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Michelina, that's great!! Get busy woman!!! I never, ever, ever bleed between periods so I was really hoping to see some implantation bleeding but I haven't. That's fascinating about the ASA inducing bleeding at the time of ovulation, if I'm not pregnant this month I'm definitely going to try that next month.

Zelda, that doctor sounds great!! So glad you picked the right guy! Keep us posted!

Thanks Julie, I'm really going to be discouraged if it didn't happen this month cuz we had so much fricken sex around ovulation. Glad I'll be on vacation when my period is due, it will be a much needed distraction!
Wait, what is ASA?
I think it's just an abbreviation for Aspirin, I only used that acronym because Michelina referred to it that way.
Just got some good news about the sister of a friend of mine...she and her husband had been struggling with unexplained fertility for five years. Because of religious reasons, they had hesitated to try IVF but finally did try with the understanding that they would only fertilize and implant a certain number of embryos. She is 12 weeks pregnant with twins! I am so happy for her!!
Zelda, I love stories like that. Thank you for the positive news! As far as the SA, I understand that they take a small amount and look at the number of sperm in that sample. That determines the concentration as you expect that small sample will represent the concentration in the entire ejaculate. They look at the motility and morphology in that sample too. So the majority of the analysis should be done, no matter how small the volume is. That is only my understanding, though, so I could be off. Great to hear that the person looking after Mr. Z is such an expert in the field! That must be super reassuring.

Cristine, I think the ASA (Aspirin) may have had something to do with the ovulation spotting, but it could just be coincidence. Also, I think this is about the most fertile CM I have had in a long time. I had ovulation pains last evening and over the night. We got busy this weekend and can only hope from here. Fingers crossed!

Julie, few things irritate me more than a woman being asked in a large group about her reproductive choices. I feel for your friend.
Zelda, that is great news about your friend's sister... thanks for sharing!

Michelina, I am so excited about your fertility this month! (Ok that's just scary) Anyway good luck and I really hope you hit it this month!! I think they recommend you still put in another day's effort today, if you guys are up for it.

I still have a lot of creamy CM which I don't believe I had last month, that's the only symptom since I'm not focusing on my cramps this month... and there have been no sharp stand-out cramps, just regular light ones. At 9 DPO I think implantation, if it were to happen, would have already occurred.
Hi everyone, I've been away for a bit and have just caught up on the news.

Zelda, I am so sorry that you've had such a hard month, you write so eloquently about your experience that I am feeling your disappointment sharply. I am really impressed with how pro-active and productive you and Mr Z have been, and I'm keeping everything crossed for the results of your SA and your appointment later this month.

Cristine, my fingers are also crossed for you this month, and for you Michelina. I am hoping hard that it is your month!

Eyelet, great to hear from you, glad that life with your little one is treating you well and that she is such a good natured baby. And Ananke, it's wonderful to hear about your baby and her gabbling! The gallbladder thing sounds rotten.

Yumyum, good to hear from you too. Sorry that the morning sickness is getting you so good, and hope it passes soon. Exciting that you will get to hear the heartbeat soon!

Ellenevenstar, I think you have your scan this week? Hope all goes well with it! I totally hear you on the milestone of getting past the first trimester.

Fookie, I'm thinking of you and hope that you are doing OK, I'm so sorry to read about your experience with the clinic, I am gutted for you.

Funnybird, I hope that you and AB are doing OK, I'm thinking of you both and was glad to read that his op was successful. I hope the chemo isn't going too hard on him. I agree with what everyone else has said about how you must not feel bad about feeling bad about what this means about when you will have your baby; you are doing great at being strong for him, but this is happening to you too and you have every right to express those feelings too. I'm so sorry that this is happening, and wish you through it.

Julie, your accounts of your little guy's kicking are just lovely! The consignment shopping sounds great, I need to get involved soon, so far we have a baby sling, a nappy bin and a cardigan and that's it for our baby! Really glad to hear the spotting was nothing to worry about, how horribly frightening. I am always a bit nervous after going to the loo that I might see some blood, and did once after sex, but think it was from a tiny friction-related cut. I have a low lying placenta and one of the complications of that can be bleeding, so I'm always checking!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant now, and my little boy is making his presence felt. He is kicking me right now, and seems to be most active around 6PM and 10/11PM. His kicks are getting higher and higher up, and I can now feel him above my belly button. We went to have a 4D scan a couple of weeks ago, which was amazing. We have to rebook as the little fellow was determined to hide his face with his feet and his hands, but I still feel like we got a good look at him and some good pics. He looks so cosy in there cuddled into the wall of my uterus, and we can already see that he looks like his father. He was in a breech position when we saw him, but who knows where he is now! I can't tell if kicks are coming from feet or arms, but I love to watch my belly move as he changes position.

I've been on holiday in Spain with my mum and dad, aunt and brother. Unfortunately the situation with my nan has deteriorated. Since receiving chemo treatment for her myeloma she has been taken out of hospital for nursing at home, but has gone rapidly downhill. She was readmitted to hospital a couple of days into our holiday, and has now had a stroke on the right side of her body. She is conscious but unable to really communicate and it seems that she is at the end of her life. My poor mum flew home early from her holiday and is now with her mum as she receives palliative care. She told me that she was talking to nan about all the reasons that she had to get well for, and that she broke down as she talked about the baby, as there is a baby blanket that my nan has knitted that is just about finished that will now never be finished.

I have set a date for my maternity leave; I finish work on 13th November - which gives me just 11 weeks of work left! I can't believe it, I don't feel pregnant enough to be leaving work so soon. I plan on having a year off, and am looking at my options for going back part time.
Jenny, itís so great to hear you describe your little boy!! I love that you can see your belly move as he finds a comfy position. Iím really sorry to hear about your grandma, I know how hard that must be ESPECIALLY while youíre pregnantÖ I canít imagine your emotional roller coasters, but it does sound like youíre handling it very well. And that blanket will be the most precious thing to have regardless of whether or not itís ďfinishedĒ.

Ok so Iím reading online that a postovulatory temperature dip (still above the coverline) is an indication of the day of implantation, well I had a big drop yesterday at 8 DPO so Iím really really hoping that meant something!! Then it shot back up again today. More cramps today than I have had since ovulation, BUT IíM NOT READING INTO THEMÖ I PROMISE! Ok maybe just a little, but it is so hard to ignore feelings, sensations, indicators, dreamsÖ ok I will not go crazy, my period is due this weekend so thereís not much more time to wait. It may not sound like it but believe it or not, this thread keeps me sane!

Jenny, great to hear from you! Wow, 26 weeks already! It sounds like all is going well with your little guy in there. So sorry about your nan. The baby blanket will be a treasure - like Cristine said - even if it's not completed. What is your due date?

Cristine, your post about being excited about my fertility made me laugh. :-) Thank you! I have had a bit of an ache from my left side on occasion so I think it's from the follicle. I hope it's a big one that will produce lots of progesterone this month! I am excited about your dip a couple days ago! I think you are wise to not get too excited, but you should be hopeful. I am really really hoping this is your month.

Zelda, you'll be getting the SA results soon, right? How are you doing? I was not very relaxed until I got the results. The waiting is tough - at least it was for me!
jenny_dreadful, so good to hear from you! I am so sorry about your nan...I just don't have words. I agree with what's been said...that blanket will be so precious, finished or not. But I'm sure it makes your heart hurt to think about it. Thinking good thoughts for you and your mum as well. I know it must be especially hard for her to see your nan go through all of this.

So fun to hear about your little boy's movements! Isn't it interesting to feel the kicking sort of gradually get higher? My little guy likes to kick me in the ribs a lot. It's entertaining now, though I'm not sure how entertaining I'll find it in a few weeks. I also feel him shifting position sometimes...kinda feels like he's flipping over or something in there.

I know what you mean about constantly checking for bleeding....I'm all paranoia girl about that these days. So far, so good. Glad things have been OK for you in that department too.

The 4D scan sounds great that you were able to actually see what he looks like! We had a little of that when we had the fetal echo but I'm not sure I would say that I could see what he looks like.

I have my 28 week appointment on Thursday, where I get my glucose screen. I am not looking forward to drinking that little bottle of glucose ahead of time, but I'm trying not to think too much about it. Unfortunately my eating crapfest has once again resulted in some extra weight gain...part of me is like, "Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it," and another part of me is like, "Damnit!" I'm only a few pounds away from having gained 30 pounds during the pregnancy, and I have another 12 weeks to go, so this is not boding well for staying within that 25-35 pound thing. I am making another go at giving up leg cramps have been waking me up several times a night and I'm suspecting that the caffeine and phosphorus are not helping that situtation.

On the happy side, mr. julie and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday. Instead of going out, we bought some steaks and made dinner at home. It was sooooo good (and I don't care about gaining weight from that dinner, I'll tell you!). He got me a prenatal massage as an anniversary present, which was really sweet.

Cristine, I am so excited that you are excited! Hoping that this is your month!

zelda, I agree with jenny....your posts are so eloquent that I find myself going on your journey with you...hoping for all the best as you wait for the SA results.

Michelina, hoping the best for you as well! Hang in there, it's going to happen soon, I believe it...

Okay, must go get some work done today. Take care and love to all Busties and bebes!

Michelina, what do you mean about the follicle? Iím still learning all of this terminology. Ok so you've heard about an implantation dip too? I never know what to trust on the internet. Why don't you start temping now that your post ovulation, I believe you said that you weren't this month??

Julie, I laughed out loud when you said your little guy is kicking your ribsÖ to someone who is not pregnant that just sounds so cute and exciting!!! So what does the glucose screen do? Whatís bad about the glucose you have to drink? I love Coke but kicking coffee is going to be the hardest thing for me. The one thing about Coke, besides the yummy taste, is the carbonationÖ I think Sprite is caffeine-free, have you thought about switching to that? Actually, they make caffeine-free Coke and it's very good!! And you mentioned phosphorus, is that in Coke? What is the negative side effect from that? And try not to worry about the weight gain, I had a friend who pigged out with both of her sons and gained 50+ pounds... she lost most of it fairly quickly both times, and only breastfed with her 2nd.

I know, I know Iím not supposed to read into my cramps but I am just feeling so damn hopeful that Iíve fallen into that devastating hope!! Iím at 10 DPO so Iím happy with my LP so far, if I start my period as scheduled then my LP will have been 12-13 days long which will remove a little bit of concern about my cycles.

Let's yourself hope, Cristine! I think it's okay to do so...HOPE DOESN'T MAKE BAD THINGS HAPPEN! (Thanks, Julie!)

That should be the subtitle of this thread. wink.gif

Jenny, great to hear from you...I'm so sorry about your nan...thanks for coming to share with us. It's so fun to hear from pregnant Busties as it gives me something to hope for/look forward to!

Michelina, in answer to your question...the nurse said the results from Mr. Z's SA should be ready on Friday. I think he's going to call tomorrow and/or Thursday to see if they've come in early...can't hurt to do that. My fear is they won't be in by Friday and we'll have to wait over the Labor Day holiday weekend before we hear anything. I cannot stand it!

It's not too bad during the day because I'm distracted by work, but at night my mind gets to wandering.

I'm trying to prepare myself for bad news...but from everything I've read, just in case the results are not good, there are some AMAZING things they can do with male fertility issues these days...I found an article from the New York Times from 10 years ago that said it's rare there isn't a man they can't get some sperm from! So I'm feeling hopeful even if things aren't totally positive. I hope I'm just getting ahead of myself and everything is okay. I will let you know as soon as I hear something!

Crossing all fingers and toes...
Zelda, I really hope you can get the results before the holiday weekend!! You should feel very comforted by the medical advancements that have been made in reproductive issues such as male fertility... plus it sounds like you guys got the best well-informed doctor for Mr. Z!

I'm having tons of creamy CM... BUT my cramps are getting bigger, however they don't hurt like my period cramps do. I don't know what anything means anymore! My best friend (IVF) explained her pre-positive HPT cramps as being so similar to period cramps that "it was impossible to differentiate between the two". I swear this is the slowest week of our lives Zelda!!!
Cristine, I have a good feeling for you!!!!! And yes, this is a verrrryyyy slow week!!!
Thanks for the good thoughts Zelda!! Please keep us posted of the SA results!
I will continue to lurk in this thread because I've been following all this TTC since early in my pregnancy and I really want to be around to congratulate everyone when those tests eventually come back positive. I'm also sending good thoughts for you and your husband, funnybird.

I'm hanging out over in the hip mamas thread Ananke--maybe we can stir up some conversation over there too. I need the camaraderie now more than ever. I have a pretty easy baby, but still feel like I could use lots of advice.

Do you guys remember when I wrote about our "Studio 54" friends who are too cool for school and one got knocked up? Turns out that pregnancy has really brought her down to earth. She's still a fashionista, but has morphed into a much more likable, approachable person now that she's 7 mos. PG. She actually asks for my advice and doesn't look at my size 12 figure like I'm huge. She seems to be following my every move, in fact, when it comes to watching me parent. You just never know how people can grow and change.

Eyelet, I remember you talking about the "Studio 54" friends... I'm glad to hear that woman is becoming more grounded, I hope you guys will be able to develop a meaningful friendship during this time! I remember this one co-worker I used to have that I HATED and when my friend would talk to her on a personal level I would question her up and down about how she could stand her... she simply replied "you'll see when you have kids", which was years before we started TTC so it wasn't offensive in the slightest. I feel like I'll have a new bond altogether with my 3 closest friends who all have kids and I'm really looking forward to that! I know that just in TTC my best friend and I have gotten closer than we've been since high school!

I'm 11 DPO, so tempted to test but my husband talked me out of it until tomorrow. But my cramps are now almost identical to pre-period cramps. I'm losing hope but then I remember my friend telling me the cramps are too similiar to differentiate, so that keeps me going...
Hey, eyelet...good to hear from you! Glad things are going well...

Mr. Z and I Did It tonight (for fun...not for baby)...but only after much whining on my part. He said he was "freaked out" about the results...the sex was all right, but right now I'm just stressing that we will never have sex again if the results are not less than stellar.

He said he is obsessing about the results. Oddly enough, I've become more relaxed about everything. I feel like even if the results aren't okay, there is almost certainly something that can be done about it.

He called the doctor today, but the results were not in yet. The nurse said to try tomorrow. I PRAY they are in by Friday like they said they would be...I cannot handle waiting until Tuesday!

I asked him how he would feel if the results came back normal...he said he would feel great and like a huge weight is off his shoulders...he knows logically that if they are not okay it will probably still work out, but self-esteem wise I don't know if he can handle abnormal results right now.

Oh please please PLEASE let them be all right...and please cross your fingers that they are in tomorrow!!
Julie, Happy Anniversary! And I hope the glucose screen goes well tomorrow. Doesn't sound like fun.

Eyelet, so nice to hear from you! It's nice to know you are still around. And I remember the Studio 54 girl too. Interesting what pregnancy can do to a person.

Zelda, I am really hoping that the SA results come before the weekend. Waiting over a weekend sounds awful, but waiting over a long weekend sounds like plain torture. We were both so anxious for Mr.M's results that we weren't even sleeping well. Mr. M had a lot of the same feelings that Mr. Z is expressing. He was so relieved when everything came back normal. Thinking of you...

Cristine, I am very hopeful for you this month!

I am still having spotting from ovulation. It's light, but it's been going on for 4 days now. I just seem to constantly be bleeding! This is really not normal for me and I am pretty convinced the aspirin brought this on, or at least has contributed to it.
Zelda, all fingers & toes are crossed for you guys! Sounds like you have an amazing man and I hope he gets a self esteem boost by Friday!

I'm testing tomorrow morning and my cramps have subsided for the time being. We're flying out tomorrow morning and I'm hoping for happy, at least not period, news for the trip...
Michelina, I'm really hoping your symptoms are a positive indicator!!
I really enjoy reading the news on this thread but it always takes so long! I love that everyone is keen to share so much. There is true wisdom here.

Glad to hear you're feeling more relaxed zelda. I hope the results are in asap and that they're all right. Cristine's right. Your husband sounds amazing and I really wish only the best for you two.

Michelina & cristine - keep hoping! I'm willing good news for you both

Jenny and Julie - so exciting to read about your pregnancies. Time is passing so quickly! I'm looking forward to feeling my bubba move. Sorry about your nan jenny. That blanket will be the most precious thing... to think about life-death-life-death is sometimes too much for my mind to handle.

I thought I had put on heaps of weight too but I was weighed today and it wasn't as much as I'd thought so there was some satisfied smirking. I did weigh about 62 kg at the beginning of the year, but then put a bit on after the miscarriage because I was feeling slack and depressed and since I've been pregnant this time I have just been SHOVELLING IT. I'm now 66 kg but I think I've only put 2kg on since this pregnancy started. I haven't touched caffeine since I found out I was pregnant, which has broken my coke habit, but I have been eating lots of other sweet things. I want biscuits all the time. I haven't been to group fitness classes for quite a few weeks now. I know in theory it's OK to do most of the exercise I had been doing but after last time I am being hyper cautious. Now I'm 12 weeks I will go back very gently and hopefully stay a little bit toned for a little bit longer!!

I've had an *eventful* couple of weeks. On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, horror of horrors, I noticed some light staining, just a bit of funny coloured discharge (which is how my miscarrage began in March). I tried not to worry on Tuesday night, but there were tears from me and the Mr and then when it happened again on Wednesday afternoon I rushed straight to the doc and was seen without an appointment. He was so awesome and reassuring but sent me next door for an ultrasound straight away! So I had this moment, lying on the bed, thinking, 'Oh My God in 5 seconds I'm going to find out if my baby's alive'... and then I saw the heart beating and the little thing wiggling around like crazy which made me cry with relief, let me tell you.

Today I had my 11-13 week nuchal translucency scan and I was just a tad nervous, hoping that everything was still OK. My husband was with me this time and it was just fantastic. I could watch that little bub all day every day. My EDD has been adjusted by a couple of days so I'm actually 12 weeks tomorrow and, man, am I relieved to be almost there. So I have a follow up appointment with the GP on Mon or Tues and then I guess it's time to start telling people ohmy.gif which just seems crazy, frankly. I am quite a fan of being in control of my own little secrets and not having people hassle me and ask me questions all the time. Oh well, I'm sure it will be exciting and positive in many ways!

Healthy energy to everyone, especially those hanging on tests of various kinds in the next couple of days...
Ellen, that's awesome! To see a little heart beating must be so amazing, especially after all you've been through. I'm not surprised that you cried with relief!

Zelda, I'm sorry you and your Mr. are so stressed about the SA. I'm sure it will be just fine but I know how nerve-wracking it is to wait for results. Even if the results are less than wonderful (which I'm sure won't be the case) there's so much that can be done. Keep us posted.

Julie, I hope the glucose screening goes well.

We're kind of in limbo at the moment. Architect Boy has mostly recovered from his op and is back at work, and we're waiting for our appointment with the oncologist next week to find out more about the chemo. In other news, I'm getting rid of that damn endometrial polyp! I FINALLY had that follow-up scan I'd been waiting months for, and sure enough, the uninvited guest was still there lurking in my uterus. The gynaecologist was still unable to say for sure if it caused my miscarriage, but agreed that if we were going to have fertility treatment it would need to be removed. I'm booked in for surgery in a couple of weeks - I'm a little nervous (I've never been under anaesthetic before) - but I'll be so bloody glad when it's gone!

I'm feeling much better than I did when I last posted. I still have my moments, especially when I think about the miscarriage and what might have been - I'd be six months by now - but the boy's bravery inspires and comforts me. I find myself just watching him as he plays the piano or computer games, and thinking how lucky I am that he's going to be okay and I get to keep him.
ellen, congrats on getting to 12 weeks, and to seeing the little heart beating on the scan. What a relief for you! So know, it felt like the first trimester took FOREVER and then second tri kind of flew by, so I'm hoping it's like that for you (although still enough that you get to enjoy it!). I agree, once you've seen little bean on the scan it's like, "I could just watch this all day and be perfectly happy...."

funnybird, thinking good thoughts for you on the surgery for the polyp. I'm glad you finally got your scan and that AB seems to be healing well as well. Keeping you guys in my thoughts.

zelda, still thinking good thoughts on the SA for mr. Z. I can't imagine what that must be like for a guy. I think they take their sperm very personally (which sounds weird, but I guess if I produced sperm I'd probably take them personally too). Hope you get results by Friday...I hate long holiday weekend waits.

eyelet, good to hear from you! Interesting how pregnancy can change people. I think maybe sometimes it brings out aspects of our personalities that didn't necessarily access before (for better or worse). Glad to hear that your Studio 54 friend has settled down, and kind of cool that she's looking at YOU as the role model now!

Michelina and Cristine, still pulling for you...and Cristine, as someone who tested early a number of times only to be denied, I hope you can hold out! I just know what a double bummer it is when you test early and no dice. Hoping for a positive result when you do test. And Michelina, hope everything is OK with the bleeding...probably is just the aspirin.

We had our first childbirth class last night, which actually was great. We're kind of doing an odd thing - we're doing two different childbirth classes ("Prepared Childbirth Over 30" and "Unmedicated Childbirth") in the same month. Since I'm going to try to go sans epidural if possible, I figured it made sense to do both classes, and it just worked out best for our schedule to do them the same month. I am actually really glad that we chose to do the "over 30" class instead of what I refer to as "the one with all the whippersnappers." All the other couples seem great and the first class focused a lot on our hopes and concerns with a lot of discussion. The only downside is that the class is THREE HOURS long so mr. julie and I were starving afterwards...and hit the fast food right after. Oops! The instructor said we're welcome to bring dinner to class so I think we'll do that next time.

I'm in the midst of deciding about a job offer I got this week. I've been doing consulting for about a year and a half, and really enjoy it, but saw this (part-time) job opportunity and thought I might as well put my hat in the ring for it. I'm frankly rather torn, as the part-time job is a good gig, would offer access to group health insurance benefits, and is willing to give me a flexible schedule where I work 3 days in the office and the remainder of the 27-30 hours/week from home. I'm a bit loath to give up consulting, even though the money is uncertain and mr. julie has yet to land a steady job. I could probably try to do both (part-time job plus consulting on the side) but as one of my friends pointed out, that essentially makes my business kind of a "hobby" or "side" business. Plus I don't really know how that would work out...if the point is to work less, doing both kind of defeats the purpose! I know I could do it, though.

The reason I bring this up in the pregnancy thread is that I do think the little guy on the way changes the game plan. I mean, I want my son to know that it's possible to do what you love in life and live on less money (meaning - I don't want to take this job just because of the benefits and salary), but I also think that now that we're having a baby, both mr. julie and I have to think in terms of what's best for the three of us as a whole (which might mean that while I can have both consulting and job, it might have to be "good enough" and not necessarily the ideal situation). Anyway, that's what I'm mulling over this morning. Then I get to drink glucose this afternoon and get my blood tested! Good times. ;-)
Ellen I am so glad everything is ok!! Did they explain the bleeding? Oh I am just so happy for you and that little heartbeat!!!

Funny, glad to hear you're getting the polyp removed. I wouldn't worry too much about the anesthesia, I was put out when I got my tonsils removed in high school and I just woke up a little confused. I loved to hear you describe watching AB, that was just really sweet!

Julie, I tested today at 12 DPO, but I couldn't find my damn First Response so I took the ClearBlue digital only to find a big fat NOT PREGNANT. I of course found the line test afterwards and brought it with me on vacation, I'll take it tomorrow morning when my period is due. Glad you're enjoying your classes and good luck on the decision to take that job or not, tough decision!

How's it going Michelina?

Any news yet Zelda?

Hey all...ellen, SO glad to hear all is well! My BFF had the same spotting/discharge around 9/10 weeks (all was well, thank goodness), and I remember how anxious she was. I'm sure you were doubly anxious (and doubly relieved to learn all was well) given your miscarriage. How great to know you are in safe territory and headed in the right direction!!

Julie, congrats on the job offer! At least you have some options although I'm it must be difficult to weigh all sides and make the "right" decision...I have no doubt you and Mr. Julie will be able to figure it out and no matter what you decide on the job front, it will end up being right for you both.

Funny...glad to hear you are going in for the procedure. I, too, had to undergo anesthesia for the first time a few years ago for a minor procedure and was panicked as I had never been "under" before...the truth is it was a breeze, and then I got to relax with a load of painkillers and stupid movies afterward! I am glad that you are moving forward and AB is as to at least help to know you are moving in a positive direction!

Cristine, I'm sorry about the NOT PREGNANT (see why I hate digital tests so much?!?). But it's not over until your period shows up, so hang in there...and remember you're very early in the trying process. I am crossing my fingers for you.

As for me...STILL WAITING on Mr. Z's test results...and I am so frustrated because they are actually in! About an hour ago, a woman from the lab called me here at home (Mr. Z was still at work). Apparently lines had been crossed at the doctor's office and Mr. Z had been given wrong info and was calling the LAB to get his results when he should have called his NURSE at the doctor's office. The lab director finally called and said the results were faxed over yesterday to the doctor and that's who he should call. I asked her if she could give me the results, but she told me she didn't have them in front of her, and even if she did, I could not receive them as I'm not the patient. (At least she was sweet and nice about it!)

By the time she rang, the doctor's office was already closed...I called Mr. Z at work and told him the news, and he called the nurse...I haven't heard back, but I'm sure all he was able to do was leave a message with the nurse. I'm so frustrated and annoyed because I *know* that piece of paper with the results is sitting on someone's desk and we have to sleep through the night before getting what it says! Of course I'm terrified somehow tomorrow we won't get them, but Mr. Z says he is going to call every hour on the hours until he gets the nurse on the line and gets some answers!

We're leaving tomorrow night to visit relatives a few hours away...Mr. Z's uncle is not doing to well health wise, and we won't be back until Saturday night or Sunday morning...I really hope we get these results tomorrow before we leave. PLEASE cross fingers all is well!!! I will post here tomorrow just as soon as I know something.

Zelda, that must be torture to know his results are only a phone call away! But great to know that you WILL find out before the long weekend!! I have everything crossed for you!!! smile.gif
zelda, hope you guys get the results today! I'm sure everything is probably fine, but I know it will be a big relief to know one way or the other.

Cristine, best of luck with the testing and enjoy your vacation!

Quick update on me: I decided to take the part-time job and try to continue consulting on the side for now, with the thought that I will reevaluate after little guy arrives. In the end, I decided that it might be especially difficult to try to drum up new business and new clients with a new baby, and that at least for now I could handle my current client load plus the part-time job. I'm choosing to look at this as my opportunity to get REALLY GOOD at setting boundaries, which is a life skill I need to continue to cultivate anyway! Plus it's a great organization and I think it will be a challenging, fun opportunity as well. I start the new gig week after next.

The glucose screen wasn't too bad. Basically, I drank a little bottle (about 10 ounces, but at the time it seemed like more) of what basically tasted like flat, slightly more syrupy orange soda. Then we drove to the doc's for my appointment and I had my blood drawn an hour after I'd finished the glucose. Hopefully it will come back negative and I won't need any more testing. If something comes up on the screen, I'll have to do the full-blown glucose test (with the fasting and more sugary liquid to drink) to check for gestational diabetes. I should have results at my next appointment in 2 weeks.

The other nice thing about this week's appointment was that they didn't blink an eye at my weight gain. The nurse even said that a lot of women don't gain much of anything the first few months and then at some point they just go to town. It still makes me a little nervous to see the scale going up and up and up, but I try to remember that I'm growing a person in there, and to a certain extent that's SUPPOSED to happen. So, my new resolution is to give myself a freaking break and have the occasional piglet session if I want.

One more thing to share: our homework from our childbirth class this week is to nap or lay down to rest at least two times during the week. (As my friend E said, "Best. Homework. Ever.") The instructor explained that we need to get in the habit now of resting at various times during the day so that we can learn how to catch sleep when we can once the baby comes.

Okay, signing off for now....enjoy the weekend!

Mr. Z finally got the nurse on the horn...turns out the lab was wrong...the results have NOT been faxed. Only some basic patient info. Because Mr. Z's doc ordered MORE than your basic SA (including DNA make up, etc.), the results are taking longer than normal. The nurse was incredibly apologetic and told Mr. Z she would call asap...but the results may not be in until Tuesday OR Wednesday!

Then Mr. Z's uncle passed away last night...I sound so cavalier, but he was 93, so it's not like it was a shock. The funeral is Tuesday, and Mr. Z is going to drive up Monday night with his mom...I can't go as I am leaving Thursday for an out of town wedding and can't miss so much work. (By the way, the reunion we were set to go to this weekend is now cancelled because of the uncle's death.)

ANYWAY, long story short, Mr. Z won't be around Tuesday if the nurse called because he'll be five hours away at the funeral, and now I seriously doubt we'll have the time to do it even once on Tuesday and Wednesday which should be my most fertile days...this month seems like a total wash. And Mr. Z is so anxious I don't know if he could even do it. What a mess.

Gawd, I want to crawl under my bed and not come out until next month's fertile window and AFTER we know our results...

Oh no!! Zelda this sucks! Just when you were feeling so much better things have turned so crazy. Doesn't your Mr. have a mobile phone the nurse could call? What a shame, but also what an opportunity to give your body and mind a month off if you can't have sex during your fertile days. I know this probably isn't very comforting but when things fuck up in my life and don't go the way I want them to go I just have to trust that it's somehow for the best just so I can keep my sanity. Maybe the universe intends for this month to be all about getting the SA sorted, not about TTC on top of that as well???

I bought a Supremes album yesterday and I am now *sure* that the lyrics of 'You Can't Hurry Love' are about TTC and pregnancy(! of course!) Despite the awesomeness of the Supremes, I always thought the lyrics of this song were a bit, I don't know, superficial and trite (?) - but yesterday, with my new reading of them, it actually made me cry. The experience of waiting is a heavy, unpleasant one but also one that somehow connects us with our humanity, our limits and the development of equilibrium and wisdom, I think.

I need love, love / To ease my mind / I need to find, find someone to call mine / But mama said:
You cant hurry love / No, you just have to wait / She said love dont come easy / It's a game of give and take.
But how many heartaches / Must I stand before I find a love / To let me live again? / Right now the only thing / That keeps me hangin on / When I feel my strength, yeah / Its almost gone / I remember mama said:
You cant hurry love / No, you just have to wait / She said love dont come easy / It's a game of give and take.
How long must I wait / How much more can I take / Before loneliness will cause my heart / Heart to break?
No I cant bear to live my life alone / I grow impatient for a love to call my own / But when I feel that I, I cant go on / These precious words keeps me hangin on / I remember mama said:
You cant hurry love / No, you just have to wait / She said love dont come easy / It's a game of give and take.
No, love, love, dont come easy / But I keep on waiting /Anticipating for that soft voice / To talk to me at night / For some tender arms / To hold me tight / I keep waiting / I keep on waiting / But it ain't easy / It ain't easy / But mama said:
You cant hurry love / No, you just have to wait / She said love dont come easy / It's a game of give and take.
Julie, good luck with your new job!

Zelda, this totally sucks!! Damn that nurse! And like Ellen said, is there anyway Mr. Z can take time to make a cell phone call? And can you guys at least try to get in some sex on Wednesday? I'm sooooo sorry about this horrible wait!!!

My husband accidentally broke my thermometer last night so I couldn't take my temp this morning. I was so silently irritated at first but he tried and tried and tried to fix it, he felt so bad. Anyway, another negative test this morning. I bought a thermometer today but I did not break down and buy more tests. I'm 13 DPO, CD 29 and have had zero cramps today. I'll test after vacation if I don't start by then.
Ellen, I laughed out loud at your analysis of Can't Hurry Love as an anthem to pregnancy and TTC! Hilarious! This is why I come to this thread...

Well, I have to make a confession...Mr. Z and I are the last two people on the planet who do not own cell phones/mobiles. We actually always said if we had a kid, we would get them for emergencies, but truth be told, we both enjoy not having one (most of the time!). Of course times like these I do wish we had one for convenience.

I think Mr. Z is going to leave a message with the nurse letting her know it's okay to leave results on our home answering machine. He's also going to let her know that he is giving her permission to relay any results to me on Tuesday, so if I can get her on the phone, we can get results then.

At this point we've waited so's like I wonder if the results will ever show up! And while I'm also glad that the doctor ordered a super platinum plus version of the SA, that gives me more to worry about re: the results.

I'm going to try and get Mr. Z to do it Monday before he leaves for the funeral and maybe Wednesday before I leave for the wedding. (I just reread that sentence and laughed out does sound pretty weird.) I want to go buy more pee sticks but am wondering if that may just freak me out more.

And I don't plan on telling Mr. Z we should do it...I plan on literally taking him by the belt loops of his pants, tossing him onto the bed, and quite frankly insisting he do his business. wink.gif
Oh, and by the way, thanks Ellen for helping me think of September as the month of figuring out Mr. Z's SA and me also going to the doctor for some preliminary blood work...if we don't get to try this month, at least I feel like we're still doing something productive in terms of babymaking.
Zelda, no cell phone? Ok, it's time!! wink.gif If anything, he can get a prepaid phone & they're totally affordable... but regardless, sounds like his plan will work. And I think it's completely acceptable to skip a month considering all the concerns that have occurred this month, not to mention the stress that comes along with waiting!! But "they" always say that it happens at the least expected times, and I'd hate for you to miss that "least expected time".

As for me, I'm 14 DPO & CD 30 (last month I had a 28 day cycle)... no period, no cramps, temp above coverline & refuse to test til I'm back home!
I started my period, I'll check back in later ladies...
zelda sorry, Cristine...that's always a hard day. But you are sooooo early in the trying process. When I started trying, I really promised myself I wouldn't get upset until month 6, which is around average. Try to hang in there. And even after month 6, your odds are very good...I am still telling myself that. Try to do something nice for yourself today - something you couldn't do if you were PG...drink, eat soft cheese, etc.

Thanks Zelda, we actually decided to go wine tasting this afternoon. Then I just had a couple beers with dinner. wink.gif
Mr. Z and I had sex today! Yay! I know it's silly to be excited, but I've been so concerned about his anxiety with regards to waiting for the SA results, I just was worried he wouldn't want to...since he's leaving tomorrow earlier than planned for his uncle's funeral and won't be back until Tuesday night, I thought I would try today...and it was really nice.

It's only CD 11, and I did do an OPK. There's a line, but very faint. I doubt it was good babymaking sex, but I do feel like at least we got some action in there which was good for our mental health if nothing else.

Perhaps we can try one more time on Wednesday night or Thursday early morning before I leave for the wedding...I still think this month will be a wash, but I feel good that at least he was able to "perform" and we had a nice time just being together...and one way or another, we should know the results *eventually* this week, so...

I'm feeling a bit more positive today, and that's good.

Cristine, I hope you had fun at the wine tasting!!

Michelina, how are you? I forgot where you were at in your cycle...
I've been out of town and this board has exploded over the last few days!

Funnybird, I am glad to hear that AB is well into his recovery. I understand the hesitation in surgery (I would feel the same way), but it'll probably be a breeze and you'll wonder why you worried in the first place. Good thing you'll be getting in quickly and won't have another huge wait ahead of you.

Ellen, I am so happy for you. Seeing your little one must have been so exciting and such a relief.

Julie, glad to hear that all is going well for you too!

Cristine, I am sorry that you got your period. Zelda is right though - it's still early days.

Zelda, this waiting around would drive me crazy. Oh I hope that it's not much longer now. Glad to hear you got some action in yesterday. Woo hoo! Wouldn't it be ironic if this is your month?!

I am 7 dpo and have been spotting since ovulation. It is brown so it is old blood that I imagine is just still making its way down. I definitely need to talk with the specialist about this. My temp dropped significantly today, but I am not reading into that. I am just trying to focus on getting into the doctor (still no appointment, but the secretary at least emailed me back after 10 days.) And I hope I have at least a 12 day LP this month. I'm going out of town again in a few days and expect my period while I'm out of town. Mr. M and I won't be going away together. I haven't decided whether I'll pack a pregnancy test or just let it go until I'm home.
Zelda, I'm glad to hear you guys got started and I'm hoping for an ambitious Wednesday night AND Thursday morning!! wink.gif

Michelina, is this spotting typical for you? Make notes for your Gyno! I hope your temperature drop means something great!!

And thank you both for the positive words but I really feel like something might be wrong cuz there was plenty of sex all around ovulation! It wasn't like I misread my cycle or we missed our best days, we totally nailed it with 6 days in a row (including 2 positive OPK's) before a temperature rise! I hate this so much but we'll try again next month cuz what the hell else can I do??!! I had a good cry and "why can't I get pregnant but all the scum of the earth get knocked up in an instant?!" conversation with my husband one night on vacation over drinks... it was a good talk but of course ended with no fucking explanation! This month was hugely discouraging and if it doesn't happen next month I don't know if I can take this again and again.

I caved and I'm watching 16 and pregnant, this show pisses me off so much... life just isn't fair! Sorry for the quick rant, ladies...
I am feeling so down, so defeated right now. I am spotting quite heavily and am pretty sure I'm getting my period at 7dpo. I don't get how last month I had a 13 day LP and this month it's coming this early. I spotted from the day before ovulation to now when I am having just-prior-to-period spotting. Something is not right about this. :-(
(((Cristine))) I know what that feeling is like - the feeling of "how long can I possibly take this?" It is hard to keep going, but you won't get your baby if you stop. Try to keep positive and remember, 7 to 10 months on average for people our age.
Michelina, what cycle day are you on? That is so strange, I really hope this month was just a fluke for you. I really don't understand the whole 7-10 month thing, regardless of our age! What... like our bodies need to practice getting pregnant??? It just doesn't make any sense at all!! Especially after watching the U.S. Labor Day marathon of 16 and pregnant, it's not like they were trying!! It just doesn't make any damn sense in the world if you're successful in timing!! I'm so damn frustrated right now that I'm completely going out of my mind!!! Sorry, I'm just at my wits end about TTC! I was completely willing to dismiss months that we may have "missed it", but I know that was not the case this month so I'm frightened that we may have serious fertility issues... because I just don't buy the fact that at 32 my body has forgotten how to conceive a life! And, continuing in my confused rant, I'm so damn scared about trying for baby #2 or #3!! I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow to preoccupy myself! Sorry if I sound entirely crazy but I'm just so thoroughly confused!!!
((((Michelina and Cristina)))) I know it sucks...

Michelina, I am so incredibly sorry about the spotting. I agree that something does not seem quite right about this since it's happening each month, **but** at the same time, that doesn't necessarily mean that there is something difficult to fix! As we've said before, it could be something as simple as a progesterone supplement. I so hope you can get into the doctor soon to get some answers! Trust me, I know how it is to sit and wait for those...Mr. Z left a message with the nurse letting her know he was giving me permission to get the test results if they come in tomorrow while he's out of town at his uncle's funeral. We shall see.

Do you think the aspirin could have affected you this month?

Cristina, yes, I know it's so hard to watch 16 and Pregnant and wonder why it is so easy for them (even though I would rather never have a baby than have had one at 16 - my life has been too wonderful and free and independent in a way I could never have had if I'd had a kid then.)

Remember that *lots* of things have to happen for conception to take place - hence the 7 to 10 months average for women our age. Even young women in their early 20s still only have a 1 in 4 chance to conceive with *perfectly* timed intercourse!

In a way, that's a good thing...imagine how over populated our world would be if conception was that simple.

The relatively fragile sperm has to make it through a hostile environment to the very fragile egg, fertilization has to take place, and then the fertilized egg has to travel all they way down to the uterus and *successfully* implant in the uterus. That's a lot of steps! The reason younger couples conceive faster often has to do with the health of their eggs and sperm AND the fact that younger women make more fertile/sperm-friendly cervical mucus for many days a month - allowing sperm to live for up to a week (in extreme cases) inside the body - upping the odds for successful conception.

But even some young women don't conceive right away. A 26-year-old former co-worker of mine took 12 months and there was nothing wrong with either her or her husband.

I know it's so hard, but hang in there...the odds truly are in your favor. I know month after month it gets depressing, but you've got to at least try and stay somewhat positive and just focus on the next month. If after 6 months nothing has happened, I think you're justified to get checked out (and have Mr. Cristine have an SA), but even at 6 months you're still *well* within normal odds.

I had a faint but visible line on my OPK today. I think I'll probably get a positive on day 14, and I am getting out of town on CD 15 (in the morning). Hopefully we can try it once before we go...would be GREAT to have the SA results before I leave!!!!
Congrats on the OPK Zelda! Get busy as soon as you see him! wink.gif

I informed Mr. C last night that we are never using birth control of any kind again until I'm 40. Because if it's this hard at 32, I'm terrified when I'm 34/35 that it will take even longer. So if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant this time, then we'll continue to have unprotected sex and just see if we could hopefully get to 3 kids by then.

Oh and very interesting thought on the baby aspirin, Michelina do you think that could be it??
Cristine, it is a very inefficient system - the human reproductive one. Zelda is right - a lot has to happen in order for a pregnancy to occur. Even those teens probably had unprotected sex more than once before getting pregnant. It is so frustrating and it seems so damn unfair.

I woke up with an elevated temp today, but my spotting is getting worse so I expect the actual flow to begin by the end of the day or tomorrow. That will make it an 8 or 9 day LP this month. WTF? I am so angry and am really feeling sorry for myself right now. I didn't even get a chance to feel any hope this month with the constant bleeding.

I let the gyne's office know about the spotting and they got me in tomorrow. I am happy about that, but am nervous to hear what it will take to have a hope in hell of getting pregnant.

Zelda, any news?
I am on pins and needles...when I got home from work, there was a message from the nurse saying for us to call in. I called, and she took our home phone number and said she would call us right back. That was about 20 minutes ago and we are (both of us) just sitting here waiting and so nervous. PLEASE CALL BACK NURSE!

Will let you know something hopefully tonight...I don't have a good feeling. If they were normal, wouldn't she have just said it and not needed to call us back???????

Phew... the results and they are mostly PRETTY GOOD! Thank the fates!

Mr. Z's sperm count was 114 million, well above the 20 million that's considered normal.

The fancy DNA damage test they did revealed 3% of his sperm had DNA damage, well below the 25% that's considered normal.

The only result that was less than perfect was his motility. He had 40% motility and normal motility is around 50%. From what I have read, pot affects motility more than anything else, so I am guess if he cuts back on his pot smoking, he should be okay.

The nurse said, "Overall, these are good results." Mr. Z is walking on cloud nine and has already said he will cut waaaay back on his pot smoking to improve his motility numbers. He will also talk to the doctor about this in early October when he goes in.

Phew! I feel sooooo relieved! A huge weight off our shoulders...
Zelda, yay! That's fantastic news. And the motility issue is the one thing he can really control so that's wonderful. Woo hoo!
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