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Full Version: Pregnancy - all things good, bad, and otherwise
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good birth vibes to you pink! you will be great, you can do it! not long till you meet your beautiful baby!
Yeah Pink! Enjoy the birth and can't wait for pics!
ok, still pregnant, nothing happening yet. smile.gif

i need some help with nursing bras. i got measured last night at nordstrom. i'm still a 40 DDD. in uk sizes, that is a 40 F. nordstrom only had one nursing bra, and it was $60, so i didn't get it. the girl who measured me was 3 months pregnant herself and really helpful- she told me what to look for in the fit and everything.

last night i started looking on the web for a nursing bra- target doesn't carry my size, neither does a lot of the other affordable retailers. i'm having trouble finding something in my size that doesn't cost $50. i totally think that $50 is worth it for a good bra, however, right now, i'm just looking for something cotton to start out with.

are there any particular lines/stores that you all like?
hello ladies

pardon my intrusion to this thread. i'm pregnant now with my second. second unplanned birth control malfunction. but i do believe that everything happens for a reason and my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me...

that said. i'm so angry!! i cant help it, i'm not normally an angry person. i'm consumed with it now tho. for no particular reason. i'm a hormonal shipwreck and i cant get happy. and MR doesnt get it!! he said this morning 'so how long are you going to be like this?' he implies that i choose to be a sick depressed disaster instead of like his mother who was one of the lucky ones who was never so healthy as when she was pregnant.

i'm an emotional disaster who cant keep herself together and he doesnt get it. grrr!!!!!

does anyone have any miracle hormone fixers? any advice on how to make him understand that i'm pregnant and this is the way it is.

floating away,
hello and welcome! happy baby vibes to you. i think it's common to feel all over the place during pregnancy and beyond. the one thing i can't stress enough is to get lots of balanced essential fatty acids. i supplemented to the max and found it to be very helpful with mood.
sorry your partner isn't being all that supportive, that sucks. wish i could help you there but alas, i have no suggestions beyond tossing objects at his head and i hardly think that will fix anything at all!
Go see your doctor and tell him/her about those feelings. You can talk about your options and do what feels right.

You deserve to be taken seriously and it can be hard to explain to someone who doesn't get it how totally pregnancy changes everything.

Good luck.
hi archegonia, i don't have any wisdom to offer either, but good luck and i hope you find something that works for you and your partner takes it more seriously

pink, i am not very busty, but i have a friend who is, she swears by bravissimo. looks like they ship to the US and this one is mostly cotton and i think around $40? (not sure what current exchange rate is)


while i was looking i also found this one.

beck, thanks so much! at one point, i was going to order that bravado bra, then decided to spend a little less money to start out. i really liked the bravissimo bras- i ordered their catalog online just now. you were right about the exchange rate. i looked at a currency converter online, and the bra would be around $43. so, that might be a really good option for me when i am ready to go back to work! for now, i ordered two really plain bras (one for sleeping, one regular) from motherhood maternity and spent about $35 total, including shipping. we will see how those work out. thanks so much for helping me!
thanks girls,

it makes me feel better just to be reminded that i'm not an alien. i think he googled symptoms or something cuz he's let off. it certainly helped me when i googled symptoms and came across so many other women telling my story.

thanks again

and pink, dunno if this helps but i'm still nursing and my boy just turned one, i've been wearing le senza's nursing bra for the whole year. its comfy, doesnt make my look wierd under my shirt like the others i tried and it was really cheap. best of luck.

smile.gif a
Oh hell, Archegonia, you are not alone by any means!!! Pregnancy can be a stressfull hormonal hell at times, and guys just don't get it (how could they? even when i've read the symptoms of pregnancy or other women's stories, my boy will forget a few days later anyway, and it's back to, "so, is this just how you're always going to be?"). Like my mom told me, forget about the dumb ass things he says and focus your much needed attention and energy on yourself because ultimately you're the one going through it, so do something nice for yourself. Take a bath, have some tea, try some breathing... It's silly but the thing that helps me sometimes (my pregnancy was unplanned also) is to smell all the baby lotions and shampoos. They smell so cute, it's aromatherapy!! hahah My best wishes for you, hang in there!!!

So... All those prelabor symptoms/contractions/bedrest drama and still no baby. sad.gif 2 weeks ago I was 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. I had contractions for two weeks straight only to find out on Monday that my cervix is still the same, although at least it is really soft. I feel so disappointed and discouraged. My doctor thinks I should be induced next week because my baby is measuring big and he's afraid his shoulders might get stuck because apparently my pelvic girdle is kinda small. I wanted to go through this all naturally and I've been trying other means to induce the labor (which I know, inducing labor really isn't ever natural, the baby's supposed to come when it's ready), but nothing has helped. I've tried sex, walking, red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, nipple stimulation and black cohosh root. Even squatting. sad.gif I had cervical dysplasia and had LEEP surgery done on my cervix and I'm wondering if the scar tissue is preventing me from thinning out and dilating. The doctor made it clear that at this point my cervix should have done more. sad.gif I know it's silly but I feel like I'm failing at the most natural thing in the world. This isn't how I had imagined things going. I'm scared that being induced won't work and that I'm going to need a c-section because it's happened to so many people I know. While c-sections aren't the worst thing in the world, I'm so scared of them because I've never had major surgery before and I don't want to miss out on the whole vaginal birthing experience.

Anyway. Enough of my pity party. At least I know that I will have my baby before the end of next week, which is a relief because I'm so sick of being pregnant. I mean, it's a miracle and it's great and all but I'm so uncomfortable and I can't wait to eat sushi and drink a margarita and sleep on my stomach again!! woohoo!!! Today the boy and I are going to do some more walking and hopefully top it all off with sex and my breast pump. Wish me luck, girls!!!

Pink, I am so excited for you!! Can you believe it's already October?? We're going to have our babies in no time!!
Hey Naked,
Have you tried stimulating the acupressure points on in the inner leg?

I hear it really works...good luck to all!
archegonia, i'm in that stage of wondering if i will ever be normal again- my feet look like pig feet from swelling, i can't get up without pain from pressure, my knees ache because my body is so heavy. pregnancy has so many emotions to begin with, then the hormonal changes... i will be thinking of you, and i don't think what you are going through is abnormal.

nakedmolerat, my appointment is tomorrow. i think that the doctor will schedule an induction for next week. i know i'll be disappointed if my cervix hasn't made any more progress. since both of us have big babies (mine is estimated at 9 lbs) i think we should just think about all the options that may come from birth (like having to have a c-section) so that we can get comfortable with them just in case. remember, all that counts is that the babies get out safely. it doesn't make us failures in any way- we still grew them for 9 months. i've never had major surgery before, either, and want to have a vaginal birth... but more than that, i want a healthy baby and a healthy me, and remember that is the best outcome ever! remember, fiddler and moxie had c-sections, too, and they're doing great and have beautiful children!
naked- pink is absolutly right. What matters most is a healthy mom and healthy baby, period. I was induced at 39 weeks, and after 4 tries (4 consecutive days), I still didn't dialate and needed a C-section. It was NOT BAD AT ALL to recover from, and both my kidlet and I were just fine. I think the recovery is prob. similar to a third degree tear movement for a few days, sore for a week or two, then working up to the strength you need. Your job is to be a proactive partner with your medical team and think about what's best for your child. Being a mom is all about redirecting the ever-present feeling of failure towards the ever-necessary knowledge that you TRY and LOVE and that is enough.

This time around, I've got to prepare myself for a "real" emergency C-section, which is scary in its own right- we're just hoping the darned placenta (oh, giver of life and giver of annoyance!) gets out of the way and lets no.2 bake until term.

my little one is a freaking gymnast today. Goodness.
Hello Ladies,
Had my 36 week appt with the doc yesterday. I apparently grew two inches in two weeks!!! The doc scheduled an ultrasound to check the babies size, though she let me know that she doesn't use that to push C-sections.

I have to get on the horn to a piercing shop to have my C-hood piercing removed. I meant to do it forever ago, but I just kept postponing it. The doc thought that it would be a good idea to avoid any unnecessary tearing. I've had it for so long (20 years?) that it's removal sort of feels like the final nail in the coffin of my youth. Better that than some nasty tear right!?

Having a work shower today...think we will have more than enough to get by with the baby in the first months, everyone has been uber generous. Two more Mondays and then I'm OUT! I know it will be a lot of work with the baby, but I have to say I am looking forward to a break from the routine.

Love to all you baby growers!
Christine Nectarine
nakedmolerat: i was were you were just a few short years ago! i was nearly 3 cm dialated for 3 weeks! what made it the worst was that my doctor kept saying she was sure i would go into labour, and then 2 days later, i'd be back in her office and she'd be all "are you still pregnant!?!" not what i needed to hear from my doctor! i was induced at 41 weeks. they broke my water and contractions started quickly, less than 5 hours and my little girl was here! my body knew what it wanted to do, i guess i just needed that extra somethin'.
so what i'm really saying is...hang in there! hope you and baby are healthy, and you will be doin' fine!

good vibes to all the rest of you mama's to be!
nakedmolerat, i wanted to mention to you that i've had cervical dysplasia as well, but was treated with cryosurgery instead of LEEP. i'm 90% effaced. i think that you are going to be fine, but if you are concerned about complications from scar tissue, ask your doc! you are already 50% effaced, which is half way there. that's a good sign!

kelly, i took my nipple rings out at about 14 weeks. my boobs were so sore and the jewelry wasn't helping. i'd had them in for about 10 years! i was wondering why you just didn't take your hood piercing out yourself, but then it occurred to me- you are probably having trouble reaching it with both hands, let alone seeing what you're doing!!! i know that i can barely reach to wipe after i pee, let alone fiddle with tiny jewelry.

at the doctor today, i learned that all my stats are the same, with one little change- my dilation is one and a half centimeters, where before it was just one. i have an appointment to be checked out on tuesday morning. on friday morning, i am scheduled for a planned induction at 8am. the doctor thinks that there is definitely still a chance that the baby will arrive on his own before then.

what happens during an induction? i suppose i don't need anything to make me efface, since i'm already 90%. hopefully its pitocin to start contractions, and they'll give my water a chance to break on its own. any experiences?
Christine Nectarine
pink, like i said, i had my water artificially broken. i'm not sure what it is they use, but i didn't feel any pain, just a gush of wetness. that was all they ended up doing for me...contractions started nearly immediately. i was pleased, because it was really easy. definately got things moving along in my case, and everything thereafter was entirely natural.
Hey girls, thank you so much for your support and encouragement!!! You're all right- what really matters is that the baby and I are healthy and safe. With that in mind- I'm going to be induced tomorrow night at midnight!!! Aagh!!! It's all happening so fast!!! Pink- we're going to have our babies this week!!! Isn't it insane!?! And exciting!! I can't wait to see pictures of your little one, and I'll be sure to post some of mine. As far as my LEEP procedure, I talked to my doctor about it and it may pose a problem for me as far as being able to dilate. He can actually feel the scar tissue in there sad.gif But he said that most women he's seen with LEEP had hard closed cervixes, while mine is soft and open a little, so he thinks there's enough of a chance that I'll be ok to try the induction. He's going to use cytotec, which terrifies me because I've read so many horrible things about it online, but he insists that he's been using it for ten years and has never had a problem. After that, he's going to break my water and possibly use pitocin if I'm not contracting on my own. I would prefer to expose my baby to as little drugs as possible, so hopefully i won't need the pitocin or an epi, but we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck girls!!! It's almost show time!!!
good luck! will be checking back in for pics of the little one! good vibes for a happy birth!
nakedmolerat, best of luck on your induction. we are all thinking of you!
keep us posted!
thank you!!! i've been counting down the hours and i am so nervous!!! i can't wait to let you all know how it goes... wish me luck!!!
Hello ladies!

Wow, so many pregnant busties . . . neat!

Since my baby was born, I find I have little time to come here. I miss you all and am sending you happy healthy pregnancy vibes and easy labor vibes.

i just got back from a checkup. all my stats are the same, although i do feel more crampy and have increased discharge. today my visit was with the midwife who will be on call friday when i'm induced. she asked if i was aware of the risks of birthing a large baby vaginally. i said yes- shoulder dystocia and labor not progressing. she said, i just wanted to be sure that your doctor was really clear with you about your options for an elective c-section.

well, thing is, i was never offered a c-section- just a scheduled induction. apparently, it is routine at my practice that a patient with a baby suspected to be 9lbs or larger be offered a scheduled c-section. the midwife was really surprised, and checked my chart a little more as well as my ultrasounds. she told me that if i felt uncomfortable about the risks of birthing the baby vaginally, that i did have the option of a scheduled c, and that i could call my regular OB to discuss that. the midwife said that the baby was great, i was progressing for labor, and she didn't forsee any problems right now, but that i needed to be aware of risks with any option i chose.

i am not scared of progressing to a point and then them saying, oh, yr not dilating anymore, we're doing a c-section. i am scared, however, of shoulder dystocia, because the midwife said that if the baby's head comes out, but the shoulders don't, they'll have to PUSH THE HEAD BACK IN!!!!!! she did indicate how rare that situation is.

let me stress that the midwife did not seem pro-c whatsoever. she was very clear that she wanted me to be aware of risks involved in either situation, and for my ability to speak up if i was uncomfortable about anything. it did scare me, though, because on the way out i heard her telling the lab tech about how i wasn't offered a c-section. so that must be a big deal.

i called my regular doctor and left a message. she must think i can birth this baby vaginally since she didn't offer the c-section. i just want to talk it over with her. in any event, i do want to try a vaginal birth first. i am just petrified by the whole PUTTING THE HEAD BACK IN scenario. thoughts?
"she did indicate how rare that situation is."

in fact, i've never even heard of that happening. seems like a worst case scenario to me, i'd put it out of my mind. how do you feel? feel good, confidant, ready to meet your babe? chances are good that you'll do just fine.
Its not pushing the head back IN so much as holding it in place while the emergency C-section route is prepped. My BFF's brother had that condition WAYYYY back in the 70s, and the story her mom tells is that she was wheeled into the ER surgury with a nurse sitting on the gurney holding the baby in. Everyone is well now.

Ok, gonna go medicate myself more...yeah plain sudafed that does squat for a bad cold.
hey pink, my friend had a large baby and shoulder dystocia, but was still able to birth vaginally, just needed some manouevring by the midwives to ease the shoulders out. I think babe was 9lb10 oz, and she is not especially big herself (probably a US size 10-12). it is pretty rare though, as i understand it, generally women grow babies the right size for their bodies. sounds like good positioning in labour would help though - upright, squatting, kneeling etc - the traditional flat on the back position won't do you any favours as it doesn't open the pelvis up anywhere near as wide.

in one of the magazines i bought during pregnancy there was a birth story of a 5 foot tall, US size 4 lady who birthed a 9lb10 baby vaginally without any medication or tearing! it can be done!

and don't forget (others have said this too) that the growth scans are notoriously unreliable.

Good birthing vibes! keep us posted!

ETA i found the bit in my pregnancy book explaining how baby's size is determined - although the size of both parents plays a role, growth in the final weeks of pregnancy is determined by mum's size/build. if mum is small but the father is larger, growth will be suppressed so baby will grow to suit mum's pelvis size and will catch up after the birth. so if your baby is large, chances are it's because you have room to get him out!
thank you, everybody, for the support and encouragement!

i have had contractions since yesterday- yesterday they were painless, but today they've been increasing in strength and length. i've literally had them all day long- but haven't called the doc because they don't seem predictable in length. for example, in the past hour, i've had the following pattern: 6 minutes apart/ 11 minutes apart/ 11 minutes apart/ 9 minutes apart/ 10 minutes apart/ 5 minutes apart/ 14 minutes apart. are these braxton hicks contractions that are painful (can't talk during them) or are these real contractions that may be dilating my cervix?
Christine Nectarine
pinkmartyr, it sounds like braxton-hicks, but obviously i can't say for sure. in my (one) experience, the difference between those and the real contractions was undeniable once it happened, like someone just dropped a brick on your foot - it might have been sore before, but now you KNOW it hurts. bear in mind too, if you are having a hospital birth, they will likely just send you home if you are having anything more than contractions 2-3 min apart, so hang in there! go for constant walks if you can, it kills time, and can encourage labour. i know this time can be agony - i went to hospital twice for false alarms before i was induced. baby will come when it's ready!
Hey Pink,
To me it sounds like early labor if you can't talk through the contractions. Remember 4-1-1 (or 5-1-1). Call the doc when the contractions are 4 (or 5) minutes apart, last for one minute in duration and do so for one hour.

My mom had early labor for sever hours before things ramped up to active labor, so hang on and call the doc if you have questions.

This is AWESOME!!!! Good luck.
sounds like the real thing to me! i didn't time mine much in early labour but when i decided not to make a phone call i had planned to make that day as i knew i wouldn't be able to talk normally, i realised that this was probably it! i remember they said at the antenatal classes, that if they stop when you rest, they are probably braxton hicks, and that if you have to stop what you're doing, they are real ones. definitely take a walk, or bounce on a swiss ball. it will help get the baby into a good position and speed up your progress.

oh, and eat and drink to keep your strength up! i'm sure the huge plate of pasta i wolfed down between contractions was what gave me the energy to get through labour so well. you might not feel like something so heavy though!

Good luck!!
real, REAL!! *excited for you!*
i had contractions all day for both babies, couldn't talk but still went out shopping, heh. just stood still and quiet during those moments.

my mama was in labour for three days with my bro, water broke on day one too. he was her third though so she just stayed home until it got real serious. by the time she got to the hospital she was about to go and they were asking her questions and trying to get her to fill out forms and such. she was like, "h Hello, i am having this baby right now! no for real, NOW already!" she was so calm about it they didn't believe she was so close i guess. they barely got scrubbed up and he was arriving. she laughs about it now and says she could have stayed home with all three of us. she doesn't know why she didn't (neither to i, i loved being at home!).
oh dear, just got back from docs and ultrasound. looks like the placenta is at 8% (?) apparently they would induce at 5%. they put me on light bed rest meaning i can't go to work but am not chained to bed. little shock but all should be fine. we are 37 weeks, so she is allowed to come any time without developmental issues.

My boss is totally supportive but not happy that i'm out a week earlier than planned, so I will be working from home this last week. Just a few details to wrap up and then I'm on my own. Pretty happy to have a distraction actually.

Hope things are going well for pink and naked!
What does that mean? 8%? Like 8% effectiveness? SOunds probably scarier than it is. Relax, enjoy the week of jamies and working with your laptop from the sofa. smile.gif Maybe I'll be the only one left sooner than we thought!
no word from pink? i am thinking it's baby time!
QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Oct 9 2008, 04:29 PM) *
What does that mean? 8%?

it's a volume thing. I guess the placenta is at 8% volume? But I don't know if that is 8% left from 100%. Or if the volume of the uterus should be filled with 30% placenta and mine has 8? It's hard to say.
Bottom line is that it is no a huge deal since I'm so far along. the only issue is that if it drops to or below 5% they would induce and I would like to avoid that if at all possible. so i'm on lots of fluid and chill time.

due date is end of the month, I'm hoping to go into labor in the next week or so...i know I can't control it, but i'm massaging my points and eating eggplant!!

still no word from pink? now i KNOW it's baby time! how exciting.

i am off to toronto for a visit this weekend and i just found out that my good girlfriend had another baby in august, i had no idea! 4 hours, 4 pushes, at home totally peaceful gorgeous birth. now i have to go make a baby gift! and clean the house and pack too, aaahhh!
Had an NST done (fetal monitoring). Everything looks good. Baby is kicking and heart is beating. They will check the placenta next week via ultra sound and see how it's going.

I think it will be all good.

Sure is quiet here with everyone in or done with labor.
hey guys! it was real labor- baby emmet arrived thursday oct 10 via c-section after a 36 hour labor. my cervix did not progress beyond 8 cm despite a day of pitocin. the midwife said that often happens if your body knows it can't birth a large baby as a "warning" symbol. emmet was born at 10 lbs, 4 oz. we were discharged from the hospital today. i want to write more about the birth soon, but thought i would pop in now to say he's here and we are doing fine.
you can see the pic they took of him at the hospital here:
hope that works- that's all we've got for now.
congrats ms. pink. i'm so happy hes healthy and on our side of ur box smile.gif

big hugs, i know what 36 hours followed by a section feels like (cept i couldnt get past 3cm) i'm glad its all over for you. are you feelin ok about the section? lol, i'm sure you wont be answering for a while. i hope you and emmet are all curled up and happy.

ok, he's sleeping! here's my story:

Wednesday- contractions start at 4am. i decide to stay home from work. by 10 am, they are bad enough that i can't talk through them, but 5-1-1 time doesn't come til 8pm. the doc on call says wait til they are 3 min apart. at 10pm we go to the hospital. i'm 2 cm dilated. they have me walk the halls for an hour and a half. then, i am 3 cm dilated. my on call doctor says its time for me to stay at the hospital. i am really surprised by how difficult the contractions are- the contractions i felt at 2 and 3 centimeters are what i imagined at 6 or 7 cm. my thoughts about labor and birth plan start to change... i'm throwing up after especially rough contractions. i decide that i want drugs earlier, an discuss this with the nurse. i am admitted, and given an epidural pretty much right away. it changes everything.

Thursday- i wake up and my water has broken. i'm 4 cm dilated, and throwing up again but this time because my tummy is empty. we listen to music and read the newspaper. around 11am, the docs start pitocin, ramping it up every so often til its at the highest dose. at 2pm, the highest does occurs. i'm 8cm. we wait two hours- still 8 cm. i do some practice pushes for my doc. we decide to section because my cervix isn't progressing. by 5pm, baby is here! i hear him cry and make baby sounds immediately, and can't believe he's ours! i had some trouble with the c- section- getting him out was fine, but when they were closing the incision, i was once again throwing up, having chills, etc. isaac is with the baby in the nursery at this time, and two really nice anesthesia ladies are giving me drugs, holding my hand, and reassuring me that all the sensations are normal. I get wheeled to my recovery room. i'm shivering and feeling some pain, blood pressure is real high. mom comes in and tells me about the baby. isaac comes in with the baby and i try to nurse him. he doesn't seem to know how to suck, but he is latching on. during the night we work with an older nurse who helps us to get him to latch on and suck. she comes to our room for every feeding.

Friday- i lay in the bed, take my pain meds, and enjoy the baby. i finally get to eat food! liquid breakfast, then regular meals. my nurse helps me to get a shower and takes out my catheter. we have visitors. baby is screaming a lot and wont' get settled- we decide maybe he's hungry, and talk to a lactation consultant about supplementing with formula. two ounces works wonders, and we sleep.

Saturday- on call-doc asks if i want to leave today- i decide on sunday. i have lots of good help there at the hospital and i think i'd rest better there. i spend the whole morning alone with the baby, relaxing, since isaac is back at work.

Sunday- we are discharged around 1pm. baby is doing great so far at home. my milk is starting to come in, although we are still needing the formula. i am nursing for 30-40 minutes, burping and settling the baby, then offering formula if he seems to want more food. pain is manageable with my prescriptions for percoset and motrin. isaac works every day this week, and it will be just baby and me.
Pink! Wonderful little man picture!!! I'm glad that you all are recovering well- take it easy this week- nurse, diaper and nap. THat's it, lady! I made the mistake of believing pain meds (god bless narcotics@) made it OK to do housework, and I paid for it later. Just loads and loads and loads of baby cuddles.

congratulations! well done pink! would write more but baby is stirring and must eat something before she wakes! beautiful beautiful baby pic!

quick question to second-timers - 6.5 weeks postpartum and bleeding has started up again after only lasting 2 weeks. i suspect it's from doing lots of walking and carrying a very heavy baby around - should i worry or just take it easy? at my 6 week check on weds doc said uterus was back to normal size again.
Welcome return of menstruation. Even if you're BF, its no guarentee your period won't come back. Bummer. If you're really concerned, call your doc.
damn i wondered if it was that. Good job we haven't quite managed sex yet (we tried a couple of weeks ago but things were still a bit tender)...imagine getting knocked up straight away... ohmy.gif

kelly, glad things are looking good for you and baby, not long now! i wonder how nakedmolerat is doing...
beck, are you a pill girl? my doc advised me to go on the pill almost asap, even the progesterone only (safe for BF) one. 2 babes straight away is SCARY. (shudders)
i was on the pill for 10 years but not keen on going back now - i felt really great when i came off the pill to get pregnant. I had hoped to rely on exclusive, demand BF acting as my contraceptive for the first 6 months (98% effective, about the same as the mini pill) but i guess that's out now...

i think it will have to be condoms for now, i may try an IUD down the line but not ready for that yet. once i have regular cycles i am interested in natural family planning (doing it properly with charting temperatures and cervical fluid etc, not just going by period dates and hoping for the best) but i think that when BF cycles can stay erratic so i don't think that will be an option until i stop
miss beck,

i'm pregnant with my second and my first has just turned a year. i've had an iud in for 8 months. not sayin its not gonna work for you but it didnt for me and now i have minor concerns not only about having two under two but about having complications because of the iud. sigh, birth control my love and mortal enemy.


they have you on perks? holy shit. my labour is quite paralell to yours and i was on tylenol extra strengths!!
i agree with moxie just relax even tho your on perks and may feel great.

archegonia - yikes!

that is exactly what i was afraid of with the IUD - might scratch that one from my list...

maybe it will be the minipill for me, although i know people who have taken it religiously and got pregnant anyway. also some concerns about the effect on my milk supply and just generally not wanting to take things while BF - maybe condoms for a year and then the minipill...hmm...

sorry this is somewhat off topic, i will go to the hip mamas room soon, i promise
Christine Nectarine
a little late, but congrats pink! hope you and your sweet babe are doing well!
Congrats to Pink, Emmet is a big cutie! I just want to eat up his cheeks!

Beck, I had an IUD (the Mirena) for about 3 years before we started trying. I became pregnant with in 6 months of removal. Actually I got pregnant in the first 3 months but that one terminated around 8 weeks. Any way, I had no complications at all getting preggers. I did however have side effects with the Mirena because I didn't realize that it was impregnated with progesterone, a hormone to which I am extremely sensitive (I could go on at length about reactions to depo and pills). Bottom line, is I would recommend the IUD and I will likely have the copper wire one inserted at the birth of our little one.

So big craziness here with NSTs, ultrasounds and general scariness. As you probably read last week they put me on bed rest because my placenta was low. It was at 8cm (not percent like I posted earlier) and they like it at 10cm. They induce at 5cm. Well my doc was on vacation that week and the doc who told me about the low placenta didn't really explain much.

All I knew was that my pregnancy has been NON EVENTFUL and then BOOM! The doc's office went into over drive with appointments, bed rest, pulling me out of work. It was SCARY.

Yesterday I went in for another NST and the baby was moving and her heart was responding to the movement so all was well, then at the end (they monitor for about 20 minutes) she dropped a bit below baseline. Next think I know they send me out for another ultrasound and more panic panic panic on my side.

Long story short, this ultrasound tech asked why I was here. I told her my placenta was low and they wanted to recheck it. She looked at the previous chart and mentioned that it was at 8.6 cm which is a little low but usually considered normal. Normal....NORMAL!!!!!

My doc met up with me after the ultrasound and said she had reviewed the NST and ultrasound and it seems like everything is just fine and that really everyone had been erring on the conservative side. That the placenta was now above 10 cm and that the rest and water seems to work. Oh, and don't panic.

To which I said, "TOO FUCKING LATE."

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