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I have a friend who is a complete Nazi about natural childbirth and is constantly terrifying me with horrible facts about epidurals and C-sections. I find it very annoying because personally, I don't see any possible way to do this without an epidural. I am TERRIFIED of the pain. She gave birth to 2 babies at home with nothing, just one Advil an hour later or whatever and now is insisting I take her class starting in February, and I know it's just going to irritate me because she is so completely deadset against pain meds and hospitals and that is not what I want at all! I think, YES, it probably is better for the baby. But I just don't want to put myself through that! I am worried enough about everything without feeling constant guilt about getting an epidural! It doesn't help that there is a teacher in my school paralyzed from the waist down from an unknown allergy to her epidural. Ugh.

Sometimes I feel like telling her I don't want to take her class but it would crush her. This is her whole life and career and she thinks I'm not being open-minded enough. I just want to get through the delivery and get on to taking care of my baby. I can't enjoy the thought of having a baby, because every time I imagine "next Christmas I'll have a baby!" or whatever, I think to myself, OH GOD, but what will I have to go through before I get that.

I'm scared. sad.gif

girl, don't go to your friend's class if you don't want to. this is your birth, no one else's and you are entitled to do it however you need to do it. there is no greater hinderance to a good birth experience than fear so you do what you need to ease that first and foremost. be strong for yourself and if you really don't want to go, then don't. people are going to have an opinion about how you 'should' do every little thing until your kids are totally grown up, if you start out accquiesing to other people now where will you be down the road? this is your experience, you own it, you don't have to do a thing for anyone other than you. your friend will get over it.

that said, perhaps reading about some positive birth experiences would help to balance out the fear of a bad one for you. there are tons of great books out there that tell the tale of pain-free, beautiful labour. if you feel like looking something up to offset the general media's terrible portrayal of birth let me know. i have a few titles in mind.
right now i think the best thing for you to do is meditate on releasing your fear. you Can change your mind about how you feel about this, if only to reduce your stress before hand. i mean, you're going to have an epi, you aren't going to feel anything so why the fear? it sounds like it's eating you up. that's the thing that i'd work on if i were you. classes on natural childbirth don't sound like they're up your alley right now.
pixiedust is totally up to you how you want your birth experience to go. My sister and sister in law had 4 children each at home with a midwife and just a few herbs. Not me! I wanted a hospital and drugs and the reassurance that modern science could help if there was a problem. I was C section baby, and my mother was told If I hadn't been delivered C section, I would have broken my neck in vaginal I want that option available if need be.
And like Pepper said, if you already know you are getting the epidural, there is no reason to fear the pain. It really isn't as bad as you think. Your body releases so many natural chemicals to help you get through it.
If your friend makes comments about you not being open minded, perhaps you should tell her to try being a little more openminded to your feelings.
I have great respect for women who can do it at home with no meds, but I know that is not for me.

Just my 2 cents on the breastfeeding/epidural link. I read the study in the original journal. When they analyzed vaginal births alone, there was no association between epidural and partial breastfeeding but there was an association between epidural and self-reported "difficulty".
The study design presents some problems - women weren't assigned to epi or no epi, they chose whether they wanted one or not. Women who commit to "natural childbirth" are also more likely to be committed to exclusive breastfeeding. Also, women who have complicated labours and high risk pregnancies are more likely to have an epidural, more likely to have a section and more likely to have breastfeeding problems.
I think it's interesting that there are some small studies associating high fentanyl doses with breastfeeding difficulty. Hopefully large scale studies will be able to clarify this - your hospital may or may not use fentanyl in their epidurals.
In the meantime, do what is right for you and make sure that you know how to access breastfeeding support if you choose to nurse. There are lots of reasons why you may both need a little help with nursing for the first little while!
Well, shit yall, not only have I had the moodiest of days (I am riding the emotional roller coaster enough to make my family walk very softly around me.) I just told my sister, best friend and my son (almost 10 yreas old) this morning that I am pregnant. Now after being up and down all day, I am starting to bleed. I know, I know, it's really common, many women miscarry and only one third of pregnancies take and last nine months blah blah blah . . . but I really just want to ball my head off and have myself a little tantrum. Soooo not happy here! We are having a party tomorrow and I have a ton of stuff to do . . . clean house, fix food, all the usual part crap. I don't want to! I want to cry not clean my f-ing house. I have candied oranges all over my counter that need to be dipped in chocolate and have to be finished by tomorrow. Is the wold going to come crashing in on itself it I do not prepare for this stupid party? If so, too damn bad world. How am I supposed to temper chocolate for oranges when I feel like this. DO NOT WANT TO. Fuck it. I am going to read my son a story and go to bed and cry. I truely hope all yall had a better day than mine has turn out.
(((shiney))) are you sure it's a miscarriage? Some bleeding in early pregnancy can be normal. I would go to the doctor and have it checked out. I have a friend who is about 7 weeks and she has had several big bleeding episodes, but she just had an ultrasound Friday and the baby was normal and the heart was beating strong.

I am not the only one in my office who is pregnant! Someone else just found out that she is, which would make our due dates within 2 weeks of each other.

So far I am having a fairly uneventful pregnancy. I'm tired and have very sore boobs, but I really haven't had any morning sickness yet. * knock on wood* I didn't have much with minipixie either. My doctor won't see me until I am 7 I am just waiting.

Hope all the other mommy to be's are having a good day!
Shiny, I am sorry...If I were you I would cancel the party but maybe if I felt up to it, instead go out with everyone to a restaurant or something. It might be nice to be surrounded by friends and distraction, without having to have the stress of setup and cleanup. Good luck...
i have been to the doc and had blood work done. am extreemly nausiated and the doc thinks that is a good sign, (hormones still at high levels might be causing nausea) not bleeding much now. am still hopefull. have to go back in 2 days for repeat blood tests. thank thee good lord for sisters! my sis came to my house this am and brought me fruit soup (an old family fav) and cleaned my house se all i really had to do was finish the oranges on my counter which i did while sitting on a stool. (not too bad huh). So i may not be overly in the party moon tonight (pretty stressed) at least my house is clean and ready for guests and my husband is taking care off all the food and drink so i really don't have anything left to do but relax. so send and extra prayer to Ceres earth mother for my baby and me. thanks.
I haven't been to bust in ages and ages, but just wanted to say hello and congratulations to all the pregger Busties...

falljackets, I am so incredibly happy for you!
*delurks*- Shiny- I bled on and off for the entire first trimester. Get thee to thy doctor, Stat! if you're really scared, they should be able to do an US and figure out what's going on. How far along are you? COuld be implantation, ripening cervix, placenta attachment and position (which was my issue), sex (yep!), etc.
Shiny, glad things still look ok with the doc...When are you due? I think I'm due around August 16.
No blood today, I am starting to relax a little. I think I am due Aug 17th. Pixie, you and I will be getting big together! How nice!
Glad things look better today! It is always scarey to see blood when pregnant, but unless it comes on full period force, there is usually a benign reason. BTW, if it makes you feel better...once you hear or see teh heartbeat, the chance of miscarriage drops to less than 10%...for most people that is about your 8 week we are getting there! Just gotta hang on another 2 weeks or so!
thanks pixie.

i have miscarried twice and think i was just pretty terrified when i saw blood. i miscarried once really young (18) . . . sort of always figured it was just a higher power looking out for me. then again when i was pregnant with twins i miscarried one twin. Again, very possibly for the better. So i do have one very healthy (and very cute too) boy. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful child. I think i was just really scared to see blood because i want this baby so much which in itself is something i never thought i would feel. my son was not planned and i was not married and had no real education past high school, so i truely considered all my options and chose what i felt was the best. So the whole thing of planning a baby and trying and wanting to be pregnant was completely novel to me, then scary when i felt it was theatened.
when i saw pixie say that her due date was 8/16 & shiny on 8/17, i thought i'd chime in and say that i'm looking at a due date of 8/17! we've been trying since april and i was so excited to get a positive pregnancy test! i'm not feeling much of anything yet, though my boobs are really achy. i'm going in to see the doctor on the 11th of january.

so congrats to everyone & i'm so glad to be joining you!
pixiedust's going to get exciting around here in the middle of August! I've been trying since May, so I totally understand the excitement! The first positive I got, I thought was negative. It was a 5 monute test instead of a 3 minute test. When it didn't show up right away, I jumped in the shower...when I got out, 2 lines were staring me in the face!

I have had a little morning sickness this week. Just some nausea, no actual throwing up. My first appointment is January 4th! I can not wait!
my husband wants to take pictures every two weeks or so of my tummy. i am still thin and actually probably thinner as i have had a little nausa and don't feel like eating that much. but i think it would be kinda cool to bew able to look back at the pictures. biggrin.gif
On another board I belong to, they do toilet paper Tuesdays..where they check each week to see how many toilet paper squares it takes to get around the growing belly. I've been having a bit of nausea off an on this week. Mr. Pixie went out and bought me some preggie pops yesterday.
ack! what is with the instant cellulite on my ass and the backs of my thighs?!? omg, gruesome! it's everywhere!
this is taking the "laying down a layer of fat for future breastfeeding" thing a bit too far. ugh. anyone know of a good preggo exercise site?
QUOTE(aquagirl3 @ Dec 17 2006, 09:16 PM) *

I have a friend who is a complete Nazi about natural childbirth and is constantly terrifying me with horrible facts about epidurals and C-sections....

This post has been weighing on me.

Let me first explain the position I'm coming from and then give my point of view on it. Please bear with me.

I had a baby 8 weeks ago. I was scared of labor, but \that was nothing compared to how scared I was at the idea of someone putting a needle in my back--that just totally freaked me out. (Actually, what scared me most was how I was going to cope, esp. with sleep deprivation, after the baby was born. The hip mamas in the Hip Momma thread told me to try a miracle blanket and they were so right. Not to mention their moral support was invaluable. But I digress..)

It's possible that to some people I could sound like your friend sounds to you--I believe very strongly that in most cases natural childbirth is best. I wish women were more supported in it and I wish that they were given the message that yes, they can do it, they are strong/brave enough and their bodies were made for it. It's amazingly powerful. It's not an illness. The vast majority of times it doesn't need medical intervention.

I had a precipitous labor. It started off so mild I wasn't sure what it was, then after a couple of hours of that--BOOM! It hit me like a ton--or 10--of bricks. It was scary and I never got on top of it and within 2 1/2hours the baby was born. And it hurt. A lot. More than I can explain, it hurt. My labor was so fast and so powerful I don't see how it could have been otherwise. Honestly, I was scared the whole time I was in serious labor--in part b/c I didn't know it was only going to be 2 1/2 hours and because I wasnt sure how long I could stand it (though of course I could stand it--what would happen?) and kept wondering if it was going to get worse (it didn't--stayed about the same from that point on).

Labor puts you in a totally different place with altered consciousness, at least it did for me. You become completely inward focused and consumed by the experience.

So with that background here's my perspective on this situation, along with advice, which of course you should feel free to pay attention to or dismiss, whatever feels right to you.

1. You are the one giving birth to this child, not your friend. It's up to you to decide how to do it. Emotional considerations are as valid as any other considerations in your choices.

There's no easy way to have a baby--it's a matter of doing what's best for you and baby. Both of you.

2. If, after getting the facts about the risks and benefits of all scenarios--including natural--you decide to have an epidural, that's not a failure. I would hope you would only make that choice--or any other--because they are the right ones for you, not because someone else approves or disapproves.

3. Consider a doula. If you are anything like me you think "shouldn't my partner be enough?" But they have different roles. Hiring a doula was a huge relief to my partner and it really freed him up to just be there for me. It was so reassuring knowing I had her when my labor hit so hard and when I was scared. And as scared as I was, she was a big part of why I ended up somewhere inside me knowing I was safe. (A couple of days after the birth I walked by the robe I'd been wearing and caught a whiff of the lavender massage oil she'd used to rub my back for nearly 2 hours--which helped so much. My immediate and unthinking response was a kind of "aahhhh"--letting out of breath and relaxing instantly. It really struck me that on some primitive level I had an association of safety with that smell, which was associated with the hardest, most painful, scary thing I've ever done.

In contrast the first time I got into the bath, about the same time, after the baby was born, my first response was anxiety. I'd been trying to get in the bath when my contractions went very quickly from several minutes apart to about a minute and a half apart--and I didn't even have time to figure out what the hell was going on.

So the doula made a difference.

Here and hereare just a couple of web pages about doulas and the benefits they offer to laboring women.

Feel free to ask me any questions about any further information about that experience if you are interested. But it was the best decision I've ever made in my life to hire her.

4. Consider hiring a midwife. My care was consistently supportive, understanding, patient, and kind. They consistently had faith in my and other women's ability to have babies. This does not mean you couldn't also have an epidural.

5. If you take a natural childbirth class, DO NOT TAKE THIS WOMAN'S CLASS. I mean it. You need to get information in an environment where you feel comfortable to feel what you feel, to ask any question you need to ask, and to not feel judged or pressured by anyone. She may in fact truly have your best interests at heart, but that's not the message you are getting right now, and you need to take care of yourself first.

6. Remember that when each contraction you have is over, it's gone forever. You will never have that contraction again. When the birth is over, the pain is instantly gone. (And I say this as someone who had a serious tear with childbirth, most likely due to the speed of my labor. It was painful, but in a more routine kind of way. And I didn't even feel it at first--I swear one of my first thoughts after he was born was "hey, I didn't even tear!" Oh well.)

7. Don't be hard on yourself. When I was in the immediate post recovery phase I kept thinking "I didn't do that very well...." Well, what would doing it "well" look like? I could only think of how scared I was and I wished I wasn't. But it's ok to be scared, and it's ok to feel what you feel. The midwife, the doula, and my partner all looked at me like I was insane when I said that to them at different times, and told me they didn't know why on earth I thought that.

8. Whatever you choose, educate yourself about childbirth. THere were several times when the amount of reading I'd done paid off. When the midwife said something about "transition" I thought "oh, this part is supposed to be really hard--everyone says so." That made me feel better about whether it was going to get any worse just when I thought I couldn't cope--it wasn't, most likely (and didn't.) That's just one example. Don't use it to freak yourself out, and use child birth postive sources, whatever methods are discussed.

9. Have faith in yourself. You can do this. I did it. Millions of other women did it. I don't know how we all did, but we did, and you can too. And you can make the right choice for yourself and your baby.

Good luck.
Hi all!

Just wanted to let you all know that our son, Jacob, was born yesterday at 4:47pm. He is beautiful and perfect!

I also wanted to say thank you for everyone's support and info sharing. You were all right, I had a relatively good labor though I did end up with a c-section which sucks big time. I'm a total wimp so I got an epidural fairly early on (I was about 3cm and in a fairly good amount of pain) and it really helped me enjoy my labor. I didn't feel much pain and actually enjoyed the pushing phase. I was able to push really well and was focused but he was positioned awkwardly coming down the canal and was never able to get past crowning despite 2 hours of pushing. The epidural wore off at the end of the pushing and just as my dr said we needed to do a c-section so I had tons of pain (and fear) at that point. The c-section was not fun and my recovery is worse than I was really expecting but, in the end, we have our beautiful son to show for it. My worry now (besides how am I going to get around until my incision heals) is what happens with future children? I really don't want to have another c-section ever again but there's always serious risk of uterine rupture with VBAC. I guess I'll worry about that whenever we have more kids (like in 10-20 years wink.gif ).

Anyways, thanks again to everyone! Your strength and encouragement helped me a lot. And congrats to all the preggies!!


Jas, congratulations!

And lots of people have vaginal births after c-sections. When the time comes, you can look into the details and decide if you want to give it a try. It's not nearly so risky as you might think in the vast majority of cases (depending on why you had the section.)

For now enjoy your new baby! Mine's whimpering so best go do my turn with him.
It's christmas eve and I have so much to do. I should be all happy and excited and all so why am I such a moody bitch? I feel like I am so up and down with my moods. The silliest stuff makes me want to cry.
That is just part of teh fun of being pregnant! Along with being moody, you will lose your mind, and eventually feel like yourbody is no longer under your control! But then you get a beautiful baby and it makes it all worth it!
don't forget all the peeing. i really love that part.

oops, sorry about the caps lock; this laptop always does that!

congratulations, jasmine! welcome to the world, little boy!! i hope you get to feeling better soon!

i'm officially at the end of my first trimester today! yay!!! now i'm really believing that this baby is REALLY coming to us in about six and a half months! incredible! actually, i've been much less concerned over the past month or so, at least ever since the spotting incident. on the 22nd, i went in for a regular appointment and he pulled out the doppler and could hear the baby's heartbeat through my belly, so that was pretty cool.

we're taking pics every few weeks or so. i need to download them and keep track of exactly when we took them. i don't have much of a belly yet, but my pants are definitely getting tight. actually, i had to find a different pair of jeans yesterday as my favorite new ones didn't fit. oddly, the new ones are a 6 and the old ones that DID fit are a 4! but i did go out looking at new stuff yesterday just to see what's out there and how much it's gonna cost me.

annoush, thanks for posting what you did. you're so right to stress how important it is to make your OWN choice in what kind of labor you have. i'd been so sure that i would have to have a c-section because of my lumbar fusion, but after talking to my doc and midwife, i'm feeling so confident that i have OPTIONS. sure, it might turn out that i won't be able to deliver vaginally, but i feel good knowing that it's a real possibility!

ugh, i've been dry heaving a lot lately. no puking (thank cod) but this is ridiculous! i go from STARVING to hating food in the blink of an eye. and my fridge makes me want to hurl! i need to just throw everything away and start all over. it's all so stinky!!
FJ, have you tried the preggie pops at Motherhood Maternity? They are really helping me through the nausea. Yay on getting through the first trimester! That is always a big hurdel!
how the HELL am i supposed to get anything done if i fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon every flipping day?!?
and where is my glowing skin and awesome hair already?
geez, this is SO much harder when you're older. even just a few years makes a diff in the 30's. why did i wait so long? gah?!?
no shit. i'm waiting for the glowing skin and radiant hair myself. instead, i have dry red bumpy splotches all over my face and dry icky hair! garrrr! the lack of hair coloring doesn't help because now i've got silvery streaks throughout the top of my head.

but that'll be remedied this weekend. i'm celebrating the end of the first trimester by allowing myself a semi-permanent hair coloring.

from all accounts, it's ok to do it. i still feel a little guilty over it though!
Pepper, I sooo know what you mean with the napping. Went skiing today and was so sleepy at lunch that i almost fell asleep in the lodge. Hubby laughed and took me home. I could sleep 18 hrs a day I think. Beyond that, I feel like I am really cautious and am having a hard time that letting myself ski or work out like usual or hike etc. I would probably fall asleep mid whatever activity anyway. ha-ha

I have an ultrasound in the am and I am pretty excited. I think it is sorta funny that I have done this all before but it feels so totally new.

Still having a little nausea. Still completely random too, and no warning either. Not really too much though. I know some women have trouble gaining because of such horrible nasea, so I have to think so far so good I guess. Geez I must be in a pretty good mood today. lol
I hear you guys on the 30's!!! I was 25 last time I was pregnant, and I do not remember being this tired or getting winded so easily! No glowing face or great hair here either! And FJ, semi permanent color should be fine. In fact, some peopel get them through teh entire pregnancy, as long as you are in a well ventilated area, it should be ok. I'm not taking any chances until I am out of the first trimester either though! Luckily I colored right before I found out I was pg, so the roots aren't too bad yet.
if ONE more person tells me "oh, you're pregnant. you can't lift that!" i am going to scream! i'm knocked up, not terminal, geesh. i waitressed until i was nearly there last time, at 3-ish mos i think i can still pick shit up. the house ain't gonna move itself yo.
laugh.gif At least people care! Last time I was pregnant, my exhusband kept trying to force me to do more than I reasonably could and we got in huge arguments about him wanting me to get up on ladders. He also refused to stay with me all night at the hospital because he needed his sleep....poor asshole! Mr. Pixie is nothing like that. He makes sure I take naps, and he does lots of things for me. And he's already promised that he will stay at the hospital as long as I do.
there are so many secrets that no one ever tells you. like when the baby moves how your whole belly can roll and undulate like the swells of an ocean. man, is that ever bizzare and unexpected! or how right after birth your stomach is this loose, wobbly fleshy mound that wiggles like jello, also beyond strange. don't worry though, it all snaps back in no time. well, it did the last time i was pregnant anyhow! hope i'm still that elastic this time round!

anyone else remember or notice anything weird and not talked about? i have a list somewhere of things that surprised me, wonder where it is?
The whole nipple remodeling phenomenon - like a snake shedding its skin. VERRRY weird.
I'd love to see your list, pepper!
heart burn when just thinking of food. like the simple sugestion is sufficient to make the stomach acid boil.
Weird things:

How about the ability to pee out 6 times the amount of liquid intake?

This may fall under the catergory of TMI, but when I gave birth to minipixie, nobody had told me you would pass chunks of tissue several days sister warned me about 2 days after minipixie was born. Sure enough it happened later that afternoon. Had she not told me, I am sure I would have thought I was dying or something!

I also remember taking a shower at home fo rteh first time. People warned me that your milk could leak if you heard a baby cry, but the sound of the water made my milk just start flowing! It freaked me out that I was getting soaking wet without even getting in yet. It took me a minute to figure out what was happening!

oh, the boob leakage! traumatic! why no one bothers to tell you these things is beyond me. all my shirts and sheets smelled like sour cheese. ick.
a girlfriend let me in on this awesome trick that worked like a charm every time. when you get that little tingling and you know you're gonna soak your shirt stick a thumb over your nipple and press hard. ta da! it passes and there is no leakage all over the place.
Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good pregnancy book. A book that tells the truth about the stuff that most people and books don't mention. I am not pregnant yet, but I would like to be well informed. I tend to over-analyse everything, but sometimes its a good thing. Thanks
Chani- Not to sound too ignorant but what's nipple remodeling? Baby and I are trying to breastfeed and I've noticed some whiteness to the ends of my nipples which is now peeling off. (I know, TMI!) I don't know if that's remodeling or something bad. I'm a little sore but I've been using nipple shields due to flat nipples and I think that's helping to prevent a lot of soreness.

Maybe I should move this to the Hip Mama thread?
sarcasm, have you checked out the pregnancy forum? there are TONS of great mamas and info there.
the books that i loved the most were spiritual midwifery by ina may gaskin and a child is born by nilsson (awesome pictures). i personally really liked the positivity in unassisted childbirth by laura shanley, even if it isn't the sort of birth you want for yourself it illustrated the positive possibilites. i liked primal mothering in a modern world by hygeia halfmoon as well, that was a great story. any anything by jeanine parvati baker too. i read quite a few midwifery books as well, they give all the practical advice without there terror tactics of those awful books like what to expect when you're expecting (that was the most negative book i came across, uck!).
you can get the library to order some titles for you, if you find a book that you like there's probably a list of other books in the back to guide your next read.

my boobies leak colostrum (or what looks like it) now at three months. it happened last time too, it's weird.
I've been reading Sheila Kitzinger's Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, which I'm enjoying, and The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. My friend is a doula and I've asked her for recs as well, so I'll post them in here when I get them

QUOTE(Sarcasm @ Jan 1 2007, 08:32 PM) *

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good pregnancy book. A book that tells the truth about the stuff that most people and books don't mention. I am not pregnant yet, but I would like to be well informed. I tend to over-analyse everything, but sometimes its a good thing. Thanks

Any runners in here? I'm planning to keep running as long as I can, but I went in today & could barely even go a mile before crapping out. (My regular workout was 7.5-9 miles/week over 3-4 days.) Granted, I got a really bad stomach thing (was scared it was listeria, but I never got a fever and my doctor seemed to think I was fine) and actually lost 6-7 pounds, so I'm pretty weak, plus 1st trimester fatigue as well. I worked really hard over the last 2 years to get into shape, and I'm worried about getting out of shape in addition to what pregnancy will do to my body. I don't want to go crazy or push myself, but I also don't want to be lazy, either. Any advice?
I liked the Sheila Kitzinger book, but hated the Girlfriend's Guide book.

I know there were others I liked--I'll check out the names and come back later.
Jas - that's just what I call it. In both pregnancies around 6 months my nipples have gotten wider and there's been little dry bits that exfoliate off them.
cinegirl - I ran before my last pregnancy, but was working crazy hours at work, really nauseated and fatigued so I made the personal decision to switch to walking instead - easier to go at the pace that felt right that particular day. Having said that, lots of mamas run through the whole pregnancy - I'm sure you'll be able to find a running forum that addresses pregnancy/babies and running.
how is it possible that i am not even two whole months along and i no longer own a single bra that fits? if this keeps up at this rate i will be too big to stand up right by the time i am 5 months . . . well, maybe 7 months, but still. And how is it possible to go from wanting to vomit to thinking peperincini's sound sooooo yummy?

went to a wedding on new years eve and had so much fun. danced till i was so tired i practically fell asleep.
i think most of the increase in breast size happens early on.
ppfftt, i'm laughing. i WISH!
i got big right away, then bigger later on, then even bigger (o maude, so painfully large) even later. i went through at least 5 bra sizes.
my advice? save your money and get a stretchy sports bra in black and one in white or whatever your skin tone is. i wasted large dollars on mucho underoos, quel bummer.
this time NO bra, i'm just wearing those built-in-shelf tank tops under everything. i have them in about 8 colours, they are my current favourite thing.
I think morning sickness is going to get the best of me today. I felt like hell all last night, but managed to not throw up. So far I haven't at all....but rigth now I am just sitting here waiting for it to come because I don't think I am strong enough to keep it in anymore. Blech. This is the part of pregnancy I truely hate!

say no more.
Thanks so much for the book ideas, I will check them out. smile.gif
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