so thrilled to read all the positive news about AB. I'm so happy for you both. This has been a long, tough, summer. I always feel renewed and hopeful with the change of seasons ... here's to Fall being a good one!

Julie, I can't believe you get "napping" as your homework. Am I allowed to be this jealous? Ha ha. How is the homework coming along? I LOVE the idea of napping, but am a horrible napper. I hope there's some way to figure out how to not wake up like my body has been run over by a full garbage truck.

Zelda, more good news! Motility at 40% is also considered normal at my fertility clinic. And it's great news that the testosterone is good too. You must be counting down the seconds to your doctor's appointment. How was the wedding? Any uncomfortable questions?

Speaking of "uncomfortable" situations .... we hosted my husband's b-day with his family on Saturday night ... and sure enough my blabber mouth sister-in-law who I for some unknown reason confided in about our treatments is YAPPING away about saving us clothes and being so sure we're going to have twins... luckily I was able to cover by pretending she was referring to the fact that if my sister had them I could too. People can be soooo clueless though. I tripped on a toy and nearly broke it, and my brother in law (who may or may not know our situation and likely felt like a total ass after saying this) says "gee Fookie, I know you're mad because you don't have one, but you don't have to take it out on their toys." WTF!!! Ha ha.

Anyway, thrilled there have been so many positive developments on the board. Surely one of us will get pregnant soon! The odds say we will damn it!

Wowsers, y'all have been busy!

zelda, glad to hear the good news about mr. z's testosterone levels. As for the exercising, I've heard pretty much what Fookie mentioned - that it's okay to continue at the level of activity you were at prior to pregnancy, but they generally don't recommend starting any intensive workouts AFTER you're pregnant. I did hear one theory that super-intensive workouts might affect fertility because (especially if this is a new level of intensity for you and you're not used to it) the body thinks it's in fight-or-flight mode and tends to not get pregnant. Also, if you're not letting yourself retain enough body fat, apparently that has some negative impact. But I think all in all these are extreme cases...most of us are not working out enough for that to be an issue. And actually ab exercises are preggo friend (who is far more fit than I) is taking prenatal pilates and says it has been a huge help. Trust me, you'll need strong abs (and strong back muscles, and strong legs) when you have a little guy or gal hopping around in your uterus. And keep in mind that the uterus has LOTS of's nice and cushy in there for the lil' zygote and though it seems (and sometimes is) fragile, you're not likely to do anything bad to it by exercising. I think the fragility of it all in the early stages is more the division of cells - your activity isn't going to hurt that, it's just the luck of the sperm/egg draw.

Michelina, so sorry that the spotting continued through to period time...I'm just glad that your doc is on the case and hopefully will help you figure out what's what. Thinking of you....

Fookie, I'm thinking good thoughts for your upcoming treatment. I know it's been a hard road for you guys already but I believe there are good things ahead.

eyelet, I am dreading the postpartum fashion condundrum. I'm not ready to don a pair of mom jeans and a t-shirt and call it a day (I was just watching Trinny and Susannah make over a cheerleading coach from Virginia the other night, so funny you should mention them) but I am trying to prepare myself for the fact that I am going to be incredibly tired of my maternity wear by the time baby comes, and that while nursing my usual cute dresses and such aren't going to be terribly practical. Actually, I'm somewhat thankful for the advent of fall because I was starting to get a little weary of the summer clothes (except for what I refer to as my "booby shirt" which apparently brings all the boys to the yard, since I've actually been HIT ON in it more than once). Do you have a belly band? Supposedly those can help keep up the maternity pants/skirts when you're too small for them but still too big for the regular clothes.

I do agree with my friend E that maternity pants are the devil. More specifically, maternity jeans. I wore one pair of jeans with the ridiculous-feeling full belly panel this weekend, and damn if I wasn't pulling them back up every five minutes. I did manage to complete my shoe-shopping mission and found the cutest, cushiest shoes that manage to combine a little style with the low heel and wide width I require. I wore them to my first day at the new job and was SO glad to have splurged on them...even after eight hours, they were still pretty comfy.

Fookie, I have the same hit-by-a-truck problem with napping that you's why I normally don't nap. I did well this weekend (fell asleep briefly when I laid down for a couple hours and felt fine) and managed to make myself lay down as soon as I got home from work today, but didn't sleep. The homework continues! I definitely need to do it because I am having more trouble getting back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. Too many thoughts running through my brain.

And now I get to the bitch and moan section of our program. I have had a really owie couple of days. Yesterday I had a pain in my right side that I'm pretty sure was round ligament pain, because it felt like the one I used to get in my left side when I would sneeze or cough, and it went away depending on my position (but there weren't that many positions that worked). Today it was better (ironically, being at work it was generally fine) but tonight it got replaced by my old friend sciatic pain when I stood up from the couch after dinner. mr. julie and I went grocery shopping, and I was kind of cursing my body under my breath, and he said, "So how soon before you start blaming me for this?" Y'know, joking actually helps sometimes. I laughed and told him that I just have to keep my eyes on the prize. I just want to stay healthy and active and have a healthy little guy. It's just tough sometimes when even trying to relax hurts.

Here's something to be thankful for: that they don't do "twilight sleep" births anymore like the one I saw on Mad Men the other night. I loved the episode, but YIKES, they could probably show that birth scene for one of those abstinence promotion programs.
So lovely to hear from everyone!

Julie, I'm sorry to hear about the aches and pains. Glad you found some good shoes though, and that you're getting some napping practice in (I also have the "napping=hit by a truck" problem too. Never seems to stop me doing it though...)

Fookie, your holiday sounds amazing - I'm jealous! That's good news about the new drugs too. If you didn't punch your B-I-L for making that comment then I admire your restraint. Geez, the things people say without engaging their brains first!

Cristine, I feel your pain on the quitting/ cutting back the caffeine. I've quit the coffee so many times and endured all the headaches only to comfort myself with big, sloppy double-shot lattes when my period arrives, then I'm back where I started! I hope you have more willpower than me. Have you tried rooibos tea? It's tasty and caffeine free.

Well, the polyp is GONE! Surgery was yesterday morning and all went well. I had spotting and very mild cramps for a couple of hours after I woke-up, but that was all. Being under anaesthetic was fine too - all I remember was an oxygen mask being placed over my face, then awaking to a nurse saying my name and it was an hour and a half later. They wheeled me back up to the ward where Architect Boy was waiting, gave me a cup of tea and biscuit then discharged me, and my only souvenir of the whole experience is an enormous bruise on the back of my hand with a puncture wound in the middle where the IV line went in. I'm at home recuperating today (I'll go back to work tomorrow) which I feel a little guilty about seeing as I'm fine, but it was doctor's orders so I'm taking it seriously and am still in my pyjamas at 2pm :-)
Eyelet, good luck on finding clothes that fit and that you likeÖ every one of my friends has complained about that in between time where there is literally nothing to fit their changing bodies! I too have large breasts that already hurt my back, so that is 1 thing Iím not looking forward to in pregnancy!

Fookie, welcome back! Sounds you like you a had terrific and much needed vacation. Good luck on your treatments next month, and wouldnít it be terrific to have 2 babies at once just to not have to worry about TTC again! I know there are many challenging aspects of raising 2 (or God 3, 4Ö) at once, but just the relief of knowing you wonít have to go through this hell all over again makes it all seem worth it!! And I certainly hope your brother-in-law did not know of your situation before making a comment like that!

Julie, congrats on the comfy shoes! And I hope the ďeyes on the prizeĒ mentality helps you get through these painful episodes!

Funny, Iím so glad to hear that damn polyp is gone!!! Donít feel guilty about doctorís orders, you stay in your pajamas and have a relaxing day! And I swear even if I donít end up pregnant this month, I will not go back to coffee because it is just too excrutiating to quit!! The only thing Iíll crave from time to time is a DECAF coffee frappucino! wink.gif

Iím on CD 11 and didnít plan on starting the ďmarathon sexĒ til tomorrow since Iím not supposed to ovulate until CD 15 or 16, but my CM is amazing today! I know you guys were all dying to hear that! But it just got me so excited cuz even though we got our timing right last month, I never had anything close to EWCM so Iím feeling more hopeful today!!
Funnybird, I am glad to hear the surgery was a breeze and was successful. I would have done the same with the day off!

Fookie, glad to hear your vacation was good. I hear you on the multiples thing. Yes, there are risks to having more than one, but part of me thinks, if I get twins as a result of fertility drugs, I'll just hope for the best and never go through this again! I don't know what Progesterone I'll be taking yet, but I'll get the prescription next week. I will go with the vaginal suppositories as it sounds more effective and with fewer side effects than the oral. Do you know if there are long term health risks? I am going to ask the doctor, but wondered if you might know off hand.

Julie, I hope those aches go away soon. I can't believe how close you are know. What - 10 more weeks?

Cristine, the EWCM does make it all that more exciting and hopeful - I agree. Have fun!

Eyelet, there are probably many women out there who would spend the money on the postpartum clothes. What a great idea! It definitely sounds frustrating. My sister really struggled with her post-baby weight, and I could never really understand it because I thought she looked wonderful. But I guess one does not really understand that transition unless they live it.

Zelda, how is boot camp? I have thought of doing one myself.

I ended up changing my next gyne appointment to next Wednesday because my actual period didn't begin until Saturday. The spotting made it really hard to know what was going on. I'll be getting an ultrasound on CD12 and a cervical exam too (because of the spotting). I am very hopeful that the progesterone takes the spotting away. Bleeding 3 weeks out of the month is simply not fun. And it affects our sex life too. Fingers are crossed.

Thanks for all of the postive thoughts and support!
Zelda, I kept forgetting to tell you that I had a very vivid dream a couple of weeks ago that you were pregnant. Hopefully that's a sign!

No long term health effects as far as I know. I get a little gassy and bloaty ... though that may be because I opted to use them rectally ... I know, I know! Who would opt to do that ... well, my clinic tells me absorption is better this way. And personally, there is a fair amount of discharge and left over goop even after your body absorbs it (takes about 20 minutes to absorb the progesterone) ... if you're ó ahem ó regular ... then you've got a built in cleaning system to push it out ... otherwise, you're digging it out of your vagina ... and judging from the research I've done ... that doesn't sound great. And since you mention the impact of the spotting on your sex life ... I would think you would find the suppository "leftovers" in your vagina could get in the way ... I don' tknow ... for me, rectally is the less of two evils. Either way, it's not my favourite part of the day (three times/day!).

Good luck.
Michelina, I really hope the progesterone supplements work for you... I read up on it a bit and it sounds like it will be such a quick fix if your doctor's "diagnosis" is correct. I wish you all the luck in the world!!

Fookie, wow I can't believe you convinced me that a suppository is the better option... but you sure did!! I'll have to remember that.

I'm on CD12 and my CM is 3 inches before breaking! biggrin.gif Again, more info that I'm sure you've all been waiting on pins & needles to hear! I have already advised Mr. C that no matter how tired he is after work, the marathon begins!!!
So much going on! So much to catch up on...

Fookie, it is always so good to hear from you...glad you had a nice camping trip, and I am crossing my fingers for you for a productive October. I really like hearing how you are doing, and I'm glad to know you have a good mindset right now. I am just crossing and crossing and crossing my fingers for you.

Michelina, I'm so fucking sorry about the spotting. It just fucking sucks and it's not fair. But you're doing something about it which is key, and that's great. I have to echo Fookie on rectal suppositories if you can. I used rectal suppositories for some internal hemorrhoids once (fun!) and it was easy and neat...none of the leaking I imagine you might get from vaginal suppositories (I'm just thinking of yeast infection treatments). Of course the choice is yours.

The things we talk about on this thread!!! Laughing...

I'm also glad you had that vivid dream for me...maybe it will come true...but I doubt seriously that this is our month considering how little sex we had.

Funny, woot woot, goodbye polyp! That is GREAT news. I hope recuperation was fun in your jammies. What is the next step for you and AB? Are you going to wait until the treatment is over for him and then try natural conception? Or will you go straight for an IUI? Just curious...thinking good thoughts for you.

Cristine, I remember one time getting EWCM like the scary fingernail lady in TCOYF and getting so excited! Go for it!!!

Julie, and everyone, thanks for all the info on exercising. My boot camp is a LOT of work, but it makes me feel so good afterward. I will continue with it until I (hopefully) get pregnant. Julie, I hope your aches and pains get better...and OMG! I saw that labor episode of Mad Men and flipped out! To think women used to give birth like that! Practically criminal. I was calling up my BFF during the commercials (she was watching it too), and we were just dying. I kept repeating, "Now I'm going to shave you and give you a low enema" over and over and we were just laughing...what the Hell is a low enema anyway? Not sure I want to know...

Eyelet...maybe you could start a line of clothing for women in between birth and getting back to a size they're more comfortable with. I hope you find something you like to for me, I can see myself wrapped up in a muumuu. ;-)

As for me, I went to my GYN today! I confess I had a moment when I was leaving the office and going back into the parking garage to find my car where I almost started crying. I had a "Why me?" moment...why do I even have to do this? Why can't it just happen?

At the same time, my doctor was VERY nice, proactive, and reassuring. She told me that after 8 months of trying there wasn't any certainty that something was wrong, but at the same time, it's not nuts to want to get checked out either.

She did a pelvic and said all looked well. Then she took two tubes of blood and is running a ton of tests on them, including all my hormones and a CBC. She wants me to come back next week for a pelvic ultrasound (which they do at her office). Then she said we would take it from there. After I left, I thought, "Oh, I should have asked her this and this and this." Mostly I wanted to ask her what we do if everything is normal. Do we do more tests or keep trying? But I suppose I shouldn't get ahead of myself...first, lets just see what the results say.

I'm feeling sort of numb and detached right now about everything. I was very calm at the doctor's office. I keep expecting to just break down, but maybe I'm all cried out!

I have a question that maybe Fookie can answer. I'm supposed to get my ultrasound on the day my period arrives. Would that skew the results or not?

Also...she was well aware that I was on CD 21 and still waiting on my period when she did the pelvic. I don't suppose on the off off chance I got knocked up this month that that could hurt anything, do you?

Talk soon...oh, I'm so grateful for all of you that you just don't even know it.
Ah Zelda, thanks. Your words are like a squishy hug.

I have some thoughts for you, regarding some of the questions in your post:

1. If all the tests your doc is doing come back normal, one of two things will happen. Either she will tell you to come back if you're still not pregnant at 12 months, or she will do more tests (or refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist or fertility specialist) who will do the "more tests." One of the tests that will likely not be done by your doc is the dye test. That's the one where they can see if your fallopian tubes have any blockages. Another one that likely won't be done by your doc is a saline test, essentially the same procedure as the dye test, expect with this one they inflate your uterus with a saline solution to get a really good look at it. I'm not going to lie to you, neither of these tests are fun, BUT they can both tell you a LOT.

2. You asked about whether it mattered that they had scheduled your internal ultrasound for the day your period is due. It doesn't matter, unless they're looking to do a baseline measurement of your follicle/s. For that my clinic does day 2 or day 3. I always choose day 3 b/c I figure by then it's less messy, though the mess does not seem to concern them a bit. Did your doc say what they would look for with the internal? With me they also measure the lining of the uterus to make sure I'm not ovulating b/f it's thick enough for implantation ... if your doc wanted to get a feel for that she'd want to wait until you're closer to ovulation ... obviously your lining won't look great during your period when it is being shed smile.gif

3. The internal should not affect anything if you did get pregnant. The only thing they are careful with, with the internal is when they're doing it to you near ovulation. The lube they use can interfere with your hospitable cervical mucus and kill off some sperm. They just use water then, which kind of sucks b/c you feel like a rubber tire is being shoved up your wee-haw!

Zelda, I'm so glad you're on your way to some answers, and hopefully some peace of mind. My fingers are crossed for you too, and the one good thing that's come out of my experience so far, is that I've been able to share it with other people. So please feel free to ask me anything. I just posted about preferring rectal suppositories ... so clearly I'm not shy. Ha ha.

Cristine, you make me laugh. Mr. F. was so slightly weirded by it the first cycle I used them that I could barely joke around about it. Our camping trip put me in the position of having to insert them in situations he just couldn't pretend didn't exist. He loosened up about it and we had some good laughs. It's truly not a fun experience, but shit ... what else can you do but convince yourself it's the best option and then joke about it at every possible opportunity. (picture me with robot voice announcing "Insertion Successful; lift off in 5, 4, 3 ..." Yeah. Good times.
Fookie, thanks for the info about the suppositories. My doctor never brought up the option of inserting them rectally, but I am going to ask her about it. I agree - it will affect our sex life at least as much as the spotting and it sounds pretty nasty.

Zelda, I am glad to hear that it went well with the gyne today. I was the same - very calm during the appointment even though I expected to become emotional. I hear you on the "why me?" moment. I have been having a lot of those this week, and tonight has been especially bad. Mr. M is not here this evening and I have been crying on and off the whole night. I just wanted SO badly to be pregnant now, and it's driving me crazy that we are getting closer and closer to officially carrying the diagnosis of infertility. I am hoping the progesterone does the trick, but have been feeling like it's a long shot lately. Just feeling negative all around.

Cristine, woo hoo for the fertile CM! Enjoy your marathon! :-)
(zelda) and (Michelina)
I continue to be impressed by what a great support you guys have been for each other and for the rest of us on this board. I wish I could say something that would help with the "why me?" feeling or fix things, but I know better than that. (I like to "fix" things, can you tell?) Keep your heads up...I really do believe good things are coming for both of you.

Fookie, you too...and I love how much you manage to crack me up at the same time! "Whatcha doing?" "Oh, just posting about the pros and cons of rectal progesterone suppositories." "Oh, cool."

funnybird, I am so happy that the surgery went well and that the polyp is GONE! Thinking good thoughts for you and for AB.

Cristine, I am so excited that you are so excited! I tell you, the first time I noticed really great cervical fluid I was so excited but honestly I didn't have anyone I felt I could tell it to. So actually, we are all kind of waiting with bated breath to hear from you!

Started my new job this week, which has been good but between the new job, my consulting, two childbirth classes each week, and other volunteering stuff I've been doing, I feel like all my time has evaporated! Today should be a little easier...I'm done with my hours in the office this week so now I can focus on my consulting work. Once we're done with the two childbirth classes that will help free up time as well - they are 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday this month, so basically it's straight from work to getting takeout to class to home to zonked in front of the TV. (Don't tell me what happened on Top Chef, I tried to watch it but kept falling asleep, so I'll have to rewatch the TiVoed one later.)

Definitely feeling less achy today, but I'm glad to have a doctor's appointment and am planning to just check in with her about some of the pain I've been having. I don't think I'm having anything that would be a sign of preterm labor, but you hear so much about "don't disregard such and such pain" that I think it would be a good idea just to check in and make sure everything's cool. I suspect that a lot of my issues are just that my belly has gotten a bit bigger and everything has to stretch and support it. My poor mother once had a varicose vein in her pelvis (when she was pregnant with my sister) so I'm hoping 1) no preterm labor or concerning issue, and 2) no varicose vein type action.

Hopefully the doc will be nice. I'm starting my every-two-week appointments now, and the next few appointments are with the other doctors in my doc's practice. Since they all take call for each other, they have patients see each doctor at least once before 36 weeks so that you've met all the docs before you deliver.

Let's see, what else. Well, the new shoes are TOTALLY worth it, though my feet now start out the day slightly puffy and swell up horribly by the end of the day. It's not the shoes, it's the baby. Trying to keep my feet elevated, and am kind of looking forward to the weather getting cooler so that I can break down and start wearing the support hose. I may also get some compression socks I can wear with pants...they are supposed to help a lot.

So, my mom is totally addicted to Skype now and really wanted me to do a video chat with her so that she could see me and my belly. So we did one on Saturday when my sister and her boyfriend were visiting my parents. My mom and sister are on the line, and I'm trying to show them my belly (it was kind of hard to see because I was wearing a black top and dark pants, so not super-obvious), and my sister busts out with, "O my God, you have BOOBS!" like she just couldn't believe it. Cracked. Me. Up. (I can see why she said it...before I got knocked up I had one boob that barely filled an A-cup and another that didn't quite fill an A...but it just tickled me that the boobs were what she noticed.)

Okay, I should do work now...hope you ladies have a glorious day!
I hear you Fookie, thereís just no way of keeping that on the down low while camping!! Humor is really a great cure for so many uncomfortable, awkward or even painful situationsÖ I like the countdown to lift off! wink.gif

Michelina, I know itís almost impossible to feel positive right now but I think youíll be feeling tons of positivity your next cycle simply because of the progesterone. This is so insignificant in comparison but I read today that carrots, celery & zucchini are good for fertility, which were all in my Chinese food today, so unlike usual I ate them all!!! Also read that peppers & mushrooms, which I love, are good for fertility tooÖ so after lunch I felt more excited about sex tonight, regardless of the fact that the levels I consumed are probably irrelevant. (On a side note, I read that broccoli & onions lower estrogen so I disappointedly shoved all of those aside.) My point is that almost anything you do to assist in appropriate hormone levels will more than likely give you that little extra motivating boost that you need, I really think that the progesterone supplements will at LEAST have a psychological effect on you but Iím hoping it does EVERYTHING for you!! I hope I didnít go too out of the way to make my point.

Julie, I love reading your posts!! That cracked me up about the Skype thing (I laughed outloud at work)! What are compression socks? What type of volunteering are you doing? I think thatís great that you share what little time you have, but if you start feeling overwhelmed or too exhausted then try to cut back at least a bit.

So I have officially broken my caffeine addiction, yaaayyyy!! Until a week ago I would smoke up til ovulation time, but Iíve read way too much recently about the effects of nicotine on reproduction so I gave that up completelyÖ and I also havenít had a drink since the weekend, just as an added precaution. I know that if I get my period I will no way go back to caffeine, I donít even crave itÖ cigarettes are a little bit harder but I hope that by the time I would start my period that I will have no desire to start up again this time. However if I can only get pregnant (fingers crossed) I know that after 9 months there's no way I'd go back!

Ö and now on to night #2Ö
Fookie, thanks for ALL that info. You are *such* a great resource, and I am so glad you're here, so we can ask you these questions. I think what Mr. Z and I will probably do is that if my results come back normal, we'll try until month 12 or 13 and then go to a specialist for some more tests. I think we'll feel comfortable continuing to try if our baseline results come back okay...but I don't want to keep trying forever...if we still aren't pregnant after a little over a year of trying, I'd be willing and ready to test more and try IUI.

THANK YOU Fookie! You are awesome...oh, and I called my doctor and her nurse said having your period on the day of the u/s is fine. I wish I had asked her exactly what she would be checking for...what do you think she will look for? How everything is positioned? Or what?

Julie, you offer such comforting words. I really appreciate everything you say! I, too, try to fix things, so I understand...just know that I love hearing your updates, and I love knowing that you are here supporting those of us who are TTC. It means a lot...and I'm glad you got new shoes!!! :-)

Cristine, I know how hard it can be to give up something. I've stopped drinking during the week, and it's hard not to reach for my 5 pm glass of wine after work. I figured it would be a good idea, and I am in solidarity with Mr. Z who is not smoking pot during the week. Hang in there! Ultimately we are being healthier, so that's good!

(((Michelina))) girl, I hear you. Trust me, I do...I've been feeling a combination of negative feelings and then this weird sort of detached this isn't really happening to us but more like I'm watching it happen to someone else. Not sure if that is healthy or not, but...I am really looking forward to seeing how the progesterone helps you. I think that just might be your silver bullet....thinking of you. Lots!

I did get a little frustrated with my pregnant BFF today. As she reaches her due date, we just talk more and more about the pregnancy and the baby. Of course it's been very difficult for me to be TTC while mirroring her pregnancy. She has been really, really supportive, but today when I emailed her that I was feeling down, she wrote me that I needed to stop stressing because stress can impede conception.

I was soooo frustrated with that. I wrote her back letting her know that research actually shows that is NOT TRUE. I know she only meant well, but I get SO frustrated when people are like, "Relax." Doesn't anyone realize there is nothing more frustrating than telling someone who is upset to just relax? Regardless of TTC? It just doesn't work. It's like telling someone not to think of a pink elephant.

Ultimately, I just want someone to listen sometimes, you know? Just listen to me vent and say, "I'm sorry this is happening to you." She is trying so hard to be upbeat and reminding me that I haven't even reached a year of trying yet, etc. Sometimes it is just tiring...I just want to be told, "I know it sucks, but it's okay. Just feel your feelings." And then it's hard after having her tell me not to worry to listen to her talk about her pregnancy, you know?

I'm really worried that after she has the baby our friendship will get strained, especially if I continue TTC without success...she's such a special person to me, I'm scared to lose her. I don't know.

Sorry...just venting.

I'm going out for drinks with another friend tomorrow...she is going through a divorce and dealing with her own stress, and she's been really supportive about the TTC thing, so...I'll enjoy getting to 1) hang out with her and 2) have a drink!!


Ah that sucks Zelda. It is superhard not to talk about the pregnancy towards the end, but you still need to show compassion - I know I would have felt so bad if I'd upset my friend and would have done anything to try make it better. So I hope it goes well.

Well, I got my gallbladder out yesterday. I could have stayed in hospital another day but I was missing Fallon so badly. Mr A said she had a big cry and fuss this morning when she woke up and I wasn't there and he was doing the morning routine (then they went back to sleep and my mother called and woke them up!) I'm really sore and swollen but it isn't as bad as I was expecting. I'm still pumping just so I don't have to worry about overdoing it - it was heartbreaking to have to dump all the stuff I pumped at the hospital (even though I'd decided to dump it, when I looked at a huge bottle of it I just wanted to keep it, but because there was no way to sterilise the bottle or the pump, I just couldn't risk it). One of the nurses was so sad as well. I've got to take it easy for the next few days and then no heavy lifting for 6 weeks.

But my pelvis has started acting up again, which is hella worrying. While I was pregnant I kept getting a 'kicked in the crotch' feeling but it's supposed to clear up by three months post-partum. It hasn't and it gets worse each time I set it off (walking too far, rolling over oddly in bed). So I have to hit the doc to see about that since Dr Google had no positive words (you know how there is usually something along the lines of 'totally normal/get over it/stop worrying? pelvic pain has see a doctor/see a physio/see a surgeon...)

Michelina - one of my colleagues at work did the progesterone thing and it totally sorted everything out. Previously she'd only ever made it to seven weeks before miscarrying but with the hormones she carried to term each time (it was her third pregnancy when we were talking about it). So I hope this is what it takes for you!

eyelet - I'm with you on the post-partum clothes, even though I'm bitching because they're too big. Your shape changes totally after the pregnancy, not just the size. So even though most of my clothes are too big, a size down isn't helping. It'd be so awesome to have clothes specifically for the shape changes (that said, Target over here has a range of 'shape your body' jeans/skirts/pants that have panels to smooth out the silhouette). At the moment I'm in leggings and a long teeshirt with nothing touching my poor swollen tummy.

Oh eyelet, have you tried breastmilk cookies (to help with supply, not made with...) - I know the flax + oats helped me, but I didn't have as many problems. (scroll down for the recipe)
Zelda, I know how damn frustrating it is when people say to relax or calm downÖ thatís the LAST thing to say if you really want to be calming. I hated hearing that even before TTC! And I really am sick of people telling me what stress can do, each one of my closest friends that have children have all said stress can delay a period.. so irritating because now that I know the truth, I know they made that assumption without even studying it & gave me shitty "encouraging" words! Anyway, I completely understand how you feel about not being able to really open up to anyone and just have them listen. Between Mr. C & my 3 closest friends, I spread out what I need to share because of either the limit of their sympathy & understanding or just to not overwhelm them. Thatís why I love coming here so much, because there is more knowledge on this board than there is with anyone I know combined! I have not told family that weíre TTC, if my mom was alive Iím sure I would talk with her about it though. I hope thereís not a huge strain with your BFF, but I donít believe youíre doing anything at all to contribute toward thatÖ as a matter of fact you sound like youíre holding your feelings back enough to be a really good listener for her! I used to worry that if I got pregnant with ease that my BFF would feel a bit of resentment toward me because she went through IVF, I swear with each month that goes by she pushes a little more & asks for updates moreÖ so I really think the strain on our friendship that I worried about, was likely. Hope you have fun with your friend tonight, have a drink for all of us!!

Last night my husband was too tired. I was soooooo mad but tried to hold back, I had told him I was ovulating on Saturday or Sunday so I know thatís why he thinks skipping a day is ok. It might be but thatís not the point!! I just feel like, HELLO Iíve given up so much this cycle and if YOU arenít trying 100% Iím going to be furious if we miss it this month!!! But all I can say is, thatís ok, it can wait til tomorrow. Then my temp shot up today on CD 14! It could be possible that I ovulated yesterday, which means that we only got 1 day of productive sex in, which doesnít make it ENTIRELY impossibleÖ just improbable. I havenít taken an OPK yet, since I only have 2, but will take 1 this afternoon & 1 tomorrow.
I can be apart of this thread now! I'm 6 weeks and 6 days along!
Hi, Italianwife and welcome! Give us the 411 if you so old are you? How long were you trying to conceive? Is this your first?

This thread is pretty active right now (yay!) and full of pregnant women, new moms, and a few of us (like me) who have been trying to conceive for a little longer than we planned.

I'm Zelda, 32, living in Texas in the United States. I'm a teacher and writer, and my husband and I have been TTC for 8 months. Hope you enjoy this thread. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive.
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