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Ananke--no kidding about sex being a mission. I still have plenty of sex drive and my guy is willing, it's just difficult to get to each other with a beach ball strapped to my middle, and the most obvious alternate positions kinda hurt.

I don't feel any guilt about conceiving quickly because I am so much older than average moms and had lived with the sad idea of never having a kid of my own for several years. I have also paid my dues with regard to misfortune.

Once I was finally with the right mate, we mutually decided to give it one or two months of trying and if it didn't happen, it wasn't meant to be. If I had been 5 years younger I would have expected to try for at least 6 mos., but at this stage, I didn't feel I had that luxury. It was sort of now or never, so I'm glad my body chose now.
Ananke, I know it's not easy, but please don't feel guilty for conceiving so easily. You know that not everyone has it as easily as you, and that makes you sensitive to others who are having difficulties TTC or who have lost pregnancies. The friends of mine who talk like EVERYONE can get pregnant at the drop of the hat are the people who drive me crazy because they express no sensitivity for those who don't have it so easily. This is clearly not the case with you.

I am spotting lightly today. It's a little strange that I am spotting this much before my period is due (due in about 3 days). Having said that, it is fairly common for me to spot 1 or 2 days before my period begins. So now I am confused. Is this my period, or could it possibly be implantation bleeding? I know that no-one can answer that - only time will tell. I did feel some cramping on Sunday evening, but then it might have been due to the ridiculous amount of cake and pizza I had just consumed. :-) And I have had some uterine "pinches" the last couple of days. But who knows what that is, or if it even is my uterus I was feeling? It was like teeny sharp pains that lasted only a second. Anyone pregnant or TTC who knows what I mean? Other than that, I feel no different. My breasts are less sore than normal in fact.

Trying so hard not to read into things. Chances are that this is my period rearing its ugly head a couple days early. I'll keep you posted!

Funnybird, I am thinking about you too!
Michelina-You're wise not to read too much into anything, but not having sore breasts and a little spotting definitely doesn't mean you're not pregnant. I seriously felt almost no symptoms the week before I tested positive. I think I felt slightly queasy the day I tested, but that could have been nerves.

After learning I was pregnant, I do remember having terrible headaches.

Congrats Julie, and I hope the news is good Funnybird and Michelina. Hang in there with the emotions Ananke...I think it goes in waves that correspond with baby's growth spurts.
Michelina, I agree with eyelet - while you probably shouldn't read too much into what you have going on, I wouldn't give up hope yet. It's hard not to look at any little twinge and wonder, "Does that mean something? How about now?" Although I had symptoms, I wasn't allowing myself to think that this might really be it until my temp was still high the day I usually get my period. (My temp usually takes a nose dive either the day of or the day before it comes.) I'll also say that I had *much* sorer boobs other months when I wasn't pregnant than I have had even now. Now I'm reading that the breast changes normally happen a few weeks in (although certainly some women have them earlier).

That's actually the other reason I think boards like this are a nice alternative to some of the TTC boards at other sites. I love how supportive those women are of one another, but a bunch of them are spending lots of time obsessing with each other over symptoms and testing at like 10 days past ovulation! It could be really easy to get caught up in that (I know I was a little, and I only lurked there).

Thinking good thoughts for you all - happy and healthy for our pregnant Busties, and hopefully good news soon for our trying to conceive folks.
Christine Nectarine

i can't help but read this thread all the time! i'm not pregnant or TTC, but both my sister and sister-in-law are expecting their firsts this summer.

Ananke, please don't feel guilty! just be grateful and happy!

i find it interesting to follow all you TTC'ers wondering if things are symptoms of's the exact opposite of my experience. i was 18 weeks before i knew i was pregnant with kiddo (now 5). i realized when thinking back that a lot of illness/tiredness/weight gain etc was likely due to the pregnancy, but when you're not expecting it, you find a way to dismiss all those things.

best wishes to everyone!
I have been spotting all day and it is exactly like my usual premenstrual spotting. I am 90% certain it is my period starting. Damn! Looks like we'll be trying for a 2010 baby now. I keep reminding myself that at least trying to make a baby is fun work!

Strangely my cycle length seems to be shortening. It was up to 30 - 31 days for a while in the fall, and has gradually dropped to 28 and now this cycle it could be as short as 26 days. At least that's a bonus!
I burst into tears driving to ikea yesterday, because we were talking about how my best friend still hasn't gotten her shit out of our house even though it's been a month and a half since she moved AND we're moving out, and another friend still owes me a shitload of bond money and won't reply, and i think I upset another friend by not being happyhappyhappy about the whole TTC and pregnancy thing (she's super clucky and absolutely wanting to know EVERYTHING and has a whole lot of the rosecoloured glasses) and we talked about my sister-in-law and I feel a little isolated right now, and like I don't have enough friends to alienate someone because they aren't doing the right thing by me.


Holy run on sentence! But yeah, the emotions are just insane this week. On top of that i had a huge meeting thing and I'm so tired and moving house and of course Mr A gets sick this week! And of course other hormones are spiking but since he can't breathe properly and is sneezing all the time, I just end up frustrated because I want that closeness. And of course we're down to about three positions and even me on top isn't super easy because I lean down to kiss and it's not easy. I'm glad i'm over the 'oh god she's kicking we can't have sex tonight' because she kicks every night.

/end whining and ranting

I had some implantation bleeding, but I spotted for a week or so at week 5. I had nausea from mid-cycle too. I kinda had a classic pregnancy - puking and boob soreness and everything. Mind you I haven't gained much weight, but I was a fattie to start with so that isn't a huge worry. I didn't start thinking I really might be pregnant until my period was late though, and didn't test til 5 days after - I did consider it though. It was a weird time though, because I was torn between "don't drink! don't take the cold'n'flu!" and "stop being frantic and paranoid!". My mother was four months along with my brother before she found out though - she was still breastfeeding my sister and went to the doctor because she hadn't gotten her period back but my sister had started weaning herself and she was losing weight but her pants were getting tighter...

This is after two births! From a hippie! I still tease her about it. Mind you she never had any other symptoms (she said she kinda went off tomato, a bit...)

Michelina - my cycle went from 28 to 27 days when I came off anti-depressants.
*slaps forehead*

Thank you so much for the kind words everyone - I have a tendency to feel guilty for things I probably shouldn't and it does help to hear your thoughts.

I'm off to have burritos for dinner, because pregnancy gas just isn't enough apparently. Although I figure my self-imposed embarrassment about farting in front of my partner has gone too far - the other night I farted in bedd and he patted me and said 'good girl' like I need positive reinforcement to fart...
Ananke, I know your emotions seem way beyond your control at the moment, but I agree with the others that guilt should definitely not be one of them. While those around you who have suffered loss surely appreciate the fact that you are not taking anything for granted, I bet they'd hate to think you were beating yourself up like this.

I have had cramps since yesterday. My period isn't due until tomorrow at the earliest (my temp. was still high this morning). I think it probably is my period, but the cramping has never started before the bleeding before. What gives? Hmmm.
Hi Ananke-I find that on the days I forget to take my B-complex vitamin, my emotions are more volatile. I know you're probably taking a multivitamin, but my midwife encouraged me to separate everything because some vitamins counteract the effectiveness of others. I take B-complex and E in the morning, and all the minerals, C and fish oil at night.

My partner thinks it's the funniest thing ever when I fart. He also thinks it's hilarious when I have to rock myself a couple of times to get a rolling start off the low couch. I'm glad I'm not oversensitive about this stuff because one of the more bonding aspects of pregnancy has been the fact that he thinks all my awkwardness is cute and we spend a lot of time laughing.

My gripe today is this damned lack of sleep. I know the wakeful nights are coming and it just pisses me off I can't get my rest now. Hands are completely numb from the carpal tunnel and left side feels almost bruised from only being able to sleep in that position. My nose is so stopped up I'm snoring and struggling for air, and that keeps my partner up too so he's grumpy when we wake up. Today is my baby shower and I had really hoped to be rested and glowing. Ain't gonna happen.

Funnybird--you're not out of the game yet. You can take a First Response up to 5 days before period due date, but I suppose I shouldn't encourage such things should I?
Funnybird, I am crossing my fingers for you.

Eyelet and Ananke, I am enjoying (hmm not sure that's the right word) your posts. They make me laugh a little and remind me that pregnancy is not wonderful at every moment. I find myself sort of idealizing it lately.

I woke up to cramps and my (real) period today. :-(
The gas thing is BFF who is ten weeks along is constantly burping and farting. She says it is unreal. When we talk on the phone (all the time), she burps like three times in one sentence. Hilarious.

Michelina, I'm sorry you got your frustrating. It reminds me of what I went through that first month we were really TTC, and I got that weird spotting on day 25 (really rare for me). I got so excited! Then three days later my period came right on time. And three days later my best friend found out she was pregnant.

That was a hard week.

I feel like I'm just going to allow myself to get upset for a day or two, then try to just focus on the next month. It's hard though; I hear you.

Funnybird, let us know what happens!!!

Mr. Z and I did it every other day from days 9 to 15. It is the most relaxed I've ever felt in our four months of trying. Now comes the two week wait. I feel like I ovulated really early this cycle though because my cervical mucus was gone by day 12 or so.

By the way, we got the Fertell thing, but I read in the directions that if a man has been sick, he should wait two months as his sperm count could be affected. Mr. Z had just been taking antibiotics for an ear infection, so we're going to wait until next month to check. Then he'll now if he should lay off the pot or not.

Ananke, good luck with your move. I cannot imagine having to move at that point! Dang. Just take it easy if you can.
The discussion on gas reminds me of my wedding day. My sister-in-law was my bridesmaid, 6 months pregnant and very gassy. She was burping all the way to the ceremony, and I was begging her to try and hold them in during my vows. She managed it, but burped throughout the photos and the reception. It was pretty funny.

Michelina, I'm so sorry it wasn't your month. At least with your shorter cycles you won't have to wait around before trying again. I've had cramps on and off all day, and am pretty certain my period will arrive either tonight or tomorrow morning. I have first response tests in the bathroom cupboard but I'm exerting will power!
Early on, Mr A and I went to see Madagascar 2 at the movies. Cinema full of families, little kids and not so little kids. Cinema goes dark, movie is about to start.

Pregnant lady lets rips a GIANT LOUD BURP that almost echoes.

Mr A was mortified, parents shushed their giggling kids. Mr A keeps asking if I can't tell it's coming or if I forgot I can keep my mouth closed. I start to tell him to shut up and let rip yet another GIANT BURP.

The entire cinema laughs.

I'm feeling better today - I am totally pants at remembering the vitamins, and it really does have an effect on my energy so it isn't surprising it affects mood too. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Sorry it wasn't your month Michelina - it always seemed so crap to not only be not pregnant, but get PMS and cramps as well as the sadness.
Bummer Michelina.

Any time I meet someone who's trying to conceive and it's not happening quickly enough, I ask if they've had their thyroid tested. I think one reason I never got pregnant on accident was that I had hard-to-diagnose hypothyroid (meaning my test results were in the "normal" range, and only an endocrinologist knew what to look for).

Chronic fatigue, depression that doesn't match life circumstances, or unexplained weight gain can all be signs of this problem. If you're test results are borderline normal, many doctors believe it's still worth treating to be on the better side of normal and a very small amount of thyroid meds can make a huge difference in the way you feel (as well as in fertility). I'll be happy to discuss in another thread with anyone who's interested.

The baby shower was a kick, but I'm still demolished from lack of sleep.
Sorry it wasn't your month, Michelina. Funnybird, keeping my fingers crossed but also admiring your willpower on the testing thing. More willpower than I usually had! (Well, this month I had willpower, just because it was so depressing to take the test early and have my period show up two days later.)

This is terrible advice (so it's not really advice), but I used to promise myself that if my period showed up my consolation prize was to get hammered that weekend, and/or get sushi, or something else they don't recommend for preggo ladies.

It is so weird knowing and having no one know yet. I went to a girlfriend's house last night for a little party and tried to be subtle about going with sparkling water instead of red wine (sigh) and not eating any of the orange and marscapone tarts because I couldn't remember whether marscapone was allowed or not.

Ananke, hang in there on the emotional roller coaster. We're all here for you. And in the immortal words of Heathers, "If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a person - you'd be a game show host."

Also, I love that you are being provided positive reinforcement for your farts. I like to blame the cat, but that doesn't work when they're loud.

Eyelet, glad you enjoyed the baby shower! Hope you can get some rest.
My will broke yesterday morning. I took the test... and failed. I know that it's technically not over till the bleeding starts, I just wish my body would make its mind up one way or the other. The cramps carried on all day yesterday and all night. They've eased off a little, but I had another high temp this morning and still no period. Who knows? I hate these looonnnggg cycles. I'm on day 35 now and if I'm going to have to start all over again I'd like to get on with it.

Julie, we've been trying for 5 months now and that's definitely my strategy for dealing with getting my period. Seven days of beer, rare steak, sushi and double-shot lattes do help ease the dissappointment.
Funnybird, I am thinking of you. This is really the hardest part, isn't it?

Julie, I have been doing the same thing as well. When I get my period, I treat myself to alcohol and more caffeine. The alcohol definitely helps to ease the pain a little - both emotionally and physically!

Zelda, I am curious about the Fertell test. I am thinking of asking my doctor (also Mr. M's doc) if she would order a sperm analysis on him if the Fertell test shows a low sperm count. I am worried that if he gets a result indicating a low sperm, we would have to wait until the 12 month mark of TTC before health care will cover the testing for confirmation of the result. And that could drive me crazy. I see her in May. If she says yes, I think I'll order it this summer.
Michelina, from what I've heard, a simple sperm analysis may not be that expensive, and you might be able to afford it out of pocket...maybe a couple of hundred dollars. (Aren't you Canadian? Not sure how that translates.) Anyway, it may be relatively cheap enough that you can just pay for it on your own...but I still think you have plenty of time before you worry about that.

Funny, you're not out of the running yet! Not to give you false hope, but I know there are plenty of women who don't test positive until much later...your high temp is still a good sign. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I got my Pap smear results back in the mail today. Everything was normal, but there was a prescription in the mail for Diflucan because I guess I have a yeast infection. (It must be mild since my doctor didn't "see" anything and I don't have any noticeable symptoms.)

I immediately felt crushed because I worried that a yeast infection might have prevented pregnancy this month, but I did some online searching, and from what I can tell, yeast doesn't change your PH enough to prevent or even impede conception. Still, if I get my period this month, that's what I'll be blaming.

And I'm sort of afraid to take the Diflucan. On the off chance that we did conceive this month, is it okay to take it? I left a message with my doctor asking...her office was already closed. I'm assuming she remembers that I'm TTC, and she prescribed it anyway, but from what I've read online some docs don't recommend it.

Of course I'm probably not knocked up anyway, but I don't know...I guess I'll just see what she says.
Ladies, I don't normally pimp my writing out to the Internet world, but I do write for a woman's blog (have for some time now), and I recently worked up a list for the Top Ten Best Responses to "When Are You Having a Baby?"

Thought this could be appreciated by the ladies here...even those who are pregnant already! :-)
There are docs who won't recommend ANYTHING. You know, the whole 'you are woman, suffer through it' deal. I found the difference between my ob. + midwife and government on the flu vax most interesting - govt says you should be getting it, ob. + midwife said NO NO NO. So yeah, there's a whole lotta conflict going on between everyone when it comes to pregnancy.

Love the list zelda, very funny tongue.gif

I'm getting some fierce sciatic pain - woke me up at 2am last night. Then woke Mr A up at 230...but, like always, rubbing and daddy's voice = moving about so the pain eased up a bit. Right now it's kinda achey. I could do without the sniffles and bleeding nose though. The skin under my left nostril is so wrecked.

funny bird - I didn't test positive until 5 days after. I tested at the doc but it was during the day, so the next day I did it first thing. I was really tempted to throw the stick at Mr A when it came up positive but I figured a pee soaked stick to the head first thign saturday morning would be a bad way to announce the pregnancy.
Funny blog Zelda. During my 30's I was always either single or clearly dating someone I didn't plan to stay with, so I got the next level up from prying questions about when will you have a baby...the uncomfortable silence when the subject of babies comes up. No one ever asked when, or if, or why not. Being married seems to give them a free pass to openly pry. When you're single (read spinster) they just tiptoe around it out of pity.

Funnybird, now you all have us waiting on the edge of our seats as if we had just peed on a stick. How's that for solidarity?

I am doubly emotional today because the Mr. and I have spent two nights in our separate apartments so we could both catch up on sleep. Unfortunately between me snoring and smacking him in the face with my giant padded carpal tunnel splints, I have kept him sleepless too recently. Without him and the dog in the bed I have a little more room to spread out and place pillows, so my sleep improves moderately. His back went out this Sunday, so I took pity on him and said "go home and sleep like you're single." But I really don't like mornings without him here. Prior to being pregnant I was fine with it, but now it feels a little lonely.

We have our first birthing class tonight so I'll stay over at his and sleep be damned.
Still in limbo. High temp, intermittant cramps, no period. Prepare to remain in suspense, because I am NOT testing again until Friday when I'll be 17 days post-ovulation (if nothing happens before then). If I sound as if I'm wavering in my resolve in any of my posts til then please stop me! I need saving from myself.

Zelda, I know that people claim to 'LOL' at everything these days but the blog actually did make me snort, especially the one about scotch. I've been married for 3 years, so I'm used to the prying which seemed to escalate when I turned 30 last summer.
FWIW, I had wicked cramping for about 10 weeks with kikibaby. I was convinced I was miscarrying the whole time (don't get scarred!), but my doc (and all the busties) reminded me that my womb was like a little construction site- mild to medium cramps are definitly normal. I didn't puke at all, so i'll take the cramps. smile.gif
Moxiegirl--I was offline for a long while around the time you had your baby. Congrats and hope it has been a smooth transition.

And funnygirl, amazing self-control. So how late are you for your period now?
funnybird, I have my fingers crossed for you! eyelet's right, we're all waiting on the edge of our seats.

zelda, loved the blog post! I can't decide whether I like the scotch one or the Ikea one better. The scotch one reminds me of a little fantasy I have about someone offering me beer and my saying, "Thanks, but the baby prefers vodka."

I am a little freaked out and worried today. I have continued to take my waking temperatures, and yesterday and today my temperatures were a little lower than they have been, which I remember from my Taking Charge of Your Fertility book can be a sign of miscarriage. (Temps are still well above my pre-ovulation temps, just lower than the even higher temps I was getting.) Then I looked up that part of the book to try to reassure myself and read that dizziness can also be a sign. And this morning I woke up feeling totally weird and a bit lightheaded. I even ate a little something before my shower because I was feeling just kind of oogy, and it did seem to help.

I'm trying to reassure myself that it's nothing to worry about. My boobs are actually (as of last night and today) sorer than they were earlier. For awhile they were just getting bigger, last night I was like, "huh, this actually kinda hurts!" No bleeding or spotting, a few random twinges here and there but I was chalking that up to gas/bowel stuff and/or the construction site moxie mentioned. I just made my first doctor's appointment yesterday, but I'm not seeing them for almost four weeks.

I'm almost wondering if I should just stop taking my temperatures so I have less evidence for freaking out purposes. But I don't know if that would help...I might just become super-vigilant about other "signs" instead.

*tries to think happy Zen thoughts*
Funnybird, you definitely have willpower! Good for you for waiting. I am also on the edge of my seat, and am checking this thread more than Facebook (and that says a lot!) :-)

Julie, I doubt the fluctuating temps are significant. A little fluctuation is normal, and given that you are still feeling symptoms, it sounds very reassuring. I can understand your worry, though. Part of me thinks that being pregnant will be even worse than this. Right now I'm worrying abuot infertility, but I think that worrying about miscarriage would be much worse.

Zelda, I am Canadian and I hadn't thought about paying for it privately. As long as the lab would take the sample, I would definitely go for that for a couple hundred dollars. Thanks for the suggestion! I would just rather know if Mr. M's sperm count is low than go through the torture of being hopeful every month. I haven't talked with him about it yet, and will likely hold off until summer to have that conversation. And I really liked your list. Very funny! I need to memorize a few of those as I am sure the questions will begin soon for us.

Ananke, I hope that sciatic pain clears up soon. Sounds pretty uncomfortable!

I'll be out of town for my predicted ovulation date this month. No new years baby for us, I guess. :-(
I took the "don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it" approach, because I knew I'd go crazy if i didn't (Mr A and i were set up for four years of trying before we moved to adoption...I couldn't hack four years of freaking myself out every period). Like I said, I didn't test until five days after my period was due and it bloody well came back negative! AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE! She was pretty convinced though, and sent me home with instructions to try again with first morning pee a week after. I didn't make it to a week (tested the next day actually) but I did get a negative after my period was due. I also had a lot of spotting and cramping and ended up needing an ultrasound at 5 weeks and again at 8. Which was fucking terrifying. Still is mostly.

Right now I'm still tired, and still achy. So looking forward to leave but it looks like a new grad will be taking my position when I'm on leave - I'm annoyed that it isn't our awesome tech who is qualified, but turns out she is being offered a better position, so I can't complain too much (or at all since it's still conifdential)! So i'm kinda happy about that, but I hope she fits with the team and doesn't wig out with my crazy patrons.

I'm trying to work out what i'll do after NerdBaby comes - I was about to join the gym at work when I got pregnant, and I really do need to after she comes, I just don't know if I go with the one close to home or close to work.

I also have a giant painful zit on my forehead. I didn't think glowing meant shining beacon of oil, but it apparently does for me.
Eyelet, don't know if you and your partner have the space at either place, but Mr. Zelda and I have separate bedrooms, and we've been married/together for six years. I swear it is the reason we have such a strong relationship. Not for everyone, but I love it and so does he. (I couldn't admit THAT on any other TTC board...people would think we were nuts.)

Funny, I am soooo excited for you. Every day I come back and check here and hope for positive results for you. You definitely have some solidarity on this board. We are here no matter what the results are.

Julie, you sound just like my BFF in the first few weeks...just nervous and worried about every cramp or twinge. (And she was 38 and it took her a little over a year to conceive, so she was really freaking.) She is now in her 10th week and finally feeling at ease. Her symptoms are very strong which makes her have more confidence. If I were you, I might lay off the temping if only because it might drive you crazy, but that's just me. I am just sending positive vibes to you...I am sure everything is gonna be great.

Ananke, hope you're not super achy for too much longer! And Michelina, I am really pretty sure from what I've read that a simple sperm analysis will be inexpensive. You would think it would be, but I don't think it costs too much to just look at those suckers under a microscope. But I, too, think you should wait a while. I, too, am worried about Mr. Zelda and the pot smoking, but I just keep telling myself how many pot smokers knock up their partners. Then again, I do know that Mr. Z impregnated someone before, so I have a little more info to go on...still, I wouldn't worry too much.

I am 5 days post ovulation and not feeling anything. My GYN called and said the Diflucan would be okay, so I went ahead and took it. I am heading into the worst part of every month...starting around 8 or 9 days post ovulation, I start searching and searching for symptoms, and when I don't have any, I get bummed because I'm sure I'm not PG again...sigh. Oh well, just keeping the faith as best as I can!

Glad everyone liked my Top Ten list. It was way fun to write!

I need to go to bed, but I'm just popping in here to thank y'all for all the support. I think I've decided to quit temping, at least for awhile. I'm sure my various aches and pains will give me plenty of things to freak out about. If I get any blood or bad cramping I'll call the doc, but I realized that if little bean is going to stick around, he/she is going to stick around, and if it ends up being an early miscarriage, my freaking out about it days ahead of time is probably not going to stop it. As my sister-in-law once said, "Hope doesn't make bad things happen."

Talked with the husband tonight and told him I didn't think I could hold out for the 8-week appointment to tell my mom. He laughed and we decided to tell his family this week too (it's his grandmother's birthday Friday and this will be the first grandchild for his mom and first great-grandchild for Grandma). It's going to be fun to share it with our families.

Must...stop....overanalyzing...symptoms....Ananke, I think I'm going to have to practice that "don't think about it don't think about it" strategy you used before testing.
Now I feel bad that I have everyone on tenterhooks and nothing to report! Same as yesterday, only ravenously hungry. I think my nipples look bigger and darker too (TMI?). I am trying my absolute hardest not to think about it. I'm quite busy at work which helps, and I've started reading a book that's dangerously close to chick-lit because it's the only thing I can concerntrate on. So glad I've got you ladies to 'talk' to, I'd be driving myself (even more) crazy otherwise.

Julie, that sounds like a good plan. I bet that sharing the secret, and knowing that you have the support of your folks will make you feel better. I think you're right about the temping too. If it's stressing you out, forget about it.

I also have a spot on my forehead. Definitely a symptom of pregnancy if you have one too Ananke wink.gif
Funnybird-another day with no period is a good sign indeed.

Zelda-We both live in tiny places now...I actually moved out of my roomy house because the economic downturn cut my businesses' volume in half and I had to rent it out and live in the garage apartment in back. (Of course I found out I was pregnant in mid-September when the economic shit hit the fan). We ran the numbers and determined this arrangement would cost the least, but it does raise eyebrows. We're going to get a more sleep-worthy couch for my place so we can be together even if in separate beds.

Julie--glad you're going to lay off the temping because it will give you undue worry. Your body is on a roller coaster right now, trying to adapt to huge doses of new hormones, so temp might just be part of that. I seem to remember running at least a few degrees hot. I was so sick I thought maybe it was a flu, but it went on for 6 weeks, so it was just the hormones.

We had the birthing class last night. Predictably, my guy cracked jokes throughout. His jokes are always of the "take my wife, please" variety, and British humor on top of that, so these young innocent couples kept looking at us like we were from another planet. I should mention, that he and I dated in 1985 and reunited in 2007, so we sometimes act like we've been together for decades.

Will be checking this board tomorrow to see what the verdict is Funnybird (positive or negative, your body is clearly warming up for a change).
When you're telling people make sure they know (and really emphasise it) that you are just telling them. My idiot friend told his entire family and a few when I started spotting I had this horrible vision of getting 'congratulations' emails and losing my shit. My boss told people as well. So I had a shit-ton of people know before family because one friend can't keep his damn mouth shut (and is under the impression that miscarraiges are really rare and don't happen to 'good' people...) and my boss was an idiot.

I couldn't do separate beds - he's like my body pillow! But if it works, it works. We've got the birth/parenting classes in a couple of weeks...I can so see us getting kicked out, or Mr A passing out.

The zit is still painful, but smaller. At the moment I'm trying to get my backbrain to understand that if I wake up in the night I GO TO THE BATHROOM. I don't need to sit there and ponder how much I need to pee, should i go back to sleep, will I make it to morning. Just get up and fucking pee woman! You have a child sitting on your bladder!
Oooh Funnybird, you have me on Pins. And. Needles!

6 days past ovulation and not a thing. Ho hum...
When I say not a thing, I symptoms.

But I guess I would be crazy to expect symptoms so soon?

Sigh...getting ahead of myself. Again. It's just that I feel like we really got the timing right this month.

Erg....why am I so crazy? I was doing so well a few days ago! I hate this part! :-)
Zelda I know you know this already, but if it helps, remember: it takes at least seven days (maybe ten) for the egg to even reach the uterus! Do you have any distracting plans for the weekend? If not, make some. And drink some wine while it's still allowed.
Funnybird, it is sounding pretty good! One more day until you test, right? How are you feeling right now, both emotionally and physically?

Has anyone heard of those urine FSH tests? I see that Early Pregnancy Tests sells them. You pee on a stick on the third day of your period (I think) and it will tell you if your FSH is normal or high. If it's high, it means that you have poor ovarian function / reserve. I was thinking of ordering it and starting the ovulation tests too. And by summer I would like to do the sperm test. Maybe we'll go all out for a few months, and if everything is normal and nothing works, we'll give it a rest for a while. I just re-read my paragraph. I am such a planner. It drives me crazy!

Zelda, I think it is rare for women to have symptoms at this point. I am pretty sure that it can take 10 days for the fertilized egg to make its trek down the tubes. I came across a website where women post (in great detail) the symptoms they had before they knew they were pregnant at each day post ovulation. The thing is, I bet most of those symptoms were there in non-pregnant cycles so I take that site with a grain of salt.

Has anyone talked with their mother and / or mother-in-law about how long it took to conceive? My parents took 6 months with me and 1 year with my brother. My sister was a surprise and my mom was my age then. It took my parents-in-law 9 months to conceive my husband. We haven't actually told his mother that we're trying, but I am quite sure she guesses we are.

I don't have any pregnant friends right now, but I am sure the next round will begin soon. They seem to come in batches.

What are the pregnant Busties' due dates?
My parents got knocked up on accident with me when they were 18, so no useful information for me there. One of the things that often causes the tears to flow with me is if I think too much about the fact my mom went through all that young parenting BS and still didn't live long enough to know any of her grandchildren (she died of cancer in '03). When my younger sister had her two kids, I did my best to recall what my mom had told me about her experiences with pregnancy, but it was precious little info. So both my sister and I have had to wing it as far as medical history goes.

I have one long-time friend that is pregnant with her third, and I've cultivated several new friends who are either pregnant or just had babies. It has helped to be able to talk to them.

I have to reiterate, that I didn't feel a damned thing physically that would indicate I was pregnant until probably 17 days after conception. And all it was was very mild nausea. So if you don't feel symptoms those of you waiting, don't fret.

I'm due the first week in my last period it should be June 9th, but I feel the real date is June 6 because I had 26 day cycles, and am almost sure that conception took place on the 11th or 12th day of my cycle. Plus the 14 week scan showed the fetus to be about 3 days older than LMP would dictate. This is the wishful thinking that starts after the pregnancy begins...there always some form of wishful thinking around TTC and pregnancy!
Funnybird, fingers and toes are crossed for you! I have a good feeling...

Zelda, I know it is damn near impossible not to try to analyze symptoms (especially when you feel good about your timing). While I had symptoms before I tested, most of them were really similar to symptoms I had on non-pregnant months. And there were months when my boobs were *much* sorer than they were this fact, the boobs are just now starting to really get sore, and it's been about twenty-some days after ovulation. So I would try not to read anything (positive or negative) into symptoms or lack of symptoms at this point. And one more thing: the over-analysis of pregnancy symptoms won't stop after the two lines appear on the pregnancy test. "Was the test really right? [1 week later] Am I still pregnant? How about now?"

I don't know about my mother-in-law, but my mom told me it took her nine months of trying before she got pregnant with me (I'm her oldest). She said it was much quicker with my younger brother (2-3 months?) and I can't remember how long she said it took with my younger sister. My mom was 28 when she had me, 30 with my brother, 35 with my sister.

eyelet, I'm so sorry about your mom. I feel really lucky to have my mom around in general, but especially because my mom lost her mother at a relatively young age too (her mother was 47, my mom was 24). I'm glad you and your sister have each other, but I know it's probably especially tough during some of these big life transitions.

I haven't been to the doc yet so don't have an "official" due date. If I go from LMP it's December 6. If I go from when I think I ovulated (super-early!) it's closer to November 29. We'll see what the doc says. My appointment isn't until April 27.

Told my parents on the phone last night (emphasizing, as Ananke advised, that this information was not for general distribution). It was fun because my mom just had a visit from my sister-in-law and her other grandkids, so I was like, "How would you like another grandkid to show off?" Apparently my mom had little to no morning sickness with me and my brother and about 2 months of sickness with my sister. I am hoping that my experience can be like her first two pregnancies, but we'll just have to see how things go.

Re: the temping thing. Best.Decision.Ever. to stop temping in the mornings (so thanks again for the advice and support). Yesterday I felt really cold all day and was like, "Weird, aren't you supposed to be all warm when you're pregnant?" So I did a little googling and read a number of message boards with women asking similar questions. The consensus is just that the hormones do a number on your body temperature, and so some women experience that as feeling hot all the time, some experience it as being cold, and some alternate between cold and hot. I seem to be the latter, as later last night I felt *really* warm. So it makes sense that I might get a little fluctuation (even in the morning temps, which tend to be more consistent).
Quick post as I am running out the door, but thanks to everyone who reminded me it is normal not to have symptoms this early! I really *do* feel like we timed it so well this time. We had sex on day 9 and 11 and the morning of day 13. On the evening of day 13 (the day I supposedly ovulate), I had major right side pain and intense gas, which I think was ovulation.

But I know you can time it perfectly and it still doesn't always work.

Oh...and it took my parents one month to conceive me...they were 27. Mr. Zelda's parents tried and tried, but they never were able to conceive, so they adopted Mr. Z. I would love to be able to do that, too, but I have to say it was WAY easier to adopt a baby back then...they got Mr. Z when he was 4 days old!

Michelina, the Fertell test comes with a woman's component to test your FSH...haven't known anyone who has done it, though. The OPK strips might be cheaper...of course, you can get a positive test on an OPK strip and still not ovulate (according to what I've read), but I've heard that's not that common.

I'm glad I did the OPK tests one month to get a sense of when I ovulate. My cycles run pretty much like clockwork, so I figure I'm ovulating at roughly the same time.

Michelina, your "I'm such a planner" post could have been written by me. Do we share the same brain?!?
I'm due 28 June - LMP 14 september (about 6 days off - my due date is from my first and apparently most reliable ultrasound). I actually might be off when it come to my LMP (open office hates tables and won't format my old calendar properly). Mr A reckons she'll be born in July (one of the few times he's admitted anything intuitive about anything...) but I feel like she's gonna come early.

I was kind of odd though - I started getting symptoms almost straight away (3 oct) - nausea and boob soreness. My mother had very few symptoms and fell pregnant accidentally with my little brother (I was born almost nine months EXACTLY after my parent's wedding...) but had a fair few miscarriages. My MIL seemed to have fallen pregnant easily (four kids in five years) but I really don't want to talk to her about it much.

But yeah, I got super early symptoms. And a shit-ton of morning sickness. And now the braxton hicks are back! And when I got in to work and said something, I got asked not to talk abot my pregnancy because it will upset the co-worker who miscarried (nevermind I was pointing out that I wasn't going to be doing much phyiscal stuff and made sure she wasn't around...). Christ they hurt though. My body temp was all sorts of whacked until about month 5 and then I became SUPER FURNACE WOMAN. Half the time Mr A is under a doona and I've just got the sheet over my butt.

Right now? I've eaten half a pizza and half a garlic bread and jesus do I want to eat the rest. OM NOM NOM.

It's so hard to not obsessively monitor yourself the whole month. It's so crap that so many PMS things are also pregnancy things. And it ebbs and flows - I get really crazy sometimes about how much she's moving and is everything okay and OMG *billion-things-can-go-wrong*. And then there's the due date stuff. And I remember when I got nauseous the first cycle and freaked out and then the nausea on the cycle I actually got pregnant and I wigged out about it all. It was the awkward kind of 'something is totally different' combined with 'but am I just that hopeful?'

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm eating the rest of the garlic bread.
So... I took another test this morning. This time there was a second pink line (I think) but it was so faint it was barely visible. Now, three hours later I'm doubting whether it was actually there at all, or if I just saw it because I wanted to. I guess I should have asked Architect Boy to look at it for verification, but it's his last day of holiday today (he took the week off work) and I didn't want to wake him so early. By the time I had showered and he was awake the line seemed a little darker, but I know that doesn't count half an hour after taking the test. If my temperature is still high tomorrow it will be my 18th day since ovulation, which according to 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' (my bible for the last month) can only mean pregnancy... or an ovarian cyst. I feel like I'm going crazy. Earlier this week it felt like an exciting adventure, now I'm just doubting everything. We've started referring to the 'Maybe Baby'. I know everyone was waiting for news. Sorry! I'm such a let down!

Okay, enough of the self pity. I don't know how long it took my parents to conceive my brothers and I, but the neatly regimented spacing (21 months between each of us) suggests that they had it under control.
Ananke, your mention of garlic bread made me laugh.

Funnybird, I really do believe you are knocked up, woman! A faint line - no matter HOW faint - is something. But frankly more than the test the cramping, the high temp, and (most importantly) the no period suggests you are pregnant!

I know, I'll feel so much better when you get a solid positive. But I think all signs are pointing to yes!

I remember reading somewhere that some pregnant women don't get a positive test until almost a week after a missed period.

When do you think you will test again. The pregnancy hormone builds quickly, I do could get a strong positive as early as tomorrow or perhaps even tonight.

Squealing with excitement for you! (Oh God, that sounded insane.)
funnybird etal.- if you want a good test, forget the lines...they are confusing as sin. GO spend the extra $3 and get the digital word readout ones. Seriously. FWIW, when you're pregnant, the digital readout ones turn positive (saying PREGNANT) in like 30 seconds or less. longer, and generally a not preggo.

Good luck!
funnybird, I think it's probably a positive....but I know those lines can be hard to read sometimes. I agree with moxie, get one of the digital readout tests. Actually First Response makes one that is extra sensitive AND gives you a "YES" or "NO" digital readout - I think it's called First Response Gold or something like that. That's what I used to confirm later in the day after I got my two lines in the morning. You don't have to use first morning urine for it either, so if you're dying to know you could always test later on today.

Oh yes, and even if it's positive - you're probably going to continue alternating between "exciting adventure" and "doubting everything," if my experience so far is any indication. We're thinking good thoughts for you!

Ananke, I loved your post about the garlic bread. I'm still really early on, but it's amazing how hungry I get. Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into some sort of cartoon character: "Me want FOOD!" Or Audrey II. "Feed me, Seymour!" In my head sometimes I refer to it as feeding the beast. When I go somewhere now, I'm constantly asking myself if I need to eat before I leave, should I take a snack with me, will there be food there in case I get's weird, like taking care of a preschooler with low blood sugar or something.
I wish I'd seen moxie's and julie's posts before I went out and bought more tests. I just got a twin pack of the pharmacy's own brand (cheapest option). I'm going to test tomorrow and Sunday, and if I don't have a definite positive or a period by Monday morning I'm calling the doctor.

I want to eat everything in sight too. It was 10am here when I read ananke's post, and I actually though "mmm, garlic bread"! Architect Boy laughed at me on Thursday night when we were eating dinner and I'd cleaned my plate in the time it took him to eat half of his, as in "you'd better be eating for two there". I wake up ravenous in the mornings too. If it's not a baby, maybe it's a tapeworm.
Funnybird, I'll reserve my congratulations for another test, but it does sound promising.

I am a few weeks ahead of you Ananke, so be prepared to not be able to eat anything later on. I have a few bites and I'm full...there's just no room in there. So enjoy the yummy food while you can!

Good luck Funnybird!

Funny, I have also heard the digital is worth the splurge. But I've also heard that unlike the OPK tests (where you need a dark, dark line for a "positive" read), any line whatsoever on a home pregnancy test is a positive...someone correct me if I'm wrong. But any second line - no matter how faint - is a reason to celebrate!

We are all waiting over here to hear your news!
Funnybird, I am so excited for you. A faint line pretty much always means that there is some HCG present. Can't wait to hear your news. I have a very good feeling.

Eyelet, I am also sorry to hear about your mom. It must be very hard to not have her here for such an important time in your life.

Ananke, I loved your description of the garlic bread craving. My husband teases me that one of the reasons I am so excited to be pregnant is to be able eat as much as I want. Sounds good to me!

Zelda, how can I get away from being such a planner? How are you coping with it? It's so hard to not have any control over this!

And Moxie, how is your baby?
zelda corny, but I have found journaling is helping.

AND...I have found limiting my conversations with people is also a good idea...sounds like you are already doing that. When we first started TTC, I told my hairdresser, my neighbor, everyone...and I feel like now everyone is "watching" us...this adds to the coping stress. So now, I'm not talking about it to anyone except a few very close friends and of course all of you here.

If anyone asks, I'm just saying, "Well, trying is fun," or some cliched response. I think this is helping.

I am hitting the sack...soooo tired. Tomorrow is cycle day 22...still almost a week of waiting left. the way, Michelina, don't try NOT to be a's your nature. It's like asking a non-planner to plan. That's unnatural. I had a therapist once who helped me make little decisions like you are making...we will try for six months and then do this. Or, we will try until November and then this...little plans that allowed you to feel like you were still planning but also didn't make you feel like a stress case.

Let me your pot smoking husband a totally relaxed Type B while you are an anal Type A making To Do lists and wishing you could find a way to relax? Then, if so, that's another thing we have in common! ;-)
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