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FINGERS ARE CROSSED!!!!! smile.gif
Hey all...I have to be super fast as I am at my sister's and we are getting ready to watch something is CD 27 and no period, no period symptoms, no pregnany symptoms, nothing. Tomorrow morning I am going to go ahead and test on CD 28. Just want to know before I head back to my parents house and BBQ Hell if my period will be coming or not. (I can just imagine being trapped in BBQ Hell, running to the bathroom to get some peace, and encountering my period. I would not be able to handle it.)

I am eternally grateful for the agent news. I have been floating on air since it happened, and that's really been making me happy. Of all months to get a negative, I think I will handle it best because of this other good news in my life.

If I get a positive, I will try to get back on here and let you know. If you don't hear from me, you can assume it was probably a negative (boo hiss).

Yumyum, I am really crossing my fingers for you! Cristine, you, too! And Michelina, I am thinking really good thoughts for the SA results! Let us know asap!

Julie, I think it's AWESOME that you're having a boy. :-)
We still don't have the results :-( but were told to call back tomorrow in the late morning. It'll probably be another restless night now. I just need to know. We are both very nervous. Thanks for the good thoughts! Thinking of you, Zelda and Yumyum!
Michelina, I hope the SA results you get are better than the results I got this morning...negative...followed quickly by my period complete with cramps. Bad ones.

I sobbed like a baby in my sister's arms. Thank God I'm here and not at my parents' house. It SUCKS. At least it's over with. The negative test made it that much worse. We did it so much this month I really had hopes.

I am starting to have real fears that something is wrong. I just have a feeling. I'm going to call Mr. Z today and let him know, so he can get the SA done. My sister was being so sweet, saying that maybe the reason it didn't happen this month is that I'm not at home to enjoy the news with Mr. Z. I don't this point I would take the good news anytime, any place...even if Mr. Z was all the way in Alaska.

At least my period will be over by the time my family heads to the beach on Sunday, and at least I'll be back home in time for my next "fertile window." It is time to take action. If Mr. Z's results come back normal, we'll try one more month, and then I'll go in for bloodwork. If he's not normal, we can take steps to fix that, too.


I'm so least I have the agent news to fall back on and talk about with my family tomorrow during the BBQ of Doom.


Yumyum, Michelina, Cristine, I hope you all have good news to share soon.
(((Zelda))) I am glad you are with your sister. Thinking of you.

No word yet. I am so nervous, I just want to pace.
Zelda, that really sucks!! But that's good that you know before the BBQ and that you had time to cry & deal with it at your sister's! Have you tried to take an at-home fertility test? I know First Response makes those, I don't know who else does... obviously not as concrete as bloodwork, but it's an easy & non-invasive start! You're supposed to test on day 3 of your period, so I don't know if you really want to do that this month considering you'll still be at your family's.

yum, did you try to take your temp today? If so, how did it compare to past charts? I entered my temp today and the calendar didn't change so my ovulation was on Saturday, which is a little earlier than I was hoping. We'll see if we got lucky with only a couple fertile tries this month!! Still having strange feelings, now in my uterus area but nothing from the ovaries this month.

Michelina, keep us posted!!
Just a quick note to say that all is normal!!! I am so relieved. Of course I can't get ahold of Mr. M to share the good news. He'll be ecstatic.
Michelina!!!!! That is great news, I'm so happy for you!!! I'm sure Mr. M will feel much better about himself!
(((zelda))) I'm so sorry but also glad that you have your awesome agent news to soften the blow. I don't know why it has to be hard- I think it's just that you want it so badly that it's hard not to be patient and not worry.

Michelina- Yeah! I'm happy to hear that your guy's guys are all good! That should give the two of you some extra confidence in Vegas!

Cristine- I don't have my period yet but am still getting that "I'm going to get my period any time now" feeling. I did take my temp this morning but it didn't really tell me much because my temps always stay elevated until a day or two after my period starts (so there's no warning sad.gif )
I'm hoping that you did get lucky this month!

I'm still in limbo. The absolute worst thing is when you trick yourself into thinking you're pregnant. I've done that before and then was crushed when my period started. For my own sanity, I will not go down that path again. zelda, hang in there!!!!
((((Zelda)))) Gaaaaaah. I'm so sorry. How maddening. This stinks. It truly STINKS! I'm so glad you were at your sister's when you tested and that she was so wonderful about it. I know this is clichť and probably not actually comforting at this moment, but what she said about you getting the news when you're with Mr. Z.... that's really sweet and the good news will be even sweeter when it does come. The operative word here being "WHEN." It will come, don't lose hope or faith. Was the BBQ today? Or is that on the weekend? I'll be thinking of you. Hang on to that agent news b/c that is truly something fabulous and despite the negative test, you still get to be over the moon proud and happy for yourself.

(((Jenny))) I'm sorry about your grams. I hope the treatments do their job and have her playing with her grandkids for many years to come. Speaking of kids ... I'm really looking forward to finding out if you're having a boy or a girl. So fun!

Julie! A boy is FANTASTIC. I would love a boy. I love Mr. F. so much that I could hardly wait to see a little mini him running around. It's like I'd get to love him twice. I think it's just great! Some people are total boobs. Just nod at them and humour them. Picture their giant-foot-in-mouth taking on a life of its own and choking them smile.gif

YumYum, I hate that limbo. Despite being super cautious about tricking myself I usually give into the moment and end up convincing myself that I just might be pregnant. And shit it sucks when it turns out I'm not. I think the reason that I keep going with it though is b/c at some point it will happen, and when it does I do want to know that I was hopeful and not doing myself in with toooooooo many negative thoughts (though the negative stream does turn into a raging river by about day 27 of my 28 day cycle). It's so hard.

Michelina, how fantastic! That is really good news. So it's just a matter of time then. And your time could be just around the corner. I'm so happy for you.

I leave tomorrow night for an extended long weekend in Quebec's Laurentians (where I grew up) to visit my dad. It will be very nice to be away for a while, though the trip will be somewhat hectic. I am due to get my period on Monday or Tuesday while I'm there or in transit, so that will suck. But at least I'll be happy and well-rested for a few days. Could you all wish me a little bit of sunshine? Please? Seriously, I need some summer on my vacation. THANKS!
Thanks! The doctor said his count is 60 million (I think, but I was kind of fading at that point) and that his motility is an average of 3, which is normal and means they swim in a straight line. Yay for healthy sperm! Now could one of those guys actually please make it to my egg? :-)

We are both feeling really good right now. I'm just relaxing with a glass of wine and getting excited about our road trip. I'll follow up when we are back from our holiday to make sure the referral has been made to the gynecologist. For now, I think we'll just have lots of sex and have fun. I am not convinced that we need to abstain before ovulation, and that is something I can address with the gynecologist. For now I want to just relax and have fun, and not have too many expectations, but remain positive anyway.

Fookie, I really like what you said about trying to stay positive and not doing yourself in with too many negative thoughts. I think I need to focus on trying to be more hopeful - not because it will change anything about pregnancy chances - but simply because I feel better when my thoughts are positive.

Yumyum, hang in there. You just never know. It seems that pregnancy and PMS symptoms are pretty similar. I am hoping it's your month.

Cristine, what kind of sensations are you feeling in your uterus?

Zelda, how are you feeling? I really hope Mr. Z will have an SA now. Chances are that all will be well, and you'll feel great knowing that. And if not, then you will know and not have to go on with this heartbreak every month. And chances are that something could be done. Thinking of you...
Yum, I feel like I trick my body every month into thinking Iím pregnant tooÖ therefore inducing sensations in my body or over-reading every slight bit of pressure or pain! Have you started your period? I really hope not!! wink.gif

Michelina, the feelings are kinda like what I feel right before my period. Meaning, not bad cramps but just general on/off pressure in the uterus area and occasional mildly sharp pains in my vagina. Iím on CD 21 so itís unlikely that I would start this early, especially being that Iím only 5 DPO (God, that would be a horrible new trend!). So Iím just wondering if Iím tricking my body into feeling something and the only feelings Iím familiar with are period feelingsÖ or if Iím just over analyzing everything. I keep staring at my temp chart trying to figure out if it should be going higher or if this is normal for me, but if itís not my month I feel very aware and will be able to use my cycle data for next month. Tomorrow is the earliest possible day of implantation and I am so hoping to see spotting sometime this weekend!!!
Oh Zelda, I'm so sorry you got your period. That's miserable; I'm sending positive thoughts your way. It does seem so terribly unfair. I'm sure there's nothing wrong, but it sounds like getting the SA done would be a great way to give yourself back some control over some of the variables we can't control. Thinking of you.

Michelina, I'm delighted that the results of the SA are normal! That's such great news. Hope you have a great, relaxed, holiday.

Cristine and yumyum, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this month.

Fookie! I hope your holiday is filled with sunshine! Have a great time!

Well, I had my scan today. At last! I was stressing out about it, but everything was fine. The baby is growing at exactly the right rate and is in all the normal bands for head size, abdomen size and femur length, and the kidneys are functioning (a full bladder!) and the skin is covering the spine, which I had been a tad concerned about as my cousin had spina bifida. And..... we're having a boy!! I saw his boy bits as clear as day and the whole experience was totally amazing. We were able to see the chambers of the heart and the valves operating, plus his nostrils and his eyes (sealed shut) and we saw him playing with his umbilical cord and touching his ear. It was wonderful. There was so much movement!

This week I have felt the movement so much more clearly. For the first time the baby feels like a separate entity to me, a real life and a real person. I was lying in bed the other night with my hand on my belly, and could clearly feel him moving underneath my hand. I was able to follow him down my belly. It's funny, using my fetal heart monitor my abdomen has become wild uncharted territory to me, within which my baby is living and can occasionally be felt (and seen!).

One complication is that my placenta is currently covering my cervix. Apparently in most cases the placenta moves out of the way as the uterus grows, but I've been booked in for another scan at 35 weeks to see what the situation is. Fingers crossed the placenta will have moved.

I called my nan in hospital this lunchtime to tell her the news. She'd been sure I was having a boy so she was happy to have been proved right! Thanks everyone for your kind words about her; I am really hoping that she will respond to treatment and regain some quality of life. She will always have this condition, but we are hopeful that she can get to a point where it can be managed.

Julie, I've had bad heartburn this week, having never really experienced it before. One glass of apple juice and that was that. Also, I've discovered that my baby is pretty active in the early morning. Not a time at which I am at my best! I was up at 6-ish on Monday and the baby was kicking up a storm. Sorry to read about your aching hips and legs at night, that sounds difficult. A friend of mine has recommended sleeping with a pillow between my legs to try and deal with the restless legs I seem to have developed. I think I'm having Braxton Hicks a couple of times a day - my abdomen goes rigid and everything feels really tight for a few minutes. It's not painful just distractingly strange!

Jenny, your experience sounds wonderful!! I'm so happy for you! And congratulations on your little boy!!! smile.gif I know my husband will be a great dad regardless of the sex, but I am just dying to see him with a son!
jenny, congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that everything is looking good with your little guy. And woo hoo, a boy! (Of course, I would have been thrilled for you had you been having a girl too, but yay!) So glad you got to see so much movement. I don't know what it is about the ultrasound...if it just makes things more real or if it just coincides with when the movement is likely to pick up...but it really felt like my guy kind of "turned up the volume" right after my ultrasound. Anyway, I'm so happy for you and your little guy! And how wonderful for your nan that you were able to share that news with her. She's still in my thoughts...hoping things go well with the treatment.

I think I'm just going to have to adjust my eating habits. The heartburn hasn't been consistent, but I'm definitely more uncomfortable if I have a big dinner these days...which I used to do with little to no problem. I guess little dude is crowding me a little now. I gotta slow down the weight's been taking off the last couple of weeks and I'm all, "hey, I still have a lot of time to go! Wait!" Of course, my weakness for fast food last week I'm sure had a lot to do with that. It's always bad when I let our food supplies at home run low, because then I end up at the drive through for what I refer to as "the bad place" (McDonald's).

Restless legs is actually kind of a good way to describe most of the discomfort I'm getting in my legs at night...although they definitely start to ache after awhile too. After my ultrasound I splurged on the Boppy pregnancy comfort pillow and it has definitely been a help. Much easier than maneuvering my other pillows around, and the shape of it kind of helps me stay aligned. It also has some support for the belly which I suspect is going to come in especially handy in the coming months.

Sorry to hear about the placenta issue - I've read a little about that and I hear that in a lot of cases it resolves itself on its own. It doesn't sound like you're overly worried, which is good...doesn't seem like you need to be worried at this point.

(zelda) I'm so sorry about your period. Keep your head have a lot to be proud of and I know things are going to work out for you...I know it's so horribly disappointing, though.

Michelina, that is awesome news about the SA! Good luck in Vegas and have a fabulous time!

Fookie, wishing you bunches of sunshine for your holiday!

yumyum and Cristine, hang in there! And Cristine, I know it's so hard, but try not to read too much (positive or negative) into your body symptoms. I had so many months when I was CONVINCED I was pregnant and wasn't, and honestly some of those months I had more symptoms than I did the month I actually DID get pregnant.
Julie, good luck on eating & sleeping... I used to give my prego friend such a hard time about eating at least 1 burger a day (not kidding), she would just say "oh you wait and see!". So yeah I have all these ideal eating habits that I would like to begin once I'm pregnant, but in the end sometimes you just gotta have that burger and McDonald's yummy fries!!! By the way, Jack in the Box has the best shakes in town... trust me!!

And yes I really need to stop reading into everything, thanks for trying to ground me! I'm on CD 22 and I can test next weekend so I'll just try not obsess much over the next week... rolleyes.gif
I tested this morning- it was positive! I would have posted earlier, but I can't post from work. It feels so surreal that I am having trouble even writing about it. I'm pregnant, how awesome is that? biggrin.gif I called my Ob/gyn yesterday to get results from the ultrasound only to get a recording that they are closed through August 7 (next Friday), so I havn't made the appointment for the blood test. I might take another home test just to make sure. It was a very definitive dark line... I can't even believe it.
Oh by the way- I love little boys!
yumyum that is fantastic news, congratulations! I took 4 tests for it to really sink in, so I wouldn't be surprised if you took another test! I'm so pleased for you.

Cristine and Julie, thank you so much for the congratulations! Julie, thanks a million for having my nan in your thoughts. That Boppy pillow sounds great, I'm going to investigate. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get comfy in bed. Cristine, I'm with Julie in that the month I found out I was pregnant was pretty low in symptoms. In fact every day of the week my period was late before I tested I ran to the loo convinced my period had started.

yum, that is great news!!!! I am soooooo excited for you! So basically any symptoms you had felt like period symptoms? Interesting... Anyway, I would probably take several at home tests too... go for it if you need (or just want) that extra assurance! wink.gif Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooray and congratulations, yumyum! That's such wonderful news. Oh yes, and welcome to the uncertain joy that is early all means take more tests if you want. I ran out and bought one of those ones that says "Yes" or "No" to back up my positive with the lines and I think it was totally worth it. You'll probably be reeling in disbelief for weeks if you're anything like me.

Thinking good thoughts for you and the little bean!
HOORAY yumyum! That is fantastic!

I'm now 7 weeks and 4 days. We told our families last weekend - well, we told my family (who live in the same town as us) after inviting them around for dinner and we set up this thing where my husband asked everyone if they wanted a beer and asked me last and I said, "no I can't because I'm pregnant!" So that was pretty funny. My mum just gave me a big hug and didn't let go for ages! Then we told his parents but weren't able to tell his brothers - one was just getting back from Fiji and the other had a house guest that we didn't want to know and he put us on speakerphone when we called... so what happened next was they each rang him and already knew because his mum hadn't exactly 'told' them but had made it pretty obvious. Which doesn't really matter, but I was quite annoyed about (it happened last time too) but I have decided that she is finding out last next time!!

I had a really bad encounter with constipation through the first half of last week but am a bit more normal now. It sucks. Also the dizziness is continuing and scatterbrainedness is increasing. Still getting occasional dull cramps but trying not to worry about them. Sometimes it seems when I get them that there could be no chance of this pregnancy continuing even as long as the last one but I'm trying to hang on to the good feelings and optimism I have.

Zelda I'm so sorry to hear about your Friday. I have been thinking of you a lot and wondering how it has been going. I hope the BBQ was OK. I'm glad you have the good news about the agent and had your sister to help you the other day.

Ladies having scans - how exciting!!! How nerve-wracking!!! How relieving to know that things are OK. I must admit that even though in my rational mind I am not fussed whether I have a girl or a boy I do recognise that I have a secret desire for a girl. I enjoyed reading what you wrote about that julie.

I have to go. My dinner is ready and husband has kindly reminded me "it's going cold...". Isn't he thoughtful.. .Sorry be back later. x
Thanks for the congratulations everyone! I'm five weeks today and I'm still feeling pretty good. The cramps have pretty much gone away. Yesterday I had a headache all day, but no nausea yet. It still feels very surreal! I'm finding it very difficult not to worry about miscarriage, especially since my doctor isn't around to order a blood test for me for another week. I know that it doesn't really matter at this stage, and that it will either work or won't but it is still scary.

Elevenstar- what a clever way to share your news with your family! I'm glad to hear things are going well!

Cristine- yes, my symptoms felt just like PMS, but they just lasted longer. I was so sure that I was going to get my period any day. I really was not expecting this this cycle. Where are you at in your cycle?
Ellen, I'm sorry about not being able to trust your mother-in-law to keep a secret... I guess we all have mother-in-law issues! rolleyes.gif

yum, I am still so excited for you! I know it must be hard to wait a week but hang in there, you're pregnant!!! smile.gif I am CD 24, 8 DPO... still have mild cramps, no big ones that stand out. Also, still have cervical fluid but I can't remember if that's typical with my cycle.
Just a quick note to say congratulations, Yumyum! Woo hoo! Hope you are feeling well.

Zelda, I hope the BBQ was okay.
And Jenny, congrats to you too! Glad to hear all is well. I think having a boy would be fabulous!
Just got back from my vacation, and we did get a fair bit of sun but still soooooooo much rain!

I don't have much time, but wanted to offer congrats to you YumYum! How awesome! Woooooo-hooooooo!

And Jenny, congrats on the scan and now being able to spend the next many weeks debating names smile.gif My sister-in-law had placenta previa (is that the name for it?) and it moved out of the way by itself.

Gotta go shower and get ready for work.

Welcome back Fookie! Glad you got a bit of sun, even amid the raindrops!

Ellen, what a great way to tell the family the good news. About your me, there's at least one in every family who gets so excited that they can't really keep a secret. My sister was so funny...when I told her she was getting ready to go out with friends (most of whom I've met and hung out with) later that night and was petrified that she was going to get tipsy and end up blurting it out. She didn't - but it was really hard. If you can, just take it as your mother-in-law being so excited for you that she can't hold it in.

zelda, hope you survived the BBQ okay...been thinking about you.

yumyum, don't freak out, but some docs don't do the blood test anymore...they just wait until 8 weeks and then do an early ultrasound (transvaginal) to confirm and date the pregnancy. That's what my OB did. And I thought the "two week wait" was bad...the four-week wait (between when I tested positive and when I had my first appointment) was crazy. People who read my posts in that time period might remember that I kept looking at the picture of my positive pregnancy test to remind myself that I wasn't just making it up. (I felt like a total dork taking that picture, but it came in handy!)

Today I got to see baby OB asked me to get a fetal echocardiogram, since I have a heart murmur and my mom has a valve defect. It's basically another ultrasound...they just zoom in on the heart and check everything out. Happily, everything looks great...good valves, nice steady heartbeat (around 140 for the heart rate), everything checking out normal. They also went ahead and looked at his other parts as well just to check out growth and development. He's about one pound nine ounces at the moment and the ultrasound tech says he has nice long arms and legs (must take after my mom's side of the family...nice and tall). He was MUCH more cooperative this time, moving around a lot, and his arms and legs were much more recognizable as being arms and legs rather than blobs. We even caught him sucking his thumb once when we got the profile of his face. Plus, this ultrasound had the 3-D feature so we got some pics of his face (although I admit that the still photos still look like alien baby). Anyway, I don't know how necessary the fetal echo was, but anytime I can see more pictures of the little dude, I'm in.

The aches and pains are still bad, and now I have a pain in my lower back that seems to be connected to my left leg somehow. I think baby might be hitting a nerve or something. I need to get off my duff and to that prenatal yoga class. Maybe that will also help my weight gain...I have a feeling I'm going to get scolded at my appointment this week, because I have gained a LOT since my last appointment. Although I have read that there is usually at least one month where the weight gain kind of takes off and then it's more moderate after that. We'll see....
Michelina, how does your cycle look so far for Vegas?

Fookie, welcome backÖ glad you got a little sunshine!

Julie, thatís great that you got to see a little more action out of your baby boy!! My best friend had one of those 3D sonograms early on in the pregnancy, probably about as far along as you, and she didnít want to show me for the precise reason you mentioned! She was happy later on when everything was more formed and recognizable. About that lower back, upper leg painÖ I have had sciatic pain occasionally that affects that same area & is sharp and excruciating, maybe thatís what youíre experiencing??

Iím on CD 27 (11 DPO), Iíve decided to test on CD 29 (13 DPO) to torture myself! But my strange cramps have not stopped at all and Iím just curious to know if it means anything. Iím supposed to start around this weekend, anyway weíll see.

Yum, howís the wait going?

Zelda, how was your BBQ??

Hello again,
julie, I hope your pains ease! I enjoyed reading about your scan. What a relief to know that all is progressing as it should be and how exciting to see and even examine your baby boy. I can't WAIT to see my baby. I'm 8 weeks & 1 day now and I have to wait until the 3rd of September until my first (transnuchal) scan appointment at 12 weeks. Still trying to protect myself - my mind always adds the caveat ("if I make it that far"). I wish I could fast forward through the next four weeks. As I approach the 10 week point (when my miscarraige occurred last time) I'm getting quite nervous. Hope - hope - hope.

We wanted to share our news in a light-hearted way because it felt wrong thinking about 'making a big announcement' when we just did that in February and things didn't work out... so we had a laugh with it. And with my mother-in-law, I know. She is the least malicious person in the world. She would never do anything deliberately to hurt or undermine us but she is just clueless and self-centred at times, just doesn't see other perspectives on situations and gets very over-excited. She gave us a couple of gifts for our first little one when I was just 6 or 7 weeks along. We felt uncomfortable about it and my father-in-law was actually quite embarrassed (he actually took me aside and said as much) but I think the miscarriage helped her realise not to build it up so much, so early... but she has only the best of intentions.

Cristine, I'm thinking of you through these intense couple of days. Are you talking about funny twingey, pulling sensations? I had them from around 20 dpo with my first pregnancy ... but also just before my last period ... but also just before I found out I was pregnant this time! So I have no definitive answer! I hope they are a positive symptom for you!

fingers crossed for all ttc and best of health to preggos. smile.gif

ETA: I meant to add this link to a piece published in The Australian a couple of weeks ago. What do you think?
Ellen, it's totally understable to want to protect yourself a bit. I know this wait must seem like an eternity to you, why do doctors make women wait until 12 weeks anyway? Can't the baby be seen way earlier than that??

I can't say for your sure that I feel pulling-type sensations but definitely twingey. I know I shouldn't read into these "cramps" and after my temp fell below my coverline today (12 DPO), I feel like I may not need to test this cycle. sad.gif I've been temping kind of erractically between 3 - 5am, but I've still been consistently above my coverline til now. I frantically scanned through TCOYF this morning to look for a positive-pregnancy chart that had 1 outlying temp under the coverline during the luteal phase... nothing! My "cramps" haven't changed at all and it doesn't feel like I'm going to start my period, but if I follow any pre-period temp drops in TCOYF then I'll probably start tomorrow at the latest. Fertility friend says a dip below my coverline doesn't necessarily mean I'm not pregnant, unless I have multiple days of course... so we'll see what tomorrow brings!
Remember when I posted about going to the ER in the middle of the night for what turned out to be heartburn.

NOT heartburn.

I ended up in ER the other night with the same pain - I got it a few times after the birth as well. I actually have gallstones which can be exacerbated by pregnancy. So, y'know, instense horrible epigastric pain may not be heartburn, even if you're pregnant. In the ER they asked if I might be pregnant, but because Fallon was in the sling with Mr A they didn't see her and didn't realise what I meant by 'fuck no! If I am it's a miracle'

In other news, bubby is going well, getting chubby and awesomely cute. Smiling heaps too. We're finally trialling pocket cloth nappies (there's asale on for $10 each!) and it's going much better than the other ones.
Ananke, gallstones sound horrible... hope that passes soon and easily!!

Well I have mixed feelings today. I started my period last night which pisses me off, but I'm happy for a few reasons... 1. temping really does work, 2. my cycle went down to a reasonable 28 days, 3. I did not waste 1 test this month & 4. I'm now in tune with my cycle. Oh well, maybe next month!
Ananke, sorry to hear about the gallstones...glad they found out what it really is, at least. Yikes!

Let us know what you think of the pocket cloth diapers! We found a yard sale where someone was selling her (gently used) pocket diapers and all-in-one for about $7 each. We offered to buy the whole lot (which ended up being 23 diapers and 9 inserts) and she gave us a nice discount, so we ended up paying about $5.50 a diaper. We have some prefolds as well but I've always suspected the pocket ones might work better. (The prefolds are a bit more economical...)

Cristine, sorry to hear about your period. As soon as you said your temp had gone down, I flashed to memories of my own bargaining with my period...after awhile I finally accepted that if the temp went below the coverline, Mr. Period (as I lovingly used to refer to it, ha) was coming that day or the next. Glad you're finding the charting to be helpful, though. Soon, it will happen soon!

ellenevenstar, I'm thinking good thoughts for you and the little bean. Early pregnancy is nerve-wracking enough, but I'm sure it's especially so for you.

Things are going pretty well here. I told my doc at my latest visit on Friday that I was worried that I was gaining too much weight. She checked my chart and said, "Well, you're OK, but I don't want you gaining this much *every* month....try to keep it to a half a pound a week from here on out." So while I'm not cutting out all the bad-for-me-but-yummy foods entirely (I honestly don't think that's realistic and will likely only make me say, "Fuck it," and pig out), I am trying to avoid the soda, ice cream and fast food that I think were making the scale go crazy. I told mr. julie that when I want to go out for ice cream all the time he is instructed to say to me, "Half a pound a week," just as a reminder. Of course, yesterday I was at a yard sale (yard sales are my new addiction, can you tell?) and when someone asked how far along I was and I told them, they said, "Six months! But you're tiny!" So I have no idea what to think. I do try to remember that once little guy is born it's going to be a lot easier for me to eat well if I'm in the habit now. I hate being good.

I think I might be getting Braxton-Hicks now. (The earlier pain I described, like a stitch but near my belly button, I'm pretty sure was just my stomach stretching.) Every so often I get a pain that is like a band across the top of my pelvis (so, just below the belly). It's not horrible, just uncomfortable, and normally it lasts for a couple minutes. Sometimes I'll get a cluster of them right in a row. Friday night I was feeling kind of crampy (more like period cramps) for a couple hours, which freaked me out a bit, but little guy is still moving fine, I haven't had any other symptoms, and the crampiness went away after I spent some time resting off my butt.

Despite all this crampy owie stuff (including the leg aches, which continue), I'm actually feeling pretty well *knock on wood*. So I'm thankful for that.

Good health to y'all! Hope you are well.
Thanks Julie... I took an at-home fertility test yesterday and my FSH levels are normal, so that's comforting.

I'm glad to hear things are going smoothly during your pregnancy. Don't worry too much about the weight thing, just eat sensibly and splurge on a special treat once in awhile. You're pregnant, it's ok to gain a bit of weight! I have a friend that literally pigs out when she gets preg, she gets so huge it's painful to watch sometimes, but she always loses it not long after the births... with her most recent son she decided to breastfeed & has noticed the weight coming off much quicker!
Ananke, sorry to hear about the kidney stones. That sounds very painful. A friend of mine had them. She didn't know that they were there throughout pregnancy until it was over, but it explained a lot of problems she was happening during the pregnancy. Hope you are feeling well now.

Cristine, sorry that your period arrived, but I am glad you are focussing on the positives. And good news about the FSH test. It's nice to do a simple and cheap test that can provide you with a lot of reassurance. I am sure mine will be repeated at the gynecologist, but it's nice to know that I don't need to worry. I keep reminding myself that I am ovulating and my husband has sperm. That's two pieces of good news!

Ellen, I imagine you would be both excited and nervous for your ultrasound next month! It sounds like sharing your good news was a lot of fun. I think we'd have a lot of fun with that too - even for the first pregnancy. I like your approach!

Oh and Cristine, the nuchal ultrasound has to be done no earlier than 11 weeks and no later than 14 because there are standards for the size of the fluid in the nuchal region between weeks 11 and 14. Any earlier or later would make the screen invalid. I think I would ideally want both an 8 week ultrasound and a nuchal, but I'm sure that not every doctor would be willing to refer for both scans.

Fookie, are you for sure doing your IUI next month? I have a question for you. When you were going through the tests, did you have a compatibility test where they check your cervical fluid after sex to see if the sperm are able to swim through it? My mom thought that may be one of the first tests they do for us. I am going to follow up and make sure the gyne has my referral now.

I ovulated on the most inopportune day on our holiday. We were on an all -day tour and I felt ovulation pains during it. My temp also dropped very low. INterestingly this month I didn't ovulate until two days after my positive OPK. It was kind of awkward doing OPK's in gas station bathrooms and even on a hiking trail (very isolated - don't worry!) I demonstrated the OPK for Mr. M during the hike! :-) We had lots of sex before ovulation and then as soon as we got home from our tour, but I am still a little worried we missed the best time to have sex this month. I am trying to just be cautiously optimistic and focus on my referral. Now I am 6dpo.

Michelina, it still sounds to me like you might have hit your window this month... fingers crossed!! It only takes one time! But if you had sex several times before you ovulated then that's perfect! According to TCOYF, "female sperm" live longer so if you didn't have sex the day before or the day of ovulation then you might expect a girl! Have I mentioned how much I love that book?! My best friend tried for a year before getting IVF, when I mentioned I was temping & checking cervical fluid she said it seemed so inconvenient that she never tried that! So irritating to think that if she had just charted she may have gotten pregnant naturally! I told her she has to get the book next time & chart with fertility friend just to see if she can conceive naturally this time!

In fact Ö I am going back to the clinic this month. My brain has healed enough to do it Ö plus, for other reason we had changed our vacation plans and will now not be away during the crucial times (but we will be away next month during those times, so either we do it this month, or donít go back until October). Day 3 is Wednesday so the fun ultrasounds and blood tests all kick again that morning. Then likely every day starting on Sunday through to insemination, likely the following weekend. Gah.

Fertility docs differ on their feelings about the post-coital test. The first doc, whom I HATED wanted us to do one, but we were away the day he wanted it during the investigative cycle. When scheduling us in for the first non-investigative cycle, he never mentioned it again. I changed clinics b/c I disliked him and his clinic so much before ever going forward. My new clinic ran almost all the tests over again (except the dye test, which is a truly sucky test, so was very happy. They just had the results faxed over.). This fertility doc never even mentioned the post-coital test. I am going to ask about it when Iím at the clinic. My naturopath is a strong proponent of fish oils (there are specific ones) and/or Pre-Seed to ensure your CM is good and welcoming to sperm. I havenít tried the pre-seed but am considering doing that too. One of my issues is that when Iím really lubricated, itís harder for Mr. F. to get the job done Ö (TMI?) but Iíve heard the pre-seed comes with an applicator that can get it nice and deep, so maybe it wouldnít pose too much of a problem. Definitely follow up on that gyn referral.

Good luck!
Hello everyone. Everything is going well so far. I made my appointment for my first prenatal visit- I couldn't get in until September 4, so another few weeks of waiting before I find out that my pregnancy is viable. I feel relatively calm about things. Christine- I'm sorry to hear your period came, but I'm so glad that you're loving the book. Michelina- it sounds like you have as good a chance this cycle as any. If you remember back a few weeks, I had almost zero optimism that that was going to be my lucky cycle, but it was. Who knows what will happen? Fookie- I'm sending positive thoughts your way for the IUI. Also, we used pre-seed and really liked it.
Yumyum, glad to hear you are doing well and are relatively relaxed.

Fookie, thanks for the info about the post-coital test. Now I am very intrigued about whether or not we'll be getting that test.

Cristine, I was hoping maybe I did have luck in Vegas. However, I am spotting at 6dpo. Seriously, I am just so frustrated.
Michelina, spotting at 6 DPO is good as far as I'm concerned! What's your usual cycle with spotting?

Yum, I'm still so excited for you... this is amazing & I hope that everything is lovely & viable!!!
Cristine, I am a premenstrual spotter and this is exactly how it always begins... just waaayyyy too early. :-( I am wondering what happened to my body. My cycles used to be normal with a 13 or 14 day LP with a day or two of spotting prior. Now my LP is getting shorter and shorter with every cycle.
Michelina, how long are your cycles now? I can't remember, are you charting at all? If so are you getting at least 10 days in your LP? Are you talking to your doctor about running any tests? I'm still hoping it's implantation bleeding!! wink.gif Hang in there!
Hi's me. Sorry I've been away. So many posts to catch up on. On vacation I decided to take an Internet break which was really nice. Now I'm back. First off, yum congrats! I am so thrilled for you! You have pulled off the negativity train onto the pregnancy train. :-)

Julie, Jenny, and Ellen, it's fun to listen to all the ins and outs (pardon the conception pun) of your pregnancies. I hope if the time comes for me, I will have lots of good info.

Fookie, hi! So glad you are going for another IUI. Keep us updated.

Christine, sorry about the me, I know how you feel. I was absolutely devastated this month...devastated. I sobbed at my sister's condo for a good hour before I was able to calm down. Fortunately, the BBQ went okay...I dare say my mother has sort of dropped the hint to my well-meaning relatives to lay off the baby talk. Fortunately the news of my agent was a good buffer to one asked me anything which I was grateful for.

I got home from vacation on CD 12 and Mr. Z and I had sex then as well as today (CD 14). I'm not using OPKs or even looking at my mucus. I'm in this sort of numb not caring mode and I honestly don't even feel like trying any more this month. I went back to work and one of the other teachers showed up 4 months pregnant...I had two coworkers ask me, "When you are going to have a baby?" and I had to go to the bathroom to compose myself.

Unfortunately, Mr. Z didn't have the SA while I was away. He's in the middle of a show (he's a part time musician), and his inability to multitask (God love him) I do believe impeded his ability to get the SA addition to the fact that while I was away we had issues with carpenter ants and getting some windows replaced (lining that up), so he was busy dealing with that.

We talked last night...since we're trying this week, he's absolutely going to go next week. And I guess I'll call for some blood work appt. too.

Michelina, so glad Mr. M's SA came back normal...such a relief I am sure. I'm sorry about the spotting, but I'm hoping it is not your period! Really hoping.

Sorry to be so glum...this past cycle was just really really difficult.
Just wanted to check in and say that life with my 2 month old is going well. She is the perfect baby for me, and dare I say I'm the perfect mom for her. I'm sure I'll laugh about that statement when she's a teenager. She's laughing and smiling a lot and is very alert for so young. My sleep is disrupted, but I get 4 hour stretches in so am able to function fine. The weight is not coming off very quickly at all after the initial 30 odd lbs. of fluid and baby. I gained 50 in the pregnancy so still 20 to go. Still breastfeeding despite it being just the cumulative equivalent to 1-2 feedings per day. I think it's worth it, if nothing else for the fact that it's a great way to get her to sleep and an important time for me to focus on her, since so often I have to work while she patiently sits in the bouncy chair.

I have often wanted to bring this up but didn't want to spout medical advice to TTCers because everyone has a suggestion and a lot of it is crap. But I have to get this on record because I think it contributed to me being able to get pregnant fairly quickly. I had undiagnosed, subclinical hypothyroidism for years. This means that my tests were still considered normal results, but an endocrinologist could look closer and see that for me statistical normal, was not optimal. I got on synthroid and not only felt much better, but conceived easily after a lifetime of plenty of unprotected sex and no pregnancies.

If your TSH level is over 3, consider seeing an endocrinologist about taking thyroid medicine. Most GP's will say you're in normal range, but for me, for example 1.5 is optimal (lower means you are making more thyroid). Having normal thyroid function is critical to fertility and to a healthy pregnancy, and women and their 30's often have changes in their thyroid. I think the same applies to hyperthyroidism, but I don't know the test numbers for that.

Okay, off my soapbox now, but would hate not to share information that might help people get pregnant. My best to all.
Zelda, great to hear from you! Taking an internet break was probably helpful. I find that I just start focussing on my not being pregnant the more time I spend online (and specifically FB). I had limited access to the net during our vacation, which was good for me.

Eyelet, great hearing from you as well! Glad to hear that mommyhood is amazing. And thanks for the info about the subclinical hypothyroidism. I am going to ask the specialist if they will look into that.

Cristine, my typical cycle is 17 days follicular phase and about 10 or 12 days luteal phase giving me a 27 to 29 day cycle. I have been referred to a gynecologist in regards to it, but when I called yesterday, they didn't have my referral. I am going to call my GP's office today and find out if it was sent.

So the good news is that the spotting has stopped. I didn't have so much as a drop at 7dpo. On the other hand, I am concerned that it will start again today at 8dpo (the same time as my premenstrual spotting started last month). Fingers are crossed, but I am being very cautious and trying not to get excited that it was implantation spotting. Another theory is that it was leftover ovulation spotting that finally came out. I feel normal - no symptoms.
Zelda, Iím so glad the BBQ turned out ok! I totally hear you on taking a break from TTC, or at least from the OPKís & CM, the only reason Iím going to try again this month (aside from thinking Iíve simply been missing my fertile days) is that Iím getting dangerously close to being pregnant during next summer & I hate the heat! If I get pregnant this month Iíd have the baby in May, so thatís totally tolerableÖ plus I hate to not take advantage of all of the knowledge Iíve gained this cycle. I hope Mr. Zís SA goes well!!

Eyelet, thanks for the info about thyroid. I used to be overweight and had the hardest time losing the weight. My mom had a thyroid problem so I thought maybe I could blame the weight on that, so in my mid-late 20ís I had a test done and they said it was perfectly fine. (On a side note, I went on Atkins 3 years ago, lost all the weight & keep it off my monitoring my carbs.) Ok so point being, since you mentioned thyroid issues tend to arise or increase in a womanís 30ís I may have been comforted by the old test but should probably have my GP run it again now that Iím 32.

Michelina, good luck on the referral but Iím hoping you find out you donít need it! Thatís great that the spotting stopped and letís hope it doesnít start back up!! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
Yum yum, congratulations! Thatís wonderful news. Fookie and Zelda, welcome back.
Eyelet and Ananke, Iím so glad to hear that motherhood is going well.

Iíve been lurking for the last few weeks, but not posting because I didnít even know where to start with whatís been going on lately. Iíll give it a go.

Architect Boy has testicular cancer. He discovered a lump two weeks ago and went straight to his GP, and itís been a whirlwind of blood tests, scans and sitting in doctorís offices being bombarded with information since then. He had surgery to remove the affected testicle last Friday; now we weíre waiting for the histology report to find out if he will need any further treatment. Weíre reassured that itís the most treatable form of cancer with the best survival rates and we caught it early. His CT scan showed that the cancer hasnít spread to his lung or lymph nodes, so even if he needs chemo or radiotherapy he will be okay eventually.

Weíre also crushed by the potential blow to our chances of having a baby. Chemo or radiotherapy (if he needs them) will wipe out his sperm for at least a couple of years, possibly permanently. He will have the opportunity to bank sperm beforehand for future IVF.

Iím so sad and angry that this is happening to him. Heís truly the most beautiful and outstanding human being Iíve ever known, and he is dealing with this with such strength and grace. I am not. On the face of it, Iím doing okay and keeping a brave face for him, while inside I feel bitter and cheated. We found out on Monday that his sister is pregnant (she e-mailed him pictures from her twelve week scan) Ė I adore her and I know how much she wants a baby Ė but I was so filled with envy all I could do was cry (fortunately not in front of him).

Iím sorry for rambling on. I just needed to vent.
I guessed something was up from one of your other posts funnybird - that sucks so bad. It's great that it's been caught early but that's just brutal. I hope everything goes as well as it possibly could.
Oh Funnybird, I am so sorry. What a huge shock for you both. I am glad to hear it was caught early. Don't feel ashamed at being angry, bitter, envious, sad. I cannot imagine anyone in a similar situation not having those emotions. Could his sister's timing have been any worse? Not meaning that it's her fault - but that news would sting.

And please don't try to be too brave. This is your grief too - grief that your husband was found to have cancer, and grief for the two of you with respect to the meaning this has for starting a family. I am thinking of you and hoping all the best for Architect boy.
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