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hi all,
I like reading posts by newly pregnant people like me... smile.gif

I have my first doctor appointment on Wednesday. (8 weeks.) Will I get an ultrasound do you think? I would love to have a picture to bring home for Thanksgiving. But at least we get to hear the heartbeat don't we? I still keep thinking maybe the 2 pregnancy tests, sore boobs, constant nausea, and 2 missed periods means something else, like I have mono or something. smile.gif I want to see proof!

I hate feeling sick all the time. And it's making me eat a lot worse, because I just eat whatever I can imagine without barfing, which is usually something fatty and un-nutritious. I feel like I do when I'm hungover, which is fuck everything and eat whatever might POSSIBLY make me feel even slightly better. Like mac and cheese, milkshakes, and apple pie. Ugh.

And the clothes issue is awful. I can't wear maternity stuff yet! But everything feels so tight and uncomfortable! I'm a teacher and I have to wear professional clothes...the situation just sucks right now. I need big-girl clothes.

Anyway...does anyone else get those weekly emails telling them how big their baby is? My baby is a raspberry. Tomorrow she will be something new! I am predicting a grape. My husband and I refer to her/him as whatever fruit they have told us this week, as in "Is that good for Raspberry?" and "You and Raspberry be careful." Grape won't sound quite as cute.
thanks, chacha...i dunno about the TJs chocolate; it's certainly not primo, but whatever. i am a butter-and-olive oil girl and hate margarine, so all must be well... smile.gif

pepper, a friend of mine who has been having terrible nausea in her first trimester was able to work with the help of (and only with the help of) sea bands.

aqua, i made them give me ultrasounds at 2 (when i found out), six, and eight weeks. then at the end i was getting ultrasounds every week, as they thought i was too small (babe was fine), so i probably got to see the bean a total of ten times. i loved it. the first time we both were there, at 8 weeks, he started *moshing* at us, just waving his arms and legs like crazy.

i am ashamed to admit that, early on, i ate mashed potatoes from KFC. they went down when i was spending a lot of time barfing in parking lots, street corners, etc.

ok, i'm going back to the mamas thread. healthy vibes to all!

Some words of experience?

Get as many ultrasounds as they'll give you! I had lots of "issues" throughout the pregnancy, so I had ultrasounds almost every week during the 1st trimester, and every 2 weeks the last. It was AWESOME to get to see moxette growing, changing, etc. Still mysterious, too.

Eat whatever you want. Over 9 months, it'll even out.

The swiss cheese brain will occur no matter what. Enjoy it the best you can. I once left my purse at a midnight movie on christmas eve! whoops.

hi mox *waving furiously*

of course, an excess of ultrasounds does call to mind certain crazed scientologist celebrities...
thanks moxie! we can use all the words of experience we can get! (or at least i can!)

i'm giong to get that cheeseburger just as soon as i can leave here! hehe. i do feel better that i ate a little bit of salad. i know that the nutrients will balance out over the week (that's how i've set my goals really) but all i had for dinner last night was green peas and birthday cake!

aqua, you could request an ultrasound. some docs don't like to do them until 12 weeks or even 15w. i told my doc that i need to have one for peace of mind this time around because of the miscarriage last time. i guess it depends on your doc. you could always say that you had a little spotting or something, or that you're unsure of your last mentrual period. that way, they'd want to do the ultrasound to either make sure everything is ok or to date the pregnancy... just a thought... wink.gif

oh my cod, in the middle of writing that sentence, i suddenly got a craving for jalepenos. i've been wanting spicy stuff lately, but this is like full on crave. i can almost taste them!
I had that. I think it's perfectly normal. Try not to worry, including trying not to worry about the worrying.

QUOTE(jasmine77 @ Nov 13 2006, 09:06 PM) *

I'm not sure what's wrong with me lately... Is it pregancy hormones or the impending birth that's getting me all freaked out lately?

I've been worrying nonstop the past week or so about all sorts of scenarios. Last week's Greys Anatomy now has me completely paranoid that I' ve come this far (34 weeks) only to have something happen and the baby to die in utero. I'm also freaking out that the baby's going to come soon and there will be some problems from being a tiny bit premature. I've barely been having any BRaxton-Hicks so I'm not sure why I'm worried about preterm labor. I just think that I'm finding anything and everything to stress about. This is so not like me. I'm usually very laid- back and try not to stress at all. It's driving me nuts! Grrr!!!!

I wouldn't do unnecessary ultrasounds. What is "unnecessary" depends on yours and your doctors judgement of course, but I just htought I'd say.

If I'd not had all the support I did in labor I'd still be having nightmares about it. It was SO fast and SO furious and I was scared. I had no idea, for example, it wasn't going to continue on that way for ages. Plus I had a serious tear and the midwife was able to start repairing it w/in 10 minutes. (It took an hour.)

The support made all the difference. I wouldn't do it any other way. I don't want to freak anyone out, but I do want to say how very important the support was.
i think i found a doula that i would not only not mind having there at the birth but actually Enjoy having at the birth. she's just started studying it, she's been into yoga before this, is pregnant herself but due before me and already has one little one. hmm. she's super hands off, mama can do it too so maybe, maybe, maybe... i think i might. it's nice to have someone rub your back and fetch you water and all that while you're busy panting and such.

as for the ultrasounds, well they are radiation or a sort, not quite an xray but certainly not entirely harmless either. just like any other medical proceedure i'd avoid them unless absolutely neccessary. if you need it for peace of mind, well, that's something else. but just because you want to see/know etc, i don't know. is it worth the risk? that's a very personal call but i'd think about that a lot before deciding to do it.

sea bands, interesting. i'm thinking it might start to ease off now but if not i'm running out for the motion sickness jewelry!
I am with you girl. I'm at 35 weeks and have been getting some crazy thoughts about something going wrong this late in my pregnancy, or I did something to screw up my baby's health in Utero. I had to get an ultrasound two weeks ago because I am carrying small, I totally blamed myself for the baby not growing ect... well, everything is completely fine, the baby was four pounds two weeks ago, which is small but a healthy size. (I happen to be petite myself) still have five weeks to go.

What helps me is thanking the powers that be every single morning for one more healthy day, and staying off the web as far as searching for stuff that can go wrong. Hanging out with my dogs keeps me grounded as well.

Hi mamas!

I had my first ultrasound today, the dating one. I'm a bit further along than I had thought- 12 1/2 weeks.

I totally wasn't prepared for my reaction seeing the Peanut up on the screen. Up until then it hadn't felt really real - I mean yes my body has been changing, but here was actual proof. This was easily one of the most overwhelming moments of my life, it was undescribable seeing the heartbeat... I'm so happy I could love bomb everyone. Thanks also to all who posted about dietary reassurances, I feel a bit less guilty now.

YEAH! that's awesome! good for you, chibi!

i have my first one on monday and i'm really looking forward to it. it's still early (i'll only 7 weeks on monday, but they're doing one for me since i had a blighted ovum last time) but they said we should be able to see a little flutter at least. i can't wait! i know it'll make things seem much more real.
Falljackets...I had my first ultrasound with minipixie at about 6-7 weeks. Just be prepared...the "internal ultrasound wand" Looks a helluva lot likea dildo on a cord. It kind of freaked me out a bit as they were slaping a condom on it!
haha, yeah, i had an internal one done the last time too. it definitely got my attention. hehe
biggrin.gif I thought my ex husbands eyes were going to bug out of his head when he saw it!
heh, you two...i kind of liked the 'wand' - but not in *that* just felt somehow more direct than the "smearing goop all over the belly and telling you not to pee" route.
Holy cow! I don't check in for a week or so and the board explodes! Congrats chibi, and especially for you FJ - I know it's been a really hard year for you. If it helps at all, there's good evidence that TLC actually prevents miscarriages, so take care of yourself and make sure you are being taken care of (Hear that Mr FJ?). I will be thinking good vibes for you on Monday!
My first trimester staples: pizza pops and egg & sausage mcmuffins - whatever works, grrls!
thanks chani! i'm truly overwhelmed with love right now. and yes, mrfj is taking such good care of me. he even bought me a pamper package at a spa for tomorrow. i'm doing my best to take care of myself too.

mmmmmm sausage mcmuffins.... hehehe!
i just found the most blissfully happy photograph.

it's here, just above the bottom of the page

*bursting bubble* Pepper, sorry, but that's totally photoshopped. Either that or she has uterine rupture and is about to bleed to death! The uterus is a thick layer of muscle, so even when you've cut through the skin and are looking directly at the uterus, you wouldn't be able to see the foot clearly like that.
Having said that, however, sometimes it FEELS like there's a footprint permanently embossed on you, usually right under those ribs!! ~grin~
i know, i don't care i still just love it.
hey preggos and lurkers...

just wanted to announce that i had my first OB appointment yesterday. actually, i met with the midwife and i LOVE her. she was so encouraging of me and took all the time i needed to answer questions, etc.

best part---> we got to see the baby, it's little heartbeat, and even got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. it was awesome. it's measuring just a couple days smaller than when i thought it would, but still in a safe range. and the beats were strong and solid so the midwife said the chances of m/c are dramatically dropped now. i had been so worried about seeing it, and now that i have, i'm ecstatic.

i'm feeling less worried and like this is more real now. i'm so excited!

of course, i've also been feeling puny for the past couple days. my appetite has definitely changed. yesterday after the appointment, mrfj wanted to go to our fave restaurant for lunch, but i couldn't think of anything there that i wanted to eat (i normally can pretty much close my eyes and point to something on their menu). and sunday, i started craving milk and nutter butter cookies. and granny smith apples. an oranges. hehe. at least it's not terribly unhealthy cravings.

but actual "meals" sound gross. except that i'm looking forward to thanksgiving dinner. oh cod. it can't get here fast enough.
Congrats, Falljackets! I know you and MrFJ are thrilled! My splendid wife and I are 32 weeks along. We just started birthing class, and our little boy is already a nut. Just what we wanted.

The heartbeat is amazing, no? Prepare for MrFJ to spend some time talking into your belly as it starts to mound up. You might find that this actually calms the baby down. Which'll be good when it starts kicking.
Congratulations again!
Yay! That is going to be one impeccably attired, enviably shod, erudite and stingingly witty little guy you've got coming, Speedy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is expecting!
de-lurking to say congrats to falljackets! i can only imagine how excited you are! my cousin annie had a similar experience- one m/c, then trouble conceiving, and she also just announced she's pregnant! i'm so happy for you girls!
Hey everyone! I've had an exciting couple of days, in a nervewracking sortof way. Babelet's heartbeat was very irregular in the obs office the other day, so I had to drive into Sick Kids hospital this morning to see the pediatric cardiologist and have a fetal echocardiogram (fancy heart ultrasound) done. Happily, everything was okay. She's still having the arrythmia, but it's not anything structural or dangerous. It does mean no more caffeine for me though. Which sucks, cause I've been falling-asleep-on-my-feet tired the last few days even though Chaniboy is sleeping well.
Hope everyone survived thanksgiving dinner without too much discomfort! And big hugs to the falljackets for their good news!
Hey all!! Lots of love and hugs to all the busties! And Congrats fj!!

Just a quick public service announcement--

I'm sure you all know to be careful and not get dehydrated while preggers but I'm here to tell you that it happens FAST!!! I was feeling a little sick Sat AM when I went to work and apparently wasn't forcing down the water enough. I had a little stomach bug and was puking my guts out by 1pm, then I was in the hospital with premature labor at 2pm. I guess it's a good thing my hubby is paranoid and made me go 'cuz I was super dehydrated and having contractions every 3 minutes! The contractions stopped once they got a couple liters of fluid in me (and after about a dozen attempts at an IV, ouch!) and all is well now. I'm feeling a lot better now and keeping the water bottle in my hand at all times but it was a bit scary there. I guess everything would've been fine 'cuz we're 37 weeks now but my OB was sounding like she really didn't want the contractions to continue on that day. Guess we'll have to wait for baby some more!! <End PSA> biggrin.gif
Thanks Jasmine.
I am at 37 weeks as well and have noticed that I have been really, really thirsty lately.
Definately keeping the water at close range.
i'm only 2 mos (since conception, 2.5 mos by dummy doctor figuring) and i'm mega thirsty. i wake up in the night for more water. oh yes, and to pee. like a dozen times. no wonder i'm so frikken tired!
Yup. I was the same way in my first trimester, dry mouth @ night and peeing nonstop. These symptoms have revisited in my last trimester. Thankfully it's all normal stuff.
I so hate being thirsty before bed because I don't want to have to get up 400 times.

I don't like this stage. (11weeks). I'm fat and nothing fits, and I'm still sick all the time, but I don't look cute and pregnant, just fat fat fat. I don't like baby. >:(

S/he is an apricot this week, though. I kind of like baby. :>
argh. i'm at 9 weeks right now and i'm feeling gross. i was starving and went to grocery store and bought a lot of stuff, then came home and ate just a few bites and i was done. now i just want to puke, but not really...

my boobs are a little swollen, but they seem a little less so than they have been (or maybe i'm just getting used to it) and i'm still tired as shit (called in late to work today).

but, aside from that, i'm just not feeling pregnant. i know that sounds funny.

i just wish i had a little window that i could peek in and make sure the little grape is growing as it should and that all is well in there.

chani, i'm so glad everything is ok! i can imagine that was a scare! how are you doing with the caffiene withdrawals? i've been keeping off of it (with a few exceptions here and there) since i learned i was pregnant, but i've never been more than a half a cuppa day kinda girl anyway.

oh, and i've been super thirsty too... like aquagirl, i hate it at night because it means having to get up during the night. i've never had that problem before, but there's no holding back a pregnant bladder, i guess. smile.gif

hope everyone is doing well. take care of yourselves!
12 weeks on Tuesday!!! I'm so excited to be out of the first trimester...I just hope this is the "feel-good trimester" that the cover of my free pregnancy magazine has been extolling (eye-roll).

I also think I'm showing just a little. I mean, I've gained like 10 pounds, but I'm showing actual pregnancy belly. I hate getting fat and am desperate to look PREGNANT and not fat. Someone told me there is a shirt that says "I'm pregnant, not fat." I was thinking I might want to buy it and wear it for the rest of my life. hehe

I have been eating like CRAP. I really hope I haven't deprived my baby of important nutrients. I just haven't been able to imagine eating vegetables and things for the past 5-6 weeks I've been so sick. I thought you were supposed to "crave" things your body needs, like more iron or whatever. I don't crave anything and just eat bread products because the thought of anything else makes me feel like barfing. Although I never do, and barfing might actually make me feel better.

Greyhound mom, have you had your baby yet????

Is it a human or a sleek racing dog, or a bus? smile.gif
okay, ladies, I really need to vent.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I feel like a beached whale. I'm huge and can't move around well anymore. I'm feeling exceptionally unattractive and I can't take it much longer. I've gained 50 lbs since i got preggers and I could've stood to lose 10 lbs before I got knocked up. I have stretch marks everywhere, even my knees for cripes sake! My body hair is out of control and I can't even see or bend over enough to tidy things up! My hubby and I haven't had sex in months and he claims it's cuz he's afraid to hurt the baby but I'm sure it's because I look like a frickin giant, stretch-mark covered yeti. And to top it all off, I'm terrified of what's gonna happen when I finally do have to push this thing outta me!! I really don't like pain and I'm a bit freaked out about having to care for another human being's every need for 18 years! Whoever said pregnancy is beautiful should be shot. I'm a total mess, physically and mentally, right now and I could really use a stiff drink!!

thanks for letting me rant for a bit, I'll go back to the torturous waiting game now.

*tiptoeing in* I'm 4 1/2 weeks, but it is still a secret!*shhhhhh!*

(((jasmine))) I seriously hated being pregnant with minipixie for the same reasons! I had hypertension too and constant bladder infections, so I felt pretty miserable the last few weeks! Thankfully you are almost through! ANd I can honestly say, once it's over you forget the pain(otherwise no one would ever have a second child tongue.gif )
**delurks** (silently whispers) congratulations!

:delurks, silently waves sign reading "Yay! You're knocked up!", relurks into the mist...:
hey all! Hopeful tentative congrats to pixie!
Jas - It may be a while until your body is completely your own again, but think how wonderful it'll be to sleep on your stomach again, and get rid of all that baby and fluid and walk in a straight line instead of waddle! I know it's stupid to say try not to worry, but we are exquisitely good at surviving the peri-partum period. Your body and mind WILL protect you and your baby will let you learn to look after her/him so gradually that it will seem like you've always been a mom.
My good news this week is that I've been off diclectin (antinauseant) for one day and feeling fine. We'll see how tomorrow goes - cross your fingers for me!!!!!
(((jasmine))) i hope you're feeling better, girl. you have every right to vent and this is the place for it for sure! i really hope the baby gets here soon. don't worry, you're going to do FINE!

aqua, i know what you mean... i'm nearly 10 weeks and i haven't wanted anything except carbs for weeks! veggies just sound GROSS. my vitamins are my only saving grace although i am starting to think that they're causing the nausea. (i didn't take them until late evening on sat and sunday and didn't have the nausea. took it at 3 or so today and BAM, nausea by 4:30p). anyway, from all accounts, we're doing ok. just eat when you can, what you can. things HAVE to get better, right?

((((((((PIXIE!)))))))) yay! i'm very happy for you.

i had a bit of a scare this weekend. mrfj and i got busy on saturday morning and i guess we did it a little too hard because i had some dark brown spotting afterward, just a little, but enough to scare me. it was mostly gone yesterday until the end of the day. so i went to the doc today to make sure it was all ok, and it was. we saw the baby again and this time it actually looked more like a baby than a little speck, although i must admit it looked sort of like an alien baby but i was happy to see that little flicker and it even flailed its little arms and legs at us.

anyway, midwife said everything is ok. cervix looked normal, just a little sensitive, so she said no sex for five days. boooo.

hope all is well for all the rest of you! i'm gonna go see if i can find something to munch on...

ETA: x-post with chani. hi chani!! yay for no nausea! fingers crossed!
falljackets...prentals have very high iron..make sure you take it with food...preferably NOT protien! The only times I threw up with minipixie, I had peanut butter with my prenatals. I know some people prefer to take them right before bed because of nausea.

Yay Chani for no nausea!

Thankfully I am not experiencing that yet!

I did set up my first doctor appointment today, though! January seems so far away even though it is only 3 weeks.
I do have major gas though...never belched so much in my life as I have the last few days.
Big hugs and thanks to all of you rockin' ladies!!

I'm feeling a bit more optimistic today though still anxious about the impending birth. I've been trying to read as much as possible about labor and delivery even though it freaks me out. I feel like I'm as prepared as I'm going to be and now I'm just feeling more and more like I want my body (or something similar to what it was) back and I want the little guy to get here already! I'm sure that once labor starts I'll be able to just go with it (cuz I won't have much choice!) and I'll be fine. I think sometimes that the anticipation is the worst part. I know it's gonna hurt like hell but I plan to get an epidural and that will help. Hopefully I'll lose the weight without too much trouble and the stretchmarks will fade. Plus I'll have a perfect little boy to take my mind off of everything. I'm trying to think happy thoughts even though it's totally against my nature.

falljackets- I had a really hard time with my prenatals making me nauseated. I've been taking them before bedtime to avoid the nausea. Also, you could check with your dr for a different kind that makes you less nauseated (I think there's one called Premesis, or something similar, that's supposed to be less nausea-inducing).

Congrats to pixie!!

And yay for Chani!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your poor little tummy! boo to nausea!
oh girl, it doesn't even have to hurt at all. at least go into it thinking that it won't be more than you can handle (because generally it isn't more than you can handle) instead of being terrified that it's gonna hurt like hell. being stressed and super tense can actually increase any pain you might feel. mine didn't hurt at all. really. i mean i Felt it for sure but it wasn't like 'Pain'. nothing so traumatic.
you're right, stretch marks fade, the weight goes with the nursing, the baby literally sucks all the extra out of you, and you'll have a perfect little boy who will let you know what he likes and what he doesn't. you'll do just fine.

yay mo' mini pixie! what's up in here, we're all getting knocked up all of a sudden!

i feel better. no nausea, less gassy, i can eat and drink what i want. still a bit restless in the sleep department though and whoa, am i Ever Thirsty! geez. i show so much already, it's weird. this happened last time too, i showed right away and then stayed the same size for months. hee hee.
Jasmine...if you are having an epidural then it really isn't going to hurt that bad. For me the first part of labor just felt like intense period cramping. I didn't really have too much pain until they broke my water(I was induced) and that hurt like hell! Because they already knew I was having an epidural (doctors orders because I had hypertension) They gave me something while I waited to dialate that helped me to sleep and not notice the pain so much. But after you get the really don't feel much more than a little pressure.

hello all,
i have been lerking around on many of these threads and have only recently become a member, so i have very few posts and feel a little green at this. i have however just found out i am pregnant with my second child (first one is already 10 in a few days) and i am really exited! since it has been so long since i have been pregnant and this is the first time i really wanted to be pregnant i feel like it is a new thing for me. so really i just feel that i should say hello and that after reading this thread i get the feeling that you are all very supportive and respectful of each other and i admire that. i look forward to learning from you.
welcome, shiny x! and congratulations!

my back is killing me today. my back hurts just about all the time because of my spinal fusion (lumbar area), but it seems even worse for the past few days. argh!

the whole back issue makes me worry about labor as well. my nuerologist thinks i'm crazy for even wanting this pregnancy. he says i'm going to suffer in my last trimester. but my OB and midwife both think i'll be fine and be able to deliver vaginally. it's funny, because for the nearly four years since my injury and subsequent surgeries, i have been thinking that i'd have to have a c-section (i have no flexibility from my T12 to the L4 because they're all titanium now), so it's nice to think that i might have options.

pepper, i am hoping that i follow you in the next couple days and lose this nausea! i haven't had a vegetable in weeks. all i want is carbs and occasional protein! it'll be nice to have my old appetite back.

how's everyone else?

Welcome Shinyx3!

FJ...I hope the back thing is ok in the last trimester. I have some back probelms too, though not as sever, so my doctor is goign to be having me do exercises to strengthen my lower back so I can support a huge pregnant belly.
As for me, I'm still just breezing through this. Morning sickness has not set in yet. I did feel like I wanted to puke last night, but I think it is because I had a greasy hamburger for lunch and pizza for dinner, and my body just isn't used to that anymore since I ahve been eating so much healthier.
I do think the next three weeks are going to be the longest of my life waiting to see the doctor! And wow..Christmas is really sneaking up on me!! I already got what I wanted!
Welcome ShinyX!
Indeed, I am now day 3 without the pills and feeling fine!! That's a treat!
Jas, I didn't have any pain in labour either - pepper is totally right: severe anxiety can make things worse, so try to commit yourself to just going with the flow!
FJ, that's great that things are looking more flexible for delivery options. I'll wish you luck!
girls, there's something on the news tonight (global tv, west coast canada news at 11pm) about how epidurals may be linked to painful and difficult breastfeeding issues later on, it's some new study results. i'll watch it and report back on what they say and i think you can watch it on their website by the next day, i'll link you to it if that's the case.
Tricks to easy queasiness anyone? My body seems to have confusion about when the morning is. I seem to have completely random timed queasiness that lasts anywhere from a few min to a few hours. I thought at first it was my vitamins but now I do not think so. I have tried the mint and camomile teas but they didn't do anything. At lunch i though I was really hungary and I sat down to lunch and had about four bites and that was all I could eat, then the smell of the food was gross to me and I threw it away. Tonight I ate dinner but am now sorry I did as it is not being nice to my poor stomach. Any great little home remedies?

By the way, I used to work high risk deliveries and am a huge fan of epidurals! Makes for an experience that seem so much more enjoyable.
i don't know why they call it morning sickness at all, it was just plain old all day nausea for me. i snacked on ginger candies or crystalized ginger, made sure i drank enough water and ate something right away in the morning. small snacks frequently instead of actual meals helped too.

i watched the news program and a new international study showed that success in breastfeeding may hinge on what kind of pain relief the mom uses. fentenyl, one of the ingredients in an epidural makes the baby sleepy which nearly always makes it impossible to have a successful initial breastfeeding after birth. even though it is only ONE, this first time sets up baby and mom for future breastfeeding patterns. along with the epi mom will receive an IV which increases fluid and that contributes to difficulty for mom and baby to have a good first feeding.
the stats show that 45% of canadian woman are having epidurals during birth and of those a full 95% later have difficulty with breast feeding. of those 30% give up on breastfeeding entirely within the first couple of weeks.
most women who experience problems with breastfeeding have indeed had an epi.

i think you can watch the episode by tomorrow, but probably only for a couple of days.

while i am all in favour of whatever a mom needs to make her more able to handle pregnancy, birth and childbearing i tend to think of unneccessary medical proceedures done for the sake of convenience as irresponsibly dangerous. surgery or drugs when neccessary are unavoidable and isn't it great that we have that technology and access to such fine advanced medicine but there are risks and that has to be taken into account when making that decision. i think a lot of women are reassured that there is little to no risk when that isn't neccessarily true.
personally, i wouldn't go having an appendix, tonsils or wisdom teeth removed if i didn't have to either. i mean, i've had all three of those surgeries but only when that was the last option. if i Needed an epi you can bet i'd have one. my friend would have ended up with a c-section if she hadn't finally said yes to an epi (it helps to ripen the cervix). but it isn't really something that should be offered "just because" and when it is, well, that's when i think there's a problem with it.
i very much agree pepper. i think it is always smart to look into options and know what the risks are and not just take the work a doc or midwife without questions and research. i did not have one with my first child and do not know if i will or not with this one (i am only 5 wks). my biggest reason for being a fan of epi's is the difference it makes in communication with the mother and comfort and mostly calmness. however, i really only attended high risk deliveries so my experience past that is pretty limited to my sons birth and my sisters childrens births.

this morning was my last final (i am a full time student, also) and thankfully i am not stomach sick! i ate a piece of toast and had ginger tea and feel pretty good.
i gave birth in the tub at home with no midwife or doctor at all so my experience is the polar opposite of yours! i was certainly calm and comfortable and while i pretty much lost the power of (or perhaps all interest in) speach for about 6 hours (i was totally in the zone) i also didn't need anything that had to be communicated to anyone else so...
it's good to have a range of experiences here to keep things balanced.

i'm going for a massage now, ta!
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